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2399 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville, AL 36066

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Here you will see the reviews of people who consumed the services of New Vision Theatres Promenade 12 (Movie Theater) in the area close to the state of Alabama.

Nowadays this firm receives a rating of 3.9 out of 5 and the rating is based on 769 reviews.

You must have seen that its rating is really positive, and it is based on a high number of opinions, so we can conclude that the valuation is very credible. If there are many people who bothered to evaluate when they've done well with the service, is that it works.

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REVIEWS OF New Vision Theatres Promenade 12 IN Alabama

Kezoegohard Davis

This movie theater was just simple I think it need to be up graded. The seats are uncomfortable the prices are high they charge 5 dollars for water.

Meredith Stokley

Lots of new faces and customer service is still the priority. Would like to see more tidying up around concessions and drink areas during the shift


I love watching movies, and this place is good for it.

Alex Rosales

Saw the new deadpool movie here. The popcorn was good since they let you put the butter on yourself. Heard others complaining about the taste. When arriving in any theater screenroom, they have the lights turned up so you can see your way to your seat, well, here they kept them up the whole time. The staff definitely had to notice it since one of the workers there walked through the theater 4 times during the movie.

Nikki Wells

Decent theatre, small but convenient. Clean and seemed well kept. Movie choices for the city its in...

prettyboi Qt

Not a bad spot.

Whitney Nelson

Great customer service by Andrew!

Amber Grier

The new vision rewards are a must have!

Matt Hanson

This is a very good theater and staff.

Phalecia Young

Great theater. Comfortable seating. It's not the Capri but not bad for the money.

Brandon Madison

First time here. It’s now 6:54 pm and our 6:35 movie hasn’t even started the previews yet. Over priced. The seats are falling apart. Never coming back.

Matthew Hust

The place is showing its age. I went to see Spider-Man: Far From Home. We where in the third screening room on the left. The screening room was clean and the floors where not sticky. The seats are not very comfortable. After about an hour you start to fidget. The screens are large but you can see the half hearted cleaning job. Half way through the entire screen was the line where they stopped cleaning any higher. The sound is still good. No complaints there. The Popcorn is good and the soda machine is the kind with 100 different options that is self serve. There is a small arcade with some games. I don't know the ages of them. The staff are all young people who have good manners and are very nice. They where in upbeat moods while we where there. I wish I could give it a better than 3 star due to just the staff, but the theater itself needs to be updated fiercely.

Christopher Jackson

Watched Avengers Endgame. Service was good and clean. An annual bucket is $20.95, drinks $7.49 for large. They do give military discount.

deborah battle

My niece loves to go and get the children's popcorn deal. You have to go on Tuesdays because it's only $5. LOVE the rewards program too.

Lisle and Jessica Babcock

Nice staff, clean facilities, and great Tuesday deals. Only wish they had those deals more often.

Sherry Calloway

Great theater! I like the senior deals.

C Tino

Great place and staff

Jeanette Baker

Omg it was awesome we really enjoyed the movie toy story 4

Theodora Stovall

The workers were nice and very glad to see you. We got popcorn and drink $17.

Epatha Martin

Great movie place very clean great worker

Zakiya Miller

Line was out the door when we pulled into the parking lot. By the time we got to the door there was a short line. Very fast service. Food was a bit expensive but that was expected. Kids Trey was about 7$ and satisfied my son. A pretzel with cheese and a drink was 11$.

Will Byrd

Pretty clean place. Normal theater food with self serve drink station. Nice seats and sound.

Mariah Honeycutt

They need to lower there foods and drinks if they want more money but the movie was great

cynthia ferguson

Nice facility

Rick Scott

Not impressed! Counter service was too slow, but courteous. Some old guy kept his cellphone on and snored during the movie


New seats don't feel too great. My butt was numb by the first hour and I saw the big 3 hour End Game.

Sandra Napier

Only one person was working at the time, we stood in line for about 45 minutes, ended up having to go to a later show because we missed the first 30 minutes ( at least ) of the movie! Then we had to wait for them to make some popcorn! The lady that was working was pleasant and trying her best, but it wasn't a very good experience.

Mary Beth Phillips

Watched "Run the Race" produced by Tim and Robby Teabow excellent movie, good clean entertainment. Young people should really identify

Travis Adair

Love the place

Frankie Rios

Too expensive....just a celling fan... really!!!! No A/C or at least someone forgot to turn it on we watch a movie that last 3hrs and it feels like I was doing cardio at the same time we watch the movie. I wonder how many calories I burn watching Endgame.

