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1911 Kentucky Ave, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 Located in: Vestavia Hills City Center

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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Vestavia Hills 10 IN Alabama

John Hurt

Went tonight. Truly was embarrassing. Nasty. Floors covered in trash. Trash cans running over into floor. Theatre just gross and no telling when they were cleaned last. Plates, glasses and food trays in my seat. Very fancy theatre but gross, truly. I live close, but honestly may not be back. A manager needs to address this issue or they will be gone in a year. The seats heat up, oh wait might be nacho cheese in my chair.

Diva DW

Over rated. I think the food is over priced. $21.00 for a Burger and onion ring is a little price I guess you're paying for the atmosphere of a home like experience

Rosalyn Dixon

I had a wonderful experience. The recliner chairs are very comfortable and I love being able to order within the theater.

Marshall Mooney

Spacious, reclining, heated seating. Nice facility.

Ryan Stevenson

Very nice experience! Food was good and heated recliners

Laurel Coleman

I am a 15 year old girl and I came here with a friend of mine. we bought tickets online for the movie the curse of La Llorona. The movie was rated r but our dad bought the tickets for us. When we got to the theater they said that someone had to show an ID so we called our dad. He came in and showed his ID and then he was about to leave and the lady said someone over 21 had to watch the movie with us. They never mentioned this on the website or anytime before now. We have gone through the website and no where does it say that someone over 21 has to stay and watch it. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that my parents had just gotten divorced and my dad has to watch my little brothers. So we had to go to customer service where we were then told that we couldn’t get refunds since we bought the tickets online which it also does not say anywhere on their website. We ended up trading our tickets for tickets to the movie little which had started almost an hour earlier so we missed a little more than half of it. Then we went to the counter to get food. We ordered the pizza and they said they were out of it even thought it was only 6:00. We ordered the chicken which was $14 and we paid for it and they said they would deliver it to us in about 15 minutes. We waited about 45 minutes and the food never came. We went back to the front where they then told us that you had to be over 18 to buy food. When we went back to sit down our seats were not working anymore. Please do not give this place your money. It is a scam and they just want your money.

Ellen Corbett

Went to see Capt. Marvel. The theater was clean and the new chairs are really, really nice. It was lovely to be able to put the foot rest up, especially since I am short and my feet tend to dangle in a lot of chairs. Didn't buy any concessions, but from what I saw from the folks near me, it looked and smelled good. I look forward to trying some next time I come to see a movie.

Kendall Carroll

This was a really cool experience. Reclining seat/heated seats and they bring you food! The food is pretty pricy but tbh it was good. We reserved our seats which was also very cool so I knew where to sit when I walked in. The place and bathrooms were clean. Of the few staff members I spoke to all were kind and informing. Will go again but prob won't order food unless it's a special occasion

Jack Mc

Well... The ticket kiosk was "broken". Complete lack of customer service (hey management, a little training goes a long way). One coke machine was broken (but no sign). The overpriced food (because it is a movie theater) was lukewarm and took over 30 minutes to get delivered (how long does it take to microwave some pizza?!). Oh... And we only got three of the 4 orders. After waiting about 10 minutes for the 4th order, a trip to the lobby was required - and met with the same "customer service" attitude. At least the seats were comfortable. I think I'll spend my money at real restaurants and see movies at other theaters from now on.

Sandhya Sree

Best place to Dine in n watch movie ..... with heated seats!!! ❤

Teresa A

Not a great experience here.. they were out of almost everything, when we got into the theatre 2 girls were in our seats (which I pre-purchased in the middle of the row) and refused to a children’s movie while I was with my son. I had to go back out to explain this to the theatre staff who did nothing. Oh and our food never came. When I went to check for the 3rd time, I very politely requested a refund at which time the staff took their time and chatted amongst themselves while the movie was still going. Waste of money. Never again.

Bee H

Seats were very comfortable but the food( chicken fingers and fries) was horrible and very overpriced as usual. The chicken was very greasy and the fries were soggy. Next time we'll save money and get Wendy's before the movie.

JIll Billions

This has always been our go to movie theatre since it’s close to home. We love the $5 Tuesdays. When Rave had it? The popcorn was the best ever and it was kept pretty clean. Since they’ve made it an AMC dine-in theatre I do love the seats, however the popcorn is not so great and often it’s a bucket of trash crumbs. The floors and bathrooms are constantly filthy with paper and popcorn strewn all over and wastebaskets overflowing. The popcorn bucket for discounted refills wasn’t even available at this theatre for purchase. Ever. Definitely has gone down hill in every way except comfy seats.

Lara Polk

Awesome service great prices check out the $5 Tuesday movies. Love the updated reclining seats. Everything is very clean and well taken care of. I highly recommend this place. We go back every week and plan on going from now on. Great job

Braelyn Guin

Food is expensive but they game reclining chairs in the theater.

Taneeka Jenkins

The reclining seats are comfortable and they heat if you get cold. I LOVE that you can order a full meal at tte concession stand and get it delivered to you in the theater. The mixed drinks at the bar are a bit pricey, but as soon as I tasted mine, I forgot about how much I paid for it. It was DELICIOUS! I will DEFINITELY see more movies here.

