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Where is GreenStreet?

REVIEWS OF GreenStreet IN Texas

Ana Marie

Good location just have to find parking nearby since this is the downtown area. This store has 2 floors all of which contain the newest and trendiest clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Dario Chavez

I have walked through GreenStreet in downtown Houston on many occasions throughout the years, especially during shows at the House of Blues. This open air mall is aesthetically pleasing and has plenty of access points as well being close to a MetroRail Red Line station. There are a handful of stores and restaurants. Greenstreet definitely has a lot more potential I would think. If you are nearby take a stroll through.

alberto velazquez

A nice mall to bull some cool moments

Isabel Alonso Azpiri

Great for shopping

cristina moraru

Good and relaxing area

Anne Edge

Parking garage is nice but way too many one ways!

raymond wescott

Has excellent atmosphere and plenty of restaurants to enjoy. House of blues is also near by while the rail service stops at Main Street Square.

Robert Reed

Always a great time!! Incredible people watching, too!

Sean Martin

This is an odd spot to review. I used to work in this area and loved it, but I don't think it's very effective as a shopping mall. Nice to walk through if you're there and not doing anything else.

JC Johnson

I love that I don't have to cross intersections at street level here.

susie brown

Lovely Spot.

Adriana Arroyo

Very neat place. Like an outdoor mall. I love the coffee shop. Forgot what it was called.

Arthur Knesbach

Nice for walking!!!

Laurie C.

Loved the piano bar at Pete's. Great environment here!

Brent Marshall

Hmmmm, where to start with this place....Did I go here? Google says I did, but my brain cells cant que up any info on it. But I havent been very nice to them over the years, especially in my 20's when i thought they needed to be punished along with my liver. So, in conclusion, i would say that this place exists on the terrestrial plane and is conducive to providing a productive means of business propogation and establishment management through customer validated retail transactions. Great job.....i think(?!?)


Great for photography, Dates, Shopping, Fun.

FiLhItZ Red

house of blues is so awsome


I am enjoying Greenstreet tenants. Forever 21 is a plus for Downtown Houston. Lucky Strike Houston is awesome adult night bowling alley and restaurant. Food is fantastic! House of Blues is newly renovated space is an awesome addition in our GreenStreet community. The Fried Cauliflower appetizer is the best. Fantasia in the Foundation Room is a great hostess and server. I live the non stress vibe of the ora.

Ernest Eu

Good restaurants in this area.

Steve Styvins

Restaurants, food, music and selfie backgrounds....ooooo yahhh!!!

Eduardo Sánchez


john baguley

Nice little oasis tucked away amid the bland and featureless expanse of downtown Houston's massive streets and tiny dirty sidewalks that are often closed by endless construction projects. Remember the Houston priorities - cars, trucks, parking lots and roads rule, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles get the hell out of the way!!

Korey Henderson

They have everything!

Arturo Garcia

Green Street is a fantastic idea. The open sky's you see as you walk through Green Street is a Fabulous addition to your shopping experience. The shops, bars, restaurant's and entertainment venues are ones to rave about. My favorite is the House of blues. Enjoy the green view as you walk along the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor. Take a fresh breathe of air and enjoy the scene. Green Street has that name for a reason. You have to check it out. It is a must. Start on Caroline street ;)


Awesome place to relax and enjoy the day!

Sherry Squires

Convenient. Easy walking distance from most of Downtown.

Marco Ratto Olsen

Lovely place to walk around. Lot of options for Lunch and Dinner. The perfect place for a couple.

Aneeta K

Nice place to visit with family. For me, the layout is a little 'unfriendly' or it's possibly still being filled. I feel like it's a little 'empty' like there should be more fun stuff to see and do here.

Daria De la costa

I liked the calm atmosphere of the place, there are not too many people and there are brand stores, it's good to come for a walk with the family.

Bubba Cherokee

An amazing place and experience

Joe Cuellar

cool spot to explore

Keith Fernandez

Excellent atmosphere

Manuel De la Colina

Ok shopping center with some options for shopping. Nothing to die for

Gw r

Great shops.

Tom Douga

Pete's dueling piano bar is amazing!

