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3325 N University Ave Suite 125, Provo, UT 84604, United States

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REVIEWS OF Alpine Spinal Rehab IN Utah


Alpine Spinal Rehab in Provo has been without a doubt, Heaven sent for our entire family! After our accident, life had changed for the worse for us for a while, ranging from Brain Stem injuries, daily migraines to severe & moderate spinal back pain. Their treatment techniques are without a doubt, next gen! If you’re looking to get your treatment to the next phase, this is the place! The Doctors & staff are always helpful, friendly & knowledgeable. Alpine Spinal Rehab has been a game changer for our entire family! We are so grateful we found them! Would highly recommend!

Sidney Bullock

I love these guys. 100% recommend. I have suffered from lower back pain and upper neck pain for years and I’m finally getting relief! I also am a runner and the balance I’m seeing in my body is incredible. The environment here is so friendly. Super affordable.

Victor Houston

The staff is wonderful, the doctors actually care and the price is great especially for students! They have a really unique set of machines to help strengthen muscles to have a lasting impact! Ive loved every visit

Kendra Lillywhite Hilton

I have loved my experience at Alpine Spinal Rehab!!! All of the doctors and staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I actually went to another office before this and didn't have a great experience, so I'm glad to have found Alpine Spinal Rehab because it is a much better fit! I love that they have machines that exercise you and focus on strengthening the muscles and not just adjusting. Also the wait time is based on who arrives first and I haven't ever waited longer than 5 min! Couldn't recommend more!

Kevin Tom

My experience here was very helpful and very good. I actually never been to a chiropractor before. It pretty much helped me with adjustments and learning to take care of myself better.

Joelle Reid

I have been very happy with the doctors and staff here. And I have been able to run without hip pain thanks to their guidance and adjustments.

Vashty Vazquez

I have never gone to a chiropractor before and I am so glad I have. I would highly recommend not only coming to the chiropractor but just educating yourself on your body. The staff is extremely friendly, thoughtful and educated in their field. I feel completely at ease and comfortable in the environment they created here. They take the time to get to know you not cause they have to but because they want to. They have masseuses as well that are so talented I always go every week to keep up with my health and I feel great.

Jose Coronado

Amazing service! Super friendly staff, and my back feels amazing!!

Tris Whetten

All of the doctors are absolutely wonderful here. They are careful, kind, and personable. Best chiropractors I’ve been to!

Gilda Vanessa Guzman-Villagrana

After my car accident the only good thing that happened was getting introduced to this amazing place. This was a first time for me for everything, being in a car accident and also getting treated with a chiropractor so I was blind. But they helped me to release much of the stress that comes after accidents and made feel relaxed about my condition. Then, the treatment is the best, the massages I never wanted to end and the adjustments were just what I needed. Overall it has been a great experience and I do feel like I am actually rehabilitating my spine and my neck, I never realized how important and necessary this is. All the doctors are amazing and all their staff is great as well. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thanks Alpine!!!

David Oveson

I had three sprained ribs , torn fascia, and my neck was out of alignment. I had very little money. I was suffering horribly, and I needed help. I visited this place hopping for relief. None came. I was told by the secretary, who explained nothing was wrong with me. Though my pain told me otherwise. The doctor didn't even consult with me after my examination, it was the secretary! I will never visit this place again, I recommend you don't either! Waddells like a duck, sounds like a duck, must be a quack!

Armando Hernandez

I have been attending to Alpine Spinal for almost 6 six month and I have been a lot of progress on the results. In the begging I couldn’t even grab something from the floor. Now I can move and the pains is decreasing a lot. I really recommend this place.

Angus Bennion

The massage was good but not the best I’ve had in the area. The massage therapist did a good job of working out a knot in my calf though.

Chris Dudley

Super friendly staff. Everyone has been great. I came in for sciatic pain to the point were I was limping. And wow, these guys are miracle workers. I also like how the whole staff works with every patient. Thanks guys!

kuort bishop

They’re very quick on getting you an appointment and one that works for you, they are all super friendly and willing to work with anyone having troubles with their spine from a daily pain to accidents. But their treatment is what got me really believing that every visit helps and is beneficial. I’m walking better, posture is better, and my body no longer aches getting up in the morning. I thank the crew and the 3 doctors, both are amazing!

ka ba

Fantastic clinic that is focused on long term results. I've worked with all three chiropractors here, and each clearly know what they are doing. In addition to performing adjustments they teach and advise on the way I can maintain a healthier way of life. The staff is helpful, professional, and well trained. Overall a great experience.

susan larabee

All the people at Alpine are terrific. They are very friendly and care about helping everyone to get and feel better. I would recommend Alpine to all my friends.

