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801 Doug Baker Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35242 Located in: Lee Branch Farmers Market - The Marketplace at Lee Branch

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Sara Thurgood

Always clean and great location.

Jack Lyons

Better than the Summit

Michele Reavis

Love the AMC deal where for around $20 a month you can see 3 movies a week. Theater is nice. Employees seem nice.

Mike James

Nice theatre, but they need more workers for primetime. Lines can be way too slow!

Chanda Mitchell

First, the disgusting incompetent man working the snack bar looked as if he hadn't bathed in days, then he got our order wrong and denied doing so. All the paper towel dispensers I'm the ladies room were broken, and when we got to the theater for the first movie of the day, it was terribly filthy and smelled. I will not return to this theater. I will go to the Alabaster Promenade.

Steve Huffman

Easy access. Comfortable seating.

Ryan Burke

I enjoy going to this theatre over any other theatre in the Birmingham area. I have never had a disappointing experience with the staff, but I have never had an outstanding experience either. Most of the times I visit everything seems to be clean, however I recently went and things were a little dirty. I understand when it is busy it may be hard to get to clean some areas, but before I went in to watch the movie there was popcorn all over the floors, trash overflowing in the trash cans, and no paper towels in the mens bathroom. After the 2 hour movie was done there was still popcorn all over the floors, overflowing trash in the trash cans and no paper towels in the men's bathroom. I encourage the staff to use their team wisely, on busy nights. Instead of having 10-12 team members behind the counter and one team member cleaning (from what I saw), send a couple of more team members to clean up the main area. Thanks!

Remy Helu

Great look place.. dont get lots of choices

Angela Sewell

I'm very disappointed in how this theater has gone down. We have been many times in the last 4 months. Every time we have gone, the floors, in the lobby, have been dirty and sticky. The popcorn was stale, no lids for cups and most things were not stocked. Today and the last two times we went, they ran out of carbonation. That is unacceptable. You should never run out of carbonation. Look at your books, see how many drinks are sold and keep carbonation stocked! So I guess the people coming in for next movie will have no fountain drinks or Icees! Unacceptable! Soft drinks and Icees cost too much anyway and we should be able to get refills. Today, went to a 1:00 movie and there were no lids out and when a customer asked the young man for a lid, he was ignored! When we left, 3 teenagers were behind the counter, with NO customers and what should they have been doing? STOCKING! They should have been preparing for the next wave of moviegoers. There were still no lids out, butter all over the counter and the counter where the straws and napkins are kept was still soiled with spilled drinks, etc. Something needs to change or this theater will lose a lot of customers! The manager needs to be out in the lobby making sure things are being done. I hope things change for the better.


The management needs to pay this place a little more attention. Dirty bathrooms, dirty around the concessions, disappointing. The staff is friendly and the theater is in a great location, it just seems to be lacking attention.

Garry Rice

Men’s restroom is NASTY.. i don’t like to hear sticky shoes when I’m walking out of the bathroom. You gotta shuffle your feet when you get to the carpet. Full body shiver and try to forget it happened. One positive thing about it though is that it made me feel ok about how much I paid for popcorn and a ticket. You can’t feel like they are gouging you when you know the same urinals have been out of order for the last 8 months, and the cleaning crew comes once a week. $20 is the least I can do.

Kayla Inderbiete

Absolutely horrible customer service with every single employee we talked to. A last resort movie theater if you have no other options.

Milamb B

4 stars only because the butter dispensers for popcorn need to flow like a chocolate fountain

Elysia Bailey

Great movies great atmosphere. Prices a little high but who isn't these days.

Larry Roberts

Generally enjoyable. I have to say, watching TV where I expect the commercials is more my speed. Paying an exorbitant amount and watching 30 full minutes of previews is ridiculous!

Joel carpenter

The place always has friendly employees, especially Deja she's always nice to our family. Popcorn is never stale and the theatres are always clean. Best theatre on this side of the mountain.l!

