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Sara Hartman

The two stars are for the therapists who did their jobs well. The -3 stars are for the rest of the Elements staff. Three strikes against me. 1. Signed up for monthly massage package that was automatically billed to me every month. Scheduled an appointment for a friend with my account. They did not listen to her when she said the appointment was under my account, but rather tried to sign her up for a monthly package of her own. She ended up having to pay the full price for the massage I had scheduled for her. They would not refund her after I called to sort out the mistake. 2. Canceled the monthly massages at the end of summer. Filled out the cancellation paperwork as a staff member assured me I would not be billed any longer. They tried to bill me for the next two months. The billing staff had no idea that I had ever canceled. 3. Went for one last massage last week, the one that went "unused" because of the mistake they made with my friend earlier in the year. When I got there, they said that my appointment "fell out" of their system. I was not able to get a massage that night. Very disappointed and declined the offer for an upgrade if I scheduled another appointment. How could I know that my appointment wouldn't "fall out" of the system again? I have no interest in doing any more business with Elements Massage of Easton. Be wary.

Amy Collins

Somali American

G Love

Winona Bellard

Staff very friendly, will visit again.

Cindi Erb

James Sabino

Braedon Frisch

The massage service was good, however, administration is not willing to work around extenuating circumstances. Would've considered recommending to friends and possibly returning myself, but not anymore. Was told I'd receive refund from front desk, manager then said the opposite.

Erica Darr

The massages are amazing but the office staff are incompetent. I have had them forget to check me in multipule times. Also, it should be noted that you need to give them 31 day notice to cancel your membership not 30 as they describe. If you call in on the month they will refuse to cancel and charge you for another month (both the month you are paying for that day and another on top--so cancellation actually requires you pay two additional months).

Ambra .

Great place! My husband and I received much needed massages by Caitlin and Liz. They were wonderful. We will be returning soon.

Sophie Narotski

Jess Duryea

I scheduled 3 massages at the same time for my daughters and told them they had to be at same time and that it was a birthday celebration. Elements tried to call one of them to say the therapist was not available but did not leave a message. The girls showed up, they had all 3 fill out paperwork but only 2 were called back to the massages. After 10 minutes, I called and asked why my third daughter was still waiting for her massage. Then I was told her therapist was not coming. They offered a free massage but the birthday massages was already ruined since they needed to be at the same time. The girls had driven an hour for these massages. I said I would not pay at all due to their mistake so they then ended the other massages early. Terrible scheduling and communication issues. Elements called me the next day but offered nothing to resolve it and tried to blame my daughter for not answering her phone. Horrible customer service. We will not try again.

Mindy Moss

Caitlyn Stiffler

Massage therapist was great (however I walked in at 6 and my hour massage ended at 6:45). The receptionists are always awful though. They are nice, but have no idea what they’re doing. I’ve tried to call for managers and they also never seem to know when they’re in and the managers never call me back. I cancelled my reoccurring appointment and they wouldn’t let me do it over the phone or email or even send me the form to fill out and drop off. So I go in to do it 3 days later than the cycle date and they tell me I’ll be charged again because it’s not 30 days notice and it’s not their fault, it’s my bank. Which is ridiculous to me. Plus, the first time I went in they told me that I didn’t have an appointment, but I showed them where I called and emailed about the appointment. They only offered to reschedule, nothing else.

kelly webb

Fantastic massage today!

Yolanda Womack

Tracie Gutches

Amazing massage and atmosphere

Kelly Ewing

Angela was amazing. Best massage I ever had

Alesia Combs

As an 8+ years cancer patient currently receiving chemo and a marathon runner, the massages I get I consider them as a part of health team. Angela at Easton is my Angel. After a race or treatment she helps my body recover via a massage. Whether a regular 60 minute session or a session with the hot stones, it's as though she consulted with my oncologist to provide just what I need. Forever a client.

Makusuweru San

Patrick knows what he is doing. I will request him specifically from now on

Briana Johnson

Kathryn Edwards

I love going here I know I can afford the hr massage which helps me keep my position at my work. So thank you guys for your hard work.

Tiffany Owens

The staff members were very polite and answered all of my questions. I was also given many options as to how i wanted my services. My therapist was very knowledgeable about her craft. Book Shay!

