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REVIEWS OF Cinemagic Theatre IN Alabama


Great place


Pleasant. Only 4 of us in the theater, so no noise

George Dugger

Thay have good movies a lot of the time

Taje Wallace

Clean theatre. Great popcorn!

Rhondda Melton

Awesome place. Great prices, clean,friendly staff.

Bridgette Fivecoat

I have seen a lot of movies there but went and seen the lion king movie there it was great loved it there

Jacob McElyea

Cinemagic Theatre is a retro-modern theatre experience great for families of all ages. Prices and staff couldn't be any better than it is already. The drive-in movie experience is perfect for that unique date night you've been dreaming about. I would recommend this theatre to anyone and everyone.

Kemp Kustoms

Small theater but nice. Like, all of them, concessions are ridiculous prices, but enjoyed our time.

Tyler Deloach

Nice local place. They don't do midnight showing anymore. You have to drive to Madison for that. Friendly people that work there.

Janet Howard


Dana McLemore

Awesome movies! Nice low prices!

rosemary hayes

We love this theater. We live in Madison and are 10 minutes from Monaco and will drive to Athens to this theater 99% of the time. The cost of gas to get there, tickets and refreshments are way cheaper than just the tickets going to Monaco. I am not condemning Monaco here though. It is a very upscale theater and I get the cost there if that's the atmosphere you prefer, I just personally prefer the hometown, family-friendly feel of Cinemagic and the lower cost.

Andrea Crenshaw

I love Cinemagic! It's small, but it's in a small town. It doesn't have a ton of screens but movies turn over pretty fast. Clean. Comfortable. Great prices. Love it.

Matt Allen

Great time and super friendly staff.

Caleb Smith

I Love the good quality of the picture and the food tops it all off

Abby Vandermarkt

Took my daughter to the drive in for the first time and we loved it

Natasha Miller

Great drive-in

Tona Haggermaker

I love our hometown Theatre! Ticket prices are cheaper than Huntsville/Decatur! Buttered popcorn is great and they give you a bunch :)

Daniel Broadway

I love everything about this theater, but I have to agree with other reviewers that their policy for R rated movies is just plain stupid and over the top. I went with my 27 year old wife to see an R rated movie, and they would not let her in without I.D. We both look our age. Completely stupid. Still, if you can overlook that dumb rule they have, it's a great place to catch a flick with a small town feel.

Michael Thrasher

You freaking suck. No one likes you. Ninjago in 3D is my favorite movie. I wanted to see it but it was rated R and my friends had to have their parents. Change that stupid rule before the ninjagos come and beat you up. You hurt my feel feels and I want to see ninjago in 3D. You stupid idiots. My feel feels are gone

Vani Way

Best drive in theater. $6 PER person and seniors above 60yrs $4. Thank God they still have drive in theater in Athens, Alabama.

Jason Smith

Would love to come watch movies here but everything is in 3D and it makes me sick watching 3D movies. Can you guys play feature films that are not in 3D?

M Vance

Great service good popcorn loved the lion king 3 d

William hargrove

Quiet, out of the way, no frills. Its a pay for what you get sort of place and the place is amazing. I've always had more than enough privacy with the right amount of folks sitting with me to make me feel both at home and comfortable. 8/10 - Loved it but not in love with it

Rene Zaragoza

Good service clean

travis clemmons

I was injured at work a year ago. Bad nerve pain in back and can barely walk. I have been cooped up in the house and can't do much. I can sit in my van and have to get my wife to go for rides just to ease pain off. We tried the drive in to get me out. The staff was VERY NICE. They done everything they could to accommodate me!! Price's we're very reasonable. GREAT PLACE. I WILL BE GOING BACK AND SUGGEST TO EVERYONE IF YOU WANT A NIGHT OUT THAT DON'T BREAK THE BANK TO GIVE THEM A TRY!!!!!

Alyssa Clement

I love having this theatre so close by.

c beswick

Only theater in town, very glad to have it. Always clean.


Friendly staff. Great service.

Megan Hall

Love this place.. been here 2 weeks in a row to the drive in.. its peaceful and the staff has been AMAZING!

Angel Proctor

Staff is always so nice and willing to help

Kelli Lovelace

Love going to drive in here... so much fun and great price!!

