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REVIEWS OF Bessemer PREMIERE 14 Promenade IN Alabama

John Duncan

Ticket takers are nice. Concessions do not offer whole menu. Staff did not adjust audio as requested. Voices are often muffled and nearly inaudible especially in quiet scenes. Music is far louder than voices. Patrons are inconsiderate at concessions just standing in the way when their order is complete.

lynn sealie

Nice clean quiet and have to come with adults...they have senior discounts. Plenty of well lite parking.

Michael Reitz

Nice theater and clean.

Joseph Beavers

Friendly staff, comfortable chairs.

amaryllis morris

The movie theater was clean and the service was ok. The only suggestion I have is get the sinks to work properly in the restroom. There were only two sinks with running water that worked properly in the ladies restroom.

Boyd Blackston

Bessemer Premiere is the nice place to go to anytime you want to go see a movie they have a wonderful staff of people that will help an assist you any needs that you may need and it is a clean and wonderful place so check it out


Convenient and entertaining. Great movie selection. Comfortable seats. Plenty of parking spaces.

zac spain

Place was clean, movies quality was amazing. I just went and saw spiderman far from home and it couldn't have been any better of a movie expirience. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of five is because I was shorted 20$ in the change that was given to me, but hey accidents happen.

Roger T. Graham

Great place to catch a movie.

Steven Capps

Saw Aquaman. There was a emergency light on 1/3 through the movie.

Jim Downing

The theater is very nice. It is brand new and is very clean. Very nice atmosphere.

Brandon Holt

Concession stand shut down before movie even started. Rude concession stand associates.

LeeAnn Jones

I love this theater.

Shelley Manton

Was sent to wrong we went to see was playing in two auditoriums. By we discovered the error we missed the beginning twice. They did nicely refund our money.

Trilisa Witherspoon

Bathrooms need attention

vanessa nelson

Had a great time at this location. The lines to see 'Black Panther' were long but the staff quickly processed admissions and snack orders. Yhe theater was not too cold or too hot. Will go here again.

Krissi Meadows

The movie was good. The theatre was clean; however, the ladies bathroom needs some work. Half of the soap dispensers are not usable and the doors squeak so loud it hurts your ears.

Cassie D

Clean. Good building quality movies. Try to Arrive earlier than normal though since they are on slow when at the box office or at concessions... Not great on staff.

Kaunda Wooten Jr.

It's your average movie theater, but everything is handled nicely.

Raven Hunter

A man told me to be quiet☹

jennifer Walker

Wonderful place to go to the movies. Except on Friday & Saturday nights. To many cell phones, loud talking, & rude, lewd remarks from teenagers& young adults. Go any other time

Marie Sly

Popcorn was great, love the rocking chairs

Kimberly Davis

i love this place with all my heart never change

Lydia Miller

Staff was ok. It was a late movie so I didn't expect much enthusiasm. Also they started charging for the popcorn seasoning that was previously complimentary. You at least still get to cheese your nachos yourself. Clean theater too.

Martin Fuentes

Nice place to go ...we have good time over here

Eric Johnson

Quiet, peaceful great experience

Shelia Snelson

Good place to see a movie at 4 to 6 for 650

Leslie Yow

The movie stopped twice (Avengers Endgame). I go here often and usually never have a problem. The concessions are good...I guess we just saw it on a day that wasn't good for them

cely_girl rueda

This movie theater has BEDBUGS

Zee Mann

Great films

Jonathan Smith

Watched Aquaman. The movie was good but the screen was waaaaaay too dark. At some points, I could barely even tell who the actors were. And a lot of the scenes that should have looked awesome, you could barely see any details. My brother and Mom felt the same. Also, the audio often sounded muffled. They seriously need to fix it. I don’t remember it ever being like that at a theatre before. Were I not with my Mom and brother, I would have asked for a refund after 10 minutes of the movie. Giving two stars because it wasn’t like this last time I was there.

Kyra Stutzman

Closest movie theater to my house and I will always go here.

Kathleen Mullinax

Love Tuesday night movies.

Jimmy Chambliss

They need armed security guarding the parking lot.

Donnisha Richardson

Nice staff

Brett Wood

Very nice theatre.

Shannon Lott

Great family oriented movie theater. Not packed at all. Good food. Decent prices for matinee.

