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REVIEWS OF Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home IN New Hampshire

sarah mackness

My family has know the owners of the Morse-Baylis Funeral Home for years. My grandfather passed away a week ago and Fred Healy went above and beyond for him. Everything was exactly the way my grandfather would have wanted it. We had my grandmothers funeral there 15 years ago and again, nothing but respect coming from the entire staff. There are not enough nice things I could say about this place and the respect they had for my father and grandfather.

kathyhester1 .

We had the sudden devastating pain of losing our father, and Morse-Bayliss funeral home could not have been more helpful at this painful time in our lives. Everyone was so caring and thoughtful and took care of our every need. Thank you so much!!!! The Bomal Family

Kelly Partridge

Everyone at Morse-Bayliss did a phenomenal job in assisting my family with the passing of my grandmother. They took care of everything from start to finish with care and consideration. My sincere gratitude is especially with Fred who personally made sure my Nana was given a beautiful send off.

Cindy Nicolau

Had a family member pass away and was suggested this funeral home. Not very professional was being harassed by the funeral director for payment everyday, was promised prayer cards that were never delivered, the day of the service the priest was amazing but we were rushed out of there, had flowers that were sent shoved into my hands and was shown were to exit. I would not recommend this place at all especially if you have masshealth covering part of the services.

derek morey

Wonderful service from start to finish.

Lisa Taylor

Katherine Wilson

From the Family of Raymond V. Wilson: We would highly recommend Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home. They were so compassionate and caring with the passing of my Dad. Fred Healy and his staff went above and beyond to give him a classy and dignified service. We could not be more pleased. It gave us great comfort to know that he was cared for in such a respectful way. My Dad was a successful Westford business man and had a huge turnout for his wake. It went well past the calling hours. We never felt rushed out of there, everyone who showed up to pay their respects was able to do that with out being hurried along. Our family was so impressed with the service both before the actual wake and after. We would like to thank Fred Healy, the funeral director and his staff for their kindness and professionalism. It made an awful day a little easier for my Mom and our family to cope with.

Greater Deliverance Temple

I had the hard task of buring one of my parishioners last week. Morse Bayliss were so kind and professional. They helped with every aspect of the funeral needs. I would recommend them to anyone. Fred & staff you rock!!

Haley Bomal

Highly recommend Morse-Bayliss Funeral Services. As hard as it was to lose our Grandfather, the process was made that much easier by the hard workers at Morse-Bayliss. We were treated with kindness, compassion and respect from start to finish.

Dorothy Francoeur

Both of my parents funerals were through them. We were treated with such compassion, felt more like we were family and not just a customer. Fred Healey is a true gentleman I would highly recommend to anyone when they're searching for a funeral home.

Mary Reid

We couldn't have asked for any more care or professionalism.

Patricia Lahue

Fred Healy and his staff did a wonderful job for the services of our friends’ recent tragic loss of their son. Everything was handled to perfection and with great compassion for the entire family!! Pat Lahue

Thelma Riley

Last week the unthinkable happened to my family, we lost our son, husband , brother, father. As his mother I was saddled with the task of making arrangements for a funeral. I called Morse-Bayliss and Fred Healy took over. What a relief he gave us, assuring us that he would take good care of our loved one. He welcomed a dozen of Patrick's soccer kids that he had coached and put up pictures of them with him. He walked us through a very tough time. His wife created a video and gave us assurance that they would handle everything. I don't wish this experience on anyone, but if you lose a loved one, Fred and his staff will give you piece of mind and the care your loved one needs. Thelma Wyman Riley

Tina Eam

I highly recommend Morse bayliss funeral home service the process was easy they helped every aspect of the funeral they were very kind and respectful from start to finish I would recommend this place to everyone a great thanks to Fred.

Lori Reynolds

Many members of my family have had services at this funeral home, most recently my mom just a few days ago. They honored EVERY SINGLE request and went out of their way to ensure our comfort. I cannot thank them enough for the care and compassion they treated us with! Mom pre-planned her funeral and her wishes were honored to the letter. One of the finest funeral homes ever.

Amy Brady

I would highly recommend Morse Baylis Funeral Home. Such compassion & ongoing communication during such a difficult time. Our memorial service for our father was exactly what he would have wanted & it represented him could not have gone any smoother.

