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REVIEWS OF La Gran Plaza de Fort Worth IN Texas

Fred Deichmann

A great place to find all manner of stuff from hair cuts to healing herbs and plenty more

Oliver Peimbert

This place is big and abundant in housewares & clothing Not to mention the food courts. A lot of sight seeing for all ages. There's a court yard aimed at kids for jumping and running around. Lots of ice cream and natural juices vendors. Pretty much a mini mall but with a Latin menu. A good place to burn money or a few hours on a weekend day.

Halbert Garcia

It was amazing. The place is very cheerful, fun and it's perfect for the family.

Stephanie Hewitt

We absolutely LOVE this mall!! Great atmosphere, family oriented, and amazing food!!


I used to come here alot not that much anymore.Its a decent place to hang out with friends and go shopping...

Minerva Moreno

Too pack never find parking space and small stores not interested in

Rene Robles

This shopping mall here looks very nice, but it's more of a mexican theme anyway. But I do like going to the arcade to play some arcade games, which is kind of cool.

Mando Lopez

Too much traffic other than that cool place

tommy Humphries

Like the place but little hard to find parking and the prices a bit high

Marco Esteban

This place is amazing, from the food to the clothing stores, nothing negative to say about La Gran Plaza.

Bernabe Gonzalez jr

Great mall to go to....well more a gigantic bizzare ...Best one ive ever been to...have many Authentic Mexican food places to eat has a huge play area for kids with activities slides...playground even has bumper cars....located at bottom food area...pack on weekends with live entertainment somtimes...nice place to walk around... some major stores here also...#25 and #1 bus will get you here...

Erick Velasco

I always find what I need. Work boots for $40. This is the place that will clean you up for a job interview.

Fred West

Just a fun place to explore!

Ashley Gray

Interesting place. They have alot of stuff u wouldn't even think of. The only downfall is if you don't speak any Spanish you may have a hard time. And they're directory didn't work so you kind of just have to walk around until you find what you're looking for.

matthew massie

Awesome place. Limited Parking.

Jesus Ramirez

Pretty awesome shopping plaza with a wide selection of diffrent stores and restaurants that suit all your needs. Love that they host cool events. Its great place to bring all your family.

Jose Ortiz

I ended up buying a few things because the vendors were so nice but it's just a cool unique place to just walk around and check stuff out. It almost felt like I was traveling in another country. Overall fun experience.

Judy Griffin

Very crowed, parking was taken, sketcher store was not very clean. No one to help.

Keryl Richey

I love a couple of shops that are in here my secret places where I get my Goody's that people say, oh where did you get that!

Deserray Nicole

Great place to shop!

Maria Torres

Smells nasty rude people food in certain restaurants are cold

Magical Matty

The mall offers something for everyone. Even free balloons and clown shows for the kids on certain days.

tomas keifer

It is a great place for Hispanics to go and not have to put up with racism

Enrique Mayorga

Nice mall Mexican dress mariachi dress.

Gray Fox

Nothing got my attention here. Though you may call it a mall, it's more of a plaza like place with a multitude of small stores and stalls. Though interesting I probably won't return.

Faye Conley

Lots of stores inside LaGran but not many major stores. Three levels with a food court. A movie theater as well (not sure if they are shown in English or Spanish).They have alot of prom / after five dress places as well as western wear. There is also a big Chuckie Cheese in the same plaze and a public library directly across the street

Carlos .

Awesome place been here since a kid and love it

Jaime Alfonso Ayala

I enjoyed that place it has a lot of different type of merchandise. And it almost seemed like a flea market with all kinds of merchandise with the same atmosphere.

Chelle Jones

Growing up, this was Seminary South/Towne Center. It's extremely different now, but but necessarily in a bad way. There's so much here to keep you coming back! From the deals to the amazing food!

The Borja Family

Slide from top story to bottom. Great kids play area and a plethora of restaurants. DONT FOR GET FREE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT while U rest from shopping. LOVE THIS PLACE!! Travel 2 hr to get there at least once a month.

S. Harris

The stores and demographic of this mall’s shoppers have changed along with the surrounding neighborhood over the years. The stores inside the mall and anchoring the mall are mostly downscale and lower-end, but the goods and services are priced appropriately.

Michelle Smith

All the things you need; lavenderia, plasma dono, tacos, a mall, a dollar tree- all in one area

juan aguilar

Very good place to spend time

Triphany Smith

Their sushi is awesome. Ms. Lisa works at Mi Doctor

Victoria Riverson

I love all the stores!

