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REVIEWS OF Boaz 9 Cinema IN Alabama

Mark Christensen

Great sound. Large and immersive screens. Clean. Don't let the exterior's small strip mall fool you-- this is a great movie house, with a cenematic experience far better than the large chain movie theaters.

Becky Hammock

Great movies however, in need of repairs. Alot of broken seats. Some screens minor issues. Cleanliness score scale 1-10 I would give a 6 some areas smell musty.

George Chunn

I really like Alex Wisener.

me love

Great service an lots of games for the kids

Brittany Denney

I think this is false advertising. I showed up at 9pm and the Cinema was closing. The show times says 9:55 pm for today. On maps it also says that the Cinema is open 24 hours which is also a lie. Just very disappointed.

Aiyazama Warrior Rose

Great place to see a movie, reasonable prices. Really needs more customers, it would be a shame to lose the one good place for younger people to hang out with friends with in a 50mi radius

Mitchell Grant

Its a 25 year old place with limited up keep. It was a matinee so prices were cheaper but it's low quality picture. Picture was kind of dim and blurry. Chairs are smaller and less comfortable. If I hadn't been meeting a friend there i would have went somewhere else.

Lynn Bond

Clean but older place

Mj layton II

Its really small and the outside looks bad. Needs repairs badly. The seats were sticky.

Meredith McGee

The theater room we were in was clean as much as we could see.

Korie Peek

Affordable Cinema would be a better name for this reasonable movie establishment. My husband and I went and got 2 tickets to a matinee, 1 large popcorn and 2 large drinks and it was under 20 bucks. Hole in the wall theater nestled in the old outlet shopping center. Nothing mich left there now except one junk store, one place to eat, and this movie theater.

Anna Casey

Great experience power went off before movie though.

tamara mefford

Great crew . Always a joy to go here

Kimberly Cofield

Sorta expensive for a childs movie and the popcorn, drinks n candy is priced like its gold !!

Josh Lang

The prices and seating aren't bad but the whole place needs a thorough cleaning.

Marlene Trusler

Had a great time there with the kids. Thank you to the manager and staff for all the kindness and help

Tamey Hale

Decently priced compared to other towns. Friendly workers. Convenient soda refill station. Variety of movies. Fresh pop corn. Yummy nacho cheese. Owners friendly,as well as all workers. Clear voice on recorder describing movie list. One of my favorite places.

Micki Streitmatter

We went to a 9:50 showing and was able to get right in with no wait they popcorn was fresh the theater was clean and the employees were very friendly

Alex Mclemore

Great theater! Prices are very fare and the staff and owners are wonderful! And yes it’s locally owned which is great!

Myron M

Theatre was a little small and hard to get a good seat. Other than that was great

Jason Master

Went to watch the movie It. Awesome movie , better put your big boy and big girls britches on . Thrilling

Cristy Cowan

We were in a tiny screening. It makes you feel seasick it's so small. I know they have larger rooms too.

Royce Hairston

The seating and sound quality are excellent or at least above average for the area, but the customer service, concession quality and pricing and the arcade/lobby area leave much to be desired. My son and I wanted to get our picture made after watching star wars in the little photo booth they have there, after watching another woman struggle to get it to function correctly (and fail) I decided to give it a shot. They charge $3.00 in quarters for the pictures, I only had a $20 in my wallet so I went to the change machine to check, the one side of the one change machine that worked didn't take $20 (not surprising as most don't) so I went to the counter and asked if they could break it for me, they said no, I laughed and walked away but to their credit they then decided that they could infect fact break my 20 and gave me change... the change machine still didn't work correctly and when I finally got my quarters the Photo Booth ate them. Half the arcade looks run down and half functional and every time I have been in there the staff seems either disinterested or outright annoyed to sell tickets or give information. Overall the Theater could use a makeover and maybe some staff professionalism but it is a good place to visit if your only concern is decent seating and sound/picture quality.

Don Beasley

Worth a visit

Jeff Harris

Needs a deep cleaning in the theaters.. man those seats smell

David Adelman

Fair pricing on concession stand. Movie prices are comparable to theaters with modern sound system and seating. I'm glad to have a local theater to go watch a movie, needs better seating for sure.

Joseph Lesinski

Great picture and excellent sound quality.

Nathan Oldacre

Small theater size means every seat has a good view. The seats aren't the most comfortable, but for the time of an average movie, they'll be fine. Free refills on fountain drinks takes a lot of pain out of the $4 charge.