Glen Bertalotto

Green Street Plaza little something for everyone and downtown Houston your chance to check them out

Jesse Burgos

Very nice area.

Matt Wine

Good location and parking near by. Several fun things to do in the center, and good restaurants as well.


Nice facility and safe location.

RVF 360

Nice and clean. Highly recommended

Lily Gonzalez

Great place to bring out of downers to walk around and do some shopping and sight seeing. Bowling is overpriced and you'll have to pay for parking unless you get free parking after 6 p.m. look out for free pet events on certain Saturday's of the month!

Jeremy R.

Great shops and restaurants while in downtown Houston.

Magaly Fernández

I love how the pavilion connects the whole area. And all the good restaurants that are within walking distance


Went to Lucky Strike and service was less than impressive.

marquise dowdy

Trap karaoke!!! I had a great time

James McGregor

Very nice shops

Jocelyn Pyles


Ali Mackey

Great dueling piano bar & good food options - came here for a birthday party. I would prefer a few more low-key bar options since the piano bar charges a $10 cover and we didn't want to bowl. We've been to House of Blues here also & it was a great time. Clean & nice for downtown!

hassan hassan

Great experience while shopping

L Callaway

Awesome place lots to see and do. Great dinning options, several bars to choose from . Pete’s piano bar is on of my favs! You also have a very cool upscale bowling alley to enjoy. Great place for a date night . Not so much for kids.

Emu Nebula

nice but wish it didnt close so early

Reyes Ramirez

Went to a great Xmas party at Luck Strike bowling. Great time and good food

Uncle Tay

Good eats. Nice atmosphere.

Kay Your Local guide !

Great area to explore and sight see. Nice place to walk around and browse

Minh-Chau Pham

Nice place to walk hand and hand with your significant other

Shabab Alrashidi

Okay but not worth the visit

Saúl Domínguez Madsen

Nice place, nice stores!

Melissa Padilla Wegner

Neat concept in downtown Houston. Lots of restaurants, entertainment and House of Blues located in a compact area. Several businesses as well.

Dennis B. McGuire

A wonderful place to relax at the end of a long day and just enjoy the live music from some very talented young performers. Grab a coffee or cappuccino and a table on the lawn!

Karo A

Beautiful place to relax and eat. This place has some good restaurants.

Kevin Cosby

Nice area to explore with so many options.

Sonny Covington

Great venues and parking provides easy access. Great nightlife for Downtown Houston.

David Lay

Great place!

Nathan Cragun

"Shopping mall" is being generous. There are some decent restaurants and businesses throughout this three level complex. Don't come here expecting a true shopping trip though; you'll find some boutiques and a forever 21, but beyond that, not much.

Vonnie Thomas

Good times

Danielle Craven

Neat place, lots to see

NC Craven

Really nice

Spencer Shellborn

Really great food. Super delicious, but the music was way too loud. I couldn't hear anything including the person sitting directly beside me.

John Winslow

It's okay.

Syble Longworth


Kalidian Stoner

Everything but morning security is cool with me. Grab a cup of coffee at Café Bene

Ashe Locke

there’s literally like two stores lol

Pushpa Shenoy

I never knew this place existed till I walked through this just because it was not yet time for the reserved table at Andalusia...loved this downtown beautiful lively street. I can only imagine the beauty at night .

Jamarcus Towns

I haven't been inside most of these places but every business here has been nothing but friendly except for one and that's Pete's dueling piano who wouldn't let me on even with my id they turned me away. I even gave them a free promotion and they still turned me away so I advise you to try every other business but them

P Brown

We ate at the Mexicans food place. The food was quick and hot. But it was almost like they were rushing is out and it was almost empty, so no reason to rush. Food was really good. Margarita was good.

Kevin Price

This was a very clean and safe place to browse, hangout, shop, and we attended a show at the House of Blues.. very nice City development..

rkhami68 .

Great place strongly recommend it

Barbara Borchers

Enjoyed the concert but did not appreciate the fact that my digital tickets could not be accessed causing undue stress.