Chris Reeves

When you pay this much to go see a movie you expect a nice experience, not dirty counters, dirty floors, nasty restrooms, no ticket agents (I had to stand in line to use a kiosk)... the opening previews stopped playing for a solid 10 minutes and then started over at the beginning. The popcorn was stale, the butter dispenser was empty, only one drink machine was working. The signs showing which theater your movie is playing in don't work and you have to hunt someone down to ask. I didn't even go on a busy day. Oh well... at least the movie was good!

Jonathan Isbell

My favorite movie theater!! The Big D is a little more money but well worth the price! It has much bigger screen and lust leather seats that vibrate during load intense scenes! And Big D is NOT 3d

Landon Huey

staff was ok, the seats were noice, and the food was amzing


Comfy seats.

Michael Meredith

The Movie was Awsome,The place was filthy trash was everwhere FEET STUCK TO THE FLOOR.Bathrooms were nasty.employee was hateful at concession area...We will not go back...

Tosha Lyles

Been going here the last few years. Always a great experiance.

Izzy J

Very spacious, concession stands aren't overly long and signs make it easy to get around to the theaters.

Jeremy Hatley

Pricey and has consistent technical issues; however, they have the nicest theatre in town until other Bham theatres renovate.

Russ Walker

Nice clean theater with comfortable seating. Would go back. Edit: Have been back twice and used the restrooms. The men’s restroom is disgusting, i bet it hasn’t been cleaned in months. My wife claims the women’s restroom is the same. Keep in mind that this wasn’t an isolated case. We’ve been twice over the course of 3 months and the restrooms looked the same. I know it seems petty to focus so hard on the restrooms of a movie theatre but good lord this place is disgusting. We’ve actually decided to try a different movie theatre because of this.

Marie Sly

I really enjoyed my experience at AMC Lee Branch, everyone was friendly, the theater was comfortable, and the popcorn was very good.

Zachary Nunnally

Over an hour drive to get here. Always liked this theater. Came here to watch avengers and game with my wife and step kids for her early mother's day present. Had 3 people come in to clean and they rudely informed us that there was nothing at the end of the movie and we could leave. There was a trailer for the new spider man movie at the end. It announced it at the beginning of the movie. I work in service industry. I have to stay late many nights waiting for my paying guests to leave. I have not been rude to one of them. I'm happy that they are there. I, nor my family will be back to the back to this location.

Kendra Johnson

Nice people and clean facility

Chuck Boyd

Better than the rest.

Sandra Cardenales

Everything nice, clean and comfortable. Loved the movie Breakthrough also

M Coco

Great place for friends and family

Pryncess Kali

Very clean facility, and the workers were very knowledgeable about their products.

bill durney

Great place to watch movies triple D is the best great seating

Mike Johnston

Nice Theatre. Expensive Concessions

steven king

The theater was clean , very polite staff but both the men's and the family restrooms reek of old urine. It's bad when you walk in and kids ask why it smells.

Steven Eversole

This is once the Rave Theater and was great. Now it's been through Carmike and now AMC. AMC is horrible and this location is dying fast. Dirty everything, drink machines do not work, butter dispensers do not work, bathrooms are horrible, and it's hot. I mean, come on, it's summer in Alabama. Turn down the air. Now they don't even show movies after seven during the summer until the weekend. Just piss poor management and service. Everyone seems miserable. Lines are long. I cannot stress enough how bad this experience has been the last couple times we've gone to the movies with out kids. I'm afraid the children may get staff infection in the restrooms. If you have a choice, choose another location. They've killed this one.

Nelly Leguisamo

Very disorganized new releases movies, need more personal, the captions devices wasn't have enough recharging and missed 20 minutes trying to get another device

Jathan a

....5 star, if upgrade to Hi-def

Marissa Smith

Seating not comfortable, volume was WAY too loud, moreso than normal for a theater. Prices were better than average, clean facilities.

Polly Young Akers

Small foot. Fun movie.

Diana Thornton

The only problem I had was had to pay $8.00 for a 4 year old in day time.

william powell

Friendly staff , clean theater. Good movie Great sitting what more can you ask for ?

Daniel Topping

Clean pleasant facilities.

Steve Hall

The AMC Big-D screen at Lee Branch is my favorite screen to view a film in greater Birmingham! I wish they had more than one theater with that format, however.

