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I cannot support a business that allows screenings of delusional, fictional movies that pretend to be factual like Vaxxed. I can only assume they are holding the screening here again for Vaxxed 2. You are helping spread vaccine misinformation and a facility that is dependent on the community to continue to visiting their establishment, I would think that you would want your patrons to not be passing on diseases.

Bethanie Nicole

So we purchased tickets online and called to see if we could come to the earlier showing and the girl over the phone Darcy was very kind and helpful. However, JP the manager was rude! He had a mean look on his face and came to the window and held his hand out for my phone and said “let’s do this, give me the phone, cmon hand me the phone!” I looked at him confused at his frustration and attitude but handed him my phone anyway to scan my ticket. Then he said “yea don’t ever order tickets online, it’s not faster as you see your standing in line anyway and I don’t have time for this” very rude and unprofessional. Acted like he didn’t even want to be there.

Michelle Parmley

The theatre is always pretty clean, staff is nice, and movies start on time. They don't seem to be overcrowded. That must be why they charge SO much for popcorn and soda...js..its not gourmet popcorn and sodas people..

Leticia Macneill

Nice and clean .We had a nice date night and sa a nice movie.

Elisa Baskin

Saw the movie Green book, love the experience and love how they have a handicap section. Perfect for my mom.

Deric Conner

Comfortable and cozy. A great place to watch a movie and chill!!!!

Jason Taliaferro

Old theater was old when I was a kid. But well kept and courteous staff. Conviently located. Go before and a matinee price. Other times there is student and military pricing as well as seniors so bring your I'd and ask about it. Overall good experience.

Robin Bullock

Took my son and was a great time at the movies!! Snacks were a little pricey, but its a Movie theater so its to be expected.

Suzanne Stone

I would've given five stars if it wasn't for the food/drink prices! How can y'all justify $20 for one drink and popcorn? Ticket prices are extremely reasonable; they even offer matinee pricing. The theater itself was clean and comfortable (not too cold). The seats are a little aesthetically old. Would see a movie hear again, but will eat dinner first next time and save our money.

Cherry Berry

Nothing bad about this place except the seats...being a full figured person (fat girl) LOL the seats wasn't my best friend... I'll stick to Madison Square 12 with the comfortable reclining seats for $10.80 or $5 anytime before 5


The seats. Are. Small. I'm no elephant but at 6'3" 250# my behind barely squeezed into the chair. Theater was excellent, very clean.

Victor Howard

Very clean. Employees are friendly. Don't have to make reservations. Plenty of seats available


It was clean, cool, convenient, and comfortable. What else should one anticipate when viewing a movie???

Lydia Drueke Gipson

They are so nice and thoughtful here. If you are in a wheelchair and accompanied with someone you get in free. That way it is two for the price of one. Awesome


It was a great place to watch the movies

Phillip Wagner Jr.

My favorite movie theater. I love the old movie theater feel. Nice people.

Susan Cox

Had a very nice time

Ricky Winder

Enjoyed the 3 D movie.

Candace Candace

The service is good and I always feel welcomed, but their prices at the concession stand are just crazy!!! Almost $6.00 for a bottle of water!!! Never again!!! JUNE 2019!!!


An oldie-but-goodie theatre that probably does the best job in town of showing at least some independent, foreign, and special event movies. I knocked off a star at my rear end’s request....after 2 hours and 30 minutes into a movie, it really wants you to put in the reclining seats.

Johnny Tielking

The Theater was very cool, popcorn was hot and buttery. The movie was fantastic and funny!!!

Elizabeth Douglas

Good theater with good prices! The employees are super friendly and the convenience of this place can’t be beat. The parking lot isn’t hard to navigate and everything was clean. The movie we saw was presented perfectly with no issues involving the visuals or sound. My only issue is the seats are kind of small. Other than that, this is very enjoyable, older theater that definitely deserves your patronage.

