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REVIEWS OF Elements Massage - Tempe IN Arizona

Christina Rodriguez


Best massage place ever!!!

Brian Dinsmore

Go see Bryan for a full body massage. It was very enjoyable.

Mark Perez

Therapist Diseree did a terrific job on my problem areas. Staff was helpful and explained all the membership benefits.

Nathaniel Porter

Susanne was exceptional

Jenifer Rumzis

Great place!

Julius Blair

Good Massage with comfortable setting

Kara Schaefer

So relaxing...wonderful massage from Ashley. Worth every penny for the pain relief and peace.

Karen Taylor

Laura McEvoy

Ryan Lambourn

Daliyah was amazing and helped relieve a series of migraines I have been having. Definitely plan on going back on a regular basis. I highly recommend Daliyah and Elements massage to everyone!

Heather Smith

Leilani Beal


Good spot.

Luke Cantelon

Bryce Balderson

10 out of 10

David M

anna rios

Nice environment, friendly and knowledgable staff made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Stephanie Doser

amy pendergraft

Chael Woods

Ok place , very expensive 30 minutes for 100 buck's.

Amanda Zapata



Branda DesChamps

Pretty easy to book here. Great therapists! Friendly front desk!

Hailey Shupp

Jesse is amazing! She relieved so much of my back and neck pain today! I will definitely be going back to her

Jennifer Dodson

Pamela is amazing. I've been going for almost a year due to my migraines increasing in frequency. Between massages and physical therapy my migraines are down to maybe once a month. I feel like I've gotten my life back!

Sirenna Meza

Amazing amazing!!! I had never been here before. I called because I had an extream headache that only progressed throughout the week, my eye sight was effected and I felt horrible, had to call off work because of how horrible I was feeling. I called and they fit me in with an amazing therapist Joe for a 90 minute session completely last minute. He did an amazing job, consulted with me about what I need to work on, and I left feeling so much better, my vision improved from the release of pressure and my body felt less stressed from the sciatica and knee issues I was also having. I recommend this facility and Joe especially if you're in an emergency state with your body.

Kate H.W.

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! I know you will "save money" if you are a regular, but it's just not worth it if you ever want to cancel. I cancelled my membership last month and they will not leave me alone. This is AFTER spending THREE DAYS attempting to cancel, which required TWO in person visits to the physical store location and about half a dozen phone calls (apparently they never have a manager available unless they want to harass you or its convenient for them). The first physical visit to Elements was a Friday morning and I was "assured" by the front desk that a manager would call me THAT DAY. It didn't happen until MONDAY. I kept calling over the weekend--since they are open and one would assume that SOME sort of management is available during business hours--this is a false assumption. Only by calling and demanding someone get back to me did I get ahold of someone. This still didn't solve my problem, because I came in over a month ago to cancel and I have spent the last week trying to tell these people that I am NO LONGER a client. The management has been harassing me for payment despite offering proof of the cancellation. If you cancel, KEEP YOUR PAPERWORK BECAUSE THEY WILL CLAIM TO HAVE LOST IT (or they think I'm lying, which is fine since I have my paperwork signed by their employee Kayla). I kept mine, THANK GOD. I receive phone calls and emails daily because the management is unorganized, or worse, inept. This review has NOTHING to do with the massage therapists, but I would warn ANYONE considering signing up for a membership to stop and reconsider unless they are willing to be locked in for life (and probably for the lives of any living offspring). RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

James Davidson

The environment is very professional. The employees are very kind and courteous. The rooms were very clean and the massage was outstanding. One of the best massage experiences I've had. My wife and I both signed up for an account so we will definitely be back.

Suzanne Reddie

Easy, reliable scheduling with friendly staff; several good therapists at all levels of pressure; nice, calm atmosphere.

Karishma Thakur

Good service, love the massages and the reminder call.

Tiffany Bunch

Jennifer Ayers

This facility is incredible. Relaxing atmosphere the second you walk through the door. Greeted immediately by front desk staff and even given a tour. They make sure you needs are met and exceed your expectations. No joke. Special recognition to Lupe. Thank you so much for such a wonderful massage. I look forward to seeing you again. Pressure was consistent and therapeutic. Your genuine kindness and professionalism made me feel welcome, relaxed, stress-free and cared for. Thank you again Lupe.

