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REVIEWS OF New Vision Theatres Chantilly 13 IN Alabama

Rita Davis

My favorite spot very clean and laid back.


Movie theaters got so expensive

Michael Britton

I caught a movie a few nights ago with my bride. (Beautifully Broken). I think

Quaysean Turner

Great Movie theater. Very clean and workers are friendly. Although, I suggest that, if you plan to purchase food along with your ticket, you bring at least $30 per person.

Mike S

My grandkids think I am great because of you!!!

Reg Brett

This place is new and the atmosphere is great. The service is awesome and the restrooms are clean. Seats are comfortable and clean. We ordered a hotdog and it was great and really big. As you would expect, the concession prices are high.

Justin Weldon

I love this theater, it's always clean when we go, the deals are reasonable, the pop corn is also a great deal for refills. We try to visit once every two months, and im never disappointed.

Jennie Jenkins

Bought the nacho combo and only got one cheese sauce that didn't cover the whole bag.

Susan T

Perfect theater.... the process flows easy... great deals any day of the week. Joined the membership though because you gain rewards. Seats are very comfortable and spacious. Very professional staff

Mrs. Wright

Cool place

Betty Carr Thompson

Excellent but food prices are outrageous!

David Arroyo

While I am trying to remain positive and not compare with theaters in other places, I give this place 2 stars. In a 95F weather day, it was hard to discern what was hotter, outside or in the movie theater. My kids were sweating so much that the younger one walked out like he had jumped on the pool. Additionally, the staff are less than friendly. They act like they are the only game in town and sadly, due to the size of the city....they are!

Lex Brinkman

Clean, large screen, fast service, good food, and they even do specials

Amber Grier

The big D is great!

Angela Pearson

Besides a lil warm in the theater the experience was awesome. It's very clean and the staff was very friendly.

Kim Lingner

We enjoyed the movies here very clean and will be returning for date day again!!


Excellent service and the seats and aisles are always clean!

J'onathan Billingsley

Always a great movie experience

roxanne cumberbatch

Too my kids to see avenger's engame it was great... Clean theatre will go back

Nicholas Kagy

The last few times we've been here, the experience has been less than pleasant. Last time was finally bad enough to write a review. We bought tickets early, but our friends arrived and all three ticket machines in the lobby were broken - forcing them to have to get in the concession line to buy tickets. The theater claims the do reserved seating, but when we got to our seats people were in our seats and defeats the entire purpose of buying tickets early. The drink machines were out of multiple drinks and when we finally got a drink we thought was fine, it ended up tasting terrible. The showing was supposed to start at 7:15, but the screen said "HDMI INPUT" the entire time we waited (Which I might say, if I paid to advertise in a theater and my ads couldn't be seen I'd be furious - don't advertise with New Vision if you're a business owner). The movie started, we could hear it, but still no screen. When we finally did find a manager, after hunting around for 10 minutes they still took 15 minutes to fix it, forcing us to have to enjoy hearing 25 minutes of the movie without seeing it, and then repeating all over. At this point - this theater was supposed to be better than AMC in town but really it's just as bad. They just raised ticket prices, but they haven't improved anything. Companies like this are the reason people embrace stuff like netflix. At a certain point - the experience of a theater stops being enjoyable.

Misha Pookie

I really enjoy this theater. Usually quick lines and seating good. Nice to have a drink if wanted.

Lisa Williams

Service is quick and easy access all around. Clean and employees are kind, mostly.

Brenda McCarthy

Always a pleasure when I visit Chantilly Cinema.

Joyce Curry

Family friendly theatre with quite a few specials if you are a rewards member.

Kevin Taylor

It's the only theater within 30 minutes so it doesn't have to be fantastic to stay in business

lyfes truth

My family and I love this theater... it's ALWAYS clean and the popcorn is fresh!

Betty Morgan

Theater is nice. Sound is so loud it will damage hearing. Put Kleenex in my ears to cut down somewhat. Will bring earplugs next time. Also no one around to ask where the restroom was. Couldn't find it.

