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REVIEWS OF Allen Premium Outlets IN Texas

Charles Headrick

So many stores couldn't see them all . They were all super friendly and great deals everywhere.


This outlet is ok. It's kind of on the small side but it does have a good veriety of stores to be so small. Parking can be a problem if your trying to go to some of the smaller stores. It was hard for us to get to this mall. Be sure you take the correct exit or you'll end up making a huge circle just to get back to it. Over all I would return but only if I we're needing to go to a particular store in this outlet mall.

Gordon Deapen

Very nice mall Good variety of shops. Some real nice deals.


Traffic inside parking lot is terrible. No order and no one is courteous.

Jimmy Tanghongs

Great shopping for the best deals in town. Many name brands and good restaurants and food trucks as well. Usually super busy. Would improve with some EV charging spots - 2 to 4 spots on each end of the outlet.

Ayushi Khandelwal

Nice place for budget shopping have almost all brands and various outlet stores. So I like to visit it always . It is always crowded but yeah good for weekend shopping.

Sailesh magar

Get discounts rate on many top brands including Nike,Coach,Kate Spade and much more!

Thanoj Muthyala

This is best place for shopping if you are looking for budget prices and more quality. Best

Lisa Jones

So many stores....some upscale stores with cheaper prices. Parking is another story, u may have to walk a bit!

Kathlene Lyons

Great place for day shopping with family or friends. Always have fun and the store selections.

allen r

Good price outlet mall. But not too much parking for weekends.

Lenard Milholland

Love the Kitchen store. I think every clothing brand has a store here, soooo much to choose from.

Niko Flores

There are some great deals on apparel stores in this outlet mall. You will find a lot of famous brands including Nike, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Fossil. There are also some restaurants and cafés.

Akash Arora

Cool place but really not feeling the $7 parking all of the sudden.

Krishna Kiran

Plenty of options from major brands, great discounts. Just love shopping here.

Micaela Todd

Great shopping, but I feel like the parking/design is really starting to be an issue with all of the new stores after the remodel. We went after Christmas when it was less busy, but the traffic was still awful. The stores themselves are great, run good deals, and have had wonderful service at many of them.

Mike Sorensen

Not as good prices as they used to have. You find the same prices for this years models at the big department stores

ravi chanemougassoundiram

Many various shop. Very interesting to go during Thanksgiving for good price after 5 pm

katlovesbeagle .

So many stores!! The parking is crazy, so expect to walk a lot once you find a space. I didn't get to go everywhere I wanted, but if you want one place to go for good deals and fresh air, this is it. I liked that they had plenty of restroom areas, which had many stalls, so the wait was barely none.

Jesus Aldape

Right off from i.75 and Stacey Rd. You will a super cool outlet mall. I don't know if all stores will have great prices or deals but I think most do. The fragrance place is one of them and then the skechers shoe place is another. I think the only thing missing there is a good court, yet near by you can find good places to eat. I recommend, "Black Walnut Cafe!" ..that place is totally eclectic and delicious.

Scott McManaman

Parking is awful. People have to walk in front and behind cars. I don’t think it’s worth saving $10

Yang li

Good location with so many brands. Usually the Nike store has the seasonal sportswear. And gifts cards offered.

Darren Williams

Great selection of shops. Great parking options. Great food places. Great play park for the kids. Great location. The only thing that isn't great is the prices. It doesn't feel like a true Outlet. None the less, still worth going and a great day out overall. Here's a photo of our kids with their great pizza

Elizabeth Walker

It was actually rlly great I went to the Adidas store and found a good pair of shoes,my brother went to the Nike store and got shoes,and we went to finish line,but didnt get any shoes,I cant wait to shop here more often!!!

Kenneth Murphy

Lots of name brand shops here. Quality products at affordable prices.

Laura Gordon

Ok two fold. The word outlet conveys better pricing than retail. For the Coach & Reebok store that's true. As for the jewelry stores, nope, run away FAST! So the pricing on the simple bands we looked at were crazy, if that's outlet prices hate to see retail. Even with all the silly discounts, 10% for coming in, 10% to not walk out the door, 5% if you open a credit card. At the end of all their discounts the rings were still over priced. Not naming any stores, but it rhymes with Kays.

