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5300 San Dario Ave, Laredo, TX 78041, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mall del Norte IN Texas

Bill Braaten

Same stuff as everywhere else the same prices as it's okay

alex esparza

Cant go wrong goin on the wknd

Vicente Chavez

Never seen the Mall to quiet and to many stores closing.

Rafael Abastta

The staff is very considerate with my son. Kids love this place. Pizza is good and place is clean.

Thelma Cruz

It is a nice Mall but I have seen bigger and more entertaining mall's than this one.

Noel Charles

Service was not impressive. Have had better service


Good place to find what your looking for. Awesome place in the morning

No Bull

It's a nice mall.

roberto santana

very good you can find anything and go to the movies

Juan Olivo

Love this ❤️ place

Herlinda Pena Garcia

Great place to go shopping excellent place for children to go play in the children's area. Love taking my grandchildren there.


Its good besides the trash on the floor

Ernesto Morales

Horrible mall...more than half the employees there dont speak English or at least they pretend not to speak english... the food court is always one is there to clean tables, when you try to track someone down they ignore and pretend they didnt see you, restrooms that I finally found were filthy, urine soaked floors, no toilet paper in dispensers, only one dispenser had soap and faucets had low water pressure.


Great place

Di Rodz

Great place to cool off and seak sales!!

Carmen Castaneda

Easy access and cool atmosphere

Eddie Diaz

Cool place

T om

Mall Del Norte is a great place to shop and eat. The food court is a great place to sit and enjoy from the many restaurants. Mall Del Norte has all the great stores you know and love.


It’s small but has lots good stuff in there and good stores!

Carlos Esquivel

Great place to shop

Daniel Valdez

nice and quiet early in the morning.

Raquel Brizuela Guzman

So many great stores to check out! Plus great deals for shoppers! Food court has many options for food too. Movie theater and other experiences available. Family friendly and casual spot.

aldo g

A very big mall with a lot of stores and shops. It's well developed and also has tons of gift shops. It's an ideal place if you're looking for a variety of things you need to buy.

Melissa Martinez

Very fun lots of good stuff and food

Luis Manzo

Its lile a walk in the park, It's relaxing lots of friendly people and lots of goodies to choose from. Yyeeaahhhhhh

Eva Flores

Best place to have some family time

Norma Hinojosa

Place need a remodel change, rents are high and a lot of good stores are leaving cause there leases are too high..Not only that back in our years workers spoke english..Now i feel im in mexico..

Damian Gomez

Awesome place great people a nice play area for the kids

Noxygen The Creator

Mall is good and all but they should add more clothing stores and more stores that are not in Laredo.

RAJ Dollars

Nice,clean mall. Good food court. Plenty of top of the line clothing stores

Patricia McManus

They need a healthy food or frozen yogurt booth

short Ride

Go to Sears while you're there

Maryjane Scribner

Cinemark theater , comfortable and clean. The staff was efficient and friendly.

Eliborio Lopez

I can find ebriting under the same roof. And we can walk o exercise without any problems

Athunas Mystic Adventures

Awesome Mall lots of Store. However I do hope that in the near future you'll have more Plushi Claw machines.

Cindy González

I just love this place so much!

Dario Escobedo

Excelent place to go with the family

M Hernandez

Talk about a mall on it's last leg, this place is dying, run down. Lots of stores vacant, sad to see this happen. Probably rents are too high and lost their anchor stores too. Mall closes early compared to other cities I've visited elsewhere, mall could attract more customers by revamping into a boardwalk area

Angel Gamaliel López Decilos

A great place to go shopping in Laredo

Jimmy Begay

Nice clean place

Pablo Baltazar

Huge mall with lots of stores, restaurants and a great food court.

Marcela Galvan

This diablito is sooooo gooooooood. I totally recommend it if you want something spicy

RJ Moreno

It's Food Fun and Fashion, girrl! But damn does it get packed on Saturdays, you can hardly walk. I'm more of an introvert so Late Sundays or weekdays are better for me. If you work nearby, the food court offers plenty of lunch options too!

Francisco Longoria

Always a great shopping experience!

Sandra O. Ballesteros

Love this Place

Walmart Crabs

It used to be good

Timothy Benz

Amazing food and amazing customer service. Will definitely visit again

Jami May

Love it here, restrooms need work but other than that it's a good place to hang out.

Peter B

Plenty of stores and restaurants. There's something for everyone for shopping and dining. There's even a gym that's open 24 hours Monday thru Thursday. The gym closes at 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

jose esquivel

What can I say about this place that hasn't been said over the years already and people don't already know. Very beautiful place, ample parking, and very nice stores. Now the cons; very overpriced, sometimes sketchy at night, and too lenient security or officers patrolling in there. We don't have another mall in this small town, so that's really our only option. I know there are the outlets by the bridge, but it's like playing Russian roulette with your cars there.

