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300 County Rd 265, Centre, AL 35960

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REVIEWS OF 411 Twin Drive In IN Alabama

ZiggyStarDust Or Bust

15$ a car . For 2 movies. Wasn't to bad at all!!! Very well kept grounds. Clear markings. We had a blast. Worth a trip.


Not much going on but I love this place.

Keven D

Love this place

Dan Brynildsen

My family and I try to get to the drive-in each summer when we're in town for vacation at Chesnut Bay Resort. There aren't many drive-ins left and this is a nostalgic treat with the kids... But, the whole place looks like it's falling apart... Everything from the sign out front to the fences and bathrooms desperately need some TLC. The concession stand closes shortly after the movie starts so make sure you have what you need before dark! Overall, it was still fun to see a movie outside but this place could be much nicer with a little investment and some TLC.

Tab Allen

Spacious clean parking spots, plenty of clean restrooms, food is typical concession goodies and actually affordable. Nice, friendly (witty) staff, family atmosphere. Hint: call the food line on the info sheet they give you at the gate to order your food and avoid the lines ;) Bonus: Beautiful sunset before movies start. Our family of 3 watched 2 movies, enjoyed 3 cheeseburger meals with fries and drink for $35! Much better than a movie theater.

Kevin Ray

Love this drive in. Good food to

Crystal Collins

Love love love coming here been doing it for well over 15 years now.

Chris Adams

Best way to watch a movie, great food, great prices

sebrina ward

Love to take family

Sarah Allen

Best value for the money. Very family friendly and great food!

LeAnn Potts

We love the Drive In! Reasonably priced good family fun and the 4th fireworks are always outstanding!

Shane Sparks

I would have given 5 stars but my only problem is the wait time for food. My last order took about 35 minutes to get. The kitchen needs to be expanded to be able to handle the workload, at least doubled in size. They do get very busy and always have so it's time to adapt. I'm sure many people eat elsewhere before they arrive so they will be able to watch the movie instead of waiting on food. The food it great and it is a great place to take the family for a movie or stay for a double feature. If you order something simple like nachos or popcorn it is fast after you have made it through the long lines but if you order a burger then plan on missing a third of the movie or get there 30 to 40 minutes before the movie starts to order your food. It is good that they do offer actual food that you cant get in regular theaters like hamburgers, bbq, fries, pizza, finger foods, etc.

Leslie Wright

Great shows two movies for a good price

Justin Manley

Reasonably priced. Good food. Kids loved it.

Avery Raines

My family and friends always enjoy the drive-in. The food is good and prices aren't to high. Only negative I can say is the bathroom's could be a little cleaner.

Rhonda Uptain

Get place and great food.

Shawn Strahan

Best drive in I've ever been too great food selection and movie selection the prices is perfect $15 for a car load and ypu get to watch 2 movies that just came out!

Clare Caruso

Great to go to a drive-in. Good price

Kimberly Sciro

We went a couple of weeks ago for the first time. It's an awesome place. Food great. People nice and helpful. Can't wait to go back.

mike caruso

Nice place to go to watch Movies takes you back in time

Chris Brown

Always a fun time to be had at the drive-in, especially on a cool, clear night. Bring your lawn chairs and a blanket. A portable speaker or radio helps. If it's busy and you're hungry, the concession stand serves pretty tasty food. Call in your order so you won't have to stand in line waiting!

Brian Davis

Love it. I haven't been to a drive-in since I was little and this was my wife's 1st time. we will be back

Rachel Eubanks

Best drive-in ever!!! And the food is Amazing!!! Can’t wait to go back.

Amanda Rhinehart

Very friendly service. Great quality sound and picture. Love it

Thom Kyle

Love it! New release movies.

Tonya Wertenberger

Affordable family fun.

Makelia Becker

Great little spot with awesome snacks and food!