Hanid Valdez

Such a great place! The doctors are amazing, friendly, and fuuny! They are so good at what they do and really care. The techs are really nice and great to talk to. I have definitely felt much better since coming here.

Breanna Olaveson

I’ve been to a few different chiropractors and this place is by far the best. Other chiropractors usually give me one adjustment to solve the immediate problem and send me away, then I inevitably come back in a few months with the same problem. Alpine Spinal Rehab did x-rays, regular adjustments, and weight training to strengthen my back and prevent further injury. Highly recommended!

Haley Butterfield

I've really enjoyed coming to Alpine Spinal. it's been a really good experience and they've all helped me feel welcome and have helped me to know what to expect. I've really enjoyed coming!

Caree Campbell

The thoroughness of this facility is amazing. The doctors are very kind and qualified as well as all the staff!! I have seen an improvement with my back since coming here.

Tori Linde

I have had a great experience. Everyone is so kind and has been extremely accommodating. I can already tell a significant difference after 1 month, and they continue to educate me and assist me in complete rehabilitation.

Nicole Chase

The staff is great and super friendly. They are quick and thorough and care about each one of their clients.

Mary Robison

I came here for a massage and it was a lovely experience, though the parking and finding of the correct building in this office park was a tad bit challenging. The staff is absolutely lovely and there are a ton of different treatments available. The massage therapist that I had was fabulous and did a great job, one of the best massages I have ever had and for a really good price. This place won't break the bank, I definitely recommend it.

Deon Coon

This facility is anazing. The Dr’s really care about you and are anxious to help correct your problems. The machines have really strengthened my back muscles, and as an added bonus, i’ M hitting the golf ball further. The staff is very friendly, the assistants are great and are your cheerleaders in pushing you and encouraging you to try a little harder to reach your goals I’ve been impressed with the whole treatment experience. Thank you

paige hull

Stellar facility! I have been thrilled with the knowledge, coaching and guidance of the doctors! I instantly felt that I was in the right place getting the exact help that I need! I never hesitate to make my next appointment as I know they are helping me get back to living my active life.

Emily Jensen

Great place! They look to take care of you long term and make sure there are no issues later on down the road. Also, 10/10 recommend the massages!!

tw199y 88

This office has been great! Everyone is friendly and personable. I feel very comfortable coming in for my appointments. Savannah helped me on the machines to strengthen my muscles and get the results I was looking for. Highly recommend this place!

Anthony Peterson

Great Chiropractic Office. They combine the use of chiropractics as rehabilitation machines to help patients see quick and lasting improvement!

Brooke Villalba

I was experiencing pain in my lower back due to scoliosis. Since coming to Alpine Spinal Rehab, I have been feeling much better. The chiropractors are so friendly & skilled in what they do. I love that it's a family owned clinic and so appreciate the rapport that I have with them and the other employees each time that I come in. The workouts/stretches they recommend are tailored to my condition and are doable for at home. The machines they test your strength on are great and I have been given very clear expectations of what all I needed to do to see improvement.

darrin kauer

Awesome people to go through rehab with! Always encouraging and helping you recover faster.


I came here due to a car accident. The Doctors and staff are super friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer any questions or concerns. They help me recover and get back to where I need to be.

Alpine Spinal Rehab

Amazing staff. They take such good care of their patients. The doctors really care about long term, lasting results for each patient. I would never go anywhere else for chiropractic care!

Madison Boyer

One of the best chiropractic care facilities I’ve been too. After only 10 visits, my chronic headaches have nearly disappeared and I am confident that the results will stick. Friendly staff and great location. Doctors keep you informed of your progress and teach you how to be active in your own care. Definitely recommend!

Jacob Parker

The results are great and really have helped long term! The doctors are very caring and knowledgeable.

Martin Pluim

My wife and I were rear-ended and we're referred to Alpine Spinal Rehab by a family member. They have been really great to work with! The doctors and staff listen to our concerns and pains and offer a lot of suggestions to help us feel better. They've helped us through the entire process and we're looking forward to a full recovery!! If the doctors gave more feedback on how they're seeing the recovery going, I would have given 5 stars, but otherwise fantastic service and care!

