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REVIEWS OF The Woodlands Mall IN Texas

Kari Vierkant

Even with the construction going on, there's plenty of place to move around in this mall. It was full this last weekend however, still plenty of room. Any store you need you can probably find here.

John Hall

Been going to this mail almost all my life. I've seen some malls decline and die but Woodlands mall has managed to stay regularly busy. They have the mall staples; Hot Topic, Spencer's, GameStop, a pet store, carousel and the food court is busy enough that it's usually fresh.

Britanny Montalvo

Great area to see the 4th of July fireworks with the family.

Aissa El idrissi

Maybe 10 years ago was 5 star but now totally different not any better than Zimbabwe flea market.

Greg Saldinger

I really only go there for the Apple Store & I never leave there happier due to their attitude & less-than-“genius” self-importance.

Fantasy Girl

Woodlands mall is the best mall if wanna find anything.From clothes to food you will find what you need!

Lacey Ruth

Pretty much a huge mall in its own little town. Always an interesting day when i get to run around the woodlands.

David Benjamin Newman

It's a mall. The store selection if pretty good, though I wish they had a hippy store to buy incense. It's usually pretty nicely maintained, cant think of a time when I've seen a lot of trash. The food court is good too, I sometimes just go for that.

oluwatoyin olanipekun

Lovely and beautiful.Lots of stores with well-stocked items.Most of the staff are polite and willing to help..The stores are in pockets and stand alone not connected. There is no major food court area connecting the malls.You just have to scout for a convenient place to eat.

Cassandra Fuller

The new Apple store makes it feel a lot more open as you come in so it's nice! Plenty of shops and good food!

Chris Jones

Always no parking for vets!! But the Food Court is the best in the city!!

Da C.

Much nicer than the other malls. Even the bums dress nicer.

gabby Merlos

This mall is putting fliers & advertising for a Bahamas giveaway. This is a SCAM and I can’t believe this mall is letting scammers run their business at the mall. Would they be liable for all the money these people are stealing?

Martha Campbell

Lost of great stores in a beautiful place!

Cole Mitchell

Lots of good stores most of which are clothing places but thats what you expect from a mall


Lots of options. Fti Barns and No les is not accessible from inside the mall. That was a little confusing but besides that is was great.


It has everything, great stores, parking garage and amazing restaurants.

Mel Yacoub

Great place to spend some time with my family and son. The Microsoft game store is kids friendly and professional staffs with knowledge of different softwares

Bob Gegenheimer

Great place to shop or to just hangout. HUGE selection of stores. Also large choice of eats at the food court.

Texas USA

Excellent place to shop. Plan on spending some money.

Mike Vega

Very nice lively . Many shops and food court area has a merry go round

marion phillips

Excellent place to go shopping, eat and share with family and friends.


Very big space, sure would be good yo add more outlets

Adriana Hernandez

Very beautiful area to shop at it's really nice to live at too really cool with so much to do there also

Kaz Komperda

Nice mall, came here to kill some time and spent money. Win, win for everyone.

Alejandro Zamorano

Very nice place to hang arround and do some shopping

Brandon Engebretson

Play place was great for kids and it has everything we needed.

Megan Moore

Very nice. Clean lots of parking

Amber Bunker

A nice sized mall with lots of decent sized stores to explore. A welcoming environment from the moment you walk in.

Tom Lucius

Great to visit to look around and shop.

Harlie Gregory

I love to shop there I had a fun time with my friends

Rebecca Salazar

Nice environment, friendly staff..good parking

Rachael Ramirez

They've changed so many stores within the past year. It's fine, but I wish they'd put the Yankee Candle store back in!

Krishna Ratcliffe

I had fun strolling in here. Stores available. High quality products available and were priced appropriately. Staffs were friendly.

Lee Redfearn

My family and I had a great time here. The customer service is really good. Helena and the retail supervisor, Dana, helped us with our insurance issues and everything worked out at the end. Exceptional and timely service.

Glenn Willett

Many new shops. One stop shop for school clothes, etc. Easily come here once a month, if not more.

Patrick Jamieson

The most amazing thing about The Woodlands Mall in this current retail landscape is how no unit ever goes unused. The popularity of this mall ensures quite well that it does not give you that 'dead mall' vibe that too many indoor malls and outlet malls exude these days. In fact, in recent years this mall has only added floorspace and parking.

Teresa Perez

Wonderful place to shop and to find a wonderful place to eat

Athar Jameel

I often go this mall and always experience very good

Animal Lover

I cant support this mall until they do something about the abuse they allow to happen at "Pet Faire." Until something changes I will not shop The Woodlands Mall.