Lisa Pearson

Love everything about this place.!! Great price for 2 movies , 15. dollars a carload. Great homemade pizza, barbecue, and funnel cake fries for great prices!! Lots and lots of great food and very friendly staff that make you feel at home and try to get to know us frequent flyers!!!! :) I am totally addicted to this place for sure. Nothing like getting your chair and sitting under the stars in the fresh night air on their deck and enjoying the movie.Again, luv it luv it !!!!!!! :)

Anita Yeoman

Wish I could give them a higher rating, but we never got to see the movie. Our screen malfunctioned, they gave us a refund, and I can say the grounds were clean and everyone was friendly. It was just a wasted evening.. Maybe next time

David Hoyt

Fun place...great price...great snack bar...!!

Braulio Oicub

Me and family go every chance we get! Movie quality is just like in an indoor theater, food is amazing and cheap. 15per car, sound quality awesome too.

Amy Sight

Food is a bit pricey, but 15 dollars per car isn't bad. Overall great experience!

Robert Whitmore

Good location and friendly

Dana Trentham

Really cool drive-in to visit. Food a little pricey but well worth the experience

Samantha Haston

I've loved this place since childhood! Great place with awesome food and good prices.

Shannon Murphy Fouts

We brought a radio as did a few other patrons. Very difficult to pick up the station for the movie in front of us but the other movie came in clear. Other movie (Crawl) was heard while we were trying to watch Lion King. Ok place.

Josephine Herbison

Awesome drive-in!! Something great to do with the family. Perfect price as well.

jamileth segura

Loved it! best drive-thru experience ever! Definitely a moneys worth. Basically you pay only $15 per car for parking(cash only). Doesnt matter how many people there is in your car you are only paying $15. Came to see INCREDIBLES 2 and SOLO for the same price!! I heard food is good as well. Picture and sound was awesome! Definitely coming back! P.S. make sure you arrive at least 45 mins early to get the best parking!

Latitia Bonds

Great place to go. Kids love it.

Brian Moore

Great old-school place to see a movie, food was pretty good as well, highly recommend.

Greg Norman

This is a great family friendly place to go. The parking is great and you don't have to worry about your car battery dieing. If the staff can't get you jumped off there are lots of fokes willing to help out. There is great food at good prices. The 411 burger with onion rings is amazing. The nachos are great with chillie and salsa. The best they have is the popcorn and shaved ice. This is well worth the 4 hour drive from Pike County Georgia. We have family in the area and we look forward to going to the drive in and spending time with them on the weekend.

Phillip Davis

Not too bad of a drive from Rome,GA 2 movies for the price of one and the food is tasty. Great for families. Bring cash.

kristin Fox

We always have a great time when visiting the drive in. Prices are excellent when you factor in what it costs two people to go see one movie at a theater. They're open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and also open 7 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Show times start at 7:00 p.m. and as soon as the sun sets after the month of April. There's numerous options available at the snack bar to ensure everyone's able to get something they'll enjoy, as well as a weekend dinner special for only $5.00! The staff is always super friendly and helpful from the time you pay to enter to picking your food at the snack bar. A nice, family oriented, and kid friendly atmosphere. During the summer months there's other activities for the family including car shows, fireworks (4th of July), etc.

Beverly Abney

We always have the best time there and the food is awesome and the prices are great.

Kevin Morang

We love to hit the 411 Drive-in for dinner and a movie or 2! Just under an hour drive from Rome. Their food is pretty good, but the snackbar is crazy busy before the show so go early and be patient.

Daniel Hester

Used to be a good place to come. But over the past year the more we came the more the neighboring the other cars did everything to aggravate your movie experience. We were trying to watch the new Avengers movie and the car either side of us felt they had to run their cars through the whole 3 hour movie. And of course their exhaust came right to our vehicle to where we cannot even sit inside our car. Secondly don't even try the food line number. The last four trips we've come no one answers the phone to take your order. I think we're done coming.

Debbi Page

So much fun at a great price. And such friendly people. Great food!!!