Shannon Sculley

Our experience was not a good one I have to say this time. Don't like having to buy our tickets at the concession stand. Waited twice as long and not everyone wants food and drinks. Went on 5.00 Tuesdays, but yet they changed the popcorn and drink combo to $8.00. Ran out of drinks in both machines but manager on duty didn't seem very concerned. When the gentleman in front of me complained to him. He told him he would give him a pass for his next visit. Because of the lines and waiting for someone to eventually change out the drink machine we got into the movie after it had already started (trailers of course). New vision needs to step up it up.

Eric Gordon

Only reason I have it ONE star is because it won't let me give it 0....... Movie theaters are supposed to be a nice quiet place...... not a nightclub where people wanna yell and talk and take pictures....... never going to go here again.

Cindy Tennimon

The only complaint I have is they forced us all to go through the concessions line to get our tickets. So we stood in line for 10 mins. just to get 2 tickets!! Ridiculous.

Kandie Ford

Theater was clean and staff friendly, but the projector and sound equipment was not working properly. Took a while to get the picture to show on screen, then the sound would go from hardly able to hear to suddenly blaring all during the movie.

Paul Winebrenner

Clean auditorium, friendly staff. The concessions are pricey, even for a movie theater. Overall I had a good experience.

Dale Redmon

An okay place to see a movie. Audience is typically observant of proper movie theater etiquette. Saw a movie in theater number 1 last night. Part of the fabric/curtain that surrounds the screen at the top was hanging down below the screen partially obstructing a small portion of the picture at the top.

Taylor Lyle

Could use a little bit of upgrading. More workers. Overall it is one of my favorite hangouts. :)

Jason Nelson

Fast & friendly service & relatively clean. I had lost my wallet in 1 of the theaters & they searched hard for it & called me back when they found it. Held it for me until the next day. Super relieved. Thanks guys!

Kaitlyn Griffin

Good,not great. But good.

Joshua Kessel

Prices decent, a little high and the theater itself wasn't clean but wasn't to dirty but the service was good.

Diane Williams

Came to first movie of the day, short staffed, bathrooms need total renovation, movie didn’t start on time, and theatre stunk like it had been cleaned with a sour mop

mary davis

Enjoyed Aquaman. Concessions are expensive as are most movie theaters

Damon Young

We took a group of kids to a $5 Tuesday showing of Toy Story 4. The staff was a little overwhelmed with the immediate push on a $5 Tuesday after a big family movie opens, but they got the job done. It wasn't a bad place to see a movie IMO. It's missing a lot of features that modern cinemas have, but it saves you a drive all the way down to Montgomery. I remember going to this theater when it opened 20 years ago. While it may have lost some luster, it feels to me that New Vision is trying to right the ship here.

Lashannon Brown

Nice staff.

Joe Keeney

Went to see Toy Story 4. Enjoyed my time there.

James Wells

Awesome place I would suggest purchase online tickets so you don't have to wait in line

Cora Marsh

This Movie Theater is the Pitts it's old fashioned uncomfortable, overpriced popcorn, candy, water and drinks and unfriendly staff this is first and last visit.

Colin McCammon

About 2-3 times a month, we would go to the movies and we would always have a very pleasant experience! The movie would occasionally get mixed up, but that’s ok with me! They hire very nice people and serve VERY good popcorn! :)

Ricky Rushing

This place has always been my go to theatre for the past 10-15 years but here lately it seems as if they place has been run down a little. Pricing on movie tickets and selection is always fair and decent though. Staff,Well you may get one of the cheerful high school girls who's glad to sell you a ticket because they know you're helping make their paycheck or you may get a college student who doesn't really care about anything but the text message on their phone. The theatre seats are surely outdated and could use a little updating/cleaning. And the lights in the theatre could surely be dimmed a little more when the movie begins. 7/10 would recommend going here.

E Poet

Nice little movie theater. Perfect for the price

Todd Weingeroff

Decent movie theater, prices were normal. Seats were older and overall feels like location needs a refresh and new carpet.

You did What

Alway a great clean place.

Chaunce Luckett

this was my first time their. Awesome movie theater, the sound was incredible for the movie "The Nun". I'll be coming back really soon.

