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REVIEWS OF The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness IN Ohio

Grant Saale

Awesome employees and very friendly chiropractors! Such an inviting atmosphere and always super clean. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Liz Meyer

The Winchester Institue is a wonderful facility. Dr. Greg has worked wonders on my headaches, tense shoulders, and back! I also love the ability to follow adjustments with massage. Together they have helped me feel better! The staff at The Winchester Institute is also fabulous...very friendly and attentive to detail!

Austen Gross

As TWI's new Health Coach, I've gained a better understanding of what great chiropractic care truly is. Having been adjusted by Dr. Winchester myself, I've been able to experience firsthand the benefits that multiple adjustments can provide. TWI is a beautiful facility with extremely experienced and knowledgeable doctors whom I trust very much. You can feel confident that you are getting the care and attention that you need here.

Reene Griffin

Ben Huber

I'm not quite sure what the previous poster is referring to. I've been going to Dr. Winchester for about 3 years, I think. I've had great service and great health results as a byproduct of her care. I HAVE had issues with my bills, but it's always been because of problems with my insurance company (Anthem) and have had quite the runaround from Blue Cross. The Winchester Institute has always worked with me during these times of confusion while I'm waiting for things to be re-processed. They've just kept billing me my co-pay and not the additional money the insurance company says I owe, while it all got worked out. My wife and I both go to Dr. Winchester and we have referred friends and co-workers to her regularly. Her chiropractic care has worked wonders in our life. Thanks for all you do. Sounds like Ms. Williamson is just bitter about something and took to public venues to vent her frustration.

Daniel Beliveau

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would recommend The Winchester Institute to anyone!

Janika King

Dr. Winchester was very rude and unprofessional. I came to the Winchester Institute as a potential employee and patient. Everything was smooth until I met the doctor. She was very short with me and rude. The interview was very unprofessional. She kept asking personal questions like, 'Are you married?, Do you have kids?, and How old are you?' I've never been asked such personal things before. Very unprofessional! Doctor Winchester knew that I would also be a patient and I had my own insurance, but she was still very inappropriate. If she treats a potential employee/patient that way, I'm fearful as to how she will treat future patients. I give the Winchester Institute zero stars. Arrogant doctors don't deserve my money!

Chris Cronan

Great practice. I try to send everyone I know here.

Christiana Kelly

Dr Greg, Jasmine, and Aaron are the three staff members that I like to see. They all have done wonders for me and I highly recommend them!

Swati Patil

They have Charopractor,manual therapy, massage, Stretching under under one roof.flexible appointment schedule. Supportive doctors for your overall health.

Laura Saale

Beautiful, clean, and modern facility along with great doctors who are interested in treating the whole person. Chiropractic isn't just for back pain: my headaches, TMJ and neck pain have all been helped so much with regular care from Dr Greg. The massage therapists there are second to none! The staff is friendly and willing to answer all of your questions.

Richard Ortiz

Very friendly staff, a modern facility and flexible scheduling combine to make this a must try if you need chiropractic treatment. Once you meet the people in the office you'll realize that they are not only nice, they actually care about their clients.

Megan O'Neill

Awesome environment! They really take care of their patients.

Brian Bain

Dr Greg is good

Karl Freudenreich

Shannon Jackson

Over 20 years had passed since I had last visited a Chiropractor, I can tell you I was apprehensive as the services provided in the past had limited success. However, I was in such discomfort that I decided to avail myself of the services of Dr. Dana Winchester. I was so pleased with the attention to detail and concern that she and all of her staff showed for me. I never felt like I was merely just a number to be pushed through the system. They took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed them professionally. I would recommend The Winchester Institute to everyone. I drive two hours one way to each of my appointments, and I can tell you the effort is worth it!

KD Hay

Oh my Gosh this place is Phenomenal,,,they know their stuff,,, Dr Mike got me outta pain and customer service is amazing, ,,,wish I could go everyday,,,I always leave feeling awesome♡

Hannah Coon

Linda Richardson


Ed Vawter

Natasha Herrera Zigich

Customer service is phenomenal every time I have come in or called the ladies at the front desk have been patient and flexible around my slightly crazy work schedule. I have only met Dr. Mike and Dr. Greg, but both are very kind and they take time to listen to what is bothering you, and make sure to discuss your goals as far as recovery. The massage therapists and the rehab center have excellent staff that make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in. I would highly recommend Winchester Institute to anyone.

