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5085 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Galleria IN Texas

Mary Benson

One of the biggest and most popular places to shop in Houston. If you like shopping, this is one of the "don't miss" places. It is draining - it is big. So plan to stay for several hours and arrive fully rested!

Gon Lopez

The Galleria Mall is great. Love waking around the place and finding new things. Just go when everyone else is working because it will get busy there. Traffic is also a problem area and the surrounding streets become very congested during peek times. If you're going to be there all day try to arrive outside of peek times to avoid traffic and get a good parking spot. Even when busy it's not terribly hard to get a parking spot, just don't expect one upfront. They do have valet parking throughout various entrances so that's a great option and more convenient. Highly recommend this. All above all others. More to do, see and buy here.

vin hallen

Big Maule with a lot of shops in. Clean and aerial, it is pleasant to make some shoppi g and you will find few attractions for kids also

blue wolf

Really nice,has good stores and fair prices.I really enjoyed it there.

David Marquis

Such a nice mall! This is a huuuuge mall that has every store u can think of

Jessica Castillo

Nice big mall, great staff at the chili's in the Galleria very attentive

Emmanuel Shakir

Very clean mall with nice high end shops to select from.

nadira khan

A fun place! You'll find probably everything a good mall can offer. Parking space is still not enough. There must be a larger area designated for food court. I couldn't find a Halal food place, one can enjoy ice cream or Tacos though.

Jackie Branch

Great place place to shop Macy's is a favorite big variety of shops from high end to reasonably priced lots of nice restaurants too

Frank Luongo

Definitely a fun place to spend the day with lots of stores and dining options as well as places for a coffee or drink. Lots of fun.

Ashley Ramos

Not too many shoppers today being Labor day and all. Lots of sales. Easiest way to access mall is parking garage right next to Nordstrom. Lower level by skating rink and food court was extremely busy. Yong Kang St. restaurant was delicious and very quick and friendly service.

Geena Prasad

I went to Neiman Marcus and was helped by Cathy Tran in the Louis Vuitton department. She was super helpful and very patient with me and showed me multiple purses, she even showed me purses online. She was great! I would definitely go back and shop with her again.

Fernando Farraro

Great High-End Shops with unlimited items to purchase. Great varieties of restaurants and a fabulous Ice Rink to try for yourself or people watch.

David Pikus

A fun place! You'll find probably everything a good mall can offer. Parking space is still not enough. There must be a larger area designated for food court. I couldn't find a Halal food place, one can enjoy ice cream or Tacos though

Kittipat Wejwittayaklung

Good for window shopping and some rear items. For famous items you could find it is cheaper at outlet.

Aura María Rico

Excellent promotions, everything you're looking for in one place.

Scott Story

It is big...I guess that is the point...anything you want from high-end designers to normal neighborhood mall shops, it's all there. I love the diverse cultures you get to interact with. My one complaint - there are very few places to sit between shops.


Was pretty large. Larger then expected. Definitely a place for more expensive tastes. Although there are stores for everyone here and the ice skating ring is pretty fun.

Travis Guidry

Great place to visit, and you will have to come back .

Clemen Estaya

Awesome place to visit and do your shopping, everything you need under one roof. Such a very pleasant place

Dan Smith

Mostly luxury stores at this point. Very few affordable items for sale. A surprisingly large amount of Women's clothing stores here. Also the Sony store left and was replaced by a desginer handbag store which is kind of a bummer considering it was the only location for miles in Houston.

Casey McKinney

What happened to the exclusive high end Galleria Area and mall? It was Houston's "Rodeo Drive". If you remember the days of old, don't waste your time being appauled. I was saddened to see the deterioration of such a home town landmark.


It was alright, great building, loving the design and stores. Its luxurious which is great buisness. But however, it did not catch my fullattention.

Picto Writ

The Galleria? What is there to not like here? If you enjoy shopping, you have all the chain stores here, basic to upscale and everything between. Don't like shopping, you can just take a walk, browse, people-gaze. International visitors are here in Houston for medical care, and loved ones often have to stay in hotels for extended lengths of time. This is a good distraction from the stress and worry. They have an ice skating rink... wonderful to watch kids and adults in action. Just a few days ago I was walking past the rink and happened to see some fantastic twirls on the rink. I was informed this was the national champ, and it was a show free for all to watch. Galleria mall is one of Houston's major attractions.

