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REVIEWS OF Cobb Hollywood 16 & IMAX IN Alabama

Cassidy Ferguson

Great movie experience and great service

Amanda Atchenson

They need to do some maintenance on the place. Several of their seats seem to need to be repaired. It's pretty sad with it being the only theater in town, especially considering that there are always movies I would like to see that either don't have very many showtimes, or they don't keep them longer than 2 or 3 weeks. Also it really doesn't make sense being the only theater as big as Tuscaloosa is.

JMichael Taylor

Usually clean. Movie concessions are outrageously expensive. Movies are already expensive as it is. We only go when we want to treat ourselves. No frequent visits anymore! This place has IMAX and interactive seating experiences. That's nice....if you can afford it.

Joseph Williamson

Been to a ton of movie theaters, this one is always clean, the food service is always quick, and the theater itself is a pleasant experience.

Davis Steven

The place is nice and newish still but the seats are horribly uncomfortable. Both me and my girlfriend wanted to get up and walk around just to get a break from those awful seats. Maybe thier worn out or thier just trying to get you to buy the upgraded seats, i dont know. Either way it would be a higher rating if i didnt have back pains from the seats


Very clean. I actually saw 3 staff members cleaning the walls as i was leaving. Very impressive. Great management. Theatre was great.

Candace Little

Great facility. Be sure to ask about purchasing your ticket for the red seats. The vbox seats; I think that is what they are called. They are higher up and have special effects.

Paul Jarnagin

Only theater in town, but it's showing its age. Needs a good cleaning and repairs should be moved up their to do list.

Teresa Smith

Nice theater, fairly comfortable, and clean. The sound was almost ridiculously high, though. The staff was very polite and nice. I was surprised how well the young man at the ticket counter managed to maneuver the question of whether I was entitled to a senior discount. I am a ways from that, and might have been one of those sensative women, but he was so polite and matter-of-fact about it that it was not at all insulting. Nice place to while away an afternoon.

Terry Duncan

My kids and I have always had a great time and good experience here.


Great place to take in your favorite movie. Good sound, comfy seats. Lots of restrooms. Snacks and beverages available. Senior day. . Tuesdays!

Rebecca Jones

Over price food but great customer service. Especially the young woman, Laura, who rips our ticket that morning. I spoken to her on several occasions. She always has a smile and something nice to say. Wish there was more customer server like her.

Elizabeth Williams

Why does this place not have a bar? I have been to so many theaters close to Atlanta that was owned by Cobb and a theater in California that had a full bar. I will never come back to this place unless you get a full bar like the rest of the classy theaters. Look it up. I want a beer while watching a movie.

Kevin McDonald

Very nice theater complex as a whole. Management might want to have their maintenance crew check the air conditioning in theater #12. At these prices there’s no excuse whatsoever for your customers sweating while watching a movie.

Philip Galaznik

Consessions are horrible!! Can't read menu. No idea how big the sizes actually are. No butter offered with popcorn. Bathrooms stink. Go somewhere else!!!

Matt Cory

Worst experience I have ever had at a theater. People constantly talking and hitting on chairs. In here currently it’s also got to happen on the longest avengers movie

d Pritchett

This is our only local theater now. It is very nice, lots of open space, reclining seats, including d-box.

Trisha Hubbard67

My friend and I enjoyed the movie, Downton Abbey. Nice staff. Clean restroom.

Erika Gilliam

Always a great selection of movies to pick from. It's perfect for a night as a family, a night with friends, or even a date night. Their prices are average with other theaters and they have a large selection at the concessions. You can pick from a small snack to something more filling and even take care of your sweet tooth and drink needs! Anytime that I have ever been, it has always been clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful.

maria moore

Nice staff. Clean theater. Normal priced

Eula Das

Excellent movie theatre! Tuscaloosa rates with larger cities in comfort and variety.

Robert Bradford

It’s a nice theatre but it seems like every time you go to the concession they have 15 registers but only 2 open. For example last night I saw the avengers end game and they have 4 open but the lines were so long people were waiting outside. All I wanted was a drink, so I waiting 45mins and missed the first 15 mins of the movie. Cool

Gail Lessard

Really nice theater. Haven't updated seats to recliners yet. Good service and decent price.

Christopher Laha

Sunday and Wednesday plays of old movies is the best thing ever.

Phoenixfire &Phoenixfire74

It's great for movies. Actually it's the only movie theaters in Tuscaloosa. They are usually clean and don't have a smell like the old ones did. There is also a good selection of arcade games to play. But the prices they charge are entirely to high. For everything. Food, movies, games. Everything is so expensive that it makes going to the movies a bit out of budget for people living paycheck to paycheck.

