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REVIEWS OF Healing Mountain Massage School (Salt Lake City Campus) IN Utah

Thalia Condo

Melissa Anglesey

My absolute favorite place to go! I have been going to healing mountain for about 4 years and I love it. The front desk is always very nice and give great suggestions based on what you like. I usually just get a Swedish massage and switch between Anthony and Jeremy because they're so amazing! I have to switch off because they book up fast since they're so awesome! I moved to Ogden 2 years ago and still drive to Salt Lake just to get a massage. I booked my mom a few years ago and she is also hooked. She lives out of the country now and whenever she knows she is coming for a visit she has me book an appointment for her. The prices are great and I just love the atmosphere and how personable everyone is. Can't wait for my next massage!

Brittani Wilson

Anthony Starr

Been here quite a few times and love it. Very professional atmosphere and they always focus right where i tell them. I always have a student work on me because it gives them that extra hour of credit towards being licensed. Highly recommended. Remember to always tip.

575391 .

There is clarification needed with a review signed by a Mike Smith. I am the student Mike Smith who has been an enrolled (soon to graduate March) since July 2015. My experience at Healing Mountain has been nothing short of top drawer. The Administration, Faculty and Staff are second to none in this facility. What a great and grand adventure it has been to be a student at this school. Thank you all from the depths of my soul for your kindness, reassurance, wisdom, care and thoughtfulness. I long to continue to work amongst such a diverse, fantastic bunch of colleagues. If anyone reading this has an issue of any magnitude with Administration, Faculty, Staff of Healing Mountain.....There doors are always open with ears waiting to hear. Michael A. Smith

James Ashworth

I was reminded of what a great place Healing Mountain is. I made an appointment online. I went with an advanced student and had an awesome experience! 80 min for $54 plus I always tip. The atmosphere is always peaceful. I love this this place!!!

John Clar

As an alumni of the school, i am absolutely disgusted with this place. The school does not follow through with commitments and promises, even when thet are in writing. The spa experiencal program has absolutely no compassion and is not willing to work with you as a student. Many times my class would show up and there would be no instructor. The admissions will tell you almost anything to get you to sign up and you are now seeing class sizes rise, which decreases the intimate experience and instruction between the students and teachers. When you are looking for a massage school you dont want to be treated like a child, because you are not, nor do you want to ne hearded through school like cattle. If you are choosing to become a Massage Therapist, remember this school "sounds" awesome, but they talk a big game and very rarely follow through.

Tara Keene

Anthony Gale

Overall the experience was good. I knew I was getting a new student and they did a good job although it was supposed to be a focused massage on my lower back and they only spent about 4 minutes there, tops and the massage was cut 5 minutes short. The massage was supposed to be 25 minutes long, it was a focused massage after all, therefore those 5 minutes matter.

jackson schofield

Emily Pickering

I came here one time, had a great (deep tissue) massage from an advanced student, so I thought I'd come back and do another massage with another advanced student & had an AWFUL experience. The girl who gave me my massage was not wearing any shoes and her feet were directly beneath my face on the massage table since she was sitting on a bench, which did not make for a pleasant smell. Additionally I don't feel like I really even got that great of a massage, since she was sitting down there wasn't much pressure & kept taking little minute breaks. The girl was very kind however failed to communicate well, since she did not even massage my legs or feet at all. When I had made mention of this to the receptionist (who seemed to be to busy on the phone to acknowledge me) she quickly said she would "put it in the notes." and resumed her phone call. Ok...Thanks for the help.... I would really like to give this place another shot but regardless how cheap the massages may be.... I don't really want to gamble again and throw more money down the drain.

