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1900 Capps Landing, Opelika, AL 36804

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Laura Fuller

Great place great popcorn great screening

Will McNamara

Service fair and prices were outrageous. Cold and tasteless popcorn. We live near Lexington, Ky and pay far less for reclining seats, better popcorn and service at a Regal theatre. Thumbs down Opelika AMC

Billy Thompson

I got charged $40 for a popcorn and a coke but I didn't realize it until I got home

SusieQ Gallagher

Always a good experience here. Theater is so well maintained. Popcorn is fresh and delicious! Seats are comfortable and the sound system is amazing.

Emory Daniel

Good theater of course because its relatively new.

Linda Harris

Ok, @ last Venom comes out. I decided to drive 30mins south to Opelika to catch the 4:20 bargain matinee. To my surprise, it was no bargain. Turns out this showing was in the big auditorium which is bigger, louder, & overall a better experience. Had the theater website properly displayed this when I checked showtimes there's no way I hell I would've paid almost $9 for a matinee. This is the second time I've been misled & had to eat more money for a movie than I planned on. Advised the girl at the register & wasn't offered any consolation for their misprint, oh but did say she'd advise management of it. Guess they never bothered as I checked during showtime & it still displayed the bargain matinee price. Overall, good movie in a freezing cold, hella comfy stadium. Don't mind willingly paying more, but don't falsely advertise, then don't offer to honor what's on your website. People work hard for their money & for me it's one of very few luxuries I indulge in no matter what. Just saying, please consider that.

Russell Haygood

Good theater for movies in Auburn.

Tomy Reding

Great deal Stub A List great deals for anyone who loves the movies

Julie Andersen

My grandsons absolutely LOVED IT! My 11 year old had the BIGGEST smile when Spiderman showed up!

Quentin Seaborn

Comfortable seating. Great location. Good popcorn and drink machines. Great option of prepaid tickets and VIP line to get you inside earlier. One of the best movie theaters ever built.

TiffanyN Drew

Very fast and the employees are very nice

April Winowiecki

Prices are high for popcorn and a drink. Ten bucks for the movie. I can understand that it cost more for less people go anymore. Roomy and comfortable. Enjoy the movie.

kelvin easley

Awesome theater love the Big D

Ardelia Harrison

It was nice and clean. The food clerks were very helpful and polite.

Julie Gibson

Although the line was long, all of the registers were open selling tickets and concessions. The line moved quickly and we we in the theater quickly.

Arcinsaw L

Great theater. Especially the big screen. Concessions are overpriced (let's be honest though, where are they not) but overall great movie experience

Christian Wallace

I don't understand the buying the tickets while buying concessions. Are theaters generally like this in Alabama? Anyway service was 10/10, food was 10/10, seating was 10/10, cherry coke was 10/10. No jalapenos 0/10.

Buster Ihnfeldt

We enjoyed our movie. Nice cinema in a safe area.

Anthony Swanson

It's nice place and if like going way your options get the bucket deal you'll be mad for not getting it a first ..!!

Bladed Hunter

i enjoyed the BigD moive i watched

Wil Sanders

I absolutely love this place. The building is still new so all facilities are still functioning at their full potential. The seats are comfortable and easy to sit in for 2 plus hours. I am a bit biased as movies and the theater experience is one of my favorite things to do but AMC earned the 5 stars either way

Susan Blake

Always great especially on Tuesdays! Every movie is $5

Cedric Welch

Movie was good thought it was a little bit too steep 35 bucks for a grandfather and a granddaughter

Bo Adams

Pretty good

Chrystal Waldrep

Love it. Friendly staff

Evenknese Kidd

Very nice place and clean

Rachel Aaliyah!

I love their popcorn and they are very nice very clean there

Ga Bre

Customer service- good. The hot dog with kraut was great. Would of had more but at almost $5 a dog it would have been to pricey.

Richard Forrester

Nice theater in Opelika, AL but like all theaters these days, the price of a movie and refreshments is pricey.


Staff needs to pay attention to lines! I had a couple break in front of me and serval ppl! They acted like they were buying popcorn! I said something to staff and they just looked at me as if to say shut lady

Bruce McClendon

Average theater. Nice, big screens. Expensive snacks.

Steven Bulin

Great place to watch a flick!

Pam Lindsey

Love the $5 movie night! But the bathroom was not very clean. The theater seats were very nice.

Ray Ash

Greatest cinema I visited in a long time and talking about years. Clean safe inside and out great staff Very friendly. Wonderful location superior dining area to feed the family after movie. SWEEET

Marroni Blue

If you love going to the movies you will like this theater! !

Y Ruiz

The staff were very engaging and nice and they seem like they were very well trained when it comes to customer service.

nate 1914

Very friendly service

Liliana Harrell

I thoroughly enjoy this cinema! This staff are super friendly, especially the male employee who takes your ticket(s). Each restroom is clean, and the drinks and popcorn are always fresh!

