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M Faulk

I saw the new Star Wars movie on a Saturday at 2:35 PM. The ticket price was awesome, less than $5. The theater was no-frills, but nice enough. It was not at all crowded, the staff were pleasant and polite, and the bathrooms were clean. The concessions were the only thing I’d like to change. They were too expensive, but not more expensive than other theaters and they had no hot dogs. I will definitely see more movies, but I’ll probably eat beforehand.

Quaysean Turner

It doesn't compare to Cinema 13 on chantilly pkwy but the prices are slightly cheaper.

Steven Wolf

They have IMAX...if it was closer to Ozark, AL...I would have to pay rent there!!!Awesome!!


Theater was completely dark 10 min before show started. Everyone had to use phone flashlights to just find their seats. Serious liability issue! Once the movie started, they turn d the lights on full bright

Edward Lorn

Great pictures quality and pleasant staff but certain theaters have audio issues. When I complained nothing was done. Someone else tried complaining and again nothing was done. This happens every other time we go here. Still better (and cheaper) than that disgusting theater in Prattville.

Rex Allen

Today visit was not all that great. The bathrooms were a mess. The volume in the theater was louder than usual. The ticket prices and the movie, Aladdin, was about the only thing great about this trip. Update 6-9-19: When we went in to watch the movie the theater was not cleaned. Popcorn was on the floor and trash in the seats.

Tameka R Cobb, Baker

Loved it and they're reasonable prices

ImCurvin Playz

Great experience. Movie Sounded Great and looked up to par. Very happy with it.


It was the best I seen spider Man it was great people are so sweet I love it

Cris Moody

Decent theater. Needs updating

Devin Bateman

Love the prices for movies. Saturday morning and Sunday mornings are super reasonable. The theatres are good, nothing fancy but I'm there for the movie not fancy chairs and gadgets. The snacks are still pricey but that's every theatre. I like being able to buy my tickets on the app and fo straight to the podium without having to have physical tickets when the lines are long. Overall clean.

Nicole G

Fun time, neat clean theater

jo-jo hall

No sticky floors or trash. Wonderful experience

Lex Brinkman

Good screen, good snack selection, could have marked the entrances better and my chair was slightly broken making it lean to the left. Clean and well kept other than that.

Maya Pettiway

Just leaving now trying to see Godzilla. The movie was suppose to start at 10:30p. We get into the theatre at 10:37p and the movie has started already 25mins in. The manager/employees were asked 3 times to start the movie over. Ultimately nothing was done by 11pm and when the manager, Sheldon, was asked for a discount he says "Oh we don't do that here" and didn't offer any compensation. It was basically just an attitude of, "Well the movie already started so deal with it".. So we got a full refund and had to leave SMH. Awful service!

Curtis Johnson

Staff is absolutely terrible. IMAX screen is also subpar.

Tyreek Bennett

This is the best movie theater in the world

Kathy Mitchell Lewis

I really enjoyed watching Shaft. Theater was clean and quiet

Psych_ 477

Very comfortable seats!

Belinda Farrior

We have been here twice and there have been issue with the screen.

Tanya Brumett

Toy Story 4 matinee! Great time with the family!

Cowsworld !!!

The Toy Story movie amazing because of the movie theater I'll also recommend to watch that movie

Elaine Webster

Went to see the 5 Heartbeats documentary.... the movie started 25 minutes late.., no one was attending the booth. Had to go find someone to start it. The doc was forwarded to accommodate the current time, missed the first part. Asked for and received refund.

Davin Johnson

A pretty upscale theatre with great screens. The concessions are a bit on the pricey side ($6 for a regular fountain drink) and the speakers were on the louder side. However, the day price for us was about $5 a ticket.

Joe Howard

I am a Premier Stubs holder and I was under the understanding that we get preference service over general. Its obvious not the case at AMC 16. Im starting to feel that the status is worth it

Cheryl Phillips

Movie tickets were cheap however the food and drinks were way overpriced (more than the tickets themselves). Drink machines were pretty much empty and the sodas that weren't, tasted horribly. It smelled like urine throughout the entire theatre, so badly I questioned if the bathrooms were having issues (they weren't). The staff was friendly but next time I will visit Prattville's movie theatre.

Zach Gantt

Good ticket prices. Out dated seating.

Prime Time

Pretty nice place. Wish the theatre was cooler. I always buy my tickets on the AMC app (I suggest you do) to skip the long wait times.

Karrie Newcomb

Captain Marvel was excellent! The new seats in the theatre were very comfortable

Bernard Mccaster Jr.

