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REVIEWS OF Elements Massage - Scottsdale Promenade IN Arizona

RocK K

Brittany , my massage therapist did everything I asked. It was amazing and I left very happy

Kathryn Fleck

Zack is an amazing therapist.

Hamilton Baiden

Aleea Pettet

The massage therapist that I had while visiting this location was excellent. However, soon after signing up for a membership I was placed on bed rest during pregnancy and not able to receive massages. After several attempts, over the course of three months, I was finally told that my membership was cancelled just to have them charge me once again. I have emailed five times and left four phone messages for a manager with the receptionist over the past week to try to resolve the issue and have still not received a single response back. I am having to resort to filing a dispute against them with my bank and leaving multiple reviews to try and warn others of their lack of customer service.

Marc Guli

Dianne Rivera

It was wonderful Donald is a great hot stone masseur. Skilled with just the right touch I will be returning in the future!

Mitchell Proctor

Not recommended

Joe Roth

Great Massage by Diana

Tracie Y

I have FOUND the perfect Massage therapist, Diane knows her trade well. I've lived in the Phoenix area over 6 years and today's massage was awesome, Diane actually uses her hands, and applies correct pressure. She managed to clear the knots in neck and shoulders, Amazing! I recommend Elements Massage for amazing massage. I am so glad I found this branch. The staff here is helpful and friendly, they make you feel welcomed unlike other branches.

Adriana Holloway

Seif Fit

Jake Altizer

ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! I am having a medical emergency (I’m in the emergency room now). But they will not cancel my appointment without still charging me for the appointment. I spoke with two different people that could not give me a straight answer and said that I would still have to pay. I understand keeping appointments and being responsible for doing so. But when I am unable to make my appointment because I am in the hospital and they insist on charging me it is a very poor customer service choice. I will go out of my way to tell everyone that I know, what a TERRIBLE experience I had at MASSAGE ELEMENTS and I will ALWAYS give NEGATIVE reviews for Massage Elements and their absolutely horrible, uncaring, and greedy customer service for the way I was treated today.

Gail Martin


Brianna Hovde

It was easy to book, my husband set it up for me and I was able to walk in for my massage without any addition paperwork. They keep you updated on you appointment via text so I actually saw my reminder on the weekend. My masseuse was amazing. She worked out a lot of issues in my back and shoulders and even gave me recommendations of what I should get worked on next time in case it was not with her.

Rodd Schifferdecker

My therapist Jess, was fantastic. She asked questions prior and throughout the session made sure the pressure was good and made sure she focused her time on the right areas. Highly recommend her and this location.

Lori Thill

Mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries and a relaxing massage. What a valentine's Day :) The staff at Elements always makes you feel welcome and pampered!

Robert Peart

Edwin Robles

Maile Ferro

Below is an old review.... But they are still amazing! Newest review Joe is always on point with my massages and the front desk staff is always so positive and lively! Its nice to come in to that! I have been with Elements Massage since May 2014 and it is the best thing I HAVE ever done for myself. Their staff is ALWAYS courteous and focused on the customer experience. Not to mention, that their MT's really know their stuff. I have been seeing Joe now since June and he is the best!!! Again, their customer service is the best around and they really do like to make sure their customers are taken care of. Thanks again to Spring and her crew!! You guys rock!!!!

Tod Bellowe

Flexible and making it easy to do business with your place.

George Pavlovic

Great service!!!


Had the worst massage here. It was absolutely terrible. They offered to give me the elements promise... a "complimentary massage" to make up for it, then later i found out they actually used one of my paid for credits for the supposedly "complimentary massage" to make up for the terrible massage i had.. but then get this, they were supposed to never set me up with that terrible therapist again but then a few months later i make an appt and it happened to be with the same person and the whole time the massage therapist is trying to kill time, chewing food and trying to leave the room for ridiculous reasons. Also, had the smell of cigarette smoke on a therapist one time i went here. They have so much turn over here that the front desk people never know anything about their therapists.

Deb Piland

Everyone was pleasant and professional. Explaining how things were done and offering water and chocolate. The massage therapist was wonderful! Asking how to adjust the session to meet my goals. He provided some exercises and stretches to prevent similar muscle issues in the future. Overall very professional and pleasant experience. Thank you.

Tina Newman

What a great experience and a superb massage. Staff was genuine and friendly, therapist was awesome! I'll be back!

