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REVIEWS OF Aspen Family Chiropractic IN Wyoming

This Wyoming Life

Jim-Marian Erdelyi

Fun place, relaxed, hopefully things are getting better in my neck. Can't tell.

JanaR Chione

This is a perfect office for families and individuals! Chiropractic care in itself can be stressful for children and even adults. Our family loves Dr. Mandy and her staff! Dr. Mandy is very gentle and talks you through the process so you know what she is adjusting and why. Not only does Aspen Family want to get you out of pain, but they want to keep you out of pain by making chiropractic care affordable. I could not imagine trusting our care to any one else!

Shantell Hillius

Such a warm and welcoming environment! Dr. Mandy wholeheartedly cares about her patients and always makes sure that your needs are taken care of! I highly recommend going here! I have noticed an insane difference in my posture and overall pain levels.

BrieAnna Hewlett

I love Dr. Mandy and what she had done for me and my family. I first came to Dr. Mandy almost unable to walk. Some how my hip got messed up after my baby was born. All the doctors I saw wanted to medicate and do painful expensive shots. After three weeks with Dr. Mandy I was pain free. She helped my back to much with another pregnancy and provided good information. My second daughter was unable to crawl still by 11 months. After just two adjustments my daughter began to crawl. My third daughter had major bowl problems. After every adjustment she leaves me a nice full diaper and is no longer constantly crying. She also couldn't crawl properly. Dr. Mandy not only adjusted her but took the time to get her crawling properly. My oldest daughter struggled with aggression issues. after a few months with Dr. Mandy she doesn't have very many aggression episodes. My husband is a rancher and is very hard on his back. Dr. Many helps keep him going Pain free. All of us have stronger immune systems. I am updating this after over 4 years of still being her patient. All above is true and there is a very special reason I am still seeing her after this many years!!! love all of them so much!

Kendal Douville

We love everyone at Aspen Family Chiropractic! Their attention to detail and care has been wonderful for my daughter after her dance injury, and keeping her body healthy as she continues to dance.

Joshua Anderson

Friendly, welcoming environment for the whole family! I’ve received excellent care here and would recommend to anyone!

Reba Summers

Aspen Family Chiropractic care is wonderful. Everyone at AFC is helpful and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate Dr Mandy and Dr Dai's educational approach to my care and wellness. Thank you all!

Quincy L. Edwards

Family friendly, very welcoming and thorough. The best chiropractor and massage in town.

Stacey Ellis

I've been going to Aspen Family Chiropractic for years now. Before going to Aspen Family Chiropractic, I'd never been to a chiropractor. Initially, I went in because my sciatica was so bad I could barely walk or stand without a great deal of pain. Dr. Mandy worked with me and brought me past that pain to the point that today I can barely remember how bad it was. In the time since then my family has also started going to Aspen and the staff there have genuinely become to feel like family to us. Dr. Mandy has helped us through so much, and as I've worked my way through some autoimmune disorders she and her staff have become such a valuable resource to me. I wish I could review Aspen Family Chiropractic with more than 5 stars and I highly recommend them.

Amber Harned

I have been a loyal patient at Aspen Family for over 5 years and I simply cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Mandy and the entire staff! My overall wellness has drastically improved since I became a regular patient- I get fewer headaches, I rarely get sick, and I just feel better! Plus, the people are amazing, genuinely care about you, and are fun to talk to and be around. Added bonus- free emergency visits with your wellness plan!

Mildred Fred

It's very nice to come here it makes me feel very good. Since, I've come here feeling better now.

Karen McNamee

Dr. Mandy and her staff have changed my life. My sciatic nerve pain and ulcerative colitis have vanished! My head is now on straight, literally. My attitude on life and living pain free is amazing! I love the whole atmosphere and happiness of being at Aspen Family Chiropractic. I'm glad I put them on my "to do" list! I have been a patient at Aspen Family Chiropractic now for over 3.5 years! I absolutely love the treatment, employees and the super knowledgeable Dr. Mandy! She saved me from Carpel Tunnel surgery by giving me a much better option! The healing process is a lot quicker and I haven't had to stop working. I am super amazed at all the good things that come from Aspen Family Chiropractic! I am a member for life! And it is a much better life now! Love ya gals!!!

chris pridmore

deb greene

Love this place

Paul Fanning


Lois Mader

Naomi Nottage

Thank you Dr Mandy and crew for reccomending my granddaughter to have cold Lazer treatments after she was burned by hot tea. the treatments were non invasive 5 minute visits for a week. the burn area healed faster and felt better immediately.