Affordable tickets is a major go!

Sherri Gilmore

Great experience.. enjoyed my valentine day

Reed Lawrence

Very clean theater with excellent movie ticket prices. Their matinee prices in particular are nice. The snack bar food is pretty good, sadly their prices here are steep. At $14 for a hot dog and a drink I won't be shopping there much. Still a great place to see a movie with friends.

Greg Wilder

It's not great, nor is it the best theater in Montgomery. It has gotten progressively better in the past year, though.

Penny Coleman

One would think that with the reserved seating would work better when other people are sitting in your seats. Considering this place is under staff with employees that makes extremely long lines for popcorn and soda. Just because you're going to the matinee does not mean that there are not expectations to go along with it.

Joe Keeney

A very nice theater, it's 1,000 miles from my residence.

Shannon Renae

The early matinee prices are great...they need to shampoo the chairs, clean the sticky floors & offer more reasonable prices on the food.

Kyle Last Name

The theater itself was fine, no issue there. The service at the concession stand seemed slow with little to no sense of urgency causing a pretty long back up.

T Williams

Very clean, fair price on tickets, as with every theater the snacks and drinks are very pricey. Spent 30 on tickets and about the same on a juice 2 candies two drinks and a popcorn. We watched the lion king on the imax, it was great, the screen was massive, the sound was spectacular. My one and only complaint was the show time was supposed to be 130 but they didnt start the film until 150, which left us with a extra 20 minute wait. All in all it was a good experience. I'd reccomend going but keep plans loose for afterwards just in case of delayed start.

Chlsea myo

Best weekend matinee price in town

Melissa Adams

The outside was nice and friendly and they recognize Premiere customers. The inside food counter, they make suggestions then tell you I'm sorry we're out, they were rude, impatient and honestly this was the first time I've ever been so disappointed at AMC.

April Damato

Love the matinee pricing! All 5 of us can see a movie for $20. They always get you with the food so a lower ticket price is welcomed. They could keep the bathrooms a little nicer.

Sherrita Norman

Went to see Crawl. Good movie

Dale Clark

Watched "Skyscraper" fantastic movie, but that's not this review. For some reason the a/c in the theater went out mid way through and everyone was pretty warm. The theater we were in, 13, didn't appear to have been cleaned before sitting. Overall good experience with the small stuff aside.

Peter Goeckner

The theater is decent, but we had to wait through 30 MINUTES OF PREVIEWS! Seriously, not an exaggeration. There were 8 movie previews. AMC, start the movie at the time it’s advertised to start.

Stephanie Perkins-Johnson

Great Movie Hobbs and Shaw☺

Daniel Faught

This is a pretty large theater, with all the latest movies playing. The incline in the theater makes it to where the person in front of you wont be in your way. The concession stand line also moved pretty quickly. Has an arcade available to entertain you or your kids while waiting for your movie to start seating.

Verna Webb

I stood in line for over 30 minutes because their nerwork was down. The cashier could only accept cash. After standing in line and finally getting my ticket, the manager was short. He offered no compensation for my time wasted.

Felecia McMillan

The movie was really goid everyone should see it. But they rather see Avenger which not base on any truth. Not saying you can't but it was pack in Avenger and Breaking through was only 5 people.



Leslie Timmons

The worst staff at the food counter! False advertising and absolutely no customer skills! This really needs to be fixed and Managed better.

Carrie Stark

Great ticket prices. Clean theater.

Tarsha Stokes

Thay need to upgrade on them seats thay r awful

cathy cunningham

We had a very good experience!

tyshera bennett

It was really hot

Kayla Collar

This place is trashy and ghetto now. Nothing is ever clean. The icee machines rarely work, bathrooms are always disgusting, and employees are usually rude and obviously hate their jobs. Puddles everywhere. The chairs haven't been replaced since it was called the Rave. The film from everyone that have sat in the seats is so gross they feel damp. Ticket and concession lines are always slow. Ticket prices are cheap, but that doesn't make up for everything else that's wrong with this place. At least most of the screens are still decent. My family and I will be going to Carmike from now on.

Brandon Bruce

Great movies and fun experience

Cyretta Gilmore

Great movie experience. The early morning service was great and the concessions were fresh. We will return.

Felicia Madison

This new assigned seating is dumb and lame and don't even make not sense. I'm gonna start going to chantilly or Prattville.

Ellie Lansdown

The only reason I knocked a star is because you're supposed to buy your tickets outside. In the middle of Summer. In Alabama.

Ms Vance

Fair tickets prices, good service, awesome movie!