kaitlyn ku

JeiCee Mendez

I graduated from Healing Mountain last year in the "Accelerated Program". As an alumni, I wanted to write a brief review of the educational program they have here. This review is for anyone interested in the massage therapy education Healing Mountain offers. I was in a program that was completed in about 9 months (January 2015 to September 2015) Why I liked my experience: Most of the people in management or teaching positions are very talented massage therapists themselves. I love how many different classes I got to participate in. At times I had to take more than 3 different classes a week, I literally was at Healing mountain every single day of the week when I was in their program. They try to immerse you in massage until its all you think about. This was perfect for me, I went here looking for a massage program that would force me to become the best massage therapist I can be. They required about 300 hours of hands on clinical experience. Attendance to all classes and clinical hours was mandatory and you couldn't be absent or late for almost any reason. I specifically looked for a school that demanded that. If you are a potential student, looking for an easy way to get a LMT license, sorry this place is not your answer. This school taught me to become a "muscle whisperer". A few things that I have expressed as areas to improve: There were some classes that were (for the sake of time) not covered as well as I would have liked. Its true that there were some instances, due to changes in administration or miscommunication, that teachers did not show up or were late. However, I really loved most of my instructors. And although I liked the structure of the program, they almost had so many rules that was borderline ridiculous at times. You have to be very detailed oriented to manage so many classes at the same time. In such a small school, its a perfect place for a lot of drama (which can sometimes get in the way). In conclusion to this lengthy review.... I loved my experience at Healing Mountain massage school. I felt honored to be taught by such experienced body workers. There's always more to learn and I'm looking forward to attending Healing Mountain again sometime in the future.

Mike Brennan



An amazing spa and school. I have always loved my massages from Healing Mountain. They are always polite and reasonable in prices. Also an amazing crystal shop is attached to it.

Alexandria Wells

Totally professional and relaxing environment. I had a spiritual experience and felt like my massage therapist understood my needs and was genuine about solving them! Already seeing a difference 24 hours later!

AJ Homies

Every time I walk in to the building I am immediately put at ease by the atmosphere and the music. Not sure what the complaints about the front desk are, I have never had a bad experience and I am there at least once a week. The staff is friendly and professional, the students and therapists are definitely worth more than the $25-$35/hour you pay. Chris, Arnie, Melissa, Drew, Jared plus dozens of other therapists, and I have never had a bad massage. I know I am not the only regular, I see many familiar customers each time I visit. There have been some major changes, and each one for the better. This place is definitely on of Salt Lake's hidden gems.

Emily L

I want to preface this by saying the past 3 massages I have gotten here have been amazing, but this last one I just got was so bad it turns me off to coming back here. I understand they are massage students so receiving a bad massage is always possible, which is why I always select to get a massage from an advanced student. This girl barely touched my skin the whole time despite the fact I asked about 5 or 6 times for firm pressure. My muscles are still just as tense as when I got there. My requested focus areas were not focused on, she also didn't get to the whole body even though it was what I was supposed to get. Then I got to the receptionist and she asked how it was and I said not that great and her response was oh good! I am pretty sure she didn't even listen to my response. Very disappointed and not sure I'll go back again.

Michelle Nickel

This is my favorite massage place in SLC! I have always recommended Healing Mountain Massage to my friends and family. Checking in is nice and easy with their kind and soft spoken front desk. I have had many great massages over the years, but the most recent one was hands down the best! Rachell, LMT is amazing! I slept like a baby after weeks of neck pain. Their prices are very affordable, clean environment, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Graham Kobza

Terribly unprofessional staff. I'd sooner pay a homeless man to massage my back with a weedwhacker. I tried calling to reschedule an appointment and was sent to voicemail seven times. SEVEN times. Once is understandable (maybe the receptionist is away from the desk, or maybe all the lines are busy), but SEVEN separate times to voicemail? What kind of business doesn't bother answering the phone during normal business hours? When I tried to go down in person, the address given on google maps is wrong. Finally, I located the place and went inside, where the receptionist explained that it had been very busy, and it was just her at the desk. Of course, that makes it all okay, since being understaffed is a perfectly valid excuse for poor customer service. While she explained this to me the phone rang, and without even looking down she hit the button to send it to voicemail. Absolutely ridiculous. Some hipster stocking shelves in their little crystals and oil shop tried to explain that it was google's fault that their address was wrong, and that they'd tried to fix the address several times. Frankly, I don't give a crap who's fault it is, but the least they could do is update their voicemail greeting with some kind of location data, "at the corner of X and Y" or something. Part of running a business is making sure 1) your customers can find the place, and 2) answering the damn phone.