Jeremy Hatley

You will get lost in here! So much great variety

Maya Clark

Sad what's happened to this place after the hail storms in April. The renovations are very slow going. There's very few stores running at max capacity even months later. It's a wonder if the owner will repair or replace the whole thing, but something needs to happen before Frisco or McKinney get the idea to open a premium outlet mall, making this place obsolete.

Shameika Johnson

Stopped by while on vacation and really enjoyed the area. Traffic was bumper to bumper but we found great deals. We would definitely visit again.

Patrina Hall

This place is terrible. I am not talking about the stores but the parking. The Mall literally took up over 100 parks in the parking lot which were once free and now make you pay 7 dollars. Your forced to have to park there because they took up so many parks that there are very few “free” parking left and according to the attendant they are looking to expanded. So if you are willing to give money to a greedy corporation which I’m sure is already turning a hell of a profit already then come here. This is my first and last time coming to this place.

jwala vidiyala

Outlet is best for discounts...I like loft and there's is a store for kids we get best clothes for best prices

Tanvir Amjad

tons of brand name stores to give up their excess for a reasonable price.The Neiman Marcus outlet offers good ties for affordable price! Also I got good deal in the Neike store for my sneakers.They have a small food court at one corner that have some varieties of fast foods with cool off sodas.Ample space for parking.

Michael Harrison

There are lots of selections. lots of parking. Good variety of stores, all walkable, walkways covered in the majority of the areas. It get busy during the weekend and getting in and out of the mall could be difficult because of traffic. try to avoid when it's too hot out since this outlet is outdoor.

Rod Powers

This outlet is nice,it can be a bit confusing at first,but you learn the layout rather quickly.

Rambabu Kaipa

Good set of premium outlet stores...lot of parking.. good brands and designer labels.. decent parking .. good discounts..

Wanda Calladine

Everything you can think of! Great place to shop.

Kayden Grinwis

Awesome outlet mall, with almost every store you could want. The place is clean and we'll kept, the sales are great, and the staff is all very friendly.

Stephanie Korger

It has a lot of different shops to chose from. The prices did not seem "outlet" to me. If I am looking for a specialty store that is located within this mall I will go again.

Ms. M

The amount of stores available is nice but the traffic that comes through is crazy. I avoid coming on any given weekend. There should be at least 1 officer at each entrance directing the flow of traffic to avoid backed up lines and pedestrians making it hard for cars to pass.

Erica Nyree

As a resident of this area....I am glad that there are so many stores in the Allen Premium Outlet. Traffic is kind of heavy on the weekend so you better get there early to get a decent parking spot. Other than that....there are so many varieties of shopping available. Top brand Stores and also several eating options. There is no food court but there are several cafe and little dining spots where you can go inside a restaurant and sit down to eat. I also noticed a few food trucks. There are restaurants along Stacy Road that you can drive to down the road.

himanshu gupta

Always a great place for shopping and whenever my wife wants to shop it's only place she wants to go. They so many brands and so far it is nicely designed. Although after the renovation they have upgraded the place because we have visited outlets a gear before. Now they have a lot benches installed after regular interval of distance and restrooms are easy to locate with the help of sign board. Also as compared to last year premium outlet have more options to eat now especially the opening of Starbucks at heart of place is really nice. Earlier they have very few choices. Parking is still a little problem but you will get eventually after sometime and some patience. Overall we always love to shop here and in future we will be.

Seven Hills Reddy

Good, finding parking was difficult. But overall a nice place to shop for good prices.

victor villanueva

Very crowded expensive food court Stores don't actually have sales Over priced as usual.

Vijay PP

Good place to get deals. Liked the layout of the location: outer ring of stores & a center point of stores too. Glad that there's some food in the center. Liked that they have colored fountains with lawn lounge chairs for sitting. Easier to map individual store locations thru Google Maps. Outlet website had a fancy map display, but didn't seem to be current.