Ivan Thomas

This theatre is amazing it will change your entire movie watching experience.

Dalene Godwin

The seats were comfortable. We could see the screen very well. The whole place was clean, and easy to navigate.

Amanda Hardy

Really cool movie theater. It's not your typical box office concessions set up, the concession stand is where you buy your tickets. It is stadium seating but fairly roomy. Employees were friendly and the presence of management is very noticeable.

John Jackson

Very good!

Stella Wright-McCall

Great date night location

Alexander Daniels

Movie time is always good for the soul

Chelesa Timmons

It's ridiculously over priced

Michael Hunt

30 great time movie theater was clean and the popcorn was fresh


Best theater to go to in Montgomery. Beer and wine are cheaper than coke.

Pamela Pruett

New release of a movie and we went at 3 not many people that were there good time to go

Joshua Whitson

Ticket prices are average with other theaters. Food while tasty was over priced and you have to fill your own drinks and take your popcorn bag to another station to get it filled. At almost 7 bucks a drink they could fill it for you. Son got a hotdog fries and a drink. We were charged 17 bucks. Sadly the maqui said 11.99. After they were called out they refunded the price difference of each item to the price on the marqui. The theater itself was very clean and the temperature was great not too cold like most theaters. We were in the older movie theater. For the size of the room the screen was huge and the picture itself was great. The seats in this one were average. ( the theater we have been going to has reclining seats. Keep that in mind) they were a bit narrow if both arm rests were in the down position. I was able to sit comfortably though. I did not get to go to their main screen room. It is 3 stories tall and just overly massive. I do want to see a movie on it. May wait for star wars movie this Christmas season. I dont know. Over all the place is nice but a bit to expensive for me.

Tina Mays

Wonderful staff. Very friendly and accomodating.

Jackie Sexton

Went to see creed 2..always a good place to go see a movie

Jeannette Whetstone

I went to see Nobody's Fool. It was great! The staff was friendly and courteous.

Nathan ?

Went opening night for Endgame and had three nasty ladies behind me commentating the whole movie. At several points I couldn't even hear the movie. Good theater but the people in the town are trashy AF, don't go to anything opening night here.

john carter

I had a great time & the staff is kind & freindly.

Brian Moore

Not bad, it was clean, the seats somewhat recline as well.

E Poet

Comfortable seats, open location, clean, great sound and picture

Eric Visger

Nice theater. Friendly staff.

Ralph Griffith

Technically a top notch theater; very comfortable reclining seating, top notch sound systems, easy access and good parking -- what's not to like? First time here, will definitely be back.

Whitney Benson

Lovely place



Beth Williams

I came to this Theatre (tonight) on a Saturday night for the last showing of the night. There's plenty of parking, I walked right in only a few people in front of me, the line went fast, the cashier was friendly - I grabbed my tickets & snacks & was off to see the show. The theatre wasn't busy, I found a seat. The seats are comfortable enough. They aren't recliners but they weren't at all uncomfortable. I had plenty of leg room. I enjoyed this theatre & the show. I suggest you join the rewards or membership even if you don't live around here like me - why not it's free & you get free upgrades & earn points right away. PS. I didn't not use the restroom so I have no comment on that.

Brad Lee

Watched Aquaman in 3-D.

Mckinnon Hammonds

Quality establishment, always felt like I was being treated well. A little more expensive then some but the convenience and comfort made the few dollars worth it for me as the seats are very confortable

Jeremy Michael Henley

Far too expensive on the drinks and snacks. One Mike's Hard Lemonade cost 7.95.

Krista Murphy

LIL BUD and myself love us a morning trip to movies. To spend that one on one time together. Made it a part of the weekly schedule. Five dollar Tuesday. And the reward points. Can't get much better.

Jacob Jones

Nice place to see a movie

R. Smith

Clean theaters with many perks. Serves beer.

