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REVIEWS OF Nexus Cinema Dining IN Alabama

April McLeod

Very comfortable! Food was better than most restaurants in Mobile. Very clean. Nice staff. Prices for seating in clean recliners not much more than standard movie theater tickets! Going back in a few days!!!

Jacqueline Johnson

I love going to the Nexus to watch a movie and or eat lunch or dinner. Really great staff. The irish coffee is really good and the sliders are really great.

Latreace Handy1

They are expensive but the drinks aren't watered down. The mixed drinks are the truth. And the food is amazing, they can stand up like a mini Ruth Chris they are great. Thanks movie pictures are awesome.

Jessica Dactyl

The seats are incredibly comfortable, they would sell a lot more food and drinks if pricing wasn't so high

Marvin Smith

Will go on regular basis...nice real nice

WB Spencer

Best place to see a movie in town! Seats were comfortable and spacious, food was very good and was served very quickly. The atmosphere is upscale and quiet. Won't go to the regular movie theaters anymore. Nexus is the place!

Don Chiba

Even better than I expected. Good food, comfortable seating, great picture and sound

Amanda Tatum

This was very enjoyable to sit and watch a movie and have food delivered to you while you watch. The only downside they did not have that much of a description with their food or explain it in that much detail. I wish they would explain it more because you have to pay for each item sides drinks all in one time no refills

Candice Sells

For $130 for a family of 3. Food was $70 and not good. Cheesecake bites are a joke! Nice seats and service. Kids behind me talked the whole time! Won't be returning.

Hunter Boykin

Played trivia. It was amazing.

Jerilyn Westwall

Fabulous! We’ve been twice in a space of 2 weeks to see BOTH shows. Can’t wait to go again and see future shows. It’s a great ‘date night’ venue. A giant screen, amazing sound, comfy recliners, and people bring you food and drinks; everything you want and love!

Takeara Weaver

I love this place! Delicious food, great service, reserved seats, and most of all, awesome picture quality!

Billy J

This is definitely a higher end theater. So do expect to pay more for the experience and the service. The staff is super nice, the place was extremely clean. The seats are comfortable and adjustable at the touch of a button. The screen and sound are top notch! The food came out very quickly and was actually very good. I highly recommend the granny apple sliders. Overall we had a great experience here and will definitely be gone my back!

Taylor Pettway

What an exciting experience! The food was fantastic and everyone was polite. Can't wait to go back!


Perfect experience❣️ The food was outstanding and the recliners are very comfortable. The service was great and the movie was good. I doubt that I will go to a regular theater again and the prices are reasonable❣️

Warren McCrory

Stopped in with some friends to see Black Panther. Great movie & a great experience. Food was great had the bacon sliders & onions. I've seen some complain its a little pricey but considering you never have to leave your seat to order it & they bring it to you, it's a fair price. Sure there were a few glitches with the tablets but they've only been open for a short while, so it's to be expected. I have faith it'll be straightened out shortly. Looking forward to seeing several more movies in the near future.

Erika Stuart

By far the best atmosphere in Mobile to see a movie! No juveniles delinquents running around which in itself makes it absolutely worth every penny! The recliner seating is the way to go! Only complaints are popcorn size and the lighting could be a little dimmer. Will definitely be back and will be our first choice of place to go if they have the movie we want!!!!

Claus Emig

loved it. food and drinks are easy to order. great comfort!

Sam Tate

Nice place to eat and watch a movie good quality screens.

April McLeod

Very comfortable! Food was better than most restaurants in Mobile. Very clean. Nice staff. Prices for seating in clean recliners not much more than standard movie theater tickets! Going back in a few days!!!

Louis Bird

Excellent date night, great movie great food and service. Had a awesome time and will be going back again and again

Jacqueline Johnson

I love going to the Nexus to watch a movie and or eat lunch or dinner. Really great staff. The irish coffee is really good and the sliders are really great.

Chloe Taylor

Will never go back to a regular theater again. A little more expensive, but I consider going out to a movie a splurge anyways. Besides if you just get a soda and popcorn it's close to the same price. So clean to! This will be the new date night.

James Meigs

Great place to see a movie. Great food, drinks. No screaming kids or loud talking. A place you can watch a movie, eat dinner and have a few drinks.

Michelle Moore

I will not be viewing movies anywhere else! Clean, friendly theater. Food can be ordered while viewing the movie.

Bernadette Jenkins

Expensive, but such a great experience. A must go!

val powell

Too expensive!! Especially for mediocre food. Side dishes should be included with entrees considering the price. A great date nite atmosphere however.