Stefanie Colonius

Go see Zach, not Tyler Durden as I thought that was his name. He had some type of 20+ year black belt experience in massage I'd never experienced before. I'd definitely go see him again as he did fix my lower back after having my second minime. Definitely felt the element of fire after having a massage here because that's how I roll. Really working on the Wellness Advocate part of life because if I can't take care of myself I'll be pretty useless to everyone else. One would think Health Care would cover massage therapy under preventative care, but not yet. #WellnessAdvocates

Lindsay Baker

Jess was amazing - I have had massages from several different therapists and I felt that Jess ranks very highly on my preferred therapist list. She was so attentive to listening to my needs both verbally and by working on me.

Rachel Minde

I was never a "massage" kind of girl. I would get a massage perhaps once or twice a year. I used to get my massages at Massage Envy whenever I decided it was time to treat my self. The massages were okay there, and the staff was usually pleasant, and truly there was nothing wrong with the establishment but I felt the need to join, as I previously stated I am just not a massage type of person. That of course all changed in April when I had severe shoulder pain from hours on the laptop working. I called in need of an appointment and I was so lucky someone was able to see me that day. I met with Adele and told her all about my problems and she went straight to work. The massage was painful, but painful in a good way. I felt all of the knots that were causing me severe pain being worked out. Adele managed to give me a deep tissue massage in a relaxing way. I have never felt so good, and never so relaxed. At the end of the massage Adele gave me stretches and tips for at home massage. I checked out and I was very casually offered the membership. **Now please remember, I am NOT a massage person** but I felt AMAZING after Adele, and I loved the customer service that was provided at the front that I decided I was going to become a monthly massage person. I have been seeing Adele for 3 months now and I have no regrets on becoming a member. I have zero complaints about this company. Everyone is pleasant on the phone, the staff is fantastic, and I am sure the other massage therapists are just as good as Adele but I hope I never have to leave her. I truly feel like Adele cares about my well being, not just in the massage room but after. She always provides me stretches, and tips on how to remain loose until our next appointment. Becoming a part of the Elements Massage community has been a blessing and I will never ever ever look back.

Alec Harwood

I've been going to Elements for months now and I never had a better experience at any other place than through them. Their general care and knowledge was/has been amazing in my needs for specific areas of discomfort on my back. I would give them a 10 out of 10 every visit.

Renee' Trimble

This establishment is a restful retreat from the craziness of everyday life. Truly it is an oasis in the desert. Taffy us a true professional. She meets the needs of her clients and offers more. A truly relaxing experience.

Randy Magnuson

Had a great massage here (thanks Jessica!). I'd love to go back but I just can't afford to go very often.

Rebecca Schneider

I had such an amazing massage with Dustin at the Elements Promenade location. His professionalism and skills are top notch. I left feeling taller and lighter. I highly recommend Dustin as well as a lot of the therapists at the Promenade. Thanks again!

Sharon Landay

Pleasant front desk staff. Consistently amazing massage.

Tiffany Gregory

Dana Giordano

Love Elements Massage! Easy to make appointments online or by phone. They are great about calling me when I have a new monthly credit. Sheena and Sarah LeAnne are the best!!!

Joanne Soper

While visiting Scottsdale I did not have time for a resort stay or day spa, but I definitely needed to relax and feel pampered. I saw their ad, called and was lucky to get in the next day. It was heaven! Professional and everything you expect from a much higher priced spa. I had a sore spot from travel that was quickly massaged away. Every time I am in Scottsdale, this will be a "must go." It is easy to get to and the surrounding mall has a few nice spots for lunch. I figured at these prices, what did I have to lose? Well, it would have been my loss not to have discovered them!

Jacqueline Jones

Nick Burge

Natalie Virkler

My husband and I have been coming regularly to Elements at Scottsdale Promenade for over two years now. We have never met a person there that we didn't like and have never had a negative experience. Thank you, Elements!


Still in a haze of over this “massage”. I called and was very specific about my pain and needs. The receptionist assured me the therapist was good at deep tissue. I arrived and about a minute in- I knew this person was brand new to being a massage therapist. The therapist was so nice- so I tried to think positive. The massage was such a waste of time- clumsy and lacked any technique. The therapist was not sure of themselves at all. Repeatedly asked for deep tissue and wasn’t given it. Draping was bizarre and incorrect (over my head and face??!) Therapist left the room twice during the massage. I give 2 stars because the therapist was a nice person. But I was so disappointed to waste my time and money. The receptionist obviously just cared about making a booking and placed me with someone fresh out of massage school. I won’t return.

lee weinman

The cleanest and best massage spa in the Valley. Great therapists. Very professional.

J Aswad

Love the Promenade Elements location. Clean and peaceful. Front office folks friendly and prompt. Sandra has been my massage therapist for years. Amazing! In the 3 plus years I've been a member, I've never had a bad massage from her. My daughters love her. My brother in law always comes in when he's in town.