Nathan Mass

Izaak Timmer

Devin Ebal

I've been suffering from excruciating pain in my upper back. I had a massage with Reilynn yesterday and it was absolutely the BEST massage I have ever had. Hands down the best, most therapeutic massage ever. She paid attention to the areas I wanted her to concentrate on. Her techniques were AMAZING.... She explained everything she was doing and how everything works. It was a nice calming relaxing experience. What a talented therapist! I woke up today feeling a new woman. All my stress was gone. I look forward to visiting ( I will drive an hour just to her again) Elements Massage in Tempe again. Thank you, Jiana Ebal

Brian Reynolds

Great staff. Clean facility. They are friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to individual needs. I will definitely be back.

John Gasaway

Lori Brown

The couple of massage therapists I have tried were wonderful. Customer service on the phone and at the front desk is excellent, with very caring and attentive staff. Atmosphere is very soothing and calming.

Ashlee Reynolds

Great set of therapists! Very helpful front desk staff and overall great environment

Hannah Austin

John Degraaf

Paul Beakley

Christopher Bogart

I have been twice now and am enjoying my membership so far.

Robert McPike

Jesse was awesome. I asked for deep tissue and my issues were. I got exactly what I asked for. She's an excellent massage therapist. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs really good deep tissue work done.

John Para

Cameron MacElvee

Clean facility, friendly staff, great massage!

Joy Gatuz

Katie Demar

Dr. Brendly Clark Singleton

Awesome manage therapist. Lupe is great!!

G Miramontes

The professionalism and the employees! They made me feel special and valued as a"friend" and not just a customer.

Benjamin and Maria

I have seen Leah, Pamela, Ashley, and Lupe so far, and each one of them are absolutely amazing, to say the least! Each one has her own areas of expertise and all are highly educated and extremely professional! I’ve enjoyed the Aroma Ritual four times and just had my first Himalayan Salt Stone experience. Wow! Pamela knew just how to maximize the benefits of those 40 vitamins and minerals when she was loosening my muscles. I don’t know how I would ever get through life without my Theraputic Massages at Elements! Well done, Elements, well done!

Elizabeth Lee

Sherry Tsosie

Deborah's Creative Wonders of Ink

Tracy Cole

Evelyn is AMAZING!! She is extremely knowledgeable and LISTENS to her clients, making the session SO much easier to relax during, even if there sensitivities in certain areas!! The front desk staff was extremely helpful as well, going out of their way to accommodate for me! I will definitely be back!!

Jeni eni

Great place! Great massage

ashley hays

Best massage ever

Ary Ramirez

(Translated by Google) Very good place (Original) Muy bien lugar

ruby miranda

love the environments! friendly people at the front and the various therapist that have worked on my have done wonders!!!! i definitely recommend this place!

Savanna Brown

BEST massage I’ve ever gotten. Highly recommend Darius for a GREAT deep tissue massage to get out the knots and pains in your neck and back! Truly the best

Ronny Gorkin

This is a good place to go if you’re looking for relaxation & pampering yourself, but like myself who went on sat 10/27 for a issue involving a serious stiffness on my left side of my neck, I unfortunately didn’t have any relief whatsoever and ended up buying salonpas which did a great job relieving my discomfort, so if you decide to go for relief of stiffness, save your money and time . Adrian the therapist was good if you’re looking for a good massage.

Efren Espinosa

Pamela Strey

I have had issues with my neck / shoulder for over 10 years. I have been receiving massage therapy for about 6 years because I REFUSE to have surgery recommended by a neurologist. This past Monday, Joe did some amazing stretching, broke a few things up (apparently, because I had no idea what he was doing yet he's the professional and I trusted him) and today I have more mobility in my neck than I can remember in years! For a day, I was in pain, but Joe instructed me on the specifics & step by step of what he did and why (on his day off, mind you) along with proper follow up instructions at home. I am in awe at what I can do today! I can breathe, move, function, etc. All without pain! I will definitely go back to see Joe for medicinal purposes in addition to relaxation. Thank you, Joe. I'll see you again real soon.

Lorena R.