Brittany Briscoe

This theater is going downhill quickly.

Larry Abernathy

Very comfortable seats and excellent sound.

Eric Smith

We weren't told that the air conditioning was out!!

Justin Lasiter

A wonderful matinee viewing!! Really enjoyed ourselves!! Popcorn was 10 bucks but hey its expensive at any theater.

Brad Lee

The theater in which our movie showing was pretty run down. The whole row of seats in front of us were missing their backs and the speakers only worked on the right side of the theater. I believe we were on room 9. Not sure about that or what shape the other rooms are in.

David Frazier

Nice theater, good service, clean, and comfortable seating. Recommend this to see a good movie

alicia lute

The theater had no control of the audience in the movie. it was so loud with teenagers talking and on their phone that the manager came into theater twice to tell the movie goers to stop talking and turn off phones. The theater STILL didn't quiet down, we finally left and got a refund.

Kevin Marion

Nice movie theater but super expensive

Nicole Roper

$5 days are well worth it! We saw toy story 4.

zarreya rich

Alex is really good employee he helped me out a lot

James Henley

This poor place needs a lot of updating and repairs. Still a good theater though. I hope New vision has plans to update this Prattville land mark.

Danny Bolt

What can I say, loved it.

Travis Johnson

Man the movies here show dam good and the seating is nice

Bobby Brown

For a family of 4, we paid$75 to go see Fantastic Beast... The theatre was not cleaned.. One side of it had speakers blown... And good portion of the movie was blurred.... That's a huge amount of money and not even have your basic movie theatre..just be basic.

Aimee Lanford

Theater was cool and comfortable. Staff were great. We also enjoyed seeing "The Met" during the late showing! Great movie!

Amanda Johnston

Have had movie start over half an hour late 3 times. Overpriced for quality, will most likely use Montgomery from here on

Dallas Reese

We really enjoy going here. They have some specials that make it affordable for families, like ours. This theater is aging. Thus, the seats are not new, and it shows some signs of aging. But, this is still a great theater, in a good neighborhood, close to many food options. Highly recommend it!

Kyla Simon

Good popcorn! lol

Tracy Lee

Prices are high but always asz good time.

Danica Satariano

Ok. Had to wait in a long concession line to buy tickets. Screen was damaged on both sides.

Lesia Lee

We had a wonderful experience. Their rewards program makes it so that I can actually afford popcorn and drinks.

Kat is here

Get new movie plz. More dan 5 movie.

Sharifay McIver

Hey, every Tuesday is $5 movie day. The place could use a little upgrading.

Blake Runyan

Go on Tuesdays!! Way cheaper than other week days.

Sonia Horn

Very expensive, $30.00 for one person. It just unreal.

teresa lassitter

My favorite place on 5 Tuesday

tami parten

It's nice, but it's summertime & the AC did not get turned on.. I spoke with manager twice who said they'd turn it on & never did. Sweating profusely kind of put a damper on enjoying the movie. It'll be awhile before we return.

C DeLoach

Theater smells. Now serving Orville popcorn, not a fan due to its blandness. Picture quality was good but the sound could be better.

Rory Young

My wife and I had to leave this theatre midway through a flim when we discovered ants were crawling on us. I would have given a lower rating, but fortunately these ants turned out the be the biting variety.

Peyton Howell

$30 for one ticket, fries, and a drink. They’re understaffed so the line of three people took me 20 minutes to get through. The theater wasn’t ready for seating, the sound didn’t work, the previews wouldn’t load, then the screen went out during the previews. Then the movie started late. A couple had to complain three times before we could watch the movie. Then the movie had to be restarted because they couldn’t fix the screen. Finally, the movies started 30 minutes late. Definitely won’t ever come back to this theater.

William Scott

It was a horrible experience. The theater was so cold everyone in there was miserable. The workers would not do anything to fix it. Dont waste your time or money going there!!!

Samantha Hamilton

We showed up to watch pets 2 at 2:00pm when we arrived we was informed that the showtimes was inaccurate online. This is a on going problem because this is my third time this year with this same problem. And we live an hour away. Just this time it was my kids that got disappointed.

Carrie Zederkof

Almost didn't go due to the reviews--but I'm glad I did. The temperature was perfect inside the theater. A little cold near the concessions stand, but once in side it was great. Not warm but also not chilling cold like a lot of theaters. It was an older theater, but well kept. Very clean--theater seats, butter bar, restroom, and entrance. The people working there were pleasant and helpful. Kids under 4 are free! We'll be going back.