Shari Christine

Best massage location with a good variety of therapists. Excellent customer service. It can be a challenge to get appointment with short notice.

Denise Gower

Very nice atmosphere. Very friendly. Nicely appointed rooms. Great massage.

Hayley Weiss

Great therapists, love the hot salt stones! Friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Sandra Burns

Brandon Lucas

Therapist was highly skilled and did a great job working out my many knots!

Susan Raisanen

I've been a member at Elements - Promenade now for three years. My membership speaks for itself. From the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere and the people are so calming and friendly. The massage therapists are professional and cater to the individual. Always a nice experience.

Sandi Dominguez

Mimi Myers

The girls at the front are really nice. Had a good massage therapist. Level of expertise among therapist vary.

Trudy Dennis

Rachel Mckague

Abbot Apter

Great massage and service.

Sarah Giles

Diana is a fantastic masseuse! She takes time to patiently listen to my concerns and comes up with a treatment plan. I always feel much better after our sessions. I would highly recommend Diana!

Amy Bautista

I had an excellent massage! Drew is a great therapist. I wish I had booked a 2-hour service!

Dannah Rubinstein

Jeff Harrelson

Marisa Mason

Ashley Adams

Cheryl Nelson


Absolutely wonderful.

Susie Hardt

I received my first massage in the form of a gift card, and I NEVER had the intention of signing up for the monthly program. However, Elements REALLY know what they're doing. From the moment you walk through the door, staff are professional, courteous and caring. They go above and beyond to make your experience a phenomenal one from start to finish. I am now a regular client and I highly recommend my therapist and the location - to all I know. My therapist is 100% responsive to my needs. These guys are true professionals, and in my opinion, the creme de la creme of their business. I doubt you'd find better in Scottsdale.

Debi Tang

Brianna Tsatskin

Great staff and masseuses. Great payment plan/benefits as well!

rande fuller

best massage ever. They really cater to your needs.

Robin Crowther

wendy brownstein

J Myers

I have been getting Massages for almost 40 years now. It wasn't until I found this Elements that I have received the best massages I've every received. Most places have 1 or 2 MT's that can give great massages but this facility has the best of the best of Therapists. Sonia, Olivia and Sonia Renee are all three GREAT! I highly recommend this facility if you truly want the best massage available. 5++ Stars.

Sonia Zengaea

taki ernst

This is the only location I go to. Great massage and service!

meghan fox

My husband and I went for a couples massage, and we told them ahead of time that it was our anniversary. The massages were great but I timed it and was disappointed to find out that they only massaged for 45 minutes out of the hour that we paid for!

David Gorski

I highly recommend the Elements Message in the Scottsdale Promenade for its professional staff and comfortable ambiance, but specifically because of its newest therapist, Tracey. I met Tracey a few weeks ago for the first time, and was "blown away" by her expertise. I've been enjoying message therapy for decades, and many therapists have been very good, but Tracey is the best ever - hands-down. What's so good about her? In a word - technique. You really have to experience it to appreciate it! The entire staff at this location does a wonderful job - don't miss it.

Jim Kemmeries

Donna Souzis

Everyone is really nice there, great follow up, great customer service. Dustin is awesome!

Judy Redmond

Had Yadi as my massage therapist and she was awesome! She listened to my concerns and worked my tight IT bands and hamstrings after my race. Felt like a million bucks afterwards!

tina slavinsky

Srinivasan Sundaram

Excellent prenatal massage and would like to go again .very nice staff and peace environment

Elizabeth Dewey

Evelyn is awesome! The boutique in general is friendly, calming and peace ful. I highly recommend them!

Kim F

Absolutely the best place to have a massage. I have been a member for 5 years and I am always amazed. Every therapist I have had has been great. Sheena is outstanding. She has great knowledge and always knows just what I need. The office staff is ALWAYS pleasant and polite. They are great at matching you up to the right therapist for your needs.

Judy Osuna

Best massage I have ever had!!! I have had massages all over the country. Lawrence is the very best!!!

Jeff Woods

William Durnan

Phenomenal service! Definitely coming back as soon as possible!

Dustin Hayes

The front desk staff was very professional and friendly. My massage therapist, Lane, was awesome. He was super attentive, paid close attention to focus areas and honestly gave me one of the best massages I’ve ever had. 10/10.

Elizabeth Bailes

Vanessa Sage

Management knows what they are doing in hiring therapists. Me and my husband have been very happy with all the massages we have had so far.

