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Where is Almeda Mall?

REVIEWS OF Almeda Mall IN Texas

Mark Gongora

It can use an upgrade..

Samanta Tijerina

This mall had many store as I remember. I would not visit the small again due to the small selection of stores.

Ximena Martinez

Their is alot of cool stuff and is so big you can even get lost their when you are playing hide-and-seek.

Moses Kuffuor

I ate at a gyro place here. I was pretty good. But the service this couple provided me was second to none. They definitely are worth keep here at Almeda Mall.

the angel fam the angle fam

I always get there always go there to get school clothes and shoes and it's always fun to see the kids enjoy their time and makes me happy

Card Collector

An empty mall. I go here to mourn its death every so often. Burlington is the only draw for me, but when Burlington is your anchor store there is a huge problem. Also, one out of every store that is still open is a shoe store. If you're on your shoe game theres some cool smaller shoe stores to visit.

Latrice Love

Been coming here since high school but its not at all like it used to be. I feel like the place is closing down soon due to not so much traffic anymore.

Haley Ramirez

This place is a hole. I wouldn't recommend going here unless you're planning on going to a specific store and know what you want.

Fidel Pallares

Just like a another mall but this mall is my favorite got everything I need Macy's palace Royal Burlington food ice cream and a good pizza place

Brittany Payne

Great prices but not the best selection on shoes. I come here every time I come to almeda but so far I've only found the one pair of boots I loved that came from here and not anything since

LaKenya Johnson

Had nice places to shop

Bryce Ballew

Dirty. What a shame. I used to visit as a kid.

Brittany Smith

The only thing I don't like about Almeda Mall is that it doesn't have enough stores anymore. However, this mall houses my favorite Bath and Body Works location by far. The staff is always nice and helps you find gifts for different occasions. I do wish they'd bring more stores back to this area.

Evelyn Bailey

love this small mall....the uniform store had great prices for scrubs....

Christina Villarreal

Nice old mall, not too big but enough to get your shopping needs done.

Francisco Vega

Old ... But still feels good walking through ...

Slimjim lopez

The stores are bit unknown but they still have good stuff they have Footlocker lids Macy's and a couple more other brand stores but it could be a very dead mall from time to time but my experiences there have not yet been bad

Lillie Fraide

Oh good 'ol Almeda. I like going here still, Macy's is always clean and the rest of the mall is cool. They're hanging in there.

Kimberly Ford

I wish this place didn't have such a stigma, it really is nice. Very clean, good food, stores were nice and staff was friendly and attentive. I like the fact that there aren't huge crowds and I can actually wander and shop without bumping into people!

Manuel Montemayor

Nice place

Kevin CarbonGuy68

Just bring your CCW and a Vest! Parking lot has loitering bums!

Anthony Nguyen

Lots of rude employees in various stores and stalls. Most of the food served are either leftovers from the day before or is either under or over cooked. Great for shoes. Thirsty's has great employees. Burlington is far more organized now and is less messy and crowded. Great name brand clothes and much more than clothing. If there were some name brand stores and better employees then a five star would do it justice

Trish Kivi

Love variety of stores. Favorite of course is Cosmetic cove wig store. Fantastic prices and styles!

Ana Sambrano

This mall has always sucked. Not that many stores

Jasmine Rayne

Almeda Mall I go there like if I don't want to go to like the big popular malls like Baybrook or Pearland Town center but it's a really good Mama like I find good stuff there but like it's kind of a run-down stuff but you know if you get what you can find then I guess it's good you know but it's not my type of Mall.

Christopher White

Looks good haven't been in there in a while

Evan Vargas

This vintage mall has some classic arcades that makes you reminisce during a time perhaps you were alive or not; well, that is what these spaces make me feel even though it has the usual mall program you'd find anywhere else.

Mary Flores

Went to plais royal i love my store but the attitude there is awful the restrooms are awful n stinky all the time i hope they fix that up

Barbara Lemay

Parking convenience for handicapped people

Linh Ho

Jc Penny's sale off now..Nice and relax at sofa it close to food count

david martinez

Not sure why they have not just shut this place down. Nothing here anymore. I remember when it was a Busy Mall. With lots of Stores.

Evette Michell

Didnt find the store i was looking for but pleased with visit

jacob brown

Its okay... nothing special. Pasadena, what do you expect ?

