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REVIEWS OF Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy IN Vermont

Rhonda Stark

I came here with a lot of ankle pain and I started healing quickly with the help of Marissa. She took excellent care of me. Did such a great job I am coming back to have her fix my tennis elbow. All your staff is very friendly and helpful and caring. Makes us wanting to keep coming back! Thank you Marissa and the other therapists for helping me heal my ankle. See you for round 2. Round 2 has started with Emily for my right arm pain I've had for 6 months. Two visits in and it already feels so much better. Cioffredi therapist are wonderful. After I am done with my arm I will come back for round 3. Get rid of my Vertigo. I will take who ever is available( Emily or Marissa). They both are great!

Jeff Sassorossi

Came in with ruptured disc and associated back pain. Therapy was tailored to my needs and recovery. Very successfully done. Thank you!

Colette Simons

Anna was not only very knowledgeable and informative, but also very friendly, engaging and approachable. I felt very comfortable talking about my injury, my concerns, my preferences. I truly couldn't ask for anything more!

Linda Ely

I walked into Cioffredi with a real pain in my foot and knee - through advice and PT and exercise I was able to complete my two long hikes, one in Scotland and one in England! I remain pain free now - and to my normal hiking and walking - thanks! Very practical advice combined with very expert assessment. Marissa was a thorough pro, and I thank her for her help!

James Brunette

Following a substantial knee injury, I was treated by Cioffredi & Associates. The care I received was top notch and I can't say enough good things about this facility. I was rehabilitated enough to avoid joint reconstruction surgery and have resumed an active lifestyle. I highly recommend anyone needing excellent physical therapy services to seek care from Cioffredi & Associates.

Heather Hardy

I came to Cioffredi & Associates on the brink of scheduling a partial knee replacement at the age of 32. I was enduring cortisone every 3 months like clockwork to manage the pain and discomfort. My plan was for pre-op PT to get my muscles stronger to help with the recovery after surgery. What I got out of PT with Marissa was more than I ever expected. My pain has decreased significantly, my muscles are stronger, balance and range of motion increased, and am able to resume more daily activities (like playing with my daughter) with ease. Furthermore, it’s been four months since my last injection and I haven’t even noticed the need! Thank-you Marissa!

Rebecca Zaha

Lisa Meyer

Last July I had my first ankle surgery to repair a tendon. My surgeon recommended Cioffredi & Associates. I was incredibly lucky to be assigned to Zac. Zac has been my guiding force for the last eight months and trusting him with my recovery journey has been so easy. His treatment plan for my ankle has been multi-faceted. Not only have we done traditional therapies, but Zac began doing mirror therapy to aid in pain reduction and ROM. The mirror therapy has been fascinating as well as effective. Zac even has me use the orientate phone app to foster a brain ankle connection. So cool! Zac has a calmness about him and a great sense of humor that has gotten me through the tougher moments in my recovery, including the decision to have a 2nd ankle surgery. While my road to recovery has been long and filled with some roadblocks, I know Zac will have my back and get this “wonky” ankle back in shape and pain free. Simply put…Zac is the BEST!!

Emily Mower

Anna recognized that my strength and flexibility were disproportionate in my lower back. I was abnormally flexible, but not as strong in my lower back. After completing the treatment plan Anna created for me, my pain is so much better! Plus, my whole posture has improved!

Katrina Decoff-Webster

When I first arrived I was unable to stand up straight each morning or take a shower without being in pain. Today,(after approximately 10-12 visits) I am happy to say I now longer dread getting up each morning and can enjoy and relax during my showers. Marsha has been a tremendous help and is very pleasant to work with! I will be recommending her to anyone I know who needs PT!

Natalie Mendolia

With an eclectic athletic history, I have experienced multiple shoulder injuries, which never seemed to be fully resolved. Numerous PT's later, my powerlifting career has the brightest future I've seen so far, with my shoulder 100% painless and my mind with a full confidence in my ability to keep up the work I've done here to get even stronger. You all are rockstars!

Jesse White

When I came to start therapy I was having aching, and burning pain frequently in my lower back, and numbness in my foot, which made it very difficult to walk. This impacted on my ability to get exercise and enjoy time with my dog on daily walks. It was also hard to stand and sometimes to sit without experiencing pain. I was starting to rely on taking Alleve in high doses and thought I would just have to get used to it. I am pleasantly surprised that the problem has resolved! I only occasionally feel pain or numbness when I've done some heavy lifting or cleaning and this goes away quickly. All this despite the degeneration/osteoarthritis in my spine. I also feel much stronger in general. Thanks Zac (my PT) and all at Cioffredi!

Nate Kenyon

Katy rocks! She was personable and thorough! She focused on my issues while listening to my feedback. I have asked my company to always use Cioffredi's in the future. :) Thank you Katy for everything you have done to help me recover! You are fantastic!!

Jennifer Cocklin

Because of my great experience, I am able to get back to my daily routines, and begin some new activities. Zac did a great job analyzing my pain and addressing it in a timely way, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you!

Caroline Ramsey

Prior to coming to Cioffredi, my hip and SI pain was so bad that I was unable to perform my job and do the things that I enjoyed. I had tried cortisone shots and chiropractic work with little to no success. Marissa immediately addressed my concerns, understood my goals, and helped me find a path to getting back on my feet (and my favorite hiking trails). My therapy was more than just muscle building which is what my first experience with PT mainly consisted of. Marissa also focused on my flexibility with joint manipulation and we used cupping to effectively treat muscle stiffness. I'm absolutely thrilled to have my body back.

George Chris

When I first came here I was in a lot of pain and could not walk or bend freely. My mobility is greatly improved and am nearly pain free. Emily has been terrific.

Julie Laramie

I came in with my foot in pain and today I’m walking away with very little pain and some strategies to help keep the pain away. I can’t say enough about Marissa and all her techniques. She has put me at ease and helped me cope with these new challenges with my body. I will spread the word and certainly recommend Cioffredi & Associates. Thank you!

Emily Silver

Cioffredi PT's are great at not just helping address pain but at identifying the source of the problem in the first place. They are very skilled at helping you work toward keeping the problem from coming back! I coach XC and track, and I refer athletes here when they have problems.