Kira Goff

I understand your policy. I never said that I did not understand it. I am blown away by the obvious replay. I am never coming back. I am telling as many people not to go here. I will pay it forward in a line by telling the person receiving a yummy free cup of Joe and or tea "and with this free beverage I give you a warning. Do not go to Healing Mountain Massage School. Go to another school; any school. Have a beautiful day." If you read the opening part of my complaint; I am tell you that I understand. I would tell you to read the complaint slowly and understand what I am clearly upset over. But; you're not getting it. Just know. I am done and I am totally cool with letting people know what I think of you. I sleep perfectly well knowing that my loyalty to you is now loyal to helping our community know what you really stand for. :) I liked this place being that you’re helping students but; that being said they have a 24 hour policy and they will take your money if you do or do not show up for your appointment. Doctors offices also have this policy. I am completely cool with that. I wouldn’t be upset that I lost the full amount but I am because I was not reminded with the text message and I even asked to be texted as I had to work around their schedule not my own. It’s 2018 we have records of what text messages we receive and or send out. Yep! No text message on my online billing from them. Here’s how you get a one star. I have waited for them 15 - 20 minutes at a time for my massages as they are busy (running behind) and I take the loss by only received my massage to the next hour loosing that 15 - 20 minuets. Still paying for the full hour. I’ve also been left in a room for long periods of time, waited for them to come and take me back thinking I was forgotten about. I’ve been called and canceled on hours before an appointment and have been asked to reschedule. I have been polite each time. I received a voice message yesterday at 6:03pm telling me I missed my appointment at 5:30. I freaked out my heart was beating so fast talk about anxiety. I called them immediately and apologized as to why I was freaking out for missing my appointment. I know that this is my fault as well. I could have put this on my calendar. I should’ve trusted my own notes and not theirs. But you would think if I bend for them that they would also bend for me. But it does not work both ways. I buy all their little things hot towels $5, aroma therapy $5 bucks, steam room $15 bucks and I even do a healthy $20 tip each time. With the amount of upgrades I do with a tip. I can go to a place closer to me. I just looked and I have 17 spas from my house to this facility and the Sanctuary Day Spa may be more but; when you walk in there it’s like a dream and the customer service is amazing. Everything is included in the one flat price. I recommend the Sanctuary Day Spa and or any other spa that can not afford to lose a customers because they will work hard to keep you.

Taffee Teeter

Marlo Walker

i can't wait to book other facial again!"

Pradeep K V

Can never get a same day appointment every time I call...

Chrystal Arce

I attended Healing Mountain Massage school in Salt Lake City, Utah last year. It was one of the best experiences I have had. The curriculum is a perfect balance of clinical and energetic techniques. The classes are small and your classmates are in your life for a reason. F29! Every teacher there genuinely enjoys being a teacher. They have creative ways to make sure all styles of learning are honored. Their doors are always open. They have a working knowledge of the Massage Therapy field, and they are passionate about body work. This becomes a instantly contagious energy. Going to school for body work was an intense journey for me. You are put in your body and there is so much self healing that occurs. Attending this school truly was like climbing a "Healing Mountain." What a climb! It takes a lot of hard work but the view after graduating it amazing and full of infinite , creative possibilities. I am so grateful for the amazing clinic experience. You can earn a paycheck while you get your hours. That is how much they value you there. Your study area is located in the relaxing spa atmosphere making studying a soothing/ fun experience. I am so grateful for every staff member. There were a couple of tough moments and they knew just what to say to encourage me. I felt very prepared to enter the Massage Therapy field immediately after graduating . They supply you with all the tools and resources you need and they are still there for you after you graduate. I am a proud Healing Mountain Graduate! I can recommend this school 100% to any one interested in becoming a Massage Therapist.

Kim Dumas

The honey-salt scrub followed by a Swedish massage was heavenly. I had Mercedes and Garrick and they were both courteous, friendly, professional, and did outstanding work. Worth every penny and then some. Thanks!!