David Hanks

I have worked with many different funeral homes and directors in my work as a pastor. I would place Morse-Bayliss among the elite funeral homes that listens to the families in their hour of need. Would recommend this team as one to be there for your particular needs.

Borann Kem

My brothers and I were in a bind and were worried that we would have a difficult time locating a good funeral home. But a good reference from a close family friend, help us choose Morse-Bayliss Funeral home! Fred the funeral director was more than exceptional with helping us through our ordeal. Fred and his employees were professional, compassionate, understanding, and very accommodating to our needs. They have been wonderful to me and my family! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone who wants excellent quality and care!

Darren Mudge

As a minister I have worked with many funeral homes over the decades. Morse-Bayliss are among the best I have worked with. They were very responsive to the family needs and easy to work with. They demonstrated professionalism at every level and respect and care for those going through grief and loss. I have been to a number of funerals handled by these folks and have never experienced any issues. They are some of the best in the business I have worked with.

Michael Sevigny

The staff was excellent throughout our process. Very friendly and kind people. Willing to help in any way that we asked. Fred's wife was so helpful in figuring out a photo slide we wanted to share during the services. Would recommend them to friends and family. Thanks for everything everyone did.

Ernest Mackness

Fred and his staff were exceptional. They’re professionalism went above and beyond what you would expect of a funeral director. I can’t say enough about how they regarded my father who recently passed away. They treated him with the upmost respect and caring. They helped us put on a ceremony my father would have loved. They treated us like we were family. Words cannot express my thanks to the entire staff of the Morse-Bayliss.

William Reid

It is amazing that in such a time of sorrow, how comfortable this establishment makes you feel! Every detail is made simple with their help and understanding. Thank you so much

Peter Sadlier

My name is Peter Sadlier and I would like to take this opportunity and acknowledge the considerable efforts of Fred Healy. When a loved one has passed, it is a most difficult time - and for me, I suffered the greatest possible loss when my Mom passed recently. Because of Mr. Healy's attention to detail and professionalism, I was able to focus on family and friends as he ensured all bases were covered. Also, he is more than willing to perform duties not required in his position, allow me to explain. I had promised that I would deliver Mom's clothing and jewelry on Friday morning, the 22nd, but I was sick and we were in the middle of a snowstorm. Mr. Healy said, "No problem", and he drove his pickup truck to my home, picked up the necessary items, then quickly plowed my driveway. If that does not define going above and beyond then I don't know what does. Although the grieving process continues, the many kindnesses and respect shown me and my family by Mr. Healy have greatly lessened the heartbreak. My sincerest thanks to him and his wonderful staff!

Raks Derival

My family recently collaborated with the staff at Morse-Bayliss for my grandmother’s funeral. The director Fred was kind, professional and respectful in his interactions with us. Whenever we called for support during the process, Fred always picked up. He was readily accessible, helped my family explore our options, and supported us with compassion and empathy throughout the process. The funeral home was also flexible with our requests and helped us with drop off and pickup of our supplies. The prayer cards of my grandmother were beautiful and I loved the laminated versions for family members. I greatly appreciate the options and tailoring of our needs based on our Cambodian culture. Their space was well laid out, and the rooms/decor felt warm and comforting. A bonus was the option to play a memorial video in their TV room for guests, in addition to access to unlimited song options to play during the service using their sound system. Thank you for your service Fred, David, and staff. Your kindness will never be forgotten. I highly recommend Morse-Bayliss Funeral home.

Donna Sevigny

My husband recently passed away and services were coordinated by Morse-Bayliss. Fred Healy and his wife Janis along with staff went above and beyond to help my family during this difficult time. The professionalism, compassion and empathy will stay with our family forever. They took the time to answer any question regardless how large or small. They went out of their way to help my family. The funeral home was beautiful and filled with a warm and caring atmosphere- so comforting and peaceful. I will always remember how wonderful we were treated. They helped our family get through this difficult time.

