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REVIEWS OF Galleria Dallas IN Texas

shay sa

It was a big mall. Good stuff

Angela Russell

A great time was had celebrating my Princess' 8th birthday at the Westin Galleria!!! Exquisite food all weekend....Oceanaire Seafood salmon was off the chain great; best tender and flaky filet of salmon ever grilled with a lemon ginger butter cream sauce....I want some now! Great shopping all weekend at American Girl Store and Nordstrom's...great finds. Enjoyed the Westin Spa and great pool with outdoor beds!!! Relaxed a while....created some special memories!!

allen r

Always good place for shop and ice skating

Cristian Ahlstedt

Amazing shopping mall and great discounts all around!

Jai Hall

In my opinion, it's the 2nd best shopping mall in the DFW area. It has a small variety of high end fashion stores to low end and affordable fashion stores to choose from. The best thing about this mall is the ice skating rink.

Holli Morrison

Well kept mall and very clean. The ice skating rink is so much fun and a great distraction for the kids while momma shops!

Olamide Afolabi

Most stores are located around here which makes parking stressful. It's a good place to shop.

sunbo Olayiwola

Nice place to visit for occasions and to spend your nice time.

Michael Smith

I really enjoy taking my grandchildren to this mall, its very kid friendly and has a huge kids park. Also a variety of stores, the food section in the 3rd floor too crowded on weekend but overall a great experience.

Ike Sowy

Wonderful!!!! Lots of exciting and beautiful brands and places to eat. Best place for an outing.

Robin W

Many stores name brands..great atmosphere

Jessica Hudler

Though you wouldn't guess it from it's exterior, this mall was absolutely wonderful to shop. Spent some time peruseing the shops, and even sat for a while to watch people skate the indoor ice rink! I was really hoping for more of a sweet selection (We are big pastry foodies) but all in all, we enjoyed our visit. There is a very large selection of stores, and a good mix between high end and anchor stores.

Tony W

You will FIND what YOU'RE looking FOR. Also good place to walk around. THANKS

Dayle Scheinman

One of the best malls in the DFW area, complete with an ice skate ring. 3 levels of all types of stores which makes it great for window shopping. It can be crazy busy on the weekends and during the holiday season so my preference is to go during business hours.

Matha Goram

What a contrast between the two signatures sites in two cities by the same developer. The only irrational conclusion that I can draw is that the location does not appeal to out-of-town visitors since the metroplex is so spread out. Even the skating rink is half the size of the one built several years earlier a few hundred miles to the south. Same anchor tenants and hotel notwithstanding and even the same up-market boutiques this place is clearly not catering to mainstream customers.


Great mall has lots of stores and Looks great


Great shopping mall in the city. During the Christmas they displayed a huge nice Christmas tree. A good selection of stores. They also have areas where kids can play and have fun.

Hessam Rahimi

This place offers lots of positive energy. The icering makes it unique and its vast amount of parking spots make it convenient. Top floor gets hot in summer due to large glass ceiling. The kids playground if not too busy, is awesome. So is their santa during xmass season as the wait times are short

Kobi Adato

As always a good place to go with your kids and have fun, shoppi g and dining

User 758

Very beautiful place. Tons of stores there. They had just about any store you can think of.

Marcayla Noelle

This place is a pretty neat little place to kill time and shop. They have tons of different stores, including a new apple store. Large open spaces to walk, which is important so you're not running into everyone trying to pass by. There is a huge skating rink right in the middle of the mall!

john hunter

It's a very nice place. Great stores, restaurants, and an ice skating rink.

Sidney Drake

Best mall in the state! So clean and beautiful with so many stores. Its huge!

Ramsey Fraser

This mall was super fun. There was a lot of different stuff to do, and a lot of delicious food to eat. The stores he seemed to have good service, products and prices. It was a fun afternoon. It's clean, and huge. Great options in the food court.

Medria Taylor

The 1 ladies bathroom in the 3 story store was beyond nasty. I was extremely disappointed especially to find out that they didn't have anyone to come clean it. According to staff a cleaning service comes in the evening and it doesn't get serviced during the day.