Danielle Curd

Alexis Sanborn

Brandy Nos

Lee Mudd

Mirna Stankovic

Wow! My first time visiting, I was walking in just to have a simple massage and go home! BUT Nicole did outstanding job! Bin of massages for a three years thanks to Massage Envy with a bad jobs and bad members how they treat you! I’m so thankful I found place that have super friendly front desk people! Can’t wait for my next appointment! Ps: please check you bad before so bad is warming before I get in!

Chris Crum

I signed up for the monthly package and it has been nothing but amazing. Every therapist has been fantastic!

Nikki Triplett

Horrible! I worked here. Employees barely make 1/3 of what you are charged. Management tries sometimes but are at the mercy of the owners. To them you are slave labor/hired help. You are under appreciated and over worked. Only apply if you need a check but always keep looking for better. I was also refused my last installment of a sign on bonus because I gave a letter of resignation 3 weeks before I left. Which happened to be 2 weeks after my year anniversary which is when I was to receive that last payment. There are a few good therapists here but I assure you they won't be for long if they have any sense.

Dan The Metal Roof Company

The worst front desk experience you could ask for. Joined 4 or 5 months ago for a therapist that I wanted to use. Went to schedule w them and was told the therapist no longer works there. Each time I called a schedule there is no availability for any therapist. I canceled my membership 4 months in after not being able to use an appointment, yet they charged my card for each month the membership fee. At the time I canceled I was told They would have to bill me for the next 2 months, April and may and that I had accumulated X amount of appointments that were paid for by the membership monthly fees. Calling now to use those appointments that have been paid for by feb march april fee and told by the front desk I have no appointments. Response from staff, " I can't do nothing about it".

Elizabeth Martin

Stephen Roach

My massage therapist Crystal was very good. If you're going to go there and need deep tissue massage I highly recommend.

Chase Clouse

I've been coming here for years. I really enjoy the quality of the massages for the price you pay. My complaint is the constant rotation of staff and regular rescheduling of appointments. I really struggle to understand why every other appointment has to be rescheduled for one reason or another. We schedule appointments to match the availability of our time. Constant rescheduling really affects that. 1/15/19: I'm officially done with this place. I showed up on 1/14 for my scheduled massage just to find out that nobody "put it on the schedule". What does that mean? I have an email confirmation from these guys REMINDING ME that I have an appointment and when I show up they tell me I don't? The young lady at the counter offered to reschedule me for the next day so i begrudgingly agreed. They offered me a free upgrade for my massage for the inconvenience. This was supposed to be hot stones. Turns out therapist they put me with can only do salt stones..... Problem number 55775776 with these people.... So I agreed, again, to compromise. The therapist was terrible. She was rough, not consistent, paid no attention to the fact I was there to relax, made tons of noise with the stones, dropped one on my back, covered me in so much oil I looked like a greased chicken. She didn't listen to anything I tried to tell her. I literally walked out feeling 100% worse than I did when I went in. I told the lady at the counter my issues and said she would pass it on. They never do. Nothing ever happens . They lie on reviews and say they reach out to their customer, no they don't. I've been through this mess before with them. Total waste of years of money and patronage to this place. Canceling my membership and recommend you go somewhere else.

Jared Hoylman

Nice and relaxing!

Andrea Lynn

Not at all happy with the customer service we received here. When I came in to cancel my membership I told the associate that I just had my eyes dilated and that I needed her to tell me the key cancelation points. I specifically asked how long I had until my two massages on file would expire. She told me one year. I called recently to book my two massages and was told I longer had any on file. The person on the phone stated that the lady that told me I had a year to use them was no longer working there due to giving out false information. I find that highly unprofessional first of all. But I was very angry to discover that the original associate that cancelled my membership should have explained that if I transferred the two massages onto a gift card I would have 5 years to use them. I was not told that information. Why on Earth would I not have turned them in to a gift card? It logistically makes zero sense. I am beyond livid. I have worked in the beauty industry for 20 plus years. I have never run in to this level of unprofessionalism and misinformation. Needless to say we will not be back nor will I ever recommend your facility to any of my clients.

Ashleigh Hays

The environment is very relaxing with a great staff - friendly, accommodating with each session based on your specific needs.