Letty Grossberger

Rex Ramey

I love this place. The people that work here are great.

Logan Awwiller

Very knowledgeable staff, will answer all of your questions.

Douglas Cutler

Katie White

The Winchester Institute is not your ordinary Chiropractic office... They are magical! I have been getting adjustments here since September of 2017 from Dr. Mike and I can honestly say I have no more neck pain and headaches. Plus everyone in the office is very friendly and passionate to educate the community and clients on overall wellness. Thanks =-)

Jeff Madison

Great doctors, office, and staff!

Lydia Gutierrez

Amy Honsberger, LISW-S

Lee Michael

a one-stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs! i would recommend this place to anyone!

Amy Skeels

Molly Baer

Davide Formica

I took my daughter for a hip adjustment treatment. We had a great experience on every level, we received prompt, cordial, quality service with good results.

Sharon Petty

Penny Stange

I highly recommend this practice. My entire family is treated here; the staff and doctors are great with children and adults. I won't go anywhere else!

Justin Gates

I believe this place has changed my life for the better. Only been going for a couple months and my general health and overall mood has improved greatly. Professionals in every area and they are focused on improving quality of life

Kierstan Roberts

I love this practice. The doctors and staff are very friendly and helpful.

Genevieve Like

Rebecca Mosley

I consulted with 3 different chiropractors before making a decision about where to take my infant. The Winchester Institute is professional and in a neat and clean modern setting. Emily at the front desk went above and beyond answering my questions via email and even offered to verify insurance benefits (and did) before I made an appointment. Dr Greg did our consultation and my infants first adjustment. He was very informative, personable and helpful. Every employee we encountered only added to our positive experience. We went home that evening my 6 month old ,who due to his issues doesn't sleep for long periods of time lately, slept for 2 hours straight. He then woke up happy and playful. I cannot remember the last time my baby wasn't fussy and clingy. He played cheerfully for a couple hours! I cried tears of joy. My baby needed some relief and it appears we have made the right choice! Thank you so much Winchester Institute for all you do :)

Rebecca Robinson Lemmon

I was "shopping" for a new practice, primarily one closer to home. I wish I found this practice sooner! After one month I've felt better than 4 months at another practice. Since my first phone call which I had presented a myriad of questions, I was met with pleasant and extremely professional staff members. All of my questions were answered. The diligent chiropractic care is just one reason I love coming here. Dr. Winchester really cares about you as a person, not just as a patient. Only treatments deemed necessary for your case will be performed, nothing more, nothing "cookie-cutter", it is specialized care at its finest. The entire facility and those caring providers in it are all sincerely dedicated to a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. Whatever your needs, I guarantee you will find a reason to come here, and you will wonder why you've waited so long. There are certified personal trainers, highly educated in their field with lots of experience who will help rehabilitate and strengthen your muscles. I won't forget to mention the relaxing medical massages also available by several different nurturing and licensed professionals. This really is the first "one stop shop" I've found for chiropractic care. They also have a certified wellness coach available who will help guide you to optimum health. If you are new to chiropractic care as a patient, I think you'll be amazed at how well you can feel so quickly by coming to this multi-faceted and unique practice.

Aaron Moore

My experience at The Winchester Institute was nothing less than exceptional. My new-patient exam included X-Rays, which helped me understand the issues that I've been having with my neck and back. After talking with the Dr., I was adjusted according to my specific needs. I was a little nervous at first, but the process was quick and painless, leaving me feeling so much better afterward. With the help of TWI, I look forward to continuing my treatment and correcting the strength imbalances and behaviors that led me to this point. I would highly recommend The Winchester Institute to anyone looking for chiropractic care.

Judith Oprandi

Laura Formica

Exceptional chiropractic care and nutritional advice. Dr. Winchester is very knowledgeable, and takes the time to educate you on the body and her approach. The office is really pretty, and everyone from the front desk to the therapists are super nice and professional. A staple for anyone's health care!

Bob Spence

I have been very impressed with the professionalism at the Winchester Institute. I have found Dr. Winchester to be a highly skilled and talented professional. I had been considering surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome, but after her treatments and the work in manipulation, surgery is not necessary. I also want to praise Allie, one of the massage therapists. She has really made a positive difference in my treatments. In summary, the whole team at Winchester is outstanding.

Pat Scholl

Nancy Pratt

Mike Risner

Michael E

Professional and friendly staff. Struggled with a hurt back for a year. Visited a different chiropractor, but there was no improvement. I tried here because it came recommended from a friend and I'm glad I did.