Denise Parran

Went to another store. No one knowledge me. Went to foot locker. Greeted and when brought shoes. Untied them for me. Put me on VIP list. I loved spending money their. Guy was nice and great customer service. Loyalty for ever customer.

Rodrige N.

They have good things at affordable prices

Dan Serns

Great! A little taste of Mexico

socorro rocha

Me and my kiddos Love going to the gran plaza its fun For the whole family

ChristChild 1313

Worth the trip... Experience Hispanic culture at it's finest!

P Crawford Swinton

This is a great place to explorevsnd be immersed in Hispanic Culture grest food & clothing deals


I love the way they improved since it was Town Center, the ambiance alone is worth the trip.

Jesus Lechuga

Fun place to shop.

Jesus Barraza

Most of this mall was good til I stopped at the stand where they sell waters and fruit I was not asking for nothing free I ask for water and they didn't have it .so i asked for a cup of water and I said I would pay for it .she refused to sell me some water.......rude little red headed gurl..........

Felix Sanchez

Nice placd to shop and take kids to play area

Blake Evetts

This place is a confusing mess of potholes and poor planning. There are a number of unmarked doors that lead to other, unmarked doors. It feels like a great place to get murdered.

Rikki Taylor

It took us forever to actually walk through all the parts of the mall. I enjoyed the culture. We don't have any of this back home and it was a nice experience. They're really nice people and everything that you could possibly need is located here.

Oscar Arriola

This is the best plaza or mall ive been too, especially for little kids, also note there is alots of Mexican food restaurants to try, also really clean, alots of stores, a lounge to relax. If you ever go sit, relax, or see around have a great day...

boo zoo

Hey trump there all here .get that bus and load them all on .

Antonio Longoria

Great fast paced place. easy to shop...

Jade Mendez

It's a great place to walk your family, take pictures, eat, and go shop. I love it there.

Mark Millsap

When it was Seminary South( yes, I'm very old), I thought this to be a great, upscale shopping mall!!! Now, it's more like LITTLE HAVANA!!!! If u like the loud, smelly Spanish atmosphere of Mexico City, you'll be right at home here...if not, Hulen Mall!!!!

dotti fuentez

I love this place. It reminds me of home, New Mexico. Food is good. It needs a good cleaning. Otherwise it's great!

Alondra Lerma

This place is really big theres a lot of places to buy things from but there can be a lot of people sometimes

Mohammad Kadom

Nice place .. Nice people

luis gamez

Best Mexican mall around jajaja

Patroski Willis

This is a great little mall with a great floor plan. Plenty of customers but not enough well established stores. Still it's a nice mall for leisure time strolling. Great people place and they often have a venue stage for performances by local and small outside artists. that adds to the leisure experience.

Damion S.

I go just for the Mexican food

pedro hoyos

This used to be the Ol Simnary South Mall.. Now it's been transformed into what look like an indoor flea market.. with lots of individual shops.. It's a great time for the whole family.. Awesome kids play ground with a 2 story tube slide..

John Mikel

Awesome spot like indoor flea market with lot of food spots!!!

Georgina Ayestas

Too getto. Everything expensive and cheap

ty bsr

I stopped & had lunch @ Pollo Regio, excellent chicken, Mexican Fanta, this was not my first visit, I recommend it immensely, si habla espanol, english

Daniel Terrell

It's very diverse mainly populated with Latinos.

Veronica Gonzalez

I liked the place is like a Mexican/Latino market you can fin a lot of things to choose from

Teresa Leslie

Was such a fun place to shop and look around.

Bonnie Thornal

Variety of big box chain stores and neat little unique specialty stores.

Bigtime Playmaker

For this mall to be indoors, it had an outside flea market feel. The place needs sprucing up!

Oscar Ruiz

I really like coming here, especially as a kid. I always loved playing around the food court and looking around. Nowadays though, I like to go shopping for clothes, but there aren't that many options. The two bigger stores like Ross and Burlington don't have much clothing for men, and the clothing that they do offer seems kind of strange. Other than that, there's a ton of women's clothing and sports apparel, and the many other things to explore.

Jonathan Chinchilla

This is a disgusting low-quality shopping center. Sadly this place is a glimpse of what is to come in regards to people whom cannot respect basic traffic laws - and others. I would not be surprised if a lot of people here aren't even supposed to be driving given that they go against one way streets, put the emergency signals instead of their turn signal, and so on. The future will be fun.

