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REVIEWS OF NorthPark Center IN Texas

Amanda Bujol

Ted Baker is one of the best boutique stores at an affordable price. Looovvvee their shoes!

Anil Kumar Reddy Jonnala

Busy location with heavy crowd on weekends. Well maintained.

Marahya Mora

Great mall. They have a really good selection of stores

Hessam Rahimi

This shopping mall doesn’t disappoint. You can find most brands here and although it has been around for a long time, it feels modern

Evelyn Faulkner

High end stores.. Good mix of people.. Comfortable atmosphere.

Giovanna Scott

Great variety of shops from high end to your basic stores. Great customer service, great finds. Its a huge mall which is great for walking and getting your steps for the day.

Grace Gulino

Pristine place. Many restaurants, and food court. High end stores such as Dolce Gabbana, Versace, Nordstrom, Armani. Plenty of parking. Beautiful decorations.

Carlos Gonzalez

Upscale shopping center that is highly clean and full of art pieces everywhere!


Tons of stores. Definitely needs a power walking group. Great shopping experience.

Sanggyun Kang

The best shopping mall in DFW, period. The only downside is the food court and restaurants. There are only corporate-operated big guys. They are standardized and OK but nothing special. I wish the mall presents more chef-operated, unique, smaller-scale restaurants. Other than that, this mall is well cleaned, maintained, and safe to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Reem Kh

I love shopping here. So many different stores and restaurants. Good to spend time here when the weather is bad to go outdoors.

Edison Ruiz

It is one of the best shopping centers. We can find high prestige brands. In addition to several places to enjoy a good meal accompanied by a good drink.

Scott Wilk

Just doing some work and enjoyed doing a little shopping

Phylicia Cross

Great mall for high and low shopping. Very close to the freeway so it was very convenient.

Hannes D

One of the best shopping centers I have encountered in the United States so far. Not to big and not to small, very clean in appearance as well as structure combined with a warm and welcoming disign. Inside you will find plenty smaller shops of different varieties, no wishes open.

Ricardo Hernandez

The other day i almost fell. The places where there are steps they need to be painted bright orange or red as to caution when stepping down floors. They do blend with floor. Thank you for your attention. Mall customer.

Apollo Kenney

The design of the mall and the arty farty people make this one of the most entertaining malls to hang out in. Go if you have nothing to to or too much money on your hands. Jesus Christ! Did I just see contemporary violinist and a wine tasting in front of a jewelry store?

Angith Menon

Lively & trendy shopping experience with a lot of space to walk around. Good food places.

Rick Rubio

They have lots brand name stores, if you are visiting Dallas it’s a good place to check out

In The Eyes

Beautiful mall, great food court! Very helpful staff. Got lost security/worker gave up a ride on his golf cart back to the car. Would have been a 12 minute walk omg. So thankful for true western hospitality.

Jenifer Johnston

Great mall with designer shops and art/green space around the mall.

Nikida Downing

I take my daughter and her friends up there while I do my homework at the food court. The movie theater is wonderful. All the store employees r very helpful.

Bhumika Saivamani

Location: Location is so perfect (Very close to US 75 and Northwest Highway). There are wide range of shops available here.Most of the shops which we cannot find here can be found in the Shops at Park (Just opposite to the mall).So overall this area makes a mini outlet mall(Prices are not outlet prices though :)) Parking: There are ample amount of parking available around and near the mall.There is a trick - First floor is always filled and people dont find a parking ,they just got up to the top levels.There is a ground level - which is always almost free.

Luci Salazar

This is a beautiful mall. I love all the art displays. Many r very u unique & one of a kind. They also have a pond with small turtles that r very cute to watch, esp. to keep children entertained. They have mainly high end stores which r not where I regularly shop. So I just window shop. We do like eating at La Madeleine French Bistro & Bakery. So we did have lunch here. Their quiche & soups r delicious as well as their pastries. For Christmas, the decorations r beautiful & one of a kind. It's a great place to take visitors for the holidays.


Modern mall, no WiFi? What a surprising faux pas. Art works a delight. Truly great collection most just walk by. Love this grand old mall.

katlovesbeagle .

It's a typical mall with high class stores. However, it's clean, has art throughout it, and a public library. That's pretty nice.

Peter Shepherd

I love the atmosphere. I love the fact that it was the first indoor shopping mall in the U.S., and that it is now in the capable leadership of the second generation. Many of the displays encourage the shopper, not only to buy, but to give to benefit the hungry, hurting, hopeless, & homeless, of our community.