Wil Bowman

Clean and professionally staffed. Plenty of parking, and easy to get in and out.

Darryl Lovell

Rambo: Last Blood was awesome!

Daysha Lawrence

Visiting from out of town. Nice theater. We were in the IMAX theater. It was clean, sound was nice. The seats were uncomfortable.

Janie Missouri

I liked the movie. Food is too expensive

Antonio Davis

Great theater and very polite employees

Julia Banks

Took 6 kids. Had a great time.

Viphax X

If I could give this a zero I I went and saw “once upon a time in Hollywood” got there and the box office was nice I go in the theater and I see a group of African Americans hanging out with a line of people beside two registers so I decided to skip the popcorn I got to have my ticket ripped and I see a Caucasian male with a knee brace of lipping around trying his best to clean up what I guess was water or some liquid with two workers right there talking...not offering to help this poor guy instead of helping him the order him that he missed a spot I do believe one was a manger cause she was wearing a was sad to watch...during the movie a worker came in got on her phone and was watching a movie before leaving then after the movie I saw her working in the concessions I don’t know what’s going on in that place but my experience was terrible

Angela Johnson

Too expensive but only movie theater close

Aquarius Sullivan

Very good picture and sound, but a little too costly on the popcorn and snacks

Tonna Saunders

IMAX is great, the movies are played well, but the seats hurt after a bit, and the food/drinks are outrageously priced. I'm diabetic so I just wanted a bottle of water for me and a friend. It was 13 dollars for 2 bottles of water.

Vonda Diveley

OMG best Seats ever. I had back and knee surgery seats are so comfortable

c rivers

Friendly, unesscessary small-talk

Kayla Simspon

Y’all go a good job at the movies keep up the good work. I love coming here people are so helpful there I really appreciate that!!

Amber Browning

Please get some new seats! The padding has met its life expectancy. For that kind of money my butt shouldn't hurt.

Kamie Mealer

The area for people with disabilities is lacking. Very limited and need more space for to sit comfortably. Sound was good. I like to go see good movie but would have enjoyed it more if not hindered by the seating. Our service was great. The sound quality was excellent! .

Dee Scholz

Customer service was great, and I will be back

corey allen

Clean friendly theatre.

Denise Hamilton

What's to say? It's a movie theatre... Very clean and cozy. The rest is the usual..

Rodne Wheeler

Could be better pricing regularly for Seniors,good shows and service.

Billy Helmandollar

We had an excellent time on our date night which started with a movie. The theater was clean and our showing of Hobbs & Shaw was not very crowded.

Sherry Pate

Love the older lady that tares your ticket. Clean movie seats and cleanest bathrooms.

Joel Channell

Great place to spend 3 hours when its 100 degrees outside! Clean, nice friendly staff.

Aubrey Andrus

Movies aren’t cheap. Avengers Endgame for many is a big tear jerker and the end to an emotional journey and especially for my partner who related iron man to her father who passed away a few months...ago so for when the moment iron man died at the climax of this saga to have the employees decide it is time to empty the trash therefore creating a loud banging noise that not only distracted many of us, it frightened us was almost an insult. Why couldn’t they at least wait till the ending credits of the movie to make extremely loud banging noises from emptying the trash...also if the credits are still rolling we don’t need one of the employees asking us to leave because there is no hidden scene, maybe we were there for the whole movie...? Even if there wasn’t there are credits to the movie and people trying to recover from crying due to the what the actual hell. It seems like patience is severely lacking. They wanted to get the tidying over with without taking into account or caring that we all paid to watch this movie and therefore would like to not hear huge freaking big banging that scares more than half the room. This was insane and if I could get a refund I would really like that because it ruined the movie and it was the employee’s faults. What a shame if there was another movie theatre within a 30 mile radius you better believe we would be going there from now on. I will have to make it a point to tell the employees not to do that next time because it was seriously THAT BAD.

Erin Peitsch

Saw End Game. Great movie experience. Popcorn was good but tasted a little burnt. Overall friendly employees.

Aimée Allen

Older theater, but overall nice and helpful staff

Juliann Winfree

Comfortable seats, clean restrooms, and adequate snack options. Somewhat limited movie selection.

Michelle Walden

We are not from Tuscaloosa, so we purchased tickets online. We get to the theater, and the girl told us that even though we purchased tickets, we were not guaranteed a seat. It's first come first serve. What? That is the worst customer service I've ever encountered. You cannot speak to a human by phone either. I've called the number and there is no option to speak to someone.