Stacy Svalina

The best place for chiropractic treatment!

Timothy Brewer

Kenadi Olaveson

a great group of girls. I swim and nordic ski for the high school and it has helped me preform at my best!

cullen keller

They are wonderful. They'll work with your schedule and make sure you get done what needs to get done

Katie Miller

Dr. Mandy and Dr. Day are wonderful chiropractors and everyone is always so happy and kind when I come in! Best chiropractor in town!

Denise Sims

Dr. Mandy is awesome. She is very caring and gives great care. Her office is open until 6 pm, which is so convenient. Dr. Mandy is a such a nice person too. She's funny and always smiling. Her staff is really nice too and it seems like she takes really good care of them. Definitely a great chiropractor!

Dailynn Foti

I love this place!!! The Docs and staff are fantastic!

Katheryn Culver

Your spinal cord is like any cord. The straighter and more aligned the cord is, the better it works. Efficient care to maximize preference for all. Aspen Family Chiropractic practice has helped me with many recoveries throughout my body while educating me on the care they give. Their warm friendly atmosphere can adjust the most fragile of clients out there.

Clint Zitek

For me it has been one of the best decisions I have made, to go through the exam period and eventually into the maintenance period because I can notice the positive effect of the weekly chiropractic adjustments. Also Dr. Mandy and her staff, here and gone have been such a joy, Thank you for everything.

Steven Deming

The best service, best staff, most comfortable chiropractic visits I've ever had in my life. These ladies know what they're doing and how to treat their patients! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!

Jana Chione

Excellent chiropractic care! When I first started seeing Dr. Mandy I had debilitating headaches and severe back pain making it hard to take care of my family’s day to day needs. Now with routine chiropractic care I don’t have any headaches and only have backaches once in a great while and when I do have pain Dr. Mandy takes care of it. I’m so grateful for Dr. Mandy and her excellent staff!!

Ron Culver

Very nice people. My overall health has improved greatly since becoming a patient.

Taylor Britzman

AFC Knows what they’re doing! I’ve seen chiropractors in other businesses be too rough and damage their patients spines further, but at AFC every step is a comprehensive recalibration to get your body back to health. Plus, they’re friendly

Ivalene Dean

Jessica Ford

They have helped me so much!

Liz Watson

Aspen Family treats me like FAMILY!

Jay Gentry

Dr. Mandy helped with my lower back pain. Everyone at the office is incredibly friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Mandy to anyone.

Michelle Herron

Dr. Mandy, and her staff welcome you like family. I have been seeing Dr. Mandy for well over a year and am very happy with her services. She recently added a massage therapist, and he works wonders.

Rylie Heggie

Sean Foster

Great place and GREAT PEOPLE. Wish i had found them years ago.

Paula Ahrenholtz

We absolutely love Dr. Mandy and the crew at Aspen Family Chiropractic. Both of my sons get adjusted every other week and I get adjusted once a week and I have noticed a huge change in our health. Less winter sicknesses as well as our seasonal allergies being less severe.

Brenda Whitman

Love, Love, love Aspen Family Chiropractic! I feel so much better on so many levels. Definitely whole body care via the spine and all it is connected to.... which happens to be everything, btw! I received allergy injections for over 30 YEARS, now my allergies are virtually non existent and can be controlled by the OCCASIONAL otc medication. My whole experience here has been truly life changing. I highly recommended Aspen Family Chiropractic!!!

Gary Main

I do a lot of physical work and Dr. Mandy keeps me feeling strong and healthy.

Douglas Barker

This place is so energetic and awesome. I love them. Never have I felt better!

Sonja Bartrop

I absolutely love this place. The staff is great and they all are very welcoming to me and my kids.

Brittney Reed

Aspen Family Chiropractor is the best place to get a massage! I’m always walking out feeling great! The staff here is amazing and always very friendly. I recommend them to everybody.

Shya Redman

I love this place! I've only been here with Dr. Mandy for about six months and I feel incredible. The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Dr. Mandy is so knowledgeable and can answer every question I have so I can understand what's going on. I can honestly say that Dr. Mandy, as well as Dr. Dai, both care about my well being and are helping me become my best self!