William Nichols

It has gotten much better since the last time I was there with my wife and children. The last time we went there was garbage everywhere the floors were nasty in the lobby. The drink machines were out of order nothing was stocked as far as lids for cups or straws. The bathrooms were atrocious with paper and other items spilling out of the receptacles and no soap in the dispensers. This time things were in much better shape with dispensers working and soap and other items put away as they're supposed to be. I'm not sure if the management has changed but if so they've begun doing a great job at getting this place back into the shape that used to be when it was a rave theater. Hopefully they can keep up the good work.

Rod Cooper

MY New go to theatre always clean ans customer service is great.

Marcus King

lol ! 4 shots of patron before the movie. Now i gotta pay to watch the dam movie again!

Joshua Frachiseur

Very reasonable ticket price. Only $11 for a 1:30 show. Food was really good. Insanely overpriced, but it's a movie theater so what else would you expect?

Matt Burke

Great movie theater. However, I always have to spend a ridiculous amount of time attempting to purchase tickets because their website is not optimized for iPhones. It takes about 5-10 attempts & multiple page refreshing in order to see the theater map layout needed to choose seats. I had to call today in order to purchase movie tickets. Get with the times & optimize your platform.

Chad & Macey Franklin

Theatre was clean and comfortable! The reclining seats with warmers where a hit. They offer a menu of food from popcorn to Brussels sprouts. A great spot for some family time!

Sheila Gambrell

This theater is managed very poorly. The soft drink area was dirty and messy. One side didn’t even work and no one told us until we had soda syrup spray all over us. Ladies’ restroom was dirty and the soap dispensers didn’t work. I’ll choose another theater in the future. Such a shame...

Jay Em Gee

I love the reclining seats omg it's so comfortable. The food is so amazing it's very expensive but so worth it

T. Shane Smith

This place went from shiny and new to total dumpster overnight. There is never ice. Drink machines are not serviced. The dining menu was out of most items. When I asked an employee if he could help us get some straws, I got dismissed with “you could maybe find some over there,” lazily rolling his eyes to the other side of the theater. 1) there were five straws there. In a trash receptacle; and 2) that doesn’t fix the problem of no straws on the other side of the theater. 7pm is a little early in the evening to give up. This was the best theater in town just a few months ago. Now it’s trash. Where is the pride? Why even upgrade it if you’re going to staff it with moody, disinterested teenagers? This seems like a district management issue, as I’m finding ALL the AMC theaters in town to be in constant decline.


Came here this afternoon for a matinee. Amazing job with the renovations. Love the reserved recliner seating. Great audio and crisp picture. And the food is actually really good. This might be my new favorite burger spot... in a movie theater! All they need is the bar to open.

Robert Thompson

Nice but way, way overpriced for a movie. I really don't care to be that "comfortable"

Graham davis

Everything was great till the sound quality of the movie did not work. Besides for that everything was good.

Elizabeth Keener

Love the recliners and reserved seating! The heaters don't always work, but the chairs are still comfy. Hint: the armrests that don't have a cupholder lift up so you can snuggle during the movie!


Absolutely amazing. We will never go anywhere else.

Michelle Mitchell

A little on the expensive side but worth coming to every once in a while. Seats are comfy. Food ok


We used to stick to the AMC at Patton Creek because it is closer to home but the experience at this theater is worth the extra drive. Really comfortable recliners, a full bar, and food delivered to your seat! The food won't blow you away but it is better than I expected for theater concessions and it comes in handy when you are short on time. The burgers are quite tasty. Decent draft selection at the bar and prices are in line with what I see at other restaurants and bars. A 24 oz. craft beer was $11.00. The vibrating seats in the PRIME theater are cool but the recliners in other theaters have a wider range of motion and they are heated. All theaters have reserved seating so if you buy in advance you can usually get seats that you like. Truly a great movie experience.

samual mcleod

This AMC DINE-IN was head over heels when it came to customer service. I would definitely recommend this Movie Theater. The seats not only recline, but they're also heated. You can not beat the prices anywhere else. It's much more cost efficient, and they have just about anything and everything one could possibly want while at the movies. Go check it out!

Chris Needham

Table is way too low when the chair reclines. Designed by an idiot... Table is not removable or adjustable.. Take a lesson from the airplane industry.... Designed for 120lb people... I'll never be back....

Merrilyn Cook

What a great theater! The seating is very comfy and the amenities are great. The price is very high, but for a special treat, it can't be beat. I'll save up to go back soon.

Ruchele McCoy

It’s a good theatre but they need Three times the handicap parks than they have.

Richard Williams

Went on a team builder for work. We all had a great time. Very professional and friendly staff!

Krista Angrisano

They have the reclining seating that literally changes your entire movie experience. You can have food(which is really good) delivered right to your seat and the rotating tray gives you plenty of space. This is literally the only movie theater I want to go to now.

Steven Antselevich

Great facility, but very confusing for fist time visitor. End up paying double of what I normally pay at other movie theaters

Sade Clayton

Top 2 movie theater in bham and its not 2.

Danya Seymone

This has been my favorite theater even before they turned it into a dine in. Its very nice and if you are an AMC stubs member the benefits are great!

Elise Hyer

We drove past two theaters to have the experience of the dine in. Got here 20 minutes before our movie, and it wasn’t even that busy. Yet, they had no popcorn and said any food they did have would be an hour and a half wait. The server acted like that was normal and what we should expect since “we cook the food and then have to bring it to you”!! Movies barely last more than 1.5 hours. You need to hire more people or train them better for this model to succeed.