Alline McDaniel

Nexus is awesome. I loved it! The theater was nice. The food was good. The atmosphere was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone

steve asman

Very enjoyable

chasity Marie

Love it but wish they had more movie selections

Olethia Lockett

Great theater entertainment and sports bar. Great service. Love that they bring the food to you in the theatres. About time Mobile catching up for adults to have a place to go for dinner and a movie in the same place

Orzhov Pally

Took the wife and a friend for her birthday. Great service quick responses to new items added on orders. Great tasting food and happy people to deal with! Will come again!

Natalie C

I found out from an employer (who I will not mention) that the co-owner (or former co-owner; I can't remember which) of CPSI owns this movie theatre - (and also lives right across the street from it.) That tells me a lot. That software was so cheap that they had to change the name of the company so that they could trick their clients into thinking they were bought out. For example, they will not allow you to amend your orders unless you pick exactly what they have on the iPad. So if you so much as want no ice in your drink, you have to call the server 1st, let him/her know you want no ice and then she comes back with no ice AFTER you place the order, bur she's standing right there! If you wait until another server walks by, they won't pass the message for you. Why won't they just set up the software where you can send a message to the server with your order (or without) so she can just make one trip? That's why when they finally show up, they have an attitude because they have to walk back-and-forth so much. They won't even make you hot water for you to put a tea bag in. I think that's a bit much. Popcorn is complimentary and last time, I got it without asking, but this time, I had to order it. Before, they just went around passing it out to everybody. However, that's the only thing that is complimentary. The employees have to pay the full price to watch a movie. They have cameras everywhere and there are no blind spots so they can even go in on an off day without paying. All they get is 25% off of food. They wonder why they can't keep people around the place and it's only been open for 3 and a 1/2 weeks. These Mobile business owners just don't get it. They're either going to have to pay them more money or they're going to have a rotating door like every other business here. You would think is long this that people have been working here, they would know where all of the seats and rows are, but they don't so they keep bringing me food that was not mine. I also hate they only have 2 screens. One has a smaller number of rows than the other. A lot of the iPads don't work so a lot of people skip out on paying for their food because it wont-work properly and they can't expect customers to walk out on the movie to pay at the front desk so there's a long line after the movie of people having to pay for their food because the iPads weren't working. However, I love the elongated tables. It takes away 2 rows that could be the recliners, but the tables allow wheelchair-bound movie goers to enjoy the show without having to sit in one of those specially-dedicated seats. I have to give this company 4 stars because of the other movie theaters are so bad that this one - despite its flaws - surpass the rest by far. Unfortunately, that's not saying much. As a special nod however, I am glad they put Carmike Cinemas out of business in this town because I remember the days where they would only show black movies like Black Panther at their one theater (on dauphin street) and all the white movies at the other theaters. It brings me immense joy to know that that family no longer makes money here. Overall, to me, the $16 some change is worth the ticket price. The restaurant on the 1st floor is a nice touch. I like help no 1 under 21 is allowed. I do not like how I can't get a non alcoholic beverage unless is already on the iPad so if I want a mixture of cranberry juice and sprite, I can't get that because it is not specifically listed on the menu. They don't have their liquor license yet, but that doesn't surprise me. We need to hire some older people and charge fair wages (unlike the employees CPSI) so that they can stop having people walk out the door so much and it's been open less than a month.

Saraleslie Wright

Absolutely the best theater in Mobile, by far! Great food and drink selection, chairs are super comfy, and the surround system is top of the line. Can't go back to a normal theater after being here.

Christopher Davis

Great place to watch a movie! Amazing picture and sound. Food is good too!

Chuck Turner

If you are ordering tickets online, the layout is not accurate. The middle row is office chairs and a straight table. Very disappointed. Food was good.

Jeffrey Greep

Great theater. Great food. Only downside may be limited screens, but they usually have top movies showing.


Awesome experience!!!!! It's like being at home watching a movie in your recliner. Ordering food and drinks off your iPad at your seat. I am still in awe of this place.

Michael Ford

Comfortable seating, if you were wise enough to reserve a recliner. Said recliners were plush yet supportive. The staff served you from your seat after you ordered with assigned iPads, very quickly, I might add. My family and I will definitely be returning.

Daniel Wolfe

This was the coolest theater I've ever been to. My daughter and I had a blast. The servers were friendly, the establishment was very clean, and the theater itself is phenomenal. The Dolby atmos surround sound was really epic.