Simone White

A bunch of stores that I obviously love to shop at

Brian Perkins

Amazing mall! This place exceed my expectations. Entertainment and food options were great. This is a must visit place for me in Dallas. I recommend highly for families and a cool dating spot.

Charlly Badu

Friends hangout was fun. It has all my favorite shops

Chris Manning

Literally the best indoor shopping mall

Ankita Sinha

It has great collections. Almost all the big brands are there. Happy shopping

Paul Mampilli

Upmarket mall with a good range of mid market stores too. All in one mall to get everything you may need. It also houses a Macy's. Loads of food options around and enough to even go window shopping or strolling if you want to. The ice rink at the central point of the mall is a nice highlight and you can spend hours just gazing at the skaters. Ample parking spaces are also available for guests.

Jason Lafon

Mall is HUGE! We really enjoyed the skating rink on the lower level! Great stores & food in the mall too!

Em K

Amazing mall, so many stores and so many things to look at. You can definitely spend hours or even a full day in this mall. The only issue is trying to find parking and get in/out of the parking lot, I guess that’s the price to pay for shopping in Dallas though

Aldo Andrade

Gorgeous 4 floor mall with a large skating rink on the ground floor. Plenty of good food, an Apple store, a Tesla store and lots of clothes, bags and watches.

Shujahat Shahul

Gorgeous mall, always well lit and decorated hosting plenty of big brands and activities. Ice ring is the top attraction here and is must visit. Pricing is reasonable as well. This mall also decorates beautifully based on the festivals. Children’s play area is a plus!

Molly MaGrath

I loved this mall! It houses a great variety of store selections- from the mid-range to the high-end boutiques. There are also lot of food options in the area.

Jaidyn Fisher

Really great. Some expensive and some affordable stores. Good combo

Consuelo Revilla

Wonderful Mall I always love to come back here. I always find everything!

Henry Wifa

Great place with lots to do and shop if you’re into that. Also a great place to hang out and have some fun too. I love the ice skating rink and the Apple store where you’ll find great Apple techs should you have any problem with your apple device.

Itachi Uchiha

Awesome Mall. Lotta walking lol

Tracey Reed

Has lost a lot of the upscale stores that used to make this place nice to go to. There’s still the nice mid level range stores and it is beautiful during the holiday season, especially with the choirs singing. But there was something wrong with the sewage system that was so bad it made it intolerable to stay. I don’t know if I will be back as it’s not what it once was.

William Louis Humston III

Love the availability for whatever you're looking for!

Random User

Huge mall! You'll be here forever. So many shops. Had a lot of fun visiting and wondering around. Up and down escalators. Pennies and colder fountains. Elevators and half price sales. Parking was nice. The seasonal events always blow me away. They really go all out for Christmas time. They even have an ice rink. Crazy cool.

Collin Burnett

Good family fun, we enjoyed the restaurants, shopping and even ice skating during our visit. The Ice was EXTREMELY WET, and covered in puddles. Bring a change of clothes for kids! You’ll definitely need them.

Elvira Aubakirova

More fancy than other malls but that’s well known. I like the way it’s organized although you won’t find a lot of restrooms here. Stores definitely have more variety of good quality clothes than what you see in other malls around dfw area. You’ll find Zara, Armani, Tesla, etc here.

Haley Smith

I love everything about this mall! It is so big with such a variety if stores. It's always so clean too. It also makes me happy to know that they still have ice skating here!

Julie -Ann Biggs

It was a good experience. I found gluten free pizza !

Mike Watson

Best mall I have been in a long time and the skating ring for the kids is cool

rusul albraihi

You can have a lot of fun at Galleria Dallas mall . 1-There was a lot of different stuff to do 2- A huge food court . Good & fresh food lot 3- Over 300 stores with good seals every day 5- Good for familys

Valarie C.

I went to the mall with my daughter, my son and my grandson. It was a day for the family that we enjoyed very much so together ❤️. It's been a long time since I've had that much fun in the mall.

