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REVIEWS OF AmStar Oxford IN Alabama


The seating is what I have a problem with at this theater. I would say 10% of the seats are just outright broken. You have to end up moving your whole family to another row. The seats are outdated and uncomfortable to sit in for extended periods. If you wanted to see more than one movie you probably couldn't stand to because of the seats. The staff is pretty good though. A big issue in this theater is the amount of talking during the movie. We sometimes drive to another local theater (Gadsden) because it seems like it has less ignorant people talking.

Johnnie Harrison

All areas of the theater are clean, employees are friendly and helpful and we always enjoy our movie experience here.

Michelle Griffith

Friendly people, not crowded!

Nenad Adzic

Too strong AC inside

Toni Lachapelle

Love going to the movies. Prices are high at concession stand

Buck Dingler

Theater is nice. The food is a rip off.

Carol Curtis

Nice theater-first time visiting

Karen Mainous

Good popcorn, senior prices, clean bathrooms and theater


i personally love going here. so many memories. everything was great

Rick Levesque

Great place to catch a movie.

Cathy Kellogg

The woman taking our money for tickets could have been more engaging and pleasant. Otherwise, popcorn was fresh and bathrooms and theater was clean.

Theresa Simpson

Nice theater, comfortable seats, clean restrooms good experience.

Shannon Powell

Just went to see breaking-In and loved it a "must go see" but the theater is always clean and cool the popcorn is always high along with everything else they selling but that comes with going out to the Big Screen some movies are best seen on the Big Screen

Gabby Young

Cold but overall was great

Krystal Bost

The staff was nice and accommodating. I got a fiber stuck in my eye and their first aid kit did not contain any kind of eye wash or saline solution at all. I feel like that's maybe not the most well rounded aid kit for a theater to have, since, well, it's a theater and you really need to have use of your eyes to enjoy their movies. There's a kid working there who is a guy person who also enjoys wearing makeup. I personally think he looks gorgeous, too. I have noticed other customers get kind of rude with him, but he does not stop smiling or being professional. And extra kudos to the theater for allowing him the space to express himself as he sees fit. All the employees I've interacted with in the past year have been nothing short of kind, caring, and attentive. Y'all are doing a great job, just add some eye wash to your kit!

Heather Gilbert

Needs major updating. Hasn't been updated in at least 15 years

Denise Barlow

Went to see the new alien was so good.

Andybshark 08

Love the service, and love the selections of movies as well as the confessions. The theaters are always clean and keept up. I will definitely be coming back.

Jennifer Clayburn

Love coming to watch movies with my family here

Robert Brandsma

The last two movies I saw were in theater number 4 and for some reason the lighting with the projector is screwed up and part if the screen is brighter than the rest and it makes the image looked washed out. You'll really notice it once the credits roll and the text on the left side is super bright. Mentioned it to the office staff the first time I noticed it, 6 months ago. Didn't bother this time. EDIT: it is Thearer 4. And the light calibration is still wonky.

Brian Ragsdale

Watched the Madea Movie

Steve Smith

Movie theater is what it is. The mall it is attached to however is under construction. Whole place looks ghetto and third world. Far to many empty stores. Only theater is worth making the trip.


Ok seating, good sound, easy to use and understand website, and good picture.

Georgie Cutright

Comfortable seats. Good early bird prices. Great sound and picture.

Kathy Freeman

Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff, the theater and bathrooms were very clean. They do offer veteran/military discount, so long as you provide proof.

Chris Kread

Nice theatre. Great selection.

Hannah Hatfield

Very nice theater. Kind of expensive though. Relaxed environment, friendly staff, popcorn is delish!

James Parsons

We go here often. Always clean and friendly staff

Craig Bailey

Great family atmosphere!

Kim Sukley

Always playing great movies

Gene Helstrom

Nice place, clean nice restrooms. As with every theater in the nation, popcorn and a drink and nothing else you better get a second mortgage if there are more than 2 people. With a couple it will only cost your first born!


A little pricey, but very comfortable seats and awesome sound system.

Tara Luker

There aren't any kid priced tickets, and the concessions are outrageously expensive. The theater itself was in good shape though.

larry tumlin

Great Cinema and the service was great and relaxing will watching the movie!

Crystal Free

Amazing place to shop. I recommend a trip to Sephora and Victorious Secret

Shane Pilkington

Excellent place for family

Jessica Howle

Only theater around but its super nice.