Natalie Matured

I've been going to this cinema since they originally opened and only a small handful of people still work there from when they opened. Like many Mobile, Alabama places, turnover is bad. The ones they have are lazier than the first set of folks that came in. Case in point, I was OUTSIDE of the movie theatre and ordered the fried shrimp and wanted simply a glass of water. I had to order it three times because - as most know by now - they refuse to send you anything without you putting in on the iPad to order it. The problem with this is that they ignore it. Even after they brought my food 20 minutes later, no water. I asked the bar tender to bring it to me and he said, "You have to order it on the..." and I had to interrupt him with the "yeah, yeah I know. I have. Three times." It would've taken him literally a second to get the water because again, I was RIGHT THERE AT THE BAR and he still said, "It'll be out momentarily." Never mind the fact that it had already been 20 minutes. I had to stop a girl from helping someone ELSE to get my damn glass of water. This place is going to be like everywhere else in that they're going to sit around and do the bare minimum until another theatre opens and puts them out of business (like Hollywood did all the Carmike Cinemas) and then that's when they're going to want to jump up and have better customer service. On a better note, they finally swapped out those broken iPads and got some that work. There would be long lines outside of the theatre of people who had to pay for their orders because the iPad wouldn't take it. Even then, if you want a water with no ice, you can't send a msg to staff asking them not to put ice in it. So you have to call for a water, receive it with ice in it, send them back to take the ice out, they walk away with an attitude and then bring you back another cup with ice 30 minutes later. Mobile business owners take simple things and complicate them so much. It's ridiculous.

Sheila Lasueur

Very nice

Kasie Caldwell

Wonderful dine in movie theater. Enjoy anything from filet mignon or crab Everest to a slider or wrap.

Robert Rhodes

WOW, great atmosphere, clean, good food. Was better than expected, will be back soon!

Michael Ford

Comfortable seating, if you were wise enough to reserve a recliner. Said recliners were plush yet supportive. The staff served you from your seat after you ordered with assigned iPads, very quickly, I might add. My family and I will definitely be returning.

Nancy Cook

Amazing! Comfortable recliners, delicious food, first class service. Highly recommended!

Nicole Duncan

So much fun! A great experience to have at least once. Everything was in tervis and it was great. Excellent service, so comfortable and a great atmosphere for the movie. When they delivered food or drinks it wasn’t disruptive or anything. Highly recommend!

Ericka Blevins

I love this place because of the older crowd and lack of young children. It usually feels like a real date night, until tonight. There were young children and they talked a lot. Other than that the place is ideal.

Lynette Mccovery

First time we really enjoyed


A must visit. Best movie and dinner experience. Can't wait to go again.

crystal parker

This place is awesome, the food was good. I love being able to order food and drinks whole watching a movie. The service was nice and quick.

Quita M McWilliams

OMGGG IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THE STAFF WAS SOO SOO AWESOME!!! FOOD IS AMAZING AS WELL, FOR THE PRICE!!! I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! PLENTT OF SPACE TO STRETCH YOUR LEGS AND SO CLEAN AND NEAT!!! I LOVED IT SO SO MUCH! You would never guess where it is lol It's in the middle of a suburban neighbor! Quiet and comfortable! Whenever you can, please go!! They serve alcohol as well!! It's so affordable! And YES THERE ARE RECLINERS!!!!

Jennifer Tate

The seats are amazing. We had a very enjoyable experience here. The popcorn and drinks aren't refillable and they aren't very big. You can order from your seat and they deliver the stuff to you in theater. I think during a busy time that's just a bad idea and distracting. This is not your normal theater. It is a more upscale, alcohol and over priced food selling theater that doesn't offer a "bucket of popcorn" or even a bag, the large is a drink cup full.

Noway Nodice

Amazing experience. Have every intention of going again. Between the visuals and sound system, all stacked on top of the food. All around yummy experience. Only drawback I could even come up with, too much ice in the drinks with no free refills. Bit I'm working on them :)


Wife and I went for a random date night and had a good time. Spent about 50$ for two drinks and 2 meals plus the two tickets. Great seats and the service was fast and everything was great. The one "bad" thing I would say is the lights don't go all the way off because the waiters have to see to bring stuff in.

Schuyler Powell

There's no reason to go to any other movie theater. This is the greatest thing Mobile has had since the Bay Bears. This is the Airbus of movie theaters. Don't waste your time bringing your kids and teens here this is an grown-up environment, classy and sexy. Let's not let the kids and teens ruining this one. I wish they had a 25 and older rule.But if you have good kids bring if not keep them bebe kids at home. lets have fun mobile and celebrate the great nuance of Nexus.