Leguiz USA

Great mall, great for family, great food, great people, stores, parking. Great. Way to go! Galleria Dallas

Paul Wells

Had the best time Window Shopping. Every store we went in we were treated like Royalty !!!

Victor Torres

Nice place with regular and high end brands. A lot of sales but the parking is not so good. Liked the good selection of luxury watches.

Jorge Vargas

Went to a birthday dinner. This is a great mall but I prefer northpark.

Tammy Everitt

Our first time in here and we were amazed! So worth the trip.

Lisa Kelsey Burleson

If you are a parent, check out the free playground on the top floor. The shopping abd food court choices are also awesome.

chris mcphaul

Great place and it’s has lots of stores to buy items. Also has ice skating and a 5 guys! Great

George Paul

Best mall in the town having many chain stores and restaurants. A very big mall.Fabulous shopping experience so far.

Joua Xiong

Love this mall. Pretty spacious no matter how packed and plenty of stores to shop in.

Chris Brown

Beautiful, big, upscale, luxury mainstream mall. Many stores top notch popular stores to choose from, food court, and a Grand Lux Restaurant inside.


Great mall to meet all your shopping needs. If you need it they've got it. You could spend all day here and not see everything.

Nick Mart

I feel like thier prices are higher in that mall than in surrounding location malls

Tameca Denson

Dont vome here if you're on a budget! Great shopping


This place is a bit further away from home, but has a nice niche of stores that you can peruse. Food variety is typical mall food with nothing different or outstanding. Biggest factor of the stars is they opened an apple store in this mall and closed it in different areas of DFW.

Zebrina Anderson

Great atmosphere. All the stores you are looking for.

Eric Harp

This is an awesome mall to shop at. They have a whole lot of stores to shop at. Weather you are looking for something cheap and inexpensive or prefer the finer things in life such as the Gucci, LV, Coach, or Rolex store. They also have an awesome ice skating rink in the middle of the mall. It’s very big and do not forget to remember where you parked!!! Highly recommend this location.

Lay Stevenson

nice food...the place is attractive.

Racheal Malone

Clean mall, store employees nice


A lot of shops and good deals .

Chung Pham

Crowded, but expected. Enjoyed people watching as shopping with the wife.

Timothy Williams

Huge, nice mall with some great stores. It's clean and we'll lit with security (for those wondering). Three levels in this mall.

Ryan Dietz

Very nice mall. There are very few empty spots and there are a lot of good shops.

Stephanie M

Not a lot of places to sit and rest except for the food court or whatever stores happen to have a place if you're lucky. It was kinda warm in the mall, so it was a bit uncomfortable walking around feeling sticky/sweaty. Nice selection of stores, if you've got money to spend. Lots of mid to high end stuff, so not really bargain shopping. Overall okay

b j x d x l

It is worth a visit to a big mall, especially the small show on the weekend to bring joy to the children.

Daniel Halseth

Probably one of my favorite malls all-time, but it's a very busy location. That said if you come by at the right times, it's easy to get in and out, it has wonderful places to eat, visit and just hangout. I would recommend this place overall if you are looking to explore or shop.

Tommie Wright

Huge mall with lots of stores and extras like the skating rink. That's pretty cool.


Clean fun mall experience with a great variety of shops, stores, stands, and foods. Something for everyone. Plus, plenty of comfortable places to sit and watch the scenery walk by. Parking is fairly easy, just remember where you entered the mall with respect to where you parked. It's easy to lose your car location.

Daisy Pimienta

My favorite mall ever!! Endless amount of store u can shop at & it has a big play area for the kiddos! Great mall overall

Jeremy gonzalez

We came here for the ice skating and stayed the night there at the mall. Overall we had a good experience and there were plenty of places to eat. Will return soon.

Sumit Jha

Pretty nice mall. Well maintained. Restrooms are generally busy during weekends. Good shopping choices. Has counter to get your sales tax back as well.