Janet Love

The theater is nice, love that I can choose my seat and that the seats recline. The staff seems to be very friendly. However I have been there several times now and I experience the same issues every time I go, the drink stations are not stocked and clean, drink machine out of ice, had to walk all the way to the other side to get ice and lid for my cup. Bathrooms are nasty, popcorn spilled everywhere, trash all over the floors, floors are sticky from spills that never got cleaned up. You would think as nice and updated as this theater is they would have someone cleaning and stocking up regularly . With the extra price you pay for the perks this theater has to offer it's frustrating to deal with filth when you go to watch a movie. The cheaper theaters are maintained much better. Clearly the management has a blind eye to this issue because it's the same every time I go.

Sherie Mcneal

Me and my fiance we loved it they were nice people they made sure our order was correct n they made sure they clean up n also everything was fantastic so i would give the a 5 no complaints good service

Katherine Barrow

The bar is amazing, the food was honestly very sad. Seating is super comfortable. But I would definitely stick to popcorn and candy.

Tiara Gibson

This theater is phenomenal! Our first time visiting was Saturday September 21! It's clean, the reclining seats are comfortable and heated, and the food is pretty good! You order what you want at concessions and the staff will deliver it to your seat. The only thing I would suggest is getting there at least 45 minutes early. Even though you choose your seat, people still sit where they want. This can be an inconvenience when it comes to placing an order because they deliver the food to your assigned seat.

James Gerrity

Seats are very comfortable, sound system was very good

Chris Jones

This movie theater is nice but you can tell that a lot of traffic comes through here. the bathrooms were dirty and one of the seats was broken. The movie theater itself was clean and the seats were comfortable if not a little narrow for a big guy, which I am. Service was fast at the concessions counter. The movie also started about 15 minutes late and no one came in to tell us what the hold up was.

Keisa Hare

Pros: It's really nice to be able to reserve your seating, order food and have it brought to your seats and to sit in those really comfy heated reclining seats. Cons: I don't like that you have to stand in line and wait to order. You should be able to order from the seat. Also, in some of the theater rooms you can't see the whole screen the higher you go up in seating. I thought it was because I am 5'2 but my husband is 6'1 and he couldn't see the whole screen. We had to sit to the edge of our seats to see so. All in all this theater is so much better that what it was before. We used to drive to Hoover and know we've started coming back here and we will continue to.

Sophia Harris

Great service. Fancy theater with automatic reclining seats and they are also heated. Love this theater

Bobby White

Their attempt at a dine in theater was poorly done. You have to order at the counter and then an hour later it's delivered to your seat. Menu selections were not very good. The food itself was overcooked and tough. We won't be back.

Chris Cohron

We attended a movie today, and multiple people in the theatre noticed that the AC was not turned on. I brought this to the attention of customer service and was told that it would be taken care of. At no point after this (approximately two hours) did the air come on. We left the movie with sweat pouring, despite our attempts to cool down with a shake midway through the movie. I feel like this was dismissed as a complaint about the temperature, and not investigated as a problem with the AC. Customer service was definitely not something I left the theatre feeling good about.

Chuck Matzenbacher

We ordered pizza and burger with fries. 35 minutes later, after the movie was underway, I went to the front to ask about our order. The kitchen staff appeared confused and had to track down our order. They said that it was just coming out of the oven and they would have it right out to us. So, I returned to our movie. Another 10 minutes and I left the movie again to see what had happened to our meals. I asked for a manager and explained that we had ordered our food before our movie started 45 minutes ago, and yet still did not get it. Frustrated, I asked for and received a full refund of over $40. Very disappointed with kitchen staff. And no, they weren't busy.

G.C. Dillard

Very cool redesign of the theatres. Most comfortable movie seating I have ever experienced. Multiple food and beverage options.

tunyia clark

It was great. The chairs were good and relaxing

Mercedes Smith

Worst experience ever. After going to a dine-in in Oklahoma, i was expecting too much. They never brought my food, I had to leave out the theater and wait for a manager then when they brought the food 1 hour later, they only brought half of my order. I had to go get my own ketchup and what do you know, there was no freaking ketchup in the pump. Had to walk around to the other side and they had a squeeze bottle on that side, all while missing my $20 movie. I will not return until they get some adults to work in there.

Kat A

Menu doesn't have everything the other dine ins do so limited choices. For the price of food and limited options, I will not get a meal again and just stick to popcorn. The seats are fabulous however and make it worth the visit. You can reserve a seat so you don't have to arrive an hour early for popular new movies just to get your favorite seats. They also recline and are very roomie. If you just go to the movies every once in a while, the slightly higher price is well worth it.

Anita Sawyer

Didn't have to wait in a long line. Love the reclining, heated seats. Really enjoyed myself!

Janetha Shearer

The most comfortable recliners I have ever laid in! Heated and clean. Delivery service convenient but annoying for about 20-30seconds while the servers deliver food and drinks while blocking the screen. Totally worth the price of admission

Jeremiah A.

Good experience seats are amazing. Food service isn’t the best staff seems like they would rather be doing something other than there job.

Gary Hosking

Movie was good, but it all s always shocked at what they charge.

Michelle Moore

This was a really fun movie theater! My friend and I went and it felt like royalty. Servers brought food out to guests while they sat back and put their feet up and dined. The seats are heated and very comfortable. We sat on the front row but it was worth it because people think front row seats are horrible.. but not at this theater! Every place felt like luxury. I will say they did have alot of popcorn all over the floors everywhere but that was the only flaw.

