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REVIEWS OF AMC CLASSIC Marktplatz 10 IN Alabama

Jenna Raymond

Watch the new ALADDIN movie. It is a better than the cartoon ALLIDAN.


I love going to the AMC just wish they had one closer to where I live

Thirty 850

Overall everything is fine at this location. Only disappointing part was how long the let the line get to get tickets. Only one cashier at 630 on a Saturday night is poor management. Poor kid looked like he was doing his best selling tickets.

Joshua Fulmer

It's a theater I mean it's clean and has overpriced snacks what more can you expect from the movies.

Michele Reavis

Went to see Incredibles 2. Movie was excellent. Theater was nice. Seats are s bit small but not uncomfortable. Ladies restroom was a bit trashed. There was quite a bit of toilet paper on the floor. The drink dispenser was nice for the overpriced drinks (expensive drinks and snacks as usual at a theater).

Abigail Curtis

Before we got to the theatre we had planned on buying popcorn. As we walked up to the concession stand to buy our tickets and food, the man working the counter was picking his nose. I was disgusted and will not be buying food from here ever again.

Marcus Nelson

Not a lot of people there. So, I did not have to wait

Ashley Murphy

Our favorite theater! Close and conveniently located to several places to eat as well. Theater is always clean, staff is friendly and seats are comfortable!

Marlene Ferrell

I am not happy with amc movie theater because we had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to get tickets. Why? No, it wasnt because it was a busy day or because the movie was a hot brand new movie! It was because instead of having a ticket booth to buy tickets from, we were all stuck in the food line to get tickets and of course most were getting food as well. We were 10 minutes late for the movie and it was freezing cold and the chairs sit u straight up like a statue. No recline whatsoever. No leaning back, none of that! Was very disappointed.

Karen Killingsworth

Posted movie time on their web site, drive all the way to Cullman, 45 mins, then they tell me the web site is wrong. Spoke to the "manager" who had to be called in from smoking,and was told there was nothing she could do. I suggested a free movie ticket to help cover the gas we had waisted bc of their mistake, and she hand me a coupon for free small soda and pop corn....thier cost...what maybe 25 cents out of their pocket? Manager was clueless as far as customer service. Not taking accountability for any incovience to the customers.

Jonathan Ary

I have been here many times since it is the theater that is closest to where I live. Purchasing tickets and concessions is always slow at this location. They always seem to be short staffed. Also, they keep the theater very cold, even in the summer. Tips: * Pre-purchase tickets and have them sent to your phone so you do not have to wait in line. * Bring a jacket to keep warm

Melissa Burgett

Price is nice, they have beer and nachos for those who want and the seats are reclining!

William Wilkins

Went to see glass. The cashier couldn't get his register to scan. Got the tickets n went in to watch the movie. Had to call the front to get it playing on the screen. Halfway into the movie some lady came in shining a bright light in our eyes asking for our tickets. Heaven only knows what would have happened if I hadn't found them. Made us feel like criminals. Didn't even apologize. Complained to the manager. He tried to say it was ok to treat people like that. Didn't even apologize or try n make it better. N this is on my wife's birthday of all days. I handed our AMC stubb's premiere card to him n told him I didn't want to be a member when they treat their customers this way. Made me ashamed to have been a stubs member.

Alison D Phillips

Uncomfortable seats and not very clean. Not very impressed

Tami Haynes

There was one new employee working his tail off while the others partied it up in the back room. The kid who was basically running the place on his own while obviously having no training was a freaking rockstar though and should get a raise. I hate that I didn't get his name.

Sharon Clayton

Sound was a little weak & the theaters are small. It was reasonably clean, though.

Cynthia Brown

Really needs some supervision the restrooms was nasty

Cassandra Smith

This AMC is often more expensive than most AMC theaters and is in serious need of a revamp. I've been to see a few movies and when we got in there were seats with holes in them (which also had food in said holes).

Beatrice Holland

My son brings me regular on our mother/son . Love it

Abby Saint

I'm just wondering, I'm hoping to go see the new Lion King movie Saturday or Sunday with my boyfriend. How expensive are the tickets and medium popcorn with 2 cokes?