Lee Weinman

Best massage spa in the Valley. Super clean. Very professional therapists and helpful staff. We've been going there for the past 8 years. Highly recommend them.

Samantha Shiers

My boyfriend took me here for my first massage ever and it was the best experience. Short wait, fully informed about everything throughout the process. Strawberries and water at the end :)

Carole Rose-Lady

mandy ward

Great Experience, as always relaxing and welcoming environment. Thanks Olivia and Zach for fixing me each time.

Shaker Al-Salem

Kim was understanding and well experienced. Thanks.

Kevin Donato

I just had the best massage I have ever had! Zack was amazing, He took the time to talk with me and told me what he thought was the best massage for me. Everyone there was friendly and helpful, definitely going to be going back, Thank Again!

Perry Gabuzzi

Paul Richardson

Very professional masseuse and staff.


Great 60 minute massage for my birthday present! Thanks guys!

Shayla Grayson-Ramjust

Katy Mullens

Denise Kilmer

Now using CBD, Elements Massage is leading in this highly desirable product. Great service and staff, wonderful massage.

Courtney Murch

Hector G

Spring was awesome when i went in for my appointment she helped me from start to finish. The therapist Cindall was GREAT this was my first massage and i was hesitant to get one because i wasn't sure if i would like it. But after Cindall worked on me i would have to say that i am a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE at Elements thanks to Spring and the staff.

Leesa Ramsey

Elements at the Promenade is a wonderful place to go! I was given a gift card as a present and had two massages done. One by Warren and the other by Lisa. Both therapists were so good that after the second massage I walked out purchasing a monthly membership. It's one of the best gifts I have given myself. After long stressful weeks a good massage is always helpful and I look forward to my monthly appointment.

Tracy Bunch

Scheduling is easy, various skills of the therapists and their recommendations to you after a treatment. Great hospitality form all the staff.

Mark Martinez

The staff at Elements at the Promenade is wonderful. I have been going to that location there for over a year and have had great experience with the front end staff as well as the Massage Therapist, Danielle. I am a big fan!!!

Aaron Wachtel

I have a lot of lower back pain and tension. Tara did an excellent job helping me get relief. Highly recommended!

Laura Arner

My mom, sister, and I went to Elements today after having another spa cancel on us. We were so glad the original spa cancelled!! Elements was able to get us in and all three of us left feeling amazing! Their deep tissue work was wonderful and it was clear the therapists knew what they were doing. Everything was professional, clean, and definitely made us want to return. So glad we came in!!

Wade Boi

Watch for the hidden fees they never mention.....And don’t even want to refund my money .... this is the worst ever and I will Not be returning and I’ll make sure to spread the word to my following

Mionti Gonzales

I have loved every massage I have received and can’t wait for more!

Wendy Leighton


Updated review: The manager reached out and listened to my concerns as well as ensuring that the team at elements will get retrained on membership handling moving forward. I am genuinely impressed with how receptive to feedback Spring is and how quickly she put together a plan to prevent this from happening to another client. ******* old reviews ***** This review is based on the last handful of interactions I've had with this elements location. The reason for my 1 star review is due to the handling of my cancellation of my wellness membership. More specifically I was 1) given the incorrect information on how to cancel my membership which resulted in 2 additional wellness membership charges. Then 2) had an ageist remark made towards me when I went in cancel my membership in the store. Cancellation process The information I was given at the dessert ridge location was to call in to the store that I started my wellness membership/account. I followed my instructions and after calling in to the promenade location I was told that I would need to come into the store to cancel but it would all be handled there. However I would still be billed for another month since this was not the correct channel to process the cancellation. I accepted this and went in to the store to cancel. After arriving at the store, I was advised that I would be billed for May in addition to April due to their cancelation policy and the timing of when I came in. For the record, under normal circumstances this would not be an issue. My frustration comes from the fact that I've inquired twice about the cancellation procedures and was not told about their 30 day notification policy. To say the least I was frustrated to find out that I would be billed an additional month. ***This is when one of the front desk representatives made the following remark - 'she understood it was hard for me to keep up with my membership because I was so young.' (This is VERY inappropriate and out of left field) Feeling already frustrated then feeling attacked on a personal level, I requested to speak to the manager. She was not in at the time, so I was ensured a call back from her the following Saturday. I ever got the call from her but the assistant manager did reach out to me instead - she took my feedback in regards to the cancellation process and the ageist remark, then handled the call very kindly and professionally. However overall I am still disappointed because, I was advised I would get a call back from the store manager (again) or herself the following Tuesday to see if there is anything they could do and if they couldn't she still said she would provide a call back for an explanation. That conversation took place on May 8th I've been waiting since and neither have called me and I was just billed again today...