I came in not being able to sleep due to back pain in the middle of the night. Taylor listened to all my concerns with compassion and taught me how to resolve the issues I faced. I found Taylor to always be patient, knowledgeable, clear, and sympathetic toward me. If I told her I had pain, she was never dismissive. If I asked her to focus on a certain area, she did and with patience. I walk out feeling more limber, mostly pain-free, but most importantly, able to manage any future stiffness and pain.

Teresa Price

Larry White

My therapist was very professional, knowledgeable & pleasant to deal with. I would recommend Cioffredi highly. The new location in Grantham was very convenient.

Jay Landry

My experience with Cioffredi and Associates was outstanding. The three PTs that worked with me before and after my shoulder surgery were all excellent. Kate, who worked with me to stretch and strengthen my shoulder prior to surgery, was friendly, and knowledgeable. She was particularly adept at explaining the root causes to my shoulder issues and the path she was prescribing to help remedy them. The results that were achieved from our sessions were great. The pain and shoulder tightness I had experienced prior to our visits were significantly reduced, so much so that I even considered cancelling my surgery. Her work allowed me to continue with sports and everyday life until I ultimately decided to proceed with the procedure and it could be fit into my schedule. Becca and Amanda worked with me through the rehabilitation process post-surgery. Each of them was friendly, funny, personable, knowledgeable and encouraging. Because of them, I truly looked forward to each visit, without exception. The results they helped provide are better than I expected. I am pain free and have recovered nearly all my shoulder strength. I’m confident that my strength will recover 100% (or more) with the exercises and techniques they have shown me. I am also confident that without their guidance, my healing would have traveled a longer, circuitous path to a less desirable end-result. A side note: Amanda had just started on her 11 or 12 week clinical assignment as I started therapy, post-surgery. Initially, Becca did most of the "heavy lifting" of defining and executing my rehabilitation. It was interesting for me to watch Amanda as she gradually took more responsibility and transitioned from a quiet observer into the “leader” during the latter weeks of my sessions. I’m certain that Amanda’s training, combined with her exceptional personality and professional manners, will be the foundation she will build on to achieve any personal and professional goals she sets. I wish her the absolute best as she moves on to complete her studies, begins her next assignment and ultimately her career. Lastly, I appreciated Becca’s nomination and Cindy’s invite to participate as a judge in Cioffredi’s annual pie baking contest. It was a fun event that made me feel like I was “part of the family” rather than just a “regular” client. Thanks so much to all.

Gail Kuhl

I was very concerned that my back pain would be a chronic condition, but with the exercises and encouragement I received from Marissa and Emily, I am pain-free today and have regained my strength. I am very grateful that they knew how to help me.

David Lillie

When initially referred by my PCP for Physical Therapy, I was truly skeptical and less than enthused about the time commitment involved. I am now a true "born again" believer in the entire process. Emilty Milbank has not only treated my physical problem but has also educated me on some of my lifelong problems and behaviors that have contributed to my physical breakdown. I now know enough about my posture, stretching and exercises to avoid future problems or head them off before they get worse. Thanks Emily!!

James Arnold

Good place to go. Nice and friendly staff.

Lori Moeykens

I came to Cioffredi after suffering with plantar fasciitis for many, many months. Marissa worked to improve my foot strength. We determined I also had a nerve problem which I continue to work on. The care and attention received at Cioffredi was great! Marissa was so helpful, patient, kind and knowledgeable. She not only helped to improve my condition, but offered suggestions related to footwear and when it was appropriate to engage again with a foot doctor. I cannot adequately express my sincere appreciation for her help. She is awesome.

Emmaline Berg

I came into Cioffredi's with a foot injury that just wasn't resolving on its own. I met with Anna and instead of just treating the immediate symptoms, she highlighted important imbalances and inflexibilities that were contributing to the lingering pain. She focused on both healing the injury and improving my mobility. As we progressed with my treatments and I began to improve, Anna shifted our focus to making sure my form was correct while I was performing my athletic activities, so my pain would not come back and I could be less prone to additional injury. It is that holistic approach that I think that sets Cioffredi's apart. I feel as if I have been set up for success better than I would if they just focused on fixing the injury. Even when I would experience moments of uncertainty or discouragement, Anna was quick to reassure that I was still on the right path and would emphasize working on my concern for that appointment. Even though I am happy that my injury is resolved, I will be sad to leave the great staff and atmosphere at Cioffredi's!

Tyler Leclerc

When I started my treatment here, I had difficulties with back pain and poor posture. After my treatment, I have noticed great improvements in both of these problems. At the very least, I now know ways to manage my back pain and improve my posture.

Felix Estes

At the beginning of my therapy, I could barely bend over and was suffering from quite a bit of back pain. After working with my Physical Therapist, I'm now able to return to the sports and activities I love pain free.

Joanne H. Wise

Aging is not for sissies - but to understand where the problems are and how to take care of them has been my success story when working with any of the folks here. They treat you well & look you in the eye.

Michelle Rosengarten

I read about alleviating pain in pregnancy through an article from Cioffredi & Associates and called out of curiosity. I had been experiencing pain that I thought was normal. I set up an initial consultation appointment with Anna. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me do some stretches and identified some issues that I had. We set up a treatment plan with visits and also at home exercises. I noticed a dramatic decrease in pain within a week! It was very transformative, as I was just about to accept the pain. I highly recommend PT in everyday life. It will open your eyes to what feeling good is about. Thank you.

Ben Gorman

I'm able to participate in sports again! I was given great care and I will return if I have additional needs in the future. Thanks Bill!

Michelle Belk

I struggled for over a year with neck and shoulder pain on and off. During a very painful period I decided to do PT and it was the best decision I made. I am doing a lot better and will continue recommendations to move forward and get back to doing activities I love. Thank you!

Angela Kull

When I first started PT with Justin, I was in pain all of the time and even walking to my car into work was uncomfortable and awkward. 6 weeks later, I am in much less pain – even having occasional pain-free days and I cross-country skiid this last weekend 3 miles each day! (And I can still walk the next day without feeling sore and fatigued).

Lucinda M. Hall

When I started therapy, I could hardly lift my right knee to drive my car. Now I can lift it without pain. I can stand up in the morning much more easily. Hurrah!

Robin Tindall

I have lived with motion sickness in a variety of settings for my entire life. I never knew that PT could help, but it has! This will allow me to enjoy many more activities in life. If you get motion sickness, try PT. Don’t wait 43 years like I did.