Rebecca Moss


Craig Winn

Always clean and if you are a Stubbs member you rarely wait in line. Bring some money if you get concessions though. Stadium seating with armed spacious seats. The kids love the pizza and curly fries when I can afford them.

LeAnna Bivin

Saw "I Feel Pretty" for a girl's night out. Nice atmosphere and yummy popcorn! Clean facilities

Sickle Cell Warrior Princess

My friend and I had a wonderful time here!! The theater was clean, cool and comfy with its reclining seats and movable arm rests. Plus, the movie was fantastic and the surround sound made us feel as we were right there in the movie! Amazing experience!

Stephanie Honeycutt

Saw Avengers. The line for concessions was long but went very quickly. Had a great time!

G.C. Dillard

Usually less crowded. Friendly staff.

Andrew Farrow

Pretty good theater. Comfy. polite staff. Overpriced concessions as expected of any theater.

Jake Pickens

Very clean. And comfortable seats.

Jason Collier

AMC stubs A List us a great value.


Took my son to see the new Dragon Ball movie. First off glad we got there early and got a seat. They over sold tickets. People were sitting on the stairs and standing against wall. The sound for the movie was only from front, not surround so you could still hear people talking during the movie. For $12.50 each I was not impressed with this theater. That many people in one theater had to be illegal...

Bobby Tidwell

Great experience every time

Jeff Wright

Saw Infinity War, and paid the premium for "Real3D" plus a $5 convenience fee for ordering tickets online. Still had to stand in line to get the tickets ($5 wasted). The projector had a very dim bulb that flickered and dark scenes in 3D were unwatchable. My $150 sound bar sounded better than their system and it had a loud electric hum the entire time.

David Wilkinson

Nice and clean. Nothin fancy to make it stand out from other theaters.

Yoruba Harris

It was such a cold night, but we had to see Aquaman. Our showing was in those new "D" theatres (not quite sure what they are called specifically) with the new seats and full sound. There weren't many people in our showing so it felt nice, roomy and spaced out just like I like for it to be. I had my favorite; pretzel nuggets with the hot cheese and my husband had fries. The only issue was the girl who processed our AMC passes didn't know what she was doing and was rather unconcerned and not customer friendly, but the movie itself made up for it all.

Sam Riley

Pricey, but movie choices and seating is good.

Catherine Juliette Stanley

Manager staff is incredibly unprofessional.

Judy Gant

Love this theatre! Always super clean, seats comfortable, great movies, friendly competent staff!

Valencia Holiday

We enjoy the atmosphere and the movie.

michelle Smith

Love the chairs for long movie!

T Whitfield

The manager Courtney was fabulous in working with our large group for the showing of “Overcomer” Everything turned out perfectly. Thank you!!

Latonga Houser

I always enjoy myself at AMC Lee Branch

Eboni McFadden

Luckily I purchased tickets on Fandango before the movie. The theater had one line which was for purchasing tickets and refreshments. Needless to say, the line was out the door. There wasn't an attendant in the booth outside, OR a ticket taker in the lobby. This was my first time visiting this particular theater and it definitely lacked adequate staffing to make my experience enjoyable or even up to par for that matter.

Severely Sarcastic Organism

This is a great place to come enjoy a movie with your friends and family. The ticket prices are a little high, but if you purchase the VIP card they're a little more manageable, especially if you're a frequent movie go-er. The theatres are clean, spacious, and comfortable except that they're usually a little cold so bring a jacket or a blanket. Sound and picture quality are great, 3D theatres are fantastic, and the food quality and variety are fare. Food is extremely expensive for what it is but some would argue it's part of the experience. Would highly recommend this place to casual or frequent movie go-ers.

Nikki Nguyen

Come here every week for movie. Good selection and showtimes. Bathroom is clean most of the time.

Angie Dunham

We took our son, who is a huge movie lover, to see the new Spider-Man movie over the weekend. It was awesome to walk in to sweet smiling faces behind the counter! They were so nice, friendly and patient as we went back and forth on our food and drink choices. We will definitely be going back and I highly recommend it!