Stacie Wyatt

Went to lucky strike for a alumni event. Loved the layout of green street and all the businesses inside

Javier Perez

really fun outdoors place to go and hang out with friends for the weekend. Its a nice getaway for fast paced living in downtown. Plenty of restaurants to choose from, entertainment and leisure activities. Will be going back again to try Three Forks

Derrick George

Great downtown atmosphere!

Angela Reed

Great show

Julie Gutierrez

Interesting place to go for a piano bar

Tatum Johnson

There is quite literally nothing here

Jarriel Hunter

Nice place to take pictures and shop

Randy Manser

Great way to get to House of Blues or Main Street

Eber Mosqueda


Delicia Muñoz

I went to lucky strike and It was nice just they need to update theirs bowling balls and shoes. Wear & tear on bowling shoes is a hazard someone can fall and sprang their ankle. I've seen it happen before bc of that.

Daijanique Greer

My secrect cheapest parking. Ssshh!

Miss Lewis

It doesn't have anything interesting or fun in this shopping center

Brent Cain

Wonderful downtown please for shopping, feeding, drinking and of course walking.

Kev J

Nice little districts where you can catch live music on The Lawn from 11am-2pm; House of Blues on Caroline St. and many upscale restaurants.

Aundria Eli

Family Bowling Round 2 and our theme was Christmas Socks. Unfortunately I don't remember the young lady's name working that afternoon, she was kind to my family, as she was the 1st time we ALL visited. A great place for a family outing and extremely accommodating. Family friendly atmosphere early in the day. Food is good and portion sizes are shareable. Cost is great! Def recommend per person pay per game before 5 P.M.

Donald Hill

Awesomeness all around!!!

mgabevw1 .

Its a great looking place, but all store front look empty. Its very well maintained and all but its kind of dead...

Laura Bartlett

Very nice area cuneiform it was 2am and I was waiting by the curb for my daughter and her friend to come out after a concert.

norris hayes

Cool a nice place to go if you want to have fun

Amy WIthers

We had so much fun and met some really nice people. Unfortunately my glasses fell out of my purse there and I have no idea how to find them!

Trell Hargest

Nice area

Jason Waide Bodden

Remodeling of Exterior Passage over Fannin Street. Who authorized repairs using the same Contractors from the Hwy 290 Scandal who robbed our City/State before?

Cool Arrow

All kinds of restaurants and bars in one place on a multi level building. Disappointed the elevator was not working however, the escalator was working to reach the 3rd level. I plan to go back and try a different type of restaurant. Parking nearby and plenty of space.

Nikki Rochelle

I wasn't super impressed with GreenStreet overall. There were a few bar/restaurants and a giant Forever 21 but nothing very exciting. There are colorful steps and a colorful wall which I guess are nice for photo-ops. I feel like this a great easy accessed space that could be used for so much more than it's currently being used for. I felt safe there and it was clean.

Yui B

Very fun place to go with friends.

Shane McGinnis

It's paid parking in downtown. You can use nearby Museum parking. it's a great venue to see if there's not a bad seat in the house. What you have is a stage at one end with a bar on either side of it fully stocked. the floor area is seated with fold out chairs if chairs at all depends on the venue. The upper levels have very comfortable seat with cup holders. There's also a elevator on one end in stairs at the other of the u-shaped upstairs balcony. The balcony also provides a fully stocked bar.

lynn ryno

Love me the Green Street, The lady who owns it is one of the best Human Beings I have ever met. And her baby bulldog.

Tressie Bush

Nice shopping area

Domingo Arredondo

very clean and close to the park...

Andre Hornelbhopfu ok


Allstar Ambassador

Very popular nightlife activity complex full of great restaurants like Guadalajara, 2 Forks Steakhouse, House of Blues and Lucky Strike Bowling alley

Anishya Madan

Great ambience.

Katy Figueroa

Niece place, clean and need. Good service.

Wesley Collier

Gotta love the House of Blues

Steven Danby

Cool spot in Downtown Houston with multiple food and beverage choices. Two of the popular choices are a bowling alley and a sing along piano bar.


You can enjoy varieties from shopping, dining and live music from 11am to 1:30p.m. throughout the weekday.

Daniel Gonzales

Beautiful place to catch some photo ops.

