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4450 Creekside Ave, Birmingham, AL 35244 Located in: Patton Creek Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC Patton Creek 15 IN Alabama


Very spacious theatre. Prices are what you expect for consessions. Screen quality was a little grainy and the seats were not very comfortable.

Sara Thurgood

Always clean, great location.

Ellen Corbett

I lost my phone and the staff was SUPER helpful and nice. They helped me search for it, and when I went home and called to ping it, they let me know when the movie currently running would be done. The called me back, let me ping my phone, and had several folks looking for it, instead of just brushing me off or being surly about it.

Christian Patterson

The theater experience is quickly changing and AMC has shown that they are growing with the change. Always fast service and clean atmosphere. Great quality of sound and picture!

Madeline Lang

Very busy theater due to location. They could do a much better job keeping the rest rooms clean and over all theater clean. They need full time cleaning staff. Wish it was more like the Vestavia location with clean and comfortable seating.

Robert Miller

Terrible. I went here on a Sunday night to see a 6 PM movie. No one at the ticket stand; you had to go to the concessions at stand to get tickets. Two people working at the concessions stand with a line of customers - neither attendant at the concessions stand attending to any customers for around 2 minutes! The guy who finally sells me a ticket, popcorn, and soda was definitely not interested in his job. No popcorn salt available and he wanted to know if he should take the extra 30 seconds to go get some from the back... Soda machine was out of Mr. Pibb, who knows what other drinks were out as well. Concessions stand was filthy. Ticket, popcorn, and soda is $30 - that's a premium price for a movie, if you going to spend it, you are better off going to a different theater where hopefully it will be better manned and the service will be better.

Tayyaba Khan

Clean, spacious, fun, and has a very good vibe. Comfortable seats, good food, and restrooms are nicer than other theatres as well.

Russell Haygood

Good theater for movies. Has assigned seating. Shazam was fun to watch. Location good, plenty of parking.

Braelyn Guin

Popcorn burns lips if chapped and the food is pricy. The movie quality is good.

Tyler Hodges

This place was a joke. Everything looks new, but it’s junk. Couldn’t get any food because equipment was down. Movie didn’t have sound so delayed 30min then when they get it going was muffled the whole time. I appreciated the coupon and staffs apologies, but I would choose another theatre in the future.

Nathan Wallace

Movie was amazing a screen and sound quality we're great! Service was a little slow as it was crowded and we had to sit a bit close but enjoyed the movie (endgame) nonetheless

Austin Sandow

Lines in this place are ridiculous, they force to you to use the kiosk instead of opening up the ticket booths. Staff seems inattentive and that they don’t care about your experience just waiting for what ever time they get off. They’re no doubt getting the attitude from the manager. Theater was nasty as can be the bathrooms were just as bad. This place is a joke and I won’t be returning.

Amanda Miniard

In order to buy tickets you have to wait in the concessions line and it’s made even slower because of the club members Oh, and they had 2 cashiers... the food area is a disaster and extremely unorganized. Oh, all this on top of seeing half of Toy Story 4 before the projector went out. I’m thankful I have movie options because I’ll not be taking the family here again.

Tahnya Bell

Love this theater! So much nicer than the only theater we have in Tuscaloosa (Hollywood 16). Concessions are cheaper, theater was cleaner. Really enjoyed going there.

Shannon Martin

Very nice and clean! My sweetie and I went during the day, on a Thursday, to see "A Star Is Born" (I Highly recommend seeing). It wasn't crowded, obviously because School is in session. Lol. The bathrooms are very clean as well as the theatre itself. The chairs were extremely comfy and very roomy in between each row! We will certainly revisit soon!

Scott Thomas

Best theater around! And being a Primer Stubbs member means shorter concession lines and no service charges for buying tickets online.

Beverly Andrews

Seats are comfortable, plenty of leg room, the coke was cold and popcorn was hot.

LaTasha Thomas

I was a good movie

RonAld WesLey HamiLton

Truly enjoyed every minute I was there.

Scott Young

Was way better when it was The Rave. Not very clean.