Dallas Brassfield

horrible service. management is inattentive and have no urgency whatsoever to make your visit a great experience.

Zaccai Gleason

Have watched many movies here. Consessions cost to much but the seats are pretty good and so is the actual theatre

Amy Montz

Me and Brayden Montz had a great time at the movies watching John Wick.

Kameron Woolverton

The line management couldve been better.

Marcie Avans

Great theater. But the concession prices are insane! $4.65 for a bottle of water?? No thanks...not when I can buy a 40 pack of bottled water at Walmart for $4! And a small soda for $5.65...again, no thanks!!

derek goggins

This is one of the best theatres in Alabama. Very few come close to the sound and size of the picture.

Kevin Peak

Had a good time with me wife

Lamar Cox

Everyone was friendly. Great atmosphere. Clean. The movie "Overcomer" is a must see!!!

Stephanie Graeter

We can always see the latest movies as soon as they release. There is almost always the option of IMAX or D box seats. We tend to watch on the more traditional cinema screen with the wonderful surround sound experience. I have never had to wait for long to get tickets to any movie offered. Love this theatre!

Kristy Spencer

They always have the best movies there

Stephanie Phifer

Very good and clean atmosphere

Hector Hernandez

Would be nice to have the options to select the seat you want to buy

John Morgan

I went on a Saturday felt like I was in the Amazon

Lane Heidman

I loved it man, Yes it was pricey but that's a given at the movies. What really one me over was the employees. The guy who took my order was named Carson. It took him no less than a minute to complete my order. He also greeted me and the end of my movie and was very friendly

Antonio Gomez

It was the best I saw the movie The Lion King it was awesome

kandyy._. codeine

They kick me out the movie I bought for like

Barbara Dockery

Food wasn't that great but movie was fantastic

Rissa P

The movie was good, place was relatively clean, but no employees smiled at all they all looked like they were miserable ☹️... Spent $22 on one each popcorn, drink and candy ... Remembered why I wait for movies at red box

Kelly Jimenez

Had the best time. Was there for my sister-in-law and my birthday. Loved it!


Every time I want to watch a movie this is exactly were I go. Go watch EndGame if you've watched Infinity War already

Jay Bolton

Great place to watch a movie. A lot better than my local theater.

Alex Hildebrand

Food line is always unnecessarily slow, other than that great place. $5 Tuesdays are one of the best deals in town.

Melissa Frazier

Ok, did IMAX:3D today, not very impressed, movie still had a lot of fuzzy scenes even with the glasses! Didn't like that at all... last time we do this, standard from now on, definitely NOT worth ta Extra $$$

Jared Simerly

Don't go at night, full of people just hanging out in the parking lot, and bumping into you. Prices are decent though

Austin Haikes

People don't care to talk in the theater as well as play videos on their phones. Good set up for sound and visual. Friendly staff. Just people aren't too considerate for actually movie watching experience.

Montrell Miller

Great experience every trip!!

Trey Diveley

The dbox rooms are horrible. They say not distracting, but man are they. Avoid these rooms if at all possible.

Titan A.E.

Theaters are well maintained (occasionally you find a seat whose back spring has given way. Defects appear to be repaired quickly but still annoying when it's that perfect seat in the middle). Projectors are bright and present a crisp picture and the sound has been great. The theater is equipped for DBOX experiences which milage will vary on depending on the movie and who produced it but when it works it really enhances the movie. By far though the best theater is by far the IMAX theater the projector/picture is super bright/crisp and the sound is fantastic. The one critique (other than the rare worn out springs for the backs of the chair and the also rare cushions who are more pancake than cushion) I have would be on the snack bar prices which can be pretty high... granted this is for almost ever theater but seems higher at this location. Overall a great theater and work checking out if you are in town.

Adam Beams

The theater could be cleaner. Managment and employees are friendly

Jon Crow

There no other movie theaters in Tuscaloosa to compare this to but I'm glad that cop hasn't let that slide cuz they always seem to have an upstanding standard as well as accessibility for handicap seating it feels like a safe place for me and my kids


Tuesdays are $5 movies all day! Seats are comfortable and lean back a little bit. Popcorn always smells fresh and there is a butter & seasonings area. Coke products. Concession stand prices are high like every other movie theater in America. Join the movie club if you go often, earn points towards concessions and movie tickets. They do offer a student and military id discount when it isnt $5 Tuesdays.