Marcus Wilbanks

Awesome theater to go to for watching the best movies of the year upon its release date!

Bruce C

Greatful for an experience out of the norm, had fun with the family tonight. might i suggest a cleaner womens bathroom environment, also row 2 from the very top in 8 has a rather large pile of fresh popcorn on the floor 3/14/19.

Sarah Carmichael

Last week came here to watch Star Wars and sat through the previews with sound, but no pictures. Tonight, before Jumanji, they have pictures and almost no sound for most of previews. Last week, halfway through the movie, the spot light over the exit sign came on until a patron got an employee to come turn it off. Only 2 of the sinks in the women’s bathroom work. Had to use the family bathroom because I had my 9 year old with me. The lock didn’t work, so we took turns holding the door while the other relieved themselves. Washed my hands and no paper towels. Nothing like wiping your hands on your pants right before you walk out into the 20 degree weather. And we pay $50+ for the three of us to go see one movie and split a large popcorn and two drinks! This place is turning into a really gross and under-run place. Management needs to turn their attention to making this place as nice as it was 5 years ago or I will be going somewhere that values their patrons.

Eric Carter

Not the cleanest. Indifferent staff.

Jeremy Cotner

Well the management there are really nice and, understanding. The staff are as well. We had issues with the other movie goer's they were using their flashlights on their phones, texting with their bright screens, pushing on seats with their feet and, just being extremely loud. My wife and, I walked out and, explained this to the management and, the kindly gave us a pass to come back at a different time and, even offered a refund on top of that. We declined because the pass made up for it. This place could really use some ushers to sit in on the movies to stop this kind of behavior or have the people who won't comply to common decent theater etiquette removed. I really believe that would help this business and, all theaters a lot.

D'Aquarian Goddess

Service was dull. Popcorn had been sitting out all day. Young naive teenage workers that lack great customer service. Dude with the mustache was nice.

Travone laffitte

Hey I live in letson farms and I love movies and I dig my theater

Jerry Caradine

This is our theater of choice when going on a movie date. Our main reason for it is the seating and how the chairs are built. There's almost a reclining like feel and more spacious the other theaters we've been to. The prices are within reason and compare to any other theater. Not sure how many screens are actually here but definitely seems to be enough. Most screening rooms have plenty of seating and are never full (unless opening night if course). Overall, love the place and is our only theater we visit.

Bobby Hosea

Weird bright light from the projector was irritating on the right side of the movie theatre. Great people though with great service.

Brandi Hammond

Theater workers were quick, courteous and attentive. Had a great time and matinee tickets were fairly cheap.

Leave Me A Lone

It's one of my favorite places to see movies.

Amanda Hyatt

So convenient for where I live so many of us live in mccalla oak grove hueytown bessener its nice to Have a theater u a don't Have to drive an hour to get there

Jason Collier

Nice theater. Cleaner and friendlier than AMC.

Carol Blalock

The place was very clean and nice in the movie part. The people waiting on customers at the counter for drinks and popcorn and stuff were rude! They just stood there talking to each other and ignoring customers. She even rolled her eyes when I asked if they were still serving. RUDE!!!

Phillip Peoples

It was a great movie. The snacks were good and good service by the employees.

Bettie Glover

It was Wonderful the entire movie to our selves! I Loved it! The place was nice & clean, staff friendly!

Ron Jones

Not a shove it in your face type of movie. Tastefully executed in every respect. A must see for everyone. Definitely a groundbreaking film that will touch the heart!!!

Aquila Byrd

That's my theatre! Mostly clean and inviting whenever I do go. My little brother likes the game room. I just despise the prices of the concession lol...but that's at ANY theatre.

Valencia Holiday

Enjoyed the show

April Mackfit

Enjoyed the expierence overall. Theater was a little dirty, looks like they may not clean as often between movies.

Dedtric Pigrome

Low crowd. Fresh hot popcorn. Great Staff. Conveniently close to oots of food options. Seconds from the highway and plenty of parking.

Andrea Jones

Great theatre. It's a little cheaper than the theatres in Birmingham and way less crowded.

Pop n Sons

Ridiculous. Just watched “Solo”. This will be the last time we will come here even though we live in McCalla. AMC will get all our business now at Patton Creek. For some time now the SOUND at this theater has been poor. Today, for Solo, the dialogue was pretty good, however, the background music and sound effects were horrible. I asked a young dude and he said he would fix. Nothing changed. Absolutely ridiculous. Please fix and read your other reviews!!!! Sound is a huge issue here!!!!