Alex Twitty

Auditorium 8 had terrible seats. We usually try to sit on the back row but wasn't any seats left so naturally the row directly in front was next. We went to the center and sat and the seats felt really worn. To make it worse about 40 minutes in I decided to shift positions and the whole row made a loud squeaking noise that made me miss something important. Naturally others on the row needed to shift later and...yep you guessed it...loud noise missed another bit. Fix these seats please!

Bill Viverette

Clean. Spacious. Good sound. Good video quality. Some really boring commercials. Good movie selection. Ticketing was a little slow. Restroom was clean.

Marcus McC

Nice theater. Rarely crowded. When it is busy, service drops off sharply. Lines get long and slow. Employee training shortcomings become glaring. Drink dispensers run out of Coke. If you can go when the crowd is small, it's a good, clean theater.

George Smith

Seemed a little short staffed this past weekend. We had to stand in line at concessions to buy our movie tickets. The area where the drink lids were located was very dirty. We watched Rambo which was really good.

Robert Wilsford

Nice atmosphere helpful people.

Jamie Cagle

We saw Ready Player One and it was great! We don't go to the movies often but when we do it is a pleasant experience here. The staff are always friendly and personable.

Travis Chambers

Only issue or possible was the cost of the concession items. This is why people want to bring in their own snacks and drinks into theaters.

kristi seal

The staff was very helpful and even let the girls I brought with my daughter use my reward card for their purchases.

Hannah Hamby

Watch lion king it was amazing

Anita Brannan

Love going movies! The best popcorn although have to take out a loan to afford a movie and snacks. A few years ago we enjoyed movie most every weekend. Luxury outing these days only. Sure miss the fun we had at the theater!

Blake West

A good theater. Clean, well managed. Never crowded during the week. Popcorn is always fresh and warm. Good candy and drink selection.

Mike Allen

A good place to see a movie in a smaller town setting. Comfortable seating, clear picture, quality sound.

Brett Turner

Nice place, would be a 5 star if they upgraded to the new recliner style seating.

Fun With Roblox!

Me my mom and my brother went here to watch the new movie Wonder Park we loved it! And great employees! That is probably why it was so crowded

Corrupted Ninja

Absolutely horrible,I don’t recommend going there the staff isn’t nice,they ignore you plus the auditoriums are never clean

Jesse Hinkson

It's a nice place, great service, but, as with most cinemas the prices are sky high. Becoming a Stubs member helps out but still

Terry Bentley

Went to the AMC in Cullman today to watch the Madea movie. We pulled up for the 1:00pm showing along with several other people. The lights were out, the door was locked.... and everyone left disappointed. You lost money on ticket sales and the trust of community members. Don't post 1:00pm showings of movies if you're not going to have them.

Robert Blackwell

Seats are not great. But staff is friendly and the cost is pretty reasonable.

Cyndi Slater

People like to go to see a movie early afternoon sometimes that's the only time they have available to see one. Too bad this theater chooses to open at 3 or 4:00. That is how it loses money, and customers!

Bridget Basinger

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody with my son! Great experience.

Bruce Robinett

Everything was in good the movie the food the employees the only reason I'm giving it to Stars is because it's the most uncomfortable theater I've ever set in

Travis WHITE

Great place to watch a movie. Needs to be updated badly. It's out of date and some of the seats are broke.


Dang. I like to post good reviews but .....I couldn't get the nasty filthy smells out of my clothes hours AFTER I left the theatre.

Kevin Stedman

Take a jacket, it's super cold.

Jeremy Hawkins

Great place my favorite theater I have been to. Very clean great prices and very friendly employees

Anthony Cagle

Service was top notch. Very clean. My only complaint was the large puddle of water in the men's restroom. A nitpicky side note, some of the seats are missing armrests, possibly broken from use.

amy robinson

The worst experience.. We paid 65.00 to take our niece and nephew to see Toy Story. We went to get our cokes and the machine was broken, they had one working machine. The kids wanted blueberry slurpees the only choice they had were coke. They could not even fill their cups up all the way because that machine ran out. I asked for a manager, explained to him how frustrating this experience was. He responded by saying "All I can say is I'm sorry." Terrible way to run a business. We will not be back!

James Tye

You have to stand in the concession line to get your tickets. We stood in line 30min and the theater was not busy. Two employees working the line. Our theater was dirty, garbage and popcorn everywhere. Seems to be very poor management since AMC took over. Was much better as Carmike.

