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REVIEWS OF Lufkin Mall IN Texas

justin pillow

Great place to get some excercise in or go shopping as well as get a bite to eat

Pamela Betts

It has some good stores and lots of potential

Dodee Myers

I always like going there so much interesting things you can buy in my wife she loves Victorian secrets

Nefertiry59 .

Ok, i guess. They wouldn't let Hot Topic renew their lease, and that was my favorite store in the mall. Supposedly, the store was drawing the wrong type of people. Anyway, there's the typical mall stores and the awesome Auntie Annie's. A nice theater inside, also.

Angela Mcdaniel

Lufkins only mall

ola nanna

Omg this is my favorite place

Suellen Royer

Nice shops and a good variety to choose from.

Donna Kaye

Love it just wish it had more stores and more variety.

Marcus Taylor

Love it get good thing you want and met new people

Elizabeth Harris

Still good place to shop

Roger Dodd

This place is useless

Sweet Tee

Loved the boutiques and everyone was helpful and friendly.

Milissa Smith

Great little mall for the area. Plenty of retailers with clean walking areas and air conditioning.

Charlene Turner

Smaller size mall but has good variety of stores, average pricing

Thurston Morris

Mostly clothes. It's ok

Stephanie Jones

Best mall in this area. Lots of great stores!!! Including Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Buckle, and many more!! Grab a bite while you're there......Chik Fil A, Corn Dog 7, and a few others. Come visit it and enjoy yourself.

Jeremie Flanagan

Small but.. you'll like it

That Cupcake Dude

The mall is okay. Over the years it's really gone down. They got rid of the Hot Topic. Very upset about that. They also got rid of the candy store. There isnt much to do here. They used to have a lot of cool stores. Now it's just clothing stores. The only thing worth going to the mall for is the theater and the cookie place. It would be nice if they would stop sucking.

Kara Chambliss

Not a lot of stores like once was but still nice .

Belinda Parker

I'm not really a mall person. This mall is stuck in the 90's somewhere. Have worked in retail most of my life and this mall has too many non shoppers to be comfortable. It is clean enough and has a pretty good variety but just not my place to shop.

autumn jeffrey

Cute little mall


Not a very big mall, so there are not many good options to go to. I love going to VS and Bath and Body Works. I am kinda upset with them taking out Hot Topic, but stuff happens.

Veronica Reece

Great atmosphere! Clean theater. Employees were very courteous and helpful. Redtrooms were clean.

Mable Cannings

Spent the last week-end of Spring Break with the grand kids exploring Lufkin. First at Hijinks and Lufkin Mall. They had a blast! !

Jessica Lord

We make this a stop every year for school shopping.

Samantha Mangel

You won't be impressed, but decent for this little city. They have enough stores to get you by.

Rascals Technologies

We have enjoyed the Lufkin Mall each time we have gone. Very friendly and helpful associates in the stores that we visited great experience we definitely look forward to our next visit.

Diane Yancovinch

Love shopping there

Nick Johns

For a mall in the middle. Of nowhere it's not too bad

Billy Murphy

Best place here is the AMC Theatre.

Rhonda Copes

Great play area for kids..

James Barnes

Nice mall for a small town

Jeff Stewart

Very decent mall, not too big, plenty of eats and variety of stores. The kids play area is perfectly designed and a big help when waiting. No stroller rentals and parking can be tough in peak hours

Beth Sheba

Great customer service

Linda Fuller

So so..only place I go to is Kirklands

willie settler

Great times

Chloe Williams

I remember coming here with my family as a child. Back then, it was lively, with so many different types of stores to visit. There certainly isn't as much variety now, but it's still a nice place to take an afternoon stroll.

Paul Vann

Although they have been doing some updates it is still terribly outdated. They cannot keep relevant stores in this mall for some reason. I have been told by some of the stores that closed that the owner is too pricey on his rent for the location and amount of business done there. This seems to be a bearing on attracting stores that will attract businesses back into the mall.

Jose Ocon

Its ight the kids place has pool tables and air hockey which is pretty nice their popcorn is awesome I love it

Ashley Mewborn

Everything has changed and since there's no Hot Topic and no Kandy Craze it's not a place I wanna go to anymore

Jeremy Graves

Beautiful environment all your shopping needs

Joanne Branch

The shopping was awesome. I found pretty much everything I needed to finish my Christmas shopping. What a relief!