Marisha Garland

It could definitely use some upgrading. The staff is always kind but there's never enough supplies, it's never as clean as it should be and the seats are filthy. Do some upgrades and the business will flow in.

YaBoy Drizzy

It was great I went to go see toy story 4 floors where good and they had a great sever very nice

Zachary Oswalt

Went to see the Avengers Endgame movie. It was a Sunday, the place was a mess. Popcorn all over the floors. The fountain machine did not work correctly, several of the fountain choices were out and not working. When your paying as much as you are for a drink at a movie theater, you expect the machine to work correctly.

Bradley Hood

This used to be the place to go to but as time goes on it declines every year. The place is not clean as it used to be. Speakers are busted in some theatre rooms and the screens are sometimes off-center and too dark. They need to completely revamp the theatre as it is getting too old for modern audiences.

Sarah Anderson

Went to see Annabelle the website said showing at 7:25. Asked for a ticket, the girl at the counter said the last showing was at 4:30. Told her about the website and she said lots of people have had that problem, it must be down. Heard another patron say they had called and we're told there was a 7:25 showing. Not a single apology was uttered for the inconvenience. Theater lobby was not very clean either. Really bad first impression.

shawn zeches

Kinda clean of course food prices are high but I'm not complaining


Only theatre in town. Not sure how they can make a fresh batch of popcorn and it taste stale and cold right away but they've figured out the trick. I got there 40 min early and barely made it through the ticket line and concessions before the movie started.

David Nichols

Clean, quiet and fun. Saw new Fantastic Beast

Erik Warren

Okay movie theater. Better than driving into Montgomery

Darian Silman

Great movie theater in Prattville. Awesome manager named Austin Silman. He makes sure the place is ran like it is suppose too all the way around.

Brenda aBroderick

They allow 1-3 yr old kids in to see an R rated movie as long as they come with someone over 18 years old. The bathroom and the inside of the building smell.

Joe Johnson

They didn't tell us until after we spent 50 dollars on tickets and snacks that the air conditioning in the theater was out, and then we had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a refund.

Charlie Mills

Great theater and great popcorn

Alaina Till Norman

Love these seats and very clean

Diane Stiffler

Clean. The theaters are clean and maintained offering a wide variety of films to enjoy. Children are escorted by parents, the staff is friendly and appear happy to serve. Bathrooms need some more maintenance.

Linda Perdue

Clean, good prices at concession stand


Love the staff and clean restrooms

at the top of jordan games

Michael Pridgeon

The idea of customers getting their own drinks is ludicrous

courtney carswell

My experience tonight sucked! I originally came for a 4:10pm showing of Winchester, only to find out that the site was wrong and they were not showing that movie at all!!! So we had to go to a different movie after the matinee! The room was so hot! And when I said something they did not fix it!! Pouring sweat through the whole movie!

Bambi Molden

Nice theater. Staff fairly friendly. Comfortable seating. Concessions priced too high--even on specials.

Ashley Fain

The air conditioning wasn’t working in the theatre we were in. After complaining to employees they told us it was on and it was just hot because people just came out when their movie ended and we all went in. It was at least 20 degrees hotter in the theatre than in the hallway, I don’t think that’s just from people coming out. Right before the move started an employee came in and propped open the door! Now if the air was in fact on and working, why would they need to do that? Not telling people they are buying a ticket for an almost 3 hour movie with no air conditioning isn’t right.

Joretta Long

Ok I gave 3 stars when they first opened but they get an extra star now because its still the one I go to most and the cleanest. Of course I love Capri but they only show classics and summer kids. All 3 theaters have something I love so New Vision is clean, have beer!!!!! And if they mess up they never hesitate to give you a refund or offer free tickets. I really appreciate that very much. Great managers too!!!

Hammer Man

Pretty nice theater! We were in town foe the day and decided to go check out Captain Marvel. Not bad!

Sharon Hopper

Current movies always available bit prices are too high

Johnny Robinson

Great location. really clean theater. and restrooms.