Monikah May

Amazing staff. Amazing practice. They constantly ask if your getting the treatment you need. If your okay. If you have pain they do shorter exercises. It's like a family. All the staff know you by name and make an effort. Also, they are great when you bring in your kids.

Parker Strong

They are thorough with how they treated me. I enjoyed the detailed feedback Alpine Spinal rehab provided me on my neck and back strength. I feel much better physically and would strongly recommend!

Lydia Vergara

I am so grateful I went to Alpine Spinal Rehab! Not only did they help me manage my pain and help me get stronger, but they also showed interest in my life and wanted me to get stronger in order to reach my life goals!

Crystal Conder

These guys have helped me tremendously! I used to get migraines all the time and they have worked with me and helped me thru it amazing place good people!

sid Armstrong

The staff is exceptional and provides excellent positive reinforcement to achieving your goals.

Alana Woffinden

Whenever I come to Dr. Clark, it only takes a couple of visits and I feel so much better. I will keep coming to Dr. Clark until he retires.

Vincent Long

Good friendly people, and very effective treatment. Highly recommend.

Linda Morison

I would only recommend Alpine Spinal Rehab! The doctors really care about your well being to feel better and enjoy the life you want!

Teneile Wheeler

The staff and doctors here are great! I came in because I was in severe pain and they could get me in quickly. After my first appointment I was already feeling much better. They will definitely be my chiropractor of choice going forward.

Mama and Alexander Hustle

Love these. Can't thank them enough for helping me. When I went in I could barely turn my head. Had three treatment and omg. What a change. The doctors and staff is awesome. Love everything about these guys. The best. I'm so glad I went in for that first visit.

Brock Olsen

The doctors and staff at Alpine have really helped me to feel better and stronger. I’ve had pain in my lower back and neck and they really helped to alleviate that pain through adjustments and strength workouts.

Kyla Cleverly

I have had migraines for years but after coming to Alpine Spinal Rehab and the workouts they prescribe me, I feel stronger and healthier then I have in a long time!

Derrick Royce

LOVE MY EXPERIENCE HERE! This is my first time ever visiting a chiropractor and I’ve had an incredible experience (I’ve now been 10+ times). A while ago, I woke up one day with a very intense pain on the left side of my neck. After three weeks of pain, I finally decided to cave-in and go to the chiropractor. Like most people, the thought of someone adjusting/cracking my neck and back scares me. Maybe it stems from watching too many Bruce Lee movies back in the day where he snaps peoples necks. At any rate, I found the treatments to be totally tolerable and very helpful. I haven’t felt pain in my neck for over three weeks now. The entire staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable! And with Dr. V having a semi-resemblance to Vin Diesel, how could you go wrong? Excellent care all around. MY ONLY RECOMMENDATION.... it would be very helpful if the employees wore nametags to make it easier for the customers to remember their names. Other than that, incredible experience!

Morgan Weddle

Very caring doctors and staff. They want to help you get better and they are honest with you about what your treatment needs to be, depending on your needs. They are always busy because everyone loves this place. The office manager is very helpful is working our insurance payments. I highly recommend this place.

adam proffit

Very progress focused. Great for athletes and those that wish to take their physical well-being into their own hands. Maybe not as relaxing of an experience as some other chiropractics, But much more holistic. I thought their efforts make me regular customer orx but much more holistic. At first I Thought their efforts to make me a regular customer Were profit based, but I realize now that they are sincerely motivated to help customers get and stay healthy.

Melinda De Simone

I came here hoping to improve my sciatic pain, not realizing how poorly aligned my whole spine was and how it was affecting the rest of my body and my quality of life. Through the course of treatment, the doctors have been correcting multiple problems I didn’t realize I had. I feel better than I have in years and my poor posture has improved quite a bit. I feel like their approach to treatment makes a lot more sense than any other place I’ve checked out. I don’t have insurance that covers chiropractic care so I paid up front for treatment, which was way more affordable than I expected. I feel like the treatment I have received should have cost more, but I’m obviously grateful it didn’t. Everyone who works here is very friendly and fun to talk to. I have to bring my kids with me a lot of times and the staff is super friendly towards them, allowing them to “help”. I’m very happy that I chose to come here for treatment and would highly recommend them to everyone.

Jennifer Hughes

They really help me feeling the best I can! And help me to strengthen my muscles so the the adjustment lasts longer.

Devan Phillips

We came here after our family was side swiped by a semi. They have an amazing staff and great Doctors here. They also have top of the line machines; I highly recommend Them!


