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301 Cox Creek Pkwy, Florence, AL 35630 Located in: Florence Mall

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Dena Wilson

Nice to see the Florence theater progressing. Buy your tickets online and scan your phone to get in. That's handy. Theater was clean. Other than the prices of concessions, it's an overall great experience.

mike medley

Price for condiments too high, worse screen I have seen in a movie theater

Derek Rios

Boycott this theater. They overcharge everything just because they have a monopoly, being the only theater within a 40+ minute drive. The worst part is the line. They closed the perfectly good, working ticket booth up front. That way they can funnel people buying tickets through the concessions line to try to increade sales on there $13 pretzel or $15 hot dog. Usually only 2 registers open so of there are only 12 people in line it still takes 20 minutes. After that wait you have 20 minutes of commercials. Also the seats suck and they smell like urine. Just watch something on Netflix. Save the headache, time, and money.

Andy Townsend

It is too expensive to go to the movies. I can remember when $20.00 would get you in the movies and get supper afterwards and still go home with $10.00 in your pocket. That was a while ago. You could buy a coke cowller fer a dime. Gas was $.25 cents a gallon for regular and $.30 cents for ethel. ( high test ) It was leaded gas and it was better for your car or truck or tractor.

Kurt Hanke

Not much to say... theaters are nice and clean, the sound is good, and the food is good and pricey. But that's typical for a movie theater. Of the prices bother you, eat lunch/dinner before you go. Overall, the theater in Florence is a good experience....enjoy the show!

TruNade rD

Not all that good. The room I went in still had a bunch of trash left in it and also popcorn was old tasting. Only cool part of this cinemark is the drink machines.

Kelsey Crown

The setup to get popcorn and tickets is ridiculous and incredibly inefficient. They took away the box office and they are so short handed. It takes forever to go through the line. Even if you purchase ahead of time you still have to stand in line to get popcorn. Please create more jobs and make your customers happy by opening the box office back up!

Brian Fox

Lines are long and slow. They push all people through the same queue, which increases the wait times for everyone. I waited for twenty minutes to get tickets while the line didn't move. People are allowed to cut line to refill popcorn or refund tickets, while others endlessly wait to just buy tickets. Some staff members are stocking shelves of popcorn rather than serving customers or selling tickets. The tickets are already expensive, so a time tax on top of it all is crazy. We left without tickets. They should split out ticket sales from concessions to speed up the lines.

John Nix

Good deals and staff

Wesley Mcright

Good selection of movies but the prices are getting crazy especially on snacks and drinks

Tobias Bostwick

Nice theater, clean, restrooms not bad at all, good sound, comfortable seating.

marla hawkins

Food was way to high, did not have enough staff had to wait almost 30 minutes on food. Area out front was a mess Move was great..

Mandy Kennedy

Dear “AMC Classic” movie theater, I have an ingenious business idea for you. Since you’re going to make us sit in a meat cooler for a movie theater, you should really consider selling $20 cups of hot tea and coffee outside the theater when each movie finishes, because I certainly would’ve paid it. Maybe that’ll earn you enough money to actually pay your utility bill to keep it above freezing inside the theater. I came in to town from Huntsville to watch Glass with friends during the movie’s first couple days out at a 7:30 pm showing and apparently that wasn’t a good enough show to turn the heat on for. I left my wool coat and gloves on FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE and my 4 friends and I froze the entire time. I get it. Movie theaters are always cold, but I’d be shocked to find out it was any higher than 55 degrees in that theater. Bottom line. Pay your utility bill guys. The fact that you can’t right now is showing.

Amanda Hale

Perfect theater. I enjoyed it thouroghly. I just wish there were foot props/rests while you're watching the movie. It gets uncomfortable to keep your feet on the ground.

Jonathan Boston

Never answers the phone.

Madison Hamilton

it was sooo good i watched the lion king it was so good

Michael Green

They need some common sense when scheduling people. Super slow

Shelia Woods

The wait time is awful. Prices are ridiculous. The place was dirty.

April De Luna

Concession /ticket arwa. Was extremely slow. You all really need to hire more help.

daniel tays

Great place to watch a movie ! Spider-Man from afar was a good movie

Gail Lessard

Price was good for a matinee. The theater needs to be updated and cleaned.

Kimberly Cabaniss

Good family friendly place to watch a movie, fast service. and good food and snacks!