Alot of great deals go during the week if you can

Sim M

I mostly buy my apparel and accessories from here. There is a discount on essentially everything and they have larger selections owing to bigger store space. Better to go during weekdays to avoid the crowds and long check out lines. The only reason you should go to a retail store or a mall (and not a factory outlet) is if you want the very latest, have a non-factory-outlet coupon or you don't have the time to drive to Allen.

Pure Silkiness

Love this many great deals!

Marguerite Jones

Super kudos to Guest Services for saving the day for me! Really great customer service, even when I had an odd request that they were able to help me with so I wouldn't have to leave after a 45 minute drive. Not all heroes wear capes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

analisa gonzalez

i appreciate the layout of it in a large square. it is simple to get around and easy to get in and out of stores. the parking lot is easily accessible and i had no problem finding parking (granted, i went in the middle of the day on a weekday) but it was my first time and i will definitely be back! they have a good selection and variety of stores, as well!

Michael Cowart

Good mix of stores. Will shop there again

Michael Hughes

This outlet mall just lost another customer. Charging $7 to park is crazy. Not many use the paid parking area, so now there's less parking available for free...and traffic congestion is now even worse. Good news is I have a multitude of shopping options aside from this place. Adios Allen Premium Outlets! Greed trumps sensibility.

Nick Robinson

It's a good place to shop but I don't think the prices are really that good.

Michele Southard

Nice selection of stores, nice gathering spaces in outdoor areas, clean restrooms. Parking lot is crazyand entering off Stacy is tough on the weekends.. but it appears they are adding more parking and entrances

Todd Montague

Parking can be horrible. The shopping layout vs parking lot layout is bad compared to other outlet malls like San Marcus. They have a lot of nice shops but often the prices are same or barely better than the standard retail location.

Kevin Keitch

Great variety of stores and good walking layout. I only wish there were more eating options within walking distance of the shops. I enjoy shopping at the Journeys, Nike, and Nautica stores.

T mitch

Favorite place I've ever been to for shopping. Every brand you can think of. Love the Adidas and Polo store

Diana Harrell

I love it they have good sales and good deals out there

max glisenti

Great outdoor prices in great brands..very recommended

Eddy B

In and out real quick, good parking. 2019 built Nike 360 shoes $60 below retail at 129.00

Eric Harp

Lots of shopping to do here. I enjoy the shops. The restaurants nearby and the star bucks. I recently went to the coach store to purchase a new wallet for me and my girl. Lots of parking. Nice area. And saw security patrol several times while I was there. The converse store was awesome and for the most part the grounds were well maintained. I highly recommend this place.

Orions Descendent

Wonderful selection of stores

Lonnie Patterson

Nice variety of stores. Not enough restaurants. Terrible traffic. Always packed. Parking awful. Best bet go across the highway to other shopping area.

Vanessa H

After visiting nearby Fairview shopping on a Sunday afternoon and it being super calm, showing up at the outlets felt like you were fighting for your life. I nearly got hit 3x trying to park and it took 10 minutes to get into the lot. People were out in droves at 4pm on a Sunday. I have no idea what they needed but they were all on a mission it appeared. My friend and I went into all of our typical outlet stores and I bought literally nothing. I am an avid shopper and nothing really stood out including the selection and prices. I imagine like anywhere you have to go back. This is my somewhat typical outlet experience which is why the chaos seemed odd. I have no idea what others were drawn to.

Nader Doleh

Good clothing outlet mall not too far from Dallas. Lots of brands and choices but mostly clothing focused. Some food options, a Starbucks and a couple housewares shops. Parking can be a bit busy but overall happy with the visit.