Ben Jimenez

Its alright, expensive tho, i prefer the outlets by the river

Aranza Hernandez

Awesome place to buy Christmas gifts for the family. This place have price ranges that can be applied to any budget and/or families. Always great deals and great friendly people. Also the food court is terrific with different options great for a family outing.

rosa castro

Always great deals friendly employees

Rudy Sandoval

Good clean mall. Great food


Nice mall had all of the stores I liked and a lot of sales left to right

Amanda Aguilera

A lot of good stores.

Monica Rios

The movies was awesome

Austin Gudino

Big mall with lots to do. Never got bored. Plenty of stores with lots of people.

Raul Zavala

We come for the movies. They have a nice movie theater. Love the chairs, very comfy.

Ernest Santos

Great mall and was able to find a robot to serve me yogurt right in front of Kids footlocker

Takado1988 .

Good stores, sometimes crowded as hell, but overall good

Mr.Snide .

A good ol shopping mall

Oscar Reyna

Morning walks a must here, great place to shop and cool off and of course take advantage of great special and foods.

Edmundo Viramontes Gutierrez

Great place where you can find anything.

David Perez

Love this place

Juan Zamora

It’s always full no matter what time you go but still a great place to go to if you have nothing else to do. The theater here is awesome!

Kevin Britton

One of the busiest malls in North America. Very good selection of shops.

Christian Waldo

Cinemark is the top of the two best choices to go to watch a move. The seats are too comfy you can feel that is home. Regarding food, there is a good variety between popcorn, cheese sticks, chicken tenders, fries, and other snacks. Alcoholic drinks are served too! In case you want a cold beer or cocktail

Tablet Tablet


Abraham Martinez

Despite there being a lot of stores they all basically sell the same, only exception is Spencer's

Jordan Long

Lots of stores inside. . English and spanish speaki g stores. .

Joel Villarreal

The mall it is what it is you go walk and you go shop and eat lol

Brandy Santos

Lots of different stores to look at and play area for kids.

Jermaine Acy

Jyst beautiful

Birdy Martinez

Regular mall coming from a simple little town. The majority of stores I stepped in to, had no customer service greeting. It's as if they were there 2 talk 2 their colleagues instead of working. IBC was very professional & atleast acknowledged the customer. The restrooms in the area I walked in thru were HORRIFIC with feces floating all over the toilets. It seemed 2 have been there a long time. I only made 1 purchase & it was under $20 due to it being something I needed. Didn't care 2 walk around everywhere else.

Marco Munoz

Food court needs improvement. Good place to take the kids and shop but not to hang out with your friends during the day. The movie theater is good but there isn't anything else besides that

Island Man

Not bad at all. A good place to walk through even if not looking for anything specific. I frequently do that while staying in Laredo. It’s clean, well lit, and safe. I would recommend it.

That Guy

Cool place to stuff. Bring ur wallet though.

Pedro Segovia

Usually go there for a walk and relax every now and then.

David Guardiola

Good quality of clothes or whatever it is your looking for..

Emilio Aguilar

It's a shopping mall. Come on you know all shopping mall are great! 5/5

Richard Walters

Luby is a good place to get a bite

Sandra Ramos

Quality of service is going down!

rosaolivarezro .

We enjoy the mall and all the stores.

Juanita Vidal

Loved it saw different stores.

Gabriel Villarreal

There are so many great stores in Mall de Norte I just found it a little depressing that some of the stores are going out of business but over all it was a great experience

Gerardo Marina

Wow nice stores food court great and big

Jacob Glisch

A lot of fun packed in. Had no idea this was here until my mechanic across the street recommended it to me. Really nice size mall with friendly people! Will be back!

Samuel H. Baker

Nice, clean indoor mall with lots of stores and a busy food court. Ample parking.

Emilio Alejandro Pizaña Vazquez


jesse Hernandez

Just an ordinary mall, with places to stop, and nothing interesting new. I can also be a good place for a jog.

Martin Aguillon Jr.

Now that Main Event is coming, it'll be pretty cool. But y'all should remodel a little bit the Food Court.

Brenda Paredes

My daughter loves the clothes abd they always have some kind of sale


Very nice

Maximino Meza Galindo

Nice atmosphere where you find just about anything plus there's a children's playground

Jay R

Great Place To Shop

CzMx HaZaRd

Beasted that mango chicken at the food court fr that chicken was fiya

Ramon Castanuela III

A great place to shop.

Jose Bedarte

Was great



Defaulty Boi

Amazing!! Got there we Budds and we all had a great time and entertainment was fun and ice cream was DELICIOUS!!

Reynold J Rodriguez

Great place to shop with all the family great prices and great in store specials

Dmonty's lost son

Very very nice helpful people who will assist you in any type of concern or question relating to any type of product they have, even if they do not they will suggest another place that might have said product i really do highly recommend every type of person visit here

Abraham Aguilar

Love hate relationship with this place, Its really full and most of the town use it as an entertainment source, however a lot of new things are starting to come to the mal like the new gym.

Jess T

Great variety of stores loved visiting

Chon Arrambide

We went to get a book, but saw that was closed then we went next door to a shoe store ask a employee told us that they had moved a little further, who can help you like that.