Luke Harrison

This is a great theater. Amazing seats and the movie quality is awesome! The lines are never to bad, but I think more ticket-masters/cashiers should be at the registers to quicken the pace of entry.

Mea Casby

Chantilly may charge a lot, but what you get is what you pay for. The lounge chairs are comfortable and you can lay back in them and really relax. It isnt a bunch of talking or anything and the theatre was very clean also. They also have a great variety of food drinks, and candies. I was very much impressed and will definitely come again.

Ramonia Hunter

I enjoyed Angel has fallen! It's a great action movie. Staff great

Mary Nettles

Awesome services

Jordan Clark

A nice theater in general. It was very well secured by a pair of Montgomery sheriff deputies patrolling in and out of the theater. Nice comfortable rocking chairs were on the theater room I visited and I was told that they have a theater with power recliners. The audio and video quality we're great and it was easy getting through confessions before the movie.

Mz. T. McKitt

Movie experience was good. Very enjoyable!

John McLeod

Currently the best theater in Montgomery


They're a bit expensive. And just my personal opinion, I hate those coke machines with all the random flavors. Their icees tasted weird too. Movie quality was fine, probably as good as most places. Seats were comfortable. Theater was a bit cold. Decently clean. Nice employees. Probably won't go back just because I didn't care for the concession stand and prices. Average place, nothing impressive.

Jonathan Ponder

Very good place to watch movies!! Great seating arrangement and courteous staff in concessions and hostess!!

Constance Burke

Nice art deco outside, very comfortable seats and multiple options for food and drinks. A large selection of drinks, including a few mild alcoholic beer and wine are available. Of the two movie theaters in Montgomery, this is my favorite.

Christopher Dodd

Best movie theatre we've ever been to. Counting those at home.

kimberly lara

A great place to relax and enjoy the movie.

Carol Roberts

Whenever a new movie theater opens in Montgomery it's the biggest and the best until it starts going downhill, and then another new one opens. Chantilly 13 is the newest complex in Montgomery and for the moment it's still the best. We like that it offers food beyond just popcorn and things like refillable Icees. You also get to butter your own popcorn, so no more dry kernels. The theaters all seem nice, but we prefer to spend the extra $2 to see our movies in the Big D theater. This is the theater directly behind the lobby and it's worth every penny for the upgrade. The seats are leathery and comfortable and the theater is enormous. If you go, treat yourself to this experience.

C DeLoach

Best theater we have in the tricounty area but that's not saying much.

Nelson Hobbs

This theater is clean, with lots of space and very well sized screens. The employees are a hit or miss. We went today, and they all seemed new. One of the employees in particular was very snippy and had an attitude. Once we finally got into the theater for a 3D movie, the screen wasn't working and the whole screen was still blurry with the 3D glasses on. We went and told the employees, and they sent people in to fix it and told us they would restart the movie because we missed the whole beginning. They fixed the screen and it looked great, but they never restarted the movie. The whole time we were trying to patch together the whole movie to the beginning without having any idea of what happened in the beginning of the movie. The theater's nice, and we will definitely give it another chance, but be warned. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not.

Michael King

Clean comfortable theatre, concessions a little high, but they have beer and wine available.

Robert Byers

Definitely the best theater in the Montgomery area, especially with the BigD theater screen, which is easily worth the couple dollars more than the standard ticket price. I haven't even thought about trying out any other theaters in town since I first used this one just because of that major bonus over the other theaters

Warren Maurer

The theater is nice and new, but the seats are uncomfortable. While I'm certainly not skinny, I generally dont have any trouble fitting in seats at a movie theater. At this particular one they are as narrow as airplane seats.

Jay Green

I enjoy bringing my husband, kids and myself to watch movies at New Vision Theater. Very nice atmosphere and staff workers are nice.

Samantha Walker

Clean theater. Decent service.

Shane Moseley

3d movie suchs

SP Terry J Sayles Sr.

First time to a movie theater in a while. I really enjoyed myself having the wife with me made it even better.