Jack Burgess

This is a really good outlet in area. The only problem is every time I go whether it's during the week or on the weekend it's always packed which is a good sign. I do have a nice play area that looks like a train that the kids had a lot of fun playing on. It worked out good for me because my wife could go shopping when I watch the kids just fenced-in but the only thing that stinks about is that it has two gates one on each and so it makes it very difficult for you to keep an eye on your child

Frosty Volcano

Great shopping center for the fashion forward but some places are almost no cheaper than their regular counterpart

Pratik Mazumdar

Good place to shop. Lots of brands and stores. Good outlet mall.

Alex Saldivar

Loved deals but Not the parking!

Don Goldammer

A good place to shop for just about anything. And the prices are great. Sometimes it's hard to find a parking place if it is a holiday season of any kind. But you sure need to go there for great deals.

Jacob Priego

Good selection of stores but the parking and traffic are horrible. Avoid during peak days. People are short tempered when driving around for parking or waiting to get out the area.

Riaz Amin Mahomed

Great outlets with practically all of the stores you expect. Huge area. Gets pretty packed too on the weekends.

Justin Liu

Very good place to get great deals on brands ranging fron Nike to Coach to the North Face. Now that the center is taken up with a bunch of stores, parking is a bit of a pain especially on weekends but go early and you can usually get a decent spot. The widened loop around the whole place is also appreciated!

Be Free

Used to enjoy this place but now that they cordon off some regular parking areas for ‘pay to park’ spaces, it takes the fun out of it. Just seems to me a little tacky where people are already shopping and paying money for goods. No need to pile on and charge for parking also.

Dwight Johnston

All the Local stores you can find not that much high end store but great price.

aby mathew c

One stop shop for all the premium brands . Great discounts year long .

Tallbird Mace

We love this place, particularly for children’s and baby clothes. There are now a lot more parking available including lots of disabled/premier parking spots with wheelchair/stroller ramps. There are also more store choices since the extension. We try to avoid weekends and holidays as it can be crazy busy. There are plenty of restaurants local to the outlet mall and also lots of seating areas around the pedestrian area so you can easily take a packed lunch with you if you’d prefer. There are plenty of loos/restrooms, which are wheelchair friendly AND have changing tables for the little ones. They could add a couple of those “fill your water bottle” stations and I might do a ridiculously happy dance. In the Texas heat there is the opportunity to get a little warm walking the big rectangle of outlets and I’m not a big fan of the drinking fountains by the toilets

Ed Terry

Love all the outlet store here, clean my bank account if I don't watch it.

Sandra Crow

Awesome shops. They are friendly. It was fun.

Robin Christiansen

We went on a weekend to buy school shoes. The parking lot is a nightmare. A huge section of the middle is roped off for pay parking. Why should I pay $7 to park? We were there 30 minutes and only visited one store. We paid $250 for shoes. We'll visit Grapevine Mills next time. Free parking, cool inside. It seems like a tacky money grab. No one wants to pay it so the parking lot is an endless line of people searching for spots.

Rich Paxton

Big outlet location with the usual collection of “mall” stores and restaurants. The issue is that this is Texas and it’s 112 in the dead of August. It really makes this a seasonal area. The parking lots become vast deserts when trying to cross the property in the summer. But parking is pretty ample and the store fronts are easy to find from afar. Of course, prices are great because it’s an outlet mall. Discounts for days.

Ashley Jernigan

Easy access to a ton of stores, but block off a huge section of parking areas and charge $7 on busy Saturdays. Heading to Alliance Outlets next time.

Kristina Steele

A large variety of stores to shop. Reasonable prices. Great destination to shop

Varun Bahl

Good place to shop.. limited options to eat

Purnima Bhardwaj

Mostly all factory outlets can be found here. The only challenge is to find a parking in the centre lot on busy days, else can be parked in the back side. Rest the place is good for shopping and various restaurants as well around.

leticia Blan

I love this outlet mall! Shopping there is great!

Margaret O'Connor

Very nice selection of stores with very courteous and efficient staff. I only have this shopping outlet a THREE star rating because THEY BLOCKED OFF A LARGE PORTION OF THE PARKING LOT FOR PAID PARKING. GREEDY!

