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REVIEWS OF Peak Performance Sports Therapy IN Ohio


If you have Back Pain or pain radiating down your buttocks, leg, etc, I highly recommend Andy Shetterly! He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly! I was diagnosed with sever Periformis Syndrome, among many other back conditions. My pain level would hit a solid 10 on some days. After seeing Andy a few times, I was able to sit comfortably, started to regain motion, flexibility and began exercising again. I have been to many drs and chiropractors with nothing but an empty wallet and still suffering in great pain. Andy is truly unique in his treatments. He treated my back and buttocks with the ART treatment . Since starting with Andy two months ago, I am pleased to say I am almost pain free! My pain went from a 10 on bad days to a 2 on bad days. If you are suffering from any back or joint issues, I suggest working with Andy Shetterly before doing any drastic surgery! Andy has helped me regain my life! I am extremely happy to have Andy in my life. If he could help a guy like me with all my stress and intolerable pain, I think he can help most people achieve a more active pain free life! Thank you Andy for your hard work, dedication and knowledge. You're simply the best practitioner I've ever seen!!!

Margaret Buchanan

Andy is a pro. No matter what your issues are, he knows how to get you back feeling 100%. I have gone to Andy for over three years. He listens to you, is a really nice guy. Whether you are an athlete or just a regular person , he can help you. I’ve worked with many different massage therapist , he is one of the best. Margaret

Eric Feigl

Nick LaBoffe

Andy's services are world class and should be in every runners bag of tricks. I see him for overuse injuries as well as general maintenance stay healthy. I highly recommend his services!!!

Kenny Schulte

Small office space but very knowledgeable and helped me with lower back pain.

Katie Mills

I cannot express how wonderful Andy is. His specific expertise in massage and pressure points, knowledge of the muscles in the body, and willingness to listen to your needs are amazing. After have two hip labrum surgeries in three years, I am finally feeling back to normal because of my sessions with Andy.

William Hoffman

Highly recommend. Positive experience. Exceeded expectations.

Lauren Slouffman

I am a high level dancer in college and have had a great experience at Peak Performance! They really strive to to bring your body to its fulledt potential. I have acquired more range of motion in some of my muscles than I have ever had before. I highly reccomend them to any person or athlete!

Victoria Kinney

I highly recommend Peak Performance Sports for all those who are struggling to find answers regarding pain. After seeing several orthopedic doctors, I was told that my 15 year old daughter would never be able to run or play volleyball without pain. Thankfully, I did some research and found Andy. He had the knowledge to immediately pinpoint the source of her pain, and within a month she was pain free! This was an issue we had previously spent 6 months trying to resolve with doctors and physical therapist. Andy is an expert at administering ART techniques and will teach you how to continue the therapy at home. Lastly, I have to say he is extremely caring, sympathetic and kind. My daughter and I always felt comfortable with Andy!

Endo North

Simply put, Andy Shetterly is the absolute best at what he does. He has saved me from nagging muscular pain countless times.

Adam Gregory

Kyle Conway

Tom Hoffman

I can't speak more highly of my experience with Peak Performance. I initially started going to Andy for basic running injuries, which typically improved after one session. Over the years he has helped relieve numbness and pain in my shoulder; knee pain, hip pain, and foot pain resulting from a surgery gone bad. I'm convinced I'm still running because of his work. Andy knows what he is doing. I have recommended him to many friends who have had results similar to mine.

Bobby JJ

Andy is a gifted therapist!

Robyn Breiman

Only two sessions and I’m better!

Dino Lucarelli II

I originally scheduled an appointment to address lower back pain issues from bicycling. By the time of my visit, however, minor running injuries were piling up, and I was only a few weeks out from my first marathon. Andy was able to relieve the back pain AND my running injuries (foot and knee) prior to the marathon, and I completed the race without any problems! I also appreciate Andy's personal approach. He was genuinely interested in my recovery and was happy to communicate back and forth between visits.

Joe Gockerman

I am not a world class athlete, but I do try and stay active. Andy has been very helpful getting through some persistent calf muscle strains. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone looking for an innovate approach to sports therapy.