Super impressed! First came to this office in Nov 2018 after a car accident! The staff is always so friendly and kind! I have seen all 3 doctors and they are all great! Def recommend this place!

Melanie Carling

This place has help me be able to do more things that I haven’t been able to do in a long time. If you are on the fence about going to a chiropractor like I was then you should talk to the chiropractors here they will help you out and explain exactly what they do and tell you how it can benefit you. I love this place and would 100% recommend to everyone!

Deana Chavez

I love Alpine Spinal Rehab! They are helping me get my mobility back and giving me the strength in my back to actually have the posture that I've never been able to achieve. With scoliosis and a rod that cracked pivoted and fused itself back while healing I was never taught how to strengthen the areas I needed to and now I'm getting that. The staff and doctors are amazing. Definitely recommend them!!

Chase Gubler

Attention to detail and a focus on making sure the problems don't return! Fun staff and great doctors! Couldn't be happier!

pat glenn

I started going to Alpine Spinal Rehab in April. I have had back problems for most of my adult life but everything was getting worse. I had only gone to a Chiropractor one time in my life and it was a disaster.....but I was given a really good referral by someone and so I thought I would try it one more time. Wow....I am SO THANKFUL that I did!! This group of Doctors, Techs, and Office Personnel are a truly amazing TEAM. I am almost to the point that I can say I am PAIN FREE most of every day!!! And I continue to get better. The Doctors are thorough and concerned and extremely good at what they do. I cannot imagine getting any care better than the care I have received at Alpine Rehab. They are AMAZING!!

LuAnn Septon

I love how this clinic incorporates everything that is needed to create a healthier spine, from computerized adjustments, to physical therapy, to STIM and ultrasound, to massage. The doctors, staff, and techs are awesomely friendly and helpful.

Kim Leseberg

This place is great! They push you to reach your goals! I feel better already! The staff is awesome and remember me Every time I come in!

Teresa Peay

Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. After just 1 visit they all knew my name so it makes you seem like a person not just a number.

Bliss Cook

I’ve been very impressed with the team at Alpine Spinal Rehab. I’ve always been hesitant to try a chiropractor, but doctors and the treatment plans based in hard statistics have made the decision to seek treatment here a no brained. Leveraging technology in the adjustments and in the strength building machines help make sure that I’m on a path to getting back to normal and resuming everything I want to be able to actively do. Plus the people from the front office staff, to the doctors, and techs are all extremely nice to work with!

kayla graham

They are great! I love their focus on not just adjustments and alignments, but doing specific muscle strengthening with you to support good alignment.

Greta Wise

I have had neck issues on and off for 15 years (headaches and vertigo) and have been to at least 10 different chiropractors and I have never been to a practice like this. It is so unique and effective. They really do more than just the adjustments by giving exercises and doing work outs on physical therapy machines and so they attack the problem from more than one side. Also the treatments are very much number based which i like because then I can really see my improvement in more than one way. I don't have to guess if I'm where I need to be on adjustments or strength in my muscles. In the past I have been very reactive about my treatment and start to go in once I have issues (then it takes a long time to get over it because i haven't been on top of it). I am so excited for their maintenance program though so I can stay on top of everything and be more proactive about my treatment. Also, I have two kids and the staff are always so great with them whenever I come it. I am very happy with the results I've had and recommend them to everyone.

Lynnette Erickson

This may sound overly dramatic, but I have to honestly say that coming to Alpine Spinal Rehab has changed my ability to function on a daily basis! Their approach to my situation has relieved my pain and strengthened my back and neck so that I can carry out all my daily duties. The doctors know what they are doing and their staff do all they can to make sure the patients can be seen asap.I keep coming back when I can to maintain the healthy lifestyle I want and that have to have. I highly recommend Alpine Spinal Rehab and thank the doctors, technicians, and staff for their excellent skills and kind attention!!!

Jeff Nichols

All the people here are very friendly. After onlt a couple of visits they all seem to know my face and name. That's important to me. My back seems to feel a little better after every visit.

Megan Mills

By far my favorite chiropractic office. The doctors are great and their recovery program to build your strength back up is awesome. Love the MedX machines

Savannah Wells

Friendly staff, great philosophy (combining adjustments with strengthening muscles), major reduction in pain. What more can I say? If you have low back pain I would highly recommend giving them a shot!