Lexus Huddleston

Absolutely love going to this theater, I only give it 4 stars because one of the theater rooms smelled strongly of mold and is absolutely freezing.

Old Guwop

These movies smell horrible, almost as if they don't clean it.. oh and the prices are outrageous don't even waste your money. You'll be too busy holding your nose the entire time

Yolanda Sams

I love it there comfortable but in need of a little cleaning sometimes it smell bad there

Sequoia williams

WHATS the reason of a phone if y’all not gone damn answer !

landall brasher

This is a great comfortable theater however prices way to high $10.00 for popcorn ... Really come on. Won't be buying popcorn there anymore. But it was great and clean.

Isa delva

What a nice surprise, going into the movie theater! Brand new facilities look, clean. Fast food and snack for sale, many cashiers open, so waiting list was close to cero. Overall experience was ver pleasant and that's why I give them a 5 stars rating.

Michael Skeen

First visit, John Wick 3 ,,, small popcorn & slush drink,yes!

Nikita Cook

Pretty good service and the movie was really good

Tobias Farley

Best entertainment complex in the area...

Anthiny Neff

Wonderful experience

Elizabeth Wigginton

There is no line to only buy tickets— which is extremely frustrating. The staff had to spend so much time preparing food, that we had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to purchase tickets. There were only three people working on a late Friday afternoon. The theaters are also always slightly warmer and mustier than they should be. I come to this theater all the time— but have been disappointed lately. Maybe it’s the new ownership with AMC.

Bill Landrum

Enjoy the movie, I'm handicapped and I can understand if they were busy. But I was scolded for talking the shortest route to the counter. I explained I'm handicapped, I parked as close to the building as I could and was trying to make it inside without having to use a wheelchair. He informed me they have to tell everyone they can't use the express lane unless you pay and join the preferred club. Common sense Please return.

Joonsik Chang

Clean and nice service

Brenda Sullivan

Love having such a high and deversified place to see movies. Really miss having the short cut to pick up tickets though.

Jake Kang

Can't anyone stop child crying? These guys couldn't

Gena Montalbano

Enjoyed the movie. Seats were comfortable. Snacks were good.Clean restrooms.

Alexandria Bishop

I love this movie theater. It's by far my favorite simply because everyone I've met is very friendly and everything is clean. It is pretty pricey though.

JD Johnson

Nice and clean, the crowd is pretty mature, and most of the staff is super friendly.

Adele D'Eon

Great theater, never encountered problems with the screenings and service. Tickets and concessions are expensive, but this seems to be the market rate for cinemas these days. Fortunately they have various discounts and loyalty programs.

Vanessa Heath

Seating rocks and is very comfortable. Bathrooms are very clean and well-stocked. Employees are great. We went during the day on Thursday, to see Missing Link, and had full choice of seats. I'll drive all the way here from Elmore County, before going to Prattville or especially Montgomery.

Whitney Sanchez

I was just going to put half of a star but it went let me do that. So we went to watch five feet apart and the movie went black three time so we had to watch a black screen for a good part of the movie and I asked to speak to the manager about it and she wouldn't come out and we could get a refund free tickets or another so $45 for two movie tickets two drinks and a lager popcorn was wasted because there was no point so sit through a movie and miss parts of it because the movie was blacked out.

David Mills

As expected but need more counter help during peak times.

Kathy Wagner

Beautiful theater!! Fantastic sound and cleanliness!!


Movie was awesome. After I went to the ladies room. It was a disaster. Paper everywhere and water on the floor. In lobby hall durty also. Was not impressed.

Thomas Mitchell

Great service. We were able to swap out tickets that we purchased online for a later showing, and the people helping us from behind the counter were very nice. The theatre rooms are spacious and always clean.

Philip Dugas

Really clean Theater... Friendly and professional staff... Plus this location has Vegan Options.

Jacob Jones

Nice place to see a movie

Arash Soltani-Tehrani

Very clean spacious good movie theater. Probably the food is not great but the theater itself is great

Rodney Holloway

the people was nice and helpful and a very clean environment.

Joses Gary

Excellent Price's and bundle deal's

chad milam

Safe and awesome place to take the kids

Lori Reding

Our favorite theater in Opelika/Auburn area!

Roy Washburn

Great place to go to the movies. Chairs are very spacious and nice. Great sound and screens.

Teresa Cavanagh

Always clean, professional w/great customer service.

Claudette Hendrix

Friday midday shows very empty. Very clean helpful staff.

Connie Reese

I am so very tired of the popcorn that is so salty you cannot eat it. We go 2 to 3 times a week. Always get popcorn and a drink. The last 3 times we had to pour the popcorn out. They say they have been getting a lot complaints but doing nothing about it. Today was our last time to buy it.