Kevin Taylor

The set up for long lines is very poorly executed. Absolutely ridiculous. I will not be back. I will drive 1hr and 15 min to Tupelo Mississippi to a really nice one. I was appalled that the Shoals area has such a poor excuse for a movie theater..

Dan Williams

It's a nice theater, but it's a bit expensive. They're the only one in town so I guess I'll deal.

Donna Bennett

Expensive food. But great theater

April Mears Johnson

Loved it food and drinks are way over priced that's why I can't afford to go but once maybe twice a year with the kids

Trevor Joiner

Not saying we didn't enjoy the movie (4:15 showing of "The Lion King") we didn't have fun but the theater itself definitely needed some maintenance, cleaning, and organization. First, the Coke dispenser (the new touchscreen "Freestyle" dispenser) wasn't recognizing anyone's touch. Several patrons tried it without luck. Another machine was also out of order leaving just one dispenser to service an entire theater of moviegoers. This resulted in quite a line. Second, the lids and straws were hidden behind some sort of advertising display. Third, sticky lobby floors around the popcorn butter dispenser. Fourth, and most annoying, one of the speakers located near our seat in the auditorium was buzzing. Sounded like it needs replacing. As I said, we still had fun and enjoyed the movie, but orf what you pay to see a movie these days ($14 for a pair of matinee tickets plus $22 for a large popcorn and 2 drinks), I kind of expect a cleaner theater with properly working equipment. We'll be back. After all, this is the only movie theater in the Shoals.

Traci Jones

The theater is clean. However, the lines were long and slow. One movie sold out for a particular time and the customer had purchased tickets online. The customer had to be refunded. If you buy tickets online, you should get to see the movie at the time you purchased tickets for.

Mollie Parker

Loved the show, but smells odd in the theater

Stephen McCain

Need to separate concessions and ticket sales. Lines are ridiculous!!!!! Now I remember why I haven’t been her in over a year.

M Jackson

Went to the first show and had to wait in line. The cashiers were extremely slow and not friendly. I asked for the discount Tuesday and was told I had to be a stub member. I then asked for a hotdog and the guy said they aren't ready. He said i would have to pay for my drink and return to pay for the hotdog. I went back and two cashiers were waiting on one customer. They never asked if I needed help. I just left and went back to the movie. Everything is overpriced. The matinee isn't much cheaper than the night shows. Tupelo is much better with cheaper prices, more comfortable chairs and they bring the food to you.

Kimberly Holbrook

Fast service, and not crowded on a Sunday evening. Haven't been in a while. Just didn't realize how expensive it was to go to the movies now. Love to go, but won't be going often, because of the prices.( Two adults costed $26.26 with taxes. )

John Cole

Great experience. The kid waiting on us was swamped but was very quick and knew what he was doing.

Brenda Mills

We go here often. We had a problem that our movie went out due to a power outage. It was a rather long movie already. The guy that got that running and even attempted x several to get movie back to as close as it was when it went off. He was inormative and very apologetic and mannered for a problem that couldn't be helped. I was a little sey back with the attitude of one of the workers in the food area. We went to the premiere line because we are a member and because she was there. Our app had said we could have it just scanned at ticket area but we were getting food too. She informed us to go to the other line because she was "on break right now." The other girl working that area was the only other one up front and for a brief moment (just while we were in line for food) there was noone at ticket line area either. The girl took our food order and did explain she had to scan the tickets on app and print them anyway although we have had them do it from app before I thought in the ticket line). By the time we got to the ticket line with tickets, an employee was there and another was at food area. Still a good movie area but I wouldbe preferred the employee to not be where it look like we could use that line and maybe take break elsewhere.

Stacey Glover

It was good but they need to do something different with purchasing tickets it takes to long in the line

Andre Mitchell

I Love A Big Hughe Theater I Love Seeing A New Release Movie

Melissa Ricks

Love the amc stubs benefits! Especially the vip line. Gets you in and out of concessions quickly when youre in the middle of a movie.

Bennie Moncrease

The movie and popcorn was great. The service was slow and the customer service was poor. They needed more cashiers. My husband and I were in the preferred line. I went to the regular line because it was faster. They had 1 person on the preferred line and two on the regular line. I actually beat my husband's preferred line. I asked him to join me in my line since I got to the counter first. So if the fix their staffing it would of been an overall Great experience. I rate it a 5 out of 10.