Rita W

Last yr my husband and I enjoyed your drive in alot, this yr not one time bc everything is always for children. What happen to maybe once a month a non cartoon movie????


Cheap and cozy. I haven't done the drive-in thing, though.

Terrence Wheeler

Good place . Not to crowded.

Matthew Brady

It is a classic place for watchin movies and the only place i know around that has a drive-in


They need better chairs, but I've gone here since I was 5. The service is always good, but pretty pricey like every other theatre.

Michelle Emens

I am grateful for our little local cinema. Place is clean and nice, staff is friendly, theatres are large. My only complaint is the relics they call hand dryers in the Women's Room. I could blow on my hands and dry them quicker. However, this is a good establishment at a good price.

Travis Phillips

Enjoy this location friendly staff.

Aaron Clairday

Best people and staff!


Clean and comfortable. Courteous staff. Glad my grandson and I went!

adam lee

Clean place and friendly people. It could use a few updates, but the drive in is great. Not many of these are around any more

Mary Sisco

My grandkids always enjoy the movies when we go.

Tavis White

I'm so glad to have the Cinemagic theater. Well run with the comfort of customers in mind. Friendly service with good prices.

HoBro! Inc.

This is a very family oriented establishment. The staff are very friendly and professional. The service is excellent and the theatres are nice and comfortable. The drive in theatre is nice too. It has a great location that is easy to get in and out of and there is plenty of room to park. I prefer this place over any other place when I go out to watch a movie. Love it!

Blake Brown

Prices are pretty good, but food has high prices like most theaters. One of the only drive in theaters in North Alabama.

Rebekah Miller

Dirty theater with horrible staff. Spend a little more time and go to Huntsville for a more enjoyable movie experience.

amanda mccurry

So clean and nice staff. We took the girls to see their first movie. They had a great experience. Deffinantly recommend this place to any big family wanting a quiet night out!!!!

Alyssa Daniels

Staff is kind!

Annette Charles

Had a great date night with the hubby.

dwain white

The theater is small and doesn't offer a lot of choices but it is clean and in good condition. The service is good.


Great prices &people

Adam Howard

Great theater with old school feel. Throw back to the theaters from the early 90's. Clean, tidy, and well maintained venue. Staff is friendly and concession aren't crazy expensive.

Micheal Pepper

Employees address nice and helpful. Clean and good seats

Candy Hill

Love the drive in movie and the inside. U jst have a little more privacy at the drive in. No kids interrupting no kids on cell phones no one talking during the movie and you can bring pizza and agent in your car

Michele Olney

I love Cinemagic Theater. It is close to home, has the most up to date movies, and is very comfortable. I would give 5 stars but like every movie theater prices are too high for food and drink. I paid $3.25 for a 16 oz bottle of water. Too much.

b bloeman

The employees are rude and the seats are uncomfortable and the food is way overpriced

Tressy Hart

3D movies, drive-in movie, and a environmentally friendly place to go.

Bruce Jansen

Very clean recently priced great place to take a family for a night's movie

Jamie Terry

I wish the owner would contact me. I have several things I'd like to tell you about your business. Theres a manager there, Matthew , who is the best employee yall have. Other managers have been rude to me and the place was filthy on those nights. The Matthew guy has always been so informative and helpful, it's always clean when he's there. I hope he gets paid more than the rest of them...he deserves it and I think the theater would suffer if yall lost him. I'd like to speak to the owner about a few things that I believe he would like to hear about if possible.

Adam Smith

Always fun at the drive-in

Michael Rice

Good place to see a movie and a drive in theater

Scott Franklin

Manager is the rudest person I have ever come in contact with. Talked my family into staying near home and watching a movie instead of going to Madison or Huntsville. Never again.

Kevin Bartlett

This was a great night out! We went to see incredibles 2 and they were out of hotdogs so we got drinks and such. They came to our truck and gave us our money back anyway! Then my battery died during the movie. They gave us a radio and offered to call Athens pd for a jump. Fortunately the people next to us helped us out! Everyone was super nice and just simply thanked us for our business! Will definitely come here from now on! I highly, highly recommend this place for a great night out at the drive in!

Regina Lewis

Friendly workers, clean place, great experience.

Cecil Smith

My wife took our 11 YO granddaughter to see IT. She was told that our granddaughter could not see it unless accompanied by her parent. Her father then drove to the theater and they said if he did not stay for the movie she still could not enter with her grandmother. No common sense at this place. What if a grandparent was the guardian. Don't waste your time going here.

