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REVIEWS OF North Star Mall IN Texas

Chelsea Hancock

Love this mall! It’s small and only has one story, but there’s a handful of nice shops in there that aren’t anywhere else.

Sk Khare

Very huge area with big names,houses almost all types of shops, high end Mall with ample parking facility.

Ray Rodriguez

Valet guys were great. I told them I was in a hurry and will be in and out. My car was parked in front to get in and out quickly.

Desteni Trevino

Like most malls, there's a pretty good selection of food in the food court. It's probably one of the few malls to have a Think Geek store. This store has cute novelty items for those who love anything with gaming, Pokemon, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, you name it. Most of the time, they'll have items that are "in" at the time. So if there's a newly released movie about Guardians of the Galaxy, they'll have more of those items. They have almost the same stores as other malls do, but have some high big name stores as well such as Sacks Fifth Avenue. Be prepared for the crowds during the holidays!


Great place to go and shop. They have a lot of options and they are all inside, as apposed to other malls. There are higher end options and different shops to walk around to, plus they have a pretty good food court with different fast food options. So you can shop and eat while you are here.

Joseph Toudouze

Great place except the AT&T store doesn't carry the galaxy watches

Jesse Pena

Great place to spend a pay check you out a check it out.

superherocrank .

Decent mall that is always packed, if you don't like crowds maybe try going on an off day through the week and very early. Stores they have inside assume you are loaded with cash as some of the prices is ridiculous and the Apple store God give you strength to fight the awful smell coming from inside. The Cheese Cake factory was amazing when I first started going there (mid 2016) but I don't know if they are under new management or what but the quality sucks now.

Patrick Walker

Busy all the time always friendly great customer service

Dawson Freeman

Went into pink store and was robbed by one of the women working there accidentally set my sunglasses hut bag down at the counter during closing time, we was the last customers in there and when we went back they acted like they had no idea what we was talking about. I have gotten with the Police and I will be getting this taken care of!

Christine Pintor

Children playground is just plain horrible. Carpet is extremely dirty n definitely smells like feet. Hardly if anything for toddlers to play in. Extremely dissatisfied with this area

Kathy Stone

Location is great! All kind of buses to get there. A great variety of stores.

Sharon Grooms

Later you the more difficult to find parking. Good anchor stores l like Macy's, grest place to shop windows shop, walk, good food

Victor Mancha

A pretty good mall 5/5

Letslie Aguirre

Great variety of stores. Jcpenny is the best.

Jamie Rhea

I love this mall, tons of places to shop and lots of food options.

Brandie Stewart

Employees are always nice, and bathrooms and food court are always clean

Skylar Mae

One of the best malls in the area for sure. They have a pretty decent selection of stores... but most exciting I would say is that they have a MORPHE store coming this summer!!

Jessica Garza

Love this's one of my favorites

Chris Rainey

This is one of the better malls in SA in terms of the stores that are there and the layout.

Sean Carter

I went for a temp job there but they didn't need me

Barbra Garcia

Was able to get what I wanted in good quality

Adalinne Mae

Marble slab ice cream here just isnt that great... Barley even frozen... Whole peacans vs chopped. And not really worth the money. Small selection. Want some good ice cream... Go to the one on the river walk!!

Sebastian Palacios

The mall is great. It's clean. A good variety to shop around. The employees. Something else. I understand being more interactive with customers and being friendly. But it's an obvious cover to make sure people aren't shop lifting. It was making shopping at all stores really uncomfortable. But I guess what can you do with merchants needing to protect their business.

Laurie Lanpher

Idk if the air conditioner was out for the whole mall or what but it was EXTREMELY hot and muggy in there. It made my shopping experience COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE which made shopping miserable. It became a chore to hurry up and get what I needed instead of looking around and enjoy my shopping like I was expecting.

Ensign MJS

A great place to spend the day. It's clean and usually busy, indicating its popularity. Parking can be crowded at peak times. Here you can find anything you need for you, your family, and home.