Gi Gi

It's not a place I like to go to much. We only go there to go to Visible Changes or Burlington. To me doesn't feel safe to go there, I guess it's the area.

datboi 77

They got rid of all the good things in that mall

DryCleanHouston 3468014385

Love this mall! See my Instagram #orderlaundrydelivery

Alena Reed

Cool Family and I like it. ...I'm back to add a CAUTION to pedestrians crossing in parking lot...Watch out for the EXTRA IGNORANT Drivers who rarely slow down or stop for folks entering or leaving the mall...As you may have heard in the news lately ...Houston Have some of the WORST drivers in America!

Karen Henry

Nice mall. Could use more updates and add more stores. The food court needs more places to eat.

David Bahena 19

Wish the Mall had more places to shop but overall it's a great mall for me to take a stroll and see what's new

Maxi Maxwell

Shopped here for my birthday I like it because it wasn't to crowded I have bad nerves I get nervous in busy places with random people walking around.......

High Tide

I remember when this mall used to be nice about 30 years ago. Now it's like a pit stop until you can get to the real mall. If you need a pair of tennis shoes from Foot Locker or a Polo shirt from Macy's it's okay for that only! There is no escalator in Macy's to go up to the next level where there's furniture and other items. Nope, you just stay flat in one large area and look for everything. Bottom line it's time for a make over.

Viceddd __

Mall was cool. Arcade is God awful though

Glen Bertalotto

Almeda Mall one of older malls in the city of Houston it's all right not much going on here nice cool little place to check out if you got time

Tanasha Nicole

Image 365 ,Macy’s, bath and body , dd’s and Burlington all in one .not a big mall but they have a few of my fav shopping stores. I love discount stores like dd’s and Burlington. I love image 365 there prices and great . My only issue is wishing Macy’s was a bit bigger with better selection

David Schneider

Had a great time at the Rainbow Store shopping with my spouse, we were well taking care of by the very friendly and kind staff who looked to help us find what we needed nice place to visit.

Bobbie Haines

Enjoyed shopping for a trip at the mall

Rafat Jbara


Corry Bailey

Been going downhill for years. Still going.

Haley R.

This mall should have been closed years ago. Not even sure why it's still around. If you're into bargain shopping there's DD'S and a place literally called the Thrift Store on either side of this parking lot. Go there instead.

Tim Hornik

This place has had better days.

Guadalupe Murillo

Lot of great clothes and a quiet place!

Jennifer Terrasas

Not what it used to be Macys holding together used to be Foley's

Dirt Digler

Nice small mall!!

jacobi Crawford

Full of baby clothes and tennis shoes

Shanae Stevens

Not too many stores but they do have affordable prices.

Carolyn Cooper

Service good

Ariana Hernandez

Just picked up my glasses, they were a perfect fit ! love how they do a free adjustment to make them fir just right ill be comming back! Love the great customer service from Lionel ☺️

Laqueta Duncan

ALL THE STORES HAVD GOOD DEALS. Excited to go back!!

Stephanie Smart

Waiting for DJ'S GRUB, opening soon! Good food, good people!

Orlando Beckum

The mail is mildly outdated, but convenient. The old style of completely indoor mall setting with stores that have Clearance Items from their parent stores. At least you can find a "good deal" there. Just not the latest and greatest new item.

mcgloven 27

Mike and Sherrie from Sam's Burgers are the greatest restaurant people in the business...Large selection and awesome food.... Thank you guys...

Jennifer Bowman

Great place to shop, lots of different stores. Busy place but not a rush feeling busy.. Courteous people.

Tyrowe Mills

Cheap clothing shies good thou

Maria Salvador

Its a little small to me but overall a great mall. Took my family this past weekend and it was not like most malls in Houston. We were able to enjoy shopping. Will go again. Just don't care for the parking.

lamest name

It's small. Walking around the atmosphere is sad and lighting on hallways makes it gloomier.