Sastry Saku

This is a big mall.All brand show rooms are in this mall.Ice Skating rink is a special attraction in mall. There is a female trainee teaches the students how to do ice skating

CameshaH Miller

Such a wide variety of stores! I especially enjoyed the 3:16 store. They could use more food selections but I enjoyed going into some the eclectic stores that you don't get at every mall

Aleah Davis

Staying in the Westin and just walking in to the mall is so nice! So many things to do here plenty of shops and food options can't wait to go again parking is a night mare but what mall is not.

Akash Arora

Always a fun clean mall with loads of options. Ice rink and restaurants they offer are really cool

Mariano Curat

Good place for shopping in Dallas. Lots of stores and fast food choices.

La Tonya Denise

The Hotel is near the mall. The staff are nice and the room is spacious. The Hotel is very clean.

Kendra Harris

Love this mall! Great for the whole family

Alexander Fou

Very spacious and airy, with a great variety of shops. A very comfortable place to relax and spend the day with friends.

Joshua Flores

Great variety of shopping. Upscale and normal stores. Good dining food court also.

neon mask

this mall is just awesome it was 7 to 8 years ago since i last went & when i did go it was fun i was pretty tired at the end of the day but it was worth it

Sanjay Gupta

High end mall with lots of brands store and food joint. It also has a hotel to stay if anyone wants to.

J Barker

It still has a lot of great stores! Such a beautiful place at Christmas!

Liney von Schleicher

Somehow the background music is so loud now that it echos throughout the mall. It needs to be turned down and really be " background" music and not a nightclub with bad music.

Kannan K

Nice indoor mall. Skating ring available.

Abdullah Almohsen

Lots of stores. Clean and bright. Friendly cashiers.

Mohammed Maraee

Plenty of parking and nice shops. Many brands, and restaurants. Good place for shopping and family outing.

Martin Wood

Very big and bright. Cools mall but a lot of either super expensive stores or closed stores. Very crowded.

Delta Fajardo

I was surprised! Typical malls' stores are so expensive to get any of the real fancy or trendy styles, BUT this mall had a bunch of stores that were awesome! I like to go clubbing, and I also teach, and one store called Zaras was perfect. There were others like Image which was AWESOME for clubbing clothes, but I just happened to buy from Zara first before I saw it. I will show pictures of what I got with price tags. The fabric was great quality polyester stretch. Also, there is an ice skating rink, and it is summer!!! Lots of fun things to do, AND lots of places to sit and relax all through the mall. I was impressed and wished I could stay longer!

Stephen Wilson

Lots of parking and a good selection of stores. Id like it more if there were a better planned out food court with a larger selection of food and it wasn't split between the 3rd floor and ice rink level. They do go all out for the holidays and have a great Christmas display every year

Pascaline abetifen

Nice and clean mall, perfect for a complete shopping

Dreezey Dreeze

Love the Galleria. Huge and good for tourists. Always love going here with family when we visit. However, my recent visit made me and my family very uncomfortable while visiting the Gucci store. I can imagine we would have had the same experience if we would have visited some of the other high end/bougie designer stores located on the first level. They followed us around like hawks as if we were there to steal something and they would not stop asking tons of questions. The thing that got me the most is, when I pulled out my phone to take pictures of the store and their products to post on Google, they approached me quickly and said "no video recording in the store". They said "you can take pictures but no video", but I was already scared straight to use my phone at all in there so we left, no pictures, no purchases, nothing. We felt like a complete bother to them. That is the first time I've ever experienced anything like that. Stay clear from that store in particular unless you're ready to feel uncomfortable or unless you have millions of dollars. Other than that experience, the mall is a nice 4 story mall to visit.

Truth Hurts

This mall is huge! Four levels and a parking garage combine to create a shopping experience with lots of choices. There's pretty much a store for everyone.

Diep Vo

Beautiful mall The glass ceilings make the place seem a lot bigger, even though the mall is already pretty large. There are many luxury brands in this mall.

Paul Durand

Bathroom in Nordstrom's is immaculate. Dancing in the mall outstanding great place to take a family plenty of shops to look at. If your a people watcher you would be in heaven.