Ruby Luna

One of my favorite malls. Ingram is better tho. Good parking is by forever 21 *****TIP!!!

kharhen martinez

Awesome! Parking was super easy to find.

Robert RamJam

Can't get those boots out of my head. Use to go hear back in the day with family. Then go to Luby's for lunch.

Anastasia Bono

One of my favorite malls. I don't like the crowds much but I enjoy browsing the name brand stores and getting a chocolate truffle or two from the Godiva store.

Patrisia Hernandez

My favorite place to go when looking for something simple to special!!

Sevier Conditions

Everyone loves a shopping mall when it's not too crowded, the weather outside is horrible and you have a little time to burn. Maybe a bar would be better to let you enjoy the people watching from a chair, but that's ok. The Turkish store was refreshingly clean and had wonderful lamps.

Rachel Diaz

Awesome mall but I went there to go see Selena sister Suzette Best Time ever

Jeanette Riojas

It was great especially the Sprint store. Way to go employees keep up the great customer service you provide for each customers needs.

Carey Smith

Everything you need in a mall. Be sure to stop by Luciano's for great pizza.

Daniel Luna

I've been visiting since childhood and I'm well into my 50's. Always plenty to see. I always enjoy my time there.

Kaeli Rich

Very big.. but not enough bathrooms.. so if you've got a little kid then goodluck

Charles Walker

Went to the Kay Jewelers and received excellent service. Very Happy Customer.

Sushi Fooshy

A little bit of something for every kind of person! Food and Fashion! (North Star Mall is not for those who're budget conscious, it is on the higher end of prices) Be warned that North Star mall is divided into several different annexes and is not pedestrian friendly outside the buildings.

Bobbie Durham

Ok as malls go. Parking for JC Penny was frustrating.

Selma Nanette Bustos

Food is so delicious. Staff are great

Bennie Walker

Good place and beautiful ladies everywhere lol

Martha Roland

So many stores to check out... nice mall to get pretty much whatever you want.

Melanie Ysassi

Packed! It was decber 22 when we went though. Great selection of stores here.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Nice mall. So packed!! Couldn't wait to get out of there! Just went for build a bear and they took forever!!! They really need more employees!!! If my daughter wasn't with me I would've left love the lady in front of me.

Candi Barraza

It's a great place to go shopping, has food options to eat at the eatery. If possible, I'd probably think to go just to walk around and get some steps in, people watch, and just get out of the house, or the same daily routine.

Kevin Palmer

Just a great mall! Has everything!

deavin larsen

Good place to spend time when on break away from work!!!

Carla Campbell

I love shopping in this mall its many stores to shop at they even have eating places to choose from.

Clara Benavides

Tax free weekend was crazy as expected, but not as frustrating as I thought it would be. The stores we went to were packed but there were plenty of sales associates to help and when the lines got really long there were sales associates helping control the flow. Any clothes we couldn't find in the size we needed for my son were offered to be ordered and shipped to us which we did do.

Richard Glick

I spent a couple hours window shopping there. Very nice

Quinn Rodriguez

Well I arrived to JC Penney North Star Mall around 9pm on a Saturday night to purchase some dress pants for work. Parking was conveniently available right by the entrance. Store was nice & organized so everything was easy to locate. Plus Alex, young man who assisted me, was extremely helpful in helping me find what I needed. He even offered to help me apply for a JC PENNEY credit card which I qualified for in turn got 40% of my purchase. Excellent customer service by the young man. Plus they have anything you need for men's dress clothing. Will definitely be returning for all my dress clothes needs.

Manic Surry

Nice place though each shop seems to have purfume or other scents coming out of them. It can be overpowering at times.

Travis Thomas

Great indoor mall with lots of options! Only reason it’s not 5 stars is because of parking. Highly suggest getting there right when they open.