Monika Imsirovic

Sonya Renee was the BEST! I highly recommend her for a deep tissue massage, I wish she was in Chicago ;)

Amy Dudley

Comfortable professional

Matthew Snider

Chelsie Rodriguez

Bonni Howard

The massage therapists at Elements always take the time to understand my individual needs. I've had several therapists at Elements and I've always been pleased with their technique and level of experience. I have recommended Elements to several friends and would not hesitate to continue doing do.

Stela Koleva

The worst customer service ever. Rude and unprofessional staff. I basically wasted my time with this place!

Betsy Olson

Matthew McConkey

The place was quite busy for a Sunday afternoon and now I understand why. I was greeted, filled out the standard paperwork and waited no time. My massage therapist was understanding of my needs, was very polite and kept the conversation to a minimum (relaxing time, not talking time in my opinion.) I will definitely be going back here.

Stephanie McCutcheon

Lovely atmosphere, nice selection of services, great therapists

Sarah Feuerborn

My fiance and I got a couple's massage here today and I cannot say enough good things. This is only the 4th professional massage I've gotten in my life, but it was easily the best I've had. My massage therapist, Sonya, was absolutely amazing. I told her about a sore spot and she worked on it without hurting me. I could tell the difference afterward. The pressure was absolutely perfect - deep enough to feel the benefits, but light enough that I wasn't in pain. I got a great overall vibe from the place - it seemed clean and quiet. The room was windowless (you would think this would be standard in all massage places, but you'd be surprised) and I felt very comfortable the whole time. As an added bonus, today was Valentine's Day and they gave us each a big juicy chocolate covered strawberry when we left! I will absolutely be back.

Martha Castro

Elisha Lyman

Lorie Loreman

the therapists at elements are always ready to listen and to help in any area that may be bothering you at that time. I have had multiple massages by many of the therapists and they are all great I love the front desk staff they are welcoming and anxious to help

Jester Kearns

Solena Villegas

Very relaxing atmosphere and the staff is excellent! I got my massage done yesterday and Lawrence did an amazing job! He listens to your needs and really helped relieve the tension in my shoulders and neck. Absolutely recommend!!

Tracey Anderson

You could not pay me enough to get a massage here...not understanding how a business with such rude and mean people gets a good review. And if they wanted to create a pleasant atmosphere for the sanctity of their client experience, they shouldn't have located in a busy strip mall either!

Dakota Hayes

The staff is so nice and it's really clean, and all the therapists are so knowledgeable!

Torres Flo

From the moment you walk into Elements Massage Scottsdale you will feel relaxed and at peace. My favorite is the therapeutic massage for tension and pain relief. You will leave feeling like a million bucks!

Lyndsey K

The front staff here are always so friendly! They make me feel like family whenever I call and come in. They know me by name and they remember details of myself and my days and I feel special. The massage therapists are great too! Maricela is amazing. She has hands of a goddess and gives the best neck massage I've ever had; I've been getting at least 2 massages a month for the past 6 years. I've never had Angel, but my partner loves her and raves about her. I definitely suggest this particular location for the front office staff and the two massage therapists: Maricela and Angel!

Brandon Lee

Katrina Gonnerman

Professional, friendly, and a wonderful massage, to boot!

Anne Kaufman

Donald is the best! If you workout a lot like I do, you need a good massage periodically. Donald really knows how to work on sore muscles, and help get those kinks out of your joints. Donald is so great at what he does, I could not recommend him more.

Kathleen Waszolek

My husband and I have had monthly memberships for several years. It has always been a very positive experience coming here and we have enjoyed it tremendously. For the past year, Yadi has been my massage therapist and she is absolutely amazing. I have been getting regular massage therapy for more than 20 years and she is definitely the best therapist that I have ever had. She invariably targets problem spots that are sore or stiff and I always leave feeling incredibly relaxed and so much better than when I arrived. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable while also having a great personality. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am always sorry when my 80 or 110 minutes are over!!!

Amanda Palanzo

Taylor Moon

Great studio! You need to go more than once to find the right individual for you. I was able to find Taffy as my therapist and she's provided nothing but amazing service and wonderful massages!

J Broderick

What a pleasant surprise for my first real experience with massage services. Everyone from the front desk to the outstanding massage therapist Flor made each and every visit nothing short of special. In particular, Flor helped me overcome chronic tension in many muscle groups and left me totally refreshed after each session. Flor's deep-tissue massages are incredible and I highly recommend her. That same sentiment was echoed by a friend who I recently referred to Flor.

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