Bill Moran

Andy is a tremendously dedicated and talented Sports Therapist. His care helps athletes and even weekend warriors recover and perform at their best. He is a true professional and a leader in his field.

Michael Frabetti

I have been going to Andy for years for all types of injuries and pain. Andy is truly gifted and a healer! He intergrates the most advanced techniques and is committed to making you feel and perform better. Mike

Linda Goldenhar

I’ve been seeing andy for a number of years. When I first came to him I was a mess-back, ankles, shoulder. He fixed me up! He knows his stuff and works with clients to make sure he’s addressin their needs. I sent many friends and family members to see him. In addition to his professionalism and skills , he’s just a great guy to be around. Very positive energy. Thanks Andy!!

Miles Burke

Andy is superb! As a physician and surgeon, I can assure you that Andy's capability as a musculoskeletal therapeutist (certified in active release techniques, trigenics, and neuromuscular therapies) is the best I've found in Cincinnati. A colleague referred me to him to help my shoulders - and my golf game. He helped but also found other areas of my body that were too tight or inflexible. His therapy keeps my body as HAPPY as he and I are able to manage. And my golf game is better and pain free!!! I have referred patients of mine and family members - he has helped them all. Andy's enthusiasm is contagious. Make an appointment with him YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Susan Balsone

I feel very fortunate to have found a skilled and professional therapist in Andy Shetterly of Peak Performance Sports Therapy. I was having some significant back pain when I went to see him. I couldn’t bend over to pick up the mail on my front porch without severe pain coursing through my back. I couldn’t do anything but sit still on the couch. After my first visit with Andy, I starting feeling so much better. Two weeks after that first visit, I am back to playing tennis, running, weight training, just living my normal life; without pain. Andy knows what he’s doing and he is very skilled. He also genuinely cares about his patients, and I appreciate that too! I give Peak Performance Sports Therapy and Andy Shetterly 5+ stars and a big “Thank you”!

Whitney Allen

Andy was a great communicator and did an excellent job. I wouldn’t have survived my marathon training without him. He’s super easy going and was always willing to answer my questions!

Madeline Miller

Mike Canan

As a runner who puts in a lot of mileage, I need someone I can count on to make sure my body stays in peak condition. Andy is one of the most skilled professionals I've ever worked with. He finds the roots of problems and fixes them.

Shari Steinhaus

Andy Shetterly is fantastic. I originally went to him off a referral for recurring muscle spasms following my workouts. His methods not only cured my spasms but also showed me how to prevent it from happening in the future. Andy is extremely knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and is super professional. I am planning to make an appointment every few months for prevention. On a side note, you don't need an injury to visit Andy. I highly recommend Peak Performance Sports Therapy.

Gretch Mama

Andy has a 'magical' way of fixing what ails you. He was able to get my daughter back on the court with less aches and pains than ever before. We can never thank him enough for all of his help through her high school career with her back, shoulder, ankle and hamstring. Instead of 'playing hurt' she was able to play in minimal pain and was back to 100% more quickly because of Andy. I highly recommend this for everyone.

Renee Waller

Peak Performance Sports Therapy has greatly reduced my upper back pain that I’ve been dealing with for years, after one visit I could tell a difference. I would highly recommend!

Meredith Moore

I have been dealing with varying degrees of lower back pain for over half of my life. It recently flared up again after starting a new job that is pretty physically demanding. I sought out Peak Performance because I was looking for a place that practiced ART, something that isn’t available where I live (Louisville, KY). I have been twice so far and have had positive experiences both times. Andy was able to find and release a lot of tension in my muscles, and as a result, I feel looser and have an improved range of mobility. He also showed me some exercises I can do at home. I’ve since been able to perform my job and engage in other physical activities without pain or fear of injury. Would highly recommend!

Sandra Taylor

Andy is amazing, and I enthusiastically recommend him. As an avid runner suffering with plantar fasciitis and significant heal pain for several years, I was able to “manage” the ongoing pain with the help of several professionals, including chiropractors, a podiatrist and various therapists. On my first visit to Andy, he was able to identify the source of my problems, and gave me specific, proactive stretching exercises needed to actually “cure” my issue. Thanks to Andy and a few visits to him for maintenance, I am now able to fully enjoy the running that I love with no pain!