Johnny Gilmore Jr

LUDACRIS!! 95 Degree weather outside, and they have on CEILING FANS!? Highly disappointed and a bit challenging to watch a movie in a STIFLING STUFFY theater. The outside lobby area cool for staff, while WE AS PATRONS contend with stuffy viewing rooms with occasional bouts of A/C. PATHETIC, considering the OUTRAGEOUSLY ABSURD costs for popcorn and soda, equivalent to a full meal at Applebees.

Mike Tice

Could hear the movie next to us at times.

Curtis Davis

Friendly service and quality sound in theater.

Dru Amos

Aquaman was off the chain with those adortable lion eyes! Enjoyable time with WWP dinner and a movie!

Terry Mims

Had to wait in line at the concession stand to buy tickets because there was no one in the ticket booth out front. Their network was down, so it was cash only. Nobody carries cash anymore. Lucky I had enough. The sound is just ok, just standard. Really needs updating. Price should be less. $12 is too much for that theater.

Ja'Quezs X. Colquitt

The crew treats you like family

carlos DILLARD

Run of the mill movie theater. Long waits at times to purchase tickets. Subpar restrooms. They remodeled a couple years ago and totally forgot the restrooms. Great ticket prices though and nice atmosphere.

Braden Davis

Not only are they very friendly and nice but I lost my keys and wallet tonight and they almost turned the entire place upside down trying to help me as much as they can. All the employees were very friendly and very helpful. The snack and drinks are amazing, fresh popcorn, and always a good selection on movies. They also have discripted auto for people for poor to no vision.

DragonSlayer 0325

Saw toy story 4, great theater

Patricia Escalera

The options at the concession stands are limited and only had two people working the counter while selling tickets as well The lines were wrapped around, almost outside the door.

Busta Capps

This place has gone downhill since it became New Vision. They've taken the human interaction feeling out of the whole ordering experience, and still charge outrageous prices though you now have to fill your own cups in another separate line after waiting through a line already. Tried to charge me $60.00 for 2 tickets, 1 box of candy, 1 large & 1 medium drink, and 1 small popcorn. Yeah right!! I walked right the heck out!

Janelle Hernandez

Clean, nice staff, but expensive concessions. $8.75 for a medium fountain drink. $8.00 for smallest size popcorn. We went on $5 Tuesday for the show.

John Manning

Great place. Mobile app friendly if you like to buy your tickets on Fandango. Their new vision rewards club gives a great benefit if your a frequent visitor. Tuesday night is 5 dollar ticket night as well. A night out with the family doesn't have to break the bank!

Scott Staton

Prices are average for tickets and snacks were also average for a theater (way over priced).

Ashley Marie

My husband and I went last night to watch hustlers , staff was very friendly theatre it self was very clean! No one was using phone during movie nor were they talking! Thank you all for the respect and experience. We'll definitely be back

Jason Jackson

It's a hit or miss here, depending on what room you get because I've been when it's 3D instead of 2D and you have to rush out to get 3D glasses and one of the rooms have bad audio. Also they haven't changed out the coke flavor so it tastes stale.

Tiffany Stutheit

We were spoiled living on the East Coast with upgraded theater seats being the norm. The theater and lobby were clean, but the seats gave me a major back ache half way through the movie. It's an ok place to see new movies, definitely not crowded on a Saturday night, but certainly nothing to be excited over amenity-wise.

Morgan Cramer

Well where to start. The popcorn was old and the extra butter machines weren’t working. It was extremely hot, felt like there was no AC. They started to play the movie in 3D. Had to go tell someone and it took them 10 minutes to change it to the regular avengers movie. Then it kept having glitches. Definitely don’t plan on going back. It was terrible.

Lindsey Musick

Great! Went on a field trip with my sons school.


Managers were sloppy! Workers were lazy! Theater was covered in trash! Very filthy! And very hot! The movie was good but started 10 minutes late! They never even came in and checked on us. They never even used a broom! Everyone was complaining.....nowhere clean to sit!

Michael Murphy

Second time we went to see a movie and had serious issues. Most recent, we went to see Avengers End Game in 3d. Movie started with no sound then nothing then sound but no picture. Staff tried several times to fix but we finally decided to go. We did get our money back after wasting our time.

Jeremy Boyles

This is the worst movie theater I have ever experienced! Online purchase is supposed to make things quicker and easier. It was the exact same process as buying a ticket at th theater and it cost $3 more for convenience fees. Over priced because it’s the only theater in Prattville. Small screens. Horrible surround sound, if you want to call it that. The theater wasn’t cleaned from the last movie so there was popcorn all over the floor. When the movie was over the lights didn’t come up so you could see to get out. Way over priced popcorn and drinks. Will never go to this theater or a New Vision Theater again.