Anu V Pai

I feel it’s the best mall in Dallas..accessible location, variety of shopping and dining options..plenty of parking rink is interesting..and there’s a very well maintained soft play area(for children under 42 inches of height) to keep your little ones busy while you relish your shopping..

Luke Hinshaw

Best all around shopping experience..

Tae's Happiness

Big mall, some high end stores, and some "affordable" stores. They have an ice skating ring, and two food courts. Unfortunately, they have their restrooms too far apart from each other. During Christmas they have a big two to three story high tree in the middle of the ice skating ring.

james palmisano

Fun place, nice ice rink though didn't skate. Has office buildings there and multiple restaurants at it's center

Michelle Rodriguez

Beautiful mall!!! Great selection if high end stores!!

Yang li

Has the tallest Christmas tree inside. Plenty of parking lots. Convenient location, close to the 635. So much brands in there include some luxury brands like Cartier. Sports store: champion, finish line etc

Danielle Reid

It has changed so much over the past 15 years and not in a good way. I hate how horrible the area is and the crime is out of control. After getting chased down by someone in their car for an hour while on the phone with the cops... I won’t be going back there until Dallas gets their stuff together. North Park in Dallas isn’t even that bad. I go over there instead. Higher quality stores over there anyway. The galleria is mostly stores you find at a flea market. Never used to be that way. Crazy to say I used to compete in figure skating here.

Ralph Anderson

Love the shops that are in this mall, are really variety, the food court have nice places, really love to spend the afternoon here!

Yvonne Jones

Nice. BELK is having a good sale; red dot has an additional 40% off and some sale items have Coupons that give an additional % off

Manaswini Mishra

One of the best shopping outlet in Dallas. You will get a wide variety of options for everything, clothing, restaurant, gaming and more more. Love the ice skating..

Cameron Franklin

The Galleria is a great place to walk around even if you are just window shopping.

Eric S

This was a very nice mall, and has a beautiful layout. Lots of great stores to browse and shop at. There are also more than a few choices for a mealz and theres also an ice skating rink in the middle of the mall. There was a pretty cool play area for kids also. Bring the family and your wallet!

Tim Net

Declining quality of retail stores VERY evident but still well managed

Jimmy Lang

Very good, nice place, reminds me of cheese cake factory in WA, we will go back sometime.

Ben Caraway

There were many stores and things to see. However, it was extremely crowded. I found it pretty interesting that there was an ice rink in the middle of the Galleria. The restaurants that are worth going to are extremely overpriced. I gave it three stars because there was really nothing unique about this place.

Dennis Niswonger

Wonderful place to shop and eat. Highly recommend. Even an indoor ice skating rink

Priya A

Great place with ample parking. And, it is huge, so come prepared to spend atleast 3 to 4 hours.

Carlos Mansel

This is a very nice mall! Plenty of shopping and dining choices available. I love the skating rink.

Bobby Rodriguez

I love this mall. It’s beautiful and kid friendly for all the mommas looking for a spot to have their children play. The play place is convenient enough to sit and be able to watch your child(children) play within a short distance to get to them if need be. Plus, shopping! :)

Tandra Marsh

Great place to walk.great shops. The cons : Needs more restrooms and better food court along with more places to sit down. Pass the Macy's it always smells like sewer. Parking is always crowded .

Park Hans

Mall is not bad. There werent a lot of dining options besides food court and franchises. I really liked the skate rink in the middle of the mall.

Sayid Mukarramov

Great mall lots of great stores.

Pedro Aviles

Nice place to go spend the day with family

Nomy Elohor

Bath and body works brought me to the galleria this time, i love to smell goooooood. Im also a foodie so the food court is always a favorite and the free wifi

Patrick Burkey

Everything you can think of. Macy's always has huge SALES :) Lush is also where I get my hair wash... it's amazing and lasts 8- months

charles white

This place stacks low end stores on top of high end stores and that brings in the thieves. Literally over heard a group of guys talking about robbing my wife and I until a cop walked up next to us then followed them away. If you prefer high end stores and want a safe environment for your family go to north park or stonebriar.