Leah Hughes

Staff was very kind and helpful when the schools were off tomorrow

Peter Manning

Always have a good time when i see movies here. They lady who is a the ticket window most Thursday night showings is very friendly. The only problem I've encountered is that they kinda shut down the concession area early on weeknights. Not really a big deal but they really shouldn't shut it down early, especially on the night a really popular movie opening.

LInda Templeman

We hadn't been to a movie for awhile, but now plan on seeing two more. Seats were comfortable, clean restrooms, and had forgotten how much I Love movie popcorn !!!

dione densmore

Great experiences here, never overly crowded, the staff is great, the theater is clean and the move quality is excellent. This is our "go-to" movie theater, we love it!

Lillian R.

Plenty of friendly staff and seating. However with all theatres food is expensive. Loved the pizza though and it was filling.

Cloris Glenn

The movie scary stories was very good. The theater was very clean

Brian Stubblefield

This place is a little dated. Seating isn't very comfortable.

Matthew Christopher

Ok.. but uncomfortable seats and dated theater

Hayley Simmons

Exactly what you would expect!

David McLellan

Awesome customer service. Super clean!

Mark Maclin

Just left Regal had a nice time very clean and comfortable.

Michael Conniff

Clean and friendly atmosphere, plenty of space. The manager was very helpful in showing me around and telling me about their theater. I recommend this place.

Dwight Tucker

Love this place.

BigCannon Entertainment

Super clean theater with very polite staff. My only complaint is that the movie started about 10 minutes late and wasnt adjusted to fit the screen. However it was still a great picture and sound.

Logan Renfrow

It's fine. I've been to better theaters, but I've also been to worse.

Lee Rogers

This theater has been around a long time and is still in good shape. Easy to access with close parking. The seats are comfortable and the screens are good. Afternoon ticket was $7, didn't get snacks, but the lobby was nice and clean. Really clean bathrooms on each side.

Bobbie King

Pre-show activities were good since we had time before our movie. We went for Bumble Bee and enjoyed the comfortable seating, clean auditorium and of coarse the Popcorn & goodies! We plan to go back for the last "How to Train you Dragon" comes to play!

Lewis junior

So important they don’t answer the phone!!! I guess it is better to stream or wait till a person can get it at home being regal may not have phone service

Tati Monű

WORST PLACE EVER!! i would never again the theater was dirty it was hard to find a seat they never came and cleaned it. So we was sitting in someone else's mess how unsanitary. The popcorn had a oddly taste the drink had no taste just acid seats are highly uncomfortable place a big waste of money and time people kept running in and out.

J Talley

Employees were great, movie theatre clean

Chase Dyer

Overpriced for their regular seats, refreshments, and poor selection. Go ANYWHERE else for a movie to get more out of your time and money.

Zack Shuttleworth

This theater has aged a bit compared to most. However, the service is great and the people are nice. The matinee prices arent $9 like other places. The seats are comfortable, even after sitting in them for three hours at ENDGAME. I recommend this theater to anybody looking to save a few bucks and see good films.


They may not have the reclining seats like most people love but when I went recently I saw the Incredibles 2 with another person and we we're the only two people in the entire room mostly because of it being during the middle of the day, but it was great and we had a nice time. Food Is expensive, but you'll find prices like that literally everywhere. My tip is to eat before and bring blankets. Also, try to go during the day because there is basically no one there!

Jon Peppers

Sound is soo loud that my ears are ringing and wife has sit in lobby due to migraine.

Chris Reid

Decent, clean theater. Staff is friendly, and the prices were slightly cheaper than other theaters. Edit: Added a star since they read these reviews!

Jim Hennessy

easy to get to, lots of deals, good concessions

Phillip Hereford

Always a nice place to go and never crowded !

Andre Leak Sr

Popcorn was terrible, taste old and had fews kennel that taste burn telly disappoint will never come back

Michael Degnan

Okat place but bring your own snacks unless you feel like getting gouged.

Brad Miller

Nice theaters. Not best seats in town but comfortable and slightly cheaper than 2 others.