Sirjab Lightning

Small but has a lot of stores and places to get food

Charles Reynolds

I really don't like malls

Danny Crawford

Big and busy. Well kept.

James Withers

Nice place

John H

I don't like malls. However, this one is clean, small and fairly quiet. It had most things and places you'd find in any mall. The exterior looks shoddy and parking near a mall entrance isn't easy and not all stores connected to the mall where into the mall. Will return when necessary.

Kathy Farrill

It's a nice little mall. Has your basic stores. Handicap parking, wheelchair accessible. Places to eat in mall and surrounding areas as well.

Ronald Lance Teel Byers

Meh. It's a mall. Great for teens, but unless I'm going to the movie theater, a 34-year-old like me doesn't find much there.

Luke Whittlesey

You mean Lufkin Hall... but if you need a pair of new kicks or some trendy teenager clothes this is the place. The kids play area is good but needs some better upkeep.

Paul Nolan

A hodgepodge of brand-name stores and generic shops. The AMC theater is a nice addition and they have a Chick-fil-A! Several of the store areas are unused, which is sad. The mall is small but never crowded which is nice. There is a decent food court area with three or four places to get a quick bite. Did I mention there's a Chick-fil-A? The building is dirty and the parking lot needs work; there are potholes here and there. A facelift would make the entire place more cheerful and appealing.

Teresa Cooley

Its o.k.i live about an hour away from it so it still has Penney's and victoria secrets and bath and body works in why I go in there.i guess for the town it is in it is a good mall for them.

Amanda Sutters

Pretty good mall for country folks. It's not huge and I like that. You can usually get good parking too.

Robert Valadez

A lot of good stores.

Clayton Cummings

The Lufkin mall is old and dated. They have recently updated the flooring which is much nicer. Always clean. Just have to watch out for running kids (they will run over you).

Roberta Smith

Went to the movies... had a nice time at the mall. Nice and cool on s hot day.

James Graham

Some good food.very theatre too

Robin Holland

Getting new stores all the time.

Sharmitri Loew

Great choices of stores, small enough to get from one end to the other without being worn out if you're old like me, lol.

DOYLE Corley

Stopped in for Corn Dog 7. They have been there for years. Great place keep up the good work.

Nelda Perkinson

For a small town it's ok. Very clean.

Gail Yarbrough

Basic mall with standard stores. Clean and well kept. I would have given it 5 stars if they had two tiers.

Ruby Marines Soto

Very cozy little mall with a lot of good shopping inside food is good the best theater

Carleigh Rodgers

Amazing I saw the Lion King and the movie seats were awesome because you can change your position whenever you want

Deann Tims

Not a big fancy mall. But still has some good stores to shop.

Karen Herridge


Lillian Sims

Nice place to shop that is close to home

Loyalty Gallow

A good mall


GMC health food store location inside

Satashi Page

I loved it

Lawanda Bearss

My favorite place to go when I'm picking up parts in Lufkin Texas.

Elizabeth Cooper

Have a little carnival area behind the place. Only reason i really ever come here.

Justin Farrington

Its so big .....

Terry Williams

We found everything we needed for back to school and at a good price. Had a good day shopping.

Courtney Nelson

Great place. Wish there were more stores.

Randi Walker

The movies where awesome!

Hailey Porter

Lots of good shopping needs better flow though. Love the movie theater here.

Kay Dee

Very conveniently located on the main highway. Not very big. So it can be a quick in and out trip.

Jason Kitchens

This mall gets worse every year. Good luck finding men’s clothes here. There are a few good stores for the ladies but nothing for men. There is plenty of parking and they have most of the typical mall restaurants. Tip: Houston is only an hour and a half away.

Niel Barber

We enjoy visiting,shopping,having food. Was disappointed to find that some of our Favorite Restaurants were closed! Will return,next time in town.

Katie Fulford

Thought there was going to be more to it

Thomas Clover

They've been doing some renovations to bring it into the current decade and it looks good. There are a decent variety of shops, especially if you are into shoes and clothing. They really need to attract at least one electronic store and a book store to make it a complete shopping experience.