Jagger Dockins

Go if you have a lot of money other than the expense it’s 5 star

Dametric Pierce

Love this place always the best people.

john hilb

Horrible. The force you through the food line to buy tickets. We missed our movie because of the 20 minute wait to buy tickets. Hire two more minimum wage teams and get folks in the door. Absolutely the dumbest thing I’ve seen. I watched 4 couples/groups leave in frustration.


Not very clean. The seats in the theater were broke. Had to change seats 3 times to have a cup holder. As much as I had to pay for a ticket I think they could have decent seating.

Bruce Bentley

Trying to call to get information about the theater and all you get is a recording telling you nothing. Cant even talk to a real person.


Best theatre I've been to in years.

Samuel Cregan

Good food for a movie theater, not clean, and only some friendly staff.

Chanel/DJ Keitges

Great place. Boots had a great time

Max Rockatansky

Here's an idea. Instead of stupid points and rewards systems, how about just make the prices cheaper. $15 for one popcorn and one drink is just stupid. People don't want to jump through hoops with stupid promotions. If you need more people in the seats, charge a reasonable price. I don't mind tickets prices, they're reasonable. But the concession is an absolute joke. An insult. You cant compete with the AVERAGE home theater these days. You better wake up.

Mary-Joyce Beeler

I love the big reclining seats and pillows.

Mighty Lamb

Drove 45 min then had to stand in line for 5 min to get rejected because I was 1 minute late. I'll never come back to this place.

M Hill

Missed the mark this time. Popcorn was stale and not salty at all. Restrooms had wet floors, dirty and was out of soap. Disappointing this time

Ashley Wright

A lot is over priced however movies are always great everyone is friendly and we always have a fantastic time!


Nice people and theaters

John Tipler

Charming. Quaint even. The AMC take on theater going is laid on a bit thick for my tastes tho. It's too branded.

Sharon S

I took my mom and her sisters to see Toy Story 4. You are never to old for a good animated movie. Staff was nice. Got tickets fast. Reasonable prices too. Enjoyable evening.

Stevi Mitchell

Me and my husband love this on date night

Luis Falcon

Good place to watch movies☺

Sherry Eady

Lady that did my tickets was super nice.

Gail Godfrey

Amazing. Love the movie theater and its staff


Just a theatre, the speakers are way too loud, I played drums in bands, and the sound was too loud even for me. The previews and commercials are ridiculous!!! There are almost 45 minutes of previews and commercials, you guys really need to scale it back, 20 minutes is plenty of time to get all your advertisements in, also concessions are too expensive. And what happened to the movie theatre popcorn???? The popcorn you guys have tastes like microwave popcorn.....

Richard D. Jones

Very expensive for popcorn and drinks it was like 33.00 plus 60.00 for 3D movie which movies was good but the refreshments are very very steep so I give it a 3 star 2nd of the steep prices and the deals were no better it 4 dollars to refill your popcorn even after paying 33 dollars

caleb dill

This place just opened, it’s a Saturday, and the counters are nasty, floors are gross, out of some of the drinks, napkins, lids, etc at the drink kiosks. I was told I couldn’t have some of the products they were selling. Just a bad experience and on top of that, a large popcorn and drink is $16.

Michelle Walker

Awesome theater.

Bobby Harris

Probably one of nicest and cleanest theatre's I have been in.

Danice Thomas

First time there .. Ticket prices ok for matinee but popcorn price and 2 LG soda cost more than our tickets. We saw Zombieland .. Double Tap

Terry McAnnally

Would have been 5 stars but an armrest was broken where we sat.

Adrienne Davis

Not an adult in sight and you could tell. This theater is cheaper, but it shows. The Coke Freestyle machines taste terrible. It's normally pretty okay, but on this particular night it wasn't up to par. The drink station was filthy. The cleaning crew was rude.

Starla Suttles

Great folks at the counters. Clean and nice.

Dave C

People are nice enough I guess, no real interaction except to buy the tickets so not a complaint on the staff. However the theater we were in was run down and about 1/4 of the seats were broken and wobbly or the arm rests were broken. We were able to find comfortable seats but if the theater had more than 20 people in it you would be hard pressed to find a good seat. I just feel the price tag was a premium with less than quality furnishings!