Melvin Summers

This was a very nice theatre. I mean it was great. Then Nexus hired a community of people that just do the absolute minimum. I wonder what's going on when drinks are made and what is going on with my food. This was a 5 star theatre and then management started paying minimum wage. With minimum wage you get minimum wage people. Everything they do is incompetent now. I have watched this nice theatre fall victim to terrible hiring. Just go to Baldwin County folks. I mean, do we have a choice anymore? I swear, if we want something nice, we will have to go somewhere else! Mobile can't have a place where we folks with money can go to have a nice experience without a certain crowd ruining everything. Just go to the Schillinger AMC and see for yourself! Nexus is ruined by its employees!

Jessica Deal



This is an amazing place to visit. The price is a little on high side but it’s worth it. The food is ok and I love the location and service. It’s a great place to go on a date or alone. It the only place I would would want to watch a really good sci-fi movie ..

Reba Moffett

Great place !!, can't wait to go back !!


The Sweet Chili Chicken Wings were a actually quite savory..I was impressed. The seating is great!

Jackie Hafler

Nice and comfortable. Food was great also!

Katie Ladnier

Love! Perfect date night material

S. L.

Great atmosphere and service

Angela Callaway

Great seating great food sides should be included drinks should come with refills or half priced for refills

Mallory A.

Recommend purchasing your tickets before showing up there because it's a small theater & they sell out quick.

cee new

Most unique movie experience ever.

Kyle Adams

Perfect date night spot. Staff was very polite with quick service. Seats are extremely comfortable. Sound quality is amazing. The food is good be sure to get some tea its excellent. The full bar is clutch. I would recommend this theater over any in the area.


How do you possibly go back to a regular theater after visiting here? They changed the menu and took off their best salad, besides that the eats are good, drinks are amazing (try the coconut rum drink) and the chairs are so comfy....

Carol Douglass

Excellent seating, atmosphere, food, location. Recommend to all. !!

Daniel Wolfe

This was the coolest theater I've ever been to. My daughter and I had a blast. The servers were friendly, the establishment was very clean, and the theater itself is phenomenal. The Dolby atmos surround sound was really epic.

Victoria Lindsay

Wanted to work there

Jon Hansen

Seats were awesome , service very quick , food very good (wings and fries) stepped outside to smoke after i ate . Surround sound was very nice . All around top notch , will go back .


Check it out before it's gone. I hope Im wrong but I doubt this thing will last. The location doesnt lend itself to high traffic or high visibility and Im afraid that will be its undoing.

Melissa Rogers

Lovely experience everytime we go!


Love the movie experience I didn't like a dish so they replaced it.

Frosty Mac

Nice place for real very luxurious good food and atmosphere

Adam Underwood

Great food, service was good. Unfortunately they were extremely busy the night we went and during their grand opening and it took 2 1/2 hours to get our food. We didn’t complain so they didn’t comp anything. Food was great and I’m sure the kitchen will get it together soon.

Stephen Jones

The reclining seats are comfortable, they recline with plenty of leg room.The wait staff and the food was very good . I highly recommend this theatre.

Kristi Tanner

There is no other movie theater that I will attend, this is our favorite place. Ticket price comparable to other local theaters. Seating, screens, and surround sound incredible. Food choices are diverse. Staff always friendly and very helpful. Nexus Cinema offers many different events upstairs as well as a space that can be rented for parties.

Chet Davis

5 stars IF they fix card reader issue. Food - 5 stars Beverage choice - 5 stars Seating - 5 stars Online ticket purchase - 5 stars Food and beverage ordering at seat - 5 stars Card reader - 1 star. We have been to nexus twice and have experienced the same issue with the card reader on both occassions. When you try to pay for you order, the iPad instructs you to insert your credit card chip side first and facing up, you get an error message that it is unable to read it. Then it instructs you to swipe the magnetic strip, card facing up. Upon doing this, it reads: card reader initializing. It's at this point the iPad locks up rendering it useless. That being said, if you go in knowing this information, there is an option to pay at the counter you can choose before going into the pay by card feature. I'll chose this option next time.

Clarence Patterson

Great food, comfy seats, reasonably priced, great atmosphere. It's the perfect spot for date night.

Steven Taylor

The best place for adults to enjoy a movie regardless of price

Ardith Goodwin

This was a totally fabulous movie theater specially for adults. It will be my first choice always.

Rebecca Chapman

Good food, even better staff. Theatre is clean and chairs are super comfortable. Food is a bit pricey but totally worth it. The picture on the big screen is better than any local theater we have in mobile county. Easy to locate. Tickets are only 4 bucks more than the other two theaters we have for better quality seating and food delivered to your seat. Highly recommend this place to anyone for family date night. 5 stars.