Ryan Jones

Nice experience! I go all the time but this particular time, they had an area in the seating that smelled horrible and sprayed 2 sprays of air freshener

Cassie May

This place needs a new manager. Our experience yesterday was DISGUSTING! Garbage bins over flowing onto floor in lobby and restrooms as well as theatre hallways. Literally had to walk on used napkins and spilled popcorn everywhere. Nowhere can be spotless, but this theatre is NASTY. Staff is very unhelpful and PLAIN rude. All we wanted was to sign my daughter up for a stubs account. It never happened. We watched movie, and have gone at least once a month for a yr but with this last trip, we will not be back.

Cory Sauls

Long lines but that just adds to the excitement for me. I enjoy a packed theater.

Heath Isom

Had a great time with my wife.

Chiefs Kingdom

You have to be kidding me!! I feel sorry for the people whom live here and have to go there. You literally have to buy the movie tickets inside at the concessions stand. The line is extemely long. It was so long when I left that people were lined up outside. If you wanted to go back and get more popcorn during the movie, you’ll miss half the damn movie standing in line. Why don’t they sell the tickets outside like a regular movie theater? I think they want people to buy the premier membership to avoid those lines. This is also the ONLY theater within a reasonable distance. I’d give zero stars if I could because that’s just pathetic. It’s 2018 for crying out loud.

Derek Carter

Real-D 3D lens was left on our 2D film (MARY POPPINS RETURNS) which dimmed the picture significantly. Fortunately, it was noticed before the film started and the manager kindly removed. Many light bulbs throughout the facility are out including only 1 working wall sconce in our auditorium and quite a few in the lobby, which speaks to the TLC the facility is in need of.

Cindy Carden

It was a Christian themed movie and was a great environment for a family.

Lisa Robinson

AMC has made so many cost saving changes that this is no longer a theater I will ever return to. Having to now wait in the concession line to purchase tickets is crazy. Last week we waited in a line so long that it wrapped around to the entrance doors. There were only three people behind the counter and one of them spent all her time helping the people who purchased advanced tickets. This was on a Friday evening! We left after waiting so long that our movie has already started. Unfriendly, overworked staff and bathrooms that looked like they hadn't been cleaned or stocked all day. This is not the first time we've experienced this here but it will be our last. Outrageous prices for food. $21.00 for a pretzel and a coke?? The move was so dark it was almost unwatchable. Never ever will I be back. I will drive to Savannah, TN where you still get treated like a valued customer, where the bathrooms are CLEAN and snacks are reasonable.

Laura Whitten

They NEVER have enough help! The lines are too long because It is so badly managed. I know they are trying to FORCE people to buy concessions but it turns into a bottleneck.

Carolyn Walker

Won't ever go back there. Took grandchildren and one with long hair ended up with lice. But the rest of us didn't have them. That had been only place we had been. Called manger to let her know and to check the seat where grandchild was sitting and she could have cared less. Will never go back. I had never had to deal with lice before in my life and I am in my late 50's. It was awful.

Linda Gregory

Nice but dont like the long lines to get tickets and drinks. Need to hire more people.

Sylvia Eaker

Loved it. Clean, no offensive odor.

Jennifer Haraway

Sitting here now. Show starts at 2pm and its 2pm now and no one has even opened the building up. Horrible !

meagan Howell

This theater is beyond frustrating. You buy tickets online to try and avoid the lines but then get there and you are forced to wait in the ticket/concession line to print them. They either need kiosk to print them or they need to reopen the front ticket counter. It makes no sense to wait in the forever long concession line. Plus, they were completely understaffed during holiday/bargain matinee time. Only 2 people working in concession. Bad planning. I will gladly make the trip to Huntsville to get better service and a better taken care of theater. Management needs to get it together here!

Letitia Robertson

I was the only one in the room. I had to call the theater because the movie didn't start. Then called back because it started without sound. Then went out to get the manager because there was still no sound. Finally, they got it restarted (20 minutes late).The floor in the theater was so greasy it was slippery. Bathroom was out of paper towels. The soap dispenser bag was laying on the counter. The lobby had no customers in it but it looked like there had been a major food fight! Nobody was cleaning anything! Throughly disgusting!