Eboni McCray

Love shopping here

Marisol Martinez

Very clean and friendly people

Shameka kuffuor

Looks old. Not many stores its ok

The Golden Queen Worker

Love to walk and shop here. Good place to hang out

Carolina Gallegos

I mean the stores inside are great the food court isnt that great ive gotten food poisoning twice from two different establishments in there maybe because there not big food chain places but otherwise great mall oh and as far as i know they only have one restroom at the entrace so if you gotta go and you think you can hold it i dont recommend you do that

Carlray Martin

Restroom was closed off with tape. In my opinion its horrible service to the community by not offer proper amenities. I mean who doesn't have to used the restroom while they are out and about. Life happens

Josr Juan Trevino

Good place to shop to you drop

Leticia Rodriguez

Enjoyed my shopping, looking forward to going back

Christopher Valdez

Not so bad. Seems like it's coming back. Lots of shops.

Erika Escamilla

I went to the Macy's at this mall everything very nice and organized walked around the whole mall all the hallways very clean lots to choose from the food court food is very good and their employees are very nice and helpful I definitely recommend this mall to shop or eat at.

Teresa Pittman

Love this mall because it's not crowded or overrated.

Quenton Thompson

Great safe mall to browse around.

Shirley Taylor

Good location in stores

Heath Johnson

This place is smaller compared to the other malls and outlets dispersed around Houston. But don't be fooled...many deals can be found here.

Joshua Garcia

There's not a whole lot of stores there that are popular. The stores that are there are kind of pricey and it's kind of offputting because I can go to a more upscale mall and pay less for better name brands.

Noah Castillo

Its the Hood Mall. No way you could hate it.

Francisco A Beltran

Good prizes

Hottie Lolly

Uniform store did not have the size I needed

Gabriel Adame

This is one of the most depressing malls I have ever been to it’s not a terrible mall it’s just very sad once you walk in and I thought I was the only one that thought this until I over heard people talking about how sad this place is.

Sonya Cornett

Quiet neat loved it

jasyn rage

Burlington have great deals might find a diamond in the rough...

Aladdin & Jasmine

It's ok wish they would add more cool places love the random carnivals though

Teneishia Bell

Love them they have plus size clothes

Ms Stacye

This mall has changed a lot since I went as a kid. A lot of new stores, quiet environment, for a mall. This mall is not as big as say, bay brook or first colony. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

machelle tezeno

This mall is sad...i used to work there years ago it was always busy

allied f

Petty nice place

Isabel Ochoa

We enjoy going especially cuz we know everyone and everyone always friendly

Will Bates

Still kickin... I still find enjoyment and nostalgia coming here.

Jye Mytch

Small in size and shopping departments but the little that they have will do because they do have great merchandise and just a lil bit more variety in sum'n cool n' saucy...

Hilda Cano

Love Macys and there is a variety of stores to see. Food court is not so great. No big chain restaurants.

Stephan Berns

Great small regional mall

maria Rodriguez

It was actually cool

Ac Slayer

Seems like it's dying

Jarriel Hunter

The vision Works is amazing

Bean Senpai

Every time my mother asks if I want to go to this mall, I’d always say no,, why?, cause it’s so empty and dead inside. It has it’s looks on the outside but in reality, it’s so small and lifeless. I’m all in for quite but this mall is too quiet for my taste, I wouldn’t even call it a mall tbh. It’s clean and nice but it just needs more of a wide selection of shops to choose from.

hannan mohammed

They are keeping the mall clean. But not many good stores. Macy's is the lone survivor as of now.

David Smothermon

It's ok... Nice an clean

Carla Megan Gonzalez

Very dirty, not much to choose from. I wouldn't recommend this place for people who prefer to shop name brand, not enough big name stores. I can say that the bathrooms are clean and the food court is as well.

AJ Jones

Small mall but enjoyed my time there

Leah Francis

It has everything you, clothes for any occasion, and school uniforms.

Dixie Luten

Great place to window shop and stay cool. Lots of bargains. My favorite Mall

Douglas Thompson

This mall must be old , but still Shopped at Burlington Coat

An Drea

Older mall, good if you already know what you're going for if not you prob. Wont find much.

Simeon Maneau

There is a Burlington attached and a Macys store that closes pretty early. The mall is mostly shoe stores, a bath and body works, lids and a few independent stores

Random Matt

It feels like it’s slowly dying off, some okay stores but other wise baybrook is your best bet, I-45 South!

Denise Del Rio-Sontay

Great place to shop and get good deals!!

John Kimball

1st time there, beautiful mall. I'll return.