Summer Lusk

Update: I rarely go here anymore as the seats are uncomfortable compared to the nice reclining seats in Vestavia, however my child still likes to come here with friends. I usually drop him off and pick him up after the movie at the front door. Yesterday when I went for a pickup up the security guard approached me in a very threatening manner and nearly hit my car with his golf cart and would not let me wait to pick up at the front. The encounter was frightening for me as he came really close to hitting my car. But I was most mad about my child have to walk throughout the parking lot to find me. This is not a good theater if you want comfortable seating, decent popcorn, a particular flavor of soda, or if you are taking someone and need to pick them up later. It has been very sad to see this place decline the way it has over the years and I hated being forced to drive across town to find to decent movie theater. Went to see avengers after getting my ticket 10 days ago. Waited in line forever to get in and then even longer to get drink, popcorn, and nachos. Ice only available on 2/4 drink machines. Coke available in 2/4. Someone was in my iMax seat and I had to sit somewhere else. Then someone came to sit in the seats I had to move to and I had to leave. The entire place was filthy. Only good thing was that I was able to get a refund, however that also took forever.

Lisa Lyons

Wow! We saw the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and while technically I don't suppose that really has anything to do with a review, I just had to throw it in there! The theater at Patton Creek in Hoover, AL are always clean. They're picked up and the carpet has a once-over after everyone has filed out. For those who like to wait until the last credit rolls (like me and my family

Lance Wilson

Bought a ticket to see Avengers ahead of time, but they had zero parking and a ton of people lined up outside. I decided not to risk parking a mile away and then having to fight for a decent seat (an hour ahead of time.) This was my first experience at this theater, so giving only 1 star seemed unfair.


One of the best! (AMC never fails to impress me) more Dolby Atmos equipped showrooms than I've seen in other theatres!


It was great, we enjoyed ourselves! Always

Beth C

They're now offering gluten free options, including brownies and glutino pretzels. The bathrooms were very clean, especially considering Endgame just let out. The staff have been super helpful.

Molly Feazell

WORST. MOVIE THEATRE. EVER. This movie theatre has taken a very simple process and made it a mess! Since no one “takes” or checks for tickets here, everyone go for FREE! The lines are ridiculously long because of lack of counter help. Premiere people get to cut in front no matter how many other people are in line waiting or how FEW counter persons there are. There is no one in charge or directing when crowded & it’s FILTHY! Hurry & close!

Action Jack

Pokemon go mainly that's why I'm there alot

James C

The building was nasty the employees were rude and didn't care the sound controller didn't seem to know what they were doing. Overall a Poor experience want be going back..... And if that is what you call a rocking seat then the jokes on me. One last thing the popcorn sucked and they only had one drink machine that worked and nobody seemed to care when asked.

Ylana Meadows

I love it first going and yes I will be back

amber leigh

Doesn’t matter if you’re Alist or premium you’ll be waiting 20 minutes before you get called up. Don’t talk to the manager either they’ll just tell you to wait or leave

Camille Davis

This place is huge! And clean! And a great time!

Srinidhi Raghavendra

located inside the Galleria Mall, the AMC offers 3-D and regular movie experiences. Comfortable seating, clean restrooms and good variet of Food at the concessions make it worthwhile for a family outing.

Erin Rubin

I’ve never been more disappointed in a theatre experience in my life. I usually go to see a movie at least two times a month and this was the first time I’ve been to Patton Creek location in 6 months. When you walk in there was trash all over the floors by the concession. When you walk into the bathroom trash cans were full, trash all over the floor in the bathrooms, no paper towels or soap. No to mention the lights that never went off in our movie. I will definitely never be back to this location. One individual usually spends 25$ to go and see a movie these days and you should be able to go to a theatre that is well managed and clean especially in Hoover. And not having police officers at this location is another mistake. When Rave Motion Pictures owned it, this would’ve never been an issue.

mystic gohan

Went to go see endgame but not enough seats for me and my cousin plus the staff were very rude and unprofessional. I didnt get too see endgame today

Zavier De'Sine

When AMC originally bought out Carmike I was actually worried, but they renovated the theatres, freshened them up, and most importantly gave you bigger seats. Add in their A List and the improved service, atmosphere and you have a winning combo.