Christi Gilreath

Where do I even begin...this theater is mis-managed and does not have it together. There were only 2 employees selling both tickets and concessions. The line to get tickets was out the door and it took 30 mins just to go through the line and get movie tickets. You have to really check the ticket prices (matinees are not always in the afternoon) the 3:00 movie was full price, but the 4:05 was a matinee price. The theater was small with not a lot of seating. We arrived at the theater with plenty of time (we thought) to get tickets and seats, but we didn’t make into the movie until after it started. We had to sit on the second row. Apparently if you pay extra online you can skip the ticket line! I feel sorry for the people who live in this area and have to use this theater. I will not be back.

Rita Ridgway

Horrible experience! Our movie was suppose to start at 1:30. When we got there the line was at the door. They were selling tickets and concession in both lines. People were commenting about poor management. I agree. We left at 2:40 with about 50 people ahead of us. Prices are to high as well.

Baylee Nicole

Had to wait 45 minutes in line for a movie and there was only 3 people In our movie and we were 2 of them. Lines are outrageous they need to have separate line for separate movies. Very disappointed

Donald M

Won't go back, terrible customer service!

Phil Thomas

Ever since they make you buy tickets inside at the vending counter it takes forever standing in line. I think if you don't want any refreshments it's a bunch of BS.. Take notice that the people giving this place 4+ stars are all listed as "local guides"...

David Jones

Need better way to buy tickets

Hayden Johnson

Trash! Currently waiting on my 26th minute in line to buy just a drink. Terrible service. There needs to be more employees to help customers.

Richard franklin Franklin

Cost to see a movie for two is to high. A LIST a good deal.

Linda Patterson

I love to take my grandchildren to the child friendly movies!! They always look forward to it! I wish the prices were a little cheaper for kids...but overall, its great and we love AMC.

Teresa Hendrix

I don't like that everything is crammed all on one side. Many people complain in line. I don't know why they thought this was a good idea. They need to open both sides back up or reduce the price some. Tickets are too high.

Zamyiah Jackson

The meg is a great movie. But their drinks and concession is too high. But overall it was great and great condition you get refills on your drinks, slushies, and popcorn. The only thing os bad its like pizza, cheese sticks, is not refilled

Michaela Springer

The woman that checked my mom and I out charged us $8.99 a piece on $5 ticket Tuesday. Also after both of us telling her we DONT want to use my boyfriend's points; which he has worked over a year to build, she proceeded to use the points anyways and told us she didn't. Usually have a great time here but this is unacceptable.

Clayton Keller

Average price,nice snacks,and lots of different showings

Richard Cornatzer

Nice theater show great movies the inside is very clean the employees are friendly most of the time but heaven help us the prices are unreal ridiculous movie prices are ok but the food prices are out the roof crazy expensive be alot cheaper to wait till it comes out on DVD OR REDBOX and pop your popcorn at home

Trace Times

Movie quality was, good sound not so much. Loud... just too loud. I understand that concession prices have to be high to cover overhead but 14.00 for popcorn and one drink is rediculous. More than the cost of our tickets.

Amy Vining

Saw the movie Overcomer had a wonderful experience.

Hanslik Julie

Very clean. Staff was very friendly. Loved the deal on the popcorn bucket!!

rosanne Gasque

The cost of admission is high. Popcorn was cold and not enough salt. Staff were friendly. Theater was clean. Bathrooms very clean.

David Prosser

Only 4 workers working! waited over an hour to get my ticket for a movie. Missed 3 show times and the next show time was about three hours later. This place used to be a whole lot better.

Chris Hayes

Great theater for this area.

Steve Moates

We waited in line for half an hour just to buy tickets. They seemed in disarray. Good for them they do not have competition.

Jason Garrigus

Wish the seats were more comfortable and the prices were better

Brandon Hensley

Very clean theater good seats even for a big guy like me.

Scott Parker

Nice theater. The seats are pretty comfortable and the price wasn't too bad.

Nicole kennemur

We got there about 45 minutes before our movie was starting,and you couldn't even get in the doors bc of so many people standing in the lobby trying to get tickets and food. Only one side of the concessions and ticket stands was open. When we finally made it up to the ticket guy,he told us our theater hadn't been cleaned. It was 4:15 and the movie started at 4:20. We got in the theater around 4:25 and previews had already started playing. The restrooms are nasty and need cleaned!

Jody Hull

The film kept freezing up. Never did get to see the end. Ok they gave us a pass for a free visit but it was nearly $60 for tickets and snacks. Not exactly a $60 experience. If their equipment can't do 4k codex then drop the price or upgrade your equipment.