Daniel Ramirez

After years of unresolved sports injuries, Emily was able to educate, assess & progress me to a level of activity I hadn't been able to do without pain for years. 10/10 satisfaction with her care, she is an asset to this establishment.

Stacey Aldrich

Our Son Zachary is 11 and going into 6th grade. In February, he went up for a jump shot in basketball and landed wrong on his leg. He dislocated his knee briefly and in doing so, sustained a patella bruise. He saw Dr. Houde where we were informed these bone bruises can take a long time to recover from. He was knocked out of basketball and his indoor soccer season too where he was the team's leading goal and assist scorer. Zachary was very upset by this news, so we set the course for recovery with Zac Gardner his PT at Cioffredi and Associates. What a great experience we had. Zachary really enjoyed Zac! He was great with him. We all had one goal and Zachary was able to achieve it. Zachary has been playing on Lebanon's All Star Baseball team for the past 3 summers. He was planning to try out and play again this summer. His rehab was key to making this happen. On June 4th Zachary was able to try out for the Lebanon 12 U All Stars and he made the team! This coming Monday will be his last visit with Zac. We thank him greatly for getting him to this point. We now have a happy boy who is playing the sport he loves again! His baseball team will be hosting the NH 12U States right here in Lebanon from July 1-8 and we are very happy to say that Zachary can still play for Lebanon this summer. Goal Achieved! Thank you!

Crystal Gosnell

I came to Cioffredi not sure what to expect and a bit skeptical that physical therapy was the answer; I was experiencing pain in my upper back and neck due to repetitive injury at work. The exercises and stretches I had to do seemed silly to me, but as the days went by I was surprised that my posture was getting better and my pain was decreasing. the staff is so friendly and encouraging and they helped me achieve my goal of going back to work pain free. I'm very glad that my pain is gone and I will definitely continue with the exercises and stretches I've been shown.

Kristi Saunders

I began working with Adam in the transition program to help gain strength & reduce pain in my shoulder after finishing PT. Adam also helped target other areas I needed to work on to improve my goals and ability to enjoy my activities, such as golf, hiking, kayaking, etc. After 7 weeks I find my legs are much stronger, I have improved balance, less pain in my shoulder (as well as improved strength). Also, I enjoyed learning the correct form in which to be more successful. The tips on where to ski, golf, hike & fish were frosting on the cake.

Kathy Tracy

I came in due to frequent headaches with very stiff neck and shoulders. After treatment began, Emily quickly saw additional issues contributing to my pain.As we progressed, I realized the headaches were gone; I was more flexible and stronger. I have continued work to do, but I'm very happy with my results. Emily is fantastic. I am choosing to continue with the Medically Based Personal Training.

william burgess

My experience here was awesome! When I first started, I could barely move my arm due to a collarbone fracture. After 12 weeks of PT I have full motion and nearly full strength in my arm. Thanks Taylor and Emily!

Anne Hudak

Emily was very thoughtful in my treatment. She cared about me as a person and tailored my treatment to where I wanted to be personally. I would highly recommend working with Emily!

Bernard Beaulieu

Enjoyed working with Emily M. Always supportive and encouraging. Her intelligence gave me great confidence in the therapeutic program I received.

David Kendall

I came to Cioffredi's for a work related I njury, that made it hurt to walk. Now I’m able to move pain free and it’s absolutely wonderful. While working with Kate, I've learned various ways to help loosen up my muscles and improve my mobility overall for the better. Kate was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable and overall a great person. Kate helped me better understand my body, help resolve the injury, and help improve my overall well-being. I would recommend Cioffredi's and Kate personally to anyone who needs PT. Thank you very much for all you've done.

Jocelyne Kolb

It was indeed a success story, and from the very first session with Anna Hinman, I knew that I was in good hands. Within 2 weeks, I was able to put aside the crutches, then the boot soon afterwards. Now, exactly 3 months after breaking my foot and 2 months after beginning therapy, I am back to normal and can walk as fast and as easily as ever. It was not only the competence of the treatment that impressed me, but the intelligence and the friendliness and encouragement that characterized Anna's manner during the sessions (qualities likewise evident when she worked with her student Emily). Thank you!


Bone Breakers. One of the physical therapists here literally broke my father’s bones- yes bones, plural. I am infuriated and will NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE. I will also actively warn people against going there- especially if they are over age 30. My father is too shy to even complain-but I think he should sue them for the time and pain he has been in for the last 6 months. Anyone working on a person over 75 should be aware that they might have osteoporosis that they are unaware of. Unacceptable. Horrific. I am ashamed on their behalf.

Jackie Richter-Menge

Anticipating a field trip to the remote Arctic Regions, I came to Cioffredi's with concern that I was developing sciatica. I was worried that the symptoms I was experiencing would prevent me from conducting the work I was hired to do. Anna conducted an assessment and agreed with my self diagnosis, but quickly assured me the despite only a few weeks until my departure, she could work with me to resolve my symptoms and get me ready for the field work ahead. And she did! I am back from the Arctic and very happy to say that I had no problem keeping up with the rest of the field team. Armed with the exercises I'd been practicing and my green band, I was able to maintain my level of increased strength and keep up my stretches. Anna had also given me good tips on body mechanics, helping me consider how to move/lift/balance without injuring myself. Thanks to the care given to me by Anna and the team at Cioffredi's, I am motivated to continue to practice what I have learned and, understand that an aging body can be guided towards better performance. Thank you!

Martinis for Every Season

After my fine physical therapy at Cioffredi’s for the recovery of my shoulder, I signed up for an additional eight weeks of personal training attention with Davis Tucker. As I work out in my home and do extensive gardening in the summer months, I wanted to be sure to complete my exercises in the correct form with no damage to the improvements that I had already achieved. Davis was knowledgeable and encouraging. He continued to give me different exercises to strengthen and improve my coordination and balance. With the guided education and support that Davis provided, I have been pain free in my outdoor endeavors since the snow finally left the ground. I am using the prompts for form and function that he provided in the training and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I recommend Cioffredi’s to any friends that are looking for improvements to their wellbeing. Thanks Davis – you’re a star!

B. Meadow

Not recommended, for physical therapy.