Sema'j La Flora

I recently took my boyfriend here as a surprise for his birthday. We absolutely loved Andy! As soon as they got to work on my boyfriends back,I picked up a few things that I definitely want to try out soon. Now, after one session, my boyfriend has already been feeling some relief. And he’s been having pain for years. We will definitely be going back shortly.

Jessica Rodkey

I was referred to see Andy from several folks in my running group. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body. I saw him 2 separate times, each time alleviating pain and learning new stretches. He is very professional, and tells you exactly what he is doing and why. I learned quite a bit about why I was experiencing the pain after running long distances. I frankly wish I had seen him years ago. Would give 100 stars if possible.

Angela Malan

I was visiting from out of state, looked up the active release technique, and found Andy. He worked me into his schedule and is amazing. I wish he lived close by so I could work with him all the time! I have rib pain from coughing and strained the muscles. He worked a whole lot of the pain out and made it where I could function without pain again! He does phenomenal work!

Danielle Wolf

Great experience. Andy is amazing. He has really helped my body recover and loosen up. I have had a lot of injuries and wear and tear on my body - Andy has always done an incredible job on pin pointing the problem, addressing it and helping me heal. I would recommend Andy to anyone and everyone. He really is the best at what he does.

Ben Ebert

Peak Performance is amazing. I went in to get a general tune up. Andy did some great work. Fixed up great. After my visit my runs were smoother and my whole body feels great.

Lori Moore

Andy is currently treating me for piriformis syndrome. I have tried many different treatments including: medications, ultrasound, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and 4 nerve blocks. After receiving ART therapy with Andy for six weeks, I experienced significant results with reduction in pain. I highly recommend Andy Shetterly.

Christin G

Awesome!!! Andy did an amazing job to help me with my trigger points release. I spent huge $$$ in PT and massages. His work is something must try if you are an athlete or someone who got in accident and recovering.

Zachary Ford

Andy did a great job with helping me recover from repeat hamstring pulls. Also gave me some good stretching techniques to do at home to help me stay loose and injury free.

S BTrip

3 years ago, I was exercising and ouch. A pain under the back side of my right shoulder. I was sure I pulled something and waited patiently 2 months but the pain persisted and affected my every day activities such as work, playing with the kids and worse of all, sleeping. I went to an orthopedic shoulder specialist who gave me a cortisone injection and prescribed physical therapy. The injection did nothing. I was very good about PT and went 15 times but my pain worsened. Went back to the orthopedist who gave me another injection in a different spot. No improvement. They told me the next step was surgery which scared the daylights out of me since I'm a dentist and shoulder surgery means missing 2 months of work if I'm lucky. For some it's a career ender. I went 1 year with unresolved pain which I thought about all the time. I got to a point where I didn't think I would be able to work anymore. I was taking 600mg ibuprofen 3 times a day. Then I miraculously stumbled on Andy. I went to the 1st visit skeptical but left very hopeful. The office was very nice, dozens of certificates and awards hung on the wall. Testimonials from athletes abounded. In 1 60 minute session I felt a 50% reduction in my pain. I could tell as he was working on the numerous trigger points around my shoulder, biceps, pecs, etc that he had found the sources of the pain and I felt encouraged. I knew as he was 'doing his thing' that I was in the hands of a true expert ... a true healer. I came back weekly for about 10 sessions before my pain was 100% gone. I can't believe that I suffered over 1.5 years with a stupid shoulder issue before seeing the real expert. I wish I had started with Andy in the 1st place. Since then, I've actually committed to seeing Andy weekly to maintain my body pain free. I'm not an athlete but my work is very difficult physically and longevity is important to me. Andy helps keep me pain free! I'm not a physician but my advice to everyone is to consider Andy as the 1st or 2nd line of treatment for any musculoskeletal pain. He's very good at what he does and really knows his job. If he sees something he can't help with, he'll refer to the appropriate medical specialist. If I could give him 10 stars, I would. I highly recommend him! Good luck.

Tim Mouser

Andy Shetterly of Peak Performance is awesome. Best in class!