Craig Farris

Love Tuesdays on discount day

Jennifer Dorton

small seats (not size friendly AT ALL), the seats that had the liftable arms have been removed. ticket purchasing takes forever now- it must be done in the crowded lobby instead of at the designated ticketing windows. Getting concessions? Be prepared to wait in another line for that too.. We used to go to the theater often, but with all of the changes, the experience has been ruined while the prices have gone up. i suggest you travel out of town to theaters now, we do- and have had much better luck.

melissa manuel

Only 2 cashier's for a very long line

Dale Robinson

We will never set foot in the door of this theater again. Every time we come here there is a long line that takes forever. The only way to get ahead of the line is to pay extra to get tickets early. We would rather drive 50 miles to Savannah, TN to pay less for tickets and enjoy the experience a whole lot more!

Daniel Rogers

The place is always dirty, but the movie quality is good

Monica Locklear

Pretty cool

Lisa Romer

Three questions I have about this AMC location: 1)is there a function vacuum cleaner in the building? 2)are the employees being held here against their will? and 3)am I the only person that can see their breathe in this theatre?

Faye Dover

I'm a senior citizen & US was SCARY! Loved my popcorn & drink & my great- granddaughter loved it all!

Charlie Brown

Good movie times and prices. The seats dont recline at all, so can be a little uncomfortable.

Kensley Lewis

They do not want to deal with people anymore, they want to always refer you to the website. While I understand this for normal things like ticket prices, showtimes, etc., sometimes you need to speak with someone at the theater for a specific question needing answered by a human, not an automated machine. Also, it saves on convenience fees to purchase tickets AT the theater, but they don't want you doing that either, they want to refer you to their website so they can rack up on convenience fees and not deal with people.

Aj Thomas

The nastiest bathroom outside of a trucks top I have ever seen.

Steven Poole

Had a good time with my wife watching the Grinch

Mary Montgomery

The movie rocked even being 3 hours!!! The fact that they wouldn't turn up the ac when multiple customers asked was very lacking in customer service!!!

Travis Shrontz

Overpriced, dirty, with not the kindest people around. You might be better off paying some creepy guy 5 bucks to watch a bootlegged film in his trailer. Beyond all that, the popcorn tastes like Paula Dean tried to fry up some styrofoam.

Kassondra Baylis

Loved it amazing

Amy Ayers

Nice people? What people? U might see 2 employees and that's for tickets and food??? Might as well go to Madison to bridgestreet! Cheaper and 20 times nicer!

marty delp

Movies are great on the big screen, but $6 for a drink? Come on now.! I know I can't be the only one with a beef about getting gouged over overpriced inflated snack costs! Just a little on the ridiculous side.

Russell Lira

Always great service and love your facilities. Nothing beats stadium seating.

Christie Renea

Everything here is overpriced and the lines aren't efficient you shouldn't have to wait in the concession stand line to purchase tickets. I understand it's our only theater for miles around, that's really unfortunate. I'd say drive out to Dixie Theater in Haleyville a little further of a drive but a great deal and super friendly people too.

Gena Vail

Nice people. Great movie.

George Methvin

Very clean, friendly staff! Over priced, cup holders don't fold up and the sound system was not like Malco Theaters.

Adam Richardson

This theater was in bad shape and going downhill- poor facilities and service, and terrible prices. AMC didn't make it much better for a very long time, even taking away some of the pricing specials. Thankfully, they brought back $5 Tuesdays, and I love using the app to buy tickets and walk right up to the theater ticket taker, bypassing the lines unless I need concessions. Plus with A-list I can see 3 movies a week for $20 a month. Much better value for the money than before, happy about that!!

ResaLareeOKGmr Jordan

Enjoy going to the movies. Usually our trips are exceptional. This time there was a lack of cleanliness.

Odessa Hines

Super expensive. Don't buy any food here its all way over priced and cheep quality. Other than that its good you can see the latest movies. There always up to date. But they could get comfier chairs that lean back a little like in Lawrenceburg

Melissa Allison

I love it because even on a SATURDAY night when a big new movie comes out you can still get tickets online for an evening show by noon. It's a well managed theater and fun to visit.

Rocky Phillips

This theater is very nice. It is usually pretty clean. BUT it is STUPID EXPENSIVE!!!! If the prices were lowered it would very easily be a 5 star experience but the pain it puts on your pocket just makes this place hard to stomach...

