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REVIEWS OF Rod Cain Massage Therapy IN Vermont

Melissa McFarland

Alexandre Chaulot

Robin was excellent and kept everything comfortable. This was my first massage and I wasn't disappointed!

Andrew Corvin

Always a great time, very professional!

Gillian Randall

I had my first appointment with Rod Cain in October. Rod made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He is definitely very attentive to what was needed and worked on areas that needed help most. Rod is professional and very respectful. I appreciate his knowledge and commitment, as well as his willingness to offer other treatments that could enhance my overall health and comfort. I had a wonderful, relaxing experience and would ABSOLUTELY recommend Rod Cain Massage Therapy to my friends and my family members. I am really looking forward to our upcoming massage appointment.

Dok Wright

A great massage every time. Rod listens and adjusts his methods to his rid of muscle pain. 6 stars if I could give them.

Rosann Kramer

I got the best massage EVER from Rod Cain. I have had many massages over the years and many of them were good. The difference is an intuitiveness that I have never felt from anyone else. It was perfect! Thanks Rod!!!

martin pizzuti

Rod was amazing. First off, his room is nicely appointed, and comforting. Rod was so kind, and just made me feel extremely comfortable. Massage table was nice and warm with a head and face mask super comfortable. Then came the massage...I've never been tugged, pressed, stretched, and throttled in such a way....and it was GREAT! 5 stars, Rod. You are the best masseur ever. Marty P. Pennsylvania

Brian Smith

I dont normally give out 5 stars in a review, but Rod is amazing. As others have said, he is very intuitive and applies the perfect amount of pressure. Also, the oil he uses is not oily like a lot of therapists use.

Katie Vezina

"Rod Cain Massage Therapy" provides excellent services in a beautiful location. I absolutely love receiving massages through this company and is hand down, one of the best places to go relax and unwind. I highly recommend anyone to go and make an appointment today and enjoy a well deserved massage.

Irein Renwick

John Howard

Great experience under the strong hands of Rod Cain. Being pretty athletic with some serious hiking and biking I like to get a deep tissue massage and Rod gave me one of the best. He did an amazing job of working through both the muscular tension and work stress that had been building up for months. I'll be going back again and would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Jean Parker

Rod, is excellent at soothing sore muscles and relaxing your whole body

Christian Carmody

I had recently proposed to now fiance prior to brining her to Rod's for a couple's massage. Upon arrival, Rod congratulated us and made us feel right at home. This was my first massage and my experience was second to none. The atmosphere in the room was warm and calming. The massage was fantastic. Rod took note of all my injuries/surgeries that I had before getting started. He took the time to check in to see how things were feeling. At the end, Rod took the time to tell me things that he noticed about my body and how I can improve my overall well being in those areas. I highly recommend his service and will definitely go back!

Peg Ster

Excellent couples massage! We booked online and only received confirmations via e-mail. We had no real clue what to expect when we showed up, but were delighted by the room/ambiance and the massages given by Rod and Rick. The experience was probably the most comprehensive fully body massage I've had. It was the right mixture of relaxing and productive (working on sore areas) . I would recommend them both and hope to return to the area!

DeAnna Bevilacqua

Rod is AWESOME. From the moment I met him, I immediately felt comfortable, calm, and relaxed in his presence. His wisdom, kindness, intuition, and skillfulness have been radiantly evident throughout both of my massage experiences with him. Rod seems like a truly genuine person who interacts with his massage clients on a “real”, personal level. He is fully present throughout each massage, and seems to bring a deep sense of care to his work. His massages are the best I’ve ever had, hands down. With his exceptional level of experience, he is surely able to effectively custom-tailor his treatments to fit the needs of a wide range of clients. Not to mention that his massage studio is beautifully decorated and exudes a soothing, calm ambiance. Book a massage with Rod if you want a truly professional, incredible massage that you won’t soon forget.

Annaliese Baumer

Linda Lane

Rod Cain alleviated my back pain.

Allison Gagne

Scott Garvin

Jennifer Rowland

My boyfriend booked a couples massage for my birthday and it was incredible. The space is beautiful and calming and the massage was one of the best I've had. Rod found all of the trouble spots, even the ones I didn't know about. It was the fastest 90 minutes because I did not want it to end! An amazing masseuse and person, an historic mill space, and a rejuvenating massage. Thank you Ron!

Nguyên Đào

Skye Moffett

Joe and Rod have the best customer care and amazing hands! I don't think I have had a more comfortable or relaxing massage. I would highly recommend either for their knowledge and skill in massage.