Justin Irvin

Great movie theater and good fresh pop corn love it

Momof3 Scholars

This is such a nice movie theater with nice employees in a dying mall. So sad. I hope the theater doesn’t close because the stores are closing.

pac man 82

Very clean nice workers very respectful very nice and polite

Mackenzie's The Great

Great place to watch movies! It comfy, amazing popcorn, and always the best movies playing. It's under $10 for 1 ticket! How amazing is that? If you ever visit this city craving a movie, visit this theater!

Brandy Thompson

I was very satisfied with my experience. Thanks.

Jeff Ponder-Twardy

Always clean. Staff is always friendly.

Justin Owens

Watching my movie was great. Just me and my 2 friends, and the couple at the very high seats in the back. Half way through the movie there were moaning sounds and looking back they were going down on each other. Next thing you know there was camera set up to the left of them and lots sounds. If anything it added to the Avengers experience.

Katie Johnson

It's just a standard movie theater, but if you're hard of hearing, you're in luck; the volumes are generally set so loud that you can feel the explosions if you can't hear them.

Eddie Edwards

Went to have a day out with family on Christmas day. Everything was good. The theater was clean. Since this movie location is independently owned they don't refill buckets or offer buckets. So I just purchased a large popcorn and put it in my bucket. This movie theater is located inside the mall.

Amanda Barnes

Great theater. Seats are comfortable and the service was great!


exelent store

otho walker

Nice little theater, movies were great

Crystal Flores

Great experience but a little pricey.

Amanda Williams

People we nice. However the place is run down. Ticket and food cost were high!

Kimiko Ware

Watch Madea's funeral. It was hilarious and scandalous. Great to go as a matinee.

John Morris

Very nice employees very clean nice rest rooms

Ashley Brown

Very comfortable environment


Could watch the movie I wanted to

Donnie Wright

Greatest theater in anniston. Great location and movie selection.

Katlin Harrington

Love this place! The food is amazing! The people are always so nice. I only come here at least 2 times a month.

Laverne Klentz

My wife and I hadn't been to a movie in a long long time and we really enjoy the movie and the Am Star in Oxford, Al. Will defiantly go back soon!!

Melinda Wright

Had a great time! Great service!

Jennifer Stedham

Pretty good theater a little outdated. So many others have better seats etc. If you live in Calhoun County THIS is your only option for theater though.

Bruce Long

Clean, good movies, and no cellphones going off


Love the cinema and they got great seats and fresh popped tasty popcorn and very soft and comfortable seats and got great employees, great service, clean and sanitary place also great for a friends and/or family to go!

Jason Tirban

Enjoy my movies here, but with everything dying in the mall around it. This place needs an upgrade to bring life around it.

Chelsea Haggard

We love Amstar. The theatres are so big. All employees are respectful.

Megan Deering

The cashier at the food stand was not taking of the amount of money that was rightfully supposed to be taken of and I was mad about most of the bathroom stalls were filthy but for the only place here that allows movies to be shown like this I am ok with it. It is also about the only place keeping the mall open this point of time that is the main reason I would go to the mall anymore my self. So logic I am only here for this place. There also expensive in my opinion that let us watch some moves that are out.

Pam Laminack

loved the movie lion king picture post it Great place cant wait too see Racing in Rain was supposed too yesterday and tonight

Towanna Wilson

Always nice, clean and relaxing. We have never had an issue at this theater. The staff is always in place and nice. The facility is in good condition.

Tracy Lewis

Great place to watch a movie

Aarika Holman

Staff is always friendly and professional! Restrooms and theaters are always clean!

Verdestine Hubbard

An affordable safe place for family or date night.

colton brookhyser

They going downhill fast

Omar Matar

I just watched mission impossible tom cruise it seems the movie drove me crazy and got me high or something lol I enjoyed the movie so much...awesome

Alan Steinkamp

To much walking and taking in movie

Patience Maltass

Tear this place down. Seriously. Rude service, nobody is ever working. Spend a little extra time and money and go to the new Pell City theater!

Mattie Durpee


Heather Alvarado

Over priced. Whether it be ticket prices or concession, be prepared to spend a pretty good bit. Theatres could go for an upgrade for sure.

TIm Fortner

Great little movie theater

Jonathan Ponder

Came to this theater one the week of spring break. There was a line back to Bath and Body Works and a customer went up to three people that was just standing around while they had one cashier and the “management” said that they don’t run registers. They don’t care about their customers because they are the only theater in the area. Poor management and they don’t consider customers valuable.

Thomas Landers

Good theatre. Usually friendly service and most importantly I’ve never had a screen or sound issue here!


Seats could be more comfortable and prices on everything is outrageously expensive but other than that thumbs up

Greta Davis

Pleasant environment.