Alex Gober

Never again will I go to this movie theater because of the horribal policy . What kind of curfew is 6 pm ? The sun goes down at 7pm . This theater will never get my money again I will go to Hoover from now on and I encourage everyone else to also. Just because your security can not handle "goons". If a 21 year old can buy a rated r ticket for a under age person then why is it 25 years of age after 6pm because the time of the day doesn't change the rating of the movie. - sincerely , the most sophisticated 17 year old ever.

Kristie Graham

Our movie cut out 25 minutes into it and they couldn't fix the problem. They gave us a refund, but that still doesn't cover the time wasted or the money I had to spend on a babysitter for pretty much nothing. Even though I live in Bessemer, I'll be driving to Hoover from now on for our movies.

Tanya Tubbs

It was cold. Talking

layzeeartist chris washington

Yesterday I went to the movie theater in mccalla and I paid for my ticket with cash, today I received a text asking me to survey the theater. Folks we are being monitored and closely watched, our every move.

Eva Harris

Enjoyed "Meg" at the Premiere Theater.

Orlando Davis

Always GREAT!

Fronia Williams

Nice facility never over crowded

Eric Schreiber

This theater is disappointing. Earlier this year we went to see the last installment of the Hunger Games. After a late start, they started showing Star Wars. We got them to correct that problem, then the sound kept going out. Wanted my money back, but of course they don't do that - they give tickets for another movie. Tonight I went to see Star Trek Beyond. The movie was fun - I can't wait to see it on my TV, since I could barely see it on their screens. They had the wrong light source set up I think, as the movie was incredibly dim. Also one of the speakers is blown, and all the sound from it had a distinct buzz. And finally, get the kids that are screwing around behind the concessions stand, give them some mops, soap, and clean water, and have them scrub the floors! I thought I was going to lose my shoes because it was so sticky. I think my future movie money will be spent in Hoover.

Breanna Grubb

I go here all the time, at least once a month. Great service and it always clean, but the movie screen is never on during the previews. It’s just a black screen with the audio going, and sometimes the screen isn’t turned on for a good twenty minutes after the start time.

Glenn Quagmire

It’s a good place they have good movies and good prices

Dennis Carrier

Older movie theater not use to have bathrooms in the front of theater

Christine Gibson

Enjoyed the movie but concession stop is to expensive.

William Glenn

If I can give no stars I would. Nothing on the website is accurate. I purchased tickets online for my kids and they had to get a refund. It states that children under 3 can not watch rated R movies after mantiee times but that's a total lie. It's all a race card. I asked for the manager to ask why my 17 and 15 couldn't see It 2 at the 7:40 show and he go say since all the fights lately it's the city curfew for 11 o'clock so I know the movie is 2 hr 49 mins. So I went on to explain how inconvenient for people to drive out that this should be on the website because it's unprofessional,tacky, and no way to conduct business. So the manager go say beside it's some movie theater law that you have to be 25 to watch Rated R movies unless occupied by an adult. REALLY NOW WHICH ONE IS IT? I WILL NEVER VISIT AGAIN!!!

alfonso wallace

Love them awesome people the even helped me with a marriage proposal. All around awesome. Do wish they'd go back down on tickets but hey they gotta make money too.

A Day In The Life Of Nobody

I went this morning for the 11:00 AM showing of Avengers and it was awful, first they let the first few (maybe like 8-10) minutes of the movie play without turning off the lights then after they finally turned them off they let it play for a few minutes then completely restarted it, volume was way to low and the scree\movie kept glitching, the screen kept going black for split seconds and a couple times there were weird glitches on the screen, very distracting... Right after they opened they were out of ice and had to send someone for some and didn't have any hot dogs ready and they were also out of medium cups so i had to choose between a small which is like 2 sips and a large which could water a village.. You think with a major movie like Avengers:Endgame coming out they would have ordered extra cups... Save yourself the trouble and just go see movies in Hoover! Always have a great flawless time at the Patton Creek theater! And this was not the first bad experience i have at at this theater, they wouldn't let my sister in to see a Madea movie because she didn't have an ID, even though she was going to see it with my 25 year old brother who i has a valid ID...