Yoruba Harris

Let me tell you something AMC...these reclining seats with the food delivery is next level. You get what you pay for, and it was worth it. The only way to go to the movies! I'll be back.

Kelsey Marek

I found our families new favorite theater. These seats are so comfy! The place was clean and nice. We will be back!

Lizzy Dee

I hate the new dine in system. There are these awful school desk type tables that make it uncomfortable to sit. There was popcorn all over the counter and trash all over the bathroom floor. The staff was nice but it was unnecessary to have to choose a seat and they made it difficult to choose a seat based on the seating chart.


I'd rather go somewhere else. Just looks nice The burger was horrible buns n patty are like plastic not worth 14$ I'd get a better burger from Wendy's. Seats are very uncomfortable do not use heat setting way too hot. Just get popcorn

Fatima Williams

Talk about ultimate comfort! The reclining chairs made watching Hobbs and Shaw even more enjoyable. If you want food though, bring lots of money.

kidlovesfamily89 martin

The movie was good. Seats were comfortable. Staff friendly and professional. Service slow.

James Ragland

I really enjoyed my father's day at this theater. Movie was AWESOME

Tyler Volz

I've been an A-List member for several months now. It's a great bargain. This is also the only AMC in the area that actually keeps a staffed customer service booth. The only downside is the ridiculous lines at the food counter and the fact that they run out of burgers all the time.

Shundrea Jones

I would have given 5 stars if I was able to get the food I actually wanted that was on the menu. During my visit, they were out of anything that contained chicken or lots of cheese which is most of the menu. I was stuck with getting a burger because I was literally starving. The burger and fries were sufficient. What really got me excited were the reclining seats and the seat warmers. I was freezing and the welcoming, warm sensation was just what I needed. We were the last movie for the night so I expected the restroom to be clean. There was toilet paper and sear covers everywhere and some of the stalls were not usable. Overall, it was still a great experience and I would recommend this venue and will be coming back.

benji bishop

Theatre was nice and clean. Every time I go and want a drink from the bar, they are so slow. Even if they are just getting bottled beer. Most of the time I'll wait in line for 10-15 minutes then just get out because it takes way to long.

Jerry Penton

Good experience, nice screens, food was closed when I got there so I didn't get the full experience

Antoine Bell

The movie was great, and the reclining seats were comfortable. However, though the dine-in concept is very unique and appealing, the execution of the concept was terrible. We arrived at the theatre about 20-25 minutes before our movie and ordered food. About 50 minutes into the movie, our food had not arrived. I went out to check and was told that they were shorthanded but would have our food out shortly. Note - there were at least six people behind the counter/kitchen and there was no one in line. It appeared that our order was forgotten. So were the orders of other patrons sitting in our row. About 15 minutes later, my wife and friend went back out because our food still had not arrived. Since the movie was more than half over, they canceled our orders and requested a refund. They were told that our cards would not be charged. However, the next morning the charge for the food posted to our bank accounts. We have since returned to Vestavia AMC to speak with the manager about the nearly $50 food charge for items we did not consume and was told that he had to file a report with corporate officials. And get this, he still wanted to charge us for the $7 ice that turned into syrup while we waited for our food. To date, we have spoken with both the AMC calling center as well as our bank. There has still been no resolution. Needless to say, we are very disappointed with the service at this establishment.

Sheckles Athletics

Love the chairs here. The dinner food is equivalent to what u what get at applebees or somewhere like it only twice the price. We eat first then go and just get popcorn and drink. Reclining heated chairs is why we go to this theater versus patton creek or summit

Brandon Croom

Rough experience today. We ordered our food in advance. Got in the theater and the previous movie let out late so the employee asked us to wait 20 minutes to clean. NP. Got back into the theater and got through the whole previews food never came. Asked one person he said he would check on it still no food. Went back out again to ask for my food and after another 15 minutes away from the movie they brought me a cold burger and fries and forgot part of my wife's order. I asked the cashier what happened she just said we had to "re-cook" it. Overall very disappointed in the dine-in experience and this is not the first time that my food has gotten lost in the shuffle. They either need a new kitchen manager or new manager period. Save yourself the money, you can eat better for less almost anywhere else before going here. On a positive note the seats were comfortable and actually worked this time.

Scott Callahan

Great venue for a movie, especially for a family outing! Comfortable seating and a good menu for dining. Loved it, will definitely go again - worth the price!

Shelia Walker

My experience at this theatre was piss poor. We order our food before the show and had a 45 min estimated wait for delivery. The movie started at 7:45 and around 9:15 there was still no food. I saw a general waiter that took and order to seats behind us. For some reason I just felt as though that was our order but did not question it. It took another 15 mins for us to go to the order station to inquire about our food. At that point they checked the ticket and saw that it was marked as delivered I guess I was correct in my assumption that our food was given to the wrong party. I asked for a manager and only got excuses about the food being made a priority only after our inquiry. Once the food was delivery my order was cold(bacon ranch burger with fries) and there was no apology for it at. This was my first and last time at this location of amc. We paid over 100.00 altogether for tickets and food to have the type of service we received. A correction of the cost or at least an apology would have helped during this process. Please work on the customer service at this location.

Keiron Key

Celebrated birthday here with free popcorn and drink on their heated recliner chairs. Love it!