Meghan Thompson

Great theater, lackluster food. The sound, picture, and seating is all great. Well worth the price of the ticket. I'd suggest bringing an afghan, because it is a bit chilly, but definitely the best and most comfortable theater experience in Mobile. We'll go back to see movies. The food, on the other hand, is kind of questionable. The steak bites were pretty good and a fair price. The fruit salad was a canned fruit cup with some fresh fruit mixed in, but it all ended up tasting like fruit cocktail syrup, for $6. The crab canapes had a decent amount of crab, but were covered in a mustard/mayo sauce that made the pastry soggy and completely overpowered the taste of the crab. It was all edible, but I wasn't impressed and we ended up getting lunch somewhere else afterwards. The service was also iffy. The staff was really nice, helpful, and efficient. But, the tablet didn't work right. Overall, I'd say go for the movie and skip the food. If they get a new chef and stay open long enough to work out some of the kinks, I'd be willing to try the food again--but right now just enjoy the plush seating while you can.

Will G

Hands down, the greatest cinematic experience I’ve ever had! The tickets are more expensive than that of regular theaters, but so worth it. You are in a relaxed environment, and you can order food that will be brought to you. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. Is it restaurant portioned? No. More like beefed up appetizers, but that’s okay. You order from an iPad that is placed by your elbow, and you have plenty of room to eat. You pay with the iPad as well. All in all, my Wife and I really enjoyed it. I suggest you attend a screening for a film you’re really looking forward to seeing. The food will make it that much better!

Kristian Payton

It's very nice and the people are awesome

Kelvin Holcombe

Top of the line experience. Can't wait to o back...........

Katherine Williams

Great experience! I saw the Lion King on Saturday, July 20th 2019 11 am. I like the fact that I could enjoy a movie like that without having a bunch of noisy kids to contend with. The price was higher than other movie theaters but the atmosphere was just wonderful! I loved ordering from the I-Pad at my seat. This is so much nicer than having to stand in a long line at a concession stand. It was worth the extra money. My seat was so comfortable! I will be going back on a regular basis!

Alex Almond

Don't expect "fine dining" but of the several different dishes our group ordered we were all very satisfied. It is a very spacious and clean venue. Worth the drive!

Emma Peace

Best secret in Mobile. Food was delicious and the movie experience was incredible. Can't wait to go back.

Susan Cotter

The food and staff are excellent. The only way to go and thoroughly enjoy a movie.

Cynthia Montecalvo

If you haven’t already visited the Nexus Theatre you’re missing out! This place is awesome! I only wish they had more screening rooms to offer a bigger variety. As it is there are only two rooms that offer the recliners so we have to wait for the featured movies to change before visiting again. If it weren’t for this we would visit a lot more often. I work long hours so it’s hard to find time for dinner and a movie. Nexus solved this problem. I can enjoy my dinner and a movie at the same time. Win, win! If you’re skeptical about the food taste and quality, don’t be. The food is consistently good and the prices aren’t outrageous. All menu items are a la carte. I love the Filet bites (and the mixed drinks ;). Can’t get adult beverages at other theatres (such a pity). I’ve noticed that the majority of movie goers are over 30. I’ve only observed a few young children and hardly any teens (and none unaccompanied by an adult). This might be due to the ticket prices being slightly higher than other theatres in town. Yep, you read correctly, ticket prices are slightly higher at Nexus but it’s insignificant considering all the added benefits. I’m sure you won’t mind paying a little extra once you try it.

Shawn Starnes

We had a great time there and the food and drinks where great

Oronde Fountain

Setting is great food awesome would definitely recommend.

Andrea B.

Friendly staff; wonderful cinema experience; difficult to find couple seating ( two seats together ) at peak times pretty often.

lena babii

Great place and awesome food!

Brother Smitty

Great place. Good drinks just a little pricey but if you're splurging it's worth it.

Wyconda Summerlin

I loved it...the food was very good and the service was also

Katherine Williams

Great experience! I saw the Lion King on Saturday, July 20th 2019 11 am. I like the fact that I could enjoy a movie like that without having a bunch of noisy kids to contend with. The price was higher than other movie theaters but the atmosphere was just wonderful! I loved ordering from the I-Pad at my seat. This is so much nicer than having to stand in a long line at a concession stand. It was worth the extra money. My seat was so comfortable! I will be going back on a regular basis!

Brad May

This is the BEST place in town to watch movies! The chairs are comfortable, the screen and sound are excellent quality, and the overall look of the building on the inside is very nice. The food ordering system is done well (very easy), and the service is good. HIGHLY recommend!

Steven Simmons

Great movie theater

Richard Sim

I realized while watching Toy Story 4 that I had seen my last movie in a normal/regular movie theater.