Charles Pickett

It was a movie theater, nothing above anyone's expectation. I mean how do rate a movie theater when all things go well. The staff was great, the room was clean and I mean it was too be expected.

Lyndon Wilson

Clean theater, a little outdated and seats are old style. As long as you don't mind the smaller seats I would recommend...

christa evans

I've been going to this theatre for years and never had a bad experience until today. I bought the bucket of popcorn that has free refills. I asked for a clean new bucket. The manager glared at me and said I'll do it this time but next time it's my responsibility of keeping the bucket clean and in tact. Very rude and embarrassing. Lots of people were around. Since I paid 15 dollars for the cardboard bucket, I didn't think it was unreasonable to ask for a clean one.

A.T.L Georgia

So I finally caught the movie Venom which was boring but the experience at the cinema was comfortable professional goes a long way with me

Mark Havira

Nice clean theatre needed some concession help when we were there.

Tori Appleseed

Great location close to the mall and dining but they really need to upgrade the facility. The seats are uncomfortable and with so many options around town with upgrades I would easily choose one of those locations even if I was near this one. Halfway thru the movie I was so uncomfortable that I had to get up and walk around.

Jordan Cunningham

Mind you this is at 7pm on a Friday. Me and my cousins (all of us black) purchased tickets for Creed 2 and proceeded to wait in the lobby until the theater opened up to take our seats. While we were waiting (playing arcade games in The meantime) One of the employees told us we had to go outside if we aren’t seeing a movie. We showed her our tickets and explained the situation (that we were just waiting till the movie is available to be walked into) at that point she still demanded us to wait outside while a plethora of other people were waiting inside doing the exact same thing we were shuffled out for. No explain, nothing. We quietly asked for a refund, and will never be back here again.

Brenda Peacher

I bring my grandchildren to your theater, we always have a great experience! Very friendly staff and clean theater. Thank you! We will remain loyal moviegoers to Regal Cinema!


Clean theater and restrooms. The snacks were yummy and the staff were friendly.

Charlene Dean

Clean and safe my family and i love going there

Rick Goodwood

Always friendly staff and clean theatres. In the past 4 years I have been a patron my feet have never stuck to the floors and it doesn't smell like an old gym locker room. It is an enjoyable experience.

Anthony Smith

Theater was cool, not crowded but not empty. Everything seemed clean and the snack lady seemed really nice. I'm very glad that I chose this theater for my movie night. :)

Cassandra Martin

The theater wasn't crowed af but the seats did not recline which made my back n neck ache n I watched Spiderman 2019 it was worth it except I wish they played children animated movies Angry Birds 2 after 9


Reclining seats,Lounge and Cocktails or Wine and Spirits.Waitresses serve you for a few dollars extra. 2 Levels. Great for family and friends to get together and enjoy a great movie.

Joanne Jules

I love this place and i loved the movie too.

Geo Miller

Very small seats, odd smell in the theater we were in. No reserved or reclining seats and no alcohol served. VERY nice employees though and not overcrowded.

Timothy Kane

A nice smaller theatre without huge crowds. I wish I could see more movies on the few large screens they have, but they shift them quickly.

Joni Swaim

Love movies. Great deal saving program. Clean. Respectful.

Deanna Maples

The movie was awesome...I think it's time for an update to be honest...the interior is oooolllddd.

Roby Dorsett

Overall still a good theatre. You don't have to fight for seats! Price is decent, sound is good, screens are sharp but a little small by new standards. Overall, they have kept the theatre up and clean with new technology.

Susan Duthie

Had a great time. The staff was very nice and helpful.

Maximo Cantu

Not too loud. Sound just right. Close to home. Affordable. Popcorn is always fresh. 20 yr customer.

Kayla A Bestie

The people was extremely nice

Regina Hawk

I enjoyed the experience.

Rachael Jackson

Everything was perfectly fine except the seats are so close together, barely any room to move without elbowing the person next to you.

