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REVIEWS OF Phoenix Theaters the Edge 12 Birmingham IN Alabama

Dylan Youngblood

I walked 13.5 miles to get here after being stuck in a motel for a week and I was so happy to be able to get a beer and sit in a comfy chair. Added bonus, the movie was only $5 ! Thank you!

Mary Valdez

Love the price for new movies.

stephanie lorino

Great neighborhood theatre! So glad to have a theater so close to home and always $5!!!

Jessica Johnson

Alot of youngin had to realli tune in movie."Little" me n mi daughter, she's 11 yrs old

A'Kaycia Quinn

Food is high of course but I had a great time

Melissa Burgett

Great show, good popcorn. We'll be back!

Clarence Threatt III

Great venue for movie especially enjoyed the winter special.

Sherrie Bozeman

My&My Dude enjoyed Mr. Wick just the food&drinks are tooooooo high

Dub-Tweety Enterprise

Awesome movie at a very reasonable and affordable price

Christel Lee

I last went on July 4th. Service was great, and the food is always fresh.

Arnecia Rhodes

Nice place, tolerable service.

Life With Bri

It was fun and I really enjoyed the movie and I didn't feel like I wasted my time the movies are just 5 dollars to

Henry Wheeler

The picture and seats were fine, but the sound was turned up way to loud and I had to cover my ears the whole time. Even while covering my ears, they were ringing after I left.

Robbies Miracle

I loved it. Great and fun experience!

Shanna Barton

Enjoyed the theatre while watching Bumble Bee

God Bless

Great prices under $6 movies all day.

Shineice Vines

The shrimp and grits are the best

Earth Reign

This movie theatre is one step above ratchet, I couldn't enjoy the movie due to uncontrollable teenagers who lack decorum and home training. The police had to escort two (2) whole rows out due to all of the loud talking that was being displayed. I gave it 2 stars due to being able to vent my frustrations with an employee there that highly agreed with me. It is so sad that you have to go to Hoover & 280 to just be able to see, hear and really enjoy a movie these days. SMH

Anita Holmes

Loved it nice and clean

Nina Williams

Haven't been to this theater since it became edge.. but we had a great experience here tonight for the opening of avengers end game movie..

D. B.

Had a great time there with my daughter watching The Lion King, the prices were great, a great price for a family of kids!

b grrtt

Always coean facilities, friendly staff, and the best price for tickets and concessions.

Tameshia DeJarnette

Final stop to Celebrating Baby Girls 5th Bday. The Lion King with her loving parents after a long weekend. It was the three of us and no one else.

Hannibal Martine

I love the fact the movies here are only $ also get what you pay for...seating in the theater is not great. Some of the chairs I've sat in while coming here have been broken. Also you can hear the other movies playing so soundproofing here could be way better!

PantherBuddy 0

Great price. Clean and a family atmosphere

Belinda Bates

Kids love it....also family friendly

Jeffery Hall

It was nice we had the whole theater to our selves

Robert Johnson

Great place for the whole Family. All seats $5 is an unbeatable Deal! The jump park and game room are always a hit with my Grandchildren. Friendly Staff and pleasant atmosphere make for an enjoyable visit each time. Looking forward to my next visit already!

Brenda Woods

Never saw it this crowded,usher had to find seats. Movie was great.


The best place to go so quiet an a the movies show amazing. The food is high but movies isnt allso they only charge five buck everyday no matter the movie aslo they have a jump park inside

Essence Pruitt

This place was so awesome but they waa packed .

ww w

Great value, glad it's still bham's best kept secret

Nathan Coshatt

The only place worth going to and just cause it has a jump park and well for you and wife a beer and a movie.

jacinta lampkins

They had a arcade but I fell asleep I the movie

Parimal Sonare

Its a value for money cinema theatre. Best for students I think.

Julie Ritchey Miles

Nice place $5 movie go seebthembat this price. A close place that has atmosphere for a good date. Good movie with some language but funny .What Men Wsnt cute plot

Mailynn Lopez

Is a great place. On Tuesdays the tickets are $5.