Chris Myers

Love this place!! Best theater hands down and the food is good too

Gabriellee Gibson

This place is truly disgusting. The food is so high. Encountered some of the rudest employees and to think people here would wash there hands considering they serve food but a lady called Kathy brought my food out and her hands where covered in filth. Not to mention the prices of the food and you get little to nothing. Definitely wont bring back any of my family here. Truly sad establishment and horrible service from the managers.

Ayanna Payton

Love it, need to add Dr. Pepper on drink list

Naomi Betton

Wow this is the new place to go. We loved the atmosphere, the staff was so nice. Very clean and it smell good. Ordering the food was excellent from the I paid. The food was very good with a tasty. I will return very soon. Sammy you made our first time so amazing.


The best movie experience in town!

Valerie Heidel

Loved it

Jonelle Hall

Amazing experience! Food was delicious, service was excellent and the drinks were out of this world! We'll definitely be going back!

Alex Almond

Don't expect "fine dining" but of the several different dishes our group ordered we were all very satisfied. It is a very spacious and clean venue. Worth the drive!

Christopher L. Mitchell

Best place to watch a movie in West Mobile.

Amethyst Green

First time experiencing a "dining cinema" and the food was delicious!!! The steak was tender and the veggie medley was very tasty.

Nghia Huynh

After going here, it's hard for me to convince myself to go to a regular theater for top and trending movies. The theaters here makes you feel right at home with comfortable sofa seats, iPad for all of your eating or drinking needs, and the video and audio quality. Only downside is they only show two or three movies at a time, but the movies are typically the top trending blockbusters.

Diana Holloway

Wow, dinner and a movie has a new definition. Once you've experienced this format of enjoying a movie and elevated theater food; you won't settle for anything else. I hope more people discover this gem and when their liquor license is approved, I'm quite sure they will.

Tracy Fairley

The is something new in the entertainment of how going to a movie is. Being served by ordering popcorn or even a entree with beer or wine. Seated in a comfortable recliner.

Elvis Gates

Wow, movies and table service. Blew me away


Absolutely love this theater, hands down the best one in Mobile, the staff very polite.

Tiffany Washington

I loved it. I went 3 times in one week. I will never go to another theatre again. Food was delicious and the seats were very comfortable. Not to mention the surround sound

Enilrad DM Rekab B

Atmosphere was great. It's a bit pricey than the norm, but it's worth it. I love the reserved seating and the auto recliners. Or you can sit in the high back rolling chairs with a long narrow table that stretches from one side of theater to other. We felt like royalty with our servers bringing out the food. Quality of the picture and sound was phenomenal. Popcorn is free. Its in a little bowl but you order as many as you like. The food was delicious. I got the Grandma Bacon Sliders. So good! And you can order from your seat with your card or pay cash at counter. You will love this place. No place in Mobile like it.

Herminio Flecha

Great movie theater in Mobile. The place is wonderful. More of a step up from a regular theater. Seats are recliners, very comfortable. Food is pricey but they offer a larger selection, and they offer liquor. Food and drinks are deliver to your seat like a restaurant. Sound and visual quality is superb. It's about time Mobile gets a step up movie theater. Kudos.

Adrian Greyson

It was a great first experience.

Emma Peace

Best secret in Mobile. Food was delicious and the movie experience was incredible. Can't wait to go back.

Marie Gobin


Destin Estes

I’ve been to Nexus twice now and each time has been wonderful! Really quiet, relaxing movie experience. Don’t forget you can order wine, coffee and ice cream from your seat!

Carlton Dortch

Nice place to dine in and watch a good movie.

Ashley Snow

Nice place to watch a movie and dine!! Will definitely be back.