Steven Allen

Love the BigD theater! Comfortable chairs, awesome sound and huge screen!

Joseph Hope

Best AMC in town. Go here instead of the summit.

Joe Lewis

I enjoyed my experience here.

Crystal Moore

Very clean place. Movie was a bit louder than normal. Honest, friendly staff. Husband accidentally dropped his debit card while we were there. Of course we didn’t realize it until after we left...Called the office when we realized what happened (literally 10 mins after we left) and an employee had already turned it in.

drew abernethy

Awful customer service movie tickets are almost 15 dollars a piece. We pay for a 710 movie. Nothing plays in the theatre at all no preview no nothing for 35 plus minutes. Multiple people in our theatre tell the staff they say the Preshow is broken. After going up there for the 3rd time they finally say they will play the movie and then wala the previews that were broken the whole time are now playing. We go up to speak to the manager and he says he had no idea when I know of 4 people in my theatre who went and complained. So that tells me you aren’t managing your staff or paying attention to what’s going on even on a slow Sunday night. Will be taking our business to am star from now on.

Chase Lindsey

Movie and service was good as always though prices are as high as a giraffe

steven deramus

Everything, the food is a little high but the staff was friendly and the prices for tickets was at a good price and the movie was awesome.

Steven Weiss

Well run and always a great experience.

Mariela Arevalo

It might be expensive but is worth it going with your family. I have really good memories and I still go today.

Terry Bollman

Good deal. Awesome sound

Robbie Bobby

My favorite movie theater in Birmingham. Clean, cool and safe.

Brent West

Great theater and clean. Love the popcorn.

john Dawson


Mike Hiatt

As far as movie theaters go, it was pretty good.

Justin Shytle

This is my go-to spot for movies in my area. Usually not too crowded, the Big D theater, 3D and early premiere screenings are always great! And there's plenty to do in Lee Branch shopping center before or after a movie! Good food options too!

Rod Cliett

Not a big fan of the concessions and tickets all in one giant line. Spiderman was better than expected


Seats were very comfortable and the facility was very well maintained. Have had no issues with movies being sold out or the quality of the picture or sound being horrible. It will be standard movie theater concessions, however there is a rewards program that is very generous to frequent users. If you plan to see a movie here, do expect a line at the concession stand

Kelle Thomas

Always a great time! Friendly staff and clean facility.

Chelsea Stagner

Me and my husband go to this walking a lot we do not go on Fridays nor Saturday cause they let kids with out adults in rated R films . if ur parents say it's cool then it's cool but shut up and watch the movie . staff won't do anything about it. Let ppl and kids act like idiots . when ppl pay to watch it and we drive a hour away.

Stephen Burnett

This is a decent location, I always get quick service but the concessions should be a little more affordable, what needs to go in the premiere member line, this is a movie theatre not Nordstrom, let people see their movies and not be separated on who gets to the counter first!

April Cano

Nice and Clean Theater, Good Viewing Experience!


Very well cleaned and kept up.

Pam Murphree

Over the last year since AMC took over the whole place is filthy. Garbage cans over flowing outside and inside at all times of the day. Pink mold in the bathroom sinks. Ladies restroom is always dirty. Two garbage cans running over with paper towels. Toilets dirty and floors wet and sticky. On one visit someone had spilled a whole soda on the isle where we sat. I went to tell an employee before the movie started. Never cleaned it up. It was still there when we left. This review is from many visits. Not one bad day. Wish I had another option on our side of town. Edit: Another bad night at AMC Lee Branch. It was a Thursday night. Very slow with employees talking behind the counter. Bathrooms were once again filthy. Black mold ring in more than one toilet and sinks also dirty. Had to open 5 stalls to find a " cleanish " toilet. Pictures posted this time.The counter for getting napkins,straws ,mustard and ketchup had spilled soda and food all over. Red stain from previous spills. THEN, we sit through all the commercials and previews. Screen goes blank. Movie never starts. Wait 10 minutes. Lights go out instead of movie commercials and previews start from the beginning!!! Not that bad but after we watch it all again lights come on and movie never starts a 2nd time. So we left with a refund. Not that big of deal if it was a rare occurrence but something happens every other visit there.

