5905 University Dr, Huntsville, AL 35806 Located in: Touchstar Cinemas Madison Square

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Lynette Cobb

Our favorite theater by far!

Sun hickman

Mike Giles

We love this theater. Low ticket prices, great comfortable seats. Concession stand is well stocked and the employees are friendly. It's a hidden gem of a theater.

Lc Williams

Seriously,over priced on food and drinks. Who pays $7 for a icee..

Kayla Bordner

Worst customer service you can get from the theaters in Huntsville! We arrived 30 mins before the movie started and continued to waited for concessions 15 mins after the movie started. The line was extremely backed up and they only had three registers going. Now let me get into the employees. No sense of urgency each person drags there feet like it’s a burden to be there doing their job. They give the clear impression that this is just a show up for the paycheck deal. When I finally was able to order my food and drinks, the employee was distant and rude. She put two large drinks, one small drink , one large popcorn, and one small pop corn (after spilling it on me ) in front of just me expecting me to carry all this in my hands. I had to ask for a tray to carry it all. The employee sighed and said yeah sure let me go get that. The theater itself was no better, being a family of three we bought three seats, only two reclined. The chair table was broken as well. The movie was as expected nothing bad about the projection. From now on however I would rather pay the extra money to go to bridge street where I know the service is great and the chairs work every time.

Vetri Maran

The seats in this place are so comfortable. One of the best theaters in Huntsville

najai stewart

Simply wonderful


I definitely wouldn't bring a date here, it's way too messy and screams I'm Broke.

James Tate

josh piskin

Scott Nunley

It was awesome.

white white

Jesse Rigsby



Great parking lot. I have not gone inside yet. It's not as fun going to the movies by yourself.

S Fury

Love the chairs and the updates they did, however their rewards program sucks. When you get a free ticket you have to go to the concessions stand to redeem it, by that time you may not get a good seat. Since I have a family of 5, I buy online so I can pick my seats.


Dathan Ballard

Very nice. And on Tuesdays they have a 5 to 7 dollar deal.

Bianca P.

Steve Whisenant

good prices and very comfortable seats. the small screens keep me from giving it 5 stars.

Timothy Brown

Jeremiah Irvin

Chandra Woods

Chris Hunsberger

Low prices, amazing auto-reclining seats, best theater in Huntsville for regular movies. If it's a big action flick, probably better off at valley bend.

J Kindred

My family and I love this movie theater. The staff are always welcoming and well informed. The prices are the best in town. Due to physical ailments and disabilities in my family this is one of the few theaters where we can all be comfortable enough to sit through an entire movie. Thank you Madison Square 12 for working so hard. You are doing an excellent job!

denys martin

Robert Jeter

Enjoyed the seats and watching The Black Panther movie

Andre Johnson

Kayla Connor

hakima davis

Love everything about it

Rhyan Burrell

Red Wins

Brittany Hudson

Love the updates, staff friendly, very clean

MeOhMaya Squad

Steve Woodard


Welcoming staff and great seats that fully recline!

Brigitte Frankl

David Adelman

Concession is high, tickets are below what you would expect for recliner/table seating

Cool KID

Tiffany Bingham

I will never go to another movie theater!

Daniel Huck

Stephen Payne


This place is a great experience for the price.

No More Dirty, Inc.

Tigol Bitties

Seats are awesome. Go on Tuesday for $5.

Daniel Coblentz

LaBreeska Crowe

I have visited twice and I have enjoyed it every time. The staff has been kind and I haven't had any trouble with getting my ticket and seats. The place was VERY clean and lived up to my expectations. The seats are comfortable. It has overall has a great atmosphere.

Vivienne Allen

Great prices and comfortable seats. Almost never super busy.

Alisa Brewer

Gracie Banks

Robert Kemper

Individual recliners. Food delivered to your seat. Great sounds and awesome video. Best theater in the county by far. Leaving is a bit of a problem at the moment but once the rest of the construction is done even that will be great. Our absolute favorite theater!

othella grandison


James Reece

Leave the ketchup packets out of your picture of establishment glared the ketchup packets of the window of your dirty vehicle

Nick Tucker

I love this Cinema but if you have glasses or eye problems the LEDs inside of the cup holders will drive you insane.

Tiffany Blade

Grind Fist

Seats are awesome. That's it. A/C is too loud. Roof leaks after rain. Good experience. Not great.

Aidan Clark

Sally Wise

Excellent chairs

J.J. Miller

Rose Dagger

Salina Campbell

NoK Wolf

It's ok I guess. We prepaid for many seats including a drink and popcorn wouldn't swap for nachos despite being cheaper

Mark Moore

The remodeled theatres are roomy and amazingly comfortable. The recliners are great

shiva naren

love. always

Kavitha Nalluri

Taylor Moore

Jennifer Fox

The only movie theater I will and I watch movie 1 to 2 times a week.

Bobbie Payne

Austin Butler

The seats lived up extremely well to expectations. Will definitely go again.

kerry scott

Great theatre.

Christina Chancellor

Nice reclining chairs and decently updated theaters! I love it. I prefer it to the Monaco for sure.

Nesse Nichols

They have day beds now

Mary Fox

Love that you have recliners in the theater,and makes you feel like you're at home in your own recliner.

Walker Garrett

Great seats and not packed in together like sardines. The price was good considering the experience compared to average theater.

Leonist Flowers

Wonderful experience

Akasha Jefferson

Loved it ❣️

Lacey Tompkins

The best theater in Huntsville!

Wayne Phillips

OMG. The reclining chairs!