W Kelley

"It is my pleasure to provide this review of Rod Cain of Rod Cain Massage. As someone who receives a lot of massages, who teaches in a massage therapy training program, and who hires practitioners for our holistic wellness center, I am always on the lookout for high-quality, well-trained and experienced massage therapists. Rod's massage experience is exceptional; from the time I entered his office (which is beautifully decorated with soothing lighting and music), I felt comfortable. His personal style is such that you recognize his professionalism while also feeling that he really cares about his clients and enjoys the work. He takes great effort to create an atmosphere of safety and relaxation. I personally received a deep tissue/sports massage and was impressed with his depth control and precision. Rod clearly knows what he is doing, and has the strength to provide a consistent deep tissue experience. During the massage he checked in with my comfort level often, and adjusted his pressure for my personal needs. At the end of the massage, I did not want it to end! I felt great--and the therapeutic effects lasted for a long time after the session. I would not hesitate to return to Rod, and I would recommend his outstanding, professional services to anyone. W. Kelley, Ph.D., Pyramid, Rutland, Vermont."

Harriette Brainard

Don Simmons

I have a lot of back and leg issues due to previous injuries and have seen multiple massage therapists over the years, but I can say that my session with Rick yesterday was one of the best I have ever experienced. His knowledge of the musculoskeletal system combined with his massage techniques yield a fantastic experience. I can truly say I walked in with nothing but pain and walked out feeling great. I live over 1700 miles away and will not hesitate to fly back for my next massage.

Jane Evans

Everyone knows that Rod's very strong hands are great for sore muscles and tight necks/backs. What I like most about Rod Cain Massage Therapy, however, is how kind and caring Rod is as a human being. Rod has personally helped me through some difficult times with no benefit to himself (one time I was wearing terribly high heel shoes walking to a party we were both going to and he went out of his way to swing by and pick me up in his car . . . . another time I had an allergic reaction to something I ate out of the blue and my throat was swelling up - he stopped what he was doing and helped me). When I am critical about something, he is kind in return. It's things like this that are a testament to his character and big heart. He was just a business acquaintance at the time when he helped me, but I definitely consider him a true friend now that I can rely on and will continue to use his massage therapy business for years to come. I just thought people should know more about him than just his massage skills, which are also excellent.

Kate Laud

Rod's website makes it easy to book an appointment. I saw Joe who is the best ever. The studio was really beautiful, too.

Eunice Froeliger

Troy Simpkins

I can say that I have always received excellent massages at Rod Cain Massage Therapy. Rod is great at providing deep tissue massage targeting specific areas when needed. But he has also provided more relaxing, therapeutic massage as well, depending on what I needed at the time. I highly recommend him!

Natasha Lawyer

Didi M.

Gregory James

Rod has an amazing healing and therapeutic ability. He listens will all his senses and offers what the body/mind are willing to accept at that moment. Each session with him has gotten better and better. I'm so glad I found him and highly recommend you give him a try.

Peter Labrie

Shelley Chicoine

One word "Amazing"

jessica hall

Rod Cain is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever had. He is intuitive, professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I recommend him without reservation!

Theodore Stepanoff

I have had a number of massages, but Rod is the best massage therapist I have been to. I went to him in NYC. He asked to what I wanted and listened. He really made it a pleasure.

Chris Lannon

Rod’s a dedicated practioner who is committed to mastering his trade. Every time I’ve been to see him, he’s asking my permission to apply a new skill he picked up at a 3-day training he recently attended, invariably in another country. Try finding that anywhere else. Thanks, Rod!

Michael Dabney

I am 70 and an experienced recipient of therapeutic massage of many kinds. Rod is skilled, intuitive, responsive, and thoughtful. He's made suggestions I value. The experience is unrushed, in a lovely calm studio where parking is easy. Online appointments are easy; payment can be done by cash or credit card. I'm already a repeater and highly recommend his service.

Diane Greenberg

Always a great massage. Love the warm towels and deep tissue.

Angela Zaikowski

I have received a massage from Rod on numerous occasions over the past few years. Rod is exceptionally skilled at his craft and he provides, hands-down, the best massage I have ever received. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a skilled practitioner. You won't regret receiving a massage from Rod.

Melissa Dickerson

The best place for the best massage! Professional, clean, informative, overall a restful and invigorating experience.

Edward Stehle

I've been going to Rod for several years. He gives an excellent relaxing, restorative massage.

Tilyr and Kelly Dunklow

As a chiropractor I have had the pleasure of working with and being treated by several massage therapists over the past few years but Rod Cain is absolutely top notch! I appreciate his ability to find the right amount of depth and pressure depending on the patients needs and requests. I highly encourage everyone to give Rod a try!

Lori Berthiaume

Wow, where to begin? I have had lots of massage's in the past. Rod is DIFFERENT! You can tell he is completely present when asking you questions and finding out what you need. (it's not the polite standard robot questions you get from some places) In my case he even took it a step further when I told him about the daily routines I do. He took care in helping me become aware! Remind your self to be kind to your body through out your work day! PAY attention to how your sitting, how much water are you drinking, are you taking care of your self? The mind is connected to your body. His hands are healers! His space is so peaceful and relaxing. You will feel amazing! He continually asks through out if the pressure is too much or not enough and I feel so comfortable telling him. I have recommended him to ALL my girlfriends and my mom! I highly recommend him if you will come out feeling better than ever and can't wait to go back again!