Sandra Espinosa

Love love love this mall. I grew up going here. I like how theres so many shops now, the nice restaurants, movie theatre, and art.

Yang li

So many brands to be chosen from sports to luxury brands. Nike store, Apple store, LV, Gucci, Rolex, Bottega etc. Usually they will host tons of events like cultural festival, kids talent show and so on. The best places to go and most of time hard to find a parking spot.

Dane Fergusson

Best mall in DFW. I say that without emphasis, as the management causally places Lou Vuitton, Gucci, and other top level providers in a stylish yet inviting setting. High end retailers, sculptures, and a movie theater? Enjoyably the differing clientele seem to compliment each other and not clash.

Paige Muniz

Very clean mall offering shopping choices from game stop to nordstrom. Most stores here are "high end fashion" stores and are often very expensive. Other than that it's a nice place to walk around

Lloyd Wilson

Very high class location with top end stores. Great place to people watch.

Shirley Jones


Jennifer Gordon

I love going in here to see the art and flowers. It's always so clean

Robert Reinhart

Really nice mall. Nice to see a mall that actually has stores in it. Most of the malls I visit are either closing down or have few tenants. North Park has always been a great place to shop with a large selection of venues, good places to eat, and it is clean an well lit. I feel it is a safe place to shop.

Carlos K Torres

Covered car parking, inside center excellent climet control and clean areas this is a must for big centers, shopping is fun and eating too.

Hleumas H

An iconic mall to visit. The artwork is amazing. The displays and the plants are wonderful!

Brian Moxley

Can't get lost in there .

Tanvir Amjad

If you are looking for brand name item's in Dallas area this should be a must visit place.Its big, it's fun and it has a great little food court for yours to dine in.It has an Apple Center, Starbucks and other traditional stores like Macy's and Dillard's.Also Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores.Ample parking space even though on the weekends it can be pretty packed.Go visit and rate yourself.

Colleen Murro

MY GOODNESS this place has come serious security. Every turn you take there is a police officer or security guard. With that being said I felt very safe at this mall vs. some of the others in DFW. This mall offers more of the high end stores that cater to the Highland Park and University Park moms.

Dennis Smith

Great shops and restaurants! A Dallas classic for more than 50 years.

Jhomara Estrada

I’ve been coming to this place since I was a pre-teen, back when it was 1 1-4 floors with only a few stores. Loved it then and love it now. The attention to detail, maintenance and store choices are great!

Ibrahim Altaha

Nice place to hang with family or friends. What ever you want do there, shop or eat in one of the nice restaurants.

Rani Rombaut

Nice, big mall. Two floors of shopping fun. It hosts a lot of different type of shops with mostly expensive brands but also an H&M, Zara, Macy's, Disney, ... There are numerous places with food and drinks. The third floor has a movie theatre. There is free outside as well as covered/ inside parking space. Next to that, there's a shuttle bus from/ to Park Lane Station.

Kenneth Reid

Nice mall. Prices over the Middle Class range.

Andres Cortez

Nice place to shop around

Misty Harris

This mall is they best, I could spend all day here if I had the money lol. Nice selection but can get crowded at times.

Sebastián Antúnez

I loved this mall. Upscale clean, spacious, well lit. Full of shopping options and lots of parking spaces. The staff is super helpful, polite and friendly. I recommend parking in the upper level for a nice view of the surrounding area. Overall, this is one of the best shopping malls I’ve visited.

Josh DeBruycker

Best mall northend best man\men shopping

Jonathan Hamami

I love this mall. Great atmosphere and tons of places to shop and dine

Is This A Meme?

Very fun and interesting place to go hangout with friends

D. T.

This mall is kept clean. Plenty of security patrols. You will feel safe visiting this place. A wide variety of stores and restaurants to choose from. The people that work here are friendly and helpful.

Wanda Chagolla

I thought that this was a very big and beautiful mall and convenient off of 75.


The place is too posh for the middle class! The mall is really beautiful and you certainly a good place for a stroll, rather not so much for an extravagant shopping experience.

Mohsin Khan

Probably the best mall in North Texas. only downside to the mall is the traffic. It's absolutely horrendous coming from either side of the mall. The blame is primarily on the city of Dallas but unless I have to really go here; I try to avoid it just because of the traffic alone.