Wanda Burrell

Clean! Good outting with my girls & excellent movie...5 feet. I had a AMC reward that the attendant had to key in several times. Neither of us became frustrated its something they could certainly look into to find out why it's difficult to use the reward through their system.

Rory Blanks

Always clean and tidy, the staff is polite and friendly, and who doesn’t love the movies?

James Fogal

Great theatre.


It was quick an easy to get my tickets. Obviously it was pricey for the night in went but no issues I got my ticket and was told where my movie was showing inside the theater and enjoyed every minute of it. I love this theater

Jeriel Ng

Great movie theater, and it’s kept clean. Line isn’t too bad except on premiere nights of big movies, so it definitely helps if you get your tickets online.

Cade Oneail

Great place to see a movie good seats and a good staff.

Anthony Dean

Very good service.

Sha Lewis

Enjoyed the movie. However, I paid $9.25 for my 2 year old who didn't even watch the movie. I don't know how they can charge for kids so young. Especially at that price when adult tickets are $9.75.

Douglas Bendinger

First time seeing a three D movie there. It was very good. The glasses slipped comfortably over my glasses.

Yondaucia Wright

Very clean with a friendly and efficient staff!

Vickie Smith

Always love going here. Never that crowded

Tom Daniel

This theater discontinued the Priority Line for AMC Stubs Premiere members, which was the only reason we joined AMC Stubs Premiere. Even though their lobby is full of billboards inviting you to join AMC Stubs and "skip the line," there is still no Priority Line at this theater. If you want to use the AMC services you've already paid for, you'll have to find another theater (there isn't one), or get a refund.

Robby Watson

Nice and clean environment to enjoy time with the family.

William Melson jr.

I went on my first date in 20 years and it was great

Jared Norrell

Friday night, line out the door and 2 people working the counter for tickets and concessions, my bad 3 now ... great job Walmart , I mean AMC

William Miller

Only one thing concession was more than tickets to see movie !!!

Kimberly Hurtado

My husband and I enjoyed it tremendously. This was my first time coming and the food, service, and restaurant were all amazing. The little biscuits are fabulous. Trust me we will be back. Either just us or with our 4 kids, ages ranging from 5 - 21. Thank you Jim N Nicks!! God bless!!

Tina Henderson

A lil loud in the Big D but it was awesome. Lots of room and comfortable seating. Had a great time watching Halloween with my daughter.

Queen K

I went to go see the hustlers and while the movie was great the service I received was not! When I got there the line was extremely long with only one person working the register and also fixing snacks while the other workers stood around talking or on their phones! The area where you get drinks was nasty and the bathroom was also dirty. I'm not sure if I will be returning

Allen Adams

Pretty good movie theater. Offers 3D all the time which we love...

Fern Barrett

Snack prices are ridiculously over priced. Overcomers was an awesome movie.

Kay Atchinson

Love this place and enjoy the movie previews of coming attractions. Gives you time to not be late and get snacks, if you want. I recently had a tumble and the staff and even fellow customers continued to check on me till my movie was finished. Even brought ice to keep on the fall part and made sure I was not injured seriously for the entire time I stayed and even walked me to my car afterwards. I’ll always remember that. I did get checked afterwards by the er, and was fine. But the staff offered to get an ambulance and send me on their dime, but I refused because I felt that it wasn’t necessary. I will always be thankful for their care and concern for my welfare. They went above the call of duty. Thanks, AMC.

Daniel Askew

I got in very quick!

George Ogle

Cool theater, good movie, comfy seats

Cheryl Williams

Love this place. Always clean great seating. Foods high price. but all in all great movie experience

Kristina Perry

So spacious, so nice! Reminds me of Atlanta.

Roderick Robinson

Always amazing...

David Lupold

Good movie , service was good

sarah machen

Theater great. But concessions too expensive I

Jessica Nash

The theatre is always WAY too hot and the employees clearly hate their job. But, it's a convenient place to see a movie if you don't want to drive. :/

Jennifer Washington

The young man at the concession stand was really helpful with helping me with my A-list account when I was trying to get my popcorn and drink to watch The Lion King. I would like to thank you for being so nice and helpful! Great customer service.

Terrye Brewer

Drink and food is overpriced. Theatre is clean and we'll maintained.

Taylor Bice

Saw Spider-Man. Pretty lit man

Gideon Staples

Really pricey, but very nice theatre.

Evoris Thomas

Great for movie date.

Mrs. jenkins

Very nice clean love it food great the people very nice

LC Thomas

A great place to go to see a movie but the prices need to be lowered

Beth Bledsoe

My Granddaughter Loves The Movies

Terry Danford

Our go to place to watch movies. Always have an good experience.