Alexis wilson-glenn

The Winchester Institute is an incredible holistic healing practice that incorporates a mind, body spirit approach to excellent chiropractic care. The practice consists of seven highly skilled medical massage therapist, rehabilitation specialist as well as a wellness consultant, and four excellent chiropractors. The entire staff are friendly and helpful making your healing experience the best anyone could ask for.

Jake Holland

Excellent staff who prioritize the patients needs

Rob Carlisle

Very nice facility. Clean, friendly staff and reasonably priced. An all-in-one place for health. Chiropractor, massage, physical therapy, natural herbs and vitamins and more!

C Coleman

Sandy Black

As a result of a car accident Im struggling with a combination tight muscles as well as pain. Janel, the massage therapist do a fantastic job working with my concern. After the massage I felt my muscles beginning to relax.

MB Collins

Great doctors! Friendly Staff!


olena kopelziw

This place is amazing! Most friendly and knowledgeable staff...don't know what I'd do without Dr. Winchester and Dr Greg. They never push excessive adjustments or therapy but recommend natural supplements or therapies before referring to Specialists. The environment is top notch, comparative to and even better than 5 star spas around the world!

Richard Winning

Jessica Vara

Dr Winchester is seriously the sweetest! She is amazing with both of our boys and with us. Today I showed up for my rehab portion of my therapy and she had kept a toy my son left behind and remembered it was his and gave it to the gentelman who was coaching me to give back to me. She remembers important things about us, and is always so concerned about making our experiences positive. We have never had a bad experience and we have seen every dr. Highly reccomend this establishment.


This was my first ever visit to the chiropractor and they did an excellent job! I was originally scheduled for next week and they got me in same-day when I was in pain. Dr. Mike is very professional and down to earth. The front desk was also very helpful and accommodating. Would recommend to anyone!

Laura Howe

Denis Wang

Be careful, this institute is simply ripping off and not honest. Ms. Winchester offered a free speech at my company's lunch time and I decided to give it a try. I paid two visits. The first time they made some small errors. I am a strong believer that one time error is forgivable. I gave them a second chance but was amused what happened then. Since two time errors in a row are definitely a good representation how the institute treats their patients, I decided to stop seeing her any more and honestly share out my experience here for her future prospects. The first time she over charged me $20 for a knee problem she never treated. I told her my knee has some minor hurts and I took a x-ray somewhere else and she agreed she has to take a look at the x-ray before touching my knees. But I was surprised to see the bill coming with the charge. It could have made no sense if she had tried to 'fix' my knees without even looking at the diagnosing x-rays. The second time, I was put into waiting for more than 45 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. After that, she tried all her efforts trying to rush me into a long term service package and use some high pressure persuasion to let me buy more services because my spines were 'abnormal' and would result in serious problems if I didn't treat them now. I know I was totally fine before walking into her institute. :) The manner how she handled me was so suspicious that I had to paid another trustworthy practitioner to double check what is going on. Not surprisingly, I found myself totally fine with just normal wears and tears for my age. Now one year after her diagnose, I am still healthy, happy and fine. Her manners to treat her patients is so impressive even after one year that I decided to share it out here.

Ryan Hughes

Dr. Winchester and her staff have helped me in so many ways over the past 4 years that I've been a patient. They really take the time to treat the whole you and not just give a quick fix. I'm more self-aware of what causes pain, how to relieve it, and most importantly, how to get stronger in order to avoid it in the first place. In addition to Dr. W and Dr. Greg being great Chiropractors, the Physical Therapy and Massage services are always top notch. Highly recommend this office to everyone!

Jewel Connect

Dr. Dana has been a blessing to me and my children. Her care and expertise has helped me to be conscientious of my health choices and how I love and tend to my body. She responds quickly in urgent situations and she responds with compassion. It is clear that she is invested in her practice and providing stellar service. I have never had a doctor that was so in tune and responsive to my health care needs. Since coming to the Winchester Institute my Fibromyalgia pain has reduced significantly and I look forward to each visit. Her massage therapists are awesome professionals and personable at the same time. A special thanks to Deb (massage) therapist who makes me feel like a new person when she is finished with my manual therapy. Dr. Greg...simply awesome! He is personable and makes sure he addresses any questions I may have My stretching sessions are comprehensive and I walk away feeling better and informed of how to continue improving my health and wellness when I leave. My children look forward to visiting here and Dr. Dana bonds with them. They fuss at who's turn it is to go! If you're looking for a practice where your care is wholistic and consistent, look no further. The Winchester Institute is the place to be and the place to go.