Laugh Love Kisses

Nice theater, not busy on a Sunday which is great. The seats were comfy but the speakers were a little off balanced in one of the theaters. Overall nice place

Jessica Miller

Took my daughter to see ugly dolls but right after I returned home a few days later I noticed bed bugs please beware if you are going here

James Persons

Great place to watch a movie at

jess mcknight

We saw Shazam a couple weeks back and the screen went black 10 minutes into the movie. They attempted to fix it after everybody complained only for it to black out again at the same spot. Finally after about 10 minutes they completely restarted the movie. The rest played fine and we let it go. Today, we went to see Avengers:Endgame and the movie glitches out during a key scene at the end. Screen goes black but the audio keeps playing. Same as Shazam. It plays for several minutes until half the audience has left their seats to complain. They rewind it and “fix” it, only for the movie to glitch out AGAIN during a very important scene at the very end. Once again half the audience has to go complain before they stop it and rewind the film. Not to mention they were late opening the doors to get in since we went to the first show Saturday morning and the popcorn machine was “broken” when we got there. We tried to be forgiving but this honestly ruined our experience and I feel like every person in the theater had their film ruined and should have been reimbursed. The last two films we have watched have been ruined and I doubt we will go back. I no longer have faith that this theater provides a pleasurable experience.

Tim Becker

Good theater. Comfy seats, for the most part. You can raise the arm rests but they don't go back as far as the seats lean back so it's still in the way even when you put it up. Other than that, it's a pretty stellar theater.

Sarah Bullock

This place doesn't even deserve one star, truly terrible. We waited for a movie that was supposed to start at 1, for over 30 minutes. My husband even went and asked someone because all we stared at was the Chevy logo with music in the background. The lady said she didn't even know, and finally when those 35 minutes passed, someone came in and clicked play.

Cheryl Star

Comfortable. Clean. Admission price was awesome because they were having special. Snack bar 'meal deal' was reasonable too, popcorn & drink. We saw Lion King. Great movie. No technical difficulties the whole movie! Great time

Alan Marchman

The picture and audio quality of the movie was horrible. After reporting the issues to management they couldn't do anything to fix it. We walked out with a refund and free passes, but we won't go back there again.

jason elliott

Great place. Good seats

Ashley Brown

Older movie theater. They forgot to play our movie someone had to go tell them nothing was playing. They forgot to turn down our lights for first half of movie

Sherry Black

My husband and I went to watch Halloween, probably the last one unless hopefully unless Jamie Lee Curtis makes anymore but my husband has a partial hearing problem and you know when you go to the movies they're going to be loud and he should not have any problem hearing what they're saying and my hearing is fine but the volume was so low it ruined the movie is because the volume was low. I mean I've never been two a theater where the volume is low. It's usually almost as loud as you can stand. And especially on a horror movie like Halloween where it's supposed to scare the pants off of you I mean it was just disappointing because I was even having a hard time hearing what they were saying and I hear fine.

Tera Stallworth

Clean. Good theatre.

Zack Cannon

Movie was very dark and hard to see for most of the show. The audio was imbalanced and the music drowned out a lot of the dialogue

Anna Thompson

Pretty nice place.

Raymond Johnson

Has always been a nice clean place to catch a movie every time I've been here. People r nice

Blake Porter

Confortable seats.

j guil

Nice facility and the people in the theater were not loud which allowed for a pleasant movie experience...I was watching a sold out black panther opening weekend screening...

Ryan Kramlich

AVOID AUDITORIUM 1. That room has a shot audio system. Otherwise, decent theater.

Trish Nevins

Just went to the 9:20pm showing last night of detective pikachu. Prices were higher than other movie theaters for a regular 2D showing. Popcorn was everywhere in the theater, used tissues in between the seats, candy boxes everywhere. During the movie I saw A MOUSE run down to the front of the theater. I got up to find management and there was nobody around. Nobody at the counter and nobody at the ticket booth. Finally found someone and told them about the mouse and they said they’d look into it. I left the theater and saw them walk in the other directions away from the theater with the mouse. Absolutely disgusting place. After hearing about the bed bugs in the seats you think they would have done something, but they don’t care and neither does management. Absolutely unacceptable. Will never go here again and recommend nobody set foot in there. Health risk!