Pete Ramirez

I can chill downstairs or in the food court i find it a really good place to find what it is that you are looking for

Victor & Mary Alice Hernandez

Always a wonderful shopping experience there, it's like a labyrinth of great, cool, trendy stores! And the food court is very nice with a very cool kids play area in the middle of the food court!

Maria Sommer

Mexico in Texas, great food, you can spend a good time learning about their culture. Very nice boots and outfits, good prices.


You gotta see it in real life to know why it's a 3

Ashlin Lane

Best place to hang with your friends and go shopping

Ccelia Williams

Gangs. Hang out. Around. In. There

Brandon Martínez

La Gran Plaza is a very nice mall where you can find anything from shoes to computer hard drives. It also has a great play place for kids when you just want to leave your kids somewhere for a bit. Overall a great place to shop and hangout with friends.

Jorge Carmona

It is a great place to spend time with family. For the most part people are nice and the prices for the items sold in that place are not that bad. I will certainly go back to do more shopping.

Anthony Aguilar

Shopping in there was quite different than others mall alot of culture

Randi Lewis

They have a thing in there that you can get your kids immunizations there and I went there to do that for school and it was really fast and it was really convenient I didn't go anywhere else in there but it seems like a nice place in the immunization was really cheap

soccerboymessiover 10

Nice Place To chill And Wonder Around just getting off problems and like the events it reminds me of Mexico my hometown even the food is delicious and the movie theater is great but one teeny problem the floors are sticky and lots of popcorn so might need to tell the people to do a better job but everything else is good and the tacos when your are going up omg so delicious and don't forget el gran cafe nice play to relax eat ice cream or cheese cake or a nice warm coffee or cold but that is the best place I have ever went thank you very much owner of la gran plaza God bless you all my culture is here my home is there just like Mexico

Monica Chavez

This place reminds me of a mercado in Mexico. I love it ! I would say the only down side to this place is that you need cash.. if you don’t have cash there are ATMs but they don’t all work.

Nancy S

i love the place in general but i specifically went to get my eyebrows done and for the first time i went to this lady in a stand with the name “pretty eyebrows” and she was sooo rude.!! although she did a good job with my eyebrows she got so offensive because i didn’t give her tips since i didn’t take a lot of money to spend. and she refused to do my moms eyebrows bc she said “this is America you’re supposed to give tips” and said lots of other rude things. and that’s when i lost it and i went off bc she had no reason for that. tips are optional and honestly she’s disrespectful for that because she never knows what ppls position in money is. i would like to speak to the person who allows her to work there.

Amanda Thomas

Visiting this mall is like a mini vacation. Nothing compares to the experience and variety of vendors. Enchanting and full of fun surprises ranging from artwork to fare.

Sairra Torres

It seems like it's always packed but mostly more packed on Sundays

Jlo Jones

convenient and affordably correct!!!

Shelia Bonner

I havent been inside of mall in years. Looks good and something for everyone in the family. Lots of people, but in a good way.

Vickie Alanis

I went for a side mirror. I needed it ASAP. This is my kind of place. I just want to go, pay it,and leave. It was quite time effective. You just have to find the right entrance. $60 was great for a need it now replacement.

Kason Ferrell

Well, if you like children (adults) driving slowly around the mall with their windows down playing loud music. It’s pretty plain STUPID

Tara Jackson

Lots of different stores. Great variety. Can find just about anything youre looking for. However the weekends are super crowded. I suggest going during the week

clay griffin

My wife loves the place it makes her happy and if she's happy I'm happy she goes on and on and on and on well like I said if she's happy I'm happy

Patrick Burchfield

Nice place staff is cool Great place nice people. Clean and what you would expect. Didnt spend a lot of time but will come back. Decent stuff and decent prices. Walking is great here, very fun not a lot of people.Nice place staff is cool Great place nice people. Clean and what you would expect. Didnt spend a lot of time but will come back. Decent stuff and decent prices. Walking is great here, very fun not a lot of people.

Carolina Rivera

They have great selection of mexican food and great place to shop too

Karina Saiter

You can find many shops like Fiesta, Ross, Burlington, etc. Be careful when driving in La Plaza. You can see people crossing the street unattempted, drivers don't respecting some rules,etc.