Ashley Bricker

I wish I could give 0 stars and I’m honestly confused why it has such good reviews. I worked at a Cinemark all throughout high school and part of college so I understand how busy these places get, but even if you arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the start of your movie, expect to miss the beginning without fail. Have they heard of a box office? Why are the tickets sold at the concessions stand and why on earth do I have to stand in line even if I bought tickets ahead of time? Get a kiosk or have a scanner at the podium where the ushers take your tickets so they can print them off. Something to get rid of this horrible traffic in the lobby. Separate ticket and concessions. SOMEONE HELP THIS PLACE.

Alexander Bell

A little disappointed. Considering that we all know there is a solid 20 + minutes of previews (that honestly just spoil the movie), as an AList subscriber I arrive around or just after showtime to minimize spoiler trailers. Be careful as the box office closes at the last showtime and the doors are locked and no one answers the phone. So don't be late or you've wasted the drive and missed the show. It's not like the staff does not have to be there for 2+ additional hours or anything...

Daryeja Moore

Movies are fun,great popcorn and drinks

Bart Newell

Very good theater. They've got the BIG D that everyone craves.

Chandler Rolf

Ummm this a theater so keep up the good work with the movies. Love coming on the 5 dollar Tuesday's.

Belinda Wilkinson

Enjoyed ourselves!!!! But we had great company too! Railings were sticky but everything else was clean. Comfortable seating good lighting but the running lights were cut off before we could get out of theatre. Big screen first for us and it was great!!

April Pesce

This theater provides exactly what it's meant to: movies. The employees don't seem to enjoy their jobs... However, they are not rude about it. I enjoy the separate area to get your popcorn because I enjoy being able to butter the middle part of the popcorn before they fill it to the top. The establishment is clean.

Robbie Crosby

Nice large movie theater. A little bit high prices on admission and expecially food/ drinks. Good cool air conditioning. New building.

Frederick Frost

The employees were very nice. I just hate the new recipe for the popcorn. Absolutely too salty. Please bring back the original.

Allison Marchant

The tickets are moderately priced and the beverages and snacks are generally expensive as with most theaters. We usually make sure we refill our drink before we leave. The environment is nice and the theaters and bathrooms are usually kept very clean.

Matthew Musser

A very good theater. The prices are high but I believe you're going to find that elsewhere. I love the song. The service is good. Other than people taking during movies I've never had a bad experience here.

Margaret Webb

Clean, safe place ... Very friendly

Bruce Sandlin

Theater clean, helpful service. Iccee price of $5.98 each too high - warning to parents.

Potato Banana

It was very nice except for the popcorn everywhere and the loud guests

Tony Mancuso

New and modern facility. The screens are pretty and most of the staff are friendly. Popcorn is usually good but sometimes it is too salty.


Amazing move theatre! Staff were very good at their jobs and the threatre was clean. Food is served fresh and well made.

Motki Didi

Great Theater experience. Good staff.

Sean Foster

Just a classic AMC. I like the freestyle machines but I'm a little disappointed that since signing up for Stubb's membership they got rid of their vip line. I also wish they had the machines to be able to pick up pre-ordered tickets quicker without having to stand in line.

Sawyer Waldrep

Great movie theater experience. Watched captain marvel. Great movie

Bill Roberts

Great sound system, everything is as it should be.


Clean, friendly staff and $5 Tuesdays ftw!

Kathie Chappell

Prices are to high on drinks and stuff..

Ellison Holley

A Dogs way Home is Excellent choice! Great for the family!!

Frederick Fornis

The staff is very friendly and easily close restrooms near majority of the theaters

Nobody Nobody

It's a real nice movie theater the only thing I don't like is the price for the drinks. I asked how much a small cup of soda would cost it came around $7.50

Rachel Long

Great theater! Much cleaner than most I've seen. Friendly workers.

Amy Lowery

Overall still great! Noticed now that it's dirtier and unkempt. No ice in drink machines. The theater room we watched our movie in hadn't been cleaned for obviously a while (old popcorn and trash everywhere when we first came in).

Carl Morgan

Worth customer service ever, seeing movie times listed online, doors were lock b4 the movie even started. Tried to deter us from buying ticket for a movie that just started, because she closed the register early

Joshua Berry

The Big D....

Grace Holly

Very clean, good workers. High quality movie experience

Arlie Johnson

Very nice well maintained and clean the price is right and the service is great

Jackie Lawler

Great movies at great prices.

Curtis Terry

Love the best of all very nice workers there

Rozita Jones

Great service only one complaint I love there pertzal bites with cheese sauce but unfortunately there oven was broken so i could not get any.looking foward to my next vist so i can get those pretzal bites.

Wayne Evans

Friendly helpful staff.


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