Sarah McArdle

I have been very happy with the skill, graciousness and professionalism of Emily Milbank during my treatment at Cioffredi. I am much improved. Thank you, Emily! The support staff is friendly, caring & efficient. I’m continuing to strengthen through the Cioffredi personal training program which was coordinated with my physical therapy assessment. Excellent follow up!

Linda Jacobs

I came in after carpal tunnel surgery combined with trigger finger surgery on middle finger. It was after stitches out and healing for nearly a month. I wasn't using hand much due to restrictions because of carpal tunnel surgery and I really could not bend the middle finger so using it was really impossible. I was taught exercises for home to help with the therapy and I will continue to use them even now at discharge. I can make a fist, I can type again with all fingers, I have minimal pain when using and Emily taught me how to work on that as well. Am actually sad I won't see Emily (or Kate) again.

Michael Barsaleau

when it comes to a relaxing atmosphere and a talented staff this is where you will find it. My son came here 2 years ago for physical therapy on his heal. I'm now going for a pinched nerve in my neck that I have been suffering with for nearly 2 years. After only 2 weeks; I have 75% less pain and alot more movement than I have had in a very long time. I can not recommend this place enough.

Teresa Lust

I am a cross country skier and crew rower. I started out my ski season having trouble skiing for more than 20 minutes without hurting. I can now ski with almost no problem and be an active rower on my crew team.

linda wilson

I've felt since day one that my pain issues were heard & the exercises and stretches were explained well which is very motivating,. Everyone here has been very helpful and pleasant.

Daniel Moder

I've had problems with my hamstrings before - problems that have taken me months to get back to where I was before my injury - but after 4 weeks here, I feel not only healthy but stronger and prepared to keep improving.

Lisa Paquette

I came here with a very tight hip after sustaining a foot injury requiring a walking boot, At the first session, Zac did a thorough assessment, began treatment, & taught me home exercises. I noted improvement within 48 hours of my first session. I improved & achieved results I cold not hope for when I first came here. Very pleased.

Diana Perry

For the first time in a very long time, I can now look over my left shoulder. I was stopped at a stop sign, looked to my left and suddenly realized… hey! I can look to my left without stiffness & pain. Did anybody see that?!

Nellie Pennington

I can’t thank Kate enough for helping me with resolving a long-standing issue. She was persistent, flexible, and determined to find and root out the vestiges of pain and tightness. She modified strengthening and stretching at each visit to keep my daily routine from becoming too long or complicated and her positive attitude whenever I came in, combined with an exhaustive toolbox of stretches and tweaks to address the pain/tightness with more and more specificity, kept me feeling positive. Additionally, her responsiveness to email between sessions meant that I could continue to make progress throughout the long recovery process.

Thomas Hampton

I had shoulder pain and stiffness for 3+ months before coming in. I had stopped all weight lifting with my upper body and getting a cup of yogurt from the top shelf of the refrigerator with my left hand was impossible. Now, I am back to normal. No pain, full range of motion, lifting weights again!

Nancy S. Devenger

I had a team (2 PT's) who coordinated care seamlessly; each was 100% informed of my last services before I arrived. Clearly the had 'case conferences' & together developed plan of treatment! My treatments have made a remarkable difference, allowing me to return to regular daily and recreational activities. I truly thought I was not going to be able to stay in my job when I first came here for help. The nurses and docs I work with have commented on how much better I am doing - no more limping!!

Brian Frampton

Great place to find a truly exceptional staff to help your body heal.

Lynne Stahler

My left knee has been a problem on and off for 20 years. Bill has always been able to communicate to me how to use appropriate exercises to improve my pain, range of motion and swelling. Sometimes I overdo, and he is good at keeping me working within my range.

Elaine Coss

When I came here, I could not get up from sitting and put weight on my right knee. I could not walk for a few minutes after standing and after I started to walk I had to stop after one or two blocks and wait a few minutes to start again. After doing the exercises and having Justin work with me, my knee started to be more mobile. We also worked on my left hip as well. After 8 weeks of coming in and following the exercises at home, I can now walk the six to eight blocks again, get up from sitting or lying down, and move right along. I like to walk and I'm back to enjoying my life again. I am very lucky to have a good therapist who can work with me and help me become mobile again. Thank you!

Bruce Smith

After two months of shoulder pain and arm weakness, I turned to Cioffredi & Associates for help. Justin quickly diagnosed the problem and provided a set of exercises to stretch and strengthen my shoulder/scapula area. In 4 weeks, I was back to my usual gym routine. Justin’s exercises, supplemented by Richie’s personal training and more exercises, are keeping me on track to prevent a relapse.

Laila S

I started physical therapy here in the middle of training for a half marathon one year out from ACL/meniscus surgery. I was having serious knee pain and swelling while running and wasn't sure if the half would still be possible, but after just a month and a half of coming to Cioffredi, I was able to finish the half with no pain!

Diane Pres

It had been a pleasure working with Emily and I attribute my speedy recovery with her expertise. She is a wonderful therapist. Everyone here have been very courteous and a pleasurable experience!!

amanda Clark

I got hurt at work falling down stairs and twisting my ankle. After a couple weeks, it was clearly not getting better on its own. Emily helped me strengthen my ankle, work on my balance, and restore some dignity. Now she is addressing my headaches which has been a lifelong struggle. <3

Stephenie Smallwood

I just had my last session with Emily and I feel 100% better. Thank you for all the info and tools that helped me get through the busy season at work without being in pain every day. I would recommend your office of highly educated and extremely nice PT professionals to anyone in need of services.

Amy Eilertsen

EXCELLENT CARE! I have been living with chronic lower back pain for years and finally have gotten relief through just a few sessions Dry Needling with Marsha and Becca. This back pain has affected my quality of life and sleep. I exercise, stretch, have tried massage and over the counter pain medication but have only gotten very temporary relief. My physical therapist, Kate, thought that perhaps I would benefit from some dry needling. Dry needling sounded a bit intimidating and mysterious. I wondered if it would be painful. But I read a bit about dry needling on the web and it’s really just a brief insertion of a very thin needle into or near the affected area by a licensed physical therapist who has had special training and demonstrated competency with this skill. When I received dry needling I noticed almost immediate relief from the back discomfort! Dry needling literally takes about 5 minutes and for me, I hardly noticed the needle insertion. Now, after 3 sessions, the pain is gone. I am thrilled to have relief and know that dry needling is a resource for this discomfort should I experience it again. Thank you Kate, Becca and Marsha!

