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Esther Foster

Great Value for tickets and good pricing for food and the quantity.. the only thing I think the theater needs to work on is the condition of the seats or getting new ones in some rooms.. their pretty much worn/dirty or have that tacky like feeling when you touch it.. but for the rooms with the power recliners, those seats are amazing! Hopefully the whole theater will have them one day.

Diane Lewis

Old nasty dirty seats too loud a very unpleasant experience

Donna Cage Edom

There popcorn wasn't as good as the AMC classic 12

Julius Johnson Sr

Movies always great love this place will be back again

Steven Wolf

Two words...Recliner Seats!!! Warning...once you see a movie in these recliners you'll be spoiled for life!!!

Amanda Robin

I enjoy coming to this theater never have an issue

cynthia harrelson

This place is old and needs updated. The theaters smell like mold and mildew. U can see the mildew Mark's on the cloth hanging on the walls the chairs r nasty and has god knows what else on them. The bathrooms were clean but the sinks faucets were so old that they had the finish rubbed off with mineral deposits all over them. U get 2 enjoy all of this for full price tickets I would rather go down the street to the newer theater

Cathy Solis

The personnel here are exceptionally kind and personable. My AMC Stubs Premier card was renewed today saving me $5 off admission and racking up points for my next cinematic adventure. The theatre is clean and comfy. Look forward to returning!

Theresa Voivedich

Great summer time fun with the grandchildren!!!

Cindy Thomas


mkaye boo

I spend time wid mi bebi so give starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrz... I happi

Ernest Smith

Love this place

Allison Hancock Presley

The cashier's are a little slow when you are late for a movie. Also, a drink that expensive shouldn't be self-serve. They were really nice about the volume of the movie getting turned down. It was so loud at first that everyone was holding their ears. I was surprised they did turn it down enough. Fairly good experience.

Karl Halterman

The theater we were in had a leak in the roof, active water dripping from the rain outside and a mildew smell in the seats. For the price we paid, it could have been in much better condition

Kricett P

Great relaxing spot

Vidal Copeland

Good movie Theater

William Dyer

It was pleasant. Nice atmosphere. Needs more stuff in lobby. Games etc.

Phyllis Garrett

Wonderful outing with family for Aija's birthday....much love my sweet girl..

Brenda S

I love screening room #2 as it has the recliners! I wish all of them did. Otherwise, decent theater. Smallish but okay.


Awesome after remodel

Clint Grantham

Overpriced even for a movie theater. Cold popcorn. Dirty. Lights are too bright in theater while movie is playing. I've been twice and had the same experience both times.

peanut Smith

Love this place

Phillip Swanner

Great Clean movie theater. Highly recommend but expensive.

tony raybon

Friendly staff and I love the recliners

Angela Adams

Yes!!! Finally I caught a Movie with the Reclining Seats, Woohoo!! Clean place bathroom was in great shape. They offer A butter station which I thought was nice!

Weshalas Apollo

So awesome to sit and watch movies in recliner.

Debroaha Petersen

It is the older cinema, but a pleasant surprise. It had the reclining seats, fast service getting in, and you can use your popcorn bucket from the AMC 12. It was also the only cinema in 40 miles playing this movie! They did not have a matinee price however. Only negative.

nikki Clifton

Amazing place nice people and good prices

Jeff Courtney

Love Tuesday special, $5.00 movie in recliners. Minus one star due to trash under seats at first showing. Looks like they dont take the time to clean where you can't normally see. Good sound and screen.

Matthew Thomas

Fine, good customer service

austin reynolds

After spending our life savings we had a great time. If it wasn't for taking kids to movies we'd never go because of the prices

Tony Cockerham

I love the new set up in auditorium #2 with the reclining seats and big screen!! Great for watching awesome Marvel Studios movies!! Thanks AMC 6!!

Ace Wolf

Very nice and clean. We enjoyed the movie.

Cody Barrett

Experience was good..seats wasn't too comfortable in the cinema 1 where we sat. The plus was free refills on drinks.

Amber Sapp

I used to love to take my kids to this theater. It is smaller and not as crowded. But we went this past weekend and it was absolutely ridiculous. Since they switched from Carmike to AMC they have a different rewards program. If you have a "paid" membership you get priority over everyone else. I get that, but there is also zero confirmation of said membership and I am certain some people go thought that line just to be served ahead of everyone. We were there for a 12:30 showing on Saturday, it was not that busy, but we waited almost 20 minutes as the "next" in line for refreshments because all registers served Premium guests first. As you can imagine with two younger children and a very impatient husband, this didn't go over too well. I can see having specific registers dedicated to the "paid" members, but seriously, we shouldn't have to wait 20 minutes for another person to finally open another register for the "common" folks. I already pay outrageous ticket and refreshment prices, now I also am expected to pay just to be able to get them too? The theater is 45 minutes from our house, we don't go often enough to pay more just to be able to buy your tickets. That is ridiculous. They certainly need a new system. I cant imagine what it would be like on a busy Saturday night! Not to mention between the 4 lines they have and the soda machines right next to the lines, it is very disorganized and to be quite honest, this experience has made me not want to go back to this theater anymore. I much rather for to the AMC Pavillion 12. Much more organized and happier staff!

pro jaylen

Great movie theater I watcheted avengers end game and it was nice

Latoya Jackson

Love the reclining chairs!