Shemar Reynolds

I loved that movie ! John Wick

Rodell Alexander

This spot has a great deal for $5 to watch any movie at any time. I prefer the early movies because some time packs of kids come out for the later movies. But the staff is very friendly and location is very clean. Overall great time with the family for a great price.

jenie mundy

$5 price is amazing!

Jamond Fairweather

Great customer service and their concession prices are the best in the city!

Zavier De'Sine

Loved it, until, AMC bought all the competition up and upgraded all of their theater's.

Sankeithia Sellers

$5 movies all day... Great deal.

Sylvia Walker

Great night out at the movies! Loved the $5 special. We'll be back soon.

Troy Jones

The people here are ALWAYS so nice! They have recently been bought by a new company, so some things will probably change, but I hope they keep the people they have now. They are always friendly & helpful. The facilities are nice as well. The chairs are comfortable, the digital projectors work perfectly, the sound clarity & volume are always just right. They even have tables setup between some chairs throughout the theater for your drinks. Also, their ticket pricing seems to be lower than most other theaters in the county. Some people are hesitant to go to this theater because the shopping mall it is in has a checkered past. But know this. Once they put a Police Station in directly across from the Theater years ago, crime literally vanished here. Now the entire area is safe, clean and family friendly, at any time of day or night. I highly recommend this theater. It is one of my favorites.

Tracy Andrews

The bathrooms were not clean as they should be and the lines were long and moving slow.In the past this has not been a issue

Kori Clyde

Great value, very friendly and accommodating employees. Seating inside the theater was very comfortable

Rashad Copelin

Great place to see a new movie. They have cheap "MOVIE" prices, a great selection of movies, and is located a few hundred feet from a police station.

Don Crawford

A pleasant movie experience enjoyed it

Miss Lan Pretty

The movie was good. I'm just glad my family and I made it on time because the time online was different than the one at the theater.

Kylie Higgins

Had a good time with family and had so much fun it has 5 dollar moves you need to go

Samuel Francisco

Good place to watch movies

David Easter5

Good saving movies only five dollars and seats are comfortable

David Tapia

Recent movies at bargain prices but VERY uncomfortable seats.

Buck Mackey

There may not be a whole lot of seats in each theater but that's made up for in copious volume by how roomy, comfortable, and spaced out the seats along with little tables by each seat. It really made the theater experience that much better and I look forward to coming here again

Elaine Lee

I like that I don't have to pay outraged prices for entering the movie and buying snacks.

LaToya Frazier

Great prices for everything

Chris Mckellar

The food was good and the movie started on time. My main reason for this review is that my girlfriend and I were talking in the parking lot after the movie. We then heard a loud bang. The security and police did not come to check it out. So, my girlfriend and I left. We were unsure if it was safe to stay.

Sadie Steele

Clean and the price was reasonable, employee way courser.



Yoruba Harris

Not great, but not bad. The concession stand could use some additional offerings. I saw a pretzel display and no pretzels! Seriously?

joseph marine

Comfortable seating in a quiet well kept place with reasonable prices for tickets.

Sharon Boyd

I had a great experience. Short lines, clean, friendly workers. Tickets are 5$. The theater wasn't too cold or too hot. Never been here before but it left a great first impression.

Cameron Moore

The only reason why this theater want get a five. Simple!! Less grind house and more modern movie madness.

Evelyn Dalrymple

It close to where I live. The tickets are a really good price for all movies and showings.


$5 movies are GREAT

Brian Kemp

Great price for same movies

Patrick Patrick

Friendly employees & comfortable seats

A. Hollis

Good low movie prices for the summer. $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 If they can do it all theaters can.

Anne Bet

No frills theater. Easy to get in & out. There's no ticket counter, just grab your ticket at the concessions booth. Our theater didn't have connected seats so this place is not cuddle-friendly.

Melissa Thurmond

Need new seats. They were sinking down. Couldn't enjoy movie. The people in the theater constantly talked throughout the movie. Too much,smh. The floors are full of trash. The rows are not constantly clean after each show.