Linda Mulley

This was a wonderful experience! Personal interactions were excellent, always encouraging and building on successes. Lots of humor in our sessions. This helped greatly. Free of judgement and fixed expectations. I felt I was free to do what I could during each session. Thanks to Becca & Amanda for their patience and expertise AND gentle persistence. I feel I have my leg back and frankly, didn't expect this as an outcome. With much gratitude & appreciation to you both.

Paula Therrien

I have better mobility with my arm since coming to PT. It's been almost 2yrs. with shoulder problems and after having surgery, I wouldn't be able to do what I can now accomplish because of PT. Emily is an excellent therapist and I highly recommend both her and everyone at Cioffredi's!

Jon Belk

I’ve dealt with intermittent back pain since my 20s. In the last several years I’ve had episodes of severe back spasms that have required rest and muscle relaxants. Frustrated with this cycle, I decided to give PT a try. I’ve learned that my posture and core strength were impacting my back. As I’ve improved on these areas, my back pain has been dramatically reduced. I look forward to a fun and uninterrupted golf season. Thanks Marissa!

Laurie Slone

I have a yoga buddy who recommended Kate Leiser at Cioffredi. Being athletic, I wanted a therapist who could pin point my issues and how to help. Kate was amazing. She created new stretches & exercises to adjust to each nuance of my path to improvement. I am still experiencing a little low back pain when I sit or sleep, yet I believe I now have the tools to strengthen things and become pain free. Thank you Kate and others at Cioffredi!

Suzanne Spencer

Emily is extremely knowledgeable & responsive. When a new issue came up during my treatment, she was more than willing to change her focus and create a new plan that significantly reduced my pain & led to much longer term improvement.

Jenny Gelfan

I came in because I couldn't fully open my mouth or chew without pain. PT has restored my range of motion and I am progressing towards pain-free chewing. Therapy was helpful and Zac taught me exercises & treatments to help myself.

Jim Judy Brown

Six months ago, I was having a very hard time sleeping, because the range of motion in my neck had become severely restricted. I was also having a lot of trouble with my right shoulder - it was reconstructed 45 years ago, but now I could not lift my arm over my head. Cioffredi had helped me out 20 years ago and I immediately thought of them. After 5 weeks (twice a week), Marissa Reilly completely changed my life. My neck is now flexible, I can sleep through the night, and my shoulder is working extremely well. I was considering shoulder replacement surgery, but now that is off the table. I can actually reach items off the shelf that are over our refrigerator. All this is simply amazing. I have arthritis, but Marissa has a way to work around its limitations. I could not be more satisfied with the results that Cioffredi and Marissa have produced. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Lynn Bantle

I came in not being able to move my arm above shoulder height. Zac knew exactly what I needed to do to improve my range of motion. I can now move my arm above my head with little to no pain. (continued exercise on my own will help to improve it). I am very pleased with my outcome. Definitely would recommend them to anyone who is in need of PT, Zac is great!!

Ralph Hoehn

Cioffredi became my go-to PT provider based on the success story my wife experienced here. I underwent two successive courses of treatment. The first addressed pain in the right hip flexors, the second pain in both elbows, primarily on the right. Kate Leiser performed very thorough and revealing analysis and testing at the outset in both cases and then carefully adjusted both sets of diagnostic processes in subsequent iterations. This allowed us to fine-tune and modify stretching and strengthening exercises from session to session to accompany immediate and ongoing improvements. I stress here that it allowed us to make these adjustments, because Kate permitted and encouraged my own analysis and input throughout, as well as inquiring about my physical activities outside of PT sessions, so as to be able to incorporate or provide instructions for me to modify the execution of those activities. All of this led to a highly successful treatment that caused rapid and thorough improvement in both conditions. I have been highly physically active throughout my entire life, including athletically. The effects of aging, including apparent arthritis, seemed to have caused a significant reduction in my ability to maintain a satisfactory level of my former activities. Both the physical intervention of the treatment and the discussions of the principles behind that intervention have enabled me to modify my approach to my activities in a way that has led to ongoing improvements and my realization that these improvements are sustainable for the foreseeable future. Thank you, Kate! It clearly pays to seek out a thoroughly trained, professional, and motivated PT practitioner, who constantly invests in her curiosity to generate effective treatment.

Parker Robinson

When I first came here I was looking at having another surgery. Now I am no longer looking at knee surgery and I am hiking and moving around without pain

Robin Smith

Erica Casacci

PT helped me with my tension headaches and the exercises Zac gave me were easy to incorporate into my daily life. PT has made me become more aware of my body. I am now headache free!

Ann Marchewka

Richie is phenomenal - he met me where I was at, provided a wonderful program for strength training, and adjusted sessions in such a way that working with a Physical Trainer was affordable. I now have the professional strength training program that is benefiting my health, well being and will take me through many years to come! Thank you, Richie!

Crystal Smith

One of the best places to go for physical therapy.

Tiffany stark

I have been to Cioffredi & Associates many times for PT. My most recent was a right shoulder injury. As usual, I received exceptional care with all the associates from checking in at the desk to going through my PT program I will recommend anyone to come to Cioffredi for PT. It is a very caring place to everyone who walks through the door I want to say thank you Emily for your kind and caring care that you have given me. You are a great person and Physical Therapist. I will miss our Thursday morning visits.

Jolene Cadwell

"When I came in I had hip, knee, and foot pain. After three visits I was playing basketball and baseball without pain. PT definitely helped!" This is a quote from my 11 year old son. Thank you Marsha!

Tamara Sterling

How do I begin… I injured my shoulder this winter while traveling. When I came home for the summer I asked my doctor about the shoulder pain. We both thought it may need surgery, I was not happy about the possibility. She sent a referral for a scan, my insurance denied it. That was the best thing that happened to me. I came in and started therapy with Zac – Kyle came on board later. They were both amazing. Yes, the therapy was fun, yes fun! The work was hard but not impossible. I am very active, but it was time to slow down, heal and work through it. Zac and Kyle answered y questions, were patient, thorough, very thoughtful, and pushed me through. I am thrilled to get back on the road again and my shoulder feels amazing. Filled with gratitude. Thank you.