Craig Smyly

The experience at the movie itself was great. The fact that someone stole my cooler out of my truck in parking lot sucked. Ended up being a heck of a lot more expensive

Brie Meadows

We went today to see the new Lion King movie. Throughout the movie there were a group of kids that were extremely loud and well as one child who cried throughout the movie. I wouldn’t normally complain but staff members came in to our theater several times but not once did I hear them ask the group to please be quite. I am a parent and had my 3 year old with me and had she been disruptive to others movie experience we would have left.

Hiram Young

I visit Cobb Theatres quite frequently because I have MoviePass. The theaters themselves are always very clean and I have only seen a dirty seat one time. The place usually isn't too crowded when I go, and the employees are always nice. Would be 5 stars if the concessions weren't too expensive, although I understand why the theaters have to do this to stay open. If you do end up ordering concessions, the sweet potato fries are very good.

Reta Montgonery

It was great. We really enjoyed the movie

Jacob Bell

Clean theater with good shows, comfortable seating and ample parking. Food is rather expensive, but that's true of all theaters. I like Cobb especially because they're good about playing the sound at a healthy volume; not loud enough to hurt the ears, but loud enough to feel a good rumble from it!

Denise Lowe

Free movies for the grandkids but the concession is way too expensive

Charles Harris

Kind of a high price for a matinee but it is a nice theatre.

Karen Moller

Went to see Yesterday. Thought it was good. Loved the music.

Richard Cudjoe

Great 0lace and nice customer service

Hawkeye Fousek

Awesome IMAX and Dbox cinema rooms, have all the good movies and lots showtimes. Clean professional theater with reasonable pricing.

Russ Chappell

The seats are comfortable, the theaters are clean, and they do a good job of bringing in special features, not just the hit of the week.

Kathy Hofstadter

Watched Toy Story 4 with yhe grandkids.

Eric Thomas

My daughter and I enjoyed a lovely daddy daughter date, movie style. Thanks Cobb theater, my 4 year old loved every bit of the experience.

Loryn Davis

Good seats! Good movies! A little pricey unless u go on 5.00 Tuesdays!!

Stuart Hopkin

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, what more can you ask for?

Sam Wight

Great place. The $5 movie day on Tuesdays is amazing for students who want to see the latest movies on a budget. Lots of great memories here.

Jack Watkins

Great atmosphere, clean and the service was excellent

Anabel Cox

Great place to see a movie! We took our daughter to see the new Lego movie and she loved it.

gerald ferguson

Great seats and price. I really enjoyed the theater

Laurence Moody

On Saturday, My girlfriend and I went to this establishment to watch "Possession of Hannah Grace" and wanted to get snacks for concession stand. We stood in a nonexistent line while one girl was flirting with a cop and 4 African American employees were in the left corner not doing anything. We stood there for approx 2-3 minutes without getting assistance patiently waiting while making obvious eye contact with the 4 African American employees. Another African American customer walks up behind us and one of the 4 African American employees assisted them without even acknowledging us. We finally had to say "Is someone going to help us?" To get assistance from a caucasian worker who had to finish what he was doing to help us because the African American employees refused to give us customer service. I felt completely discriminated against and disrespected at this establishment. I emailed corporate and the GM called us and put the blame all on my girlfriend and I because we weren't standing directly in front of the counter, although the African American they helped BEHIND us wasnt either. Also, I originally thought I stood there longer than 2-3 minutes so I said a default 5 and she harped on that. Completely disregarded the obvious discrimination against my girlfriend and I. I will NEVER go back here and I plea with anyone in Tuscaloosa, that if your focus is around making this world a better place free of discrimination against all races.. to not come here either. Only you and I can make this world a better place by not making this behavior acceptable for any and all races, and holding people accountable.

Jeremy Given

Love this cinema! I especially like that you are able to recline back and get even more comfortable while enjoying your movie experience. Getting the Prive lounge get can pricey but I still think it is worth every now and then. After a long day st work or even on the weekend going up there so you can sip on a whiskey or other beverage when watching the movie is nice.


Rude staff was the high point considering the smell that hits you when you open the doors to 9 , which is where my party watched Downton Abbey today. It smells so horribly that all of us had allergy issues during the movie. It is like a mixture of mildew and wet animal with an under current of urine. I would go so far as to say it could be a health concern for movie goers. * updating to 3 stars as we couldn't sit through the movie and the manager handled it better than expected and was absolutely amazing!

Alletta Shepherd

Exciting times here. The

Sheila Jones

The movie was good and I plan to go again to the movies soon.

