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REVIEWS OF Deerbrook Mall IN Texas


Loved this mall. We found good parking almost immediately. There are several varieties of stores as well as places to eat or get sweet treats. There are stores for the young, old and everyone in-between. Will definitely be going back.

DR Hunter

Busy place because of back to school. I was able to get a fairly decent parking spot.

namjoon_is _baby

I went there and I loved it! I bought some kpop stuff there! great quality



Sean Kane

Has almost everything you need, not to crowded, just fancier and nicer malls in the area.

Jennifer Sanchez

Always clean and great customer service at any store I might run into.


You can find almost everything here. Parking is hard to find. The security there is great. They're constantly patrolling the parking lot

Sarah Williams

Excellent variety of stores with reasonable prices

Wanda Rico

Love everything I buy there wonderful people that work there very helpful..

Brandon De Ochoa

Very nice mall, some shops seem to be closed but otherwise there is still a lot of places to get quality items that are either brand name or original.

Rod Keels

Indoor malls have been going out of fashion in recent years. This mall is still doing okay. I like the big anchor stores like Dillards, Macys, J.C. Penneys and Dick's Sporting Goods. There is a nice selection of restaurants in the area.

Average Joe

Very nice place to be. Parking was a bit of a pain, but it was to be expected since I visited on a Friday night. The mall is very clean, but even if it was a bit dirty nobody would have minded.

Nathan Abarca

My entire family would like to go to the mall to shop for clothes, buy video games, and go watch a movie at the movie theater

Mark McCauley

I always go on Tuesdays for 5 dollar AMC movies special price. I also check out GameStop for new releases. BTW...H@M coming soon!

Mae Riley

If you love shopping this is a great place to shop. Oh my so many shops in side this Mall big and small. Eating places as well to refuel before during and while shopping. Love it

Amanda Kaminski

I like their selection of stores, there is something for everyone. The food court is a little dated but it's still a good place to spend some time and get a little exercise.

Cathy Watral

Found them expensive. Visible changes was horrible!!

Marcus Steele

This mall is huge! It was way bigger than the malls I've visited in New York. I enjoyed my time in this mall. The stores have sweet prices for the items they carry. All the sales persons have great customer service. Definitely recommending this mall to anyone going to humble, texas.

Chris Addams

It's ok. Would come back. It could use a dress code as I don't care to see people's underwear when I'm walking with my little one. Js.

Theresa Burciaga

Always a great place to walk around and maybe see something you want

Edgar D

Old school mall, clean and quiet in daytime..

Angela D

Check out Spirit Halloween Store- Its Awesome!!!

Joey Smith

Great place to shop and hangout meet new people. Lots of stores for all kinds of people. Shoes clothes skateboards food lol funko pops books for those who love to read and if u need ur hair cut they have a barber shop and hair salon go check it out

Jewel Goss

Typically very busy and hard to find parking. There is a small play area for young children that is often filled with much older children on the weekends. The mall leaks when it rains, so I wouldn’t come if it’s raining heavily. It leaks in the play area too. There isn’t a free stndinn Starbucks, but there is on in Barnes and Nobles. There is plenty selection of stores.

Danasia Riley

I love it I remember my favorite artist inside of the store

David Bahena 19

This mall was amazing! Various types of stores to shop and delicious food I think I'm very comfortable with that

Craig Finn

Most malls are rather sad these days, even the higher end ones. Once the center of the retail universe, those days are long gone. It's not hard to see the signs as you stroll through one, without having to sidestep the crowd. There's a …

Patrick Elliott

Not Willowbrook Mall. Why are there so many places and streets with the word "Brook" in it. Plus it's a good place to get your stuff stolen.

Kelly Keifer

Love that you can be inside and feel as though you're outside because of all the windows and sky lights.

Ingrid Davis

This mall has definitely evolved over the years. Had lots of new stores and food places. My daughter found a great dress for her formal for only $15!!! Score!

Kelly Diamond

Very impressed with my first visit. It was absolutely packed and we still were able to navigate so the places we wanted to see. A very clean and nice looking man with great shops.

Cory M.

Was really busy today so I got to walk around and enjoy all the stores with little traffic. Sidenote it was 98 degrees outside and inside the mall it very chill. That's some good a/c. Good court not that big but I'm sure you can find something tasty right before heading into the movies.