Kyle Koppenhoefer

The doctors and staff at the Winchester Institute are wonderful. Dr. Mike cares about his patients and provides excellent Chiropractic care. The facility is clean, modern and well equipped. Dr. Mike has helped me with my headaches and back pain, and I have heard from several other patients about the significant impact Dr. Mike and the Winchester Institute have had on their health, too.

Beth Phipps

David Ramirez

Chiropractor/rehab/massage therapy all in one. The entire staff is professional and knowledgeable.

Michael Suplicki

A great facility that captures all aspects of health and wellness. They have a wonderful staff who make it their utmost responsibility to provide the best form of care in and out of the adjusting room. The facility is always clean and pleasant to be in as well as a staff that's both professional and courteous.

Alexei Levitski

Absolutely horrible customer service! They write services onto your bill that weren't even done, the receptionist (Rebecca) was extremely rude over the phone and continued to cut me off mid sentence while explaining my situation. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BILL BECAUSE THEY WILL ADD SERVICES ONTO YOUR BILL EVEN IF THEY DONT PERFORM THEM... I was a patient there for over 6 months 3 times a week spending thousands of dollars with massage therapy adjustments and physical therapy, the service they perform is good however they are fraudulent and rude.

amy dillon

This office is so pleasant. Dr. Mike is awesome and their spa services are great!!!


Dr. Gregg does a great job. The facility is really nice and very clean. I also get the stretching. It helps so much. The staff are very nice and really know what they are doing.

Velusamy Velu


Michelle Back

I've never received chiropractic care until I went to The Winchester Institute and saw Dr. Greg. I am so glad I chose them for my care. The doctors and staff here were all very nice and helpful and explained every step of my visit to me. Dr. Greg gave me a precise treatment plan and I feel great. I recommend them to everyone as I learned that you don't only need chiropractic care when your back hurts, but for overall health.

Ashleigh Lisovich

I have worked for Dr. Winchester and with the rest of the TWI team for over a year and a half, and I have loved every moment! We are an amazing team that does everything we can for our patients! I am a patient of Dr. Greg and he has helped me tremendously with my ear aches, low back pain, and neck pain. Highly recommend coming to The Winchester Institute!

Amanda Ferguson

Rachel Hopmoen

Kate McCausland

I was scheduled for a free consultation. I arrived to my appointment and had my consultation as well as xrays. I was unaware that xrays would be paid for out of pocket as I thought it was included in the consultation or at least covered by my insurance. I doubled and triple checked that my insurance company would cover all costs. I double and triple checked with the staff. I arrive to check out to discover that I owed over $100. I was scheduled to help one of my best friends move across the country next month. I will now be unable to do so and will have to cancel my vacation plans. A waste of money and with my luck a waste of PTO as I do not think I will be able to unschedule it. The staff was very friendly and respectful, but I cannot do business with a company who would not adequately discuss financial obligations up front. A shame, because I really am in a lot of pain and was looking forward to taking care of several issues. I just hope that they work on their communication with clients as this fee has cost me more than just money, but valuable time with a dear friend.

Joel torgison

I went into this place because I had been experiencing muscular pain in my chest. My doctor had previously suggested physical therapy but I figured I would supplement with massage and some chiropractic treatment. I thought I would give this place a shot. My initial reactions were positive, their facilities are very nice. Most of my first appointment went well until we came down to the treatment plan proposal. The guy said I would need 6 treatments a week for six weeks at $40 copay per trip. The cost is probably related to my type of insurance so that is not the problem. The problem I had was related to the proposed treatment plan. The suggested plan involved lower body adjustments and other things that seemed completely unrelated to my problem. In addition, when I suggested that I did not have the time to attend 6 times a week. Rather than work with me to find a treatment plan that works for my schedule/needs the guy actually said, "Look you came to me." Implying that I should just do what he says with no discussion. Eventually, he worked with me to find something reasonable but after how pushy he was and how the treatment didn't seem to focus the area I was concerned with, I was just done. Bottom line, I felt like they were trying to book me for as many appointments as possible and in order to do that they were willing to provide treatment that was not necessary. This was not the result I wanted. This is not somewhere I would go again. Eventually I found the help I needed and the treatment did not even close to resemble his suggestions. This confirmed my suspicions.

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