Mary Middleton

Very nice mall...if you need anything you can find it here at this high end mall. All of your name brands are here. If you feel you don't have the funds to shop, it is a great place for people watching. Look but don't touch.


Love this spacious and clean. Excellent store selection plus multiple entrances and exits

N Monique Rivera

Quite an experience. The place was like the UN and the spectacular visual stimulation is awestricking. Loved the entire experience.

Kazi Ahad Kader

You’re probably better off shopping online from most companies that have shops here. Unless you need something urger I guess. But really the food court is half the reason to go here. Be sure to sample around before picking what you like.

Aniket Deshpande

Best mall in Houston. You will everything here. All great brands. Huge mall as well. Just that parking is a pain in the tail here.

Jenny Jenny

Biggest mall in Houston area. On the weekend have a lot of traffic but if you go in day time you will enjoy your shopping day ! All designer... place hang out friends, a lot of nice restaurants near by ...

Elizabeth Diaz

So huge! Remember where you parked because it's easy to get lost. No matter time of day, its busy. Almost every store I went to, employees were nice. They have a lot of stores i buy from online. So it's cool that I got to see the products in person.

Roberta Robins

AmaZing and fanTastic shopping, eatery and indoor activities for everyone!! This place by far deserves it's high ratings! ♡♡♡♡♡

Angel Broussard

Large variety of stores & restaurants. High end places mixed in as well.

Emily M. Taylor

What a pleasure to shop here! From top designers to everyday brands, food on the go and table service classy restaurants, AND an ice skating rink. This mall is worth the drive plus you can stay inside the mall at the hotel!

Holly Golightly

Wow what a mall! I wasn't expecting it to be this large and have this many stores. The mall is three levels of stores with a lot of high-end choices. It has elevator/escalator access points and an ice skating rink. Parking can be tricky. The first time we tried to visit we could not find a parking space in the main front part of the mall after circling for a while so we went back to our hotel. The next day my husband found a back entrance which was emptier and we had no problem parking and getting into the mall. I would recommend doing this. It gets crowed fast. We went earlier in the morning when they first open in a couple hours later by the time we left it was crowded. I liked seeing all the shops even though I can't afford to shop at most of them, lol.


Love to Shop here. A huge palace of many amenities. A very professional place to enjoy fashion, food, luxury and many goods Houston has to offer. The food court is like travelling the world You have different flavors surrounding you. And we can't forget the masterpiece of the ice rink. Open to any professional and aspiring ice skater. A brilliant addition to the culture of the Galleria.


One of the best shopping centers in the world, with 2 hotels; constantly being renovated and updated with new high end stores and good restaurants. I've been shopping here for decades and although I prefer to shop online, sometimes I still visit. Huge parking lot, avoid being there on weekends, it gets too crowded with window shoppers and tourists.

Michael Tounsi

Awesome shopping mall. You could spend a whole day in here.

Ben Hurbrough

The Galleria is a very nice shopping mall with many levels and stores to visit! It's exceptionally beautiful during Christmas time where there is a huge tree on the ice skating rink that can be seen from all levels of the mall. Parking can be difficult though.

Siddardha Sankar

Variety of apparel, footwear, fashion outlets. Amazing food options. Huge mall with great ambiance.

Karla Lopez

Fun to window shop, look around, people watch, and enjoy a hot pretzel. Also like the toddler play area for my kid.

Lundan Sherrod

The 2 or 3 times i had really went to this place was very interesting. I can say for sure tht even if they have all these stores, if u break it down into avaliability, u could get better stuff at the Memorial mall for sure, just because they really focus on more of their clothing departments l, but skip over like the more less broadened things


Like this mall. Ool I saw rasheda's mother from off love and hip hop! They have a store in this mall. Not the clothes that I wear personally. But I was star struck. Didn't see Rasheda but it was still good to stop by.

Nate Church

This place has every store imaginable. You will find any name brand you need here in the Galleria. Parking is a nightmare on the weekends, but this place is incredibly fun!

Danielle Courreges

Beautiful with so much variety for shopping and food. The ice skating rink is a nice focal point for recreation or just spectating.

Jenny Carolina Suazo Arias

Very cool. Has a ice skating place for kids and adults. Also food and plenty stores to buy clothes, toys, make up... And more.