Miranda Griffith

Sarah Swank Campbell

Shay was professional and super strong. She gave me good feedback about stretching in between massages.

Amoony N

I had severe pain in my upper back. Shay took all that away in 3 sessions. The staff and manger are very nice and welcoming.

JT Runyan

Elliott Smith

It was a great Experience. Betty is the best Massage Therapist that I have encounter in a long while. I suggest you all try her once. She does deep tissue muscle and wow. I can finally move my hamstring now. Great job Betty.

Carol Whitmer

Phyllis Rowan

Christy Lakeman

Arion Marie

My experience on Saturday was probably the best I’ve had since I joined!

Samantha goings

I went in for a couples massage as a birthday/ valentines day gift and the ruined the moment.. There was no relief from the massage for me,the Lady kept pausing while she was massaging me during the session Then they asked me did I want to go to the restroom to get comfortable before they start the massage not telling me that it will come out my session even getting undressed comes out the session My suppose to be hour long massage mostly consisted of the woman chatting me up and talking with another massuese in the room. The massage also only lasted 40 minutes I talked to the front desk manager the say its 50 minutes because they take 10 minutes off rip for getting undressed Long story short i spoke to the real manager and basically she wanted me to pay for another massage discounted I listen to these reviews they are very true I wish I would of read them before I booked but they was the only place not booked at the last minute go to a place that will give you what you pay for my last place started the timer when they touched my back

Natalie Reis

Really enjoyed our couples massage! Relaxing atmosphere and professional staff.

Howard Baum

Very friendly staff.

shantinagar 7210

One phone they said they take walk-ins but once I got there they told me that they did not. They gave me attitude. My wife came in right after me she felt unwelcome. One of the ladies kept staring at us but she was waiting for us to leave.

Kaly Thayer

Very communicative staff, professional therapists, great location.

Dan Mckay

I had a great first visit to Elements Massage. Everyone was professional and the massage itself helped alleviate the neck pain I was dealing with. Thanks!

Jamie Polzin

Easy scheduling, helpful staff. Irina was a very knowledgable and fantastic masseuse!

ray Johnson

Easy to find, great customer service, wonderful massage

Leela Ghimiray

Aimee M

Membership expired and I still had sessions left on my account to use. When I went to schedule my session, it had been past the 60 allotted days. I told them that I was not notified of this and I had paid for it so I didn’t see the problem. The lady at the desk told me since it is written in the fine print there was nothing she could do. Thanks elements for failing to notify me. I feel like that fine print should not be written so fine and should be stated loud and clear. I feel scammed. 1 Star!

April Swain

Emily Parrott

I will never spend another penny at this place again. Two visits in a row have been cancelled after driving an hour one way. Both were of the fault of the company. I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years and the service has been great until now. Waiting on a call back to “resolve” things, but I am not holding my breath by what I was told from the front desk staff. Absolutely terrible customer service to offer nothing more than “a free upgrade service” for over 3 hours of missed massages and nearly 4 hours of drive time. Take your money elsewhere or you might never see it again!

Bernice Jackson

The massage was awesome, the only problem was the appointment clerk kept messing up my appointment dates, when i came in for my appointment, I wasn't on the schedule but my ticket showed I was scheduled for that day. This happened twice. I will give them another chance and hope that the appointment scheduling has gotten better.

Adam Maginot

Great experience! Was very relaxing.

Brad Cowgill

When I signed up for the membership the girl at the front desk told me if I canceled I would not be billed again. Come to find out when I cancelled that I would be billed one more time. Two months later I am still being billed for the membership. Called and left a message asking for a manager callback, but of course no one called. This company has questionable ethics, I would go anywhere else.

Beth Hopewood

Jaasiel Rubeck

Angela was amazing, and the entire front desk staff also made the experience great!

Lori Benseler

Everyone was friendly, even pointing out a parking spot opening so I wouldn't have to pay a meter. Nicole was great. Very friendly and made sure I didn't miss a minute of my massage. Nicole was also very sweet about asking if I like to talk or have a quiet massage. She wanted to be sure she was doing all to make it a great experience.

taylor axene

Always great service!! Love Matt, he does a wonderful job!