Maria Aldrete

I like the mall Del Norte Because I like to walk Whit my beautiful. kids is Good walking for does people

Boricua Muneka-Baby

Suprisingly Amazing! I'm New to Laredo and I have seen some very unkept stores around town so walking into the mall was wonderful for me. So well maintained. I truly was impressed. Will definitely return!

Luna Morte

The mall itself is clean, needs updated restrooms. There have been many stores that have left and the rest are generic. No hidden treasure or boutiques. I recommend the morning if you are an introvert like myself.

Elías Rodríguez

All stores you can wish.

fredy orbe

Shoes stores, movie teather and bookstore I recommend those places

Spacy Pinson

They have the best carnival... Too bad it's only until Sunday

jose cap

Good mall size n more places to go shop at. Good food court options to go eat at. Like it would go back sometime soon.

Mami Mom

Looking for just a

Diana Munoz

always full but you find what you need

James Lares

Great shopping experience. Theater is one of the best in town.

Patrick Mendoza

Great place to shop.

Cris Wright

Good place with alot different stores plus place watch movies

Paola Cabrera

Its Okay. Easy parking, provides handicap parkin. Has a drop and pick up are. Has access to The metro bus. It is clean but I would love to see more stores. More variety.

William Shell

Nice little mall to visit

Emily Quihis

Very fun and no problem

I35uio .

Excellent place to buy clothes, or going for entertainment purposes. Could be more stores of other kinds as well. You could spend here some time in here.


So many good memories. Love this Mall. So many stores. You could spend the whole evening here with your friends. Food was like every other mall, some good some meh and busy too. I mean what else could you do. Mall or cruising on La SanBer. Bathrooms always dirty just because most people don’t give a phuck. I don’t get it cause la jefa or la tia would slap you if you made a little mess in the bathroom but public restroom didn’t have either of them so they just piss on the floor and leave paper towels everywhere. Good place to shop hands down.

Norma Reedus

Plenty of good stores and parking is ok. Mall needs more restaurants restrooms and seating areas through the store. As per the food court it has from Chinese, Mexican, italian restaurants though area is too small and overcrowded. Definitely need to expand or make another food court within the mall. Constantly needs cleaning...

Jose Gutierrez

Nice atmosphere. Lots of great people to help you out.

Erick Gil

Nothing compared to Ontario Mall in CA amd the knly good thing they have at food court is Sabarro

Erika Villanueva

Nice place for shopping, good discount stores

Erika Mendoza A.

Nice but small

legend 18

Good service and not too crowded

Gabriel Magaña Gonzalez

Just a regular, run of the mill indoor American mall with everything you'd expect in it.

Eduardo Saldana Jr

Always a excellent experience

ALBelmont .

It was alright, for my first visit here. The store variety is fairly lacking, as well as the food kiosks; I want to say at least half of them were some variant of Asian cuisine. I would come here again just to visit Books-a-million, but, that's probably about it.

Wendy Burk

It is a typical dying mall. It is long and huge so you have to walk a long way to get to different stores.

tu mom

Its alright ig

Genesis and Rebekah Vlogs

Fun to walk around

an an

Always durty like since when I was a kid

Alberto Perez

Nicest mall within 150 miles.

John Shelton

Big... Too crowded for this country boy.

Sonia Lopez

Sales going on as some store are closing ! Needs improvements! The restrooms are always filthy, not to blame the house keeping as they have low personnel but the management not to hire enough personnel! Weekends is a disaster ! The gym inside the mall is the bomb

Rene Lopez

Friendly service

Javier Alvarez

Very friendly n quit helpfull people

Cecilia Alejandra

Our experience here has never been that great, it’s usually really crowded, in the summer we haven’t seen the AC working so it feels really hot and awful (like a festival minus the music, the booze and the good times). The general ambiance is also kind of outdated, but the stores are not bad, they do have a good selection of stores to shop in!


Clean pleasant Service, food ok for fast food.

Luis Rangel

It's great to hang

alyh3 .

Great place to shop. A lot of retailers to choose from. Food court has a great variety of foods and even snacks throughout the mall.

Brenda Cavazos

It's hot as hell in there!

Angie Coronado

Rooms clean and love the fact that there's no carpet in the rooms. Only thing was it was non-smoking and the hall smelled like smoke the first night we stayed. Other than that it was nice and definitely will stay here again.

Chevo Maldonado

Nice place to go shopping

Brenda Puente

Awesome place to shop, very convenient area, very clean place!


Best mall

Mary jane

I haven't been here

Eleuterio Liendo

Good area for walking around meeting. Nicely well kept

Angie Cisneros

I grew up going to this mall. It has really gone down hill lately. However, the Aerie is really nice.


I absolutely love this mall. The food court is impeccable. It serves food from all cultures American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese I love it.

Samantha Garcia

Awesome place to spend tim

Ana Torres

Just a fast stop didn't buy anything

Mari Kelber

Loved it i went there on Dec 23 thinking it be jammed packed but to my surprise it wasn't at least the part where i was. It was clean and the janitors are constantly cleaning.

Rudy Gonzalez

Well we went to JCPenney and my mom got some pants and shirts for a reasonable good price very satisfied

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