Violette Carlson

I've been going to Alpine Spinal Rehab for a few weeks and am feeling great! I have had more energy and feel better with every adjustment I get. I also got my first massage ever there and felt so relaxed afterwards. I would highly recommend their services!

Samantha Smith

I have enjoyed coming and joinhbthe program. I have been going to Chiropractor’s for years and only felt temporary relief. Though this program is great to help strengthen your back.

K. Steele

Great experience! They are very professional and effective, really helped to take care of some back pain I had been feeling for a while. They take great care to make sure you strengthen your core and back muscles to fix the problem rather than just adjusting you and sending you on your way.

Britnee Barron

Found this place through my insurance. Their website education vids is what got me to make an appt. and so glad I did! The doctors are fantastic as well as the staff! I feel so much better. I already recommended them to my family and friends!

Mikaela Andersen

I’ve been coming here for a while now and all the staff are super nice and my back has been feeling so much better since coming. Honestly a great place!!!

Kent Hinchcliff

This is a great facility! They faculty really care about you and you feel welcome here! They also do a great job with fixing you up, and would highly recommend them.

Britta Hansen

I absolutely love the practitioners here. I’ve been struggling with chronic migraines for the last four years due to a dance injury. I’ve been to multiple doctors and chiropractors, and done two previous bouts of physical therapy. Nowhere was able to actually get to the root of the issue and come up with a way to help. Here, I’ve been seeing Dr. Clark. He has been amazing. He actually listens to me and the issues that I’m having, which is rare. The equipment and treatments they use, besides manual chiropractic adjustment, are state of the art and they can quantifiably measure your progress and target exactly what needs to be worked on. I’ve seen massive improvement in a much shorter period of time here than I have anywhere else. The staff are knowledgeable and personable and the doctors are the best I’ve seen.

David Meilsoe

I have been getting treatment now for almost a month - and I feel way better. I can highly recommend these great guys.

Madison Weaver

I had never been to a chiroparactor before coming here. I had back pain and they were able to tell me exactly what was going on with my back and what was causing the pain. They came up with a treatment plan and my back feels so much better. The staff is all very friendly, I higy recommend coming here!

Thomas Septon

This place is great! The doctors really know what they're doing, and they really care about each patient that comes in! The rest of the team really knows their part, and they each do a great job making each visit a good visit! Especially Curtis, he's always sure to make each visit fun! 5/5 would recommend.

Chase Stewart

I have loved working with Dr Ryan Clark. He has truly taken interest in me and helped me to correct a number of bad habits that have led to my lower back pain. I am already seeing improvement after only a few visits. I believe in the approach of the team and feel like I will continue to improve.

Cheryl James

The personnel at this clinic are all knowledgeable and helpful. I learned how to deal with my scoliosis and live more pain free. I learned what my body needs and how to deal with it. THANKS so much!

Hannah Mangum

I have loved my visits at Alpine Spinal Rehab. The doctors are all wonderful at what they do and show they truly care about you and helping you feel better. The machines are great. Have loved my experience! Definitely recommend.

Aerwyn Whitlock

I have been to several chiropractic practices in the last few years and this one is the best. The doctors are friendly and very good, using both traditional adjustments and up-to- date technology to diagnose and issues. Thet are nice and not weird, so if you have been hesitant about seeing a chiropractor, this would be a perfect office for you. The office staff members are friendly, good at what they do, and flexible. The office runs on time without being uptight, and I have never waited more than 15 minutes for an appointment. The doctors take time to listen to concerns and I have never felt love they are rushing me out in order to get to the next patient. If you are looking for a professional chiro experience. this is it.

Curtis Cleverly

Alpine Spinal Rehab is awesome! The staff is great and always willing to help! I have seen a lot of improvement in myself and others that have come to this office! I would definitely recommend!

James Huston

Very professional office with unique workout machines and techniques that I haven’t experienced before. I feel improvements after only a few visits, and I feel confident in the plan to get my back and neck in better shape for the long term. The atmosphere is very friendly and I feel comfortable while I am here.

Wolverine Calderon Huertas

Alpine Spinal Rehab is awesome! The staff are very professional. My first 10 visits have felt much better in the neck area and my lower back .. Thank you for your service

Amanda Smith

I've been to chiropractors before that would give me an adjustment and send me away with no long-term plan to fix the problems that kept me coming back (and spending money). This is not Alpine Spinal Rehab. They care about fixing the underlying problems and personalize care to your needs. The chiropractors are kind and skilled at explaining things, and the student physical therapists who support them are great, too. Highly recommend!