Taylor Collar

This place is not what it used to be. None of the digital signs work, the floor is always disgusting, the drink stations are a mess and rarely have enough lids, bathrooms smell nauseatingly terrible, seats in the theater have been damp the last few times I've been. Ticket prices are low, but kiosks outside are always broken so you have to wait in the ridiculously slow ticket line. Staff was relatively friendly, but it seems like good service is hard to find in this area anyway. In short, I will be going to Carmike from now on.

Shannon Harden

The ticket process was slow but the window attendant was very nice and patient. I rated this visit two stars because they only had one person behind the counter at the concession stand. When the second person was called after one order he started stacking nachos in the case....never mind the line that is getting longer. When a manager or shift supervisor decided to come and assist the line had died down. If someone makes a run to the concession stand in the middle of a movie they shouldn’t have to miss 20-30 minutes of their movie.

Margaret Connor

A great experience. Using my digital coupons was a snap. Concessions we're tasty. Service was warm and friendly.

Jah Khalil

Movie experience was good, but was a little shock when ask for my ID when I was presenting my ticket to enter the movie. I'm 36 so I don't get carded too often. What scared me was I left my wallet at home. Lol

Pamela Swinney

We enjoyed ourselves. My husband and I took my son to see the Grinch. The customer service was great. We ordered the nachos and popcorn combo. The nachos and cheese were delicious! They are my son and I favorite snack to order.The popcorn was hot and buttery! We had to wait because the line was long but the workers served everyone quickly with a smile. The theater was clean. The seats were comfortable, the sound and picture quality was awsome. And I really appreciate the the price we paid for three of us. It was about $13 for the matinee.

Rinda Wynn

Usually enjoy coming to this theater, even though the concession prices are high. But when they told me they couldn't accept cash right then because the previous customer had received change for a $100 bill, that was unbelievable. I just waited till the manager brought more change. Good thing I arrived early!

Anthony Homsher

Tickets are usual 4 to 5 dollars but the food is expensive and very cheap products if you are going to the AMC go for the movie and the ticket prices and not for the food.

Carol Roberts

This was once the theater everyone went to, before the newest one was built. For the most part this is still a good theater, with lower ticket prices to lure people away from the newer fancier theater. So it's definitely attractive if you want to save some money. On a couple of occasions we've had strange things happen, like someone forgot to actually start the movie. But it's still a good theater.

C DeLoach

Smells terrible, poor ventilation and the popcorn is awful.

Pat Felder-Cato

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. People lined up outside to purchase tickets. And others whom had purchased online or with the AMC app waited in line inside to get to their featured movie. The vending line was long. Too long to wait, before going to find my seat and see how long before the movie was starting. Enjoyed the movie!

kim swanson

Awesum, Family Oriented Had Fun

timaka redmon

The ticket price was just right, however, the food prices are ridiculous. Would have paid the price for refreshment, but it took to long to be served.

Joy C

Love going to the movies here. The concession is a bit pricey; but, the experience is fine.

Hannah Holman

It 2 was ok!!

Cory Clemons

Great movies and prices. However everytime I reserve seats somebody sits in them and wont move so the reserve seating is useless.

Marie Lundbom

Best movie theatre in Montgomery. They show Christian movies, you Don't have to the concession stand and be ignored to try to buy and they Don't serve alcoholic beverages. The staff is very nice also.

Blanche Bors

Great place, VERY affordable!

Zachary Monroe

Awesome place. Had a great time with my girls

S Morris

Friendly staff. Ample parking. Should have someone available for concessions even if things are slow.

Daniel Chapman

Don't love the non v.i.p. line

Brenda aBroderick

It need to be renovated inside and out.

julio coronado

Great movie theater

Kayla Franklin

The lines were decently paced, but the pretzel bits were cold and bland. The movie itself was pleasant but the staff and snacks are lacking.

Tanisha A Brown

The IMAX seating needs some cleaning. It's so cold in this theater. The staff are always friendly.

Sherry Whetstone

I always get in for $5.99..lots cheaper than Prattville but we saw Pet Semetery and now I am scared to this theater..

Christie Mcqueen

Best movie theater ever.

Mike Taylor

Have always enjoyed my experience there but this time was disappointed in the concessions. We paid to join the Premier Club and when we went to get popcorn and drinks we had to wait for others to go ahead of us before we were waited on. We asked about it and were told that they waited on 2 non Premier customers and then would take a Premier customer. So we waited quite a while. My understanding was that by paying extra for that membership one of the perks was that we didn't have to wait for non Premier members to go ahead of us. Not sure I will do this again.