Tristan Mashburn

I understand the place was busy but none of the employees seemed to know what they were doing, in my opinion. We waited in line for several mins like we were told just to find out our theater was open and already playing the movie. This place was much overpriced for the kind of experience we had and I don't plan on going back.

Jerry Beaty

Refinanced my house for a movie and popcorn.....costs more than a KISS concert

James Gasque

Seats are uncomfortable, screens are often glitchy, and the theaters smell wet and moldy. The food and tickets are overpriced. You could probably drive all the way to bridge street in huntsville and still save money and have a much better experience.

Shara Yarbrough

Snack prices were ridiculous 21$ for a pretzel and drink. 9$ for a bag of stale popcorn and 5$ for a FREAKING hotdog. Smh too expensive. Better stop by the dollar tree and load up snacks in your purse and get a 14$ ticket and enjoy the movie!

jason bragg

The concessions and tickets sales are in the same line. It took us over 20 min. To get tickets because we had to wait on people buying food and was late to our movie. Should be separated lines.

Jeremy Porter

If going opening weekend of any big movie, order tickets online ahead of time. Lines out the door with only one or two employees manning registers and doing concessions at the same time. Very inefficient and for what you pay for tickets and Concession you'd think they would have more people working.

Beverely Nichols

Great place to catch the latest movies. Friendly staff. The concessions area are clean, restrooms are clean and movie rooms are clean. The seats in the movie rooms are comfortable.

Cynthia Summerhill

Love going here

Mollie Nichols

The employees are very friendly, but the facility is filthy. I went to a 4:40 movie on Friday and the bathrooms were dirty, the concession area was a mess (sticky with lids and trash all around) and the theatre itself didn’t look like it had been swept or vacuumed. It’s sad because you pay a Lot is money on concessions and tickets. It does not seem as though this AMC branch is maintaining the company’s standard.

Michael Keeton

I would like to say... if this wasn’t the only movie theatre near us, we would not be giving them our business. I’m not mad that after misplacing an item here it wasn’t recovered, I’m mad at the incompetence of the workers. After misplacing my item it took several calls just to speak to an associate and then they could not check until later, I was fine with this and thanked them. Afterwards, I called the next day, to which the woman said she didn’t know, when asked to check list and found or the place they were lost, she replied no. We went to the theatre and were told to come back later, as the manager lost his keys, just as I thought my item was no where to be found, and I believe it was stolen by the employees of the theatre. Just as I thought... TRASH. Beware terrible service and awful employees who are useless at anything other then printing receipts and taking your money. My advice to the theatre is to employ people who don’t have an elementary school reading level, and maybe fire the trashy and incompetent people who work there.

B Little

Love taking my wife here,always have fun.Best movie theater area this area.Staff named Joe a lady there who sold us our tickets and drinks was awesome!! Great place for a date or family night out. Seating is very comfortable and.drinks are refillable all sizes. Senior discounts given and children under 2 are free.Very clean and great hospitality and major food selection.Hot and cold food products and a bunch of beverage choices.Always shows newest films and it's an overall great experience for the whole family. Overall 5 stars

Michelle Jones

I have always had a pleasant experience.

Kitty Cat

Theater was clean. Staff are very friendly. AC works really well. I'd suggest bringing a jacket as it get quite chilly...

Barry Johnson

Not a bad theater but the seats do NOT recline and it makes them uncomfortable

jim joseph

Yesterday, 09/19, at the 4:20 show, I tried to order LOW SODIUM popcorn. The first girl my wife and I tried to communicate this to lacked any idea what we were talking about and showed no interest in being concerned. There are many customers at the Tuesday show that are seniors who suffer from high blood pressure and should eat only low or no sodium food.

Sara Hodge

Great movie. Clint Eastwood never fails to give a great performance.

Jonathan Martin

It was clean. Comfortable inside the theatre. Even with a staff of four srtaff at the registers it took thirty minutes to get a drink.

TreSea Mayes-Newton

Very Nice Theater w/Very Helpful Staff

Paul Rikard

We liked it and enjoyed the 3 hrs movie.

abigail jacobs

This place is absolutely disgusting.. the place we’re we sat to watch the movie stunk really bad... the bathrooms were DISGUSTING! Where you get your drinks and napkins it was all over the floor and the garbages were overflowing! This is a very dirty place.