It would have been better if they had completely reclining seats. But I was very impressed with the theater. You can't beat new release movies for $5

Angels WeddingCreation

I love The edge theater we had an awesome time we recently saw the movie Mama and we also saw the movie crawl. The only thing I don't like about it is there concession stand prices are extremely high. But we were able to see the movies for $5

Brittani Dominguez

Best price around for a movie $5 all day every day

Nathan Weaver

Fun time for a $5 movie. It's an older theater, but well taken care of. Will return many many times.

Clarissa K

We love going here. The price is amazing and the staff is great

Stephanie Muhammad

This is the movie theatre to go on the Eastside. They feature all of the latest movies. I have seen Black Klansman and White Boy Rick recently. It is a beautiful facility with plenty of parking.

Angela Sampson

1st time back to this theater in almost 10 years Friday May 31st 2019. Daughter took me to see "MA" 7:30pm movie. Didn't know this was baby sitting hours. I'm a black 53 year old mother grandmother this summer and never seen nor experienced anything like this Bunch of unsupervised DISRESPECTFUL UNDISCIPLINED LOUD RUDE CURSING OUT POLICE WOULDN'T SHUT UP BLACK teenage CHILDREN THAT had to be forced out by the police during the movie (A WHOLE 4 ROWS OF THEM). Couldn't enjoy the movie because the police had to several times walking up and down the isle threatening them and some grown ones too to shut up or else be thrown out before they finally got kicked out and the ENTIRE THEATER BROKE OUT WITH LOUD CLAPPING in appreciation missing an entire scene

Linnette Mcneal

Friendly staff...great price for movie.

Lightskin Cam

The best movie theater I ever been to

travon johnson

Love going here movies are cheap and always clean and there really friendly

Tara Marshall

It's ok the jump zone could have had more to do

Violet Smith

Love this place and the prices.

deedee dandridge

Love the $5 winter movie deal

Establish Knowledge

movie theater is cheap they had movies going for $6 when I was there

Mechelle Ellis


Julie Kitsulie

Nice theatre but needs atm. I had to go to dollar store to get cash so we could play games.

Gwynn Matthews

I had a wonderful time watching the movie. The people were nice and friendly.

Tessa Maston

It's just OK. We went because of the $5 movies. Theater is too small, which makes the experience not as enjoyable as other theaters.

Malisa Hicklen

Enjoyed the movie very courteous attendance the building was nice and clean so was the bathrooms

Mario Reyes

It has that very specific dirty carpet smell. Also seats are uncomfortable and small. Only way I was able to sit thru the movie was by ordering copius amounts of overpriced beer and drinking myself to oblivion.

LaKendra Wells Mallory

Literally left the lights on the entire movie !!

Sky Jett

This is my go-to theater as I really enjoy the seats with tables, and the arcade. The restroom is always clean. There is a jump park inside the theater for all ages. They serve a very limited selection of beer. The only negative I have experienced is that some of the games in the arcade are turned off.

Susan Hudson

We saw Endgame... It was great

Gregory Ridgel

Great place. Great prices. Great service. The only movie theater I have frequented for the last 10 years. Would highly recommend. Definitely a staple in the city of Birmingham.

Stephen Burnett

I have never had a bad experience at this theatre! The prices are decent,the movies are nice and they keep it relatively cool! What could use some remolding are those chairs, they recline strangely but it’s never bothered me too much!

Reginald Ingram

In what is perceived as a bit of a rough area. However, never had any issues there and the seats in the Theatre are quite comfortable. The movie screens are good and audio is nice. I do wish this was a location with a bar, that always makes the movie more enjoyable for me. I would recommend this to people, because it's easy to get to, low traffic area and never very crowded.

Nathaniel Stanton

It very good but the food need to stay open

Nique D

Pretty descent place for a $5 movie. Popcorn was good, theater was good and the staff was nice and friendly. Overall...not bad at all.

Erik Brown

Had a great experience today at the movies!

David Coker

I usually like going to The Edge but had a horrible viewing experience going to see The Lion King. A parent (?) basically allowed their children (more than 1) to play on their cell phone, talk continuously and at full voice, and crawl/ play on the railing across the theater (I was using the rail to prop after recent leg surgery). It was some of the worst and most inconsiderate behavior I've ever witnessed at the movies. Staff/someone needs to be available to help correct this type of behavior so as not to ruin the movie experience for everyone else in the theater.