Hunter Matthews

I watched Captain Marvel and the popcorn was great

Mary Lewis

A great place for family to watch a good movie from Mary Lewis tomboy outlaw harmonica player

Tonya Thomas

Very clean theatre and all showings are reasonably priced.

Shanna Keezer

My family and I love Cinemagic, especially the drive-in. We have a three year old so going to the indoor movies can be stressful. We have seen so many movies at the drive-in. The entrance staff and the concessions staff are always super-nice. The parking field is very well maintained. The bathrooms are clean. It makes for a great family night out.

Kim Adams

Nice and clean and not priced bad either and they have a drive in!!

tiffany benefield

Very friendly staff & ALWAYS clean theaters & restrooms.


Love the theater! This is a great place to go watch the latest movies. It's well kept, clean and safe. Popcorn is delicious also.

Jared Wallin

The screens are bright and clear, prices are reasonable, and the drive in has been a godsend for us being able to still see movies with a nursing newborn!

Timothy Pitts

Place is moderately priced and clean. Not truck friendly even after your giving them your money to watch a film and buy from their concession stand. They will not allow you to park overnight even without a trailer

Charles Smith

A good local theater. Reasonable prices and not to crowded.

faze kid jaxson

Friendly staff

Todd Tomerlin

love it! employees are awesome!

Daniel H

Always a great experience.

lee wiggins

Nice change from the normal multiplex, reasonably priced regreshments, great small town theater

Michael Turner

Great little hometown theatre. They still have a drive in.

Johnny Roscoe

Nice little theater good prices

Regina Woodley

A nice little theater, I like that the owner isn't above working the manager.

Jake Saylor

Very nostalgic as a 90's baby. There are small lines and great prices, including the traditional free refills on larges. Also, I left my expensive phone there accidentally and they respectfully recovered it within an hour. Honestly, how good does it get for a good movie theater.

hale family

The drive in is an excellent value for the money. Tickets are only $6 each for adults.

John Phillips

We went to see guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the drive-in movie theater, but the drive-in was having technical difficulties even though we called and checked the website before leaving our house (100+ miles round-trip). I wasn't happy with the way management handled my situation. Outside of the management, staff members seemed to be very kind and helpful.

Chelo Mendoza

IT was great

Renee Taylor

We had a fantastic family night out! We truly enjoyed ourselves & our experience was wonderful! The staff was extremely friendly to us. It was really busy, yet very clean.

Michael Sellers

Nice standard theatre. Everything was clean and in good repair. Staff are nice and friendly.

Donna Heist

Place was great, cost too much. And i didn't like the movie but the kids did so thats what matters.BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS THOUGH LOL

Ann Puckett

Best popcorn !! Clean, family environment

Robert Callis

This place is as simple as a theater can get but I love it. The screens are great. Concessions aren't as crazy as most theaters. Oh yeah and they have a drive in screen!

Joel Hamm

Nice place to see a movie - snacks are a little high, but tickets are very reasonable

Unlisted Name

The staff is very friendly, especially the managers. The popcorn is delicious, and the place is VERY CLEAN. They have weird rule about how no one can see a rated R movie unless their own parent buys the ticket, but besides that, it’s a very nice place to see a movie. They have comfortable stadium seating, and a drive in. It’s also family friendly. I love it there.


The drive-in is a true gem and we are lucky to have it. My family likes to let the seats in our SUV down & climb in back with covers & pillows. They have a concessions window & restrooms accessible to the drive-in area. We will continue to go to cinemagic every chance we get.

Sherry Craig Retzler

Love the theatre and small-town atmosphere. You don't have to wade through crowds of people and parking is well-lighted and convenient. Snack bar is quick and food is great. Seating is comfortable and movie screen is big and clear. And accoustics is great. So what more could you ask for?

Robert McLaughlin

Finally found a place that doesn’t tolerate people who have no idea how to act in movies. Watched the manager throw out a couple of kids that were acting up. Kudos.

Jerry Bryant

Great drive in.

Tim McGee

Very neat, and pictures are amazing

connie taylor

good prices, old school small seats. everything else is fine by me..

Amanda Powell

Awesome Drive In

Lee-Anne Hooks

Love this little theater! Friendly people and fresh popcorn!