Dawn Juber

Very clean, and alot of space

Diana Johnson

I love this movie theater! I have been coming here for years. It is always so great to see familiar faces! I love their popcorn

Nathan Saint

Just watched a movie in Auditorium 10. The screen had a thick line running down just right of the center of the screen. It constantly caught your attention whenever bright colors appeared on the screen. It was like watching a movie on a broken screen, all the while being charged $15 for it! Several other theatres in the area are much nicer. I'd advise to avoid this one.

Daniel Sabia

Nice movie theater

Alisha Hamidian

Are you guys delusional? $5 for a small bottle of water?! This is a Huntsville, AL movie theater not an exclusive resort on an island!

Benjamin Maxwell Sr.

Was real nice seats and pricing was good.

Heather Rice

Great friendly customer service

Henry Lemley

Tuesday night is definitely the night to go. Clean and nice smell. You can tell the seats were installed before the advent of America's obesity epidemic. Very snug fit.

D.C.J. News Media

Awesome theater. Prices are shy high.

Kelly Schmitt

Pretty good prices! You can order food and recline

Beyond Breaa

The movie was AMAZING

Michelle Mitchell

The staff was very nice.

Kaitlyn Adams

very nasty .

Jason Baird

Hollywood 18 is a clean, well run theater. It's usually not crowded, so I hesitate to give it a good review because now you might show up. However if I don't give it a good review, there might not be enough patrons to support such a fine establishment. I guess I must sacrifice again for the good of humanity. So be it.

Cynthia pickett

Took my 8 year old to the new Jurassic move had awesome time, he love our date and the theater will be going back soon, I due recommend this theater

Le Shan Wallace

The theater is nice, concession stand has a nice menu but the seats are tight, there's no elbow room.

Keith Clark

Saw John wick 3 good movie their fountain drink don't taste right

Louise Schwendeman

I come from an area where a Regal was the nicest, most modern theater around and this one does not compare. The seats are the too-small old fashioned kind, and not up to to current standards despite decent enough leg room for tall people. You better know the person next to you pretty well because your shoulders will be touching unless you are about a size medium or smaller. Seems to have movies playing other theaters are not getting or are getting very late. The staff is very nice.

Jarrod Brewer

High prices and not upgraded seating etc. I recommend going elsewhere if you are gonna spend that kinda $, unless you like being in a very uncrowded movie theatre

Keisha Fortson

Polite service, clean facilities. All total a very positive experience.

Deidre Walton

Went here to see Aquaman while waiting on my car being worked on.. Still a good theater!!!

Robert Beamon JR

This place is turning into a known hidden gem, 18 screens & seats are always available. Classic stadium seating, but it's a theater.

Charles Koscenski

Staff was friendly and efficient. Facility is clean. Seating area is small, clean, and every seat has a great view of the screen. I was glad to see it clean and not broken. Parking lot is well lit at night; however, found two roaches on my car in the lot. That was weird and nasty. But other than that; it was a great visit to this location.

Tom Bragg

I stopped going to the Valley Bend Theater when it was purchased by the Chinese. I prefer driving the extra few miles to attend an American owned business. I would have given you 4 stars if your seats had been more spacious. Thank you for being American

Linda Powell

Everyone was nice, little old, but comfortable. They do need to turn the air on more though. My husband who is ALWAYS cold, was melting from being hot. I was pretty miserable most of the time, for a three hour movie!!

Mrs.Neal Neal

I always go there, one of the family favorite spot.


The Movie was great, as well as the service. I only gave 3 stars becasue the seats were extremely uncomfortable. There were points in watching the movie where it physically hurt the sides of my body, they definitely need to invest in better seats.

tabitha Massey

I love the selection of movies they have here but the prices on the food and drinks are a bit to high for me liking

Katherine Natoli

Seats to small other than that great exp

Lynda Brown

This Cinema is the best I've ever been the staff are very helpful and friendly.. Its also very clean..