Abbylandia Angulo

Morphe recently open and the best part is the Jeffrey Star Collection!

Ashley Watson-Fears

There are tons of nice stores. The biggest problems are that its always crowded and doesn't have a very good flow to it.

Ashley Padierna

Food court has amazing choices! Love this mall

Amy Mendoza

Loved it found alot of good deals, found clothes for school.. alot of nice sales people.. great customer service

John Hernandez

My family and I went over here few days back after we went to eat out for dinner, to look for a shoe store for my son to get his new shoes. The place was cleaned and we had a good time just being a family enjoying each other's company

Ricardo Huerta Jr

Always a fun place to go. So many stores, so many people. I love window shopping, that I can definitely afford Lol

Matt Lacey

Great Food and Great staff

Adil Shams

Nice shopping mall, the only thing I don’t like is the elevators are too far one from another

Alberto Flores

Everything you need under one Large Roof. You can spend an entire day shopping here. There are so many stores including Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Forever 21. The mall also has over 200 specialty stores, some exclusive to the San Antonio market, including Armani Exchange, The Cheesecake Factory, Build-A-Bear Workshop, MAC Cosmetics, Mont Blanc, Oakley, and Janie & Jack. The mall, which opened in 1960, is located at the intersection of Loop 410 and San Pedro Avenue in the city's Uptown District. It is a well-known city landmark for its Texas-sized cowboy boots, created by Texas artist Bob "Daddy-O" Wade.

Mercedes Flores

Nice mall, has a lot of great stores and restaurants.

Dragon Customs

Great mall with every store you could ever need. Only negative comment is the escalator down from the 2nd floor has been broken way too long.

Amy Cicero

Kept clean but losing quality (Banana Republic, J, Crew)stores. Too many kiosks everywhere. It also has the dirtiest Macy’s (not their fault)

Zach Schwartzenberger

Its a great mall family oriented and has a little bit of everything.

Aranisha Longoria

I love the big boots in Front, it’s always crowded but overall a decent mall

Carmen Martinez

Great sales at Hollister and dillards. Plenty of parking.

Jai Campbell

This Mall was PERFECT! We were visiting San Antonio and I needed to get a little Christmas shopping done! They had all my stores! Go Calendars NY&C Gymboree The Children's place Bath and Body Works Justice It was so convenient. I was so grateful to be able to get all of my shopping done there. Another bonus, they have a parking garage. The mall was clean and on our visit to San Antonio, I plan to take my time and fully see what North Star Mall offers.

Anita B.

Average Mall...MAC customer service at both locations were great. The customer service at the Footlocker on point! The customer service is outstanding at this mall.

Beti R

Love this Mall in San Antonio! It's so awesome with great places to eat and get your shopping done in your favorite stores.

jose esquivel

Very beautiful and well cleaned. Some of the stores had sales going on and my family was checking them out. It's pretty big and the food court is awesome. Be prepare to spend at least an hour there if you want to see all the stores. The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite there. Pricey but worth it. Check out the North Star Mall if you are ever in the area.


Great place to shop but some of the sales people were not very friendly. Of the 2 security guards we talked to, only one was friendly and talked to us. The other one just pointed. Don't stop at the Sprint store. 4 people worked at the store. 1was at the door. As I walked into the store, he told me that one of the people at the back of the store would help me. Bad customer service and I will not be going back. Again, indifferent attitude by most of the vendors.

Emily Lara

My friend likes to buy his caps at the Dallas cowboys store and another place

Patricia Pimentel

Walking and walking around. Finding amazing things everywhere. So good to be here.

Yvette Pizano

My favorite mall. Its close a lot of parking and a lot of stores to see.

Valerie Mata

My top three favs.

Greg Merkert

Excellent Security staff of Officers. Right there when you need them! Thank guys, job we're done!