Haru Miyagi

Great students and good skills that are giving too clients

Amanda Derr

P. Edward Auman

Remember to consider how much you're paying when you rate. Students are $25 for 50 minutes. If you don't like the variety of skill/technique then you can pay a little more and get an Advanced Student or LMT. I've used students and Advanced students. Still cheaper than ANY other I've found (Have found some $25 30 minute massages, but that's just enough to get you starting to relax). This school has the best bang for the buck, period. Yes, sometimes the front desk seems to have some hiccoughs. I never call. I always book online. Never had a problem. Even most of the students I've seen are better than the pros at 60/hour or more. The point is, I have a bad back and chiropractic is to pricey and rehab through Intermountain isn't helping. I NEED a massage at least once a month just to help keep the spasms down. And Healing Mountain is the best place to do it for the money.

Nathan Rust

Really love going to Healing Mountain. I always have a great experience and leave feeling as if the work done has made a great impact on my body. I will continue to go back!

Lori Bruce

This was my first time going to Healing Mountain, and will be my last. And my experience was so poor, I will steer everyone I know away from ever going here. I paid for a 90 minute massage, which is really an 80 minute massage. I got 70 minutes, which included my changing time, because the student started late but ended on time. I asked specifically on the paper, and told the student more than once, that I was there to have my deep hip rotators worked on (I booked an advanced student for this exact reason), and may have gotten a glance over of the glutes. I got everything else worked, which I didn't ask for. I left the massage in more pain than when I left. When I complained at the front desk that I did not have a good experience, all I was asked for was if I wanted a punch card. Um... no. So I stupidly paid with my VISA instead of Amex. Found out after, when disputing the charge for the abysmally poor service that VISA makes you pay regardless. Healing Mountain's response to the dispute said I received an 80-minute massage (I did not), said I requested a Swedish massage (absolutely NOT-- I never get a Swedish), and that I could have told the therapist at any time that I wanted something else. Um... I did. Repeatedly. Horrible experience.

Tanner Winward

The staff was great, the receptionist was really nice. I have actually been here a few times and every time I have had no problems. The student massages are actually pretty good considering they only have so much training. The only hiccup I have had is they can get pretty busy. Not their fault though. Cant help that they get a lot of business.

senia allen

Got a prenatal massage from Victoria, she was great. Awesome massage and she was very good with making sure I was comfortable and relaxed! Definitely wish the school let you tip the students they deserve it!

Nate Zarlengo

I have been to Healing Mountain Massage School about 6 times and it seems to be hit or miss with who you get. All the massages I have had have been descent, nothing spectacular. Last time I scheduled a 70 minute massage and when I got there they had me down for only a 50 minute and couldn't change it since they were booked. The last time I went I marked down and asked for more attention on my left knee and more time spent on my legs since I had just completed a Marathon. There was no attention to either. Their prices are really great though and the atmosphere is just fine. The massage therapists have all been really nice and friendly. Another time my wife and I went in to get a couples massage that we had rescheduled and I had already paid in advance for the massages. When we got there they didn't have record of our payment. The owner came out to discuss it with us and didn't believe us or have any records to back up that we paid. We said that we had proof that we paid on our bank account. He still didn't believe us so we asked if he had a computer that we could pull up the transaction on our bank account. He let us use one of the computers to pull up our statement and stood right over our shoulder the entire time. We had to ask him to turn around as we entered our account information and to hide our other personal bank information. After we pulled it up he still didn't fully believe us until we showed him more of the statement where it said the Banks Name. It was very uncomfortable and annoying. It was our anniversary date so I didn't want to start anything and just wanted to get a massage with my wife. After 10 minutes of this he finally let us go get our massages. Massages-6 out of 10 Management- 2 out of 10

Lous Carmel

I've been getting a massage here every month, beacuse it's so affordable. I always go to Kelly LMT she's amazing! I love that she respects my time and focusses on the area's that are bothering me. I really don't care for the front desk thou they seem the have something stuck up there butt. But I don't go to see them, so if you can ingnore the rude owner and his front desk team. Then this place is for you.

