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REVIEWS OF Blue Moon Drive In Theater IN Alabama

Nita self

Love it! Had a great family night with my kids and looking forward to going back! It's a great atmosphere with friendly service! My first time going and was welcomed in!

Bess Maclean

So much fun! We love going. They are so nice, it's cheaper than going to the theater, the concessions are good and they show movies that are in theaters now!

Carbonhillroofing Mull

Family night great place

Shayne Reeves

My son farted in the front seat and almost smoked us out of the car when we went to see Inside Out. Nothing but good memories here.

Jessie Panter

Grate place to watch movies.

Michael Hendricks

Its cheap, clean, and very retro.

Larry Oneal

Great family fun !!

brandi miller

My family loves this place. We can all sit together on a tail gate or on a blanket and kick back. It is a very casual, relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.

Amy Standridge

Love the Blue Moon drive In. Don't get a chance to go a lot, but when I do it's always great. Great atmosphere & employees. Not many left anymore. Enjoy them while there still around.

Kristina Harris

Great place to go on a date or to take the family!! Monday car load night get 2 movies for 10$ what a great deal. The only complaint would be they need to keep the bathrooms cleaner and maybe even have more than 2 toilets, it takes forever waiting on line in between movies to use the bathroom!!

Joleigh Ergle

It is really good price and it is $ 7 for adults and $4 for kids and you get to see 2 movies I go there all the time it is better than a movie theater and cheaper you should try it out

Secrates Early

Its a drive in, enough said

Byron Cummings

One of the few drive in theaters left in the country. Better visit before its gone for good.

The SouthernYankeeChick

There are two screens, and each screen shows two current movies, for less money than one ticket at an indoor theater. The concession stand has a wide variety of food and drinks, with courteous staff, and reasonable prices. Great for date night, or family fun!

Aliska Monroe

Love it. Two movies for the price of one. Car load night is even better. Great family fun.

Jonathan Burleson

This is one of my absolute favorite places for my son and I to go, to spend time together and do some basic father-son bonding. The movies are always great, there's always plenty of parking, and anything you want from the concession stand is very reasonably priced.

Charles Phillips Jr

A great place to see a movie , easy on the wallet

Vickie Keeton

Great place for family

Shawna Gatch

Asked if they were going to show Beauty and the Beast and they said no because there's a gay character in the movie. Never going here.

Michael Nash

Drive in theaters are such a historical relic and they seem to be vanishing from our very existence. Thst is why I want to mention the Blue Moon Drive In, This place is awesome, please support this establishment in every way possible. The experience is always unforgettable. Great food, piping hot popcorn and ice cold refreshing drinks. Its like taking a break from reality and stepping back in time!

Miranda Dale

There's nothing like a movie at a real drive-in!!! Truly love it!!

Chris Potter

Best place in west Alabama to go to the movies.

Liz Garner

Awesome!!! Organized, Helpful staff. Clean restrooms. Various things at snack bar with reasonable prices. Fun!!!

Kerry Thompson

Love it!!

Tonya Basenberg

Go every Friday in my pearl jacked up Dodge Ram do it for Dale brother

Emily Martin

I always enjoy going to the drive in

VickiandJoey Froelich

Fun family outing kind of place! We brought our kids to experience the drive in like we did as kids. We all enjoyed it!

Brandy Martin

Love it!

Amanda Grace

Love going here on weekends or Monday night's! Awesome atmosphere good food & its like taking a step back to the good ole days! Worth a visit for sure!!!

Tricia Darty

First time to ever visit this drive in, but it won't be the last. Two big screens, two movies on each screen, and even a $10 per carload rate on Monday. A blast from the past for us...and our grandchildren loved it, too!

Tracey Cox

My grand children love it. We just saw Jumanji a few nights ago. It is a real treat for us!

Patience Gray : Patiently Reviewed blog

Nothing like sitting in your car and watching two movies Expensive concession and greasy popcorn. Car load night.