Martin Rodriguez

One of my favorite mall hands down. So many shops and friendly atmosphere

Juline Plunkett

I love that you have a side range or stores there

Maria Hernandez

Clean well lit parking lots Helpful directories Great choices of stores great kiosks items

Sophia vasquez

My first experience was a good one but my shrimp were super undercooked which they fixed for me when I asked them too. My family loved it the first time we went, I even told all my friends about how good they were so they can join me which were quite a few people. The second time we went there my shrimp were undercooked just like the first time, the butter had no flavor and was extremely watery as if they tried to stretch it than I asked for garlic which wasn’t in my boil so I had to pour out the sauce, than I bought some garlic and created a sauce of my own with the seasoning they have, my potatoes wasn’t cooked all the way through, my husbands shrimp was also raw. My friends who all order crabs sauce was spicy when all four of them asked for non-spicy sauce. So I’m writing this review because the store does have potential, Instead of rushing let the food cook so that Customers can enjoy it. Like I sad before They were great the first time so I suggest they keep that same energy all the time and their business will be booming. I also noticed they were low on staff the second time I came so that may be another reason but that reason shouldn’t fall on the customers to where they have a bad experience. The sauce is everything in a business, if they perfect that they can never go wrong. But God bless and hopefully they can get better and be better all the time.

Josiah Valadez

I prefer North Star over La Cantera. Shopping isn't depending on the weather, no South Texas heat to deal with, nice selection of businesses, not nearly as much traffic as Cantera.

Natisha Allen

I have only been twice. It is a big mall and very clean I called to ask for a location of a store I was going to and I was informed where to park at as well to be close and for my car to stay cooler.

Ruby Gomez

Nice mall. Good selection of stores.

Enrique Tadeo

Its a good place to go shopping The food selection I'll give it a 5/10 but other ways its good

Carl Wallace

Plenty of shoppes to patronize. Very clean and welcoming. Would recommend to others.

Tango Hendrix

Honestly one of the top 3 best malls I've ever been too. Always something to do, eat or watch at this mall. It fr has everything you'd ever wanna do here.

Arthur Rodriguez

Great place to shop & have a get together with friends or family

Eme Judith

A lot of great shops and decent food to eat. Didnt really get to see everything and for some odd reason the timeshare people just love harassing you... avoid those kiosks, unless you have the time to spend at least 25 minutes there

Sylbia Garza

Found what I needed, had lunch and did some window shopping. It was great!

Telisa O'Neal

Nice mall. Its really big. Love all the different stores. Can't wait to go back.

Barbara Kiolbassa

Loves it,was a lil crouded but enjoyed are time

Inesa St

Nice mall with a lot of shopping options. Clean and welcoming for all needs

Alma D Nandin

very nice its changed so much!

Rogelio González

The classic reference for shopping in San Antonio. Easy to spot thanks to a gigantic pair of boots, the mall has plenty of parking space, stores of all sizes with all kind of products and a vast food court.

H. Ellis

Still a San Antonio classic where you can find some solid shopping and great places to eat. The addition of Kona Grill was a nice touch with always a solid choice in The Cheesecake Factory. Still a great place to shop and find what you need.


Huge mall, great selection of stores the only downside is the parking. It's hard to find available parking at certain hours. The food court was super full and long lines for most food options

Alexis Lara

I love going here so much. The food court is great. I love the fact that they have a nursing station it was so helpful when I breastfed my daughter. They also have a separate room to change your baby's diaper. Along with a separate family restroom and separate restrooms for men and women. Some of my favorite stores are here as well such as lush and the Disney store!!

Abel Flores

Great shopping experience; plenty of parking!

Ricardo Ruiz

Great place to go shopping from a great variety of shops. Been coming here for many years.

Adrian Acevedo

Great place and a large variety of stores

Sheila Sure

Nice place to visit however there is no bookstore. That is a nessecity! Please get one put in.