Michael A. Brown

This theatre is one of the best in Birmingham. Great service, friendly staff.

D H Pankey

Good prices, good concession options

Lantrez Wilson

Always great experience staff is always super friendly.

Lorrie Parnell Smith

Love the edage waiting on something to come out i wanna see.go there on date night.i enjoy it.

Brian Marcus

The $5 ticket price was great. The viewing and the sound quality was on par, and very clean

Elicia .Jacob

The theater is clean and they have a small arcade where you can pass the time away whilst you are waiting for your movie to start. The $5 for all movies at all showings is a sweet bargain. You should know the cost for refreshments

Gacha Pris

This place has a jump park for your kids to Enjoy


Nice place love 5.00 prices

Andi Scruggs

The seats aren't the most comfortable, but they're fine, and the theater usually has great deals on tickets. The Staff has always been very friendly to me as well.

Lanice Mossette

Price is good. Theater is ok, bad seats, somewhat.

Kellee Wright

Like the 5 $ tickets. Clean and quiet

Michael Barnard

Movie did not start on time. Had to go get someone to start movie, I guess the employee responsible was asleep or quit. Movie times were listed wrong at Google. Manager blamed Google, I am sure Google gets show times from management. Also there was water on the tile floor all over the women's bathroom and a lady sloped and fell. Her husband had to go in and help her. Seemed to be poorly managed this day.

Eric Densmore

Loved it 5$ dollars every day until further notice

Jeffrey Pope

Nice theater, Clean and courteous personnel and was very reasonably priced.

Bejai Phillips

To just be away from home and enjoying the change of scenery is a rewarding experience.The Theater is a nice clean and relaxing place. It does not really matter what is on the big screen.Although what is showing is the main reason for going.

batista blake

Great price right now

Allante Quates Sr

Great prices on movies for a bigger family


Great clean movie theater. Enjoyed the sound and seats

Sadie Summey

We just came to see Into the Spiderverse and had to leave an hour in because my five year old got overwhelmed by the fight scenes. We explained the situation to see if we could switch movies and the staff was super understanding and gave us passes. I really appreciate it, I would definitely recommend them and I plan to start coming here for all my movie viewing.

Bule Bell

A good clean place come an watch a movie

Woods Squad

We had a great time there!! It was kid friendly even late at night and there is heavy police presence which is a plus to keep down drama

Jeremy Houser

My Family Really Enjoyed The Lion King Movie, Will definitely revisit again

Dominic Tolbert

This place had amazing accommodations and is good for both kids and adults.

Dustin Wood

I had a great experience. Short lines, clean, friendly workers. Tickets are 5$. The theater wasn't too cold or too hot. Never been here before but it left a great first impression.

Jequetta Allen

$5.00 All Summer

Minda Taylor

Went to jump park located in movies. Smells horrible. Fish corn chips and feet. We went when they first opened. Plus parents just leave kids there. No never again!!!

Bonnie Rantz

Friendly staff, clean theaters. I never buy candy or drink though lol. I'd definitely recommend this spot. Just eat before you come!

Angela Reneé

Nice and clean. Sometimes they don't offer some of thw movies that are out. You just have to check showings to save you from that disappointed. Other than that, it's amazing. Plus, they offer summer viewing for kids.

Nikkesha Batts

Had a great time. Love the $5 winter special.

Kevin Jester

Seats were wierd, sound wasn't great. The movie was good.

Rebecca Miller

Always a pleasure but seats could be more comfortable.


At first I wanted to rant about this place but to be honest it's a movie theater where all the shows are $5. Considering that, the place is clean and the picture and sound quality is decent. There's supposed to be a trampoline park here as well but I am not sure where it is nor do I know about it as I didn't see it. The place is a hotspot for teenagers so if you want to movie going experience with not so much talking he may need to make your way to Hoover. As to be expected the food was expensive I spent $22 in all. The ticket was ten for both my wife and I, small popcorn and bottled water was $12. Overall I can't give this place a bad rating. My son had fun my wife and I had fun, maybe not totally deserving of four stars but I feel that for what it is, it's the best I've ever seen.