Michelle Abeyta

I absolutely love Dr. Mandy! She has the most gentle techniques and because of her I am finally able to sleep and workout comfortably. The team at Aspen Family is amazing and they treat you like family.

Quincy Caper

Dr Mandy and her staff are excellent at what they do. Thank You

Teresea Wasik

I love Dr. Mandy and her staff they are amazing people with great personalities. I have gone there since she opened and so has my family. I would recommend her any time!!!!

Maura Culver

Love these guys! They always welcome you by name and willing to listen to what hurts you and offer solutions.

Arlene Hart

Danielle Ford

I wish I was able to see Dr. Mandy, but unfortunately I no longer live in Laramie. The staff here are all amazing! I highly recommend if you are looking for a long term fix!

Nancy Hall

Buyer BEWARE that's all I have to say.

Laura Niswender

Dr. Mandy and her staff are always friendly and helpful. She always explain what she is doing and why you need to do or not do certain things. Excellent business, I highly recommend them!

Marian Showacre

Best chiropractor ever in my life. A total clinician and great staff.

Sophia Douville

I love coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic to get adjusted every week. Definitely recommend!


I've been going to Aspen Family for many years now and I love their friendly, inviting environment and the top notch care I recieve. I would recommend Aspen Family to my friends or family members that are in need of chiropractic care and massage therapy with no hesitation.

Jordan Pearce

The Aspen Family is wonderful! Completely warm and welcoming. I look forward to my visits every week!

Erich Taboga

Excellent service and care! My health and condition have changed my life because of the Aspen Family team! Thank you!

Kim Gasson

When we moved to Laramie a year ago, I needed a chiropractor. Dr. Mandy and her staff are caring, professional, knowledgeable, and have worked wonders with my headaches and stiff neck. Thanks to all of them!

Jill Edwards

My whole family has been coming to Aspen Family Chiropractic for about a year. I can’t say enough about how much it has helped, not only with day to day aches and pains but also headaches and kids’ “growing pains” We love the service as well as the staff.

Damian Olaveson

I'm a bull rider, I get beat up on the daily, Aspen family chiropractic has helped me with alot of the pain that comes with being a roughy and has kept me at my best.

Vivian Madrid

Nate A

Becky Parker

Great place to go. Girls are great

Hanna Heggie

Dr. Mandy and her staff are amazing! They are very knowledgeable and helpful with a variety of things!

Amber True

All staff are so nice, Dr. Mandy is the best, will always answer any questions you have and I always feel better after coming here!

Tammy Heggie

Great, fun staff. So helpful. Like family.

LaDene Culver

Before they treat you for what you may think you need to be treated for, they do a thorough examination. This can reveal hidden problems that you are unaware of, such as a badly formed spine. Since going to Aspen Family Chiropractic, I have had less back and joint pain, fewer mobility issues, and a better sense of wellbeing. Treatment is quick, painless, and easily scheduled. The price is reasonable, too.

Jennifer Zenor

Headaches use to haunt many of my days. Chiropractic care with Dr. Mandy along with natural remedies she has recommended have changed my world.

J Thomas

Great place! I bring my entire family here, with one of them going since birth! Family atmosphere. Walk in the door and you are greeted with a smile. Kids activity room for the little ones while they wait their turn was recently remodeled and it is a big hit! In house X-rays so you don't have to travel all over town is a plus!

Lauriel Stephens

Awesome atmosphere and great people

Gus Stonum

Super friendly staff that certainly makes you feel welcome. I like that I’m not waiting for my appointment.

Paul Walker

They’re lovely people.... super friendly too. There’s NEVER a stupid question... ask away, they want you to be knowledgeable. There’s never any judgement cast upon you about whatever situation you’re in. And Dr Mandy gives great hugs!

Shelby Morris

Love them and all that they do!❤️

Kristi Brooks

Aspen Family Chiropractic is awesome. Dr. Mandy can adjust little babies and...anyone in the entire family. She has a very gentle method. Both of my children and myself get adjusted regularly with Dr. Mandy and we are all the healthiest we have ever been!! Definitely recommend this office for spine health and overall wellness.