Nevin Sheehan

Love this school, I've felt very at home the entire time I've been here, if it was a massage it always went very well, if it was a school night I was always excited and if it was for work I'm always engaged and happy to be here!!

Patty Visage

Just had a massage by Ashlynn C. She is going to be a great massage therapist. I will definitely ask for her next time I get a massage

Sharon Ellsworth-Nielson

I've come to Healing Mountain for 5 years. The service is uniformly exceptional. I always leave feeling fabulous.

Amalise White

I went yesterday and had Steven as my massage therapist. I had been in alot of pain and he was able to make alot of progress for a short 50 minute massage. I was not disappointed at all. I will be back to see him next week for an 80 minute! Also, I had a friend coming with me for a massage at the same time and their therapist called out an hour before we had to be there and Healing Mountain made it right by letting us reschedule my friends appt for next week with no charge. This place is professional, clean, amazing results and the staff is so sweet and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Amy Mendez

Seriously the best school out there for massage. They are a running day spa so you really get the feel of how working at one feels like. They’re instructors are AMAZING! They provided me with all the tools I needed to become successful in this career. I’m currently running my own private practice and I couldn’t be happier!

Katie Bastian

5/15/18 UPDATE. When I had a not-so-great massage, the spa manager reached out to me to get some feedback and make things right. I appreciate when businesses do things like this. It's clear that she wanted everyone who comes in to have a good experience, and she was grateful for the feedback regarding this specific massage therapist. ------- I don't usually take the time to write online reviews, but when businesses do an exceptional job, it's the worth the time to let people know. Healing Mountain is my go to place for massages. I have only used LMTs, not students, but I have literally never had a bad or mediocre massage in my 2-3 years. It seems like everywhere else I go, it's hit or miss, and that's for businesses where I'm paying $70-$80 for a 60 minute massage. Here, it's only for a $40 massage. I never have to feel nervous if the LMTs I usually go to aren't available, because even if I get someone new, the massage is great. This is the only way for me to turn off my brain and relax a lot of times.

Jesse Nikola

I've been getting massages from here for many years and will continue to. The price is great, the massages and spa treatments are great and the staff is helpful and amazing!

Lisa Reed

I went in to get some information on the classes and certificates offered. I was absolutely sold because of the registrar, Andrew Ross. He was pleasant and he really seemed to enjoy being there. He did a wonderful job setting the tone for a peaceful, well-managed environment. I'll probably still go there, but sadly, the young woman who shares Andrew's office started contradicting Andrew, as though she we're trying to appear to know more that he does. I just don't know now if I'd want to commit to be around a negative person like her. It is hard to focus on the things being taught there when one staff member can ruin the mood in an instant.

Lance Mudrow

Brittany Talbot

The first time going to the massage school was a pretty decent experience. The student was receptive to my feedback and established good communication with me from the beginning of the appointment. This second visit I had the opposite experience. My appointment was for a deep-tissue massage and I felt like she was just lotioning my skin really well. I asked her several times for more pressure with no improvement. At the receptionist' desk they asked me what I wanted to tip - I didn't even want to pay the extra for the deep-tissue! When I asked them for a comment/feedback card they gave me attitude. At that point, I just left.

Crystal Jones

I tried leaving this review with the site personally as to not deter future customers. However, I never received a follow here it is. I’ve been here one other time and enjoyed my experience. So if they have any intention of keeping this massage therapist without further customer service training, I advise you to ask for someone else. I came here to get a massage for my birthday and my massage therapist, Andrea, was incredibly unprofessional. She talked loudly, very loudly, the whole time about herself. Asked my advice on her dating life and the dating apps. Without one question about myself. I’m a hairstylist so I’m used to it... but it’s not okay when I’m the client. This is not my first massage, so when she started to massage my feet, I was relieved that it was close to the end... Evidently, she had more questions about herself and instead of finishing the massage like a normal massage therapist or at least taking more time on my feet, she moved back up to my head and with her hands, that still had lotion on them from when she rubbed my FEET, she put them in my HAIR and proceeded to rub my face. Maybe I should have said something or asked her to stop, but I have social anxiety and for some unknown reason didn’t want to hurt her feelings. But as I talked it over with a few of my friends that are professional massage therapists, I’ve just realized she needs to be informed and it needs to change. I wanted a massage to relax. Not to give advice and then go home and wash my hair for the second time that day.