Clintonian Sharpe

The place is great and the staff makes you feel more at home even if the prices on snacks are a bit high. Its kinda worth the $5 movies. Very clean location and customer service.

Daneen Wilson

I guess that was my fault for going on a Saturday, when every disorderly teenager is allowed out unsupervised... Not a great experience.

Ladie Walker

The movie is $5 on Tuesday which is great you get to see a lot of new movies that you would normally have to pay more money for. It's relatively clean inside. Only problem, the popcorn is too expensive $6.50 for a small box, too high!

Tony Jackson

Good movie theater to catch a movie

Danny Barton

Was nice and clean... and 5 dollar tickets all the time was awesome

Tina Boone

Very clean & prices are great!

Lorne Cleveland

Seat are not as comfortable as I would like but cant beat the prices there.


The prices is good, especially if you have a big family/party. Plus, the popcorn is awesome!!!

callen king

Too many children!! No supervision. Theatre did require adult be with anyone under 18 to see "R" rated movie. Police presence was there but it so many "pockets" of teens posted everywhere that feeling safe was obsolete. Police officer did come around prior to movie starting asking to see tickets but he should have been at the door checking BEFORE allowing people in. Probably will not come back to this theater unless its to the last show.

King Savage Tyler

I love it and service is awesome

Esther Jackson Patterson

I love The Edge movie theatre!

Cathy Williams

The seating is great the employee's also very attractive to your needs


My daughter had just accepted a job with the Montana House of Representatives. Yeah I must say that I enjoyed myself very much with my daughter and my wife since she's from Montana and was visiting for 11 days. I noticed that the crowd was a mixed culture there were Caucasian there also black Americans veterans police real police. I felt safe and secure but the price is a bit stiff but I guess you get what you pay for. I will definitely recommend that you bring your family here and it is a safe atmosphere. I really enjoyed myself. The customer service was friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. There was also tables with some of the seats In order for couples to have a seat and eat while they watch the movie. I don't know many other movie theaters that have this type of setup. I highly recommend that you bring your family to this theater and that you will be safe and secure and the crowd was very mature. My daughter is interracial and the crowd was a mixture of black Americans caucasians and Hispanics. There were also veterans that were there as well and very nice police staff once again real police staff. From Birmingham

Joshua French

Clean location. The staff were helpful. The concessions are decent and the accessibility of tables in each theater is nice. The chairs can be hit or miss, but mostly they are good. A few people were very disruptive in the movie I was in, but the staff responded quickly and resolved the issue.

Crystal Murphy

It isn't the most modern theater, but the staff is friendly, the prices are great, and I enjoy the fact that it isn't very crowded (especially when I bring small children)

Dylan Patterson

Pretty nice place inside, outside is a ton of trash around it. They sell beer inside never seen that before at a theater.


Very clean nice staff


We went here MARCH 2,2019 to watch a Tyler Perry movie! We enjoy paying 5 buck for the movie it was a good deal BUT! We couldn't enjoy the movie at this theater because of the noise and disruptive behavior among grown kids! There was no PEACE, This place seemed like a place where parents dropped their grown children off to the sitter I was very disappointed ! I wont be back to this one!

Fredrick Shaw

The $5.50 movie special they got going on is great.

Theresa Johnson

Only 5 dollars nice clean place great food

Ben German

Can't beat 5 dollar movies and they sell beer and wine. The audience can be a little ratchet and talk through the movie or someone will bring thier baby which cheapens the movie. the staff can't be blamed for that but it is what it is

Josh B

Favorite theater! Add your own butter, $5 tickets; this is where it's at! Could be cleaner though but it's good enough. I'll be back!

Cedric Ambers

Nice place to take family for movie night, but prices are to high on the candy. 4.00 for a dollar box of candy. OUT OF CONTROL.

Pierce Malmquist

Sometimes it is ok. It probably depends on the movie and the crowd it draws, but it was damn near impossible to enjoy the movie tonight because of the audience. Several different on going conversations, cellphones going off, using cell phones. Very disrespectful.

pamela layton

It was awesome, AARP had a screening of Patsy & Loretta! Great movie, and the AARP folks were welcoming!!


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