Julianne Chaney

Endgame Rocks!! Always love going to Patton Creek, the popcorn was great, and even though it was crowded we still had a fantastic time!!

Khalif Brown

I seen the movies my family and I wanted to see

Keyonna Buford

I love it, but your assigned to seats, and people be sitting in the seats that you choose, and so you have to sit in annother seat, but then you fond out that your sitting in another persons seat, and it gets annoying. All i want to do is pick a seat when I get there without trying to find.

Erica Glover

We love to go to the movies! This thater is nice but it gets real pricey, especially if we want to take the whole family. On a weekend it can be pretty crazy and get a little messy but I guess thats to be expected to a point. I would recommend it though, definitely.

Kierra Ott

The box office outside was closed and there was only one kiosk working, making the concession stand line too crowded with too long of a wait for tickets. Fandango had the 645pm listing of the Addams Family as a regular movie but when we finally got to buy tickets we were told it was 3D and the next showing was an hour long wait. Only to get inside the theater with no air conditioning. After I asked for the air to be turned on, we were given 10 minutes of air flow before it turned off and my family was sweating the rest of the movie. A lot of hassle for overpriced tickets!!

Jimmy Chambliss

Great place to see a movie

Kelly Dawn Anderson

Quick to get our tickets, good seats, nice bathroom (ladies).

Paul Tsuchikage

One of the coolest places to get a bite to eat and watch a movie at the same time

Jesslyn Blake

My husband and I went to the 9:00 PM showing of Dark Phoenix last night. The drink machines at the concession counter were out of almost everything, both of them, and nobody at the counter seemed to care. We bought our tickets online and printed them from the kiosk at the entrance, but nobody checked or scanned them. We could have just walked right into the theater without paying—anybody could have—because no one was checking tickets. The movie was supposed to begin at 9:00 but didn’t actually start until 9:15, after a member of the audience went to complain. The place seemed like it was being run by incompetent teenagers on summer break. 3 stars, cause I’ve had good experiences at this theater before and maybe last night was a fluke. Y’all need to get it together.

Yolanda Williams

The movie was great, however the seating was a little uncomfortable compared to Vestavia Hills AMC, with there bar, reclining seats, seat warmers, trays for your snacks, and extra walking space. Other than that, everything was satisfactory.

saul reyes

Great show...gteat movies

Kimberly Harmon Miss Kim as Aretha

Saw The Lion King on IMAX 3D.

Eric Carter

It was fine. Nothing special.

Denetra Senigar

Always a good experience. I especially like the prime experience.

Chris Poore

Top notch and very comfortable seats. Highly recommend this theater.

Kyle B

Needs to update, renovate and clean up this place has changed in no way through 3 owners and there are still broken chairs dirty floors etc I get its a movie theater but it's not like this in vestavia so I don't excuse it. The staff is great most of them are just kids making a check so I don't blame them I blame upstairs

Fidelia Bradley

Sound was too loud...seats uncomfortable

Disobedient Avacado

Love it!! very cool seats hehe

Beth Sorrells

Packed, always a 30 min + wait for consessions. Arcade keeps quarters. Semi-clean theater.

Matthew Mcferson

Perfectly fine theater. No reason to dislike.

Leave Me A Lone

I enjoy the seats the nice personnel the times I've visited.

Kaylee Hix

The movies are good but the place is disgusting with popcorn everywhere and kids littering the place (maybe it was a busy day?) I then went into the bathroom and there was toilet paper everywhere in the floor and two stalls had human blood in the floor (I hope human) and another feces. You also have to buy your tickets from the snack line (the ticket booths are closed down for some reason) which means it took 30 or 40 minutes to get tickets

Ben Kuykendall

Good selection of movies. Decently clean on busy weekends. What more could you ask for besides faster refreshment lines or better drinking fountains (no seriously, please fix those).