Nasir Waheed

The Woodlands Mall is an high end mall in Woodlands, Houston, TX. It has good vendors and all necessary things are available. It has a nice car park. The layout of the Mall is helpful in doing the shopping.

Rosa Fonseca

Nice place, stores, a lot of discounts and nice wether

A Simmons

Great fun place to spend time... great food court.. wide variety of places to shop... tons of fun things to do for miles surrounding the mall. Lots of parking. One of the best in the Houston area.

Barbara Vaughn

don't have any pictures to post but I mean the reviews can go on and on on this mall has everything you could possibly imagine think of is in there I tried the cookie dough shop although the cookie dough was kind of dry but it still was nice to think that you could go and find some yummy cookie dough to heat on while you walk and look of course you know I love bath & body works so that was a plus to me but also the Mexican food restaurant was in there was awesome and the carousel Ride this was a huge establishment also the outside is gorgeous what a place you can go and take your senior prom pictures or just your Easter picture or just the everyday photos this was a nice place to do so I love all the greenery surrounding the mall


I love this mall. It is close, convenient, and packed full of stores and designers not seen in many other malls. I have not visited the food court but there are many options and surrounding restaurants in the area. Plenty of parking is great.

Thelma Palacios

Nice place but too far from my home plus doors are not handicap. Was having a hard time opening the door until a customer walked out n helped..

Hendrix Jr

1st place to go if visiting The Woodlands. The mall is definitely a great place to go eat as it offer many options and varieties of food, to shop as it contains lots of clothing and jewelry stores. It is also good place to take a tour around and explore The Woodlands area further. You will not be disappointed!!!

Brendan Blankenship

Great memories here , good store selection good vibes all in all good mall

Liviu M

So we had to get something, a quick in and out that greatly didn't give me a chance to know there place it even make an opinion but I'll give then the benefit of the doubt and the five stars

Naweed Qadir

Nice indoor mall with all the prominent brand stores. Apple opened up their new refurbished store over here and had the iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and all the launch item available to be picked up from here. Microsoft also has their large beautifully presented store over here. There’s tons of parking.

Bryan Wester

Nice mall with lot's of good retail stores. Really like the valet parking option. Also several good restaurants nearby.

Odla H. D.

I was taken aback by the service provided when I left & I couldn't find my car at night time in the parking lot. I explained that to one of the security guys at one of the entrance & he requested an escort car service to go along with me around the mall looking for my car till I found it. The lady behind the wheel was nice & her patience paid off. Awesome!!!! Thanks!

Jose Benito Duran M.

Very good.. the Carlo's cake boss awesome.. delicious

Frank Benvenuto

Every trip here has been a good one for us. We have made coming to this mall a tradition. From water taxis to shopping to fine dining, they have it all. It is very nice to find a place to build family memories. They have something for everyone...including a merry-go-round.

Marina Annette

I love this place... It’s huge but just right to where it’s not too big and I find anything I need for my family. LOVE the pet store so much, with all the puppies. The food court is perfect and big enough to where you will always find the perfect seating to enjoy a quick bite between you shopping trips. There is so much variety here and the location is unmatched by all. Can’t wait to visit the area again!

Lisa Njeru

Love this mall great location so many shops to pop into! Plus you can walk to the waterway or hop onto a trolley to site see Woodlands

Joshua Huddleston

The mall is dated and the parking is always packed. However, it does have really great stores.

Casaundra Avalos

Love this mall. I would spend all day here. Great food and great stores


Dillards is the best but I bought jewelry out of the mall

william davis

Parking is a concern for sure I know options have been added but still a big hassle. Great shops and food options.

Sam Towns

A nice place to walk and shop! Very busy and lots of stores to see.

Jennifer R Livingston

Nice variety of stores! Good food court.

Andy Petrisko

Great once you find a parking spot. Clean, Godiva has excellent chocolate!

Avlis Caasi

Like any mall be ready to walk bring water and proper shoes and enjoy the surrounding

Patricia Morris

While always clean, like so many others, this mall, is showing its age and popularity has greatly waned. The mix of stores and cafes is still good if mostly the same as malls across the country.

Miyu Amano

So clean, nice, inviting mall to be in. The mall is very well maintained. I think it's the best mall in the Northside of Houston.

LaToya Butler

1st time there. It is a nice mall

Holli Beeching

Great selection of indoor stores with several restaurants surrounding outside. Its a lovely mall.