Laurie Roney

Theater 1 smells dusty and musty.

Pamela Rogers

Because the air was out in the therater we was in.

Thomas Windham

Movie good... was in cinema 1 and the room smelled awful like mold growing. And it was super hot in the theater. Needed to turn the ac on and clean the place up. Smelled so old and stale!

Lorilovesgreen#9 Looking up

Great service and the seats are so confotable.


Nice theater!! AMC delivers once again with a great place to see a movie. Clean theaters, hot snacks, cold drinks and great service. If you join AMC Stubs you'll get even more benefits.

Keith White

The staff there is very helpful and friendly.

Shirley Timms

Clean and great selection of movies

Betty Mccray

Love the big screen, the sound can be deafening tho. Say Captain Marvel which is awesome!! Plan to make movie going a regular activity since I go to the matinees...cheaper of course.

Ben Jimmerson

First time sitting in theatre 2 with the declining seats and watched the new avengers movie. Very clean and relaxed atmosphere. I think the best part about that section is the space. You don’t have to worry about truly bothering someone when you need to get up. Friendly staff and very attentive.

Justin Miles

It was a great place for new movies and not to expensive and awesome quality movie theater

Candace Jaggars

Always good selection of movies and fresh popcorn.


The theater itself is pretty nice but I won't go there anymore, due to the fact, me and my friend got racially profiled by staff in front of alot of people

pick ill

Reclining seats.Plenty of room.Friendly staff

Judith Jones

As usual, the movie was good. Wish the popcorn had been warm, but the drink was good. Captain America was a great movie. I would recommend it for anyone to see. Just make sure you have a tissue handy.

JayNiRae Plays

We saw Avengers here it was fine. A normal theatre. A lot of people looking busy talking but long lines is my only complaint. Ps....parking is horrible especially if you don't know the area like us.

Richard Voivedich

It was clean and you can save money by going to the matinee if you really like movies join their Club

carolyn kohler

Love the recliners to lay back and watch the movie

Tara Marino

Nice little place to pop in to without the big crowds of dothan 12. I was under the impression that the reclining seats actually moved though...

Jay Tee

New reclining seats. Comfy, clean. Little pricey just dont buy snacks lol.

James McCranie

I always enjoy my time at the theater because if I'm there I'm either with my daughter or my old lady which is a good thing and we usually have to be quiet so we don't disturb everybody else which can be a good thing too sometimes peace and quiet and a movie Saves the Day

Cory Klein

Its a movie theater. As expected. However i will say it is above average in cleanliness.

Jerry Sullivan

Was looking for the lounge chairs when we walked in the theater but not all of the theaters have those chairs so do you get charged 4 the theater with those chairs or the uncomfortable ones in the rest of the theater

Lisa Campbell

I was running late, most seats were taken, ended up too close up against the wall BUT I couldn't even tell when the movie started. Just like sitting in the middle higher up. Enjoyed the movie.

Amber Jones

The movie was great but the theater we were in could use a serious cleaning it smelled dirty and the air conditioning rattled the entire movie!

Al Beesure

Great workers, great view from any location in theaters all around five stars for me

Gene and Marilyn McFalls

Great Theater, Great Movies, Great customer service

Edna Mathews

Great theater

william barber

Friendly staff, theater has undergone some nice changes since swapping owners.

Jacky Hernandez

They should have all thearther rooms with recliner instead of only one.. sticky floor I mean what can you expect at the movies

Marvin Ardis


Chris Emery

The theater was clean. Every associate that was working there was friendly and helpful to me. The popcorn was perfectly seasoned. Oh – and the movie was pretty great too!

Brandon Wallace

Limited showings with overpriced concessions. Stale environment.

Lala Singletary

Great movies, with good pizza,drinks popcorn,pretzels & let's not forget the candy!!! You can't go wrong!!! I give it 5 thumbs up


Theater was clean, comfortable chairs but not the friendliest service.

Jacqueline Jones

Love the reclining seats in Auditorium 2! Popcorn was fresh. Lines moved quickly. Everything was clean.

Chelcie Rhodes

I luv going to this movie theater u have so much of walking room & the recliner chairs omg u will sleep so good in them

Donna Wilson

Very disappointed, I was excited about the new theatre chairs and the movie we went to see didn't have any. The movie was geeat, but the smell in the theater was awful.