Megan Miles

This is my last choice for theaters. I typically aim for Vestavia AMC because it's much better run. Patton Creek never seems prepared or staffed for what is a normal weekend, much less big release dates. The line was into the theater halls for concessions, out the door for ticket check, and past the sidewalk for ticket purchase. There was no coke or ice in many of the machines, and somehow my normal coke zero (no ice) tasted like lemons. Not to mention that I am very confident their popcorn gave me food poisoning...didn't eat anything else in that timeframe and got really sick. The bathrooms. Ugh. They are AWFUL even on slow days. Pee, toilet paper, garbage, etc all over. I typically try to avoid it all together. Lastly, I watched a 3D movie here. 3Ds never bother me but here, it was so poorly calibrated that I had to close my eyes and take deep breaths to avoid nausea. ...probably will just never go here again, even when Vestavia has less than ideal showing times. It's worth going out of my way because Patton Creek AMC pretty well ruins the experience.

Brianna Penny

I have to take a star off just for the way everyone was treated after the 4pm showing of Avengers rushing us out of a movie that you know we already paid extra because of your lack of preparation for a 3 hour movie that is known for being watched through the end credits and then arguing with the fans not regular movie goers but fans of a decade old story that is coming to an end and forgetting that we are the ones that supply your paycheck this review may not be the best choice on words but I think you get my point every thing else was great especially the young man who took my order although I can't stand the bathroom sinks or the stalls but it is what it is maybe next time be a little more prepared and treat your customers better especially the ones who are paying extra oh wait there won't be a next time because this was the last avengers movie

Awayne Williams

The feature started 10 min early and we were not told that it had already started when we bought our tickets, so we missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. By the way Hobbs &Shaw has NOOO! connection with fast & furious . Very disappointed with this movie.


Went to see Shaft...funny as H. Also you pick seats now...thats sort of cool

Melissa Jones

This theatre is a gem. It offers re-releases as well as special showings, and Fantom Events. It also has a large IMAX theatre.

Renee H

Nice..went on a Saturday night. At least 80 people in line before me. Took me 38 minutes to get through the line as others left out of line. When I got to the window there were only 2 people working the windows and 3 additional windows with nobody present. Wished they had more help! We missed the movie we came to see...we had to pick another...


Great atmosphere and clean bathrooms. Superb location for a birthday celebration. The staff were so nice!

Ebaa Wahdan

This was the worst theater experience I have ever had! There was a baby crying throughout the movie and the mother didn’t have the courtesy to step out with the baby. Bottle kept falling down to the other isles. There was another man playing some videos on his phone very loudly, very rude. The place was a mess. These kinds of things should not be allowed to happen. It was difficult to focus on the movie difficult to hear with all the noise from the crying and the video. Will not be returning here! Very disappointed

Edward DeMellier

Comfortable theater showing first run movies and some special shows.

Carlos Garcia

Ridiculous line for a 1pm show. They only had 2 employees who did both tickets and concessions. I stood in line hoping it would move fast, after 15 minutes and not being much closer I left knowing that I could miss the start of the movie.

Eazy-E Ryder

Great place and have enjoy every visit..

Dawson Martin

Watched the new Avengers movie, IMax 3D. Great Experience!

Alonzo Coleman

I can count on 3 fingers the times I've had good interactions with the employees at this movie theater. The ONLY reason i go to Patton Creek AMC is because they're the only place in the area with IMAX. Bathrooms and the concession area are always trashed.

Jeff Dorough

Good theater. Easy entrance. Clean.

Dae Clark

I always have a good time here.

Nathan Bell

Good theatre, had a good experience with the family

Jason George

The whole movie the projector kept on flickering and darkening and brightening. We couldn't enjoy the movie from this going on. I tried to let someone know what was happening and I couldn't even find an employee last night.

Tiffany Underwood

It was awful, they have assigned seats now. So when you buy a ticket you pick your seats. So many people were in the wrong seat. They was shuffling everybody around. Couldn't even enjoy the movie.. Hoove Theater sucks

Barry Adcock

Not the most updated theater. And the food prices seem rediculous even by movie theater standards.

Bobby Hosea

Amazing cinema. Just wish they had the softer seats.