Linda Maddox

The Teller was just nasty to me and my family. I had gotten in the wrong line. You see we haven't been able to go to the movies in years. My husband and I want to take our Grandson to the movies. My husband is not well at all, he was out of breath and she asked us to get in the regular line in order to purchase the tickets. Now when we first got in line there was only two people there. When I stepped back to the other side there was about, twenty people in line. My problem is that she was the only person to go to. My question is why did I have to go to the end of the line and come right back to her. Everyone in the line just looked at her, because they could not believe she was doing us like that.

Daniel McQueen

SHAME ON U AMC.. a few times I have been to this movie plaza and bought a ticket just to find out they cancelled the movie huh were they do that at. then they ask do you want to see another movie we have? hell no I want to see the movie I paid for. I want to be comfortable and their chairs are hard and dirty and the prices are high especially the food. the best place to go is the Chantilly movies down the road I would give them 5 stars but for you AMC one star, kill your selfs.

Jennifer Andrasko

I really like this theater, but I had an employee really piss me off. I literally had my foot propped up on my husband's leg watching the movie. Only 1 other person was even in there. Nothing inappropriate and an employee had the audacity to make me move away from my husband or get out!

Eric Johnson

I love movies and they have the best deal with their Stubs A List.

suechon hood

They get u in and out

John Geary

Forgot to give me my 3d glasses. Other than that not to bad

Kim Fisher

When we got in there was a girl running the snack area leaning all over the counter. When we approached I said she's just waiting to help you and she rolled her eyes and huffed. She acted like we interrupted her. Then we got inside theater 11 and it smelled like musty and urine. It was all wet on the floors. Disgusting. I literally felt dirty leaving there. Will never go again!!

ACR Computer Services

Love this place! Glad to see they're still arcade games! The concession prices can come down though.

Domonique Hails

Good movies and great prices

LaMonica johnson

It was calm and relaxed, fast service and clean. The bathrooms need alot of work tho but the workers are good and the building is ok.

Mac Man

Avengers EndGame was a good Movie 3D.

Ina Washington

We enjoyed the movies! Prices are steadily increasing though for the food.

Carlos Harris

Had a really good time here.

Alexis Canty

It was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was the assign seating when purchasing a ticket. Which to me is crazy.

Connie Duncan-Norrell

Mama told me if I couldn't say anything nice... So here's the nice. It was pretty clean.

Johnny Gilmore Jr

Actually an enjoyable viewing experience. Theater was comfortable and temperate. Sears could be more comfortable, but perhaps cushioned recliners are a bit too much to ask...

Becca Scott

Waited for 45 minutes in theater to see Rocketman and some horror movie about a weird doll came on!

Heather Rae Weilbacher

If you go in the afternoon it's about $5 per person but the snacks & drinks are pricey

Gary Pearson

Nice theater, really expensive food and drinks

Sonya Telfair

The IMAX theater experience was nice.

Reginald Lutes

I love this theatre can't wait tell they update with the recliners & bar, I also like rewards program.

mymommasgirl stratman

Last few visits was wonderful, we took the kids for their birthday this year, and the theater was clean, popcorn and drinks were good as well and the people where nice and professional. The prices were decent a well. We will definitely be returning.

Dru Amos

This is a weekly thing for me! Keep the popcorn coming, along with lots of butter!

Jacqueline Cahill

Cheap. Need to clean and update bathrooms. Biggest issue: Suggest having text number for security guard to address. I verbally confronted teenage boys who were disruptive during previews (clearly wasting time movie hopping in our movie...talking AND facetiming). Next step was for me to go to front for security to come in...ARGH....I carved out precious time and paid to see one movie. Why am I penalized further by missing the movie? What number do I text...state which movie, issue, and if I have already tried talking to individuals causing issue? ...Also they left mid-movie for next free movie they were interested checks would be beneficial and not too hard on bottom line.

Nikki Nikki

Love this movie theatre. Close by EVERYTHING.. Good people and good customer service

Bob Williams

3 police cars out front, movie started 30 min late, lines to the street, 20 people in concession line, 2 of 4 butter dispensers empty, 2 icee machines capute, so you decide. On a positive note, the 3 employees I dealt with were great! Hats off to them :-)

Shawn Lim

They didn’t turn on the movie for an hour even though we complained that even the ads aren’t showing. I was running late because of this and every movie after was delayed. Just because it wasn’t a famous movie doesn’t mean u don’t turn it on especially because we payed for it.