Rachel Lacourciere

Talia Coleman

Rod was always punctual, professional, and did amazing work. Would recommend to anyone!

Elevated Shine

I went to Rod for my first massage ever. He was extremely polite and professional. I was really sore from a crossfit workout I did the day before, and his therapeutic massage drastically reduced my recovery time. I would highly recommend him wether your an athlete or just want a relaxing massage!

Tracy Garland

I received a gift certificate from my son for a 90 minute massage with Rod. While I've had many massages throughout the years, this was unquestionably the BEST massage I have ever had. From booking the massage to the time I floated out the door after experiencing it, I felt at ease and respected. I've since had another massage with Rod and can't imagine going to anyone else now. Rod's holistic approach has led me to Dr. Tilyr at Summit Chiropractic, who is also an outstanding wellness facilitator. I can honestly say that this is the best Christmas gift my son has ever given me, and one that keeps on giving!

Felix Arden


Rod is unequivocally the most accomplished massage therapist I have ever met. His 21 years of experience really shows in technical aspects of his work. I am a physician specializing in diagnostics and can expertly attest that he KNOWS the human body: lymph node chains, fascial planes, musculo-tendinous junctions, ligamentous attachments, neuro-vascular bundles -- he gets it. He is very humble about his qualifications. I had been his client for the last year and had to extract the details of his training piece by piece (Chinese meridians, Thai stretches, Shiatsu pressure points, Swedish deep tissue, and many many others which will send you straight to google for verification if you like learning new things). He is versatile in so many massage techniques that his methods are never redundant. He gives his all at every session. He is intuitive and has a breadth of life experience to easily connect with high anxiety and soporifically fatigued visitors. He knows what to do with weekend warriors who work 60 hour weeks and limp in after a grueling 70 miler ride with people half their age. He is a healer. He is my massage Mozart.


Parking Specialist

Awesome massages for years now. Why go anywhere else. Professional, personable and strong hands. 5 star all the way.

Betsy Meinhardt

Rod Cain is a professional who really cares about what he does and about improving the health and well being of his clients...also- the best massage ever!

Tiffany Grover

A great experience. Incredible customer service and a quality product. Rod is very knowledgable in his field and a true asset.

Susan Randall

Rod is amazing at massage, and truly masterful intuition about what your body needs. He goes deep, if you like that, which I really welcome.

Matt Johnson

This was my first massage I have had in over 20 years. The massage therapist listened to what I needed and was able to focus a lot of time and energy into the areas that needed the most attention. I felt so comfortable on the heated table and the well appointed room. The soft music and the scent in the air contributed to a very relaxing massage. Rod Cain Massage Therapy knows how to deliver a phenomenal experience from start to finish. Thanks Rod!

AJ Jones

Amazing! It's an incredibly relaxing atmosphere and experience. Rod and rick are highly skilled and wonderfully personable, so they make you feel at ease and comfortable right from the start.

Tina LaPier

Christina Arias

Just had a couples massage with my best friend, it was such a quaint little part of town and the most beautiful atmosphere. 5 star services , best massage I've had in years. Worked on every knot I had and the price is right too! I highly recommend this for anyone looking to feel loose as a goose.

Joseph Williams

The message was amazing! I fell right to sleep and awoke relaxed.

Ryan McArdle

Jen Mills

Top Notch massage. Thanks for helping this gardener with my tight and sore muscles!

Dennis Geppner

great massage but expensive!

VibrantlyDark .

Esther Caballero

Mary Catherine Jones

A session (or 10!) with Rod is just about the best gift you can give to yourself or to someone you love. My husband gave me the gift of 10 sessions with Rod last year for Xmas - BEST. GIFT. EVER.

Taite Carpenter

Rod's knowledge of the human body and experience in the massage therapy realm makes him a cut above the rest of the massage therapists in the Burlington VT area. I could not only feel a difference in my muscles after the massage, I could physically see how my body appeared much more relaxed. If anyone asks me for advice on where to go to get a massage I will suggest Rod Cain Massage Therapy every time.

Julia Scott

I loved my massage from Rod Cain and will be back! His long years of experience really showed. He listened to me before our session, and used a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai massage to work on my neck and other especially tight muscles. His suite in Burlington is thoughtfully designed and a lovely space to relax in. If you haven't gotten a massage from Rod Cain, don't wait any longer.

Michelle Gray

Excellent! Flexible hours, multiple locations and great studio space in Burlington. Rod Cain listens and knows by touch how to give the perfect massage.

Peg Purdue

Andrew Parsons

Rod is superb because he takes little to no guidance from a fairly clueless client (me) and delivers a fantastic massage that leaves me feeling significantly better when complete. Rod has a comfortable and welcoming studio that inevitably lulls me to sleep, massage days are definitely the highlight of my calendar! Thank you Rod for your excellent services and very easy-to-use scheduling service.

stephen purdum


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