Great communication, easy scheduling, reasonably priced, and great massage.

Annette Matthew

Rich Oliver

I have been a member for approx 3 years. In that period of time I have had most of the therapist that I worked with leave. I understand the turn in this type of business, however, it seems much higher than normal here. My main issue is having to "try out"new therapist each time till you get the right one, when you finally do, they are always booked at the times you need or want. My most recent issue ,I showed up on Sunday for my 10:30, they said they had me for March 25th not Feb 25th...ok, mistakes happen, then informed me that my therapist left. No offer of who would be the replacement etc..If I did not come in this Sunday, I would not have been notified that my therapist had left, and be stuck with whoever may have had an opening at that time just three days before my March 25th appt. Obviously this is done on purpose so you have to fit back into their schedule. I canceled my membership out of frustration, this has happened to many times and you never know what you will get when you show up..I got a voicemail after 3 days from Lauren, saying they heard I am canceling cause of some schedule messup and I would need to use my session I have left by May 1..or I lose it..that was the end of the message. I would not recommend utilizing this location if you are using Elements..

Jess E.

I went here for a couples massage. It was my first and my husbands second massage. It is easy to schedule, which is a plus. The staff is very friendly. The massage itself was just ok. I expected way more. I booked a Swedish massage both my husband and I. From what I understand, it's supposed to be nice long strokes and very relaxing. My husband got tortured. The tech was using her fist to pound his hips and what not. My tech applied pressure to certain spots but didn't do very much "massaging". She spent at least 5 minutes "sending me positive energy" which I find hilarious. I probably wouldn't go back to that particular place. The staff is friendly but the massage was lacking.

Emily Armitage

Chrissy Janlin

I love the atmosphere and the massage therapists do such an amazing job! Very professional and they focus on your targeted areas of concerns.

Rob Reichenbach

Nice calming atmosphere.

juan cruz

Hands down Nicole was the best! Pays close attention to detail. Great pressure. Very knowledgeable......And Speaks English and Spanish which is helpful.

Chris Needham

Glenn Fugitt

Liz was great and worked the areas I needed the most attention.

Devon Swick

alicia sullivan

Great Massage!! Thanks Felix!!

Kylie Tenney

The staff is excellent, I had a major miscommunication about price and they handled it beautifully. They took what could have been an even more embarrassing situation and turned it around! They're great. I should also mention how incredible the massage therapists are here. I've had multiple rounds of massage therapy in the past and Crystal is definitely one of the best I've ever had. I have some serious issues from car accidents and she provided me with immediate relief upon leaving. Call them today!!

Annie Pynch

Cherika Taylor

Kristin Ebert

Warren Cole

Sandra Lamb was awesome. After an horrible experience at a different place Sandra took her time to find all the knots in my back and neck and worked them out. Friendly people great atmosphere. All around awesome experience!

Lisa Justice

Staff is welcoming, spa is clean, services are great!

Linda Diemer

Very relaxing! My back was tight and it felt great after the massage. Thanks Nicole!

Paul Stahley

I booked a massage for my wife as a birthday gift. I made the appointment and changed it 1 hour later (due to a conflict in her schedule). On the day of the original appointment, they charged a "no show" fee - even though they admitted to seeing that the appointment was rescheduled.

Balpreet Kaur

Sarah Rhoads

Love every massage I get here! They are easy to schedule with and very professional.

Angie Castle

Dawne Ross

Jennifer Loy

Great job by Patrick and Danielle! They were just fantastic!

Josh Sexton

Leachuin Dean Jr.

M. Monnette

easy to book, friendly and informative staff who helped me through one of my first massage experiences and gave me good advice on how to help my tight muscles.