Sayre Merritt

This success story has taught me that I need to get on the bandwagon and stay there. Taylor tried to lead this old donkey to the water and I did take a sip. Exercise works if you do it and be religious with it. Thank you Taylor Daily. You are very patient and worked with me to achieve my very best. I can now do what I could not before. Yea! Esther

bill forster

S. Subbiah

Zac is a very attentive and pleasant therapist!


Emily (and Becca) moved my treatment & recovery along well. They listened to what I am experiencing & what activities I want to return to doing and are great at finding the treatment & exercises needed to make that happen. They even made my goal of being ready for CHaD Hero possible.

Laura Rondeau

I've been suffering with TMJD, that I really didn't have much hope for relief or faith in PT helping. I am so glad I came in. Julie is kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I am feeling a tremendous amount of relief - like a new person, really. Thank you!

Beverly Carpenter

The chronic pain I have from Ehlers danlos and osteoarthritis is a lot more manageable if I combine my water exercise program along with a monthly massage from Sadie. Sadie listens and knows exactly how to help lessen my pain. This makes a positive difference in how I perform my daily activities


After my fourth surgery on the same knee at age 30, I couldn't help but wonder if I would ever have a pain free or relatively normal life going forward. Cioffredi played an integral role in helping me move (literally) past these fears. I now have much greater confidence, strength, and understanding in my knee and feel comfortable returning to an active lifestyle. I expect to be back on the slopes next winter! Thanks, Becca and everyone else at Cioffredi for getting me here.

Robert Eaton

When I met with Taylor on February 12, 2019, I could not bend over to tie my shoes and was hurting in my lower right back and butt. We developed an exercise program and by doing that and meeting with her twice a week for seven weeks and then two more weeks, I am completely recovered from my injury. My original injury resulted from improperly snow blowing around the house, driveway edges, and around the mailbox after a heavy snowfall in January. Bending, twisting, and turning the snowblower from its usual normal operating position over a 2-3 hour session resulted in some very sore and aching muscles that needed rest and straightening out. I want to sincerely thank Taylor for her guidance and patience working with me to get back to "normal."

Ethan Langdon

I came here thinking my back and neck were junk. A few weeks with Zac working out the kinks and giving me positive feedback, I was able to progress. Now over 2 months since my injury and I am able to do things better than before. I didn't know what to expect coming into PT, but I'm more than satisfied with the results. Thanks, Zac!

Evan Vincent

I came to Cioffredi with ankle pain from a past surgery. Katy helped me understand what was causing my pain and how to improve it. Now, I have the exercises and tools to strengthen my ankle and address my pain anytime I feel it. I can comfortably run and perform all my normal activities.

Heather Williams

Kate & Emily both improved my back and educated me along the way. I think that this dual approach to therapy is key to long-lasting results.

Mariann Thompson

I had bilateral knee replacements 7 months ago. While I had a much better than average recovery experience, I was still having some pain sitting cross-legged and leg strength was still an issue. Anna evaluated me and gave me easy to follow exercises to do at home as well as in therapy. After 6 weeks of physical therapy, I have gained increased strength that is quite noticeable. The pain in my IT band has decreased with use of the foam roller. I now have the tools and the information to continue my year long recovery from my surgery. Thanks, Anna!

Lisa Hanscom

After two years of near constant neck pain, evidence of arthritis and deterioration in my cervical spine and coupled with limited motion, I did not believe I would be pain free. With Marsha and Anna's help (along with the rest of the Cioffredi team), I have recovered pain free motion in my head and neck. I chose Cioffredi over therapy closer to my home because of the numerous support services offered. Marsha did a wonderful job rooting out underlying weakness, guiding me through my PT, educating and encouraging me and coordinating massage and training sessions to further enhance my recovery. I look forward to moving to a training phase and continued whole body improvement. From the moment I walked in the door, the entire staff made me feel most welcome, valued and supported.

Andy Leckart

Very thorough, competent and caring folks. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Belk

Debra Amato

This summer, my upper back and shoulder area began giving me a tremendous amount of pain. I was spending long hours in the saddle in preparation for a long distance bike trip I was taking with friends out west at the end of summer. As the pain increased in frequency and duration, I became more anxious about my ability to accomplish my bike journey. Kate was great. After our initial assessment, she thoroughly explained to me what was happening and what we could do to alleviate the problem. What I most appreciated is that it was a two-fold approach. She not only tweaked my back through massage, manipulation, and needling, but she gave me the necessary knowledge and exercises so that I could continue to utilize proper technique and create strength on my own once our sessions were over. This has been a successful therapy program for sure!

carol andrew

I had good success with Cioffredi previously when I had total hip replacement followed by infection and another total hip on the same side. It seemed like my new hip made my leg lengths discrepant and I soon began to have knee pain in the opposite leg. Terrified that I might need a knee replacement, I went to my orthopedist and we decided on a trial of PT. I had been less active for at least 18 months due to knee pain when I came to Cioffredi. I had weakness in my core muscles as well as hips and knees and my balance was off. In just 8 weeks, with a complete PT program and a lot of encouragement from Taylor, my knee pain is gone, balance is better and leg length is dealt with using a small lift. Thank you!

Brian Charest

Anna was great. Very professional, friendly & pleasant. Most importantly, my treatment was effective. I've been 100% pain free for several weeks now. 100% satisfied customer.

Kim Wilson

I came to Cioffredi's after I injured myself in the Lebanon Couch to 5K program. I'm so glad the injury in essence "drove me" to physical therapy because the therapist, Zac Gardner, helped me see that I had a bigger issue going on than I realized. I had strained /inflamed my psoas and tfl because I don't use my glute muscles to walk, run, squat, etc. Zac clearly taught me simple (but difficult!) exercises that are building my glute strength. Zac was always very cheerful and personable. Working with him on healing and building strength was a pleasure.

Katja Koeppen

Before PT, I was in almost constant pain and could not lift anything with the affected arm. I had pain with everyday activities like opening doors and the pain in my elbow would wake me up at night. After working with Marissa for a couple of months, I am now pain-free, have regained strength in my arm and am looking forward to getting back into racket sports. Marissa did a wonderful job resolving my tennis elbow and equipped me with a great set of exercises to prevent re-injury. I could not be happier with my treatment and will be back if I ever have a need for PT again.