Griffin Sheaba

Not as big as the AMC Pavillon

Matt Miatke

Theater 2 with the recliners always a great way to watch a movie

James Earl Brantley Lecroy

Thank you to the staff at AMC Dothan 6 . My son had his birthday party there today and it turned out great . Everyone had fun . And we loved the movie . Thank you

Sheryl Peavy

Nice and quiet and clean establishment. Will go there again.

michael sermino

The biggest reason I give it 3 stars is because the Movie was good!!! The theater I was in was nasty smelled and the first seat I sat in was broken. It was a let down. I was there not to long ago and enjoyed it because we had the nice recliner chairs. But theater 5 was nasty!!!

Kelly Crawford

My family and I go to the movies a lot so we get to see this place often. The employees are friendly, the facility is clean and popcorn is spot on lol. I only wish AMC'S reward program was as good as Carmike was. Otherwise, I'd recommend this place as a fun place for the whole family.

James Stork

Anywhere I can watch an awesome movie and get an icee is tops in my book

Julio Melendez

It's old, feels old.. I just saw spiderman at 9:20 and it was a small screen and the first movie seats invented..temperature was hot..

Amie Tolar

Clean. Friendly staff. Not fault of theater I suppose..... But you have to get through 1/2 hr of commercials and previews before the movie. When you go with small kids... That's tough. And those start at the 'movie time's. Our movie was 6:15, but movie didn't start until around 6:45. Yuck.

Aryn Tew

We like this theater. Not to fancy we have the and popcorn tub and it saves us money.

Andrew Snipes

I ordered the pretzel bites, their pretty good. It's very clean and comfortable, they even have a theater room with recliners.

Shahidah Armstrong

It's okay. If you want to avoid crowds this is your place. It is not as updated as AMC 12 you can tell this is an older theatre.

Amethyst Green

I love this cinema! The recliners are comfy and the employees are always friendly and helpful.

Lisa Fuller

Friendly service and RECLINING SEATS!

Bruce Davis

Shaw & Hobbs....Great action flic...

Angela Tice

Loved it. Watched Madea

Anne Johnson

Didn't actually see a movie. Got there 45 minutes early and they were sold out. The online ticket order option charges an additional amount for your convenience though. Place looked clean.

Misty Loffer

Love the recliners, if only they served adult drinks

Evan Hall

On two different occasions I tried calling this theatre because I had a question. I tried calling one time and couldn’t get anyone on the phone and I had tried calling more than 10 times because instead of placing you on hold when they are busy the phone call just ends. I thought this might be an isolated issue so not a huge deal. I recently had the same exact experience where I had a question and I tried to call the theatre more than 10 times and still never got an answer. Pretty terrible service if you ask me. For reference, both times were on not busy days, and not busy hours.

Eunice Aragon

Good popcorn, coke, and candy. Nice seats. (Free refills)

Seth Bergman

Very impressed! It's been a few years since I've been here and they've really changed for the better. Seats are phenomenal! Sound quality is superb and picture was great too. Popcorn and soda is way overpriced like any theater but in terms of enjoying a new release, it's hands down the nicest theater I've been too in a very long time. I only wish they can make the old grey bricks on the inside disappear.

Melody Rhines

Quiely pleasant

Lindsey Blount

Love the reclining seats and foot rests!

Dark zoro

Drove over an hour to get there 7 showtimes that day and all of them sold out??? The lady on the phone said they go quick but she TOLD me she would hold 2 tickets for me until i got there at 945 pm 945 was the show time and i got there at 940, mind you movie doesnt even start playing till like 10pm. They tell me that all the tickets were sold out. Major BS! Out of all those seats in there and after you said youd hold 2 tickets for me, major BS. I want a refund, i had to sit in there and watch a movie i didnt even want to see cause you are a bad business. Not to mention rude customer service and filthy place. Everyones off talking or on their phones. Will not be coming here anymore.

Stacey Powell

Always seated quickly and its clean.

Elezabeth Grand

The staff here are fantastic, willing to go the extra mile to help

Dalton Andress

Recently remodeled with recliner seats! These things are great! The food is pricy but thats nothing new when going to a theater. A smaller theater compared to AMC 12 and usually has less movies choices but mainly the movies shown are for kids. If a higher rated movie is showing usually those end up in the recliner rooms, so look forward to that. But definitely ask ahead of time to make for certain!