Lance Smith

Best theatre ever they had the wrong times listed so they played it for us anyways and let us in a private room to watch it wow what amazing customer service and the Aladdin movie was AWESOME !!!!!

Sipho tchala

Was a good crying baby in an adult movie . I mention it to staff they didn't talk to the parents. 45 mins later after someone cussed at the parents they left. Movie theater did nothing

Ronald Johnson

We saw Glass a great suspenseful drama. Not scary.

Sharica Johnson

Hobbs and Shaw,, Amazing

Laesha Lamb

The movie "Ma" was totally entertaining! My experience there was great. Quality of movie was good and the size of the theater us huge!

Patty Frazier

I'm old school lol I really was expecting everything to be like back 20+/- years ago. BUT....I and my family enjoyed our selves tonight

Andrea McMeans

Love the upgrade and the seats are so comfortable but there was this knocking sound through the entire movie

Matthew Hawkins

Nice theater, no assigned seats for the regular movies, concessions pretty standard. Offers early movies, so that's nice.

Jessica Joyner

The only good theatre left in town. Assigned seats are stupid! I love popcorn and cherry soda.

Robert Tatum

First rate theatre. First class all the way. Everything you need is here to make your movie night out the very best experience you could wish for

Peter Van Cleve

It was ok. Nothing spectacular.

Curtis Everitt

I was in town on business near this location. My hotel was literally 2 minutes away. The convenience of location was wonderful and I really enjoyed the titles that I saw there. I believe that I went two times during my stay because it was such a nice theater. I recall watching Game Night and Fifty Shades Freed.

Bryan Carter

Expensive. Reserved Seating. Average Management. Slow Ticket Lines. Updated Review: It's nice to hear that the reserved seating has been lifted. I have increased my rating and will revisit your location again in the future.

Al Taylor

Movie setting was good, just very cold in theater.

Marcus Pegues

A bit of a wide setup with the food and popcorn being on different sides but it was clean and the staff were really nice and very friendly!

Billy Neese

This is our favorite move location with roomy seats.

Karson Liles

Saw endgame in the big D. Truly an experience

Patty Barber

Cleaner than most other theaters.

Cindy Robinson

It was awesome we really enjoy it alot great movie it was awesome

Terry Chilton

Clean, well run facility. They offer alcohol at concessions. Managers were very polite young men & seemed eager to please. AV quality is excellent. Seats very comfortable & well arranged.

Lord Strangewood

Needs more work on theater

Megan McCulley

Big soda machines with almost any flavor regular and diet, but NO DR PEPPER! Mr. Pibb is not a substitute for Dr. Pepper lovers!

Laquanda Haigler

It's very clean

Emily Jenkins

Very clean theater. Friendly staff!

S Thomas

It was very empty for a Saturday night. Really sad. I will also say the snack pricea are outrageous. And the cups suck, halfway through the movie the bottom of pur cups fell out and we got covered in drink, and no way to get a refill as they were already closed down. We wont go back to this dump.

Jason Saunders

Nice and clean. Didn't try the Big D, but would in the future. The staff could be more courteous though.

Gary Jones

This is typically my "home" theater. After we got used to the ticketing and concessions process, this became the norm in our minds. Bathrooms are clean and property is safe. I am writing to explain why our theater lost 2 stars. -- My family of 5 attended a 6:30 pm weekend showing of Aladdin (movie was about 2 weeks in theaters at the time). My children are 6, 4 and 2. After about 15 minutes of the movie, my 2 year old became bored and got fussy. My wife and I started taking turns with her walking/standing in the tunnel. She cried a time or two there and when we attempted to return to our seats. At about 30 minutes into our show, an employee (presumably a manager) approached my wife and let her know that there had been a complaint and that she needed to leave the theater. No form of compensation was offered. For the remainder of the movie, she sat with my 2 year old on the bench outside the theater. She was obviously dejected, embarrassed and angry. This week, I asked if she wanted to make plans to see Toy Story 4. She responded that we wouldn't go back until the girls are older. The message from management is that you shouldn't bring your children to see movies such as Aladdin or Toy Story if there is a chance that your children might cry or be disruptive. That's right; Don't come to our theater; Stay home; Save your money and buy these movies on iTunes. Is that a good message to families? Good for your business? Ideally they would have: 1) Offered to move one or the other family. We would have moved. That would have been preferable to having part of the family removed from the theater. 2) Offered to refund our tickets. Doesn't hurt the theater. They make their money on our large popcorn and large drink. I suppose that my Vision Club Rewards program will be dormant for a while. -2 stars for poor management of a manageable situation.