Fletcher Passow

At the beginning of the summer, I couldn't work a full day at my computer without painful headaches! Now I don't have many headaches at all, and I know how to prevent them and deal with them when they happen.

Dontonville Roger

I had the good fortune to work under the very knowledgeable eye of Richie. My specific health issues made the normal training regiment a little more difficult to navigate. Richie was keenly sensitive to my limitations and totally supported and encouraged my efforts. His professionalism and friendly nature made coming in for each session enjoyable. Armed with the materials and instruction Richie provided, I now feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would also like to thank Billy for the moral support and attentive ear, it was all very assuring and positive. Thanks Billy, Richie, the fantastic ladies up front, and the rest of the friendly, professional staff at Cioffredi's.

Kara Gray

For years I have had issues with my jaw cracking, making it hard and painful to chew. I have always dosed myself with Ibuprofen to dull the pain. Last November, I had had enough and decided to see a doctor. She recommended TMJ therapy. Since I started working with Zac, my jaw has felt so great. Most importantly, he gave me exercises to relax my jaw. Cioffredi's has always helped any issues I have. I will always come back.

Bridgette Severance

I am so grateful to Justin. After hurting my shoulder in September, I was barely able to lift my arm and had never been in that much pain. Little every day tasks like getting dressed were now an exhausting endeavor. After months of therapy, I am able to lift my arm without pain and have gotten my life back. The team at Cioffredi excel at what they do and it shows.

Katharine Christie

When I first began therapy on my right ankle tendons, I was feeling discouraged and envisioning the end of hiking, skiing, and even moving through life fluidly. Therapy with Kate Leiser has been a wonderful education and has equipped me with many means of helping keep myself mobile and pain free. Her encouragement, inspiration, clear instructions, and expertise have brought me to a whole new understanding of how to navigate life with arthritis and the immutable fact of aging. I am now stronger and pain free from my toe to my hip. Thank you so much, Kate!

Todd Schaal

Zac was GREAT! He understood the concerns with rehabbing for special needs where full use is a must. Working in construction limited motion after surgery was not an option. Zac worked with me to get me back to the point I was at before injury. Thanks all - Todd

Virginia Rader

Zac and his student were very compassionate regarding my needs for relief of hip and back pain. They were very informed as to what was the best plan for my recovery and helped me a lot. Thank yo so much for your assistance and your sense of humor! :)

Marilyn Blight

I came in with significant neck and shoulder pain which wasn't going away on its own and which was effecting my ability to do common, every day tasks, as well as causing difficulty with sleep. Emily explained what was happening and why and set me up with a treatment plan that produced slow, but steady improvement. Emily is an experienced listener and a patient therapist/teacher. Her advice was clear and her approach was always positive. My pain is now minimal and my flexibility and strength are both greatly improved.

Barbara Hunt

My left knee was aching when I arrived. After my massage, I was pain free. It was the most relaxing hour of my week. Can't wait for the next massage!

Sylvia Field

I went for treatment of an inflamed Achilles tendon. Katie got the swelling down and strengthened my leg muscles and generally helped greatly with the healing process. She was terrific.

Ruth Dougher

I came here with a work related injury. Emily was kind, professional and very effective. I am back to normal and possibly stronger than when I came in.

Deming Holleran

I was referred to Cioffredi for a neck and shoulder injury sustained during yoga and 10 sessions with Marsha and the electrical stim machine brought me totally back to normal. Marsha is a miracle-worker as far as I’m concerned! So competent with neck manipulation and really thorough in explaining her treatment to me at the onset. Everyone on staff was friendly and gave me a sense of professionalism. It was a delight to come in for my treatments and I was so pleased with the flexibility when I needed to change an appointment. I would not hesitate a moment in coming back for future needed treatments.

Sandra Lumbra

Adam has been an amazing trainer! He is very consistant with positive feedback! This was so important to me! Feeling like I could never work out again – he made me realize I had a life ahead – friendly, kind, well trained gentleman – my highest recommendation to Adam!

Chris Bentivoglio

I feel that Marissa did a good job of listening to my story, asking insightful questions and performing an initial exam. I felt very confident of her diagnosis of my pain. Throughout the process of therapy, she was attentive to my progress and limitations and continued to work with me until I felt that my rehab was complete. I would recommend physical therapy with Marissa at Cioffredi & Assoc.

Charles Koburger

Six weeks ago, my left arm had gotten so that I could not lift a cup of coffee above my shoulder. Also, aches on the left shoulder-neck areas made it difficult to sleep and to stay asleep. An MRI confirmed that there was not spinal nerve problems, so PT was initiated. After ~6 weeks of following exercise direction, I can sleep normally and have normal use of my left arm for lifting and holding things (above shoulder height). I felt that PT was a big help. I now have a list of exercises that'll help me get the last 5% back. Thank you.

Christy Chamberlain

When I came to Cioffredi's I couldn't even look down at my feet from a work injury. Anna worked very hard to educate me continuously throughout my treatment so I always understood what was happening with my body. Anna always catered to my current pain and discomfort to enable my recovery. She knows everything about ergonomics and was extremely helpful assessing my work positions and what I could be doing to better help myself. I would not have healed the way I did or gained the knowledge I did without Cioffredi's and Anna. - Thank you all so much. <3

Christopher Pillsbury

When I came in my knee had been bothering me for over a year and had recently gotten worse. I quickly found out that my affected leg was significantly weaker and less controlled. After just a few weeks of Marissa and Taylor’s guidance my leg is catching up and my knee is much, much better. Thank you for the help!

Roger Limoges

Riding is my life. It has gotten me through so much of my life including trauma and PTSD. So not being able to ride has been the hardest thing to handle. Since working with Taylor, I've been able to not just ride but be able to give 100% to my riding. And of course I still fall and get hurt, but now I feel I have the right tools to recover and prevent further injuries to my knee/leg. When I have trouble walking I now know what to do to move forward and get back to normal. It’s been interesting relearning how to walk and climb stairs, but now I feel like I’m not growing old in pain, but can grow up and still chase my childish dreams. Thank you Taylor for all your hard work and thank you to everyone else at Cioffredi. You guys and gals are such a positive inspiration.

Bona Bones

I have been working with Adam for several weeks. For over a year I had constant back pain because of an issue with my sacrum . Now I've been sleeping better, less back pain and an overall improvement in my strength & flexibility. My back pain has decreased significantly! I couldn't be happier.