Courtney Vargas

Movie tix aren't bad but the popcorn/sodas/candy cost 2x the movie tix for 3 kids. CRAZY!!

audrey haskin

Finally got to see the Avengers Movie. Just beyond excited

Betty Hopkins

It was great the lion king was great

Kya Richards

I love it but why cant we get refills

Stephen Frost

Staff was friendly and helpful. Popcorn and drinks were tasty. Bathrooms.were clean. Overall great experience.

Montgomery Hudson

I've always enjoyed Cobb Hollywood 16 Theaters. No complaints here!

Kiara Warren

Ood movies and workers. Just hate the prices

Lee Parson

comfortable seats good service.

Andrew Taylor

Staff was friendly and helpful, place was clean and seat were comfortable. Pretty good experience.

Caleb Gann

It is the only movie theater in town so you are kind of forced to use it. Could be better if they worked with deals and stuff. They do run all the new movies so what more could you ask for?

Keith Austin

Comfortable seating. Quick service

Matthew Carnethon

Went to see toy story 4. Everything was good

Cenchrea Dykes

The theatre is always clean and have fresh popcorn, unless your going to the late show then u may get cold popcorn.

Wanda Cook

Love being with my grandson

CampHorne Staff

Ok place that has gone downhill. Why, on a busy night, does the staff abandon the line of concession patrons to start new tasks? After serving the party in front of me, the employee promptly left the service area for about 2 minutes, came back only to start fiddling with the food. Loading up cookers and popcorn machine may have been needed but to just walk oft with no mention of "I am not coming back" would have been nice. Thankfully a manager came by to sell me and others the overpriced water and popcorn we desired after about 5 minutes of waiting in line.

Dee Reanimated

I've been coming here for like the last 13 years. Every experience has been great for me besides snacks and drinks prices.

Lisa Mcdaniel

It was ok but some kids need to learn not to b on there phone and b so disrespectfull

Meme Yall

It was awful. The seats smelled bad and they were so old. My friends seat was squeaking. The row behind us had a seat that was wrapped in a plastic bag. No lie! I don't think I will go back to that movie theater unless I have to. I should have took pictures, but I don't be thinking about pictures. SORRY

Jennifer Golden

They really are too high to be a movie theater, I'm from ILLINOIS and our prices not that high..And you can't afford to even buy popcorn and drinks..

Alex Stallings

This theater is dated and the first seat I sat in had half the foam missing in the back part of the seat portion. Had to change seats. Overall the movie was enjoyable but the seats sucked and I felt like everything was dirty. Bathrooms stunk. The guy who cleaned after the film stood there while we waited for any extras after the credits and made me feel rushed. Could use better management.

Arrion Rackley

5 dollar Tuesdays is the best.

Angela Shaw

Nice I love how it has movies every hour, food was good prices is the same as any other theater Tampa Florida this theater has one on you

Will Hobson

Needs more staff and a little more upkeep. I think they need to work on thier prices very expensive 2 kids and 2 adults was 42 bucks

William Hill

Out with the clients, nice sounding theater.


Are the prices going up or is my wallet just getting thinner? Also in Theater 3, there's a stain on the screen that I joke about every time I visit.

Nikki Mosley

If I could give 0 stars I would. I experienced the worst customer service ever. The managerial staff many need additional training. The two managers that were present on July 2, 2019 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama during the 10 am free movie had no problem telling our group of 16 children aged 3-12 that they could not accommodate our group. We were taken to 3 different showings by a staff member and all of them were full. Even though we were there well before the movies began, by the time we had walked from one end of the building twice with another staff member, who was very helpful by the way, the movies had begun. I asked to speak with the manager on duty after 10 minutes of walking back and forth. One manager proceeds to tell me she could not guarantee seats for the shows and she could not enter either movie theater because the movie had already started. She also stated all theaters were at capacity but there were larger groups still receiving tickets as we were leaving. Both managers seemed inexperienced and unbothered by the situation.

Alex C

The movie "Halloween " was great after waiting 40 years for closure. The theater and employees were very good.

Bonnye Anderson

Movie was great. Theater was great too. Concessions we're out of sight. Won't do THAT again.

Death Smashes

Customer service was good. Theater room for the IMAX 2D could use some work.

nikki Phillips melton

The best and all the workers are very friendly

Tanisha Foster

Nice theater. Like most of them you have to take out a second mortgage to get snacks, lol, but it's fun. The IMAX theater is awesome and D-Box is ok. The kids that work behind the counter seem to like their jobs. I've never ran into an issue that the manager could not solve.


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