Robbie Bobby

While in the bathroom, I saw a tall, young gentlemen wearing his black jeans below his bright red underwear. I was in hope that perhaps he was in such a hurry to sanitize his hands, he hadn't had a chance to pull his britches all the way up. Alas, he walked out of the bathroom with his red underwear on full display and never bothered to pull his pants up to cover his undergarments. There were other patrons dressed in the same attire. Also, theater was warm; felt like it was 79 degrees in there.

A Day In The Life Of Nobody

Great theater. Fast service.

Keiron Key

Celebrated my Birthday with a free popcorn and drink. Love the heated recliner chairs and food served to the seats.

lamont dawson

Great place for the price but sometime the people there don't do their job like making sure the movie is playing like it should be or turn the lights down low when the movie starts

T Montgomery

Went to see Aquaman. The theater was clean and the people were polite. The popcorn was fresh.

Lejolith Flaime

Would love the seats to sit back further. I was comfortable in the environment. I gave only 2 stars to see if the business actually responds. Another reason too loud of the speakers. I don't see me going back or recommending. My date ended awesome though. Me and my lady actually like going out in nature.

Barbara Dollar

Comfortable seating; nice theater.

Lori Hicks

Hate the way you make full paying guests wait behind your VIP who pay less for tickets. Think about that

Jesse Wilson

It was an amazing experience. We got in quick and i enjoyed the movie so much. Will be back

Jacob Hydra

I was very happy with my visit great staff

Kristina Olive

The staff was very friendly, helpful, and fast. The reason I gave 3 stars is because there was a mountain of trash overflowing 2 trash cans outside, trash littered all across the entrance, and wrappers and napkins covered the condiments table.

Billie Cook

The seats were very comfortable. Not too loud. Very clean. NICE!!!!

shane poteate

Much better than "Cats" I'd go there again and again

Jennifer Salter

Clean and very nice people who work there

Emile Thigpen

Quick, efficient, love watching movies here. Though there is always a line for concessions. So plan to be early if you want some delicious popcorn.

Elizabeth Ragona

This is one of my favorite places to go see movies. Blockbusters on the Imax screen are incredible. The theaters are clean. There are lots of food options (but they aren't cheap.) And the staff is usually polite and helpful. The AMC Stubs programs are great ways to save, and if you're a movie buff, then the new A-List program is for you: $20 per month to see 2 movies per week at any AMC.

al munther al brashdi

Good place to spend time

DJ RaptorXS

My, how this theater has gone downhill since AMC took over... I couldn't enjoy the movie because so many people insisted on texting/posting/talking throughout the whole feature. The main lobby was NASTY, with popcorn and trash all over the floor. The parking lot had shady people hanging out as well. There was a police officer inside the building, but he was sitting inside the dimly-lit party room. I'd like to bring this to management's attention, but they don't seem interested in responding. Unfortunately, this level of customer service seems to extend to AMC corporately, as well :(

Judy Brown

The movie was great and the theatre was clean with comfortable temp.

paula dixon

Due to a morning power outage, I was unable to see the movie I went to see. The problem was no one came to tell the people in the theater this information. Finally an audience member went to check and came back with information.

Jennifer Andrasko

Very clean and sweet employees. Just won't answer their phones,ever.

Chris Austin

This is my favorite theater! Super comfortable seats and amazing good options

W Austin

Everyone is always pleasant and they know how to thoroughly butter your popcorn.

Dawn Cook

Popcorn tastes over done, cleanliness in the theater could be better. Customer service was good.

David Church

Terrible idea to have to reserve seats. No benefit, only causes issues. Movie theaters have worked perfectly since inception on “first come, first served”. Stop making customers reserve seats and go back to the way it should be

Karen Glover

Great place but pricey

Brooke Robbins

After watching a movie in the amc theater, I felt I had the full experience and was very exposed to the big screen with no distractions.

Michael C. Fazekas

I’ve always had a great experience while visiting this theatre. The staff is most always very kind and the theaters are usually clean, except for the bathrooms. There’s the occasional weird smell and trash on the floors. The bathrooms usually leave a bit to be desired, but that’s what you get with public bathrooms. Other than that point, great place.