Samuel Castillo

Decent place and the concessions are a decent price.

Tabatha Vaughn

Absolutely love this place. Sound and picture quality is great. The food is also amazing and super cheap. The staff is super friendly and it's also really clean. You can really tell people take care of this place and keep it looking nice.

Kristi Bartlett

Love the place...very clean and safe...the hamburgers are wonderful

David Smith

Best drive in around

Sarah shilling

It's perfect for date night or a family outing. Reasonable pricing all around, nicest people you'll meet, and the cheeseburgers are fantastic.

Brandon Word

This place is great. The movies are easy to see, unlike some drive-in theaters. The food is very good and the prices are good as well. The staff there are very courteous and friendly. It's a great place to go and see a movie!

Mark Butler

A lot of fun! Only takes cash$$$ stop at the atm on your way! Inexpensive entertainment and reasonably priced snacks and food.

Joel McCool

Great staff. Reasonable prices, they don't try to kill you like all other theatres. Picture quality is fantastic. Great environment. They do it right!

Leah Tibbs

Best family night spot..good movie and good food

Sam Corvin

What a blast from the past!! Concessions were fun and good. All in all, a good way to spend an evening.

Kd Coalson

I absolutely love this place! The bugs are pretty bad, so being some spray. But it's a great time, and they always have the new movies! It's only $15 a car, so squeeze in and enjoy! (The food is awesome too!)

Jared Sinclair

You can't beat $15 to go to the movies. The concession stand is reasonably priced as well. Definitely worth it!

Susan Howard

We love going to the drive in! The price is unbeatable and the radio reception for the movies is always perfect. The snack bar always has a huge variety, the food is good, and the prices are reasonable. The bathrooms are usually fairly clean to be public outdoor bathrooms and they do a good job at making sure the soap and toilet paper stay stocked in them. Great place to bring the family in the summer, just don't forget the mosquito repellent!

D Rieske

Love coming here, the movies are always clear and the kids love it! But I wish they would fix the potholes on their driveway and put locks on the bathroom doors! Also on their double features if they would put the kids movies together if possible that would be great.

Cristy Hanson

Great place to take the family.

Cindy Howell

Great price. Bring bug spray

kelly daniel

great experience for my kids and fun place to watch a movie

DEBORAH Davidson

I love this place.


Great place to go!

Larry Atkinson

Love this place. Great prices from getting in the gate to the snack bar. Very friendly staff. Can't wait to go back!

Keri Vaughn

Me and my husband come just about every other weekend for the past 3 yrs and we love it! No complaints! Everyone is friendly and funny and the food is great!

Brenda Sellers

Love the family weekend movie "dates"

Carolyn Hunt

We loved it! Great movie quality and family atmosphere! The BBQ was good too

Hayden Williams

This is a very amazing place with good food, public restrooms, and two magnificent choices of movies. And the best part its only $12.00 for the car to get in no matter how many people are in it.

JayeLyn Taylor

Awesome!! Wish I would have had time for the double feature but unfortunately I didn't. Great food, great atmosphere, excellent staff!! Loved it!!! Will definitely be going back soon!!

Joy Hathaway

Bring cash for entrance fee. Concessions stand takes card or cash. Everyone is very friendly. Food is good, including $5.00 dinner special. Very family friendly,

stephen griffin

Great place to watch new movies 15$ a car and they have excellent food

Scott Thomas

Great place to catch a flick!

Benjamin Phillips

GREAT PLACE FOR A MOVIE..!!! Reasonable price.. Watch two movies for less than one at the walk in theaters..

Ben Cohely

Great place! Enjoyed my church family and watched two movies.

Kelley Hughes

Awesome experience every time we are there!!! Very nice staff!!

Joshua Watson

Great place to enjoy movies and eat

Crystal Castillo

Love this place. Always a fun family trip.

Heather Towe

Good food.. Good movies.. Good prices!!