Syd & Tay's Adventures

Disappointed. Comfortable seats but can only see full screen if you sit on the front of second section behind the bar railing. 2nd time visiting this pricey theater and both times had problems getting our ordered food. This time our kids waited 30 minutes for simple pretzel and churros. Finally i missed more of the movie to get a refund. Then the manager comes in theater to ask more questions making me miss more of the movie. Felt like they should've given us credit to another movie for their mess up on what was supposed to be our anniversary date night with kids. Drove over an hour to have a great experience. Will try another recliner theater next time or stick with at home movie! They also both times run out of drinks.

Dannie Sargent

Excellent seating, quality sound and the service was pleasant and quick

Cody McCay

Great seating, the leather reclining seats are very comfortable, and the meal delivery option is a great concept if you remember to arrive well before your movie starts. The tickets were fairly standard price but the food is quite expensive for what it is, not much more impressive than standard fast-food. There is also a bar which is a nice option for the adults. Overall it's a much better experience than your standard theater in the Birmingham area.

Casey Glanzer

Movies stop working in the middle of them. We had to leave and got free tickets. Has happened multiple times to us. Otherwise great theater but not a great experience.

Susan Johnson

I do not like the changes to this once popular movie theater. Now the people around you can be sitting by you eating food that they ordered when they arrived for the movie. It is delivered to the seats before the movie begins! Who wants to sit next to someone eating in such close quarters to you, while they are munching on their food in the dark while trying to enjoy a movie. I could not enjoy the movie because a Mom was sitting next to me trying to tend to her children, making sure they were eating. Then they made multiple trips out of their seats and back, possibly to the bathroom. That is just too much chaos going on while trying to watch a movie! I liked it the way it was before these changes. I guess I will start going to the Summit to watch movies!

Geo Carriere

Worst experience at a theater ever! The room was hot, the food was so expensive and ice cold and that wasn't even the bad part... The movie (Aladdin) flickered THE ENTIRE TIME and went black twice. They rewound it the first time as it was only like 3 minutes but the second time we missed the entire magic carpet Ride song video (only had audio) and instead of rewinding the 10 minutes, they let it play. Many people walked out, we should have too.


The new renovations are very nice. The reclining seats and the to your seat delivery was awesome. I loved the new atmosphere and how well the sound is becaude you could feel the bass in your seats. The only reason there isn't 5 stars is that my order was wrong, I ordered the hot wings and got regular wings still good though and the coleslaw was not very good at all. Will be back very soon.

Elizabeth Maples

My first time visiting since it was still the Rave. I was beyond impressed and loved the seats! So comfy!!!

TheBestSide _

I ordered food before the movie, after I placed my order I asked the girl to repeat my order because I wasn't confident that she put my order in right. When she repeated my order she left one thing off. I told her and then I paid my order came out to $53.08. It took a while to get our food. Once we received our food it was completely wrong, Also the wings that I ordered had so much fat in them I was peeling fat off the chicken, also the chicken fingers my boyfriend had, were cooked so hard that there wasn't any meat in them. We did not get up from the movie to tell them about it because that meant we would have to miss the movie to go and try to correct the food. After the movie was over we went to the counter to tell them about the food. The manager offered to make us more food, but I told her we got the food to eat while watching the movie the movie is now over with so it is pointless to make us more food, also I didn't have an appetite due to pulling fat out of mouth and peeling it off the chicken. She said that she could not refund me because we had eating half the food. I had wings and fries, I ate maybe 3 fries and I had 4 flats and 4 drums I ate the flats but when I tried to eat a drum that's when I started peeling fat. My boyfriend had a sampler plate with nachos, wings, chicken tenders, and pretzel bites. And he only ate the wings, due to how the food was prepared. So out of all that food only about 7 wings were eaten, but "we ate half of the food" she continued to try to shove food options on me. She repeatedly asked if I wanted her to make us more food, after I kept telling her I didn't want anymore food. She kept asking me if I wanted food vouchers. I told her I didn't want anything that contained food. I was trying to get to understand, I don't want you to make more food because the movie is now over. I do not want food vouchers because 1 I am never eating food here again and 2 this is not a restaurant I'm not going to just stop by and have lunch or dinner there. She also never even apologized for how the food was cooked and the fact that my order was wrong. The kitchen staff just kept staring at the food and she kept telling me how she couldn't refund me because "I ate half my food". If I would have spent $10 I wouldn't to have been so mad but I spent $53.08 I could have spent that else where.

Cheryl Hutcheson

We have enjoyed the theater very much. We recently had a really weird situation occur and the management both at the theater and at their national customer service number went above and beyond to help us get it straightened out and never once made it feel like we were a bother. In this day and age of questionable service, this team deserves recognition for being extraordinarily helpful!

Destiny Williams

Theater was nice but not clean. There was more than your usual amount of trash on floors. Most trash cans were overflowing. There was a guy who worked there who was scooping trash from the counters and pushing trash down with his bare hands (no gloves) and proceeding on to the next activity. Our seat still had someone's alcoholic beverage glass in the cupholder and the small seat tables were not wiped down between movies. Lack of cleanliness took away from the experience.

Kellen Slager

For Valentine's Day, I went all out for my wife! We had the Prime theater, had alcoholic drinks and ordered food...but the food NEVER WAS DELIVERED! We will never go back to eat there, because we were still hungry after the movie! ACK!