Deborah Tidwell

We love $10 Carload Night! Despicable 3 was great!, and we know it's rained a lot but could we get grass in front if 2 mowed for kids to play, Thanks Blue Moon Drive In!!!!!

Angela Rasberry

Love this place

LaTanya Swanigan

Had fun enjoyed my time good movies

Breanna Grace

So fun to visit on the weekends! This would be a great incentive for children's good behavior! A lot of people bring their truck and you can bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit in. There is so many foods to choose from. Love it!

Christine Johnson

I love this place so much!!

Christy Langley

#greatvalue #easyfun

Dana Tackett

This place had great food, great prices and a great atmosphere. It's great! :-)

Pikeville Drone Services

Love the drive in and this place!! I have a lot of really fond memories of going to this drive in when I was younger and I’m glad we have some folks that built it back up to its former glory!! Really nice people! I would definitely recommend!!

Joe Tray

Large parking and good movie selections. Bathrooms need to be upgraded.

Steven Joseph

Great place for the family

James hammack

Love this place

Doolie Owens

Love It !!

Eleazar Salazar

Always a great place to have a good night with our family

Matt Kimbrell

Great place to bring your kids. Relaxed, fun, laid back place. Great employees. You will feel happy here.

Aaron Cummins

This is a great place to visit if you are in the Winfield/Guin area. The staff is very friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. I would highly recomend this place for a night out with the family.

William Clayton

Nice.... Family orientated

Derrick Basenberg

I go there regularly love it

David Mcgee

Great place to go n enjoy 3 hours down time watching a movie!

Shawna Hawthorne

Love being able to take my kids to see a movie on the big screen without having to get a bank loan. Plus what's cooler than a Drive In, not many kids these days can say they know what it is let alone had the privilege of going.

Richard Bell

Always a good time, fair prices and good food!!

Ashley Enis

I love it

Courtney Lucas

Always enjoy going to watch a movie here.

Miss Gigi

There's something that makes me sick every time I go there.

Bobby Scott

It is very nice but rules need to be enforced about loud engines, brake lights & headlights. Smoke free would be nice.

Joe Simmons

Mens bathroom has no door first thing you see someone setting on the toilet

Judy Rogers

Old fashioned fun with yesteryear prices.

Michelle Smith

My kids and I love the drive in. We drive an hour to come here. Two movies for the price of 1 is awesome too!

Angela Burton

Great family fun!! Good prices at concession and your own space so you dont have to worry about your kids talking and bothering others. Bring a blanket and lay outside under the stars.

Kenneth Taylor

One of my favorite places in the area.

Jennifer Seales

Great place to go. Good prices on tickets and food.

brent cole

Love it and will be back an it is worth every penny spent so that the family can come out and on Monday it 10 dollars and you always get to watch 2 shows better then any other movie theater you would spend 3 times more at any other theater and not get half the fun out of it and the staff is excellent


For a venue this size I do not understand why there are only two very outdated bathroom stalls. No reason to wait in line 30 minutes to get popcorn and use the restroom. Also, was given a drink holder that was so flimsy my drink fell through the bottom and spilled all over the hallway while waiting in line for the restroom.

john saxton

Good place! My only complaint is the folks in their SUV'S with the back hatch up. This obstructs people's view. One vehicle was partially obstructing three.

Lori Robinson

I enjoy going to the drive in and was so happy to see that there was still one standing when I moved here to Ala 7 years ago.. There has been a lot of changes to this drive in since I first started going, but that is to be considered. With time, comes changes or so they say. However, I was really disappointed when I went last night to see the movie NOAH.. Granted the ratings of the movies are no fault of theirs, however, what is their fault if the freshness of the food they are selling. I had asked about the popcorn and when it was popped last, and the man waiting on me got a bit snappy, and said he didn't know when it was made, that it's better when it's not fresh anyhow, not as chewy. Well, after that, I just said thank you and walked away disappointed.. I always enjoy coming here for the popcorn, as I always thought it to be the best. Oh well, guess that to is another "CHANGE"..