Stanton Davis

This place is nasty and lines take forever to get through. Took us 20 minutes to wait in line for a ticket.

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Great movie theater with discounted tickets for movies that have already been out awhile. Very clean and very courteous employees.

Benjamin Jordan

Went to see Avengers:Endgame. I feel for those theater workers. Comfortable chairs and great sound.

Bessie Travis

Needs some one to keep it clean. They need full time cleaning staff at this AMC location. Popcorn is always fresh, but some days more on the floor than in the machine.


Large chain movie theater, be prepared to wait in line to buy tickets. The line backs up on a weekends. Download the app or use kiosk inside to buy tickets ahead of time. This location has a couple of food options but does not have the full menu or alcohol for AMC

Bre Morris

I am very disgusted with service today at the concession stand there was no line. But, I still end up getting poor service sadly.The cashier hair was so long it was past here elbows, going everywhere, I didn't feel comfortable with her even being around my food in the concession stand. And on top of that she DID NOT INFORM me of the lack of condiments that WHERE REQUIRED FOR WHAT I PAID FOR. For example she asked what sauce I wanted and told her but I NEVER GOT IT. I expect to get my moneys worth but ONLY HAVING 2 CHICKEN TENDERS for 12.99 is very unacceptable. It will be rare when I'll come back to this theatre ever again.

Carol Brookshire

Terrible service. Only one cashier selling tickets to a long line of people. I bought a bag of popcorn that literally weighed five pounds just from unpopped kernels. The person who waited on me was rude. The ticket taker pointed me in the wrong direction for the theater my movie was playing in. The movie didn't start on time. I know good help is hard to find but this was ridiculous.

LaTanya McDuffie

This location is ok but could be a lot better when it comes to service. Most of the people that work there walk around like they have all day to wait on you. They have assigned seating when you purchase your tickets but you are never able to get the seat that you requested. If you didn't purchase tickets before arriving then you have to stand in a long line with others who are trying to order food. They really need to revamp, check the processes and do business differently.

Blake Hunter

The atmosphere and customer care is high in quality, the food is also pretty good, a little pricey but still really good.

Nathaniel Tyler

Its convenient and has the potential to be so much more. Since AMC took over ownership the food quality has improved, more staff, and a pretty efficient process of admission. Negatives is the ticket machines, games, and soda dispensers are not well maintained. Bathroom needs renovation and the lobby is not kept clean. Optimistic it will get better before competition comes.


Ok stadium. Clean. Silly concession prices as usual for theaters. Sound and temp good

Cathy Stewart

Nice theater but the concession stand was closed by 8:45. Should have been kept open much later.

josh wright

To be so busy, the staff were still friendly and helpful.

Eli Rodriguez

It’s the only theater with an IMAX screen(that I know of), the place is generally clean and the people are very friendly, customer service is neat! Although it can get a bit crazy when it’s packed but it’s expected. I wish they offered more of the gourmet popcorn mix. But I guess it isn’t as popular.

Gretchen Wilson

Like the location of this theater. You can browse through nearby stores, there are several places to eat close by. Theater has a good variety of movies, well maintained and the staff is friendly.

Lawrence Winrowjr

It was a great place! The theaters were clean and seats were very comfortable.

Gracie Hancock

Went last night & bought tickets to annabelle, couldn’t see it so we said okay were just going to watch aladdin, they said they were going to give me a refund, they ran my card and it never refunded my money, also the manager was very rude to me and yelled at me across the movie theater when i was standing at customer service because she told me to wait there she will be right back, and then she got one of her employees to come up to me only (it was 3 of us) and said if YOU go to annabelle you will be kicked out. Very rude and unprofessional business

Shawn Bean

A very nice theater that is well-kept with a friendly staff. One thing I don't like is that they have two self-service kiosks inside and no one outside to sell tickets. This can get backed up, especially when people aren't familiar with the process or where to tap on the touchscreen. It would be nice to have the option to pay with cash as well.