Steven Mooney

Ok, so I like it for the most part. Ordering food that is then delivered to you while watching a movie? What's not to like? And the food was pretty good, too. Not gourmet, by any stretch of the imagination, and comically expensive for what it is. But it comes to you at your seat. It just comes there...eventually. As in halfway through the movie. With no light to see your food by. And the That was the nastiest lobby I've ever seen. No joke. It was like the floor was actually constructed of old sticky Coke spills and popcorn bits. The actual theatres were relatively clean, but man...that lobby experience...

Absolute Crypto

The food is good. The seats are even better. Best movie theater in the Birmingham metro area.

Laura Craft

PSA: the food delivery service at AMC Vestavia Hills is terrible! Do NOT recommend! They literally FORGOT my food and then when we told the guy who brought my mom’s food he said he’d look into it and he never came back so finally since I’d seen the movie before I left in the middle to go remind them and the girl at the counter took my seat number and theater number and said she would handle it—bottom line is I NEVER got my food. It’s the end credits and I’m starving. 10/10 do NOT recommend the dine-in service. The movie itself was pleasant and the heated seats are nice, but for a place that calls itself a dine-in theater, this is just inexcusable. *****Update: after the movie we spoke to the customer service rep who started to finally get us fries and I went over and talked with the same sales girl who not only took our order initially but also happened to be the same girl who I talked to at the middle of the movie and she said that her exact words to me at that mid-point were that she would “look into it” and that I was expected to wait there for her while she investigated and that I would also have to wait for the fries there even though we paid for the delivery service. And when I left to go back to the theater she just assumed I didn’t want my fries and moved on. Eventually, I got my fries but had to eat them while driving home. Just a HORRIBLE experience for a dine-in theater and the girl who screwed up initially to my knowledge never apologized.

kirkland plumbing & contracting

Best movie theater in Birmingham hands down will not watch a movie anywhere else

Noah Adams

Nice and different theater design. The staff always make sure to correct any issues that arise on opening weekends for big movies.

Tanya Constantine

I love the theater but they really need to improve their food.

Felicia L Roberts

I love this place! The heated reclining seats are soooo comfortable. You cannot beat the A-list membership offered by AMC theaters! For 19.95 a month you can see 3 movies a week, this includes Imax, 3 D, etc. The Vestavia location is by far my favorite, as it offers dine in delivery to your seat. You will not be disappointed!

Mortimer Calhoun

Great upgrades. Super comfortable and spacious seating as well as the option to have food delivered to your seat.


Very nice theater. Love the seats

Justin Robertson

1 hour after the movie should have started, they cancelled and gave everyone in the theater vouchers for another movie. Refunded food purchases as well. Alas they can't refund my time. While waiting for the refund other people had said the same thing happened to them during other movies at this theater. Hey at least the seats were comfortable.

Lourdes Ferreiro

I LOVE this theater! I can't say enough about it. The reclining seats are wonderful and the fact that you select your seat and don't have to worry about getting a good one is awesome. You also don't have to worry about not being able to see since all seats have a pony wall in front and you don't even see the person sitting in front of you. You also can have food delivered to your seat, which is fantastic and the food is good, however, that is not necessary to enjoy a wonderful movie experience.

PJ sivley

This is the only theatre of it's kind I know of in this area. The seating is very comfortable, it has full reclining seats that have a heating switch also. The seating is very spacious and a little private than other theatres. They have a menu to order food from and they will bring it to during the movie if want and this doesn't affect anyone's view on the movie screen. They're also fold out tables. The movie screen\quality is the same high quality as the other AMC theatres. Sound might be a little better, this could be due to the smaller theatre room.

Sheree Gibbs

Enjoyed dinner and The Lion King with Eleanor Mathews and Colby Mathews.

Chadd Garton

awesome place to see a movie! full reclining chairs that and they have a diner but they bringing food while you're watching a movie

Margie Hyatt

Love the large recliners with the heated backs! Being able to prereserve my favorite seats by row and number is a big plus because I know whatever time we get there our seats will be waiting. Very clean and well kept theater.

Tiffaney McClendon

I'm a simple girl with simple tastes. So this theater's redesign is a bit over the top for me. Yes, the chairs are comfy, but the trays can't get out of the way. I know almost everyone in my party kept sweating uncomfortably after accidentally hitting the seat heating button over and over with their hips. And seriously, who wants to pay $30 for subpar food that then has to sit under your nose for two hours while you try to enjoy a movie? That's IF they actually have what you wanted, which is often not the case. And if you don't really want all those bells and whistles and just want to see a movie, well, too bad! You still have to pay more than if you went somewhere else. I'm glad so many people enjoy it. As for me, I usually drive a little further these days to go elsewhere, pay less, and have a simpler movie-watching experience.

haylee hunter

Nice seats but everything else was sub par. If you're going to change 7.50 for a domestic beer, it would be nice if the bartender was at least pleasant to interact with. She was rude to the guests before me and to me and my friend. Really disappointed in the staff here.

Curtis Schultz

This is the best. It has been completely redone from when it was the Rave and then Carmike. The reclining seats are the best thing since sliced bread. It all works extremely well in conjunction with the app and pre purchase really helps to expedite the process. Very clean in the inside and seems to be appropriately staffed.

Yana B

First time doing the Dine-in movie they have. I must say I was very impressed overall! The price for the movie tickets were affordable. The seats were comfy and the picture was perfect! They also have a bar there, the prices are reasonable. Although I didn’t do the dine in part were they bring the food to you while you’re watching the movie. My experience was GREAT!!