Dedra Neely

FYI - NORTH PARK MALL generates more revenue than any other mall in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Deron Battle

Amazing mall. Spacious, variety of options of stores, has a personality of openness, family-friendly. Also, very clean which is often not appreciated in big, busy stores.

Tim Allendale

This mall has a great variety of outlets. You will never run out of options. The scenery is also nice. I love strolling in this mall every weekend.

NecofixDotCom Founder

Nice, clean, and elegant. A variety of good foods and stores that include Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla. I like the occasional high-end car exhibit by inside walkway.

Zo Ketch

Upscale shopping and cool architecture. The view is great through the windows of the food court. Parking looking fairly open as well.

Manasseh Matatila

Fantastic shopping place. The extensive amount of shops there allows for anyone who wants a specific thing to get it

Sonia Dominguez

This is my favorite shopping mall in the whole wide world! I always find everything I'm looking for here. ~Thoughts become things; choose the good ones!

The Branded Bunch

We come here for a lot of our high end shopping needs! Anytime we need Louis Vuitton, versace, gucci, etc, we come here, then of course cant leave without grabbing some items from the art of shaving, and lush, all while having our car washed and detailed!

Oscar Guerrero

Just Excellent and nice place for Everyone who wants pass a good time and food is delicious at panda Express ...

Sam Dawson

Great mall with lots of choices. Ive only been here 3 times a s I just moved for Orange County CA. Looking forward to coming again soon.

Jocqale Lyons

Boring drive if there's Traffic, but the mall ISSS badass‼️

Andrew McJannett-Smith

One of the best shopping malls around DFW, lots of high end shops but balanced out with some mid to low end shops as well. Parking can be an issue during busy periods but they have a parking structure and parking lot. Some nice places to eat in the mall and across the road in the other strip malls that border North Park. Definitely a place to go for your Christmas shopping trip.

Lee Ann Jeter

Went to Maggiano's. Always love their food and service.

Jackie Henning

This is such a nice mall with a great option of stores from high end to budget minded. There is a nice food court as well as a few great separate restaurants. This is my favorite mall.

Ramsey Fraser

This mall is quickly becoming a great place for social activity and meeting. You can do so much here now! There's a large arcade with bowling an karaoke, escape rooms, card game shop, some really cool stores, and the entire mall is well-run and clean. Really clean safe upbeat environment. Fully stocked stores. Able to just be a walker and enjoy window shopping, gaining ideas future purchases. Highly recommended!

Marcus Morgan

Easily the best mall in Texas!! Its store list is almost unmatched. The Galleria in Houston is a beast in Texas also but North Park is a much much better mall experience. Dallas does EVERYTHING with class. This mall has a roster of stores on the waiting lists...The next expansion will definitely be epic.

Tanisha Jones

Best mall in North Texas. It has all the stores you want to shop at, and the ones you dream you could shop at.

Brandon Dunnings

I like to go Pokemon hunting there good pickings

Mark Lewis

Dinner at Kono Grill then Downton Abbey at AMC with 2 of my favorite ladies!

yvonne flores

I love this quite and nice mall. Love the handicap ramps. Great prices and nice people.

Karen Ewing

This is my favorite place to go to for indoor walking. It's a big square and you just go around and around until you're set. That's generally why I go here, honestly. Though, I will say that there are plenty of stores and good food options for everyone. The mall is clean, the art and atmosphere are unique and intriguing, and it's very easy to navigate. People here can be extremely ignorant and downright rude (I kid you not, I've been spit on here for no reason at all) but we avoid weekends when possible and that's that.

Time Crystal

Every store I went into had representatives who were very kind to my family and I as we window shopped. I most definitely have NEVER had an experience and or service, like this in a mall. I will be returning to spend my money, happily

Joel Gunnels

Always nice place to spend leisurely time shopping and dining.

Hj HiltonJ

Has everything you need, parking is definitely gotten worse over time unless you want to park a decent distance away, in the TX heat, nobody wants to do that.


I loved this mall. It is generally very clean and the times I’ve stopped by were hassle free. Overall, this is one of the best shopping malls I’ve visited.

Pamela DeDeaux

North Park has Dillard's, Macy's and quite a few of the high-end designer stores. There are eateries, and throughout the year there are special attractions such as art work, car shows, etc. Great place for shopping gor the entire gamily.

Nubia Orozco

Beautiful mall. Definitely need to be money savvy if you do not want to go into debt buying unnecessary things on shopping cards.