Michael Williams

Good time @LaGranPlazaDeFortWorth

shantel brewer

This particular establishment is always filthy looking inside. Workers aren't very friendly either...but it was the closest Dollar Tree in the area I was in. Once I find another around the area, I'll never step into that Dollar Tree in La Grande Plaza ever again.

Elsa Mendoza

This is a good place to shop about everything Mexican. Quinceañera dresses shops, Mexican shacks and popsicles, Mexican food, cowboy boots shop. Family friendly. You go there and it’s like going to a shopping place in Mexico!

Unagel Tobin

Loved. Lots of shopping here.

timothy galloway

This is a bad location They always lose you have to make to have your phone your info Mason

Vivian Wilson

Always leave here with a smile! Great selection of stores.

Frankie Davis

A good place to shop

Alyssa Hansen

They have everything here. It's a nice mall. Really big.

Mrs.GodBee Na'vi

Its a Mexican spot in here to your left wanna say green background. Everything cooked from scratch. So good.

Manuel Gonzales

Really nice place they have everything that you can think of .they actually remodeled the place . great place to bring the family love it here

Dhruvika Patel

Very busy mall and also very authentic I like the food there ❤️ very good

Karolyn Benjamin

Nice little mall with a good variety of stores from Dollar Tree, Ross dress for less to a Skechers, and Burlington. Too many others to name them all. A couple jewellery stores. There is also a Pollo Regio's and a Patron Pizza. Aimed mostly at the Latino community but everyone is welcome.

sud Spa

Great service

Luz Caballero

Great places to have fun but be careful cause stealing stuff

Michael McFarland

Love this place. Good shopping and deals!

Wendy Redd

Our first time there. Loved it. Went to Rosita's Western wear. Such sweet helpful employees. I got a beautiful pair of boots and a great pair of jeans for 130.00. We will be back.

Ronny Osorio

Great Hispanic Mall. Has just about anything that any normal has but most of the things are around the world shopping centers. They're working on the playground for kids next to the escalator around the food court. If you go the the market, they have a 3 story slide, it's pretty cool fun for the kids.

Chuck Knight

Hispanic themed shopping mall with lots of atmosphere.

Janie Gomez

I love to go to this place on Saturdays I feel like I'm on Mexico

Pablo Ordaz

This Plaza experience has everything you need of imports from south of the border. Authentic food, great crafts, jewelry, and active wear.

Jake New

Love going here a sorts of things to do

Kay C

I recommend trying "EL MOCA JETES" locate in the stree level floor, the best Mexican food inside this Plaza gets made here. Avoid being pressure into eating at the lower seafood places that have workers peer pressuring people inside, very annoying.

B. E. Marshall Campbell

It was a very unique mall. I recall that Burlington Department Store was the anchor store, I bought a friend a very nice car seat carrier set there. The mall had a nice open seating area in the food court and a nice furniture store. One of the Bus Transfer Stations is in the parking lot. They have adequate parking and a unique lobby downstairs, underground. With comfortable lounge chairs and television sets where shoppers and their rides csn wait or meet in comfort. The bathrooms which were emaculately clean were large, very nice, also on the lower level. There is a very nice restaurant to the left of! He main entrance but I haven't eaten there. I like the Adobe facade to the outside. As I mentioned it is unique as a mall and I recommend shopping there at least once in your life for a different shopping experience.

Omar Trujillo

This is nice place when have events of mexican music in live

Eddie Duran II

Great place to bring the family

Javier Becerra

Beautiful because it gives me a feeling of childhood days. My parents and their families, being Spanish gave me a loving memory. To reminisce those days by coming here was touching.

Eddie VanHalen515076

Perhaps, DECADES AGO, this was once a nice, respectable shopping mall. These days it's overrun with hot Mexican ghetto trash. Filthy to the 9th degree.

Roben Boyer

Went to Community Action Partners of Ft Worth. Helping this NAVY Veteran family of 5 . They have been a huge blessing in our time of need.

Chad E McMurtrey

Used to be a lot better I think when it was Seminary South or something like that.

Juanita Olivas

A lots of things here ,gold rings and more, clothes, shoes, take your pictures, hair Supplies, and more

Ernest Salinas

It was good. There is always thing that you can find that you will like to buy.

Ignacio Gomez

Good has s wide variety of Hispanic stores inside

Herman Davis

This was my first time here so my review will be limited. I visited this establishment to speak at a company event. They have a HUGE meeting room. The service was extremely nice. Afterwards, I tried the taco salad. It was delicious.