John H

I don't mind going to a mall, but I do dislike going to one with vendors chasing you down to sell you something. If I want someone following me saying.."hey friend, hey friend, I got a good deal. Just for you a good deal", then I'll to some vendor market in another country that does that. I just want to go in, be acknowledged and be able to ask a salesperson for help. Not quite a saving grace, but a slight positive bump, available restrooms and decent food shops.

Alberta Roberts

Luv going get my shoes there

Sarah Ann

A good mall but was damaged during Harvey. Malls are really going out of style it's so sad.

Jamin Mootz

This mall has a lot of great selections for family and friends.

Thelma Palacios

Love this mall. Small but it had everything you could possibly need. I am curious though, what happened to the brow threading ladies. That was an awesome place. Minimal pain.. no reddish rash or itching due to waxing.. and they were fast too... to the deerbrook mall customer relations dept... bring back the thread wax lady!!

Daniel Gable

You know, I didn’t expect much from this mall considering the location but I was impressed. Every store was really clean and well kept, the employees were all very friendly, and the kiosk salesmen went too pushy. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I wouldn’t dread coming back here in the future.

Lisa Marie

Large indoor mall were you can find just about anything you need or want.

Omar Frausto

Since a young man ive always enjoyed this place and appreciate all the work and time thats been put in to this place to keep it well maintained as the great establishement it is Deerbrook mall as well as the area its located in will always be something special to me and cannot wait to take my kids and create great family moments with them,to cherish for years to come

Jerry Mckenzie

Decent selection and good theater. Needs better hours

Stacy Crittenden

Mall used to be A lot better. It is pretty dead now until the holidays hit. Stores like Hot Topic and Spencers have really gone down hill product wise. However, if you are looking for shoe stores or department stores this is the place to go.

Daniel ruelas

A fun place to hang out with friends or just a great place for stylish clothing


I recommend deerbrook mall because it’s always having sales and has really good stores.

william davis

Updates desperately needed, small things have happened but much more needs to be done. Security is also and issue I see kids running around causing problems all the time. The food court is so old and needs modern food options added.

Fidela Diaz

Very nice and clean small mall.Safe environment.Elevator at main entrance was out of order, the last time I shopped there.

Jason Harper

Been going here sine I was 15. Seems to have lost some of the pizzazz and fun it used to have. Oh and fix the escalators!! Shouldn't take what seems like forever. You can't do that in a multilevel mall. It's just not cool.

P Chandresh Gandhi

Excellent mall of Humble TX with world's best brand showcases

Tracey Robnett

Found some great deals for gifts at Earthbound and JCPENNEY. The food court is good, a lot of variety and the movie theatre is wonderful. It's very relaxing to spend some time there.

Ramyeon Han

Deerbrook mall is a nice place to spend a few hours. There are plenty of stores, a movie theater, and a nice food court. If you're bored or want to make plans with friends, this mall is a good option.

Jo Njie

Awesome mall. Not so crowded.

Brii Gee

Was at deer brook for the bath and body works and the Victoria secret semi annual sale, the prices were awesome.

Bowman Yo

It's pretty good for shopping and what not

Shelia Endsley

This is one of two malls that I shop at now. This is a great mall with a lot of good stores.

Markesha Glenn

I don't go to the mall for the most part anymore. But my son loves to come here. However I do love this mall.

Jason Young

Air conditioned, 36 deg C outside. Certainly larger than most malls in NZ.

geovanna hernandez

The stores seem to be closing. I used to love shopping here or visiting the movie theater. Then more and more robberies began happening. Teenagers all over the place hanging out and even fights occured. I visit because it6the closest mall.

Berena Delacruz

My trip to the mall was great, parking was easy and the employees are so nice, I really enjoyed my day there.

Manolo Koach

Great place to hang out or go shopping. You can find a lot of stores from shoes amd clothes to soap and beauty items. There is a food court with restrooms and tables. There is a movie theater with an imax screen. Elevator for the strollers and a huge parking lot. I really enjoy the couches at the resting areas.