Austin McIlwain

I remember back when this place was called the Rave. It's still pretty much the same place, but it says AMC now. Anyway, the inside is usually alright. There used to be a Time Crisis machine near the exit door, but it was out of order for a long while, so now it's just ice hockey and basketball. Honestly, the removal of Time Crisis is probably one of the greatest losses I've had in my entire life. The theaters are usually clean, but some of the signs near the back look a bit not-so-great, I guess? Choose this over the Big D, though. I think it's also called Chantilly 13? Whatever, be hip and cool, and hang out at the AMC. Maybe bring your own Time Crisis machine. Please do that. I really miss it.

Jason Jackson

It's good movie place.

Edward Blake

Only love it for the IMAX.

Lee Wiggins

WAY CLEANER than I remember it a few years back. Stopped going to this theater because of the smell in the auditoriums but it's gone now. They DO need to add a bathroom or two closer to the screening room in the back, heck of a run in a tight lol.

Patricia Carstarphen

Went to the movies today. The concession stand area was filthy. Popcorn was everywhere. The floor was actually a hazard with water everywhere. I asked if they had small drinks and I was told only regular and large. I had 3 children 10, 9, and 7 so I bought regular and took them to the restroom before entering the theatre. They tried to hold it to the end of the movie but could not. We missed the whole end of the movie in the restroom. If you are going to have children movies you need to have kid drinks! By the way we met another adult with two children at the theatre. So I am talking about 2 adults and 5 children. So only one adult so the whole movie. I am very upset!

Janet Chappell

Been going here since l was young love it everything was ok

Donna Vickery

Had a great time. It was messy but it was late Saturday night so it was no big deal. They were busy.

Chelsea Bowman

My husband and I went to see The Equalizer 2 at 4:50PM. We got there early to snack on popcorn like we normally do. Everything was fine until we walked into the theater. There was trash everywhere! The filth carried over to the women’s bathroom. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in days (tissue on the floor, stained toilet seats). The majority of the stalls were very nasty. My husband says that the men’s bathroom was fine though. I’ve never seen AMC look as terrible as it did. It’s a shame because I love going to the movies and AMC has a great rewards program.

Donald Taylor

Was very nice, go on line and be a member, get free refills on large drink and pop corn ,plus look at another great deal cpming up on a monthly special per person. Your love it ☺

Sue Donde

It was just OK. The movie waa really good and the sound system was good. The snack counter was slow with only 2 people working. The Health grade was 85

Benjamin Coleman

This theater still has decent screens and options for the area. The restrooms and snack offerings could be better, but the price is fairly equal with other competition. Location of the theater is good as there are a few restaurants as eating options prior to or after a show.

Yalonda Patterson

Absolutely love this theatre! Loving the new reserved seating and added menu items like chicken and waffles. This theatre is always clean and because I'm a Premiere member, I get really great deals on ticket prices, snacks, priority box office ticket sales and concessions. I love that on my birthday, I get a free movie, large refillable popcorn and drink!

Micah Wilson

Always easy and friendly never have had any issues with it

Jeremy Ramsey

$3.99 matinees make this our go-to movie theater. I also love the app, which lets you skip the line and kiosks entirely by purchasing your ticket online - and using your phone as your ticket. Additionally, The $15/yr Stubz Premiere program not only pays for itself (even seeing the few movies we do each year), but gives you access to the express lines.

Tatiana Polanco

Good prices but it need of some attention. The walls seem to be falling apart, stapled back together. The seats are all stained. And the bathrooms....the bathrooms are disgusting. Paper towels all over the floor, of 15 or so stalls only 3 are clean, the rest are full of poop and toilet paper and tampons. The bathroom is absolutely disgusting.

tushie smith

Staff friendly the movie was great popcorn was good

Jackson Dean

Very clean and maintained. Theaters have excellent sound and picture quality. Be careful of when you go as some audience members and loud and theater does nothing against them. That's my only complaint.

Kyle Kyser

Good prices and quiet on weekdays


Some people knock a theatre because it's got a little age on it. I am not one of those people. It's maintained and clean. The staff is young, so overall customer service is OK. Ticket prices are great, but they get it back big time at the concession stand.


I really enjoyed myself. I didnt have to wait in any lines. Didnt have any problems with my time at the AMC.

Chris Tyler

Great service and movie facilities

Jonathan Wilkinson

The snack selection is great and have installed touchscreen soda machines. The IMAX is not quite up to par though as it's still on a smaller screen.

Kelisha Smith

Great place to take the family for a movie , its a great theatre

Rachel Bruno

Cheap matinee tickets, clean theatre. Definitely recommend.


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