Brittany Star

Great if you have the cash ...upscale, perfect location

Dani DeW

Its located in a high volume traffic area. Close to the freeway and on Westheimer. The inside stores are nice and upscale. There is valet but I suggest parking in garage for free. Lots of restaurants inside too and an ice skating rink.

Patricia Griggs

Great stores and lots of different food options. All it needs is a movie theater! We stayed at the Galleria Westin; so I liked that it was connected to the mall. Reminded me a little of the Las Vegas hotels.

Jonathan Reichel

The galleria is a great shopping experience. the last bastion of a great shopping mall concept. Three stories tall. Ice skating ring in the center. Tons of variety and always updating. You never seem to have an empty store. Although it is very sad that the Kona grill hasn't been replaced recently. If you're coming to the galleria too strongly recommend you try at Del Frisco's double eagle steakhouse. Walking through Saks fifth avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom's is an experience even if you're not buying anything lol these places are so large that they have areas for husbands to go and sit down and have a cocktail while there was shop

Mirza Ahmed

Well , great prices and discounts on the branded stuff & also there are tons of options to eat from . A complete mall.


Good mall with great selection of shops. Parking is horrible because of the limited number I spots. Food court offers diverse selection of cuisines.

Jon Greiner

I had a great experience shopping and dining at the galleria. Sales people were friendly and exceptionally helpful in finding what I was looking for. It’s also a great place to mingle and meet new people. Just know that you can spend a lot of money here.

Coffee Vee

The one thing I hate is if you want free parking, you have to HUNT for it. Like a lion. (Don't do that, we aren't animals.) But I had to go in a circle like a vulture (literally) to find a parking spot. And you also need to remember EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. What did you see when you parked? What color? What letter and number? Do you see sunlight? Was there a guy directing you? These questions are important because if you don't know, your new home is the Galleria. Since it is Houston, don't think that you can get food and not sit down next to a stranger. The only way you can sit down and be by yourself is a diner with seats. So going to a fast food restaurant and expecting a table to yourself is unlikely. Most stores have no bathrooms and you'll have to use the public/family restrooms. Nelman's/ Rich people Only store has a bathroom but can you get by without feeling judged? All and all, the mall is quite big and has a lot to choose from. Both on a budget and rich.

Michael Jenkins

I visited here about two years ago, and I never forgot the experience; there is at least three floors to this mall. Every floor has something for everyone, there are merchandise, shopping stories and a variety of restaurants. There is actually a full restaurant in this place! I was shocked how much is in this mall alone, there is something that meets every demographic! I remember being so speechless at the many things that they are for sale here. If you are feeling hungry, you might as well eat here! They have everything from local restaurants to high stake places. I will recommend this mall for guests..This is a REAL high class mall, it puts most malls to utter shame!

Wanderlust Queen

Galleria mall is lovely place for Family and Friends with a warm Southern Atmosphere filled with friendly faces! So many eateries in food court and countless stores including High end and budget friendly ones very good place to Hang our they even have a Skating Ring inside the Mall

Daniel Schmidt

You can buy anything here for a price. Lovely place. Good for a date as long as you have money in your pocket

David Miller

Overrated just overflowed with asians and Arabs. Always avoid it as much as possible. Overall nice mall

Favian Segovia

First time that I had the pleasure of being there and it's amazing. Very beautiful place lots to choose.

Elida Gonzalez

Loved it the short time I was there. Didn't get to see all stores but it was incredible. All the popular stores and s lot more.

Lesley Sloss

Posh clothes and not much else. No book store! Not one! No toy store. Nothing but clothes

Kathleen Collins

Nice mall. Lots of stores and large parking garage

Jill Nairn

It is overly fancy and expensive mall, when malls have become a thing of the past. The middle easterners and Asians seem to still be in love with malls. The best thing about this place is the people watching and being surrounded with the diversity of Houston on full display. Whenever I am missing Dubai, I just come have a stroll here and grab a coffee. Not quite the same, but similar. If that makes sense.

Stephen J. Lautenschlager

The galleria in Houston Texas is a very good shopping option for high-end and moderate priced shops. Brazille, the restaurant on the third floor in Nordstrom is a very good option for healthier food menu choices.