Ashley Lancaster

Michele Patterson

Very rude front desk staff and in consistent communication regarding cancellation policy. Spa director interrupted me while I was addressing my concern and I could tell she was struggling to being polite and professional but really didn’t care. When I called to asked “if there were any other appts available with Another therapist for the day?” the staff member immediately answered no and it was apparent they clearly didn’t offer or even attempt to check the schedule. I thought this was a bit odd so I checked online there were tons of openings. I called back and mentioned that I saw plenty of openings. It was then they told me that it has to be rescheduled with the same therapist. As a customer it’s not fair to be lied to. I would have been fine with “there are openings for the afternoon, but unfortunately you have to book with the same therapist” when I explained this to the spa director she had an attitude, but I could tell she was struggling to be professional and courteous - it wasn’t genuine. She said she would take this feedback into consideration for future training. Clearly these people don’t care about their customers. I will never come back here.

Mila Sjulstad

Like another review said, this place is a hit or miss. Usually have a good experience but sometimes not. Not everyone is into crystal healing but do not pay the extra $10 for the chakra balance. They literally put a few crystals underneath the table you are on and that’s it (when it’s typically done on your body). If you have extra time the crystal shop is worth checking out.

Michaela Robbins

Absolutely horrible worst massage I've ever had, never go to Tiffany

Melanie Peterson

Great massages. It’s not like other schools I’ve had massages. It’s more like an actual spa. Very serene and relaxing.

Francesca Wearsch

Affordable and quality massage therapy. Book an appointment with Marybeth, she’s amazing!

Lynn Cook

Love their massages! I have a great experience every time I go.

Andrew Newman

Every massage I have gotten from here has been outstanding, even from the student clinic. You can tell as they progress that they are picking up new things and learning new modalities. They are always accommodating for my needs when I need to reschedule if I give good notice. They really take care of the clients and therapists and students there from what I gather

Samantha Murphy

I am visiting from out if town with a friend and my daughter and saw this place when we went to healing mountain crystals right next to it, through the same door. My experience was good. I had a student and he was professional. I came with a long over due massage and achy body. It had to include my glutes. He was respectful. He will got far! My friend had an advanced student. I can't speak for her experience. Overall it was comfortable and I look forward to getting over my achy body. The front desk was nice to us.

Mandingueira VM

Amy Richards

Do not waste your time or money here, at least certainly not with a student. Horrible experience. Didn't get at all what I asked for and still have residual foot pain from an area he would not stop pressing on. It is now a month later and I am starting to wonder if I need to see a doctor about it. Expressed his interest was not even in doing massages but rather in understanding why people walk the way they do. I went in with strong back pain and asked for that to be the focus of my massage, with lots of pressure. He had no idea what he was doing, would not stop rubbing over scars I have that are very personal, and applied next-to-no pressure on my back (even after 3 rounds of me asking for more). He quickly left my back and spent the remainder of time (3/4 of it) on my lower legs and feet (his apparent areas of interest). Went in with high hopes and left with a much emptier pocket, just as intense of back pain, and a newfound pain every time I take a step.

Dave The barber

Excellent facility. Excellent students. Excellent services. It is a school so their prices reflect the experience and industry standards. Which is great! I am convinced that regular massages are good for the body mind and soul. The hot rocks are my favorite.