Shawn Bensel

Theater is great and comfortable but the food was not to good and little pricey for the quality. But the drinks were on point.

Travis Morgan

In my experience each theatre is spacious, super comfortable with good sound and picture. My only complaint is that having food delivered to patrons after the movie starts is highly irritating and disrespectful to the audience. I wish the theatre chain would instate a policy to order food within 15 minutes of movie start time. I also think they need to keep advertising during the previews to not talk during the movies, to not use cell phones and to not answer phone calls. These are the fault of the patrons but, the theatre needs to do more to combat these disrespectful audience members. (I liked the salad and tater tots)

Karlyn Harris

The cleanliness of the concession area and the restroom have been subpar during my last two visits, but the theaters are still cleaner than other AMC locations. They all need to do better though.

Robert Montjoy

The food isn't cheap, but it's pretty good. The seats are very nice. Fun for a casual date.

Kinsey Copeland

There must have been some changes in management or staff because I did not have a good experience. And I was very disappointed because it was my first time at the dine-in theatre and was looking forward to it! We never received our food... I left the movie once to check on the status of the order 3/4 of the way into the movie.. they said it was almost ready. I told the girl that the movie was almost over... she said, “Oh well, if you don’t get it then just get a refund.” Well, that’s not the point. We came there to enjoy a movie and dinner but we never received our meals. So, after the movie was over, my 8 year nephew and I went back to the concession stand to receive a refund. I could tell that they were a little short staffed, but this was just ridiculous. Took them forever to even find my order.. and never once did I hear an apology for my bad experience and they definitely didn’t offer a free movie ticket or coupon or anything for my inconvenience and frustration. Had to then leave to get something to eat for me and my nephew and I at 8:30 pm. With all this being said, the theatre and movie was great. But it was very frustrating.

Melanie Styers

Worst movie experience ever. Went to see a movie for a rare date night out. After 20 min of not starting the movie, we find out the projector failed. Seems to happen often, as it had already happened to other people in the theater twice in the last 2 weeks. Stood in line for 30 min waiting on my replacement vouchers, and used them to go to the next showing, which was in 3D. Unfortunately, they couldn't get that working for the first 10 min of the movie. If you want a $15 bucket of popcorn with no movie, then I recommend this theater. If not, head somewhere else.

Tammy Simmons

My first time here and I love it, though it is pricey. They actually have reclining chairs which were awesome. Me and my granddaughters were comfortable through the entire movie. You can even reserve your seats in advance for the view you want. Quite impressed.

Eli Rodriguez

Best seats in Birmingham! Food is not bad but could be better. It’s usually served late and cold. Don’t trust the menu, they rarely have everything on the menu, I’ve had to change my order every time I’ve visited cause they ran out of something. On Tuesdays and weekends it can get messy, but any other day and it’s clean and presentable. The folks are the bar deserve an award, they’re incredibly nice and fast with their service. I’ll keep coming just for the seats.

Sean McKim

We enjoyed the dine in experience. The food was good with pretty large portions. The chairs are comfortable and roomy with heated seats. Be careful, you can accidentally turn on the heat and not realize it until the chair is nice and toasty. I like that you can also reserve your seats in advance. It is a little pricey but you kind of expect that in a theater. We will definitely be going back there.

Glenn Rainer

Popcorn okay. Soda machine no ice. Place was a filthy mess. After we entered and split up (one to get snacks others to get tickets) found out sold out. After we'd entered! Never again! Go somewhere else!

Malay Basu

This theatre does not honor the dine-in menu shown on their website. While ordering kid's menu we found out they don't have any sides with any of the dishes. No fruit bowl, no milk. But they charged the full price. My daughter also came home with bug bites all over. I don't know about other branches. But avoid this branch.

Myra L. Walker Williams

I wish I could get someone to install me a double recliner at home because I was so very comfortable watching "Us".

Tina Greenlee

Had to sit in the front row... not very pleasant but the chairs were nice. Popcorn tasted a little scorched.

Daneen Wilson

My first time with the upgraded experience was amazing. Now that the newness has worn off, not so much. I understand the concept that working at a movie theater is a "teenage" job, but I'd try a little harder to get more mature or focused young adults employed or it's not going to be worth the cost of renovations due to loss of patronage. I've never seen a messier lobby when there wasn't even a line at the concession stand. Clean it up quickly... Not that I matter a great deal, but I really want to keep coming back, just not when the higher prices don't seem worth it anymore.

Cheryl Lindsay

Loved the seats, BUT we were asked when orfering food whether we wanted to hear what they still had or what they were out of. We ordered SW Chicken bowls, one without jalapenos, drinks and popcorn for a total of $64.39 (2 people). Both had so many peppers, we each ate one bite. You would think for that outrageous price that the food would at least be edible. Not even close, and the order was wrong

jason nalls

Didnt try the food. Wasn't sure about the reserved seating format at first, but was pleasantly surprised. Seats were very comfortable with plenty of leg room. A much more intimate experience. Possibly my new favorite movie theater.


On a day where it was not crowded at all, almost no menu items available. I had to wait 15 minutes on the popcorn. Slow counter service too. I get that good help is hard to find with the Trump economy screaming like it is, but at some point training for management needs to be a priority.