Raj Desai

Great clean theatre in a small town. Seating is limited and they don't offer refunds if the movie is full. Location is great next to bowling alley. Staff is very sincere and creates an inviting environment. Picture quality and sound is surprisingly sufficient and state of the art considering the location. Definitely plan on returning.

Yvonne Richey

Great family atmosphere, awesome owner and management, good food and snacks, safe budget friendly

Johnny Reagan

Nice small cinema, has 3D. Is maintained better than in the past.

Royal Eagle

Good movies, but the sound system is little bit loud for kids.

Alexia Grace

We were the only ones in the movie, we went during the day. The girl at the front was so nice! 2 movie tickets, a small popcorn, two things of candy and a large drink for under $40, cant beat that.

Cynthia Seay

Saw the new movie the Grinch! It was really cute & the kids enjoyed it too!

Cameron Friday

Love matinees. Thats about it.

Brandy Elrod

Always good thank u frank caracii

Harmony Island

Plenty of parking out front, plenty of different theater rooms, comfortable seats. Everything you expect in a movie theater.

Stacy Stover

I have never been to the movies on a Sunday and have to pay $16 for a movie with a small popcorn and small drink. That is a complete rip off if you ask me!! $4 for a small drink and $4 for a small popcorn!! These ridiculous prices needs to be fixed; this isn't some fancy cinema where drinks are being served!! Just saying!

Cynthia Stanfield

I love this theater always a great time

Trin Trin

The service is good and the place is clean and neat. I am going to go there again!

Phyllis Sullivan

Clean, courteous staff. Great movie choices

Aaron England

Was given the ticket for the wrong time pointed out to the man who ran the register he said it would work for the time I wanted being that he claimed to be the manager but when I got back he wasn't there and the usher wouldn't take it or my word even when I described the man so I had to purchase another ticket and as I left the man who I originally did the ticket transaction with was outside I confronted him about it and he claimed he didn't know what I was talking about. Now some of you will say I should of just left and not bought another ticket but with my work I don't get off often and really wanted to see the movie so I took the hit since I didn't have time to make it to Gadsden to catch there last showing of it.

Lynn Day

Nice people

james taylor

Great little theater with games and comfortable seating. Free refills on fountain drinks that's almost unheard of in theaters. Current movies but the selection is slim. It's a small theater and locally owned I give it 5 stars for that. Reasonable pricing and offers matinee prices for the early shows. The only thing I would suggest is them putting up show times for the movie above the doors. There was a family that came in on the ending of the movie I was watching so they saw the end before they started the next show.

T Sims

Great theater. Needs a little more care and cleaning. Would like to see more special days or events for groups. Overall great theater.

Jennifer Davis

Fun place

Aesthetic Shinobi

There are literally better places that are up to date. The screens glare and snacks and condiments taste stale.

Cj Johnson

Movie was good. Popcorn was stale. Seats uncomfortable. There isnt enough room between peoples legs and seats for anyone to get out to get snacks or for a restroom break.

ReJeana Leeth

Great food great prices


Love the stadium seating. My favorite rooms are the smaller, more intimate screens. Great place to do parties.

Frank Caracci

Fully digital and sound

ReBecca Cochran

We had people breaking line so we asked for our money back. Management took us out of line and put us in front of the door. Great customer service.

April Gilbert

Had a great time

Jon Barnes

Super pleasant, very reasonable

Angelic Holbrook

Gracie watched her 1st movie

Andrew Canales

Fair theaters but very pricey.

Brent Finch

Excellent. I'm proud of the fact that the restrooms had a variety of hand soaps that were not extremely scented. I have allergies and it is helpful, because the scents won't wash off.

C Cofield

I usually enjoy the movies here, the theater could use some updates.

Paula Stewart

Great place to take grandchildren. Very nice young girl working at the counter.

Jamee Jackson

I like Hollywood 10 in Sboro better bcuz its cheaper and smells better but boaz is closer..boaz smells like mold and the workers are kinda rude..they need to do a deep cleaning and lower their prices a little or at least extend their matinee times to more then 12-2 ..Sboro has theres til 6pm..wayyy better then 2pm!!

Nola Miller

Nice theater, unfortunately on my most recent visit the air conditioner wasn't working in our theater room. When the movie had finished I spoke to the manager concerning this and he offered us free movie passes. Things happen and the manager was gracious. The prices are reasonable and I'm glad Boaz has a theature.