Antonia Rodden

Awesome theater and decent prices

van thomason

Great movie theater. Dont like the new reserved seating they have started doing but other than that I have no other complaints.

Lenny Lee

It's state of the arts and very comfortable seating. I enjoyed the experience.

ClassyLady MsBoss is 100% SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL

I’m always happy when my Mini Me is smiling. We had a family night out, and she enjoyed her time with her Parents.

Angela B

Very clean and nice staff

Janet Dekle

The manager Gray Tuley is great....thank u again

Roman Dupre

Good service. clean place

Kamala Coleman

Workers are nice and the atmosphere is great.

Alexis Canty

A very clean theater.

Mitzi Bennett

The place was pretty good, the seats lean back a little bit. They sell beers! (Whoop whoop!) The tickets are HIGH PRICED compared to the other theaters in town and they didnt have the AC on, but other than that it was good.

Connie Duncan-Norrell

Clean facility, friendly employee.

Hayle Storm

I love this theater. Big D is worth it alone. The food is pricey just like any other theater. However I refuse to watch superhero movies anywhere else.

Isiah Taylor

Just went with my friends, good experience bit their prices are higghhhhhh. Bit on the plus they sell alcohol!!!

Larita Powell

My favorite place 2 go watch movies.

Carole Hutson

The theatre is very nice, however their movie admission is very high. Much too high compared to AMC.


Very nice theatre

Sean Sharpton

Always clean, always friendly, popcorn always fresh

Cynthia Ferguson

Clean facility love the atmosphere

Michael Johnson

Saw a recent post by what I am guessing is an ex or current employee at this theater and thought they must not know the managers and staff there well. I worked there recently and left due to school and they were great. Clean by far and worker with my schedule. Movie prices are high, but I learned that that is how they paid us with popcorn sale and not tickets, crazy but true. There are alot of lazy people in our area Unfortunately and they make those of us who want to earn our pay, look bad, all they want to do is come is smelling of that 420 and complain...sad. good place and big deal is cool.

Jabril Williams

I love the theater but the company would not uphold agreements placed on their website after their acquisition. I had a annual bucket for the previous year and the website stated that they would honor it, but even showing that to employees and management in the building they still refused even with it in black and white on the website. The staff was not rude or mean but that was a horrible example of customer service.

Melissa Krumm

Nice place, big theater, but concessions was VERY expensive!

Jeremy Peters

Awesome as always!!

Barbara Eaves

Friendly staff and always very clean.

Gretchen Boyington

This was my original review that I had posted but I inadvertently deleted it when trying to write an update.... Please school down to see update. We ordered our tickets on April 5, 2019 for this showing of Endgame through Fandango. Our show time was April 26th at 10pm. We chose to watch it in the Big D theater at New Vision Chantilly 13 in Montgomery AL since it had reserved seating. We showed up to the movie an hour before the showtime to see signs posted stating that reserved seating would not be enforced. Also the theater advertised a refillable popcorn and drink combo. They were out of the cups so they still charged us for the combo but gave us a regular standard cup. To say we were dissatisfied with the service and business practices of this theater is an understatement. If it's not enforced then don't advertise it. I have since updated the stars from 2 to 4. I reached out to the theater and received a very timely and apologetic response from the Operations Manager. He offered to rectify the issues that we had during our visit. We will be attending this location when John Wick 3 comes out. Thank you again for a timely response to our concerns.