Back to school shopping, French Toast style for the kiddos at the Uniform Store located inside Almeda has been a blast. Super affordable pricing and great customer service. Full range of youngsters HISD compliant clothes available plus adult scrubs as well. In store security guards. Parking lot security on duty to patrol cars and entrances. Clean facility. Restrooms located in food court. So many stores to choose from should you have need for specialty Shoppes. Grand time, no lines, I was in and out! Great shopping experience. Enjoy!!!

sonofgaming3000 .

Really good place

Robert Preston

Take all your valuables with you from your car. Signs even posted saying that.

Cristina M

I Usually only go to macys or Burlington. Most other stores are ok. And the food court doesn't have alot to choose from.

beechan84 .

Ok mall. There are lot of smaller shops though so if you don't need anything from stores in "fancier" malls then you'll do fine. There is a Macy's and a Burlington Coat Factory.

Mark Baker

Great but needs newer stores not the best but recomended for nice things

Jonathan Portillo

Old and outdated; Macy's is the only good store

Marcelo Gallardo

Asides from the food court, the poor Mall is practically dead. I wish the owners would either revive the place or make it into a shopping center as was done with Gulfgate Mall.

Allstar Ambassador

This is a really good mall with alot of reasonably priced shops. Good little food court too and clean restrooms.

Anthony Cash

Great place to shop if your on the southeast side.

Danielcool 14245

One of the big and great malls all around the city. It has many shopping stores and stands for a quick bite.

Rigo De Leon

This place used to have so much value.. it has lost a lot of revenue. It smells old. The only thing good about it is the Macy’s and perhaps the jewelers.

Lauren Phillips

I took my cousin here when she was visiting from Alabama. She and I were like, "is this it?" It looks big from the outside but there is barely anything inside! It's small. They did have some interesting spots but really. This is Houston. There's a mall 10 minutes down the interstate that's way better. One thing that was redeeming is a nice little play area for my cousin's kid to play on.

Toi Johnson

Great fashion and Food

Reynaldo Garcia

They always have what I need!

Michael Nguyen

Empty as hell and lacking in interest in improvement

Brandee Smith


Larry Booker

I remember when (not bad)

Irene Santos

Very helpful

Lixu Chavez

There's only a few stores that are clean and okay, the restaurants are not so good.

Claudia Infante

Not a lot of stores, food court small, other than that it was a good place to walk with out a lot of people

vinay prajapati

Looking like a good mall, i wants to be go there.

Daniel Green

A nice place to do your Christmas shopping.

Feliciano Reyes

Is fine great place to shop and walk

Frednruby Gonzales

Been going there since I was young. Gotta give them 5 stars

lahn elias

this mall was better with picadellis

samee D

Very satisfying on iPhone repair.

Gabriela Tellez

Looks so lonely inside,bits nothing like it used to be, it just looks empty

Iria Calderon

Sad this mall is closing

Jesus Ruiz

Could have more veryetly, over all, this is where i like to buy my shoes and suits. I would not say its a bad place, just not really my taste. It is near the firestone, so if you have any maintenance to do, its a great place to pass the time although i dont trust firestone.


There's likeno precooke people there I can actually here myself think. No screaming kids No kids running around as if they are at the park. The smoothies are great from thirsty's

Easton Fection

Mall of my childhood, they just celebrated 50 years! I come here pretty often. Interior has been renovated and it's still going strong. *Just saw somebody said it's run down, they're wrong*

Karie Ray

This mall is almost dead. Few stores, nothing interesting going on there. Food court food tastes like it was made and then reheated the next day...leftovers. Sad empty place.

Evan Marsh

Stop by our store! we love it here!


The dont always have my colonge here

Mike R

Another mall there's going down the same route as west oaks mall is slowly dying

Lopez Grisell

We enjoy shopping, eating and spending time with our grandkids there...

George Artist

Love this mall

Jeffery Ester

Surprisingly nice... hadn't been in a mall in forever, including the one on Westheimer... can't even think of the name... lol

Javier Gonzalez

Good place to shop with ease and not have to fight the crowds

Angel Guerrero

will always love this place been coming here since I was a kid

Yolanda Buitureida

Went to the King Dollar, great merchandise for 1.25

Litos Galdamez

It's a small mall but they got some good stores

Mark Munerlyn

Neat and clean

Melissa E. Aguilera

Enjoy going to the mall

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