Alicia Hernandez

Wish snacks weren't so expensive but good other than that

THE REAL johnnyswaggedout

I've watched plenty movies here

Seth Patton

This theater is getting old, especially compared to all the newer ones being built but the prices don't seem to reflect that. The screen and sound are fine but the seats are definitely lacking. I was pretty uncomfortable by the end of the movie.

Doug Moore

Excellent location and many movies to choose from.

Jane Schneider

Not alot of people. Very clean. Concession stand person very sweet.

Nova wright

Nice theater not that far from the mall and restaurants. It wasnt crowded when we went, it was actually only three people in the movie we went to see. The drinks and popcorn are standard prices for a theater. They do offer student and military discounts with proper i.d. the theater did seem to be cleaned after the last show when we came in bcus there was still popcorn and drinks in there. Bathroom was clean too. I would go back.

Craig Dailey

It's older, rarely any big crowds except major premier nights. No reclining seats, sounds is good, seats are comfortable but narrow. Some theaters are really small, but they have a good selection and some smaller budget and Bollywood titles.

Elizabeth Ewing

The employees here are friendly and the place is very clean! I give it a four star because I was disappointed when it came to their beverage choices. I am cutting out regular sodas from my diet, and I don’t care for the taste of diet sodas. I try to drink more water, but I prefer drinking it with ice. Well, the only way to obtain water was to buy one of their bottles of water and get came in two sizes. The large bottle of water was $5.89 and when I asked for a cup of ice, I was offered a very small cup of ice. If I wanted a larger cup of ice, I would need to purchase a cup as if I was purchasing a regular beverage. I went with the small cup, because I didn’t want to “double” pay for my beverage. This was my only disappointment.

catarina aniratac eriuqel

I like this theater because they're friendly and its never too crowded. But I took off 1 star because their computer systems were slow and I was standing outside in the freezing cold waiting for my tickets for like 5 minutes, so that wasn't nice. I took off a second star because the theaters themselves could have been cleaned a little more thoroughly, but otherwise it was a good experience.

Mama Firecat

We attempted to purchase tickets, and the gentleman appeared to be struggling with the transaction. He was requesting double payment and could not recognize a gift card, which he did not wish to return-but finally did after repeated requests. We stepped back for a moment and watched him unable to complete the next transaction as well. Found a manager who had been inside and not witness to the cashier struggling. I asked if he had another cashier because this one was a having trouble. The manager informed us the cashier wasn't having trouble, and seemed to be getting annoyed, so we left.

Liam Hay

Great seats and very cool on the air conditioning. Phenomenal.

Matthew Gonzalez

Like this theater, just wish the seats were a little more comfortable

Matthew jenkins

Great place to go see a movie

Stanley Mccree

Good movie, then!

Patricia L Colvin

This was a nice place to take in a kids' movie.

Lexanna Rice

It was incredible we went to see Toy Story, The theatre was clean and the seats were soft. If you never been.. Your missing out!

Caleb West

Very classy

Alaynuh Renae


Felecia Eddins

I love this theatre. The guys that takes the tickets is funny and the sunshine of that place lol.

Mike Alexander

I thoroughly enjoyed my movie experience today at The Regal Hollywood 18. I remember great times at this theater when it opened in the 90's and was my theater of choice for years until The Rave opened with the IMAX option. I was pleasantly surprised how well maintained it was! The theater looked great and the sound was excellent. It brought back great memories. I plan to go back more often!

Lewis DeCarlo

Very old, tired theater. Great location. Owners just needs nice update. Start with some new chairs. I moved 4 times because the chairs were do worn out.

Joe Prinzinger

Very nice place. Very clean and modern.

Lissa Haddock

Tiniest seats on the planet. Concessions tasted stale.

Shane Warfel

The popcorn was good, the drink was cold. No complaints.

Jacque Jefferson- Darensbourg

Staff is always so very helpful and friendly

Renee HUNT

I love this place, not all the bells and whistles of the other places, no reclining seats but good snacks at a good price. And very spacious.