Vajih Khan

Need to work on making this a more happening place. Please bring better stores and have events inside the mall. We loved it when you brough the Lego store and Nordstrom!

Jack Elliott

Interesting shops and kiosks have a decent selection of most items to purchase

Cheshir Gaming Network

Great place to go and some decant food is here the staff at the Starbucks in the mall they are a great team as well there a amazing barista there that takes my order every time. Amazing purely a great employee. Her name's shykila Lewis on her name tag. Go to her and you'll get 120% excellent service with a smile

cgarcia755 .

This mall is always busy but enjoyable to walk around. It’s kept cleaned and has some nice shops you don’t find in other places. Good hangout for the youngsters.


I really enjoy coming here whenever I have some spare time on my hands, a plus here is that Woodlands mall has a lot if real good stores.

Tiffany Martin

Love visiting this mall! The scenery is gorgeous and the area is well kept. There's a great variety in shops! And at nights the lights are beautiful!

Dirt Junior

A pleasant experience for both me and my gf.... Lasting Memories!

Jason's family adventures

This is an excellent place to visit to many items to list! And the surrounding area outside is amazing to visit!

Satiric _Plays

I loved it. There have a very big parking space. There is also a balcony, where you can eat, hangout and enjoy a view of the mall. Felt like a vacation.My kids loved it. I will surely visit again.

Michael Stout

For the area this mall is in, I would expect some better store selections.


The woodlands mall is beautiful, I happened to be there when Charlotte Russe was having their liquidation sale, I got 6 pears of jeans for less than 20 dollars. They had better selections of clothing then my Home store in Florida. If you are a Starbucks lover, you will find one in every corner, they have some pretty neat stores here! Loved it!

To ny a Sull’ban

Love this place especially the food court so yummmmm

Ivy Jenkins

I received a kidney transplant in April and I have to exercise to keep my weight under control. My wife and I walk the mall regularly and it is a great alternative to walking our neighborhood in the heat. We love it.

Cesar Augusto Vivas Calderon

The mall was ok, I recommend de Barns & Novels bookstore


Beautiful mall lots of nice stuff and great shopping

Jinna Carrillo

All the stores I love to shop at are there and more are coming. Plus the food court has great options.

Phillip Lang

Always a great mall to go to that has everything needed and then some. Sowing it's age some but what mall isn't in 2019. The best mall in the Northside by far.

Erin Walters

The atmosphere here is my absolute favorite out of any mall I have been to. It feels safe, and I never worry about my purse being stolen or people breaking into the car. The mall is bright, open, and visually pleasing to look at it. There is a wide variety of stars inside it and within walking distance as well. Overall, a wonderful place to shop or just walk around!

Matt Castro

Nice shops, restaurants and goid location. Easy to get there

Wayne Nobbie

What a great mall and very busy with everything you need.

Robbie Gonzales

There are so many things to do in this mall. There are so many places to go and so much more.

Amanda Guzman

This is a great mall. Large store selection and food court options.

Kathi Konklin

The only mall I will go to in the Houston area. Love the high profile security!!!!! But, please don't make the horses or people stand out there when it is 100 degrees outside!

Natalie Richards

My car overheated last weekend and I had to leave it in the parking lot for 2 nights. When I came back to get it they had left a note but I was grateful that they hadn't towed it and the security guy helped us get it on the ramp. Also while we were waiting for someone to come get us my boys and I walked around the mall and got something to eat and it's really neat in there. At night it's beautiful and reminds me of the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Femi Shade

I was at Macy's female dept, I bet it their staff are trained with good customer's relation. Good display of goods,tester previlege,all at affordable price. Anytime I wonder why some people treat you good. The restaurants need to please reduce sugar content in their food,all food here contain sugar even rice,chicken except for sandwiches/pizza. We need a good healthy life to enjoy every commodity/commodities bought at this mall. Please woodlands mall with good healthy food too. Am a lover of woodlands since 2014.

Austen Rowell

Whole bunch of stores with a whole bunch of stuff. other than that its pretty normal, two stories, a lot of parking, food court and the guy who wont let you say no to a dead sea salt skin scrub

Casey Whitney

My mother took my son to the Woodlands mall today and as they were leaving one of the many automatic sliding doors closed on my sons knee and smacked his head when they were leaving my mother told the security guard and he didnt even ask or even check my son to see if he needed medical attention and told my mother that the doors come off the track sometimes and had her do a report I'm sorry that's what you guys do when stuff like that happens my three year old has a huge bruise on his knee and it is swollen. That door should have been blocked off.