Seniors' Resource Center

The staff were all friendly and earnest, but unfortunately, the concept doesn't quite work as a full-service restaurant. This was the first time anyone in our party had been here, and it turns out that this is only their 2nd brunch service. Each diner views the menu on a tablet and taps their selections, which are added to their cart. When the diner submits the order, the kitchen receives it and the diner receives the notification that the order has been placed. If we had known better, we would have submitted the orders for water as soon as we sat down. An order for some kind of snack bites was submitted for an appetizer, and when they arrived, we requested side plates. That took so long, that most of the party had just resorted to placing the bites on their napkins. Despite calling the server from the tablet twice, it took over 5 minutes for one to arrive. The image of the Nexus Breakfast showed hash browns, but hash browns were not available a la carte. When asked if hash browns could be ordered, we were told that we could only get them if we ordered the Nexus Breakfast because that is the way the pricing structure is set up. Another staff person later corrected that explanation by letting us know that the photo was misleading and that home fries comes with the Nexus Breakfast. They have no hash browns. The pacing of the service was off as well. One diner ordered iced tea, and 4 ordered water. The tea had already been served when 2 waters had arrived. Another cup of water arrived with one person's food. Then 2 more diners' meals arrived. The fourth meal arrived, but the 5th never did. When asked, the server said the meal was on its way. 10 minutes later, still no meal. The person drinking tea was told that they don't offer refills on tea, and that he'd have to order it again for $3. We ended up canceling the order for the meal that had not arrived, and they were very apologetic, pointing out that the theater was sold out. Not really our problem, but I understand the combination of inexperienced staff, a new menu, and technology failures led to a poor experience. I would say that the concept would have worked for dining during a movie or during bar trivia, but that they should scrap the entrees in favor of fast-casual menu items like breakfast sandwiches, wraps, drinks, etc. Also, a few more soft openings for the staff might have helped. Our mistake was in thinking that this was a full-service restaurant.

Jeff N

My wife and I really enjoyed our experience here. When we walked inside, it was open and you can see up to the 2nd floor. You walk forward to purchase tickets or pick up your tickets if you ordered online. There's only two theater rooms on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor has one for private viewings. We got the assigned recliner seats and they were pretty comfortable. There were iPads on the side of the seats where you can order food and drinks. My wife and I ordered drinks and we paid for them right there on the iPad too. It was pretty convenient to take care of all that from your seat. The sound system was amazing, clarity of the screen was nice and sharp. I would definitely come back.

Rosie Fuenmayor

Definitely the best theatre experience in Mobile! The food was great! We had the sliders and they are amazing! I loved the service. We just ordered anything and within a few minutes they had it out. Worth the price for a good dining/ movie experience.

tyler whatley

My wife reserved the the meeting room theater for our sons birthday party to watch Toy Story 4. She confirmed many times even spoke to someone and hour before about the possibility of bringing cupcakes... she got there a little before we did and there she found out that they had refunded her account and canceled all 27 seats which we had payed for and accounted for for our sons birthday. All the manager had to say was sorry, you did pay for the to tickets we did refund your account but we’re now full...

Duane Clark

Best way to watch a movie

Danelle Dees

Best picture that I have seen in a theatre. Good food and great service.

Monica McIntosh

Wonderful experience!! Having the opportunity to dine while at the movies is a wonderful concept. I like that you must be 21 or accompanied by someone 21. The food was very good & reasonably priced. Seating was very comfortable and the wait staff was unintrusive. This concept has been in other major cities for a while and I hope more are planned for our area. One theater of this nature is not enough!

Rebecca Jett

Loved the whole experience! Good food, totally friendly and polite staff, and comparable pricing. It's now our favorite choice for a movie day/night!


I love the theater. The seats are as comfortable as sitting in your living room, but with outstanding picture and sound. Well worth the cost for a ticket. The food isn't good. Their chef just doesn't know how to cook. It's objectively bad. The potato salad was swimming in mayonnaise to the point of leaving a pool of liquid in the bottom of the dish and hardly had any potatoes in it. Some of the simpler stuff--like the steak bites which are just fried in butter--is fine, but overall it's pretty disgraceful for the price. My recommendation is go see a movie, maybe have a couple drinks from the full bar, then eat somewhere else.

Taylor Allen

First cinema dining experience. Enjoyed it. Prices were as expected. However, ordered the nacho bites and they were not what we expected. They were super dry as if they had been sitting out 30 minutes prior to being ordered, and the meat had a questionable taste and texture. But the servers were quick and most of them polite. A couple of them didn’t seem like they wanted to be there. But overall a pretty cool experience. Will be back when they get their liquor license.

Paul LePiane

Nice place to watch a movie, have a beverage, and if you want a bite to eat.

Jonathan DePew

The day of our reservation my son was sick. We went to to doctor at the first available appointment, which overlapped the time the office opened. By the time I was able to get into contact with a manager at Nexus about my missed reservations, they should no sympathy, offered no resolution, and basically told me I just wasted the 30+dollaras for tickets I couldn’t use. Terrible service. Missed opportunity to do the right thing, and general lack of any human emotion

Chris Green

I actually love this concept however they advertised buy your ticket and get a free popcorn per ticket they seem to be confused about what they offered but I will still go back the food was good and the servers are all very sweet and on the spot I recommend this to everybody because they're probably just still ironing Out The Kinks great place to go for a movie and dinner

Jackie Foley

I LOVE this Theatre!!! Cannot wait until All their outstanding features are complete! I will go back again and again!!