Lucien Ramirez

A pretty big mall with lots of shops and decent number of decent food options. There's also a movie theatre inside. And it is peppered with art pieces to contemplate when you tire of the hustle and bustle. It's always nicer and busier during the holidays. I think it's nicer at least.

Robbie Aleman

This place gets packed during the holidays, but otherwise its a great mall. Very clean, friendly staff, great shops and food. Very high end shops as well.

Yami Patlan

Came here with my husband and kids. Even though the hours say its closed that's the hours for the store the mall is open though due to the movie theate hours and the restaurant being open too. I like coming with my kids at a late hour on Sundays its calm we walk around at our own pace sure no shopping. But when you have 2 little ones faster than you on 2 legs its okay. When I do come on open hours large selection of stores and I do like the food court with a outdoors seating in the middle of the court.

Rich Squires

I enjoyed exploring this mall. It was my first time there.

Kenneth Woodberry Jr

Ate at an Italian restaurant. They had a really tasty pepperoni bite.

Sophia N

NorthPark is the best shopping center/mall in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It has the best stores, amenities (movie theater, parking, etc.), food (sit down, casual, fast food), and people watching. It doesn’t have a ice skating rink like the Galleria, but you’re not missing much.

Jaison Kaleeckal

Northpark has redone themselves. This has now become a favorite shopping place for my family. All the stores have excellent selections, especially for Kids. The mall itself has undergone a renovation. Brand new flower arrangements, elegant design and a modern look and feel. They have brought in contemporary and traditional art work in a blended, smooth transition. The store arrangement is done in a very easy way for customers. Everytime me and my wife go there, we feel the footfall traffic has increased from the previous, and there is always something new. The parking is spacious and there are some nice restaurant chains inside.

Thao Dang

It's like a museum mall. Love the art in it

Julio César Biar

The best mall in Dallas. Cool shops, good restaurants and works of art make up an interesting and distinctive environment.

S o

First time I've ever been to Dallas and this was a wonderful location to unwind after a long drive. Many shops and food options

Rich Paxton

Love this mall. One of the best in Texas and by far the best in Dallas. Super clean and very good store options. Full of everything you could have a interest in. Tons of artwork. There is even a little pool with ducks and turtles. AMC movie theaters #15 is inside, only adding to the desire to visit. I will continue to come to this mall whenever I am in the area.

Elke Flynt

Love this mall. Great shopping

Hao-Ting Chang

Lots of store. You can spend all day over there if you like to shopping

Sanjay Gupta

Its happening place with lots of high-end brands but if you think about discounts, then it is not that place. It has good food court to offer variety of cuisine.

Jennifer Thomason

It seems like a really nice mall. I only walked through to the movie theater though, so I didn't see much of it.

Shawn Davlin

Took 2 of my grandsons out to the mall to see the car show and do some shopping. Huge mall, many many stores, a lot of them are high end. Place has been well kept, maintenance wise.

Cheryl Rivera Smith

So many memories here! It's a great place to shop, dine, or just take a walk. A true piece of Dallas history!

Wendell Montague

This is definitely the best mall in Dallas and arguably in the country, all the stores you want, none of the ones you don’t, all surrounded by beautiful art and architecture.

Page Carlee

Best mall experience of all. No kiosks, no pushy sales, fantastic food court with amazing choices for actual restaurants. There's a permanent Duck & turtle pond that is fantastic to sit near just to watch, the artwork in the mall is great, it's owned by the Nasher Family, so of course it is. Everything from Oscar De La Renta to Forever 21, this is the mall in Dallas.

Emergency Care

This place is a really good choice if u are planning to buy something,one can get a great deal of choices to choose from,but the problem is, this place is always crowded, so... getting some attention from the staffs is very damn tough.

Natalie Burns

I always love visiting this mall. They have a wide variety of stores and options. The food court could be a little more diverse, but all in all going here is always a great experience. It's so big that I rarely wind up visiting every place on my list but that's never a problem. That being said, be mindful of the hours you decide to go shop here, traffic can make it hard to get in and out of stores and the mall parking lot itself. Be prepared to spend at least two hours here in total.

Carol Sayre

North Park Mall is a upper class Mall and nothing in this mall is cheap. Quite the opposite. They have high end stores to shop at such as Gucci just as an example. Parking is safe. You don't have to worry about being accosted in the parking lot by undesireables. It's a good place to go with your children. Today the Mall still had fascinating Xmas decorations up and running. There were also ponds with turtles and ducks which mesmerized my little Grandson. It's the most colorful, interesting mall I've ever seen. I had a great time shopping at the Disney Store buying gifts for my Grandson!