Jason Miller

Visited this location 3 times. 1st visit was great. Booking was a breeze and the masseuse was knowledgeable and seemed to care about his work/clientele. Second visit was unnervingly frustrating. To give a little background, I pursue deep tissue massage therapy due to chronic back pain. I made this clear over the phone for my second visit, as I always do no matter where I’m visiting for a massage. After checking in, being shown to my room, undressing, laying down, etc. the masseuse asked me what I’d like to focus on. Following my response, which I’m sure was covered before hand, I hear in return “I can do firm, but deep tissue isn’t really my thing”... I felt urged to throw a fit, but I i gave the go ahead optimistically hoping that maybe I’d still receive some relief. The massage was relaxing, but far from therapeutic. I mentioned my dilemma to the receptionist afterward without any attempt at rectification. I was more or less nodded off as if this were a routine complaint. At that point I decided I wouldn’t be returning. However, I had some money left on my account that was loaded via gift cards. It wasn’t a lot, but substantial enough to give this property another chance. My third and final visit was pretty lousy as well. Again I mentioned my chronic back pain and problem areas. My masseuse acknowledged these before my 90 minute massage but continued to spend 60 minutes elsewhere leaving roughly 12 minutes to work on my difficult back. If this math seems off, it’s because they take their time getting you to your quarters/starting your massage and they wrap things up 5-10 minutes early so you can get dressed. If you take nothing else from this review, at least remember that you will receive roughly 15 minutes short of whatever time allotment you are paying for. Anyway the masseuse seemed to have no idea what to do with my knotted back, which is why I assume he spent so much time avoiding it. When he did end up getting there, he bounced around my problem area with nothing but his elbow. Didn’t ask any questions or offer any adjustments. Again I left with very little relief. It’s easy to blame the masseurs but I’m not here to do that. In fact I left all three 20% or more as a tip. I’m Blaming the establishment because it seems they have no integrity regarding their client’s needs. If that were the case, scheduling would be done with better care. However, it just seems like they will take as many appointments as possible and hope that their insufficient staff can fill in the blanks. I’m just here to say, don’t count on it. You’ll have better luck at Massage Envy.

Annie Gabriel

Nish R

This summer I had neck and back issues because of staying behind a computer for extended amount of time. After going in and talking to Angela about the pain she was able to provide massages that eased and relief me of the pain I was …

Michael Blain

Gayle Glick

Alise Thompson

First time getting a massage and it was awesome. Professional service and staff. Will definitely go back.

Kelly H

Felix Patterson

Crystal got me feeling RIGHT!

Christine Waloszczyk

Carlone Zhao

I have regular appointment with Liz at Easton store. She is amazing!! She is good at deep tissue.

Allison Blain

Today was hands down the BEST massage I've ever gotten! I left feeling instant relief in my shoulder! Can't wait to come back!!

Marya Jefferson


Juana Colon

Outstanding Customer Service. Faith sure made me feel welcomed. I received a Hot stone massage with Crystal and I feel so relaxed. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes. :) I also recommend becoming a member IT'S WORTH IT!! Once again outstanding customer service.The ladies at the front desk are not only professional but also kind and easy to communicate with. Very peaceful and clean environment IMANI & LINDA THANK YOU!!

joshua pugh

Just signed up for my fiance made an appointment for 3pm which online said was available when we get there they dont have our appointment scheduled and apparently are book the rest of the day. Explain to me why it is so hard to update your online booking so this doesnt happen i wouldnt of cared if i couldnt book something but if you want to piss me off and get a negative review allow me to book an appointment drive all the way to your location to find out i cant get what i signed up for. Bad bussiness bad customer experience. Will never go back


Thanks Irina...great advice... I gotta stretch in between sessions.

T Lynn

I did not have a good experience with this Spa. I purchased a monthly plan, but had to cancel it because I was 8 months pregnant and could not commit to attending each month with a newborn. Yes, I signed a contract, and understand how we as adults are bound to contracts. I was told that I had to use my last 2 Massages by September. I was unaware that they had to be used by an exact date in September, so when I called to schedule the appointment, the receptionist informed me that they “were gone” and had to be used by 9/15/2019 (I called the last week of Sep). As I attempted to get more information about what I could do to reactivate my membership or at least get one credit for the 2 massages I paid for, Dakota, who took my call, got real snazzy over the phone as if she was trying to rush me off the phone. I requested to speak to someone else who had time to answer my questions without a funky attitude, and there was no one else there. My issue isn’t necessarily with the expired contract, as much as the fact that I gave my money to a company who hires inexperienced receptionists to handle professional matters. Customers should always come first, especially those who have paid for a service. And the fact that I gave my money to a company that doesn’t want to take time to actively listen to my questions and provide clarification for their policies is troublesome to me. I’d say 1) go somewhere else where your money is valued and professionally handled and 2) don’t sign up for a massage package! That’s ridiculous. They have too many fine print rules, and it’s a total waste of money if you have special circumstances preventing you from making every appointment. On top of that, the 2 massages I did receive, were mediocre, at best. There are too many great Massage Salons in Columbus and Easton to commit to Elements.