Angela Nash

I just say through a 3 hour long movie! Never got uncomfortable, other than got a little chilly while watching it. But quilty is great, popcorn was fresh, and wide selection of drinks and food available for refreshments during your visit.

Matt 34 Ronald Holloway

No I didn't visit and I will not

Jesse James

Filthy restrooms. Oven was broken so no pretzels. Nacho machine was broken so no nachos. Overall dirty looking. Guy at the counter was nice and the screen area was clean. May give a second chance but not certain.

Xanman0512 channel

The only movie theater that I actually like to go to.

Lynda Clanton

Fast service, just a little cold inside.


Nice place, comfortable seats. Very expensive food and beverages. Bring a blanket, they keep it nice and cool in there.

Keith Boshell

We watch a fair amount of movies here over going to Birmingham due to lower crowd levels. The theaters have always been pretty clean. Watched a movie today that was a few weeks out from premiere so was in one of the smaller theaters which was fine but for some reason there was quite a few of the chairs that had the armrest broke off. Luckily it wasn't busy and we were able to just find seats with armrest. Concessions and staff have always been helpful and nice. I would recommend watching a movie here.

Melissa Norton

I really had a good time. Great movie. They need to repair some of the seats. I sat in one that the arm with the drink holder was broken.

Lisa Blackerby Wells

We drove for an hour to see the matinee. We waited in line for 5 minutes while they processed one family buying tickets which explained the long line of angry faces. There was no way we or anyone else were going to get in before the movie started. We turned around and came back home. 2.5 hours on the road for nothing.

Shanna Johnson

Love to bring my grandsons to the movies

Nancy kane

Waaaay too expensive! Netfix from now on. No movie worthy of that much money!

Michele Strickland

Nice place but when movie let's out bathrooms closed.

Jenny W.

This place is horrible! If I could give a negative review I would! The register didn't work! The guy couldn't open it even with his key! We had to call them from the movie to get them to play the movie! It started late! Then the lady came in and checked our tickets telling us we shouldn't be in there and waving a paper in our face! Then we showed her our tickets and she didn't apologize! We talked to the manager and he acted like it was okay and the cashier tried to lie about selling us tickets even though we showed them. But upon being questioned admitted he sold us tickets! This place is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Van Winkle

This theater is nice but dirty and not well kept, not to mention pretty overpriced (even compared to most movie theaters)

Chad McAnnally

Could use a little upkeep of the seats

Debbie Robeson

Place Places as dirty, it was so hot on our theater with only about 7 people to watch long shot. No icee machines were turned on to work all blinking red and not frozen. Asked mamager to turn up the air so we could be cool because it was hot , turned it on for about 5 mins. Of the movie and never kicked back on again. One side of the sodas were mostly water, the other side was spilled drinks and no one ne cleaning them up. VERY DISAPPOINTED, THE SEATS HERE ARE IN SERIOUS NEED OF BEING REPLACED.

Megan Pate

Had a blast with my son on his field trip here watching the new grinch movie! People was friendly. Just didn't understand why concessions stand wasnt open


Fantastic theater with many many options to watch very friendly and helpful staff. If you are into 3d movies then your in luck because they have that. Its even a good place to pass time with the kids with a handful of fun arcade games in the lobby. And just for a small fee you can become a gold member and get cheaper concession prices and even skip the long lines with the use of the member card

David Lewis

Good theater and a good experience. No complaints. Seats were comfy as anywhere else, popcorn was good and they have soda machines so refills on every size drink here!

Macey Rosen

Friendly staff and management. Seats are a little uncomfortable though

Kate- Lana Lang

Good clean theatre. Wish the food wasn't so pricey. But over all a good experience.

Valire Kahler

Only thing unpleasent was using the app to pay.. paid an extra 4 for convenience, this was their wording..

Matt Crawford

Prices are what you would expect. Overpriced drinks and popcorn, like everywhere else. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes because they only sell tickets at the concession counter and they aren't smart enough to split the line into people just buying tickets and people getting a new down payment on a bucket of lard.

Em C

Prices for food and drinks are way to high.

Tyler Slaten

Good experience. Would be 5 stars if they didn't bleed you dry with concession prices but I suppose it's that way at any cinema.