Patrick Price

Great family environment!

Jacob Dillard

Nice place with reasonable prices. Enjoyed it!

Matt Turner

Love it here. Been going here since I was a kid. This place is home

victoria franklin

Love it friendly workers great food good movies

Nanette Dunn

I love this place. Can put chairs out and watch the movies. You get 2 for the price of one. The food prices has went up but it has more to choose from. Make sure to get there real early to have a good place to park. Only con is there are places where I heard lower cars kept scrubbing. And there is always a few very rude people who keep turning their headlights on.

Crystal Posey

I've always loved this place I use to go with my mom & dad now I go with my hubby and my lil men ❤

Chuck Anderson

Good, cheap family fun.

Arlene Adams

Great place to go a lot better then a walk in theater

Amy S.

Fun for the whole family!!

logan feltman

Tonight was actually really quite but ther were alot of people using the flashlight on their phones to look around but other than that it was really good

Hugh Corbett

Alaways great and wonderfully prices

David Douglas

Good price on refreshments ..and tickets

Melanie Hubbert

Love coming to the drive inn. Reasonable pricing and friendly employees

Debra Pugh

Really clean and nice place great food. 10

kristin smith

Best place to watch movies

Caleb Freeman

Great place to make memories. You get to watch 2 new movies for the price of 1.


Monday night $10.00 car loads, starts at 8:30, hotdogs,candy, and popcorn is $7.00 for a bucket, $4 refills. Watched two movies. Worth a long drive to visit. They also have $10 drive-in shirts for sale.


Great value for casual entertainment. Friendly and helpful staff. Blue Moon has two screens and offers two showtimes (up to four movie options per night). They are primarily open on weekends and some Monday holidays (check their Facebook page for details and deals). The cost is lower than going to a traditional theater. Stay for both showtimes at no extra charge, even if you want to switch screens. I recommend purchasing the refillable cups and popcorn buckets, to save money on concessions. You can use them each time you go and pay only the cost to refill. The bathroom facilities are the only downside. They do offer a men's and women's with a shared handwash station located on the wall between the two bathrooms. However, the bathrooms are reminiscent of exterior gas station bathrooms. Overall, we love the movie viewing experience and the value at Blue Moon.

Dennis Reeder

It's a drive in with new releases in hd. And it's a drive in.

Gary Knowlds

I love the place for 1 you get 2 movies for the price of one and the Concessions stand is good and right price But that's just me and my opinion

Kevin Mitchell

Fun and family friendly.

Katherine Linely

Good place to watch movies with my friends at.

Jamie Sullivan

Great drive inn

Scott Craft

Had a blast, took my monsters(kids) to see Pokemon detective and they didn't even disturb other people watching the movie.... Watched the last Marvel movie, the picture was good, sounds as good as the factory radio in the wife's van

Emily J Allen

I've been going since 2003 && would rather go there than any theater anywhere!!!! Excellent service && clean facilities!! Fun for the whole family!!

Lory Honnoll

Really enjoyed the experience and can not wait to go back.

Dewayne Guyton

Most AWESOME movie experience ever!

Derek Justice

Its awesome

Wesley Johnson

Great place to watch movies in your car. Privacy and romance at the movies.

Kevin Welch

Love the whole drive in theater experience!

michae white

Love going to this place

Dustin Silas

This sh*t is cheeks frfr

Michelle Davis

Favorite drive-in in Aabama. Two screens that play two different movies each, and All For One price. Courteous staff, nice concession stand, and good prices.

Josh Perva

Screens are too dark. Hard to see the movie.

Cathy Raburn

Love the drive in.

rampage127 rampage

My fav

Stephen Gray

Great staff great prices..