Jevon Alston

Sheryl Combs

There were lots of therapists to choose from, it was easy to get an appointment, the staff is friendly and professional and you can’t beat the price!

Jennifer Ludgate

Seriously one of the best massages I have ever had. I have had a shoulder issue for over three weeks and it felt so much better after my session with Crystal!

Jamie Sams

I recieved a massage on 7/12 from Irena......the entire 'massage' i swore someone was going to jump out and tell me i was being punked! It was the most awkward experience of my life. I had gotten a Groupon for a hot stone massage with aromatherapy. I chose eucalyptus. I am pretty sure she dumped the entire bottle on my body! I stunk for 5 days no matter how many showers i took. I felt like she was rubbing sun screen on the entire 90 minutes. Never was any kind of pressure added. I expressed many times that more pressure would be appreciated, never happened. I also mentioned 4 times that the heated blankets (multiple) were too much on a 100 dgree day. So what does she do.....pulls the blanket all the way up to my ears! The hot stones were a joke! It felt like she was trying to paint my body with them.When maneuvering my neck she was not gental at all. I actually had pain for a few days after. When the time was up i quickly dressed and walked out to the reception area where the ladies at the front desk asked how it was. I proceeded to tell them how uncomfortable the entire thing was and how it felt like she had never given a massage before. I was assured that a manager would call to remedy the situation. Here we are 12 days later and i have not heard from said manager.....i have however revieved multiple emails about promos and rating my experience. Well here it is, the entire experience sucked!

Paula Roller

Nate was amazing! He described from the start what was causing all my issues and then worked on those issues.

Kathryn K

Booked a prenatal massage appointment online. An employee called me and asked for additional detail and confirmed my appointment time and therapist. I arrived and the receptionist told me, "Ooooooooh yeah she doesn't do prenatal massages." No apology or anything. No way I will be working with these clowns.

Barbara Macaulay

I got a gift card for this place and is be very good ex stuff is good the place is clean

Elisa Edwards

Jeremy Jones

Everything meets and exceeds my expectations.

Kelly Roberts

Michael Wallace

Just left after they screwed up our appointment for a couples massage for the THIRD straight time. This time they simply gave our appointment to someone else.

Laura Nice

This was my first visit, and it was pretty easy to make an appointment online. There was availability right away, which was great because I was in pain. Joshua was very professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable. The actual massage was excellent as well. I became a member and booked another session with him that same day.

Mike Daffner

I absolutely loved my first massage with elements! I love that you can undress to your comfort level and the only part that's uncovered is what they're working on. Greta was amazing at getting all of the knots out with the deep tissue massage, and the eucalyptus aromatherapy smelled amazing and worked on relaxing me. I've never felt that loose in my adult life. I already have my next massage scheduled and can't wait

Jonny Salmeron

The best place for a massage during a lunch break

Patricia Patterson

Margaret Delongchamp

Kiersten did an amazing job again! The staff here are excellent, and my massage was wonderful. I felt great for days afterwards. I highly recommend!

Sharon Hanrahan

Very friendly staff and superb massage therapists. Nancy is awesome!

Aaron Schweizer

The masseuse was very mediocre, as though she may have participated in a quick company-sponsored training session and was turned loose. I received no relief as a result of the massage, despite my best attempts at telling the massuese what I needed and what pressure to apply. My hour long massage mostly consisted of the massuese chatting me up and talking with another massuese in the room (couples massage). The massage also only lasted 50 minutes. I was contacted by a manager after conveying my displeasure. They did offer a conciliatory session at a discounted price, but I did not find that offer to be a good value and turned it down. I suppose this is what you get at a chain establishment. I paid more and received less. My advice: Stay away from these chains, who charge full price for a facade experience; Instead, find a private practitioner, less overhead and you will actually walk away relaxed.

michele brewer

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