Yanni Pena

Love the Drive-In!!!! They are great people and super friendly! Definitely recommend!

Joy Green

Great for everyone

Ryan Ashmore

Great overall experience.

Drayke Parris

Love the double features and plenty of options for meals or snacks while you watch


Love the experience, especially for the price! $

Kelli Goodwin

I have always loved going to the Drive-In to watch movies, and this is one of the best! Great screens, great movies, Great prices, and an Unbelievable concession stand!! Loads of fun for adults and kids!

Denki Kamanari

It's amazing! You don't have to be in a tight space or uncomfortable seats! Fun for all the family, and great food! My only problem is the way the screen is, but i'm not complaining! Highly recommend! <3

Kimberly Diane Crafts

The cost for 2 movies is great for a family.

Rachel Allen

Had a blast watching toy story 4

Corbin Kirk

Really great prices and really good food.

Catherine Robbins

Cute little country place I loved it a nice family atmosphere and,I want to go again I havent been to a drive in theater in years but I was excited about tbis place and the view is beautiful in the day or night!

James Robinson

Always a good time

Rebecca Cox

Nice place and you can't beat the price! My family had a great time!!

Priscilla Wiggins

Great drive in!!

Michael Kirk

Just wish the folks that had to run their car their car the entire movie and smoke 47 cigarettes during weren't parked right beside us

Ashley Hewitt

Loved it. So glad to see more drive ins. It's a great value at $15 a car and the food at the concession is reasonably priced compared to prices at theaters.

Paul Rountree

No better deal anywhere......$15 a carload.....2 movies.....and a meal deal every week

Regina Crane

Love spending time here with friends/family

Colin O'Brien

I have been coming here for couple years now and I can safely say that around the holidays atleast all you have showing are kids movies. I love a good animation just as much as anyone else but I’d also like to be able to go and watch a movie I actually want to see rather then just settling.

Chris Martakis

I was never there. Good going Maps. !!

Steph Massi

Michael Lee

Awesome place!

Leta Benton

This place was nice. Enjoyed very much.

Amy Rainwater

Really bumpy riding, without lights it is really hard to see all the holes. Fence kinda scary on exit side.

Barbi Coalson

Love this place!! Been going for years!

Tammy Oswalt

Fun place to take family relax at a cheap price for 2 movies.

Kurt Luitwieler

Good drive in. No frills. Food and snacks decent and good prices.

michael jordan

Everything is good except the popcorn it taste old like it’s a week old every time I got popcorn there it sucked

Jennifer House

Great place for a family movie night, date or just to get away from town

Robert Grisham

Always fun. Have $15 cash at the gate though. Concession takes a card, gate doesn't.

Quinn Jordan

Awesome drive in theater! Super fun and the food is exactly what it should be which is greasy, cheap, and tasty.

Eugene Roos.

Super awesome place to go see some movies. Great prices, nice place, good food at the concession stand. And a really friendly staff.

Miranda Steed

Loved it

Primitive Sponge

What can I say? They have great movies and great concessions.

Ashley Workman

We always have a great time with the whole family here ; without breaking the bank. The concession stand is awesome! Popcorn could use some improvement though. I often get bland or slightly burnt popcorn.

Morris play list

Love this place ❤️ staff is good people fun place to hang out with friends and family to watch a movie

David McFarland

Its a good local place to go watch a movie with your kids, and they have burgers and fry's,pizza,popcorn,and plenty of other snacks to chose from and they are quite reasonable.

Richard Simonson

Me and wife love it

Alyssa Yandow

Great drive in! Fully stocked concession stand with super friendly staff. We will definitely be coming back!