Patricia Auger

Fred and Janis Healy are longtime family friends and we would not have trusted anyone else to handle the services for our Mom and Dad. At one of the most difficult times in our lives, Fred and Janis took charge to ensure that every detail was attended to. The service that was handled for my Dad just over eight years ago with military honors and was managed in a flawless manner. People,to this day, continue to tell us what a beautiful service it was. Recently, we called upon Fred to handle our Mom's service and Janis made sure to get Mom's favorite song integrated into her tribute. Again, the services were handled seamlessly. No matter what time of night or day we called upon Fred to be there for us, he has been there. At both graveside services, Fred added his personal stories of rememberance to help comfort us in our time of great sorrow. Fred and Janis - The Kelty family can not thank you enough for your love and support during this difficult time. With love and thanks, Trish

Karl Reid

Recently held services for my Mother-in-Law at Morse-Bayliss. Fred was very helpful in our time of grief. The services were beautiful, he was very open minded in assisting with Khmer rituals, was of great help arranging all aspects of the services, and was approachable and professional at all times. I would highly recommend this funeral home to any family that needs help with the loss of a loved one.

Sheryl Corcoran

I cant even being to tell you how wonderful these people have been to deal with. Dealing with a loved ones death, is one of the hardest times of anyone’s lives. My first experience working with Morse-Bayliss was phenomenal. I was truly amazed with the love and support they had given to my family and me. They just took over and made the process so comforting. Over the years we have used this funeral home for five of my family members. Through all of our tragic experiences, they not only catered to our needs, there heartfelt condolences were true to heart. The death of my Dad was very tragic to me. I wanted nothing but the best for my Dad. Unfortunately, because my Dad had died from Parkinson’s Disease, this disease is a long process before a love one passes on. Sadly during this process it took a toll on my Dads body. I talked with the Director about realizing that I would have to have a closed casket. He again said, “Let me take care of it, and don’t you worry about a thing.” The day of the wake before the public arrived, my family and I were able to see him privately first. I cried tears of happiness as the Director brought me in and I knelt by my Dads OPEN casket to see the most amazing transformation beyond belief. I was looking upon my peaceful, handsome Dad once again, before he moves on. This was my last look at my Dad, and what I will always remember, and it was the best fulfillment of all and a lasting comfort. I can’t be more thankful to this group of people and the Owner-Director that work at this funeral home. If you are looking for an easy transformation and feel lost on where to even start, I recommend this wonderful place to ease the way of your tragic loss of a loved one. You will feel the warmth and support that is so needed at this time in your life, and you will have no regrets.

Mackenzie Derival

The loss of a loved one can be an excruciatingly traumatizing and devastating moment in one’s journey through life. That last thing you need is to be mishandled by service providers strictly out for monetary gain. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exemplary manner of how my grandmother’s services were carried out from the first to last second of my families interaction with the staff members of the Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home. Dealing with the director Fred and all of his staff made a very difficult situation just a little easier. The level of professionalism displayed in this crucial task we had to endure was far superior to any I had ever been privileged to experience. Couple that with the true and sincere empathy that they bestowed upon us , I was able to send my grandmother to her eternal rest in a fitting fashion. I gave them 5 stars because that’s the highest allowed ,they deserve so much more. Thank you guys for all that you did for myself and my family. We walked away not just satisfied customers but also feeling like we made great new friends.

Mary Burns

My family has been using the Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home for years, and we wouldn't go anywhere else. Under the direction of Fred Healey, and the Late Walter F. Bayliss, Jr., the personal touch that they put on every funeral is second to none. When my parents both passed away, the Morse-Bayliss Family did it all, we didn't have to do a thing, and when my Dad, a WWII Veteran passed on, the military tribute was beautiful. I have been to countless funerals at Morse-Bayliss, and to our family, it is the only place we will ever go.

David Connell

Fred Healy was incredible. The compassion,personal touch and attention to detail was remarkable. Meticulous preparation seamless follow through. I highly recommend Morse- Bayliss .

Maura Donovan

Fred Healy was very professional and very genuine. All the details no matter how small was addressed and taken care of. He and his staff were excellent a definite approval and highly recommended!

Janet Timothy

I cannot begin to express how grateful my family has been for the services offered by Fred Healy at Morse and Bayliss Funeral Home during multiple family losses during the past several years. He has eased our burdens during heart breaking and stressful times. The professionalism and compassion from Mr. Healy is incredible. We would never consider going anywhere else. A huge thank you from the McCarthy family.