John Bassett Jr

Smoking in the cleaning areas near the restrooms hapening constantly. This is right next to the main office and near the rules that say "no smoking" in these areas.

trevor wooten

This mall is kind of okay. It used to have some really good stores, but they got rid of them for some stupid and unknown reason. The only store I think it's worth visiting it's Tj Maxx. I'm sure other stores is worth visiting for shopping clothes or shoes. If they got rid of anymore stores, I probably would have gave it like, 2 Stars. It's not as good as the Longview Mall, but it's a lot better than what Nacogdoches Mall and Marshall Mall have.

Dana Broom

Not much to choose from. Run down.


Time for a makeover. The mall has been there over 30yrs and it's nice but it needs more stores. So we don't have to drive to Houston, Tyler or DALLAS just to enjoy a real mall.

Derek Williams

A little older but still good. Decent play place area for kids.


It was fun food was amazing shopping was grate so much fun

Angela Lonergan

Perfect size mall. Always enjoy shopping

Shannon McQueary

Very quaint little mall, I thought was nice

Doug Palmer

Too many kids running thru the mall with no body trying to stop them.

Melissa McKinney

Nice place to visit catch a movie

Gigi Marshall

Its ok for a close by shopping experience..

Jason Morgan

Not a bad place.

Lexi Herrington

its really changed over these years, it used to be extravagant but its turned into a boring mall.

Ann Nix

This small mall is a nice place to shop with my grandchildren.

R.D. Goodwin

Great place to visit and shop. Also to meet people and go see a movie in a great theater.

Mal Frasier

A typical mall... A few stores have closed, such as Sears, but still plenty of other stores worth shopping at.

Discorded Pyro

Large a little too spread out. Most of the shops are stuff I have little interest. GNC is good.

Steven Luna

The mall is modest in size and aside from the crowded central walkways can still prove a pleasant shopping experience for the middle aged to elderly. As unlike many malls, the Lufkin mall seems to have been strategically constructed to keep the young throng of youngesters near the cinema entrance or in the gaming area directly at the mouth of the main entrance. They have plenty of snack and grab a quick bite shops and store are easily assessable on this single floor structure that could prove a convenienc even for the elderly or handycaped...and that's a good thing☺️

Shelia Lanier

I Love their TJ Maxx. Not to mention indoor children's play area. I bring my granddaughter every time we are in Lufkin. Staff at stores are always friendly and courteous..A great eating & shopping experience..

Tsubasa Wo

I mean it was better when hot topic was there I actually had a reason to go.

Kaye Smith

Clean mall. Never too crowded even for holiday shopping.

Deanna Johnson

Great places except TJ Maxx never go back

Donna Foxworth

AMC theatre saw alpha awesome movie. Had recliner chairs with heat. Omg so relaxing be careful not 2 go 2 sleep. Looked like remodelling in progress. Found out for sure if you get coupons on your phone, you can save a lot.

Aaron Diggens

It is ok, I havent found anything there that appeals to me except the theater. No electronics or gaming places in there.

JD Pierce

The barber shop in there is AWESOME. SKILLZ!

Zoe Diamond

Nice for a small town mall

Albert Mendez

NOT much here... American eagle and Victoria secrets, bath and body works...

Ronda Ackerman

Like half the stores in the Mall

mela hernandez

Carpet stinks we need more stores

John Shanks

Corn dog 7 is the best in Texas maybe even the us

Terianne Burch

Would be much nicer if it wasn't for all of the unaccompanied rowdy teenagers! Only go because I have to not because I want to now!!! Management needs to handle the situation.

Katie Goodwin offical

Loved all the places in the mall especially the Movie Area everybody is super nice and friendly

Roderick Blaze

Great that Lufkin has one, but definitely not impressed.

Chris Smith

So many good stores to choose from.