Joni Eiden

As far as the theatre goes it's one of the best I've been in. fun colorful atmosphere. Great stadium seating. Prices are outrageous. Went to a Matinee that the website had advertised as cheaper was charged 18$ for two tickets! I will never go back

Stacey Scott

Had a great time..the place was clean.the only issue i had was the price of the popcorn..i think i paid more for the popcorn and drinks than i did for the movie..but other than that everything else was great

Gary Redmond

Nice clean place

Darrell Moats

Enjoyed the visit. Of course the popcorn drinks and candy is way to expensive. Seen Jumanji. Good movie especially if your a fan of " The Rock. "

Bartt McElhaney

It has great movies. And is clean. And very friendly workers

Tiffany LaShea

Small but great place to watch a show. Don't recommend buying ticket online. Too much of a hassess.

Belle Davis

Nice theatre, old but clean and comfortable.

Chelsey Lavery

This place was clean, the workers were nice, and for the age of this place its well maintained. The screen was large, color was a little off but still good quality.

Wanda Hancock

It was great we had a wonderful time

Jillian McDaniel

I hate how on sundays the volume isn't cut down for families to take their kids. Very disappointed . Yall need more kid friendly times for kids or adults who cant stand very high sounds.

Andy Earl

Everything was ok

Amber Bates

Got there late with the kids and they didn't charge us. God bless

Victoria Bargonetti

Friendly, clean, family fun!!

Joyce Schroetlin

Wonderful place. Absolutely loved it

Sheri Watkins

The manager wasn't too sociable!!!

Nora Swords

Great employees and close to home for a movie!

Leah Mathis

Great time, we always come here for movies!!

Joy Mosley

Great local theater. Staff is very friendly and good to military personnel.

Shane Bright

It is convenient and economical with lots of movie options.

Ashley Thompson

Hot as hell and my popcorn was stale,seats uncomfortable as well

Thomas Mclaughlin

Good place, need a 11 or noon. Show

Sue taylor

They allowed the line of people who arrived early to enter and be seated in the seats of their choice only to come in 20 minutes later and make us move all the way down the rows so that they could seat the latecomers. This meant that those who got there late got better seats than the people who stood in line for 30 minutes. It also meant that a worker (who was rude and told us if anyone questioned the way he was doing things, we were "outta there,") was in and out every minute or so for the first 40 minutes of the movie with his flashlight (and loud walkie-talkie) moving the people who were seated down to the ends of rows so he could seat the latecomers. Also, they allowed people to bring infants and toddlers to a 3 hour PG-13 movie. Completely unpleasant.

Wade Bryan

This place is falling apart, it used to be very nice.


Nice theater, visit on weekdays and it's like being in your own living room, jyst you and a couple of friends in theater

Jacob Roll

I gave this three stars because it's the only theater near us. The bathrooms are never clean and theater is very outdated. Needs a remodel to say the least.

Priscilla P.

The sound and picture is great. The popcorn is bad. The ladies bathroom hand dryers don't work and they don't offer paper towels. I had to dry my hands on my jeans. The free refills on coke is nice.

Kayla Greenslade

Best place to go to watch a movie. It's fun and cheap. Never too crowded. Feels safe.

Randy Bryant

Nice movie theater.

aubrey harris

Good place for Marshall co. Needs a uhaul cleaning in bathrooms. I have went there 3 times this month and the sound all 3 times was just way too piercingly loud. and I can hand loud stuff. But this was just a tad to load. The last time I almost had to give up on the movie and it has never been like that before.

joan Riggs

I love going there to watch movie

sassy stitches

Very disappointed in coming to movies Sunday. We were charged full price for Matinee. People running around after movie was on aging there phone flash light in people faces. People disrupting talking in there phones during movie. Hope when the new theater opens they will have rules they inforce!


Small but theaters are clean, conveinent and reasonable prices. Rarely crowded and staff have always been nice.

Stacey Snider

Wasn't too busy. My family and I made a day of it. The rooms weren't very big; I liked that. Small room, small amount of people, lots of arcade games, soda machine in the lobby so u Don't have to wait in line for a refill. Loved it!

Elizabeth Steward Williams

Used to be a high-quality theater with excellent, friendly staff. They've let it go, and the cleanliness throughout leaves a lot to be desired. We catch an occasional movie here but more often go to the city anne's their bigger establishments.If a new theater opened in the area I'd gladly take my dollars to it instead.

Angie Horsley

No way to dry hands in bathroom, no way for toddlers to keep movie seat down, freezing cold. Popcorn was stale at first show of the day.

Beverly Wisner

Never had a bad experience But need to get more shows for children They do need to keep up without a theaters during the summer that does a cheaper movie for children who have no money a lot of cities due 2 dollar movies

Teri Watkins

not very clean; popcorn was cold and stale tasting. But prices are good.