Christy White

Dr. Mandy and the staff are caring and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is comfortable and positive. What a great place to get feeling better. Thank God for Aspen Family Chiropractic!

Cody S

I was referred here by a friend from work and I cannot say enough about this place. My back was acting up on and off for a long while now and I have been seeing Dr. Mandy and Dr. Dai for about 3 months now and it has been worth every single bit of time. I cannot remember a time when I have felt this good. Chiropractic does so much more than just easing the pain. It helps in daily life more than I ever thought and the wonderful staff has changed my mindset about treatment for the rest of my life!!

Emily Robertson

I love Dr Mandy and her office staff. After two years of seeing them I feel like a brand new person. I would recommend anyone who has been dealing with chronic pain or health issues to go to Aspen Family Chiropractic!

Victoria Haze

They have been amazing so far. I’m pregnant and they have been helping me with my headaches and my back pain.

Gwen Halfman

The entire staff at Aspen Family Chiropractic make their patient's health their number one priority. They are friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. They treat the whole patient and it has made a dramatic difference in my overall health and fitness.

Jeanette Godby

Lied about being in network. They were in network but function as out of network and did not inform us. Took $2500 from me that can't even be billed as my yearly deductible because of them. Very angry. Don't go here.

Alex Ackermann

Dr. Mandy and her staff are very friendly and pleasant. However I did have some problems with them. Treatment is very expensive and appointments are very short, $50 for a 2-3 minute adjustment. Adjustments are not generally long or cheap but I always felt like with Dr Mandy that it was just very short and there was not much conversation about progress or changes that needed to be made. I was given very little instruction except to ice painful areas which rarely helped. I was promised relief from pain and better sleep but after 27 adjustments over 6 weeks my pain did not go away and my alignment issues did not change. My x-rays taken before and after treatment were almost identical. I was told I would need more treatment but I could not afford to continue. Because of that Dr. Mandy told me my problems would all just come back. She would not take responsibility for me not improving, instead telling me that I was just a rare case that didn't see improvement. She said most likely I wasn't seeing any improvement because of things that were going on outside the office but during my treatments we never talked about that. It was just difficult for me to accept that they did everything they could and that the rest was on me when I was paying $50 for a 2-3 minute appointment where very little discussion happened. Basically I am disappointed that I decided on the far more expensive and lengthy corrective plan rather then the cheaper relief plan. I felt like I did not get what I paid for at all. I am still in pain and can't sleep and can no longer afford treatment from anywhere else. I went in full of hope for a better life and have ended my treatment in a worse place.

Douglas Kenik

Nicholas Crane

Great staff, great care!

Jacob Harkins

Dr. Mandy really does take care of you. She takes the time to get to know you and make the best decisions on how to provide you the best chiropractic care.

Jerry Heggie

They are great!!!!!

Maddie Bass

I really enjoy going here. I get great care and really feel like my health is improving. I also like the atmosphere and the people. I feel welcomed and love how the employees strike up conversation and are super nice.

Sarah Reep

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Lorelei Soddy

I made my first appointment with AFC last week and I couldn't be more happy with my choice. Every single person has made me feel like a part of the family and has explained every tiny little thing throughout the process so far. I've never had such a professional experience at a chiropractor in my life! I had my first adjustment yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by a follow-up call later that night from Dr. Dai. They truly do seem to care about YOU and not your wallet. Thank you ladies for helping me start my path to a pain free life!

Kellie Greene

My kids and I LOVE Aspen Family Chiropractic! I started coming for adjustments while I was pregnant to help with my migraine headaches and hip pain. Dr. Mandy worked her magic and I have never felt better. Thank you to the entire staff at Aspen Family- We will never go anywhere else. ❤️

Curt Lindgren

Very friendly people and really informative.

Atussa Niswender

Super friendly staff, great doctors! And a wonderful family friendly atmosphere. I've been going here for 6 years and have no intentions of going anywhere else!

Natalie Bartlett

Great and amazingly friendly people who truly care about your well being!

dane jones

If your uncomfortable and in pain, Dr Mandy and Dr Dai are the ones to go see. Comfort is only a call away.

Lori Dow

I love everything about Aspen Family! If you aren't going to the chiropractor on a regular basis you aren't living your best life; my body feels better than it has in a long time and my imune system is better than ever!

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