Billy Ramey

Good movies nice people's

Laura Bennett

Only place in cullman

Lucky Ducky

John at the counter was super friendly and cool. Hire more people like John.

Peyton Smith

Super super good only problem is the prices are a bit much but the staff was awesome

Edward Hyde

Went to see Avengers Endgame, parking was tough but I expected as much for movie this popular. Lobby seems to be segregated between one type of customer and the regular customer. Seating in theater was as cramped as one would expect. Lighting for movie was good, audio wasn't overwhelming. Would definitely go again.

Cindy Norris

Awesome place to take the family for a night out.

William Urdaneta

Be prepared to wait in line!!! Place was clean and workers were friendly. However, we waited 20 minutes to buy a ticket and then another 20-30 minutes to buy food and drinks. The popcorn was way too salty with barely any butter. Overall ok, but I would rather drive 40 mins to Huntsville and go to a nicer theatre; than stand in line for 45 minutes to get a ticket and food. I will not be going back there!

PodCast RedZone

Cheaper then Birmingham and the staff is nice and helpful. Very clean and a great place too watch movies.


Nice theater could be updated

Robert Weaver

Very nice theater. Too many walkways to get to the concession stand. Makes you feel like cattle being herded. Lighting in the theater is good during the movie. Not distracting but lets you maneuver to your seat.

Travis Brett Pearson

Love the movies every now and then I went and seen Venom just last month this month I went and seen The Grinch that stole CHRISTMAS THIS PAST WEEKEND they were both amazing movies I recommend every one to go and see the GRINCH that stole Christmas.

Heather Alexander

The ticket prices are outrageous compared to other theatres.. They do not offer student discounts either like the other ones do near here. This is the only one I’ve been to that doesn’t offer that. As much money as they are charging for tickets they could revamp this theatre and make it a lot more updated and replace the seats. The seats are very outdated and not comfortable. One good thing is that the staff is friendly

Dallas Fields

Great place to see a movie! The atmosphere is not overwhelming, it could use some aesthetic updates. However, no complaints for any other facet of the experience.

David Macbain

Great and friendly staff. Clean and prompt service.

Gary Holcombe

Love it but could use some new seats

Laney Dawson

It was really good and clean and the popcorn was great!

Isaac Smith

The theater room I was in had not been cleaned from the previous movie. During the movie, the screen kept cutting out and displaying a red or black screen.

Rick Hand

5 minutes after the posted time the ads and trailers had not even begun. I went to the lobby and told an employee. 5 mins later they began. But when they start that late could we not cut out a few of them? It made the movie begin that much later. Otherwise we were very happy with our visit.

Heather Aaron

This place was clean and the movies are always good choices food -drinks good. I'd rather not say how or who told me, but I did find out that if you needed the main manager they where not there and they spend more time being not there than actually being there. I will say if you have a good crew and things are running smoothly.......

brandon brooks

Clean and not crowded. 2 lb pretzels are great.

Karmen Payne

Very accommodating good family fun

Clay Baker

Great place to watch a movie, but bring a jacket it's a little chilly.

John Wagner

I went here twice recently. The lobby is really nice, with a lounging area and games. The popcorn is actually good. The seats are standard; not uncomfortable in any way, but not anything over the top either. My one complaint is the price. Two tickets, a large popcorn, and a large drink was $42 after tax. I believe the tickets were $12 each, and they were both movies that had been out for over a month. One of them was on a weekend, the other in the middle of the week. I'm usually not one to complain about movie theater prices because I understand why they have to be high, but my theater back home in Iowa has $9 tickets ($8 of you're part of their rewards program and $5 on Tuesdays), TWO large drinks and a large popcorn is under $20, and the seats are leather recliners with seat warmers. And the town it's in is much bigger than Cullman. I see a lot of movies back home, but if this was the main theater I went to, I probably would rarely buy concessions. Maybe everything is just cheaper in Iowa and my standards are too high.

Nut Meg

It was great!! The service was great and the movie was awesome!! The only thing I would suggest is to invest in some better seating... The seats were pretty bad... But other than that it was impeccable!!

Sierra Palmer

The lobby looks great. The screen and volume are fantastic, but half the lights in the theater part didn't work and the seats are outdated and uncomfortable. My armrest was completely broken on the ground.


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