Taylor Hammett

I hosted a birthday party here recently & it was not worth it. The party room looked like it has never been cleaned. Along with the bathrooms. Not to mention the disorganization that went into successfully getting the party planned trying to work with the Asst Manager. I would not recommend this theatre to anyone, go to Gadsden or Huntsville!

Bama Pro-Tow

Love it

Jonathon Moore

The showing was good. But the theater is out dated. I noticed some broken seats and some tears in the seats from useage. The carpet is worn. Plus it Just needs a good cleaning. There is a muskey smell in that whole building. Like it needs to air out. If it were my building it would be very clean like the big one is in Gadsden and Hunstville.

fam tam

the bathrooms where closed when I went, but over all no too bad, well except the pricing a little outrageous

Grace Grider Tatum

As far as movie theaters go, this one is pretty decent. the movie quality and sound quality are good. It's a bit dated visually so the whole place could use a bit of a makeover. But overall it's not bad.

Christy Bonds

Could use some friendlier staff!!!

Sabrina Zmolek

Good price. Nice staff.

XxJoShUa DrAwsXx

It was cool

Occisor Gaming

This is lit

Christy Holsonback

The place needs a little work. Went to restroom and the stalls need to be painted along with new hand blowers or paper towel dispenser. Could use a little attention for sure.

James Shiver

Their prices are great and the workers are friendly. Usually have a good choice in films, both 3D and 2D. Only complaint is their seats can get a bit uncomfortable after sitting in them for an hour.

Donna Trammell

All personnel very nice and helpful


I loved it

Jeremy Johnson

Little pricy.. family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids under 6 yr old) going to a movie @3pm and got 2 large drinks and 2 small pop corns and paid $47..

Low Rich Bass

Reasonably good sound. Reasonably good picture quality. One of the guys I'll call a bouncer is a little bossy. Excellent popcorn and snacks. Drink fountain is great. I look forward to going there.

William Davis, Jr.

Great theater. Clean and neat.

John Morgan

Decent employees, place needs a major cleaning. Good cold beer

cynthia tims

Good place to watch movies.

Den Pepp

Love it.

Kevin Corona

Very clean

jason everett

Good customer service. Went to see two movies during matinee. Had 7 other people in the first. Had the theater to ourselves during the second.

Karen Cortez

It's small and older them other cinemas however I enjoy watching movies there. They could use some repair in the restroom facilities but overall I enjoy going there.

Joey Hollis

We really enjoyed the service and movie. It was a perfect date night for us. We will be going back for sure.

Chris Morrison

Great theater amazing staff and prices

Nicholas Bearer

This theatre is in major need of repairs and upgrades. The food is nothing to brag about. Like most theatres the food is overpriced, however in my experience other theatres have better quality food. The chair I sat in was broken. My wife and I allowed the kids to play in the arcade before the movies and they enjoyed it very much. Worth going to if you live near Boaz, otherwise you are better off going to Gadsden.

phyllis Sullivan

Clean, great movies

Grievance Redwyne

Not the greatest cinema experience but certainly not the worst. I have never had any real issues with this place. They could do for some better seating and a little more cleaning but its all good.

Robert Weaver

Old theater. Poor lighting in the theater during the movie. Projection is dim. Seats are not comfortable with arm rests that are solid and not moveable.

Mike Whitt

Seats were broken,sound not good and air was not working.

Christine Parrish

Had a good time

Tonya Curtis

Clean nice and excellent place to have fun

Sarah Maroney

I have been here several times. They always show the latest movies so that you have a variety of choices to pick from. If a movie is really popular, they show it in more than one theater. They have drinks and snacks that you can purchase. They also have a video game area.

David Schilleci

Sucks all the way around (especially 3D)

Tracey Payne

Enjoyed everything except the seating chairs; they are very uncomfortable my group has to get up several times during the movie because the chairs hurt your back.

Sonya Buchanan

Went to see “Slenderman” yesterday. OMG did I want to walk out of the theater as soon as I got in the room where it was showing! That room smelt sooooooo gross! Best guess was like puke or pee soaked carpet. I will not be back.


Nasty and stinky

Gary Morrison II

Such a fine wonderful update

Gavin Fox

Boaz 9 Cinema is a very clean space with a good selection of movies. They have plenty of good snacks and a large selection of drinks. They always keep the most relevant and popular movies. They staff is very kind and helpful. Prices seem very affordable and the movie rooms are really nice. The seats are comfortable and the picture is very clear. I highly suggest this place to anyone looking to watch a nice movie.

Starletlynn Ard

Nice staff and clean will be back

Donna Hammett

Clean with good employees today


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