Adam Miller

Very comfie reclining seats, and the picture was great, sound however sounded like there was a speaker blown and rattling like crazy at certain times in the movie, ans there was people behind us that was loud and annoying as hell. Not theaters fault completly but if they had been policing the cinema they could have done something about it

Eddie Bynum

Listen...if the movie you want to see is here and also @ AMC 12(next to Best Buy)Go here period.They also have a premium power reclining seat theatre.If with your wife or date you can remove arm rest in between and makes a loveseat.AMC 12 has no reclining seats @ all.Also they will purposely not put there employees @ ticket kiosk @ front of theater and funnel you thru a 30 minute line all the way to the concession stand just to buy your movie ticket.AMC 6 never does me some 6!

Scott Wilson

74 Bucks me my wife and 2 small children. Wow. Great Grinch Movie.

Eddie Kiser

Fantastic theater. Small enough to make you feel home but on a huge screen. People are super friendly.

Cory Jiminez

Love this place great seats and seems more personal a place the the larger one plus the recliner seats are the best!

Donna Kinard

Nice theater, liked the reclining seats, not too happy with the warm temperatures in the theater though.

Sean Gawne-Mark

Fantastic movie viewing in comfortable reclining seats. Best movie theater popcorn I've had in a while. Bathrooms need updating, however.

Tumila King

The drink fountains were not functioning properly. Drinks are important with salty popcorn. I waited patiently in the My Stubs line, but didn’t get the privileges promised. Next time I’ll get in the regular line. It moved quicker.

Tim Cook

Had a great time

Shannon Feaggins

I enjoyed the movie. The attendant was very nice. I wanted to purchase popcorn and a drink. It's too expensive for senior citizens. I thought $5.00 teen deal was everyday.

Tonelle Lawrence-green

Very friendly nice place

Robert Stinson

I like the reclining seats but I think more attention should be placed on work in the bathrooms.

Sage McManus

The one auditorium they have with the cushy reclining seats is fantastic. Also love the refillable icees.

Joel Munoz III

seats are comfortable, lines move too slowly and kids behind the counter don't seem motivated or efficient. The sound in the movies is turned up WAY too loud, its seriously borderline painful(and i go to a lot of concerts) due to the high pitch. Louder doesn't mean better.

Amy Jackson

Need to clean! Theater smells and no toilet paper in the bathroom!

Lee Burns

It was alright. Probably more like 2.5 stars.

juxgz B

Great employees that are fast and nice:) but bathrooms are a little out of date owo

Stacey Lee

Love amc

Rebecca Avant

The service was awful due the daycare's in the area overcrowded!!!! Poor customer service

Samuel Sanders II

Popcorn could've been a little better.

Cori Baker

It was clean and the staff was nice. We went to a 1:30 movie on a Thursday so not crowded at all

Chris Widner

Another great place in Dothan to catch a movie!!!! Very friendly employees and great service too!!!!

Mickey thompson

This is a good theater but it is a little dated. The crazy part is that it is the oldest theater in Dothan but the only one that has an option to watch a movie in the recliner chairs. The Enterprise theater has nothing but recliners, they deliver food to you, and their prices are cheaper. If you have the time just go there and get a better experience. If not AMC 6 will tide you over. Clean and everyone is friendly.

Juan Cepero

Ever since the addition of the auditorium with recliner seats it has completely changed my movie going experience. The seats are super comfy and I refuse to watch a movie now any other way.

Danny Branton

While the facilities are older, carpet needs some cleaning, etc., the seating is nice and the theater area are large with well designed seating and great sound

Kendrick J Glover

Great atmosphere! Anita was awesome!!


Everyone that works there is really nice and the facility is clean. But, this is the hottest movie theater I have ever been in. I was sweating through the whole movie. The Avengers Endgame movie.

john sellers

Had a great time.

Claudia Maleah McKnight

Awesome place.

Stacy Johnston

It's AMAZING how much this place has changed...HUGE RECLINING SEATS & only $5.00 on Tuesdays!! REALLY Keeping up with the times now.Having back & mobility problems makes going & sitting much easier. I have loved Northside Mall since I was a kid & it brings back SO MANY GREAT MEMORIES. It was the first "inside movie" theater here we went to as a kid.

Wilma Campbell

Love to go to the movies there

M Eggleston

Wonderful experience. Seating in the recliner theatre will have you falling asleep instead of watching the movie.

Luis Garza

Nice theater in general. Not too much to gig them on, other than restroom maintenance (one urinal out, one over flowing). The movie played well, crisp picture and good sound. Matinee prices seemed fair.

Brad Lipscomb

Sunday matinee. Noice... Not busy, recliners and popcorn. What more could you ask for. Was clean and good.

carolyn P

This theater has recliners. Soooo comfy. Went on Tuesday which is $5 night. I'm a premier member so I never have to stand in line. And you get to put your own butter on your popcorn so you can put as much on as you like. Definitely will start seeing movies here more often.

Barbara Hines

Awesome movies and awesome staff

william harrison

Low key MAC theater, but with all the standard bells and whistles of AMC.


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