Kim Dobbs

Had the best Wednesday in awhile ,spent it with Marie & new dragon ball z movie

Venus L.C.S

Large popcorn and 2 large drinks....AWESOME! with free refills....BUT they could go down on the price of it ALL..cost me $63 dollars to take 4 kids and myself to the movies...NOT GOING TO BE COMING BACK ANY TIME SOON...too EXPENSIVE!...but still had a wonderful time

Zack Anders

I have been going here for pretty much my entire life and it is awesome. It is not perfect, but it is still good. Although recently I have noticed that the screen is darker than it usually is.

James Minor

Very nice & good

Julia Griswould

The movie I saw was great

Tyler Nelson

Great experience! Definitely recommend!!

Ashuhlee Banks

Great movie .went to see the joker.

Edward Clinton

Clean. Hardly any wait friendly and patient staff.

FordTough Lady

Love watching movies here but it was really hot!! They should have turned the air on!!

Wendy Jones

Arcade:1 machine, the grabber doesnt close for a stuff animal till its in the sir so its literally impossible to grab anything. Another grabber machine doesnt work at all. The air hockey is great and the motor cycle is ok. It needs about 3 more good games. 2.pricing, went to see an old movie and the charge was the same as a new movie. The movie was the worst movie iv ever seen. Worst than watching the most boring documentary. Old movies needs a few dollars knocked off. I will brag on a few things. The whole theatre is clean, including the bathrooms. Friendly service. Employees really care about the customers. Its up to date with movies and advertising.

Katherine Vandyke

Their prices are high and the seats are incredibly uncomfortable! The theater is I serious need of a remodel.

Will Hallman

Great place for a family night!!! We signed up too with their rewards system and it had basically paid for my give year old each time

Charlene Shealey

Prices can be a bit high at times but it's a great place to go.

Vincent Whiten

Watched Halloween and they cut lights on before it was over, to "see how bad it was". I'll make the trip to Hoover next go around.

Debbie Byrd

Great movie experience!

Olga Banuelos

Nice place to enjoy a movie, but to my opinion they need more people to keep the building clean

Laura Dixon

Very nice. Well maintained. Friendly service

Chris Bass

Popcorn abd a drink was $15. Not a great deal after an $10 ticket. Cant afford to take others with me. Bring food prices down.

devon smith

Great workers clean theatre great movie

Mackenzie McConnell

Very nice place to relax and watch movies, high quality sound, not too pricey, and the popcorn is delicious and worth the price! The theaters are always clean and so are the restrooms. Watching a movie is like real life AR, and it's very cool! It's like your in the movie! Lost and found is also great too, I smile every time a happy employee reunites a person with their item. Go see a new movie here if you are ever in the Quintard Mall of Oxford!

Chef Shomari

Nice convenient clean popcorn good

Vilishkumar Patel

Needs remodeling its been same for almost 20 years now

DeathCab Kitty

Very big and clean theatre. For being at a mall, it wasn't too loud or crowded. Food and drinks are still a bit expensive, but it's a theatre. If you don't expect such things by probably have never been out to the movies.

Cary Richardson

Very nice place to catch a good movie with popcorn and family or friends!

Ches Smith

Was able to get tickets quickly, and the movie experience was just like you'd expect.

Nelda Burgess

Saw it chapter 2 it was a jumpy movie

Alayne Livingston

This is a very nice theatre. My only complaint they do not show all of the latest movies. I am waiting to see The.the Hos

brian bonham

Concession are way over priced even for a movie theater

J Waay51

Always a good experience for me here!

kenny inman

Food prices are outrageous. Can be a little warm on hot days.

edie jones

Good local theater friendly employees

Joey Clapper

The theater is nice. Friendly staff. Pricey snacks. People still don't obey the rule against lighting up phone screen during movie.

Marianne C

Had a great time in the clean theatre !

Letha Clark

I love going to the movies.

Jason Wilson

Friendly staff, great family spot. They run specials for kids and just a good place around

Gloria George

I like I feel safe there

Jeff Thomas

Great Theater.

Karon S.

I took my granddaughter to See Toy Story 4 today. The places wasn't that crowd. They about 20 -25 people in there with us .It was a very clean place. We be back.

Kathy Myles

Excellent movies and the snackes are wonderful.

Tangie Barnett

Great! Need more movies avaiable.

Jonathan Baggett

This theater is always clean and comfortable. This was the first movie for my 3 year old daughter and she absolutely loved it. I recommend this theater.