Destiny Saunders

This place is really awesome! I loved it! They helped calm down my anxiety by showing me around the area ans what each machine and room was for! They are all super nice and always there to help when needed! Super cheap to! I love it! Definitely a 10/10

Kaylyn L18

They are so good at making you feel at home and in a place that really cares about your health, just like one big family! After all the testing, adjustments and workouts, they have exceeded expectation and are have really been there to help me with my health. One thing I would like to note is when I went to other chiropractic they would just adjust me and work on the skeleton of my body, but this place works with the muscles as well as the spine, they have combined everything in the body to really create a way to help their patients in all aspects and for lifelong treatment, not just temporary!

Taylor Dutton

Excellent quality and care. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Madeline Wirthlin

The most amazing chiropractor office ever! After my car wreck I was in a ton of pain and alpine spinal rehab has saved me. It’s only been 2 months and I’m feeling so much better. They have advanced machines, through consults with x-rays, and incredible masseuses! Also Julie at the front desk makes you feel so welcome!

Joshua Larson

Totally awesome place! They include the adjustments with a physical therapy type focus to strengthen muscles which I think is awesome. I’m definitely feeling a difference and would recommend this place to anyone who needs it.

Andrea Jessup

This place is amazing. I have already noticed a difference. I definitely would recommend this place!! The staff is so nice and caring.

Aimee Au

I have had lower back pain for many many years, pretty much right out of high school. And during high school my back would tire easily. I’ve gone to chiropractors before with complaints of back pain, and adjustments did offer some relief but nothing long lasting. . It wasn’t until about a month ago, when I started getting headaches daily, did I go to a chiropractor and have them look at my neck. At Alpine Spinal Rehab they take x-rays before you start doing adjustments to make sure that they know exactly what they’re getting into. . And what do you know, they found out that I have congenital block formation in my neck. Basically a natural spinal fusion that happened when I was in my momma’s belly. Those vertebrae just decided they didn’t want to split. . Due to this fusion I have limited mobility and a reverse curve in my neck. My body compensated for this with an excessive back arch, causing more pressure, strain, and pain in that area. It also makes me more prone to misalignments, as you can see in my x-rays my spine leans a little to my left, and my hips tend to be misaligned. . I’ve been religious about trying to ease my back pain (rolling and stretching my hip flexors, focusing on strengthening my core and glutes, constantly monitoring my posture and struggling to maintain the proper pelvic tilt). It’s been a battle to say the least, but I am hopeful that with the help of Alpine Spinal Rehab I will be able to relieve some lower back pain and maintain better alignment in my spine. . If you are looking for a thorough chiropractor then look no further. They are not an in and out kind of place. They make sure to look into all the details, and provide some guidance for physical therapy as well. They want to make sure the adjustments they do last by addressing the muscle imbalances surrounding those joints. . ***Update: I’ve been coming in 2x a week for about a month now. I still get the occasional headache and back pain, but no where near as often or as intense.

Rick Olsen

Doctors and staff are awesome! They are very thorough and helped me understand what they were doing to make me feel better. I highly recommend you visit them!

Alayna Blomquist

The staff and doctors at Alpine Spinal are phenomenal. They actually care about your progress and their system and technology makes sense. Plus Dr. V has huge muscles which is a bonus. They're so kind and helpful and give you tools to keep improving your spinal strength on your own. Definitely 5 star worthy.

Toni Ruth Johnson

Great staff!! Effective treatments.

Cara Stout

I will definitely update this review once I complete my six months of treatment, but I just absolutely have to say how much I love this place. The doctors are amazing, caring, and so good at what they do. Whenever I have questions, they always take their time patiently to listen and help me. I feel extremely cared for by the techs as well, and the front desk staff are also wonderful. I go three times a week and honestly, I enjoy it because of everyone there. Sometimes I think that all of that is even more important than the treatment one is receiving. It definitely helps my spirits!

Jodie Newman

The have great Doc there. One of the Doc remind me of. Vandesal on xxx there

Kaitlyn Page

I worked here for a while, but had to quit because I'm transferring to another school to finish my undergrad in Arizona. The staff and doctors really really care about their patients and helping them target the underlying cause of whatever is going on rather than just treating surface level issues, which is why the office has such a strong focus on physical therapy when compared with other chiro offices. The PT techs are always doing training and doctors really encouraged us to also go through all the exercises and tests so that we could have a deeper understanding about what's going on and how to help the people who are coming the best we possibly can.

grace mary

swag time. cool people. just crackin bones and whatnot

mathias meilsoe

Super helpful and professional! Came down here with a lot of concerns and now I feel I’m in good hands!