Oriana Brown

Very quaint movie theater. My husband and I found out about this theatre through word of mouth and we liked it. The crowd isn't too big and they have all new movies. The concession options are good as well. We didn't visit the drive-in movie, only the inside. Would return.

Derrick Stewart

Quant, family friendly movie theater. Usually has all the blockbuster movies along with a few kid or family movies

Brian Brown

Cleaning here is a breeze and turns out great !

Jarrod Keys

Good small theatre. Not much else to say really, good way to get away from the in-laws for a night over the holidays.

Marsha Patterson

Love this theater. Lots of family movies and they gladly gave me passes to return when we had to leave early because the picture was too scary for the wee one.

Jason Haggard

Great place to go and see a movie! My wife and I watched Breakthrough, which is an amazing movie about our faith in the Lord. The theater was clean, and well lit, the staff was friendly.

Ace Brooks

They need to let people go back in to get stuff they left instead of trying to hold it from them this place is a joke and the so called man that's says he's been running this place for 12 years is a joke

Jim Tom Stimpson

This was a good experience. We aren't from Athens but were in town for other reasons and found this place to watch the new Jack Reacher movie. The staff was friendly, facility was clean, seats comfortable, tickets were reasonable, $6 before 6pm. Popcorn was good. The only negative is the sound wasn't great for the movie. It needed to be louder. As one reviewer stated, the sound seem to be all at the front and lacking in bass. I think some of the speakers aren't working, otherwise , I would give it 5 stars.

Connor Anderson

I am triggered to max level, I couldn't watch the 3D ninjago movie because I tried to bring my service dog in and they said that there can be no dogs so I said freak you, stop being blind racist to blind ppl smh plus it was in 3D, they also said there's no point cause I'm blind, are you stupid, I have a nose smh

Bolt Thunder

there picky abut the movies they wanna show

Nancy Atchley

Fast service. Staff was friendly. Enjoyed movie

Ams mason

Fun at the movies I did more making out and watching a movie though

Tammy Bailey

Enjoyed visit, the staff is very knowledgeable. The management is very helpful.

Jeremy Johnson

great place to see a movie we seen Jurassic world in 3d it was great good popcorn

Chris Marthaller

Those complaining about the age stuff don't understand that a private business can't accommodate like a public business can. If they allow a person who's not of age without their parent, the theater gets fined and possibly shut's down because it's a lot of money. No problem with the prices of food because that's what pays for the whole show. The movie companies get most, if not all of the ticket money. Cheaper than other places by far. Sound quality could be a little better.

Carly Lee

The drive-in is so much fun. Love it. We frequent this theater and the staff is always pleasant, the lobby & theaters are clean. The bathroom is in dire need of a makeover.

Jessica Padilla

Love this movie theater and the popcorn is the BEST but .... the workers there have always been so iffy for me. Once me and my friend a few years ago went to watch Annabelle and they wouldn’t let my friend in because my mom wasn’t her biological parent! The hell.... we have had many issues with that. Still love this place been going for the past 8 years

Andrew Murray

We love the drive in screen. Lots of fun with the kids. The mosquitoes can be bad in the summer so bring some bug spray.

scottie burchell

Love the way it's set up. Friendly people

Whitney Taylor

The prices are fine. The food is fine, but expensive just like all other movie theaters. The theater itself is mediocre. My main issue is with the fact that my friend forgot her ID. We are both in our mid-twenties and do NOT look like teenagers by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, I asked for 2 tickets to a rated R movie, and the girl at the register asked for both of our ID's. I was forthcoming and told her my friend didn't have hers, but that I was paying for them both. She informed me that despite the fact that I was paying, she would need both. I again told her that my friend didn't have hers with her, and asked if it was necessary for someone NOT purchasing a ticket to show their ID. Her response was, "Yes. I can tell you're both over 17, but I just can't sell YOU the tickets without HER ID." Okay, I get policy. I really do. But if you're going to tell me you can tell we're of age and then not sell me the tickets despite the fact that I'M the one paying for them, that is just bad business in my opinion. If I had been thoughtful enough to be sneaky, I could have walked in alone, bought both tickets, and easily seen the film even if my friend was underage. Instead, I was honest, and we ended up not being able to see the movie. Unfortunately this is the only theater in Athens, so unless I feel like driving 45 minutes to HSV, I will be back.