Eddie Hames

We go there a lot to watch movies

Brent S

I love the Flashback Cinema they do. Getting a chance to see the classics on the big screen is amazing for movie buffs like myself.

Wayne Worley

Who doesn't want to just go kick back and watch a movie sometimes well this is a pretty good place to do that

Ernest Thurston

A full service multi-screen theater with a loyalty card to save money. It's the last one in the Anniston, Oxford , Jacksonville area. I hope it manages to stay open.

brandon pittman

Nice movie theater theater seating clean inside the mall

William Whittaker

Nice place

Perry Welch

Great movie

Trucker Panda

Deals and discounts on movies, nice candy mix dispenser inside

Barbara Woodward

Had a little problem with our tickets. It was resolved quickly with no problem. Snacks are too expensive. Staff seems very friendly. Nice theatre and seats are comfortable.

Derik Murray

Horrible experience had some teenagers talking non stop finally got took out of movie way to late. Had some other teenagers behind me who were doing same and stayed whole movie and didn't shut up. Amstar needs to get in control of this. Will not be back to amstar cinema 12 in Oxford.

ben blackmon

Clean theater. Great sound. I almost always get a seat that is broken.

Ashley Figueroa

Courteous staff, clean bathrooms, fresh popcorn, and comfortable seats, especially during the holidays.

kiesha goggins

Great Place To Go With The Kids Of Out On A Date!!!

Jean Matthews

I tried to come here at least once a month to see movies.

Brian Parton

Went during a slow time during the afternoon. Quiet, clean.

Bridget Spruill

There was a baseball coach that requested a discount for his teams to watch the Avenger show. The manager said there was no problem and the coach had a confirmed 79 to attend. The day of the event the manager back out on the request. How can you do business with this type of management. And you wonder why these establishments are closing.

Lacey Humphries

We had a horrible experience tonight. The movie cut off right as the climax of the story was taking place. Then at least half a dozen people started to curse profanely, at length, IN FRONT OF YOUNG CHILDREN and continued to do so with no presence or intervention from the theater staff. This theater used to ask people to leave if they lit up their phone in a darkened theater. Now they hardy enforce anything. We told the staff AND the manager what had happened in the theater, and while we received vouchers to come back and view the movie at a later time, not one person offered to ask the unruly people to leave or control their speech. It didn't matter at that point, because we could not stand to be in the same theater as those rude, crude people. This experience was very upsetting. I don't know if I want to go back to this theater ever again. It should be theater POLICY that if you disturb the viewing experience of other patrons or engage in offensive behavior or speech that you will be asked to leave without a refund. This theater doesn't even enforce the phone policy any more. The lady next to us let her phone light up the whole movie. It is ridiculous to pay almost $10 to view a movie and not be able to enjoy it.

Christa Morphis

Enjoy going every other Sunday with my brother. We really love the Reel Rewards program! Always clean, polite staff, and great for Sunday afternoons. I do only have one wish: to have more showings of newer movies around the 2 pm time slot. May not be feasible, but would be awesome! Great break none the less.

K. Hilley

I've been going here all my life. Always walk away happy.

Kelley Ledbetter

I a little mad that the movie I really wanted to see was out of the theater way to soon but other than that, I love them.

Brigette Bridges

Comfortable seating. Wasn't very busy when we went so we had lots of room. The downside is the concession prices!!!!

Richetta Logan

Great movie! Everyone should see Overcomer!



Kevin Nails

It's one of the few good things left in the mall. The Reel Rewards are great too. It's always nice to find out you have $10 credit to use.

Creek's Lawn Care

Went to see the movie " IT: Chapter 2" The only issue is the concession prices. But, I guess the concession has always been high. Great atmosphere. Seats are nice. Had a great time.

Derek Berry

Nice Movie Theatre!

Grady Mcglothin

Great Service excellent movies

William Washburn

My family and I enjoy this place.

sonic456 111


Dustin Hill

Clean, friendly staff and great surround sound. It's what you expect out of a cinema.

ray hulben

Dirty place needs to be cleaned

Alan Walker

Good clean place to see a movie.

Carolyn Martin

Toy story! Fabulous! Kids popcorn and drink. All good

Steven Cohoon

This place use to be the bomb. Not so much now. It's a bit dated compared to other theaters. The first seat I went to sit in was horrible. The cushion was practically gone... All I could feel was the metal frame.

Greg Satterfield

Nice theater friendly staff

Mattie Gray

Great place to feel the real Movie Theater ambience. Independent cinema Theater must continue playing. Let's support these Theater all over the world.


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