Mirela H

Love this place! It is a huge shopping center filled with lots of designer stores and outside you will find more retailers as well. Lots to see and many places to check out for sure. If you're in the Houston area you should take a peak, you will not be disappointed. :)

Terrance LeShore

Nice, clean, large variety of vendors. But its staff is not the most helpful or friendly. Four starts for variety of stores.

Andrea Miranda

High end shopping. Good for shopping during winter holidays.

Troy White

Not my thing. Too many people spending retail for horrible looking designer clothes and shoes.

Michael Shair

Update your parking already! A 6ft man will bump his head in the parking lot here. Good luck commercial trucks! Their dock area is disgusting! Make sure you wear rubber boots here and mosquito repellent. In fact don't touch anything down there. You may just be in risk of contracting hepatitis!

Kim Hunter

Nice mall! Its huge! They have my favorite the cheesecake factory! An ice skating rink! Several name brand stores.

Vraj Shah

One of the best and biggest malls in the country. It’s always a pleasure visiting this mall, it has all the shops that one can be possibly looking for.

Nefertiti Kamore

Found more than I needed at this mall. Security staff were. awesome

John Peil

Stayed in a hotel that was actually in the mall and it was AMAZING! Highly recommended experience with great convenience and great food.

Dario Chavez

The Houston Galleria is impressive just for it's size and assortment of high end stores. It is also a great place to see and be seen. The food court has a decent assortment of typical mall food. The Simon Properties that I have visited tend to be trendy looking and well-kept, the Galleria does not disappoint. Anytime friends or family from out of town visit I always bring them here. Get ready to walk when you visit and if you have time take a stroll to the nearby Water Wall.

Victoria Briars

First time in Houston; and the mall was beyond huge!. I only visited 3-4 stores yet was in there for nearly 2 hours. I got lost multiple times

Umair Bin Asim

It was a good size mall with almost all the high street brands available.

Virginia Barriera

The best place to eat, shop and work. However if one can afford the brand name prices go for it. Nice ice skating area to take my kids, in addition to enjoy a cup of coffee while one watch skaters.

Jamin Mootz

The Galleria mall is beautiful and while many people think this is only a three story establishment, there are so many stores littered past three stories. There is so much to find and enjoy here, including a dance studio and all the latest stores.

Nilay Patel

great mall with lots of stores to spend the whole day here

J c

Nice mall. Most of the company outlets available.. and it's good place for family and friends.. recommend

Cindy Kanter

Great stores! Difficult to find a restroom. Had to wait in line for 15 minutes.

Latoya Ellis

The mall is massive! It's top 5 in America for shopping. One can find any and all brands. It's easy to navigate.The directories are touch screen and interactive. Wear comfortable shoes if you looking to make a day of it. There is plenty of parking. Certain times of the day it can be difficult to navigate because of traffic. It's located in a prime area of Houston. There is a ice skating rink. There are plenty of restaurants, upscale to fast food.


I really love this place it's large. There is always something to do here. Parking is free always try to get there a little early so you can park. Great place to shop. Food court is awesome.

- rainbowine -

Although it is a nice mall with many attractive features and places, I just hate two things. 1 the terrible parking and 2 the ice rink. I'd rather park in a store parking lot and walk there than have to spend 1 frustrating hour and a half searching for a parking spot. And the pretty expensive prices for parking literally make me do a 180. I went skating there as a kid and their skates are cheap to say the least. The blue fraying plastic on the skates and how uncomfortable they are makes me not want to skate there ever again. Also, whoever built the mall decided it would be a good idea to put a skylight directly above it. That's the equivalent of using a magnifying glass to burn an ant alive. Also, it's tiny. I almost got trampled while struggling to skate when I was younger. Tbh I'd rather go skating at memorial. Other than that it's pretty nice, but I'd also rather shop at memorial mall lol.

Shahmeer Ahmed

These type of malls should also be open in Karachi, Pakistan. So many high-end brands under one roof makes a dream come true for a shopaholic.

Chanta Kage

I've traveled to quite a few states and visited their malls but I think this is one of the nicest malls I've ever seen. They had so many stores to choose from & I was almost like a kid in a candy store. If you're looking for great fashion & food this is the place to go.

Martha Charlemagne

I like the access to high end shopping. Which is a necessity when preparing for a spectacular occasion! The parking is good, family friendly and appropriate accommodations, with up and down elevators There is also lots of fun food and a ice skating ring! Shopping is awesome throughout the mall!