Bryan Ray

Great affordable outing for the family.. Old fashion fresh popcorn

nikki mcgarrh

Loved it

Jojo Eiland

Great family activity.well worth the drive

Amy Kelly

Love this place !!


It's fantastic. Family friendly. Great prices!

tammy scruggs

it was like old times loved it thank you

HeatherLynn Hankins

We have been several times and LOVE this place ♡

Jason Azbell

The sound and picture was great. I appreciated the bag for our trash. It would help to put some reflectors or some type of dim lighting along the drive to get out. I'll be back though.

Rodney Kervin

I think it was ok

Jessi Carter

Love this place great prices

Carlos Lastra

Very family oriented


Great price for 2 current movies.

Janice Ragsdale

An affordable date night. We enjoyed our hotdogs from the concession stand. We will be back.

Shane Koster

Very nice family friendly place. Old skool feel.

Malinda Bell

Great Place, Friendly People, Good Food...and great price for 2 movies!

Crimson Dynasty

I love the fact that we have a drive in movie theatre when so many indoor theatres are going out of business. It has 2 screens and each screen shows 2 movies. $8 person Monday is carload$10. Only 4 stars because SOME PEOPLE DO NOT know how to keep their lights off and SOMEONE HAS TAKEN TO stealing the toilet tissue. 5 rolls they said when I came up between movies. That is just sad.

James Young

Great time and much cheaper than a traditional movie theater.

Brittany Franklin

We love taking our kids to go see movies here under the stars

Chris Cook

Great experience. Love bringing a group and sitting in lawn chairs watching the newest releases. Batman vs. Superman tonight.

Clay Murff

Great little drive in movie theater. 2 screens with 2 different movies. Would be 5 stars if the parking was a little more organized. Gravel in between rows would be nice. It can get muddy after a good rain

Jan Hoadley

Good low cost way to see movies n a nice night

Chadwick Wilemon

Really enjoyed taking our oldest this past weekend. It was her first experience. She said she likes the drive in better than the theatre. Next time we will have to bring our youngest so he can have a great and old fashioned experience also.

Matthew McAdams

Great family owned theater, good atmosphere

Johnny Burnette

Great movie last night. Venom.

Lisa Tidwell

Wonderful place for the family or date night! Loved the food and the movies! Thanks guys!!!

Tanya Tucker

I take my family there alot and we love it ... we always have a great time.

Tina Miller

Great place to take your family

Mark Garner

Its a Fun and great place to take the family

Random Videos

I love it

Coral101 Gacha_Playz

So cool I love going there

Eva Wolford

So much fun. Love the two screens and the atmosphere. Awesome to watch a movie on the big screen in your car or your lawn chairs. We love to open the hatch of the SUV and rest on blankets. LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Moon.

Wesley Findley

Movie stopped and restarted

Jeremy Alexander

Great place to go enjoy a movie. I am so glad this drive in theater is here. There aren't many places like this left.

barbara cannon

Great place for the family to have a great time

Kari Borgman

Always a great movie night at Blue Moon! I've been coming here since I was a young child and still love it to this day. My children, nieces and nephews, and friends all agree that blue moon drive in is a family friendly awesome way spend time with one another.

Paul Haynes

A wonderful place to take your family!

The Boze

The absolute best place to watch a movie.

Billy Fields

Great place to take the family

C. White

Great place for my family. Jurassic World!

Shannon Jacoby

Food good. Service is exactly what you need for your experience to be a good costumer.

Eric David

We love this place. The drive for us is about an hour, and we make regular visits. The prices are good. The people are nice.

Dana Lucas

I love the experience of still going to a Drive in. Use to go as a child to the one in Hamilton. Went to Kings in Russellville as a teenager. Then they opened up Blue Moon and its absolutely great place!! 2 movies. For one price!! Have taken my kids for years when they was young!

Shoan Bowden

Great drive in great fair price concessions

TJ McDonald

Bathrooms are horrible, and the jerks honking their horns and leaving head lights on suck, but other than that my family had a great time.


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