Mike Russ

Garbage. Bought tickets for a movie online that started at a specific time, it's been ten minutes and not even the previews have started. The screen isn't even on.

Viola Jackson

Great staff and quiet atmosphere.

Matthew Smith

We just saw the movie "Like Arrows". The movie was great, but unfortunately the same can not be said for the management of this theater. Before the movie started I spoke to the manager, as did other patrons, about the temperature of the theater. The manager said the air must have been off earlier and he hoped that it had not frozen up. He said he would check on it again and move the showing to another theater if necessary. The show was scheduled to begin at 7:00, but the lights were still on and the screen black until 7:16. I guess it is acceptable for patrons to wait an extra quarter of an hour to watch a movie in an 80+ degree theater, because that is what we did. In contrast, the hallway and lobby were cool and comfortable. The theater never cooled down. After the movie we complained again and the manager really did not seem to care. He said we could not get a refund because we saw the whole movie. It is of note that we did not ask for a refund, and endured the heat because this was the last night of a two night showing that we really wanted to see. It was a small crowd of maybe 15 patrons, so I guess the manager was not too concerned that we all paid $13.75 each for a ticket to literally sweat through the show. He did offer to give my wife and me a voucher for a large drink, which we declined; after this experience, I have no desire to spend $27.50 for two tickets to claim my "free" drink.

Omari Callo

Great movie theater but I have a question Can you see a PG-13 movie at 17years old with valid ID.

Joe Gerard

The people behind the desk who give out tickets and purchase food from are generally on the "don't care" side but they get the job done. The prices are absolutely terrible and rotten for those who just want a small popcorn and small drink with their movie. You're looking at more than 25 dollars or so for just a small popcorn, drink, and movie. It shouldn't require a fortune just to watch a movie with food in a cinema.

Nina P

Great place. Clean theaters, temperature is good, and customer service is appreciated. Best theater in town!

Kirk Martin

Getting your food takes far too long. I understand the employees are dealing with a lot of orders, but the food has to be faster. I went out to get food an hour before my movie and I barely made it back before the movie started. Have more cooks, have food ready and hot.

Suzanne Burns

Love the seats, very comfortable, especially in the Big D. Very clean, this is always our first choice.

Renée M. Beavers

Nice theater clean and great customer service.

Butterfly Diva

Amazed you can buy a beer at the movies. They have great customer service and the seating is awesome, just as good as your recliner at home.

RT 392

Enjoyed the movie theater big nice open with lots of seating, popcorn was excellent and everything was clean


I came here for a 9:30 viewing of the new avengers movie. We got here about 9:20 and the doors were locked. When we called to ask when they open they said they open at 10 and they are not allowing us in to watch the 9:30 movie. We told them it was on their website and they just argued with us the entire time, completely ignoring what their own website said. Me and multiple other people that came for that showing had to just wait outside for them to come do their jobs.

Cliff Harker

I love the big D. One of the best sound systems around comfy seats you can even put the arm rest up in case you want to cuddle with your sweety during the movie!

chloe k

Edit 6/21/19: Saw Toy Story 4!! Such a wonderful film!!! Also this time the yogurt machine had a raspberry pomegranate sorbet available so I treated myself to one and it was so sweet and tart! Love having been able to enjoy some, 5 stars from me ☺️ Saw "Us." Great movie! Hadn't been there in a while; they now have a Skittles machine and a frozen yogurt machine. Fro-yo was $7/cup and had 3 flavors to choose from (vanilla, cookies 'n' cream, or the 2 blended) plus a few topping choices. 4 stars only because fro-yo flavors were dairy (I am lactose intolerant) so was disappointed I couldn't enjoy lol.

Jill g

Friendly staff and clean theater... best in town.

Rebecca Scott

First movie out in 8 years (don't judge) and it was a wonderful outing. Polite employees and really good concessions.

Chris Tyler

Great movie facilities

Travis King

Always a pleasure to see a movie here. The family had a great time!

Thomas Johns

I love it. It just the prices are high


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