Disappointed. I paid for a 90 minute and it felt like she was short on the time frame. I even looked at my iPhone to verify the time. It was the weakest massage I've ever had. And my upper back and shoulder issue wasn't resolved. Just bummed that I paid so much for it and even more bummed that I felt pressured to leave a tip. I'll have to find a new place to actually help my muscle discomfort. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Rhuneisha Fields

Justin Hoernschemeyer

Haley McCann

Spencer Shreeve

LJ Blackburn

First time visit and had a great massage from Jyntel

Juana Garcia

I recently went to get a massage last Friday, the staff are very friendly and the atmosphere is very nice, however my massage was not all that I expected. I've gotten massages before and when you get a full body massage I mean they're suppose to do your whole legs and not just slightly above the knee and my feet were hardly touched let alone my toes, from there the therapist went onto my head/neck area totally disregarding my arms, when done, I asked "what about my arms?" she said I fell asleep and that's why I didn't remember her massaging my arms, not true at all, I just didn't want to argue with her, I may have dosed off for a bit, but I did not fall asleep fully, I'm not crazy. I didn't say anything to her because I'm just not that type of person to complain and make someone feel bad or get them in trouble, but although I didn't pay for my massage, it was a gift from my daughter. I hardly ever write in a review, but I do feel I needed to say something about this because although this was a gift to me, someone did pay for a full body massage, I didn't get that at all, the therapist was Marisela I will not recommend her to anyone, she's very polite and courteous, but I felt she took advantage of my little dozing off to not fully do her job as I was not fully asleep. I also tipped her $20 as I know what it is to work and out of courtesy, but honestly she did not deserve it.

Danielle Meintel

I have been going to Elements Massage in Tempe for just 5 months, and am in love with the atmosphere! Susan, my now new therapist is excellent at taking care of my needs and is super friendly without any complaint. Will continue going here for a very long time I hope.

Maria Shelley

Varden Longraf

Grace Nicoll

I went from being so tense that I couldn’t move to regaining my full range of motion in one hour. Elements Massage actually cares about your wellbeing and makes sure you get the treatment you need and deserve. Kelsey was my massage therapist and is absolutely amazing! 10/10 would recommend

Sandy Reynolds

Great experience! Pam is amazing!! Definitely try the aromatherapy. The staff is so friendly and helpful you can't go wrong.


Mrs. Pamela is awesome! The staff are friendly and very helpful!

Ashley Outland

Maria M

el_delusion .

Virginia Maya

Pamela is a wonderful masseuse! Each massage has been wonderful! Nice atmosphere, wonderful staff!

Christina Watson

Massage therapists and front desk staff are okay however the billing support staff is horrible! Do not purchase a membership, it is next to impossible to cancel.

ellie gersten

Eadie Rudder


Mark Boisvert


Jennifer Hood

Alex up front is so friendly and inviting! It's a very comfortable environment.

Michelle B

Fantastic massage, wonderful environment! So many therapists available, and I love that you can book online

A Flo

I love you guys so much! Tha k you for all the hard work you put into making us feel better. ♡

Zoila Thompson

Jessica Moore

chris bock

Called and got a appointment for the same day gave all my info and was told they needed to charge me up front for the appointment. I was driving and could not get out my credit card. Got called back 15 min before the appointment and told that someone else had taken my spot. I was already on my way down when they called me. Canceling appointment's on clients 15 minutes before time is very rude.

Gab S

Updated 5 stars to 3 stars: I absolutely love Dilyla as a massage therapist. She is wonderful and I highly recommend her. However, customer service is lacking. Bry (manager) was less than helpful in accommodating my needs when it came to canceling my membership. When I asked for higher management contact information Bry did not give it to me. I will be filing a formal complaint with corporate, as I feel that diminished the transparency deserves in customer service. Happy holidays! Love Susan! She is a great massage therapist and genuinely cares about my needs and health!

Natalie Aisoff

I'd say Catalina was the best massage I had ever had so I was quite disappointed when she moved but since then I have seen 3 other massage therapists and they were all just as good. (I only didn't repeat with them because I always call last minute) Elements is simply wonderful and I have enjoyed this monthly treat tremendously.

Ken Johnson

I a word, wow!

Shauna Zepeda

Mm... called to make an appointment and the woman who answered was pretty cold and not so willing to help. So, I won’t be visiting this location

Leola Johnson

Lindsay McHale Mayo

Ashley Carmer

Amazing service. Front desk friendly and therapist was truly an expert

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