Destiny Williams

Love this theater! Just wish they would bring back the later movie showings.

Tony Contorno

Great movie theater. Love the Big D!

patricia washington

I signed up for the AMC monthly deal. I called to cancel and they are still taking money out of my account and they refuse to refund my money from the time I initially called in: I spoke to a Julia (manager) and she told me I had to despute it with my bank. Don’t ever sign up for the AMC monthly Deal. They know people don’t go to the movies like they plan and they use this is a way to get more money out of you and will not refund your money when you realize you are being charged for a service you are not using. Bad practices

john shannon

Good clean

Joni Craft

My favorite Birmingham area theater.

Bailee Hollis

Love going to the movies here!

Josh Thrower

Movie started 30 minutes late. While in line, the manager started yelling at the employees for not serving the "premier" customer. Very unprofessional management. The staff seemed to be the typical unenthusiastic millennial type.

Karen Glover

Knives theater employees a little snooty

Stacey Thrasher

This is a nice movie theater and has very comfortable seats. If you can catch a matinee then it is very reasonable but prime time tickets are pricey along with popcorn and drinks. For two people to see a Sunday matinee it was $35, tickets $5.99 each, lg. Popcorn $8.39, lg. Drink $6.29 and regular drink $5.79. The drinks are where the expense is with this theater. Needless to say this is a date night only occasion.

Diana Shoel

Great place to see movies, nephew handicap in wheelchair-this is the place for seating/accommodates well, good popcorn!

Debbie McDonald

We go every Tuesday for $5 movies, tonight was angel is fallen really good action flick

Jake Shackelford

The best theater in Birmingham. Avoid the one at the summit and come here instead! Friendly staff and great flicks!


Nice theatre, lots more food options than most theatres around this area.

David Young

Love the seating in the theater!

Jason Hickey

Great theater- clean and tasty popcorn!

Slater Brazeal

What you would expect. Clean theaters and bathrooms. Did not like having to wait in line at the consession counter for tickets though.

Jason Wilson

Enjoy it every time

Jackie Carter

It's your typical movie theatre visit. We went early and got good seats. Staff were great and they still offer the popcorn bucket so that's a plus!!

LaTanya McDuffie

Ok place to see a movie. Location was not crowded. It was very hot in the theatre thought.

USMC Tankerwife

Line out the door for both ticket and concession. All registers should be running and fully staffed on sold out days including the smaller ones on either end of theater. Bathrooms were filthy before and after my movie. When informed that games are down and Children are having several dollars stolen from non working games, you should respond more appropriately than, "well, I can't leave what I am doing to take care of THAT". #1 no one asked you to get right on "that" issue and customers losing several dollars in games should be addressed with an out of order sign. A better way to respond may be that you are sorry for the inconvenience, you will address it as soon as possible. Snarky replies when customers have stood in line after line for overpriced movies and snacks deserve a smile and welcome service not snotty, your bothering me responses.

haylee hunter

It's a shame I pay $40 a month for our memberships and the theater can't afford to give me one extra cup so I could split my $12 popcorn with a friend. The consession workers are flat out rude every time I've come here, theaters are never clean, and the bathrooms alway smell so strongly of urine and raw sewage I couldn't even use the bathroom my last visit because of the smell.

J'Lynn Booker

Had a blast!

Karlyn Harris

Terrible movie theater, clearly lacking proper management and customer service training

lance logan

Rude staff. Never go to this one.

Victoria. .Tessin.

Who in Satan's name blocks half the stall with THAT.?!!. What is this..a private club.??.

Jean Miller

Loved the movie I saw. Had the theatre to ourselves on Wed nite

Darrell Corbin

Very nice


Nice theater. Food and drink expensive. Way too many commercials for national and local businesses before the movie. Good reason to wait for the DVD.

Bryan Abercrombie

A great place to watch a movie

Soccer Life

I think that the bathrooms need a little work. But overall it was clean and the service was very good

Lewus Steve

Nice theater

Summer M.