Starletta Davis

Was awesome


Beautiful theater only issue was they had the lights off in the theater 20 minutes before the previews started made it hard to find seats in a packed theater

Collins Batchelor

Low ticket prices. Candy & popcorn is just as expensive as any theater. Seats are a little smaller than I'd like and when the person next to you goes back, it rocks your seat. That needs to be fixed.

Dean White

Best theater I have been in for over 20 years

Eric Nabors

A nice theatre

carol mccutcheon

This is an awesome theater, plenty of room between seats and they are very comfortable

Dustin Wheat

Nice and clean.great and quiet on Tuesdays

Jeanna Dennis

Saw Jumanji and had a good time. Theatre was clean. The women's bathroom needs some repairs. It was clean.

Jacquie Caron

movies are good, prices are reasonable only problem is theater smell weird, lik e a locker room

Tomeka Thomas

Nice theatre! Always clean. Very polite staff

KEKY A&P Mexican

I don't understand this place. We've complained before with Management about their 3D cinema and it's been at least 9 months and they still haven't fixed it. It sounds muzzle and the video is was dark and faded. I guess I have to start carrying myself to the AMC at the Galleria. Oh well, too bad

Anita Michelle Olds

Clean facility. Excellent Security.

Mia Day

The area was very clean and the auditorium was nice. Yet, the movie didn't show as well for some odd reason.

Cynde Henthorne

Always nice and clean. Good atmosphere

Janice Jackson

The place was clean

Madison Winslett

normally pretty decent went to see solo wars about a month ago sound was poor it was the only time i have ever had this place so not complaining staff are normally pretty quick and friendly even when its packed so i recommend this to all future patirons

Anthony Hulsey

Love this place

Blaine N

Not super crowded. I appreciate that there weren't small gangs of thugs congregating outside, making it difficult to get in. Seats are comfortable and the pricing is reasonable. Would definitely come back.

Kaleb Prichard

Theater not clean. Sounds system dated. Overall worth it though.

Haley Riley

This theatre is honestly low on staff and is not kept up as much as it should be. It's a little dirty and sometimes the screens don't work great during previews. However, the staff is super friendly and they do the best they can and if you have any issues, they go out of their way to make sure the problem is fixed. I love this place and hope that customers will start taking care of it and stop tearing up seats and sticking gum everywhere.

antoinette Gomez

I love this place its always got the movies I want and you van sit anywhere. Its not super crowded like other theatres and you never worry about not getting a ticket. Its very nice atmosphere and there are not a thousand teenagers running around.


Purchased our tickets 2 hours early.. walked into our theater 20 mins before it was disgusting and dirty. Literally was not cleaned or touched at all. Literally food was everywhere. Call me high maintenance but I'm sure it's supposed to be cleaned after EVERY film is shown. Will not be returning

Blake Anders

For anybody wanting a good movie theater; this is not the place. It is not even cleaned right, the screens don’t work right, the popcorn is like they left it all to go stale in a huge bucket barely warm. And I’m currently sitting here typing this in a 12:45 movie at 1:20 because the screen won’t work!!!

Kyle Glugla

Great theatre with great service and small crowds.

Tee Gray

Restrooms could definitely be clean. They have enough staff to accommodate around the clock cleaning.

Tracy Brock

Clean, great customer service. But the movie blacked out a few minutes and we missed part of the movie

Jill Walden

Not clean and new release kept skipping

carlos DILLARD

Clean and beautiful theater. Staff friendly. Would've enjoyed it more had it not been for rude movie goers who talked, texted, and watched YouTube videos the whole movie.

A kelly

I love this place but I hate that we have to buy the food and drinks but ya they are pretty good I recommend

Charlotte Wilson

Very nice, clean theatre. Pleasant atmosphere and friendly workers.

vince m

The theatre was trashed inside, but the seats were comfortable and had nothing else wrong with the experience. Just needs to be cleaner.

Liz Allen

Very clean theater but ticket & food prices were way too high!

Shelby Tucker

You either get audio or picture before the movie starts. We have rarely had both!!

Tammy Simmons

This theater did not excite me. It could use a good cleaning. The popcorn is pre-bagged and not always as fresh as I prefer.