Serra Riley

When my brother passed away unexpectedly the only place my parents would trust with his care and services was Morse-Bayliss. Freddie was wonderful from start to finish. Although I know he does this everyday he made us feel as if he felt our loss and that we were the only family that mattered to him. The professionalism and genuine sympathy was amazing. Every detail was perfect and the planning was made as "easy" as possible. The obituary, the slide show of pictures, and how much the of the entire event was personalized for my brother was incredible and went beyond what we had expected. Our family will never go with anyone else for a death.

Kristen Boucher

Everyone at Morse Bayliss did a wonderful job with the services they provided recently for my father. Fred, and his wife went above and beyond to ensure that my fathers service was a wonderful tribute to him, which it was. They were so kind and compassionate to our family during this very difficult time. They guided us during this process with kindness and patience.

Linda Bowen

Morse-Bayliss handled our dad’s wake, funeral and burial with great care and compassion. Every detail was perfect, we got so many compliments on the “epic”obituary they wrote for him. How do you capture a life spanning 90 years in just a few paragraphs? Well Fred Healy sure did and it’s a gift we will always treasure. The attentive and professional staff handled huge crowds at the wake and church with ease, and the military burial was amazing. Fred even surprised us with a beach theme vault cover and sand from dad’s beloved beach house for all of us to toss into the grave during our final farewell! Personal touches we will never forget. Nobody does it better.. Thank you so much Fred, Janis and staff from the bottom of our hearts.

Paul Brady

Recently my father in-law passed away. The staff at Morse-Baylis was extremely attentive to the needs of our family and ensured our wishes were followed through precisely. They fielded numerous phone calls, requests and questions to arrange a memorial. Their constant patience and compassion helped my wife’s family through this very difficult time.

David Fournier

The services provided by Morse-Bayliss funeral home were excellent. They listened to our wants and desires and helped my family create a beautiful tribute to our parents. Their placement of photo boards, flowers and the caskets in the viewing area helped people coming into the wake get a sense of who my parents were and left us with a feeling of comfort. While it was difficult to say goodbye to my parents, the process would not have gone as well without the attention and care provided by Fred, Janis and the staff at Morse-Bayliss.

Eric Wolf

Had to say good bye to my mom today and while one never wants to have to deal with a funeral home, Morse-Bayliss was amazing in every way - I don't offer these words lightly. This was our family's second time needed these services and Fred Healey made every possible effort to ensure the my brother and I could focus on our families and friends; he took care of all logistical actions with the care as if he was supporting one of his own family. I told Fred that I truly hope to never have to see him in the near future other than at the super market. However, if there are times to come when we need these services again, then we already know the place and people who will care for us once again.

Chhaya Kem

My mother passed away on May 21, 2019. My next step for her was to take care of the wake and the funeral. Fred, Janis, and the entire staff at Morse-Bayliss funeral home was absolutely phenomenal in handling her funeral arrangements! They were courteous, empathetic, respectful and very professional! Took care all of our needs and explained everything that needed to be done! Highly recommend Morse-Bayliss Funeral Home!!!

Christina Clegg

I cannot thank Fred and Janis Healy enough for all of their kindness and thoughtfulness towards me during this difficult time. I was so pleased with the compassion of all his staff. The room was set up beautifully and everything was perfect. Thank you again!!!

Gayle Jervis

No heed to my daughters request her son not be embalmed till she saw him. Then Embalming fluid leaking during wake and people felt rushed almost girded thru. During family viewing before funeral leaking was worse and the smell of formaldehyde was overwhelming Director showed no compassion although others there did At gravesite we were told we had to leave as things had to move. We were unable to pick up belongings the next day as they weren’t going to be available so everything had to be hurried out immediately No offer of help until I asked for it.

Gary & Carol Entwistle

Fred (and staff), Thank you for such a beautiful service for my best friend and my wife's brother-in-law Dave Sevigny. You showed the utmost respect and concern for his wife and family and made the many, many people who came to say their goodbyes feel welcome. The attention to detail, the dignity showed to all, and the care given his family throughout the process was so appreciated. You had handled my Dad's service six years ago just as professionally, as well as Dave's father recently. Every time, the choice to use Morse-Bayliss was proven to be a wise decision that helped us through a very difficult time. We can't thank you enough.

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