Michael Williams

It was great my girlfriend and her daughter enjoy a shop till you drop day

Adan Alvarado

It's an okay mall. They have stores with good deals and more. Good place to pass the time and shop around. This is not a "Galleria Experience " but still a good spot with food.

Phyllis Sullivan

This was once a great place to shop. I no long even feel safe shopping here. To tell the truth the shops have really gone down hill. Woodlands wall is such a short drive a will not waste my time here again.

Alan Rocamontes

Always have a great time when I go with my family

Cyndy M

The mall is ok. The aim is for teens and those who can afford luxury taste. Not as good as The Woodlands Mall or The Galleria Mall. But far better than Almeda Mall or Greenspoint Mall.

Yeet My life

Love a lot of the stores here and a nice place to waste time.

Ellowee King

Love me some Victoria Secret

Kirk Andersen

This is where I go when I want wonder if I'm still in the USA.

K McManus

I've always loved this mall amazing stores and over all great experience.

Karen Delgado

Really nice workers, clean areas, and beautiful cafeteria with brand new decor, tiles and tables. Excellent service

Logan McClendon

Love this place always find what Im looking for. And even leave with things I wasnt even planning on taking with me.

Mark X

Great mall with no empty retail spaces and a nice AMC cinema, BUT ALMOST ALWAYS PROBLEMS WITH AN ESCALATOR OR THE ELEVATOR NOT ON AND/OR BROKEN. Do they think customers don't notice? It's pathetic service to its CUSTOMERS.

JayarJefferson Matul

Its nice its got everything you will look for. Not to big and not to small. Its clean!

Aurelio Rodriguez

It was very smooth shopping today,guy who working in shoe store very helpfull, crowded but good!

Debra Warren

Southern Dental they are super great with their patients

Nightcore Gonzalez 1520

Is my fav mall bc it has my fav stores


If you ever want to feel list trying to navigate a mall go here. ALOT of security but reasons for it. The place didn't feel too safe.

Da .Sellzman

Absolutely love this mall. Not too big not too small.

Andrea Slaughter

Nice place to just walk around, but some of the kiosk skincare people are a bit too aggressive for my liking.

pixel art 1234567

Some really cool stores in here.

Hector Ramirez

Lots of different and name brand stores , love it .

Hawraa Beyza Muhammad

Very nice mall. Busy busy place , lots of good food places here and lots of stores to shop from . I've never encountered a problem here , the staff are usually always friendly and it's a clean place. Kid friendly.

Alvin Grant

One of the last malls that has Barnes & Noble great place to sit down and read a good book

Michael St Dizier

Best mall in Houston. Two levels. Variety of fast foods.

Kookies and milk

I love everything especially the kpop store I found near Sears, I hope they add photos too on the website of the store for my other fellow K-pop Stan's :]

Medios Corporativos

Very nice mall with an awesome theater next to the food court. Humble Police has a sub station on premises. Parking is free all around.

Ivy Pereyda

One of the best places, very clean. And helpful with the maps and elevators.

Stephanie Carey

I hardly go to the mall anymore but will frequent my favorite stores during the sale seasons. I recently found a k-pop store and love the selection! I hope this store lasts and wish the owner good luck. This country mall might be surprised by the merchandise. Everything is absolutely adorable and official.

mary musleh

The best place ever to spend your day, eat good food, shop for yourself and the family.

Bianka Walker

Large variety of retail shops and eateries! Cinnabon, Kay Jewelers, Macy's, Dillard's and Forever 21 are my most visited stores. AMC theater featuring the latest in cinema with large, up kept theater rooms and kind employees. At the concession stand you will find your usual popular boxed candies, fountain drinks, popcorn and fried foods like mozzarella sticks!! Yum!! If you haven't been here yet, you should definitely check it out! Stores open at 10am.

Mario Sanchez

Good place for the season to replenish your closet

Nancy Reyes

A lot of stores to go to great place clean and reasonable prices

carl taylor

Great mall a lot of different stuff from other Mall's

Daniel Carr

Diamonds Unlimited is it .See John for the best deal on diamonds.

Josephine Brent

Great app. Helps to get to places I normally don't travel..great step by step durections.Wish it talk to me while driving..really would help with Houston traffic..