George Goodman

This is best mall in Dallas! The location is very convenient. They do have a lot of parking space. Love to shop here!

Karin Tierney

Always a fantastic place for shopping. Nice clean and quiet! Easy in and out!

Chanel Rockwell

I love this mall. Even when it's very busy everyone is nice and there are so many stores to choose from

Kynan Hayes

Very nice mall, variety of different stores

Amber Golden

We went here for the first time ever. Was able to find a case for my note 8 and also found tuxedos for my sons. The places we went were very affordable. We also checked out the new vehicles they have that don't take gas. They looked cool but the vehicles in my opinion are way over priced

Ricardo Hernandez

The best mall ever good food stores Great people loved it love to come here again.

Millie Davis

Love Galleria. Went to LV store for new handbag but couldn't find one of my liking.

Sanjay kumar S

A nice high end mall in DFW area.. it has a ice skating ring at the center of the mall. Best part of this mall is you have a tax refund shop which gives 50% tax back from the item you purchased when you leave country for anything. They recently opened an apple store which gives a nice look. Anytime it's a best place for shopping..

Genaro Romero

People can agree that It's very upsetting that they cannot update their business hours. You would think being a major shopping mall, making a minor change to their online schedules would be an easy fix....

Abo Sumayyah

The shopping experience was good but its parking area needs some development. The prices are quite competitive.

Saya X

Nice, beautiful mall with a good variety of stores to shop at. Of course my fiancé loves it because she’s into big name brands. Lol It’s a pretty decent sized mall so be prepared to walk quite a bit.

wayne neal

A great mall to get a good walk in..

Alex Lum

Although its a long drive, this place is worth it. The food court has a Five Guys burger joint and ice skating rink. There are so many stores you will be there all day.

Andrea Macvay

In town for a convention I made Galleria Dallas one of my stops and found it to be an amazing Mall... This shopping center had everything from an ice skating rink to an art gallery with five star stores and great bargains at Macy's.

Kaia Williams

This centre has a good selection of shops. Worth visiting.

happy daisy

The only reason I even went was for the Gucci store. They are great. The 3rd floor is empty mostly other than food places. The Galleria isntwhat ideas 20 years ago or more. I will just shop online instead.

Zachary Jensen

Great mall! Make sure to bring your walking shoes. Huge place.


Great place to shop and to pass time.

Mark Galati

This place in Stonebriar are the only shopping centers that I would ever like to recommend. They have the majority of the cool stuff and the right stores and you are definitely bound to find something you like. What's the weather for shopping centers do not have this level of great availability with new and upcoming merchandise.

Beryl Southerland

Gorgeous mall. Lots of stores and great variety. Even a skating rink for people to enjoy.

Dee Dee

Went to Brahmin and everything was excellent. Macy's was good also.

Valencia Hollis

This Mall Is HUGE!!! 4 floors. Great sales everywhere!!

Elizabeth Santos

Best selection of high end retailers. Also, attached is a Westin hotel which is really nice.


Awesome mall. Good collection of stores ranging from cheap to high end products. Love the indoors ice ring.

Jackie Henderson

First time visiting. Very impressive!! Will be going back again in near future.

Josh the Traveler

Best selection of high end retailers. Also, attached is a Westin hotel which is really nice. This is one of the finest malls in America and it attracts a very affluent and sophisticated crowed. There's a prestigious private workout club and the track is on the roof of the mall. There's fine dining options on-site. You'll very rarely see low rent thugs here, they are not welcome because of good security and added police presence.

Wanda Foster

What a Mall. By far the best one in Dallas. I had a great time shopping and looking around it was my first time visiting. Family friendly with lot's of open space and very clean. Most importantly i loved having Security around it made me feel really safe. If you have a chance please stop by and enjoy yourself.

cody webster

Binto box and ice skating. Great times to be had here. Family first. And this helps that alot. So much to see and do.

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