Dave Voelker

I have had chronic neck pain for many years and have been through physical therapy, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, massage therapy, and all the rest. Most of those things can provide me with some limited short-term relief but a single session with Andy went beyond all of those combined. This is not your grandma's massage, this is therapy and you will definitely feel the difference. It is not always comfortable like a massage for fun but it was an incredible relief to get off of the table pain-free with more range of motion than I had had in months. I have recommended several others to Andy and will continue to do so.

Cameron Cristofoli

Andy at Peak Sports Therapy was nothing short of incredible! The consultation phone call was easy and he took the time to listen to my problem and pinpointed what was wrong. The treatment left me feeling better after each session from a chronic injury in my neck. Scheduling was easy as Andy worked around my schedule to my benefit. Overall, Peak Performance Sports Therapy found my problem and gave me my active lifestyle back. I recommend Andy at Peak Sports Performance Therapy for almost any muscle related injury.

Tom Azallion

Andy has helped me to keep my training on track for the up coming season. I developed numbness on the bottom forefoot after running 3 to 4 miles. After having this issue for several months, Andy treated me and after the first visit I have not had the issue since!

Tain Lee

Dr Andy is great. I love his determination to get you feeling well again. I really appreciated his help! He does some great ART and soft tissue work.

James Southward

Excellent muscle therapy! Andy"s skill set to address muscle, ligament & tendon issues is un-matched in the tri-state area. I highly recommend Peak Performance Sport's Therapy!

Brandon Turner

This place is fantastic! I had a long history of knee pain and stiffness after a sports-related knee surgery several years ago. Eventually it began to limit my ability to do my normal activities and I knew something had to change. The myofascial release and other treatments felt like they gave me my body back--pain I had been dealing with for months was significantly reduced. As a medical student training to become a doctor, I appreciated how thorough Andy was and how well he understood the important anatomy necessary to access the right triggers causing my pain. Andy also is just a fun and very kind guy to be around--I highly recommend his services!!

Krista Morrison

My son said he did something magic to heal his back discomfort from rowing.

Rachel Hoschner

Andy has been great to get me moving again and reducing the pain I have been in. Would highly recommend.

Gwen Moulton

Andy, whom I have been to twice, is easily one of the most effective and pleasant massage/bodywork professionals I have been to over the years. He was able to quickly home in on problem areas on my neck, back and one hip and used multiple modalities to great effect. He suggested I consider purchasing a J-shaped deep pressure massager which I did. (My sibling used it and bought one as well.) I highly recommend Andy, a true master of his craft.

Alex Van Leeuwen

After months of hard training and within a month of my first IRONMAN triathlon, I started getting knee pain that prevented me from running. Terrified of the impact this would have on my ability to finish the race, I reached out to Andy at Peak Performance Sports Therapy. He was able to diagnose the issue (IT Band) in the first visit and in very short time had me back to 100%. He also taught me techniques to prevent this pain from coming back that have worked for the past two years. Andy is great at working with athletes and is definitely someone you want on your team to get you to 100%! He's a great guy and is a true expert!

Meghan Cielenski

Andy is the best! He keeps me running. Last year, I trained and completed my first marathon. Unfortunately, I was injured after. After over 6 months of physical therapy, massage therapy, dry needling, anything you could think of, I still could not run. Another runner recommended Andy, so I thought why not? I'll give it a try. The therapy he provides is the only thing that got me back running. Thanks to him, I was able to run my 2nd marathon this past spring and am training for my 3rd! He is very knowledgeable and an expert at what he does. He is very responsive and always finds time to fit me in (even with last minute requests). I have had nothing but great results and highly recommend!!

Teresa Marshall

Andy is excellent, he has a unique skillset not found anywhere else in the Cinti area. He is able to identify and work on muscles to relieve acute and chronic issues!

Cathy Major

Andy is outstanding at identifying how to treat pain points and is genuinely interested in solving for long term solutions.

Drake Stimson

I'm a member of the Notre Dame track team and had been having trouble doing of our workouts with the back pain from a car accident I got in a few weeks earlier. After a few sessions with Andy I was feeling a lot better. I would highly recommend him

Paige Dixon


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