David Hill

I started with back pain that limited normal, daily activity. Standing, bending, and lifting were difficult. A couple of months of semi-weekly visits with Kate did the trick. Technically, she is spot on and know her stuff, as evidenced by the fact I am pain free today. Just as important; Kate made my visits enjoyable. She incorporates the right mix of interpersonal interaction into each session that elevates the entire experience. What more could I ask for? Pain free and a great experience.

kim clark

I feel overall improvement. Anna is wonderful as is all of the staff. I have been able to increase standing time & lessen my back pain. Thank you all for your help.

Paula Morris

To my dismay after knee surgery I was told my recovery would be longer than expected. Not putting weight on my knee for 6 weeks and to expect 3 months for recovery. When I arrived at my first appointment, Becca greeted me with a smile and from then on her support, guidance and encouragement was what helped me through my recovery. I then walked into spring and will soon be running into summer. Thank you so much, Becca!!

Javiera Born

Probably the best PT team I've worked with. I came because of pain from an ankle injury that spread throughout my whole leg, and Kate helped me not only strengthen my ankle, but also have a better understanding of my body, the cause for my pain and different ways I could work on it in the future to be able to get back into running. Very nice and helpful staff, and great facilities. Totally recommended!

Ginger Brock

I came to your facility with low back pain. It was difficult to stand for longer than 10 minutes without pain. Marissa was very thorough & quick to come up with a plan for exercises & proper movement to decrease my pain & ultimately eliminate. She was incredibly knowledgeable and made the experience very comfortable. I appreciate her time and expertise. She has made a difference.

Jessica Whitaker

You all have helped me recover from my ACL surgery faster than I expected. I felt emotionally and physically supported through the entire process and beyond!

Jay Hutchins

Complicated recovery from knee surgery needed a jump start. The combination of therapy and education (what to do on my own) accomplished the goal in time for my Utah skiing trip. Very satisfied.

Stephanie Santimore

I came in with shoulder pain that was caused by lifting my son upside down. I couldn’t lift him anymore and I would have sharp pain throughout the day. It even woke me up at night when I would turn over in bed (which I learned I did a lot). Now, after just 4 weeks, I'm pain-free. I can lift and play with my son without any problems, and I am back to sleeping through the night. I am so grateful to Zac and the whole Cioffredi team!


My experience with massage therapy at Cioffredi & Associates has been the best. Sadie is a great professional and her massage therapy skills and expertise are superb. She genuinely cares about her patients and works really hard in helping them. She listens and addresses your injuries, pain and weaknesses with care. I started seeing her due to stiffness and pain in my neck and lower back and she usually relieves most of the ache and knots during every session. Sadie really makes you believe in the the healing power of massage!

kelley Giovannini

Physical Therapy at Cioffredi has allowed me to resume my daily running routine after a significant ankle sprain. I am so thankful for the expertise and advise I've gained here and most of all the improvement I've made in just 3 weeks! Staff are professional, facility is top notch and environment is ideal for the services offered here. Thank you so much!

Cathy Ayres

I am 100% pleased with the outcome of my Physical Therapy & Personal Training sessions. I was very discouraged before my consultations & training program. My right shoulder was causing a tremendous amount of pain & discomfort. I had decreased range of motion & was fearful of the possibility of surgery. A quick consultation & examination uncovered a postural issue with my shoulder. Richie was able to work with me over the course of the last three months to build strength in my core & arms. I have no pain & increased strength. I credit the thorough exam & application of strengthening exercises toward this end. Keep up the great work! :-)

Pat Ware

Everyone I dealt with was positive, friendly and upbeat. Anna heard the issues I brought up an found a different way to accomplish it. - That was great!

Rebecca Spaulding

After beating cancer and suffering an unfortunate foot injury; Cioffredi PT Associates have gotten me to the point of regaining all exercises, so now I can work on my physical health like I need to!

Theresa Field

Two special items that I would like to mention, first your opening here in Grantham with Becca and Aoi - both very qualified and pleasant to work with. Thank you, Becca, for helping me feel so much better. Pain be gone!

Lynne Lewandowski

I came in with a bewilderingly sore knee, and after 4 weeks could feel a new sense of balance & strength in my legs (& even in my feet.). This experience has encouraged me to workout at home with the expectation of good results. My therapist, Katy Barnes, is professional, smart, and careful - she paced the therapy perfectly. Thank you all!

Valerie Davio

Both Emily Milbank and Richie Hackett did a wonderful job at helping me recover from my hip replacement. I worked with Emily directly after my surgery to regain my mobility and then transitioned to Ritchie in order to work on getting back the last of my range of motion. I was in very capable hands in both cases. In a period of 8 months, I was able to recover and get back to leading a full and active life. Thank you.

Evan Seely

My experience here has been amazing. Everyone at Cioffredi was friendly and more than willing to help make my recovery a success. Kate has been the best PT I have ever seen. I really appreciate her willingness to try different things to get to the root of the problem. Thank you all for getting me back on my feet.

Ursula Rudd

I was frustrated with some persistent lower back/lower glute soreness and wondered what was the best way to remedy it. Finally my doctor suggested therapy (PT). I was lucky to meet Justin who heard me out completely and determined I was probably experiencing some nerve compression due to a year old injury (slipping on black ice). Not only did this feel plausible, but the steps we took and treatment he recommended led to physical improvement after 7 visits. I appreciated his care, attention, and advice and feel ready to continue my recovery on my own. Thanks J!

Janine Scheiner

Marsha did an amazing job rapidly assessing and identifying the issues limiting mobility and causing pain in my left hip. A treatment plan was described at the end of the first session and executed with Marsha's support so that the issue has dramatically improved. Most important, I can now run around and enjoy my new puppy without pain or mobility limitations.

Angie Hinton

Really great place, great staff

Leslie LaCroix

I came in with a popping, painful jaw and Emily gave me some great exercises that helped right away. The massaging was a big help as well and has loosened up my neck and shoulders. I got a lot more fixed than just my jaw!

Stephanie Lunt

Thanks, Emily, for your professionalism, kindness, and encouragement throughout my marathon training. I really felt I was in good hands. I leave your clinic empowered with all the tools I need to continue my recovery independently.

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