Emily Ellsworth

I was extremely impressed with the doctors, the treatment, and the staff at this office. The adjustment is much more comfortable and high-tech than my previous adjustments at other chiropractors. The plan to get bone/joints/muscles aligned and strong enough to stay that way is super thorough and very logical. They have many different helpful therapies. And they cheerfully bill insurance for you. 100% positive experience!

Jeffrey Yi

Everybody here is freaking awesome. Regardless of the service, the people here are super kind and professional. I’ve been adjusted by Dr. Ryan mainly, but I’ve also worked with the others who are amazing as well. This place not only help get you adjusted but work on long term benefits to correct and strengthen muscles/posture with their workouts and rehab program.

Elaine Partridge

This is a great place to get help! Staff is friendly. Doctors are professional. Their systems and treatments are the best. They provide true healing and strengthening not just a quick temporary fix. I completely recommend Alpine Spinal Rehab.

Kyle Hilliard

All the staff is amazing and help make the experience of why you are there more personal. Great experience so far!

Jenica Brown

I got hurt at work and had been in pain for a few weeks before finally deciding that I needed more than stretching to get better. I came in and was welcomed warmly by the doctors and all the employees. The environment is positive and friendly. Even after the first visit I noticed a huge difference in the pain levels and as I continued coming The pain went away after the first week. After two weeks My back and neck were getting stronger which helped retain the adjustment. I would recommend this to anyone whether they have back pain or not, just because day to day life puts a lot of wear and tear on our necks and backs.

jeremy bosco

I love this place. They make me feel at home from the moment I walk in through the door. The techs are always nice and patient with me and the doctors are exceptional. Thank you for helping me restore my health.

Allysa Beers

My first time at Alpine was a comforting experience. I was welcomed with a smile by all the staff. After being in a car accident and having to fill out so much paperwork everywhere else, they helped me feel at ease. I am also pregnant and was so emotional. The techs, and massage therapists and the doctors were all amazing in answering questions and giving me all of the information I needed. Since then they have asked me each time I come in, how I am doing? I have seen all 3 doctors and they are all exceptional!! They even bought a pregnancy pillow for the tables so that I will be more comfortable. They are thoughtful and considerate and they are mindful of each individual. I would recommend Alpine Spinal all day, every day!!!

Jeshua Osorio

I’ve really loved coming here. It’s a great experience every time, ranging from the techs to the doctors themselves, and they’ve really helped, not just my spine, but my back and waist as well! I would highly recommend this place.

Jeanna Kent

I can’t believe how much better I feel after coming here! They don’t just manipulate your spine back into place, they work on fixing the pain and making you stronger. ALL of the staff members are friendly and encouraging! Plus, they use the latest - up to date machines and techniques. You will not be disappointed in the care you receive here.

Cindy Foster


Travis Allred

I highly recommend! I've really appreciated the knowledge and wisdom the doctors give me here. The techniques they use for adjustments make it much more comfortable than other chiropractors, and their strengthening and long term methods are top of the line. Add to that a wonderful office staff and a rad soundtrack! I'm always excited to see what album they'll be jamming to when I come in. Keep up the great work!

Emi Felix

I came in for tension headaches and they have been above and beyond what I expected! All of the doctors and techs are so incredibly kind and it feels like a very safe environment. I would recommend to anyone!

Tonya Pereyra

I and my children have been coming after an accident and everything has been fantastic. The staff is wonderful and very friendly, the office is busy but efficient. I have really enjoyed working with the doctors.

Cammy Glazier

Everyone is super helpful and friendly there! My neck and back have felt so much better since I started going to Alpine Spinal Rehab!

Victoria Briskin

Great chiropractic office! The staff and doctors are amazing and really take care of everything you need.

Samantha Huls

Love this office. Love the stuff. Love the doctors. I hurt my neck pretty badly and was unsure of what to do and I’m so happy I found this place! I’ve noticed such a big difference and look forward to every visit/ 10/10 will recommend alpine spinal rehab to anyone!

Claire Bradford

I have had a positive experience working with the chiropractors and physical therapists. I can honestly say I feel a difference in my posture and my whole skeletal structure. I will say that part of that might be me working out after my weekly adjustments at the gym; those things combined have changed my back. Word to the wise: come during the week, and not on Saturday. It’s much busier Saturday mornings.