Regina Melville

my husband and I came in for a massage and it was amazing. My massage therapist Taylore did exactly was I asked and was so nice and very professional. My husband loved his massage as well. Brandon did an amazing job and made him feel comfortable for being his first massage. Elsie and Koko were so professional and there were so many people up front and they made everything go so smoothly. thanks

Dane Patricks

Some of my most treasured and prized possessions have been hand crafted by Aaron Nikola (owner of Healing Mountain Crystals). His work and craftsmanship shine brightly through his delicate works. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a beautiful gem or stone of any sort to visit this shop. You will not be disappointed. Much Love -Dane Patricks

Lauren Buxton

This place really is hit or miss and I've gotten more misses than hits. Had two massages booked today and just got a call (2 hours prior to the appointment) that one masseuse wasn't in today so they needed to reachedule. Ok, I understand, but this has happened 4 separate times now over the past year. Once it happened two weeks in a row and when I made a fuss about it, a LMT 'became' available and gave the massage. There is no consistency between the students capabilities and the level. I usually go with students and if I get a good one, then stick with that individual as they become advanced. I've never had a good LMT. Some students are great and others are bad. Most do not target areas you want targeted and you get a pretty generic routine. I feel sorry for the great masseuses I've had because those individuals should get 5 stars but there have been too many bad ones. The only thing that brings me back is the price. That's no longer much of a draw and if my next rescheduled appointment isn't good I won't be back.

Ashley Black

Highly recommend. I have lived in SLC for 10 years, and have been a patron for the past 6. I really like the consistency of the space; quality service, comfortable ambiance, interesting deals/massages. I've had several friends go through the school program and have heard only good things. I can't say I've ever had a bad student massage. Lastly, the reception desk representative is always perfectly on point and really completes the experience!

Ryan Perkes

I have been going here for years. Great staff and students.

Kristine Annette

Jennica Black

I have to be honest I was very dissapointed when I went here. I paid more money to get a licensed massage therapist and felt that she did not do a good job at all. I've been to licensed therapists before at other places that do great massages, however the girl I had at this school wouldn't push hard (I requested firm so that she would push somewhat hard). She would just simply push on areas that I actually wanted massaged, or she would just lean on areas. I asked her to spend more time on a certain area and she really didn't. I was very dissapointed and felt like I did not get my money's worth at all.

Linda Dalton Walker

Fantastic massage.. I love this place and I always feel my aches and pains are met with understanding and knowledge. I get a massage every other week from here, and love it...

eileen weber

I live in another state and I enjoy coming here to unwind. It is a calm peaceful place. The staff are respectful and meet my needs. I would be surprised if anyone wasn't satisfied. It is up to the client to communicate. These are students in training and they need to read the body as well as listen to their client. I'll be back next week. Yippee!

Michael Nikola

Thelma Bell

Went once and loved the atmosphere. The student masseuse did a great job too with a deep tissue massage. Can't wait to book again.

Jesse Palmer

Responsive management that cares about making sure their customers have a good experience.

Bob Clough

This place is a joke! Horrible business practices!

Lorenzo Zee

I would give it 5 stars but the receptionist girl who checked us in wasn’t very friendly or helpful. It made us feel like just a number. I called back 6 months later to book an appointment for my wife’s birthday and spoke to Kelly. Kelly was awesome and super helpful. I do love this place.

Mikayl Eastabrook

Everytime I come I leave happy. I love the crystal shop so much, Aaron is super knowledgeable which I haven't experienced in other local shops. I LOVE THE STEAM BATH, it's amazing, and the price is great as well.

Chelsea Bond

Bobbi Jo Wilde

The licenced guys are the best. They are really good at deep tissue!

Pamela Balluck

Wonderful (as always)!

Spencer Kofoed

Great price, awesome massage! Some of the reviews got me nervous, but I gave it a shot. Im sure students massages could be hit or miss but thats fair with the price. If you go for the advanced therapists you wont be disappointed!

Michael Amesquita

Lindsey Hanson

Best massage of my life! Ask for Samantha

Hannah Loftus

Michelle Izatt

Love this place! Very professional, good energy and I always have a good experience. The crystal/rock shop in the lobby is a plus.

April Samuelsen

Amazing staff got a massage by a student for 80 minuets for 40$ good deal

Julee Butler

The short of it i complained that the 80 minute massage I purchased that the therapist only worked one area the majority of the time. I complained to the front desk and they said it's my fault for not communicating. But in my experience I tell the therapist I want them to focus on an area but they also give me a full body massage. Not going back but I don't think they really care.

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