Jason Whiddon

Great pricing, free popcorn, seats are awesome and the picture quality and sound are top notch. Best theater in Mobile.

Penny Dupre

Food is excellent and service always great. And the movies are enjoyable too. Great date night spot

Jason Barrett

Best picture and sound hands down. Great food and drinks.

Troy Waldinger

I like this place a lot. The power reclining seats...ordering food/snacks from your seats...great sound and the 4K video make this worth the premium price. Even better on weeknights with the discount!

T just T

Everything was amazing except the small portions for the price and no refills on a 3$ tea. Hmmm will update review on second visit. 3.5 Stars. Rounding up to 4 because pretty big glass of tea and macaroni and cheese bites...

Linda Tant

Get service good food

Cornbread- 83

The staff was very nice. It was very comfortable seating and the food was awesome. My wife and I had a great experience.

Terri Ledbetter

We loved, loved this place. I would recommend this new theatre to everyone..great discount for seniors too!!

Reese Connally

Highly recommended. Very comfortable, respectful audience each time I went and the food is surprisingly good, albeit a little expensive, but I imagine you already expected that.

Leo McDermott

Expensive as hell! Nice venue though.

tyler whatley

My wife reserved the the meeting room theater for our sons birthday party to watch Toy Story 4. She confirmed many times even spoke to someone and hour before about the possibility of bringing cupcakes... she got there a little before we did and there she found out that they had refunded her account and canceled all 27 seats which we had payed for and accounted for for our sons birthday. All the manager had to say was sorry, you did pay for the to tickets we did refund your account but we’re now full...

Kelsey Yarberry

We aren't new to the dine in movie theaters, we really enjoy them. So upon hearing that there was one opening up just down the road, we jumped on the chance to go. Tickets were $16.50, which is higher priced than other experiences that we've had, but it makes sense since it's a smaller theater. We also learned that if you just want to come to dine, you're welcome to dine in the lobby. We sat down to enjoy "The Greatest Showman" (which was amazing!!) and to order our food. Most drinks (pop and tea) were $3.00 in a cup. WATER was only available in a 20 oz Smart Water bottle for $4.95. In the lobby it's free, in the theater you have to pay $4.95. If I'm spending $16.50 on a ticket and $25-30+ for my food only, why would I want to pay a quarter of my meals price just on water that I could have had for free in the lobby. When I spoke with a gentleman whom I believe was the manager, he stated that because the movie theater offered "different" services they were charging for water, but allowed me to have a cup of water "this one time". I understand it's a new establishment and they are still working out the formalities, but for heaven's sake, any establishment I've even been to offers free water or a $0.25 charge for a cup. The movie was great, the seats were comfortable, the restrooms were clean, the cashier and servers were very pleasant... I just wish there wasn't something as silly as a this to deal with when we've already splurged on the experience and the food!

Keli Floyd

Great atmosphere, comfortable seats, and you don’t have to worry about teenagers talking throughout the whole movie.

Steven Mason

Great seating and picture/sound but the food wasn't very good and incredibly expensive for what you get.

Dariel Raye

Fantastic customer service, luxury seating, delicious food, surround sound and excellent picture quality. Well worth the price for an exceptionally enjoyable experience.

Laurie Ayer

Clean, comfy, high quality sound system. My only real complaint would be that the popcorn is VERY small for the price (no refills) and no type of butter added or topping....pretty much straight up dry popped. We didn't eat dinner so I could not tell you anything about the food. We will return.


Went the first week they open have the entire theater to ourselves it was great but the movie wasn't who does a little overpriced as our drinks but still a very nice experience


Great food. Great atmosphere. Great customer service. If I could rate it as 10 stars I would. My daughter and I enjoyed our first visit and we will definitely be returning for many more visits.

THS68 Reunion50

Everything you want in a “Movie Night”. !! Cool films, comfy recliners, giant screen and people bringing you food & drinks. The perfect setup!

Michael Boylan

Good food a d nice seating.

Jasmine Clarke

Nice dine-in theater. WAY too many Nexus Theater commercials then another commercial about our eyes adjusting to color on screen.. pointless.

John Carter

Great experience but the food is over priced and always a bit cold.

Tamekia Thompson

Very nice place.. the food was great.

Rebecca Fisher

Awesome Theater experience! The service was superb as was the food. We had crab, shrimp, fruit salad, tomato cucumber salad, potatoes, and popcorn. One cool thing is you can order throughout your movie and pay at the end on the provided IPAD. Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision 4k. Huge reclining seats. Go Mobile. Only 2 theaters here, so get tickets for more popular movies in advance. Not really a bad seat in the house. No one close enough behind us to kick our seats either!


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