Dottie Smith

We moved to center a year and a half ago and this was the first time we visited the drive-in theater it brought back a lot of memories when I was growing up and dating I am 67 years old and we pulled up and we bought shares and said of them took her own popcorn snacks drinks and it was nice and quite they have two screens each vehicle that comes to the gate is $15 you can have two people or 6 people Park wherever you want right now the movie starts at 8:10 p.m. we didn't stay for the second one it was not over until about 2:30 a.m. but we really had a good time and enjoyed it you should go at least just one time

Brian Thompson

Very family friendly place to go watch movies

Misty Anderson

I love this place. Is a good place to go see a movie the price is cheap for a theatre. Pulse it's the only drive in that I know of. It takes you back to the good old days.

Ryan Harris

Enjoyed the experience twice now. My only wish is they fix up the roadways exiting the theater and the bathrooms of screen one. Staff was very welcoming and friendly.

april thomas

love this place.... great food...

Kasper Beck

Amazing place to take the family on the weekends. I live and Georgia and enjoy taking my kids and man here 15$ a car load. You can sit in the car, bring lawn chairs or a big blanket and the whole family lay out and have a blast.

Brittnee Green

Loved the experience and the friendly service. Food was good, and it was better than the movie theatre! Will be back with the family again

Debbie Nance

Nice time away from home n not cramed into a theater to watch a couple of movies for just 15 a car load..

Taylor Hightower

Second drive in movie I've ever been to and it was by far the best. Great prices on food too. My only complaint is that the concession closes at some point after the movie starts.... I wanted more food and drink lol

Jaimee Guest

We had a great time! We love going to the drive in!! Highly recommend!

Kim Sullivan

Great place to take your family. Very clean and the staff is very friendly. Nice to see that there are still places around where you can afford to take your family for a fun night out. Movies they show are always current, they always have the newest movies showing. Great, inexpensive, family oriented place. The food at the snack bar is really good and each week they have specials to choose from. You can enjoy the movie from your car or spread out a blanket or grab a chair and enjoy a romantic night under the stars with your sweetie. Thank you 411 twin drive in for keeping this outdoor movie viewing tradition alive.. Its much appreciated to have a place like this to still be able to come to with your family or with your sweetie.

Zac Whitley

I love this drive in. $10 for a car load. Friday,Saturday and Sunday have a double feature.

Andrea Holbrook

Movie experience was great popcorn wasn't the best!

Christina James

Such an awesome place, great prices fun and definitely worth it, will definitely be back.

Brian Cook

It's a drive in and it's awesome

Joy Meadows

Great drive in experience, good for families or teens or anyone really. Good movie picks. Nice little restaurant as well.

Donna Garner

Great fun! Everything you need for movie entertainment.

donald Phillips

Great people, price, movie was great for out doors, bathrooms like at local ball park could use a little up grade but for $15 a car you can not really complain. This all said it was raining lightly and I have not been to a drive in ,40 years I would go back in a heartbeat. Your comfort and sound quality come from your vehicle, some make sure your radio works an you have a room in your vehicle for 2-5 stay. They are double features.

Joanie Pineda

Always enjoy going there and the food is very good


Bring a radio, blankets and pillows! Awesome!

Michael Brown

Had a great time here with the family, even with the storm rolling through it didn't affect the quality. Fair concession prices too, popcorn is a little high but pleasantly surprised with the rest of it.

Wendall Fry

Wonderful place to watch new movies. Great place for a date, take the family out, or even to go with friends. $20 entry fee for each vehicle, double feature, and very delicious food at an affordable cost.

Rick B

Very enjoyable. Great concession with lots to choice from. Employees very nice and courteous. Will go again.

david b

5 stars. Its a drive thru. Cant ask for any better.

johnnie shuler

Took my nephews we all had a great time the place and staff were awsome

lizz dennisuiij%9 7u88902

Great place to go to the movies

Roger B.

We always love a night out at the drive in . You just can't beat it 15.00 per carload so whether it's you and the wife, you and the girlfriend, or you the wife, and the girlfriend. Lol or all the kids too watching just released movies on the jumbo screen is awesome.

Greg Hall

We had a great time and the price is wonderful.


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