Kyara Cortez

Best mall in Houston. I recently discovered that have valet parking. I would recommend it if you don't want to spend an hour looking for parking on a Saturday. Lots of stores and the food court is pretty big

Aaron Gaming/vlogs

This place is crazy it feels so futuristic and it's clean and just fun to walk around plus they keep every thing clean and put together.

Adam Caplan

Best mall ever! Full disclosure though, I have many good memories here...


Houston's premier mall. All the high end stores are here. People are dressed to the nines. Fun place to go shopping or dining. Parking is sometimes challenging.

Don Patterson

Always an enjoyable experience, and it is the perfect place to crash if Mother Nature is not kind to your outdoor plans. Shop, eat, skate, people watch . . .there is something for everyone. Enjoy!!

carrie payne

I had a necklace engraved at Tiffany's and the staff was extra helpful.

Shauntel Chatman

Spent way too much money but worth it. This mall is so huge you could spend the whole day in it easily. Mall of louisiana doesn't compare.

Paul S

I been after a long time but was well satisfied, awesome place!

Ahmad Elsayed

This place is HUGE. It is full of luxury brands and a good selection of restaurants. Downtown Houston, surprisingly, is VERY boring during the day. It shouldn't even be called a downtown. Someone smart should invent a term for it. So, the Galleria is your best option to go at window shop if (when) you can't afford 90% of the cool stuff there.

Husein Raja

Out of all the major malls in the greater Houston area, The Galleria is by far the best one. Just be prepared for your wallet to get lighter if you decide to shop around

Lindy Burke

Great place to dine and shop. Lots to do for the kids. Felt safe. Many good stores to choose from for almost every need. Clean. One of our top places to visit for my family.

Katherine Hicks

Bring a good pair of walking shoes because this mall is huge. A lot of great stores and good places to eat. You may run into a celebrity or two.

Doris Ramos

Took our 4 year old ice skating for the first time and booked an instructor. Great experience. He loved it. Will definitely schedule more sessions.

Kalifah Heru

Really nice mall!! Reminds me of home (Topanga Mall) Has a huge variety of stores and restaurants. I love the beautiful water fountain they have there and watching the ice skaters is very relaxing and nice. I don’t mind the 1 hour and 30 min drive this mall is well worth it

Mandy Winchester

Parking sucks, and the stores are small/cramped and have little selection. The mall is huge but it seems to be filled with mostly filler stores and stores that most people can’t afford. This was my first visit to this mall and it’s also my last. Never again will I waste time/gas/energy on this mall. Completely overrated.

Vee Ellis

Fix and/or replace the old antiquated Elevators. All of the people this place has on a daily basis, and the prestige the name Galleria has, nothing should be broken or breaking all the time like the elevators and escalators. It's ridiculous how often they are broken. Do something about this.


Awesome place... i can go all the day around

Racquel Smith

I've been here to just ice skate and to shop gotta love Houston's Galleria!

Quentin Common

Very nice, clean upscale place. Free parking garages, and a hotel connected to the mall. I stayed at the hotel and it was very convenient to go down to the food court to eat. There is also a convenience store near the hotel entrance.

Shareef Rabie

It has everything! It’s fun to walk around, even just to browse or people watch. The kiosk people are few and aren’t pushy like at other malls. Parking is easy and free, unless you opt for valet.

Beardös Company

Has changed allot... Too many bad elements. Not the teens. The adults seem to revert to children and most of the sales people are just rude or inconsiderate. What happened to helpful service with a smile? All the stuffy attitudes over a dollar is so unbecoming. I'd rather shop online.

Val Barlow

I am a person who loves malls, and if you’re looking to experience the enormous intersection of wealth and diversity in Houston, you need to go to this mall. I found it redundant to have a Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom flanking the parking garages, but the interior of the mall is worth exploring. It’s massive. There is a hotel within the mall and I saw two Quinceañeras, which is a common sight within the luxurious space. What I really love is having designer boutique stores like Christian Louboutin and Chanel nestled in with fast-fashion staples like Forever 21 (RIP soon). You can spend money anywhere but I would highly recommend hitting up the happy hour in Neiman Marcus then sloshing your way through the best that post-modernity has to offer.