Mike Cummings

The techs are friendly and professional, the doctors are very knowledgeable and take extra time to answer questions and educate you so you can take better care of your body. I feel noticeably better after working out in the machines there. Check them out, you’ll like what you see!

Emily Webster

They are really helpful in explaining the reasons behind the adjustments and exercises that I have done. The staff are wonderful and so kind and friendly, definitely recommend for any back/neck pain!

Bennett Forward

The doctors are awesome and the staff is super friendly. I’ve only been coming for about a month now and my back already feels 10 times better! Would highly recommend coming here definitely one of the best places I have gone for my back so far.

Sadie Sunshine

Amazing staff, I feel welcome every time I come. The healing process is going great!

Amber M

everyone has exceeded my expectations. they’re genuinely kind and care about you and your well being and also get to know you on a personal level. i absolutely love coming here!

Jaycee Fausett

These guys have been wonderful and went through everything so I understood it. I'm feeling great.

Christian Spangler

I’ve been going here for 3 weeks, and they’ve been great! I came in with back pain and they helped me diagnosis that and over time it has healed up, but I’ve also discovered some other non painful problems that need fixing, and they’re supper helpful and supportive with working on that! (Plus student prices are great!)

Clayton Barney

I’ve had back issues since I can remember. I have been to a lot of chiropractors and drs that have helped me a lot and done a lot of good. Coming to Alpine Spinal Rehab, they take care to make sure that not only you feel better today, but that you know how to take care of yourself moving forward. I would recommend coming here to anyone with back or neck pain.

Caleb Erickson

I love Dr Clark and the whole staff. They are the best chiropractic team I've ever worked with. You can feel confident that you will get the care you need!!

Gion Maruri

They do a really good job at explaining what is going on and why they do anything. It’s nice knowing what’s going on.

Alisyn R

I am so grateful for Alpine Spinal Rehab! They have an incredible staff and a clean, organized facility. I have learned so much about my body and how to strengthen it naturally while reaping the joy of health and healing that has been a result of my treatment there. One of my favorite parts is that not only do they do chiropractic adjustments, but also physical therapy through a unique MEDex program, helping you to enjoy long-term strength. It has been a little frustrating working with them and my insurance, but that could have been prevented by being more educated and involved on my part. This practice is great and very helpful at answering all questions and concerns, but make sure you do speak up and initiate the communication as much as possible, especially if you’re new at this like me. Overall a fantastic practice with an inspiring, positive environment and experience.

Brett Monson

I have had chronic back pain for about 5 years now. I had been to various doctors and specialists but they all said it was a different problem causing the pain. And this isnt minor pain, severe to where I am afraid to do certain physical activities because it aggravates the pain, basically constant and made me mad and want to cry often. It has restricted me in many ways but so far coming to alpine spinal rehab they know what they are doing and what helps. I have only had 10 appointments but I can already feel a world of difference. I have high hopes that I will get a permanent solution

Quinn C

The chiropractors are awesome/kind/personable and can answer all my questions. I’m interested to see in a couple months if their methodology works and my spine is actually straighter than it was before. The rest of the staff doesn’t always know what’s going on, but it’s a small enough clinic that the higher authorities are there to help out.

Kayley Hoddy

Such a great place! I came here looking for relief after a car accident. The staff and doctors have gone above and beyond to help me. I would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Luisa Duran

I recommend this place. After a couple weeks I feel so much better. They actually care about you, they know you by name; they are very friendly. This service is amazing. Sometimes while you are just waiting to see the doctor, they give you a massage for free. They basically give you everything you need to feel better!

Stormy Mason

I love this place!! I was in a ton of pain and they made a way for me to see a doctor that day even though there weren’t any appointments left! I went for about a month and loved it so much that I actually started working there! It’s a great place and a great environment and they really care about helping you find long term results, not temporary fixes that keep you coming back

Christopher Price

I have been going to Spinal Rehab for years. I have issues with my inner ear and sometimes this is the only way for me to see any relief. There staff are wonderful and I always feel better after seeing them.

Genevieve Weaver

Love my experience at Alpine! All the chiropractors really care about you and actually want to help you improve! The office staff and technicians are all really friendly and great at their jobs!

Paul Lowry

I love alpine spinal. They do a great job mixing adjustments with workouts and massage to achieve optimal results. Today Shelby helped me and she’s a great tech.

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