Adriana Paredes

Ugh, way too crowded, tons of traffic so of course parking is a nightmare. You could seriously have a panic attack trying to get around, you feel so claustrophobic. You can hardly walk around freely. Great selection of stores but no thanks, I'll shop online.

Eduardo González

Great mall with lots of shopping options!

Justin Rockford

Best mall in San Antonio! Pretty cool that a mall is still thriving in 2020. Shows you it's possible when managed properly like this one definitely is.

Michael Kelly

Still a good place to shop. Not enough handicap parking

Esther Hernandez

Fun place to fine what you looking for.

Isabella Guerrero

Awesome mall. I went here to shop with my grandmother and it had all the shops I love and she does. Sometimes it is a busy place but it’s perfectly spaced so you can see where you are going. This mall is close, a decent size, and a very nice place to go when you are in need of a little bit of shopping. ;)

Matt Barnett

Excellent mall. However really slow at times. The survival of malls is to go big like Mall of America big. Gone are the days where they can rely solely on boring retailers and movies. Make it huge theme park and all!! That will bring out folks again!

Fly: I Am Playing My Guitar

Great place to spend some time shopping. And whether or not you have the extra time to spend our waste, the mall has a very nice Food Court with lots of good junk food and even some delicious semi-healthy junk-like food, and a fair amount of truly awesome AND healthy meals!!!

Joey Zam

It's a pretty busy place especially on the weekends, but a great place to spend an off day and they really do have at least a little something for just about everybody.

Frank Franco

My wife visit from Germany every six months and we make sure to visit this mall frequently, it has everything all the other malls have and much more. The isles and walkways in the atrium and mall are much wider than other malls which gives you so much more room to walk and just window shop if that's what you are there for. The Disney store here for some reason has stock in some hard to find items Disney has. Its clean and safe for all the family, it even has an area that shows movies or videos for the kids to enjoy and sit down and watch while parents can do some shopping without being bombarded by child in hand. I am an adult but I still feel a bit young boy enjoying Disney all over again for the 1st time. I on many occasions take my nephews to this mall and we can spend all day walking around and eating stuff we can't get at home. The food court provides food from every favorite food category that matters. I myself love the Italian and Asian food spots the most but I wouldn't mind eating at everyone. Last but not least if you are enrolled in their email program you will receive discounts and coupons for special days the at the mall. This is my favorite mall in Texas, the Galleria mall in Houston is perfection.

Stephen G

Has been over 50 years since I was in this Mall. It is still bright and lively and a great place to shop and get out of the weather. Will go back again.


Love this mall. Cute place to jist walk around when visiting the city plus plenty of great stores.

Julie Sandoval

Macys, JC Penney's to Cheesecake factory. Nice clean mall

Nelda Rios

Nice & clean. Nice vendors. Good selection of stores.

Demona Clouddancer

Use to be a nice place with lots of fountains and interesting stores. No fountains left and only one interesting store remains.

Leyera Favela

This place is HUGE compared to the mall where I live. There are many stores but it does get tiring when walking for a while. Definitely gonna shop here again!

veronica aguirre

Always feel better about shopping here. I never go to Ingram or South Park.


I really like north star. Great for a 21 year old trying to get some clothes to fit in to her sparse wardrobe. The variety of stores is really nice and you can get some good staple pieces for a little under 20$ if you look for them.

esther souvenir

Seems to have a lot of repairs escalator wise. Stores that are posted online aren't in the mall. Restrooms are far and in between. I prefer Ingram with all honesty.

Random Vids

It's very nice inside but I wish the people just knew how to park in the spaces

Anita Polaski

Great place to shop and to make connections to the different VIA lines

Lara Pearson

This mall is always busy because it has all the best stores. The food court has Chick-fil-A. Parking is everywhere!

Elizabeth Horst

This mall need improvements with the PEOPLES attitude get real be careful in PARKING lots me,me is out there MEANING selfish people you know who you are

Emerald Vaughn

Variety of stores to go to and parking isn’t bad at all.