Dusten Barker

Elevators to garage are often broke, and may trap you in it. The emergency phones in elevators do work, fortunately. The garage is super gross and has homeless people hiding out in the corners. Pretty creepy. The mall itself is nice.

Michelle Leach

As someone visiting from a small town, I can say that the Galleria was quite impressive! There were so many stores, and the inside is beautiful. The only problem I had with my experience was the not so beautiful bathrooms. They definitely seemed like they didn’t belong inside this huge beautiful mall... but they got the job done. I’d give it a 9/10!

A Gzz

Everybody’s experience could be different and this was mine This place is amazing you could get lost and never get out, so many stores and good if you want to spend some time away and even go window shopping, they have so many different stores and different designers that you could not find in any near by city. I liked it here, they have different selection of restaurants, shopping stores and they even have an indoor ice skating area and they have the drawing from a Stephen Wiltshine

Ramon Heredia

It was nice to visit, but I didn't really have a reason to be there.


An amazing mall with great dining options and in incredible stores!

Tylar Brooks

There are so many stores a girl could get lost in the maze but never be upset because of the options of shopping. It had anything and everything. The food court was delicious and that made the experience even better. Had a pleasant time visiting.

Majorie Hailey Hayden Vaval

Loved it. It's like an endless mall. Also I went there some many times because I had dance competitions and conventions there a lot

Autumnn Egglestonn

its okk i dont like it cause it always alot if people lol

Nicholas Redding

An extremely impressive mall. One of the best ones around. There is a wide range of shops from luxury to fast fashion. A must visit for anyone in Houston.

Frances Leal

This is one of the best Malls in Houston. A little pricey but if you've got money to spend this is your Mall. You can literally find anything and everything here including cars. Yes there is a car dealership located inside. There are more than one floor also. A great experience. Love this Mall.

Karen Eggleston

Simply Amazing, Anything and Everything, I mean Anything and Everything you could dream about, in your wildest dreams, We are definitely coming back and soon too,came from SA town on a shopping trip, bought a lot,spent a lot, but it was WELL Worth It!!!

Yuri Woods

Little small. But the best in the crumby city

Sara Ponce

first time @morphe today & the employees were the absolute SWEETEST !! felt so welcomed

Tin A

Too much traffic! But it's the best Mall we have in Houston

S M Wajahat Ali

Beautiful everything you need was available with various variety sale was also going on

Danielle Craven

Tons of stores! You can definitely find a special gift or a little something for yourself!

Timothy Joyce

This place is pretty impressive. A large variety of high end stores. Great restaurants. You can get a excellent shave, try on some Tods driving shoes and find Balenciaga on sale! Set aside a good bit of time, this place is huge!

Herminia Salinas

I loved it! You name it you'll find. The variety of stores is fantastic. It is a relaxing place. I liked that it has a lot of comfortable resting areas. I enjoyed sitting by the ice skating rink and watching the skaters.

Shawn Hayes

Wow- this place has almost everything. Three floors for a large variety of retailers including a lot of high end retail outfits. The mall is surrender by some excellent restaurants as well. The food court is pretty up-to-date. I think the coolest feature is the huge indoor ice skating rink (a great getaway for summer). Also, there are a number of hotels from top end to moderately priced -some attached to the mall itself (The Westin). Valet and self parking make it pretty easy to go there- though the traffic at rush hour is epic!!


Biggest mall that I've been to. Has every store you can think of.. get ready to get lost awesome people . great vibes..

Nicole Goff

Definitely takes a whole day to get through this mall with its abundance of shops! Love this place. It's super clean and wide enough for large crowds to get through without having to elbow your way through. Always a great experience and has any shop you want to shop at there.

Five Star Gaming TV

A great place to shop. They have a lot of big shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci...I was there last Christmas and they had beautiful decoration for shopping season. They also have Tesla showroom with really nice and powerful car. I wish I could be there everyday to get some more information. Recommend for everyone who like shopping.

John M. Oyerbides

Love this place always fun to go and people watch. Upscale stores. I use Samsung tablets so there is a Samsung store here.