Crystal Irvin

This is what a mall should be. Nice selection of stores, shops and vendors. Covered parking.

Howard Hamilton

North Park has really changed over the years. It is so much larger now with quite a few additional stores. My son and I wondered around for awhile checking out the sculptures, stopping for treats at different places and getting ideas for the holidays.


Great place to shop for top clothing designers.

David Martz

Nice collections you got here. And your customer service is lovely. Its recommendable.


The mall is always clean. This includes clean bathrooms. The maintenance staff work very hard in this regard. Some of the higher end stores have rude associates. All around it is a pleasure to shop here

Laura Bush

All the well known brands and designers are at this beautiful mall. The mall has exquisite container gardens and modern art displays.

Stephen Olson

North park has rarely let u down, aged gracefully, if u can't find it here..did you really need it. I always say it's not about need


Beautiful stores. Great shopping. Clean area and lots of food.

Janie Gomez

A lot to see some very good place to spend time

Tony Williams

Very nice mall, just moved near haere and like going for lunch, some stores can be a little expensive but they have a great selection.

Miss Gacha Cloud

It’s such a great place for shopping and lost of clothing lines to chose from

Mareese Lang

Great Mall, good environment and safe. Mall staff always helpful.

Mr. Limón

First of all, this place is huge and there such a variety of shops to go to. The whole place is pretty clean. It does get very crowded but overall it's worth the experience. There are things to admire as you walk to your desired store almost everywhere.

Haile A

The best One around DFW. I come here and relax with friends, specially during the weekend it is my favourite place of refreshness.

Richard Heramis

One of my favorite malls to go to in the Dallas area. The shops close at either 9p or 10p depending on the time of year, but the doors are open late because of the AMC that is located on the second floor. The food court has a good variety of restaurants, but the actual restaurants in the mall are great. There's a courtyard in the middle of the mall that is very calming and relaxing, especially if you just want to escape from all the chaos inside. Great place, and one of the few spots that I know that you can buy a Tesla in Dallas.

Steen Rasmussen

Thursday (06/27) I parked my car at the mall, went in for about 2h. When I came back, rear window was smashed, and my bag was gone. Apparently the guards drivning around the mall, have very little effect... Would not recommend this mall back home.

Kaia Williams

I really love this centre. Great selection of stores and places to eat. Super atmosphere.


This is definitely a upper tier mall, it’s built in a square manner so it’s super easy to navigate and determine where to go. And they have these indoor water locations that have animals chilling in them which added a nice ambience while shopping. Felt kind of random at times though seeing the animals, but each to their own. They have a chocolate stand near one of the entranceway that has been my Goto chocolate place now to buy chocolate for family.

Hakeem Shalabi

I love this place to go shop a lot of specials

A.K. Harris

Always a pleasure...clean mall's even though it stays packed.

Bruce Wagner

It is one of Dallas's oldest malls great place to go to the movies, shop or just visit. Big food court lots of places to eat.

Mai Le

A wonderful luxury mall that focuses on modern and open designs. Events are hold there regularly to open up community projects.

Chinenye Amadi

Has a lot of high end shops. Good place


Not a fan of malls. This is nice but sometimes can be a bit ghetto. Way to many guys with the sagging pants.

DJ and JC

A great selection of different shops and stores and s fantastic movie theatre.

Kenn Marsh

Great mall with high end stores that most malls don't offer. There are also more restaurants than a normal mall and no food court. If you don't want to deal with finding a parking spot then use one of the many valet areas around the mall. Overall clean and safe mall to shop at with the family.

AK Popp

I grew up being taken here by my parents as a little girl...was very nice and calm back in those days. Very different crowd now and usually very busy.

Trey Dickens

Giving it five stars because I enjoy coming here not to shop, but to play PokémonGO! Air conditioned with plenty of places to refuel with a bite to eat!

Karenlee Smith

Nah. Just not worth the walk. Even though some stores are high end here. The ambience screams otherwise.

Alex Anya

I lot of nice stores....a good place to shop and hang out. Nice restaurants also

Eric Sims

Food court is beautiful an their selection of food is wonderful!

Nathan Swanson

Certainly one of the best malls I have ever been to. Excellent choice of shopping locations.