Michelle Hyde

This is probably one of the best indoor malls in town.

Melody Booth

This was my first time at the cheesecake factory. Great atmosphere, very good food. Several kinds of beer. A bit pricey for me.

patricia gonzalez


Jesse Quintero

Great place to shop. Be ready to spend some money! Every thing you need is here!

Melanie Bailey

Love this mall. There are so many different places to shop and eat. No matter what you need you will find it here.

Estela Hernandez

They still need to improve they forget they are getting paid

Nicholas Roberts

I love North Star Mall it's my favorite of all the malls because it's always Poppin and you have always a chance and opportunity to show off your new designer stuff to all the other people that go there

marlon johnson

Great mall. The have everything you could want to buy. Food court is nice and clean. Alot of trainees hang out there though so be careful if your permanent party shopping there.

Raven Diamond

Parking is decent (there is a parking garage with an elevator). They have a wide selection of stores and wares for almost every need. They also have two areas that expand into a second story (one of which has a food court with a good variety).

Erik mauricio

The Moll is very elegant and you find everything. There are many offers and the service is surprising. It has a large parking lot and there is also Valet Parking service. I can not ask for more

Lynn Wareman

Great mall, lots of nice stores. Nice food court. Clean restroom.

Mary D'Souza

Very busy and fun Mall. Time for things to go see and shop for. They even have a few stores that have everything under $10. If you're coming into town it is definitely a place you should come and do some shopping!

Francisco Contreras

It's a very good place to shop my family and I will return When we go to San Antonio Texas

TheCommon Gentry

Touristy. Nice variety of shops. Chikfila, Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, Windows kiosk "store", Apple, Disney, and Lego are here (circa Summer 2019). Plenty of parking. Just be prepared for TRAFFIC.

Dale and Kelli Fischbach

Nicely kept up. Security makes patrols regularly so you feel secure in the parking ramp. Nice stores.

Lycia Sanchez

Great place to shop. One of my favorite malls in San Antonio.

Mr. & Mrs. Giancarlo Perez

Parking clean and secure. Stores opened on time. Got in and got out for Birthday Spree. Thank you to all yhe associates that helped.

chill l

Fantastic mall. Easy on the Eyes And So many different Stores. I personally shopped At Children's place And Hot topic. Children's place Always has Great clothes and Prices. My son loves the Apperal from here. Also went to Hot topic For some Funko POPS. A must see For all TOURIST Check out the Giant boots #SuperMegaStore #Rico4president2028 #Kilroy

Jonamae Takai

I love that it's not too far from home and that there is a ton of shopping to do here. Only downside is the parking. A plus is having Starbucks AND The Cheesecake Factory right next to eachother

Brianna Miranda

Its probably one of the better malls in San Antonio. Also they just opened a Morphe store

Jessica Molina-Cifuentes

It's a nice mall that has Disney store and Lego store inside. But given the fact that many stores inside of the mall is closing it's looking like a hollow shell then a fully stocked mall like before.

Arlin Delacruz

This mall has a large selection of stores, is very clean, spacious and safe. Also is only approx 15 mins from San Antonio Airport. I stood in San Antonio for 2 weeks and visuales the mall few times while there and didn’t have an issue. I am from NY and compare to the mall in NJ this mall since it was extremely big you had space to move and didn’t feel overcrowded.

george martinez

One stop shopping or walking for exercise. Target Burlington. Michael ross & more

Michelle siefert

Was hot inside very packed friendly staff nice mall

Brenda Puente

Love the cheesecake!

Ralph Jimenez

Very crowded's very nice though loved it there

Matthew Paxton

Great food court choices and has any shops you would ever need!

Irma Sanchez

Always fun going to North Star Mall. Lots of new stores going up.

Valerie Gibbs

So cool to walk around. Watching 4sales

Monica Metzler

I love going to this mall. I just wish with its sheer size that it had more easily accessible bathrooms.

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