Ross Jordan

This is a gorgeous shopping facility. Well-maintained, with the best of the best shops and stores. Obviously crowded during the holiday season, but most typically this place is well worth a visit. Find a place in the parking garage, and go shop for hours.

michael ta

Like it. Almost there once a week. The space is vast enough where the variety and rotation doesn’t grow old. The restaurants have a good rotation also. I just found out today about its connection to the Williams tower at the end of the food court. New about it but never walked through it myself. What a great marketing strategy and to keep the space as a transit for people to flow through.

Rhonda R

Fun place to eat and shop. Takes a few minutes to find a parking spot but worth the wait. Be prepared to do lots of walking

Donald Tarr

Outstanding High End Designer Stores.. From Debeers to Prada & Rolex.. A children's area and even an Ice Skating Rink.. Food Choices Galore, everything from Sushi to Cajun, with Several High End Restaurants for Fine Dining.. Multiple Parking Options, from Valet to Multiple Parking Ramps.. Would have been a 5 Star but only Three Restrooms in the entire Four Levels..

Henry Clay Berry Jr.

What can you say, it's tht galleria in Houston, everything is always bigger and better, H Town

Frank Franco

It was beautiful, very clean and I felt safe. Myself and my wife found everything we were looking for. It's a high end mall but you can still find some great deals. I would recommend this mall to anyone.

midhun bezawada

You get everything here. Have patience to roam and shop.

Uranda Adigun

This is a great place to shop and enjoy a great meal.

k n

GOOD Mall, lots of shops,ice skating rink inside the Mall, close to many good reasutarant and shops

Chad Harris

Lots of food options at the food court. The best stores in the world are at the Galleria. The holiday sales are the best.

Tavonne Botts

I enjoyed this shopping trip.Reminded me of the days when going to the mall was worth the trip.This mall has a great variety of stores.Reminded me of Mall of America.

Rendell&Kenn Tyler

My family and I enjoy visiting the Ice skating rink. Good choice and a public attraction for people who just moved to the Houston area all the way to Lake Jackson. We love it.

Chris Hernandez

Huge mall with a good mix of high end stores and the typical retailers you'd see. The indoor ice skating rink is a bonus and the food court is enormous!! Plan on spending half a day here!!

Tareq Z

Wife loves going there.. we had nice time every time we go thete

Stephen Beck

Always enjoy visiting the Galleria! Great venue for upscale and medium-fare merchandise. The Brasilia restaurant inside Nordstrom’s is a gem! SB

Stephen Chow

For all a very nice mall. It is 7th largest in America. I've been the bigger. Lots of high-end stores here. Lots of great restaurants.

Gary Meech

First time at the mall. Had fun. Place had everything. Wife spent most of the time at louis vuitton. Ate at a nearby Filipino restaurant and had the Halo Halo

Bob Eddy

It's actually a big and beautiful place. There are lots of designers store at the galleria. It's a one stop shopping centre. You find all what you need here. They have very good quality materials...nice eateries...playing ground for children...etc. You will be happy visiting this place.!!!


Great stores and luxury brands. The downside is the layout of the galleria is too unorganized. If you're not a Houstonian, you'll be lost and confused!

Cesar Trevino

I always enjoy coming to the Galleria. Always something new to discover! Only issue isparking lot, on weekends, I feel like playing "musical chairs" driving around for a parking spot.

Greg G4real

This is more than another mall. It's an experience. Most of the experience is good. The trip can be quite costly. There's also a patience and perseverance challenge within the parking garages and about half the spots reserved for something (not customers). Enjoy!

Anthony Coz

A cornucopia of high end retail. Fun to window shop, or shop for a special or stylish something. Clothes, Tech: Apple, Microsoft, & Samsung, Cell Phone stores, Art (Off The Wall Gallery), Major High-end Department Stores, Restaurants, plus large food court, crowded on weekends. Parking can be a challenge after noon, Valet available. Ice Rink.

Lori Cervantez

Was a fun visit. Enjoyed walking around

Marco Rietveld

Beautiful shoppingcenter! Good climate control, we were there during a really hot day. Do we really enjoyed the cold airco. There are stores for every buyer; from cheap to expensive. We went there by Uber, a nice and affordable wat to see the city of Lyon.

Wande Adedeji

The best shopping experience in Houston. All the stores you need all in one place. High end, main stream and anywhere in between all available.

Rebecca Savoy

Great space to walk, shop, and enjoy atmosphere. During the holidays it's festive. There's great food, music and people. Lots to see.

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