Jim Geiger Music

Place was nice when it opened. It's a joke now. Just ridiculously outdated. Sound quality is abysmal and the screens aren't nearly bright enough. Bathrooms stink like raw sewage, AC rarely works correctly...its either stifling warm or like a freezer in there, the theaters are kinda gross...i have slipped on popcorn oil and tripped over garbage, trying to get to a seat. But ...I went there with my son last week, anyway. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I have to walk with a cane. It is difficult to walk up all those steps, but it's still easier than going all the way to the side of the building and climbing a three-level ramp that takes 2 minutes to get back to the entrance. So ...we get inside and the place is curiously empty (my fault for not noticing the parking lot was also sparse for a friday evening). Well, their computer system was down. They were only taking cash, and they had NO food available except the stale popcorn they made at 2pm. But they're still gonna charge full price? WTF? Then the snarky teenager at the register is gonna question how old my son is? He is tall for his age. I can't help that, but I'm not gonna tote around his birth certificate with me, ok? AN EMPLOYEE OUT AT THE CURB TELLING PEOPLE THE COMPUTERS WERE DOWN, THERE WAS NO FOOD, AND ACCEPTING CASH ONLY WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE, YOU THINK??? There was a small scribbled sign on one door...but not on the door we entered. I never carry that much cash on me, so we left, and I stumbled my handicapped butt back down all those steps and my son and I raced over to the Chantilly theater and enjoyed our movie. I have given this place so many chances, and I can say I have had maybe TWO positive experiences in the decade+ its been open. Shouldnt a positive ecperience be the norm instead of being a surprise? I will not return to the Prattville location again, unless they close it, renovate it, sterilize it, and hire people that care about their jobs.

Dulce Barrios

Good quality but the service could be better

Whorology P.H.D.

I love this theater, it has a small town theater feel, but a big city theater selection and seating area. They do need to repair the slushie machines though.


Service is great love watching movies

Steve Pettry

Everything was good.

Johnny Borders

Went to see Allta in 3D as advertised. It was not 3D.

dionne mata

Theatre was clean, the workers provided great customer servuce

Michael Rushton

Inexpensive to get in but prices were high on popcorn and drinks

Lana Mars

We love movies!

Gwen H

Movie was playing, but there was no picture showing. Theater needs updating

Taylor Proulx

Screen was blurry popcorn was obviously old.

Anita Hudson

Carpet's need to be cleaned. Movie theater has to get better cleanliness and better price.

nathan baxter

Greap people great experience


This theater was good enjoyed my movie and people were busy but quickly taking care of customers.

Shelly Gentry

The staff was very understanding.

Dillon Surles

In dire need of renovation. Its the only one we have so there aren't many options but it seriously needs a good remodel. Projectors and sound are good but the theater itself isn't really the best compared to other state ones I've been to

Landen Owens

They have the best service and the most fun enviorment

Butch Moore

This movie theater is nice and clean. I do recommend that you eat first before going to the movies because the prices of the food is kind of high. Movie quality and sound there is great

leah godwin

Went to see Lion King Sunday. The theater was clean, well staffed, and prices as reasonable as a movie theater can be lol great experience!!

Shawna Taylor

After reading the reviews of this theatre we were unsure of whether to come here or go to another one. I am so glad we came to this one and made our own judgments. The staff was friendly and the temperature and volume was just right. Popcorn tasted great and loved the self serve drinks and butter station. We will definitely be back.

Shag Harris

It's a good theater. They have new projectors but it feels like it needs a renovation. Staff was friendly and the snacks are what you'd expect. Expensive! That's movies for you though. The sound in the theater was pretty good. No complaints.

Chris Tyler

Excellent service and employees were fantastic. Thanks for the great time.

Jeanette Neese

The movie was great! Now the was cold and the movie stopped and had to be restarted....I will still go back, but for what it cost to see a movie, really things could be just a little nicer.

There Goes One

$8.43 for a ticket with military discount. $33 for a family of 4 with 2 kids. Restroom old and dirty, 2 young individuals taking tickets. Male apparently found something funny because he was laughing while they took our tickets. No thanks to all of this. First and last time. Cinema on Vaughan road much better


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