Emma Ibarra

I enjoy the stores reminds me of Mexico alot

Misty Rangel

Nice place, really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. Kids loved it.

Daring Daniah

We went to a CitiTrends at this location did not go into the "Mall"

Machelle Godinez

Won't pay their employees and are being reported to the Texas Workforce Commission they don't even deserve one star

Jess Harris

A little hard to find the middle of the shopping center, but awesome when you do! I had to come here for a school thing and was happily surprised to find this place! With dozens of food vendors and a multitude of shops, this little treasure had been hiding under my nose. Love going there now!

Jimmy Reyna

I'm a place to go hang out great food

Kenneth Fullbright

Alrighty place to visit for to get phone repair.

Robert Reynolds

Many good shops to check out. It is on the bus route of several buses.

Sonia Espinoza

Great place. Looks like a Mexican Mall.

yellaboi jones

I got the brand new Jordan's so I'm satisfied

mauricio cordero

Lots of diff stores but its def not your average mall

Jasmine Llanas

I love it. Can find so many different things.

Denice Miller

The place is getting a lot better than what it used to be

Keith Russell

It's ok, but not apt of English spoke in any of the malls stores. Great ethnic flare.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Great place were you can find almost everything

Pokemon Fan

It's a good place to hang out at and shop

Annette Karnes

Not your typical mall as it caters to the Hispanic culture. Lots of Hispanic vendors and stores to choose from. On the weekends, you're able to listen to free music around mid day especially during the summer. Want a taste of good Mexican food? Head on down to the food court located on the bottom floor and sample some really good food. Just ask a retailer where the elevator is to get down there. While down there, you can relax, eat, and watch your kids as they play in the playground. When you're done eating, leave your significant other to watch the kids as you peruse more shops while you're down there. In need of a bathroom? Also located on the bottom floor, you'll know you're there as outside the bathrooms there is a sort of relaxing area with comfortable chairs to just unwind from all the walking you do discovering the mall. Make sure you brush up on your Spanish as the tv's in the relaxing area are all set on Spanish stations. This mall blends both Mexican and American cultures in one mall. It's quite a unique experience while you're there. You have this sense of a big family gathering when the mall is in full swing with families galore gathering there for the day. Now if you decide to wait til the weekend to come to the mall? Get there early. By noon, the mall parking lot is full of cars in the prime spots. You might have to park a little farther than you want, but rest assured, there is plenty of parking for everyone.

Adam Bopp

I go there for the atmosphere of old Mexico


Great place to spend an afternoon. Weekends can be fun.

Andres Cano

Very relaxing and a great place to see different people and friends.

Rey David franco

Good place to shop but hard to find a parking spot

James Ussery

The shopping center tries to be trendy and it tried to be upscale, but it's turned in to a place where you're just as likely to get mugged as not. There are some good shops here, but the area doesn't exactly attract good help. Ultimately, if they have something you need, go there. However, I'd say avoid leaving anything you don't want stolen in your car and keep your purse and/or wallet close.

Linda S. Martinez

Too much to look at and alot of awesome things.


Always come to see movies games clothes and more thx's mall

Luke L

It's clean. The offices are well lit if you get a window. Is kinda tight on there. The bathrooms were clean and fairly nice. The hallways are long. Lots of businesses on there. I do wishthe offices all had window. You never know what your walking into. The elevator worked. The art was decent and appropriate for the environment.

Annie Taylor

I went to the new Rainbow store it was very clean and well organized


I love this place! You get to spend time with your family!.

Marilynn Cassandra

A must go to! Enjoy the Mexican culture at it's fullest here! From delicious food, to good music and clothing, this place makes it one of the best shopping centers of DFW!

Anita Lloyd

Public health department, amazing churros, quinceñera dresses, piñatas, toys, jewelry, Pokéstops, movie theater, the biggest inflatable slide I've ever seen, a giant rest area with cushy chairs and a bunch of tvs. Cheaper than a trip to Puerta Vallarta. Margaritas, but no beach.

Charles Dospapas

Food is awesome, giant store to walk around

DavisNettles Lynnette

Crowded on weekends but a lot of stores to choose from. Low prices and clearances everywhere. Also new stores to come food places within the plaza and withinhalf mile of plaza.

Loretta Reynolds

I noticed some of the vendors only catered to Hispanics.

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