Crystal Riehle

John wick 3 was Awesome

Dee Chaney


Chris Anerton

As the only theater in a large raidus (around 30-40 miles), this theater monopolizes the service by overcharging for tickets at a less-than-average experience. For best viewing, a trip to Huntsville at the Cinemark (originally Monaco) will save you a lot of money, even for drinks and snacks, and it is a professional, luxurious movie theater with a restaurant attached and a bar upstairs for the more mature audience. The AMC in Florence however, lacks these qualities but still charges more.

Mary Malone

Worst movie ever. Stood in line 10 minutes to get snacks. No one even acted like we were there. The two boys who were working were waiting on a couple of people in the Premier line. A man with 2 kids came up behind me & another man in the premire line told him to come get in front of him Thinking they just had the one line going I went to that line. Where I was told that line was for premire people only. By that time there were about 20 people in the regular line.

Robin Featherston

This is a nice theater with nice staff but it's very pricey. It cost me $20 for a ticket and a large coke!!

Sam Archer

I've been going to this theater since they built it. When they remodeled, they made the seats worse. You can't even lift the arms anymore. I've recently been to Huntsville for big movies and those theaters are amazing. This one needs to step up it's game. I like the free refills though.

Steve Derrick

Clean. Good selection of food and beverages. Just so expensive (higher than Decatur).

Dillen Johnson

Comfortable seating, appropriate theater sizes (not too big or small), speedy staff willing to help, custom drink machines, usually very current with movie selection. With all this in mind, there is usually a little wait in the lines, so be sure to get there a little early so you don't miss your show. Also, if you plan on being late, there is a VIP membership of sorts that you can join to have a separate line with faster wait times. Great for groups or alone :)

Allison Stack Blair

AMC is such a fun movie theater. We love going to this theater.

Stephen Ward

Line to buy tickets is same line, you buy food. Very poorly set up. If you want to buy tickets you better by them online ahead or you will never get to see movie as the line was out the door.

David Bedard

Clean ..except need usher had college kid miss behaving. At a childrens shows event. And wear a coat it's cold in there.

Mark Parker

The screening rooms are great, and very comfortable, but the ticketing process is awful. It takes way too long to buy a ticket to see a movie. Also, the marquee is off the front of the building, making selection harder. There used to be a scrolling board inside announcing when your show is seating, but thats gone now.

Brittaney Morales

They need to upgrade their theater to recliners, or add a second floor with two theaters dedicated for recliners.

Brittney Roccato

Great place just needs to be a little cleaner

James Bullock

60 dollars for me and my 3 boys to see a movie in the middle of the day. Its ridiculous! I rather drive to the one in Madison with the recliner seats for half the price! It's our only option in Florence and it pains me to go. I'll make the drive next time. AMC sucks!

Trevor Brashier

Overpriced and dated but has all the new releases.

Brian Baxter

Concessions way overpriced but comfortable seats.

Nicholas Michael

Went to watch Good Boys and the theatre we were in smelled like basement mold (you know the smell). I would also swear every chair felt damp.... video quality and sound where fine but as rarely as we ever get to go to the theater I expected a much better experience.

Natalie White

Like new renovations, but lines are long unless you have premium pass

Darrell Johnson

Was a great place to pay homage and respect to the late and great Burt Reynolds while watching Smokey and the Bandit. Thank you AMC!

Adam Herring

Had to wait 35 mins in line for a 4:15 showing. Once we got to the counter, the cashier was pretty rude, didn't ask for my rewards card, and never even smiled. We don't go to the movies often, so this might not always be case, but it certainly wasn't a good experience today. Luckily, our popcorn and movie we're excellent!

Haley Gooch

I was fifteen minutes late to watch a movie and the doors were locked and staff refused to let me and my husband in. When staff finally acknowledged our presence at the door, they told us they could not let us in.


A girl working here that was also around food at the front yesterday 4/28/19 came into the ladies restroom and cleaned up some blood in the floor. She didn’t have gloves on or anything cleaned it up threw away the stuff she used didn’t wash her hands and went right out the door. I’m betting money she went right back up to the popcorn/food and kept working. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Also y’all need to hire some more people to work here. Really hate spending the money we spend and then have to wait forever to be waited on. Food prices are ridiculous you might as well go eat at a restaurant for that price!


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