Denise Hafer

Don't go here they have asigned seating like your in school. Will not come back...

Myra Bass Austin

Theatre employees were friendly. Also, prompt in helping customers. A little girl got lost from her family. When I notified the worker behind the counter she promptly left her area to assist me with finding the girl's family.

Nevalery Perry

It was crowded but the line moved quickly. Good Customer Service. Hard finding seats, someone was in ours but things worked out

CampHorne Staff

Good place to view a movie. Not sure why they have two lines since people are routinely cutting in front of other people just for a movie ticket. This is a special shout out to the woman? that about ran over me since she felt privileged and didn't need to wait for her turn Adding to previous review, gave it a second chance. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!!. Being skipped in line, overlooked and ignored won't be tolerated. Instead of serving the customer, the limited staff was too busy making popcorn or playing with pretzels. Go back to selling tickets in a ticket line and sell concessions from the concession stand.

Justin Beck Holmes

Have you ever been to Vegas and played craps? It's kinda like that. No idea what your experience is gonna be. Sometimes huge lines, sometimes they aren't even taking ticket stubs. Strange times. If you're feeling lucky give it a shot.

Samuel Kent

The self-service kiosks for tickets are quite possibly the most convoluted process I've ever experienced for buying movie tickets. I actually had to quit the process and go buy tickets at the concession stand.

LaQueena Compere

Movie was good but AMC greeter was not customer service intreseted if you know what I mean.

Dawn Barnes

The new General Manager Monique is absolutely AMAZING! Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We will be returning!

Susan M

Not the most upgraded of the AMC theaters and half their drink machines didn't work but not a bad place to catch a movie

Sara Holley

If I could give a lower score I would. If you want to go see a movie with out having to worry about cell phones or clean bathrooms, this is not the theater to go to. I get that it is nearly impossible to keep up with every single person that is on their phone but they don't even walk through theaters and just check. All of that aside I helped a couple out of our movie bc he was having a medical emergency, when I told the manager about it he literally said, "okay. And?" Kid you not. Didn't even ask about the gentleman that was having to be picked up, didn't offer to reimburse their tickets since they are leaving, if anything we were just inconveniencing him. Finally he did a refund but was beyond rude to them.

Kristal Morgan

Had a wonderful time with the family. We will definitely be back soon

Van Adams

I love their IMAX and IMAX 3D! HUGE screen, detailed with great sound


Went with some friends to see Godzilla and had a great time. Comfy seats, convenient location, and good prices.

Kerry Barnes

Awesome movie theater if the area you sit in is clean. It seems the tenants are doing the less they have to do in doing their jobs. I almost fell from a liquid that was left on the floor from the previous group. Clean the floors and lets be safe. Popcorn is great!!

Guillermo Fernandez

Great place to see a movie with good popcorn and a cold drink.

Ronald Carter

This theatre is lovely...maybe cause i went on a i got tickets and drinks and popcorn at the register..

dufflebag easy

Security was present and made me feel safe

Kimberly Bollman

The day we went the seats sat uncomfortable, which is not the way I remember them. Always friendly staff. Easy to get to. Plenty of parking and lots of theaters in one location. Also the day we went, the previews were LOUD. So loud that we had to complain and ask if the movie was going to be as loud as the previews. We were told they wouldn't be. There really wasn't a lot of difference in the volume so it was an uncomfortable experience for a large part of the movie.

Darren Henderson

Just saw Spider Man with my 22yr old daughter & we had a very nice time

Vijaysankar Mani

Very good. Good staff. Amazing imax screen and audio. In the heart of Hoover.

Ronald Minor

Only had 2 people working the front for tickets and snacks. I waited in line about 45 mins and the lines barely moved, would have been way late for movie so we left..AMC Patton Creek... .HIRE MORE WORKERS!!!


This theater is close to my home and is good to catch a quick movie. The theater is clean, but the service is not always great. The staff is not always familiar with the deals. Customer service could be better. However, the movie experience is always great.

Kathrine Ramos

Awesome service clean threaters.


AMC Patton Creek 15 en Alabama
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