Rory Holmes

I really don't like coming here due to the attitudes and snobbish looks I get, but since this is the closest mall to me with a Lids store, I push past those things and shop. The Lids employees are the best in the whole mall

Irvin Blackburn

A very well maintained place with a wide range pf stores to chose from. Just a very pleasant atmosphere which includes a very nive food court.

Sonny Garcia

Pretty nice place! The cars that they were promoting in the mall were an Alfa Romeo and a Maserati, but they were right under the journeys, so that's the spectrum of shopping experience you can expect. Also prepare to be assaulted by the kiosk people, but just practice your steely stare one a point in the distance without being distracted by their khajiit call and you'll be fine.

Pop Sergeant

Nice. Good shops. Mounted police monitor parking (let your kids talk to them: the mounts have collectable cards if you ask nicely). Be polite, please! It's all here. Enjoy.


A good sized mall, had many options to shop at and many choices for food. Overall a fun time for a hangout or to go shopping.

chance hunter

Get lost like a Radiohead album. Go to the Israeli salt makeup store. Buy the face wash.

Bob Riots

The woodlands mall has a massive collection of stores that are well stocked in a convenient location. The nearby scenery is also beautiful and easy to access on foot or by car. There is a pet store that has dogs and rabbits that I am hoping are ethically sourced.. Though nobody can really be certain. I am always surprised that such a large mall can be found in a relatively small city

Laughing Wulf

Very well planned as of places being where they are located inside the mall. Everyone is very kind and very clean.


This mall is amazing always clean we go here often has a lil bit of everything here barbers hair salons nail shop food courts pretty good has an amazing outside seating with a perfect view we spend hours here each visit

Vickey Neal

This place is a one stop shop. It has everything you could possibly be looking for and all the right people to assist you. Step outside the mall then you would have all the flavor comfort food the will ease your evening. A great place to hang out and even catch a movie.

Natascha Gotesky

Beautifully maintained center with lots of great places!

John Rosas

In and out as usual, new look of the mall is nice.

Marc Thomas

My girlfriend is always encouraging me to write reviews, since it also helps others in their decisions. I just moved to the area a few months ago. I really love living here. This particular Mall has a great array of stores. Very nice and clean. The atmosphere is very fun and pleasant. I have been to a lot of Malls across the country and they are very boring and definitely not as nice as this one. Very ample parking and lots of things to do in the mall and the surrounding area for the entire family. They even have Security on horse patrolling the area. They are very nice and polite also. Just a great overall place to go, shop or eat.

Jesse Jackson

Excellent mall, very clean with a good variety of shops.

kolbi wright

I live in Tomball so I can either drive 20 mins or so to the Willowbrook (which a few weeks ago I was there and there was a shooting) OR drive about 30 mins to the Woodlands mall. I go to both but the Woodlands mall gives me a better peace of mind. It's big and has a great variety of food restaurants in the food court. About an hour before the stores open, I've seen a group of elderly walk a couple of laps before the mall gets busy. It's adorable and smart. The mall is clean, the bathrooms are nice and I enjoy shopping here.

Michael Pennington

I love malls this one is fun but I miss the monster mall where I'm from!

Melissa Estepp

One of the best Macy's in the world.

Rhonda Patterson

First time I visited. Very clean and lots of stores. The food court was nice. The bathroom at the food court was very warm.

Ruth Anderson

I had a great time trying on clothes and visiting the Easter Bunny. My niece got married in Texas and I stayed near the mall and had a great time. The only trouble I had was renting a car at the airport because they only had 2 people working and there were 15 plus people in line.

Pedro Rosales

It was good huge alot of stores!

Sharon Lea

Loved everything but the vendors in the middle of the Mall. They make shopping UNCOMFORTABLE. Up and down every lane. Annoying and they won't take NO for a answer!!!

Rainbow Vaz

One of the best malls in the Houston area. Really nice fancy boutique stores to shop around relax and enjoy a nice beautiful day . Customer service is excellent. If you are cheap trash low income person don't expect this mall to have cheap stores with low prices if it bothers you so much clearly you don't belong in this mall. It's The woodlands area the place wear the wealthy high class people live. So don't come here expecting to find cheap stuff, Other then that it's a nice mall to walk around and relax.

Fallon B

Love coming here; it's constantly developing with new stores and changes. There's a nice balance of high end stores mixed with more affordable stores, which is really the reason why I have no desire to go to the Galleria area whatsoever. All that I need is on this side of town. :D

Dani Golian

Clean, upscale mall. Bit of disorganized layout, first time there. Variety of shops is done well.