I just wish the seats fully reclined. Besides that it's a nice theater.

Barbara Swader

Friendly staff, clean restrooms, comfortable seating.

Andrew Hamilton

It's ok. Not enough elbow room for a big guy.

Jennifer Gann

I just fell for the “buy a pizza and get a drink for $0.99” only to look at my receipt later and realize I was CHARGED full-price for everything PLUS and additional $21.00. Seriously, what a scam. Be advised: pay close attention to that total before handing over payment

Biju Nair

Great place to watch great movies... Nestled in a quiet and cozy shopping location. Clean restrooms and friendly staff!

Frog Noone

Nice theatre. Could use a better listing on prices for tickets. Other than that it is good.

Phoenix Carroll

Still one if my favorite movie theaters

Dustin Shane Merrill

AMC has really let this theater go, while it's building up it's "dine in" theaters in the area, like Vestavia. Lee Branch is always dirty, soda spilled everywhere on the counters, sticky floors that haven't been mopped, popcorn everywhere. I don't think they clean anywhere other than inside the individual auditoriums. The AMC Lee Branch needs new management that can return it to what it used to be like when it was a Rave Theater.

Kenneth Wallace

These theatres seemed to have gone downhill since AMC took over. Staff isn't friendly at all. Two of the places I'm been to is always messy and run down. I know a lot of it is by people that go there that have no respect for anyone's property, but it makes me feel dirty and uncomfortable.

Debbie Bethune

Great theater, comfortable seats, very clean

Tony Sides

Always comfortable, great sound.

Angeloty Porter

Nice theatre clean, ok service. The concessions guy could be a bit more friendly. My wife was trying to get his attention to tell him she wanted to layer the butter on her popcorn, not sure if he didn't here her or ignored her. The seats are much more roomy than most theatres and very comfortable. Very large screens great sound. I use the movie pass app and they don't allow you to get rewards points with the app but Regal cinemas does so this gives Regal the edge in my future choices.

Michelle Fallin

Clean and not as busy


Been going here for a while and always had a great time.

Carol Walker

I purposely made sure I was NOT purchasing 3D tickets, but after arriving early, getting great seats, the last 2 previews we're in 3D????...then the movie begins IN REAL 3D! Some how they swap the theaters around from 3 weeks earlier when I purchased my tickets with my Stubs Premier account online. Thankfully, they had the digital movie slated to begin at that exact time 5:00, I was trying to find another theater (which was 30 minutes later from my original ticket-4:30, I don't like the late beginnings for the feature film!) So we ended up getting a a smaller theater...with more people....watched the same previews...again. It crazy the original theater where I was slated to be was LARGER with 5 people in there (REAL 3D) before we left...weird planning. Is AMC going to renovate this location? It is awfully run down and starting to look trashy. I don't think this is representative of the image they want.

Frank Cox

Unplanned is one movie everyone having gone through puberty should see! Abortion is just another word for "murder", although prolifers are too ignorant to admit it.

Davicia Thomas Southern Succulents Couture

Well my husband and I went to see Dead Pool 2. We spent $50 on a large popcorn, 2 drinks , and a matinee movie? The popcorn was stale and the floor of the movie theater was sticky. We will probably be going to another movie theater from now on. If we are going to pay $25 each for a middle of a Sunday afternoon movie the popcorn should at least be delicious.

Denise Berkhalter

This is my favorite little neighborhood theater! I wish they would get the food/seat service to make watching the movie a dining experience, but I rarely have an issue with my movie or service at this theater.

Traci Muse

There was only one person at the ticket counter and then he left. Then there was only one person at the snack counter so it was super slow.

Deb McConnell

Yes love family time at the movies! ❤️

Hasin Gandhakwala

Much nicer theater in comparison to other AMC's in the area. Could be cleaner, but lets be honest, what movie theater couldn't? I like that it's near a lot of food options so you can eat before you go.


One of the managers there wouldn’t stop looking at me and my friends and followed one of my friends into the bathroom we all didn’t feel welcome.

Cathie Bella

Close and convenient

Rebecca Mckenzie

Great games and movies

dingo Rex

Great as always.


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