Susan McKinney

Great little theatre here in Athens. Love the Sunday matinees.

Jason Williams

Wego here a lot nice theater great people

Dottie Caldwell

Went to see Blade Runner. A well done movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Brenda Sales

Friendly staff

jon lewis

They were rude and just ruined the movie for me when I took a picture of hulk my favorite character. Im 12 and I didn't know that I couldn't take a picture of my favorite avenger. BAD EXPERIENCE I hated it.

Justin Long

I love the Athens Cinemagic theatre. Great prices and welcoming feel

Paul Johnson

Great clean theater


Local Athens movie theater, with I think 6 screens, and a drive-in during the warmer months. Staff is always friendly, and the theaters have always been clean, and comfortable. There are a few arcade games in the lobby. Often, the water pressure is low in the restrooms, just hold down the handle a little longer and for pete's sake, put girly things in the trash! Water pressure certainly does not detract from the movie experience.

Bruce Pedersen

Would have to agree that a good bit of the staff is pretty inattentive but I think that attitude trickles down from the top. We had a few unnecessarily poor encounters with the manager. After we went to Madison 12 (and the recliners) we've not been back. It's too bad as we always try and support the home team.

Katrina Mejias

I love the Drive In movies

Paxton Harbin

trash theater, workers are terrible. do not recommend. never go

leigh mccurry Fierro

The movie prices are good but they make up for it with the prices on the food

Madison May

Okay , so firstly, the service here sucked. I was trying to enjoy my movie , when it was suddenly disturbed by my 12 year old granddaughter and her friends crying hysterically. She informed me that she had been kicked out. Now at first i was extremely furious with her, then she told me that they had thought that it was me in the theater and that was my they were laughing. Not to cause a scene, but because they thought it was me. Not only that, they made them wait outside for almost 40 minutes and wouldn't let them come get me until my granddaughter was in absolute tears. Now both my granddaughter and her friend are sick. Definitely will not be coming back here ever again and also will be telling everybody about how crappy the service here was. Thanks a lot.

David Rollins

End games is a great movie!


Great little movie theater. Good screen size. Friendly and competent staff. Even the popcorn is quite good.

Maddie May

I saw roaches in the bathroom, the popcorn was stale, the chips for the nachos were also extremely stale, the service was extremely sucky. Go to the one in Huntsville. This one should be shut down. :))

Revena Marks

Excellent experience. A little expensive.

Kate Madsen

Love the drive-in! 7 days a week all year long!

D Mason

Awesome place to take your family! Great staff and Great management that would go out of there way to help you in anyway to make sure your visit was perfect!

Donna Hill

Saw the new Star Wars Force Awakens here at the Athens theater a day after seeing it at the Monaco in Huntsville and I have to say..........seats were way more comfortable. sound was clearer, and the screen resolution was so much sharper! It is a small theater in a small town.......but it can out perform the big dogs in a safer and less expensive way!

Minda Reid

Speakers were not balanced, so we couldn’t hear what was being spoken over the music and other sound effects. Others in the theater said they couldn’t hear either. Saw Spider-Man: Far from Home. Great movie even though I missed most of the jokes, and not a single word during the action scenes. It was so. frustrating. Go see Spider-man, but see it somewhere else if you want to hear any of the dialogue. Tried to save $2 on tickets, but it was not worth it!

Majaiden Winton

My recent visits weren't bad until last night. My friends and I were going to see the movie COCO. There were 5 people in there besides us 4, and I was the only person who got up to walk out during the movie. My friends Nana, the one who took us to the theatre, was watching the movie Wonder, so when someone that looked like a women with glasses walked in the door and was looking over the wall between the door and the seats, it was stupid of myself to think it was my friends Nana, because it wasn't. So, my stupid self was waving and laughing, because like i said, i thought it was her Nana. I came to realize that it wasn't her Nana when a man walked across the entire movie theatre and said, "Congratulations, you've been kicked out! Get out." He made us stand out in the 40 degree weather for more than 20 minutes. He was very rude. We weren't talking, we were waving and laughing. Now, one of my friends and I are sick. Thanks a lot!!! I would suggest the theatre in Huntsville.

7yler Davis

Plays great movies and great seating

Jocelyn 105


sweet southern home girl

Clean. Nice people. And great movies


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