Emlia Dianati

Great mall for everything All shops available at this mall and has barnes and nobles and Starbucks...two coffee places in one place.

Rebeca Mejia

This is one of my best Mall i love to shop at.

Manda Peeler

This place is huge! It was very nice and clean.

David Coughlin

Like everything else in The Woodlands, I find this place over-rated, over-priced, and over-crowded. Access to/from is awful to begin with, and gets worse during peak traffic times. There are a couple of restaurants in the vicinity I do patronize, but I park elsewhere and then walk there when I do go. If You enjoy large, noisy, crowded gatherings, your opinion may be more positive. Whenever going here, be sure to pack your patience.


Had dinner at Brio. Very good food, prices!

Ariffin Davies

Great range of shops and malls. Not busy. Food Court and restaurants round it all up nicely. Just be wary around lunchtime, gets busy. All in all, as a tourist, this place had everything I needed.

Michael Williams Jr

Decided to take my girlfriend out to the Woodlands mall around January to do some window shopping. We tried on some clothing, ate at the food court and had a great time. Since it was a few weeks after the holidays, it was packed but hey it's a mall so it's to be expected and some stores had great 25% off, 50% off-70%off and by one get one 50% off sales. We mainly was just walking around and went Into the aeropostal clothing store, forever21 clothing store, and footlocker.

WynExecHsk Dir of Hskp

We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I hadn't been there in a while. Slow food service, food was okay. Same issue as always though, the huge menu makes it too difficult to decide. It's actually a negative. Didn't get cheesecake...that was a first. Got free valet parking because it was a little late. Yay!.

Ise Herrero

Amazing place to enjoy an afternoon with family and friends.

Cynthia Wilcox

I love this mall, but the kiosk vendors on the first floor are very pushy. I find myself avoiding the first floor all together because of the constant pressure.

Carson Clark

The best mall in the Houston metropolitan area second only to The Galleria. As someone from Minnesota who's used to the ginormous Mall of America it is still fairly small, but it's clean, nice, and covers all the essential bases. The location is hard to beat right off I-45.

Sidney Drake

This mall is incredible! Comparing to The Galleria- very similar, but even more beautiful. Some of the best stores, some I hadn't seen before but was happy to find and will continue to go back to.

Barbara Chase

Lovely to walk around. The mall is small, compared to most, but has the popular stores. It is easy to navigate. The mall is clean. It is located across the parking lot from a movie theater, several restaurants, and the Marriott.

Bradley Slay

Nice mall. First visit. Just walked over for a bite to eat.

travelynoasis .

It's a pretty good spot for mall shopping. Lots of good places to eat inside and out too

Brian Barber

Loved it so much there ♥️ s tons of stores

Thomas Miller

A very busy place. I left a dismal review for another mall from across the state because of lack of business, but the The Woodlands Mall seems to buck that trend. We went in late 2018 and it was almost standing room only in a few places. Very festive, and the carousel is a great anchor attraction. I remember stopping here for band trips and I always looked forward to seeing that carousel.

John Thomas

This is one of the better malls close to Houston. It is worth the drive from the Humble area.

J. N. Allday II

Great place to shop. Not enough parking. Escalators have been replaced so moving from upstairs to downstairs is not so much of an issue as it was in the past.

R Rs

Best mall in the surrounding area. Lots of good stores, food, concerts, and parking around.

Chris Burnash

Great place if you like to be touched inappropriately By the make up guys. Amazing.

Lorin Neikirk

Nice mall but beware the Sea Salt kiosk demonstrators! Too aggressive. Use tricks to pull you into demonstration and listen to heavy sales pressure. Unpleasant, to say the least, lol. But the mall itself is nice otherwise!! I really like the outdoor balcony outside the food court to sit and eat! Very nice on a pretty day!!

Jerald Wesley Hardin Sr

Incredibly mall with what seems like a thousand stores and throw in an amazing food court.

Robert R

Great mall, always clean and easy to navigate.

Derek Gantt

There is a good variety of appealing stores and eateries here. I also like the stores and restaurants that border the mall. There seems to be adequate parking, too. Overall, it is clean and well-maintained. It was a bit crowded, but it was tax-free weekend when we visited. We will be back.

Jacob Jose

Cool place to have some relaxing time.

James Colburn

Clean and has some great shops. High end to affordable. Thank you

Consuelo Longoria

Had a great time just walking around! It's a very family friendly mall(eg. pet store, candy store)

Carl Phillips

This is perhaps the largest mall I've ever been to. In addition to the shopping, there was a wide variety of dining choices and live music that perfectly set the mood. Wonderful.

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