KaNeesha Clay

The dine-in movie was great! I love the warming seats. I only order an over priced milkshake shake that was brought to me at my seat which was a plus! Prices aren't friendly but what can you really expect from a movie theater. Also treat yourself to a nice beer while you're at it, Yes there's a bar!

Lee Champagne

This theater is amazing and is definitely my go-to for any movie. The tickets aren't as expensive as I thought, but snacks, drinks, ect. are quite expensive. Other than that, the screening rooms are roomy and the chairs are comfortable, as well as heated. The bathrooms are also clean which is great. (A family restroom is in the theater)

Deborah Kizziah

The friendliest employees. Very clean and comfortable. Steak and Shrimp Asian bowl and bar drinks were excellent.

Zack Nichols

This place is like flying first-class. Once you see a movie here, you won't want to see them anywhere else.

Susan M

I love this theater so much that I bypass two other AMCs that are closer to get to this one. The seats recline and are heated. Each viewing room is kept fairly clean and the food as well as the bartenders are great.

Kimmie Dee

Comfortable reclining seating! Nice place...

Justin Nash

It was the best movie experience ever!!! The new reclining seats are #fire. 10 out of 10 recommend. Definitely coming here for all my movie needs.


They have comfortable motorized reclining seats, I would have loved them if they were a little wider for us big guys. And it would be nice if you could fold down/tuck away the tables connected to the chairs. Other than that it was perfect.

Pamela Sparks

I love this theater! Heated seats that recline makes me happy! They couldn't quite figure how to get my kids brown sugar pretzels right though. They kept bringing regular pretzel bites. Other than that, I love the this location.

Tina Sumpter

The food was a bit pricey but surprisingly delicious...even the brussel sprouts! I was glad there were healthier choices available. The heated, leather recliners were so incredibly comfortable! I'm looking forward to our next visit.

Read and Write with Monica

They never have hot dogs and they're always missing at least one thing of what I want to order. They need to take an inventory course or something. The theatre designs were made by a noob. In almost every row there's a short wall in front of you that cuts off your view. People press the recliner button and heat all the time with their hips , it drives me nuts.

Carolyn Morris

One of my favorite places although they need to work on keeping it more clean

K Ammons

Awesome renovations. The reclining seats are fantastic. Didn't eat since it was a matinee but as always the popcorn and sodas were great. Having a table to put food is a super idea too. Very enjoyable and will return soon. Also recomend it to my family and friends.

Joshua Beck

Expensive, but a nice theater. Plush chairs and a bar. Would recommend if you're not on a tight budget.

Dan Guarnieri

The recent renovations at this location have made going there impossible for me. While they are trying to provide a fuller experience for the moviegoer, they've inadvertently prevented their, shall we say, larger guests, from being comfortable. I'm fat, it's true. Going to sporting events or seated concerts is always a challenge for me. Airplanes, a nightmare. But movie theaters have, up until this new design, been a place I can be comfortable. For the record, I'm a 6'1" man and weigh around 300 pounds. I know I'm not the largest person around, and shorter/lighter women who are thicker through the hips may experience a similar problem... So, these new reclining seats are quite snazzy. They have electric buttons to control your seat back and even a heating element! Sounds great, at first. BUT, since the buttons are inside the arm of the chair, and since I already had to squeeze into the seat, my thigh and hip were continually depressing buttons. So, my seat would start to recline unexpectedly. The only way I could have sat there would be if I sat perfectly still for 2 5 hours. It's just not my idea of comfort. And sadly, they're going for comfort! Their architects, who seem more interested in aesthetic than practical concerns, simply ignored that we live in a country that has an obesity epidemic. So, anyone who feels cramped in airplanes, or avoids booths in restaurants, or can't go to concerts in old theatres with small seats, you may want to avoid this theater from now on, because ALL SCREENS are in these newly renovated auditoriums with the snug reclining seats. Having said all that, the manager was very kind to me and gave me a refund for my ticket. The rest of my family was able to enjoy themselves. So, the 1-star review really applies to the poorly conceived design and lack of forethought. In the past, before they spent what must have been millions on this renovation, I'd have given the same theater a 4- or 5-star review. Bummer.

Kyle Kyser

Great theater with cool seats and friendly service

Hascal Humes

Gave 2 stars because there was an option for heated seats, which I've never seen, but definitely useful in a movie theater! Great Idea! Biggest problem is the separation between rows of seats is too high. The bottom of the screen of the movie is cut off. The "dine-in" should be called dine-in optional, you have to order before at the counter outside, and they ran out of wings, but the nachos were good. On top of that seats are extremely dirty, and the lady next to us had her shoes in our seat when we arrived (which I guess is not the theater's fault).


I like going here because it's comfortable to watch movies in the seats-heated and recline. It's usually very clean. I would give 5 stars if they would keep the concession area stocked and staffed adequately.

JessEca Laycock

They have $5 Tuesday's! Very comfortable reclining seats, they even heat if you like. The concession stand is very expensive. They have a bar but I didn't venture to it so Idk the rules or prices but I'd guess very expensive. They keep the theater really cold so dress warm or bring a small blanket. I would definitely recommend this cinema to a friend.

jacqueline jackson

great movie theater with recline seating and seat warmers to boot!! Waiter like service also. Nice experience altogether even though alcoholic beverages are high

Stephanie Conner

Great theater! Loved the recliners and reserved seating. We ordered a burger and pizza and it was just ok. Will definitely be back for a movie but will stick with popcorn next time.


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