Alicia G

mary fugatt

Love the chairs and the rose the prices are great

Derek Hollis

JD Thorne

Incredibly comfortable seats. They keep it too cold, though,

Garrett Rhodes

You should spend your local money on THIS locally owned cinema!

Cathy Zimmerman


The biggest issue can't be resolved by the theater. It's just a flawed design. We just won't sit on the front row again. The design only allows one way to upper row seats and that requires everyone traipsing in front of you everytime they come and go, it's annoying as hell.

Henry Lemley

Spacious and comfortable. What a concept. The airline industry could learn a thing or two. Yes, #AmericanAirlines I'm looking at you.

Joshua Lasseigne

Reclining seats

Km Barden

Nice seats, good price, parking around theater, in theater food service with more extensive menu than most, food was decent

J Jpccrafter

Great seats love it 10/10


Roderick Howell

Quick friendly service and comfortability

Ashlyn Hollander

Christie Hipps

Stormii Calloway

Cory Newman

Awesome place great new seating. I will go back here from now on.

Venice Sanders

Johnny Roscoe

Love the reclining chairs and the comfort of watching movies with lots of room in a brand new theater


This is my favorite local theatre. The outside appearance is dated, but the inside is completely renovated. The seating reclines fully and is very comfortable.

Matt James

Sabrina Boswell

Duane Middleton

Joette Loveless

Clean and helpful staff. However fountain drink ie Sprite was really bad, line to long to take back

pinwei Wu

Ailsa Dean

I love the comfortable chairs

T. Coleman

Janell Grotjahn

Good clean establishment

danarah carrera

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy buena

Jauhar Farid

Love the comfy recliners and clean theaters. Not to bad on price either.

Sabas Ck

Loved the seats

Julie Blair

Excellent food and service. I had an avocado burger. Yum. Amazing chairs

Marvin King

Trish Hill

Very comfortable seats.

Philip Ellis

VERY friendly people working there, makes you feel welcome. The ticket takers are always smiling, greet you, and point you to your theater. Concession folks seem happy to actually be working there. It is NOT staffed by a bunch of minimum wage kids who are just counting the hours to get out of there. Very refreshing

Dimbus Maximus

Barbara Massey

Vassar Palmer


Alex White

Good eats, nice seats, polite staff, great sound systems! Love watching movies here!

Brittni Simms

I love the seats and the workers are very polite.

William Dowdy

Had a great relaxing time. Can't wait to go back!

Crafty Wolverine


Wonderful renovation!!! Great service.

Eddie S

Shawker 71

Great theater. The seats are the best in town. They even serve hot food thay is brought right to your seat.



Seats are comfy and the food not bad. The counter staff serving food and seats is a little slow and not exactly customer friendly. We picked our seats and she shifted them over one to free up one more seat. I wanted the seats I picked and she did it without admitting to it. Good facility but staff needs some help.

James Lanza

Nena Dillard

Comfy seats and cheap eats! Fave theater

Jacob Cary

Zigi Onye

The theater is amazing for the price and the staff is very friendly.

Lee Ann Bragg

Been twice lately & so clean, comfortable & reasonable prices!

Lilia Lopez

Renee HUNT

I love this place, better pricing on the seats and food. I love having my own reclining space. Ordering seats on line is super simple.

Queen Anxiety

Went to go see a movie ended up paying to take a nap

Melanie DiVincenzo

Extremely comfortable chairs that adjust to your comfort during your flick!

Ronni Baehne

Two words: reclining chairs

Katie Cline

Malko Vexsur

Amazing service and seating. I just wish they didn't allow babies.


This theatre actually has recliners, instead of normal seats. I've not had any issues with any viewing experience here.

babyalien 2


What a family night at the movies should be! Great prices on tickets and concessions! They've got big roomy reclining seats, little individual pillows and tables to put your munchies on! Everything was clean and well kept, as well. No trash or sticky floors here! The sound was really good and the picture quality was nice and sharp. Really an overall great experience seeing a movie there. We'll definitely be going back!

karen Logan

Very nice atmosphere and comfortable sits.

Matt Ball

Great place to watch movies

Burnice Sanders

Gary Watkins

Great place to watch a movie for all of the family

Dave Evans

We love going to this theater!! Very friendly and efficient.

Deric Landers

My go to theater.

Dustin Hunt

Very nice.

Brooke Bradshaw

It's a nice clean theatre and I love the seats. My 2 year old sat through the whole movie and I attribute it to having reclining seats. Next time well get the love seat though! Big enough for 2 adults and our daughter between us.

Lakisha Hardin


shawn pittman

great movie theater one of the best if u ask me

MaRiVi Egde

(Translated by Google) Happy to go every weekend, its very comfortable seats, never to love you from this place is fantastic! (Original) Felices de ir cada fin de semana , sus butacas muy confortables , no querrasirte nunca de este lugar es fantastico!

Christian Hall

If you wish to come here, be warned: do not follow the directions on Google Maps. It routed me to go through a construction site instead of a road. On top of that, the dirt road used by the workers was muddy from the rain and covered with rocks and boulders. Now about the theater itself. It only has one redeeming quality to it, and that is the reclining seats. But this is it. The bathrooms are all automatic, and so it leads to the toilets and urinals not being flushed most of the time. Oddly, there's a mouthwash machine in there too, as well as no paper towel dispenser, only hand dryers, which cause your hands to have more germs than having not washed your hands (look it up). The theater looks like someone's home cinema. The screen is okay, and the sound can be ear piercing at times. Overall, you're better off at another theater, this one just isn't worth it.


Nice theater with reclining leather seats and cheaper than most theaters around it

Colleen Dakan

Grant Hill


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