Lance Robicheaux


Comiendo y Viajando

Its a bit dead but its a cute little area!

Amit Uchil

Nice place in downtown Houston

Jay Heth

Needs more shops and eatery's

Guillermo Garcia

Great place to buy

Mike Anthony

But the Street is Not Green

Ryan Brand

Stores a great the place is good to shop

Julian Beasley

Excellent place to just hangout and enjoy the scenery, eat and enjoy the entertainment.

Vicky Cedillo, Realtor

This is another example on the long list of great things to do in Houston. My Downtown clients say that this and neighboring attractions are the primary reason they choose to live in Downtown Houston. Everything within walking distance, family friendly, night life, food, retail. It's great!

Henrique Baldwin

This is a gem downtown. 3 levels of shopping, small offices, just an interesting place to be away from and above traffic.


Not alot of stuff in here they need to add more

Venise Watson

Always a great place to visit day or night!

Callavinna Simons

Cool mall for adults

david recendez

It's nice place in downtown if u want to walk around and get to know the city a little better. .

Carolyn Calloway

Beautiful PLACE TO visit.

Vee Orange

buses smells great! always clean. I miss the trolley but these are a good alternative to getting somewhere downtown for free!!!

Karl Miller

A pretty cool combo of shops and bars. Often live music is happening.

Quincy Cole

Cool space

Big G TV

Great atmosphere..laid back and friendly staff

Aura María Rico

I loved this street, I did a photo studio there and the environment and its surroundings is very nice and cozy, my photos were great. It is a very good place as a stage for a good photo studio. super recommended


Blessed & Kech and affiliated boutiques provides high quality products made in TX along with a friendly high end atmosphere

Kerwin Jones

It was our first ever visit to Lucky Strike place to

Daniel Smith

Saturday stroll before it got crowded... Despite being open it was quite pleasant in the shaded areas.

Toni Edmonson


Paul D Jones

Great place to get your favorite cup of Joe it's a European import, friendly counter and customer service.Free Wi-Fi a pleasant "Third Place". I strongly recommend it

Albert Onofre

Variety of events and activities

Amy McCollough

Tonight was my first time on GreenStreet... AMAZING! First we saw Donna Missal at House of Blues then were lucky enough to stumble upon an impromptu outdoor acoustic performance by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. This was the best night ever!

Don Fecteau

Several shops and restaurants. Most are upscale.

Tammy Farris

I was here recently for a photo shoot on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the businesses were closed except Forever 21, Lucky strike and House of Blues. I would definitely return to Green Street for dining out because the set-up, atmosphere and art is absolutely amazing! Plus, you can park your car and walk around the area to shop, sightsee and hangout with friends/family.

fajr Craft

Needs more shopping stores

Jimmy Emmanuel

Half part good and half part not so good

Bobby Williams

Me and my wife my family my friends we always have a good time we go to this place every year fall special events football games Rodeo hope show whole nine yards all the time every year every other month I live right down the street from this place is always got something going on beautiful Stadium town

Eric Grigsby

Now, to be honest I never make to the mall while open however, at night the rooftop plaza is open and it has some amazing views and some outstanding artwork. Great place to selfie!

Tamara Williams

Awesome atmosphere. I only visit when I’m headed to Pete’s piano bar. Finding parking is a bit confusing.

Andrea G Franco Victoria

Good shakes and lots of healthy choices

Robin Edwards

I must've been drunk. Don't remember being there.

Scott Story

Always enjoy strolling through Greensteeet while in Houston. Relaxing place to just unwind. I especially enjoy grabbing a coffee and waffle at the Coffee Bene! Ot is also a nice place to take a picture or two.

jyoshith k

Nice place

Hany Kamal

Beautiful place to spend weekends nights,singing, dancing and eating too..

ProEdge Paintball

Fun area with a ton of options to choose from from Pete’s piano bar to nice restaurants and other clubs. The area is very nice and clean every time we stop by.

Henry Greene

Forgot all the sauces. Great goid. Good outdoor seating.

D Banks

We went to the House of Blues Gospel Brunch.. It was a nice experience. The entertainment was ok. Nice to do once

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