Scott Conroe

Nice mall, looks fairly new. Barnes and Noble was my main stop. Healthy mall, few empty storefronts, lots of eating places. Only problem was exiting back to FM 1960.

Robert Chalk Jr

Great mall they’re adding new stores now

Cathy Perry

I like the atmosphere of the mall.

Mily The Goat

Came here for first time because my manager from the store Q drove me to look around the mall back in December of 2018 when this lady (customer) at the store accused me of following her when I was just checking out the store Q. I was …

Sherie Mixon

I love this mall just wish they had more customer service. Greet when you walk in the store and leave the store.

jimmy favor

It's a nice clean mall and is LGBTQ friendly. It as two restrooms with lock so as a transgender person I feel very comfortable. Go place to walk and get exercise.

Enicnarf Aznarrac

This mall is starting to grow and improve. Love the new stores coming,food court renovations, and the new gaming place added. The only thing is the theater needs help from jesus himself. Be prepared to be bombarded by people trying to sell facial or hair products. Also be careful who you get a massage from I went to get one and of course spoke a different language and I'm pretty sure they strained my back (by the stairs) of course a variety of stores and a pretty cute play place not huge but decent. Restrooms are pretty good and well kept together. Will change rating when renovations are complete.

rick lopez

Not to ghetto and clean. They re did the food court and makes it easier to find a place to sit and eat.

Karen Bermudez

Great stores, pushy sales people at the kiosks downstairs. Okay food court..AMC theaters are good. Somewhat busy on the weekends.

Gabby Woods

First time coming here enjoyed myself except the pretzel stand charged me for my sister's food even after she had just checked out before me and once she showed her reciept not anyone apologized so I'm sure they are doing it to others just horrible customer service the workers are more worried about talking to each other than getting your order it's the one by the food court so people please be careful hope to have a better time on my next visit

Brian Johnston

I find more stuff here than the Woodlands Mall and it's always clean

Izzy rogers

Image S&S in this mall has "lost" 2 pieces of my jewlery. Do NOT by any means use them. They are stealing other peopls jewelry. The first time was a ring that I dropped off to be sized for my daughter. The second time my mother took a necklace ( not telling me where she was taking it) to be engraved that had the ashes of a loved one in it. Both times, they "lost" my jewelry. I'm so upset and all they offer is "you can pick something from this case over here." I don't want their good for nothing jewelry!! I want the ashes of my loved one! I lost my loved one twice!!! Please I'm begging everyone, dont use them. Go somewhere more professional.

Bo Ernest

Your lucky if you get a phone signal.....Good Mall ...Macy's Dillard's excellent...for men's clothing....but cell signal ..awful

Brittani Fergueson

Great stores and nice people's

Jay Kasak

Men's Wearhouse here..!! Convenient showroom and knowledgable sales associates. Fair pricing with excellent dedicated service available. Clothing was very fashionable to me, choices and sizes. I will return for additional browsing.

Angela Octavia Stuart

This store called, GRAND AVE. False advertising. The Plus Size looks as though the clothing is for husky children. Then the sings say buy one get one free but it's only on the clothes that will not fit a 2x or 3x woman. What a mess in the store its crowded and congested with clothing. It should be with people. Wait until the store is a bit more organized and the employee knows what the prices and products are.

Amber N

Does not have allot of store to shop at for girl's. Food court has better variety than alot of malls. Small kids play area.

DJ Clabaugh

I love to shop there all the stores and shops to shop that

marco debesos

Ok to browse and purchase needed necesities

J. N. Allday II

It’s an “OK” place to shop. It’s frequently known for fights in the food court. It has a great theater upstairs. Stores in today are gone tomorrow. Was disappointed to hear Yankee candles left. I wouldn’t shop there after dark. Conceal carry NOT permitted.

Christipher Ragsdale

Very nice place to shop but it's not the Galleria... Lol

Miles Erina

Had many great stores. I could say its a one stop mall. Great selection on the items and some were discounted. Staffs were friendly too.

mandy diaz

I've been to this place a few times, I always have a good time.

Kiendra Bazile

It's a beautiful mall but I was in the with my daughter restroom and the dryer exploded on my hand and left me with Burns the lady that clean's bathrooms said in English I don't speak English twice and did not do a thing about is amazingitbuit'samazing

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