Sunset Pro Shop

I wad watching a movie with subtitles. The subtitle was cut off where you couldn't read the text. I complained to the staff and was told they will work on it. After a few minutes more subtitles and it was not fixed. I was told they are fixing it from the office. It happened a third time and I asked for a refund and left the movie. I believe if you offering a service, do the best you can and the movie theater failed at that point.

Charif Isaac

Good prices. Snack food was reasonable. Theater clean.

Kristilyn Patterson

Great prices. Not too crowded!

Reginald Henton

Took a little long while to get started but it was an amazing experience the movie was awesome


Love the movies good picture

Jim Waddell

One of best movie theater in Town.

Cenchrea Dykes

The theatre was good and clean but the movie blacked out in the middle of the movie for a short time. Some people left but we stayed. There we're small children in the theatre that was loud and flipping over the seats while the movie was on and it was hard to hear the screen.

Nevalery Perry

Wonderful time there. Customer Service is great. Theater was clean. Movie started promptly.

Jeffrey Thompson

I live in Birmingham but I come to Bessemer for the movies love this place

latisha ware

Excellent theatre, love the movies

Linda Rowser

Movie was ok, but wasn't what I thought it would be. Everything else was good except; when you pay so much to see the movies, snacks are very expensive, now you must pay for seasoning to have on your popcorn. I think that is a bit much. I'm sure the theater makes enough that you shouldn't have charge people for that. I think it's sad, and a shame for you to do.

Ranger Silverback

Run down and there always seems to be a problem starting the movie

Carolyn Pierce

I took my granddaughter to see “Peter Rabbit”. She is six. We had a wonderful afternoon. The theater was clean, the personnel friendly and helpful. Great family place!

Anthony Bieryla

Great on a Tuesday with their $5 movies

Sharon Otey

If employees do not like their job, they should find another one. Girl at concession counter was worse than rude. Popcorn was stake, drinks were awful (check calibration). Just another example of how what should be a good business in Bessemer us not and win't be as long as the customer IS NOT the focus of service.

Laura Lewis

My family and I always loved this theatre, but the last few months, the screen is off for the commercials and you only here the voices. You sometime have to ask for the movie screen to be turned on! I'm ready to try AMC theatre! Attitude reflects leadership!

Angela Smith

No one was at the ticket booth for us to buy our tickets. Everone had to get in the food line to buy tickets even if they were not buying food. They were definitely understaffed and we missed the first 20 minutes of the movie. We do not plan to go back to this theater.

JM Barnes

Love it

Crystal Allen

Not expensive and my son loved the game room

Kevin Cosma

Very nice theater. Has very comfortable seating as well.

Tyrell Lee

Went to the 4:10 showing of Captain Marvel with my son. Very good movie. Seem to be matinee price at that time only $13.20. However less than 10 people in the theater room ... Perfect

larry jones

Outstanding place

Jane Carson

Went here on a Tuesday at the Matinee. No one in front of theater, went in and it looked like someone trashed the lobby. People at counter were somewhat polite. Got a large popcorn that was already in a bucket..IT WAS STALE. I asked for another fresh bucket and the lady went back to the popper to fill my bucket, she poured the old stuff out. The next bucket was only slightly better but as we ate it during the movie, we stopped at half the bucket because it was making us nauseated. The movie was supposed to start at 4:50. At 5:10 I went to the counter to ask when the movie was going to start because we had been watching commercials for 20 min. The young lady replied “Have you told anyone?” REALLLY, didn’t know we had to tell people when to start the movie. I replied “I came to tell you, who else should I be talking to?” Frustrated she said she would “see what I can do”.. not apology because she apparently thought it was my fault for not telling “someone”.. whoever that someone was supposed to be. This is the third time for lousy was the last time..done here.

Timothy Hopkins

My family and I had a great experience at the theatre. The staff and concessions were friendly and well prepared. The matinee prices are unbeatable.

Phillip Taggart

Great movie.

Timothy Thrasher

Enjoyed having the whole theater to ourselves to watch lion king but 55 bucks for 2 adults one child 3 drinks and a popcorn during matinee is ridiculous.

Tiffany Wright

It is a nice theater and a good place for enjoyment.

Rabbi Lantz

Plenty of parking, good movies, helpful staff. The seating is really comfortable and means back for better viewing. Excellent theater.

Carlos Taylor

I had a great time at this much Premiere in theaters


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