Paula Waldrep

Seats very small and prices are more expensive than other theaters in the area for the matinee.

kristen dailey

In general it was a good theater experience. As always prices are high but that's to be expected, it's cheaper than going to Cinemark and you still get pretty much the same experience.

Connie D.

Nice theatre.

Walter Rice

It's a great theater, the staff is friendly seats are comfortable. I prefer it to any other theater in the area

Jeremy Johnson

Lots of movies playing with multiple showtimes through out the day! Concessions are pricy but the theaters are in good shape with good screens, sound and seats!

Deb Walls

The theater is small and quaint but the seats are small compared to the movie theaters in this area. If you're looking to avoid crowds this may be the theater for you.

Co Co

Wasn't a bad experience. Staff were very polite. My popcorn was good, tasted fresh and had lots of butter. Our drinks were good. You can tell it's an older theater but we didn't mind. They were the only place that had tickets for The Incredibles 2 so they saved the day. We will definitely visit again.

Thomas Groover

This is a good old fashioned movie theater. No frills, no fancy seats, no fine dining, and the snacks are expensive as hell, but I'm glad this location has stayed open all these years.

Gretchen Gipson

The service was excellent and the staff was friendly on a Sunday afternoon. The butter machine was down, so plain popcorn for us, but by the time we left it was fixed and now has a brand new pump.

M.G. Sturm

Great price for movies. Get the bucket and save on popcorn

William Locke

Consistently bad experience! I've seen at least 3 movies there with technical problems that ruined the experience. One time (this was a while ago) the film got jammed, then melted and broke. Another time, no sound played for the first half hour and they didn't restart the movie. In both of the these instances, when I asked for a refund or a coupon for another movie, they refused. I'll never go back.

Chris Montgomery

This is my go to theater. None of the thrills and frills of the new theaters, but the crowds aren't as bad. The lobby is massive, which is nice if it's a busy weekend. The staff is always happy and helpful. Nothing special about the seats or food or anything, but I never have trouble getting in. The other theaters are always sold out.


Good popcorn, but seats are narrow. I kept hitting my elbows on the quite hard armrests. The clear sound was loud but not so intense I wished for earplugs, which is unlike many theaters We go to.

Michelle Snyder

Terrible uncomfortable seats. Great movie selection. Great staff.

Teppie Ivy

Great prices and available items. Staff was very friendly. Everything was nice and clean. Seats are just a little narrow

Nathan Walston

The staff is always friendly and go out of their way to accommodate my wife who is currently confined to a wheelchair.

Charles McCraw

Tonight we went to see Wonder Woman. I called ahead to see if this location offered handicap seating. I was told that it did however the person on the phone wasn't sure where it was located in the theater. Overall the theater was clean and getting tickets via walk up was fast and the service friendly asking if we'd like to donate to a charity or join their club while not being pushy about either. The theater itself was clean and the seats, non handicap i should add, were comfortable even for my large frame despite. Overall the movie viewing experience was pleasant.

Ashley Williams

Great theater and it's not too busy in the middle of the week.We were the only one in scary stories when we went to see it.

The Stever’s

This Movie theater really needs to update their seats. They need to spend money to make money. Great location, awesome staff but those Seats worst thing ever

Ashley Meshell

Went to see The Lion King 3d. There were only 2 other families in the theater which we thought was good bc it was our 3yr olds FIRST movie but he is still too young. He just wants to play so we ended up leaving. The clerk was awesome and gave us a refund but the popcorn was great! I give it 4 stars bc food & drinks were so expensive!

Bryan Keenum

Awesome theater! Very friendly staff, quick and easy to get into the building, and just what you’d expect, an awesome movie theater environment. Definitely going back!

Baxter Bax

Good movie theater. Drinks and popcorn on the expensive side, but aren't most.

Brian Cameron

Pretty good experience for an older theater. Sound was very good.

David Gardner

Okay theater. Build to maximize usage of available space vs comfort. Great picture and sound quality.

Stacey Gathers

anyways clean and inviting. been coming here since 1999. always a pleasure


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