Denise Gonzales

Well sometimes it doesn't have what I'm looking for but it's a great place

stefany whitaker

Needs work Boring The only reason I ever used to go was to shop at hot topic Now it's gone Won't be going back

Alfonso Tamez

Great place to shop for cloths

Christy Wittmann

Love going to Kirkland's

Richard Bradshaw

It's small but clean with some great shops to choose from like American eagle, buckle, Hollister and journeys. There's a cinema there too though it's only a 6 screen movie theatre

Tammy Gipson

Victoria Secret's sale

Gerry Haverland

Not sure I remember what I went for...(yes I am!) But it was not there! Wast of time!

Damon Cord

It's a nice building, but most of the stores I used to go there for are closed.

Greg Sloan

The Lufkin Mall is a good place to Sap at.From Greg Sloan

Gloria DE LA Cruz leon


chasaty379 .

Its ok for this small area. Nice variety of stores

John Crocker

Good mall with lots of stores. The theater is really nice with reclining, heated seats.

shunequa benton

Good stores to shop

young tuck

There is this one place in there where you can get ANY jelly bean you want

Peggy Fredregill

Allways love mall.

LaTasha Blake

I enjoyed myself

David Kovacevich

Pretty neat little Mall. There's a lot of stores here what one in the mall seems to be fading a bit. The movie location here is pretty neat with electronic seats and free refills on large drinks. They have a fun bounce house location that is fairly reasonably priced and can provide hours of fun for the kids. I have a few good restaurants inside including a Chick-fil-A. Several kids and adults clothing shops and more.

robert rusk

Wow this place is great for a town the size of Lufkin. As we were passing thru we had time to kill so we went in to the mall. We had a nice choice of stores. Although the restrooms could use a good cleaning. Oh I can't remember the name but the Asian food place is a must stop at. Got to try their burbon chicken. Mmmmm good. Have a great time. Miss Gigi

Larry Davis

Has lots of upscale shops.

Jenis Saucedo R

A place were we can see friends, family and new people. Blessings

redarmyknife .

The Lufkin Mall is pretty "okay" if you can even say that. There is an extremely poor variety of places to shop at, compared to other malls. The only stores "of note" anymore are Victoria's Secret/PINK, Bath and Body Works, and perhaps the shoe stores? But every other store in there is extremely basic or disorganized. While all the employees of all of the stores are extremely friendly, we don't have near the variety this town craves. After Hot Topic closed down, most people agreed: This mall sucks. The food options are limited, with a Great American Cookie, Chick-Fil-A, a Chinese Restaurant, and a Corndog 7. There's a movie theater that people go to, I guess. I'm pretty sure that sums it up. If you're a young person/teenager who likes things outside of the realm of Rue 21 and Buckle, there's definitely going to be little to nothing for you. It's more worth it to just drive down to Tyler or Houston for the day and do your shopping there; which is what my family does already. Until the Lufkin Mall get's a Hot Topic, Box Lunch, or Forever21, it's going to stay bland and boring forever.

Joyce Perry

Nice place to shop!

Mitchell Meshell

Could use to fill it up but great time.

Corey D. Lewis

I visited JC Penney's. Tammy was very helpful.

LaDonna Walker

Great family mall

Beatrice Castro

Love the play area..

George Booth

The mall has lost several stores, but still has a good collection of stores to shop at.

Cindy Giamalva

Not much left in this mall..but what's still there is good.

James Morrow

Seen better days. Imagine it was good in the 80s

mary horton

It was a lot better with more stores but most of the good ones have left

Aleisia Evans

It's nice when you want to walk around the mall, see all the department store and food, and the movie theater

Zeonta Jones

Corn dog 7 was great, the mall has made a lot of great changes...Great shopping experience.

Miriam Nelson

There are some empty stores and stalls there. But barely any people.

Commander Lee

An arcade would bring more business there

Melvin Mcelroy

It is ok but small

Janis Jordan

Enjoyed visiting

Matthew Martinez

Nice little mall. It has what you need. JCP, Boot Barn, shoes and clothes stores. Nice little movie theater and food court. Little parking but not too bad.

C W Snippits

Great old mall. Sears is no longer there, either

Kev n Amy B

Not a lot of shops there. Was our easiest trip both in and out of a mall ever though.

Celeste Leinberger

It's okay. Not horrible but not good. May as well be a discount shopping center with a China Max and Chick-fil-A.

Carl Partin

Best place to shop in our immediate area

Shirley Adair

It has a lot of stores to choose from.

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