Arun Vishwanathan

Great mall to shop and to socialize. When this mall opened up in the fifties or thereabouts, it was the largest enclosed air conditioned space in the world. Isn’t that an amazing fact? I’ve always loved to visit this mall since the place is so inviting - several sculptures and art pieces littered around the walkways, lots of plants (perhaps fake, not sure) and the air conditioning is always ice cold. All the high end stores have a home in this mall. Several great eating options both within the mall and around it. I suppose they’re hosting a mini Auto show this week, as there were several new cars being showcased in the mall.


Hate this mall, rude entitled people work and visit here, and the movie theater is awful. The parking for the theater sucks, and if you want a decent spot you have no choice but to valet, which is ridiculously overpriced, even with handicap tags! The only reason I gave it two stars is as I was struggling to walk to my car after visiting the theater, which by the way is very inconveniently located on the THIRD floor, a pleasant and exceptional gentleman driving a shuttle cart stopped to assist me. He was extremely kind, and apologized for circumstances at the mall from hades that are beyond his control. He even helped me get in my car, since I was having difficulties doing so on my own. Once in my car, I was fine, walking all that distance was the problem, and totally unexpected, since I was just there for a movie. Thank you, kind sir, for trying to make a horrible experience a little better. You were a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal experience!! I apologize for not getting your name when you rescued me, but I was in a lot of pain and not thinking to ask it. Unfortunately, I will not be back to try and find you to thank you properly.

Tyler Mitchell

Great place to go for higher-end shopping.

Saya X162

Me and my fiancé are from Tulsa but every time we’re in Dallas, we love visiting this mall. It has all the stores she loves(name brand stores we don’t have here in OK) and it’s huge. It’s usually crowded, especially on the weekends, but it’s also very clean and the decor throughout the mall is pretty amazing. I’ve heard there are even talks of expansion but I can’t even imagine this mall having more to offer than it already has besides more food variety in the food court. I’ve been to Mall of America in MN and this mall is by far better with what they have to offer in my opinion.

Steve Hunt

Good range of product, good service and fair prices.

Thien L

Exceptional mall. High-end stores. Food court had nice offering. Love shopping here.

Anirban Mookherjee

This mall has the most creative decoration I've seen. Rest of the experience is as you'd expect in a busy mall.

Tom O

A great mall with many nice stores and also always interesting things on exhibit in the middle sections of the mall

The Real Livings

I hate malls but find this one tolerable.

Dee Dee

Dillard good. Some retail associates weren't too friendly.

Sean Carter

Stable mall of Dallas. Huge and well manicured. High and Medium tier stores, diverse art installations, restaurants, food court, and movie theater.


They have lots of great stores and places to eat or just chill

anamaria pipas

Great shopping mall and I can't wait for the overture of EATALY !!!

Betsi Ramirez

Love the one stop shop for a mall. Goodness that place is so clean. Love the way it's decorated all year round. Customer service in general is awesome..... Great place for family and there is a Library in there for children. It is also filled with year round events for all ages including it!!! Has a movie theatre and a courtyard, fancy restaurants and a variety of fast food and luxe food places. The courtyard is used to exercise in, yes they have classes!!! And kids use it to play as well!

Joseph Tartaglione

Family oriented shopping center with a great staff. Lots of great places to eat and shop, with children's activities.

Anime x Hetalia Fangirl

I had a great experience at this locaion! Olivia helped me find the right charms for my bracelet and explained to me the importance of a safety chain for my bracelet. I truly enjoyed my visit and will be back again soon. Thanks to Olivia, she was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend this place!

Mahesh Rajapakse

A clean upscale mall with a variety of name brands. Clean food court as well. They also have a few restaurants in the area that is worth checking out .

Phylecia Courtney

Our go to mall. Always super clean. They have quite the army of cleaning personnel going constantly. There isn't a play area thankfully because it would be overrun bad. But they do have kid friendly performers come weekly and the Dallas library has a kid branch inside by Breadwinners. I wish there were a few more options in the food court, but there is quite a few different places. Can't have it all.

Julia M. Nusrallah

Great place to shop, especially when looking for something special.

Kimberli Gray

Love the apple store.. Clean nice place to shop and yes can find some good deals here especially if your in to quality. I rate the apple store number one in Dallas and Austin

Tommy James

Put on your walking shoes best place to shop in dfw area ...Disney store shops cafes

Cheryle Bolin

Tablet got destroyed so I took it in to be replaced... Everyone was friendly and helpful.

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