Tena Jones

Not to be confused with discount stores as you’re most likely going to pay the exact same prices here as you will in the same brand retail shops in your local mall. (Such as American Eagle) A lot of brand choices for sure & we liked the layout of stores, only a couple of food choices inside, but several right around the outside of the mall. Really hate having to pay for parking, (choice for 4 stars vs 5) we circled around twice & got lucky enough to find a close spot for free. Clean restrooms, and all the sales associates were nice, more than one of the stores we shopped at seemed to be very under staffed for a busy Saturday... PAC Sun had 2 trying to run registers with 4-6 in a line to check out, as well as open locked fitting room doors. American Eagle had 4 trying to run the fitting room, checkout & helping people with jeans. (The girl in the FR never left, introduces herself & told us to push the button if we needed another size in anything, there was at least 10 stalls & she stayed on cleaning them all out & getting other sizes, I believe her name was Aston) northface seemed to be the only discount store we shopped in, all the rest had good selection, but were exact same price as our mall in Tyler, TX. Probably will not return, will just go to one of the indoor malls, free parking, larger food court & AC shopping for same prices.

Carlos Vidal

Most major brands present. Multiple options available for the same item. Easy to walk around and plenty of parking near your favorite store.

Alana Strother

I love this outlet mall, but today I realized parking is more hectic than usual. Now there are about 5 rows that are reserved for "easy parking" with a $7 surcharge. I thought this was ridiculous, paying for parking at a mall and the parking isn't valet.

lucy shukla

Best Deals and verity of stores !!! Love to shop for all the occasions ❤️

Rahul Dhar

Come here on a holiday....Almost all the shops offer very good discounts..

Lance Rosenquest

Lots of choices. Good sales everywhere.

Michelle Young

Great selection of stores often at reduced prices. Love the layout and variety.

Rosemary Kasper

This place is fabulous, and dangerous on the wallet!

Brandon Duvall

Great stores, but you'd never know it because the layout of the parking lot is completely insane, literally the worst I have ever experienced. No traffic control whatsoever, cars going every which way with no direction, people walking everywhere in between, and out in front of the cars. (I honestly don't know how someone isn't hit by a car here daily.)

Raja Andukondan

A really nice outlet mall with a good selection of stores. The stores here almost always have good deals and if you are lucky enough, you'll even find great deals at some of the stores. My favorites are the sports brand stores like Nike, Adidas and UA - I almost always find good deals on one or the other thing there that I end up buying even though I didn't plan on it. Parking is ample but it does get almost full on the weekend evenings from what I've seen. There are drink vending machine scattered around and a few food trucks as well. There however isn't a dedicated food court. I have to drive up from Dallas to get there but I don't mind, it is a good place for window shopping and shopping!

Alissa Askins

Love the shops but the parking gets crowded and full pretty fast. Wirh the massive population spike in the area it can feel very congested at times.

Betsy Winter

Great variety of stores - something for everyone! While a large complex, it’s super easy to walk around if you’re able to be on your feet for a couple miles.

Pramod Shakya

Love this place... lots of options to choose from and the prices are very reasonable!

Saya S

Yes,THEY BLOCKED OFF A LARGE PORTION OF THE PARKING LOT FOR PAID PARKING every weekend during busy time.They called it PARKING MADE EASY, great idea! it’s so EASY to make money.

Deysi Sanchez

Hate the “parking made easy”. Unnecessary. They end up taking a lot of spaces, when people can’t find a parking lot they have no option but to pay $7 for a parking space they could’ve found if it wasn’t for them taking all the parking spaces in the whole middle section.

Claudia Romanczukiewicz

Best time to go shopping is early mornings during the week.

Mike Thompson

I was at Perry Ellis this morning and was greeted by Rosie. I had a few questions about the clothing line and its durability. She explained the quality of the material and craftsmanship. I was very impressed. We even spoke about particular items I took a shining to. Not to set a trend but she was like a personal shopper and helping me make decisions with clothing. Thank you Rosie.

Jeff Raphel

Good selection of stores. Parking is now easier with the new lot in the back. Traffic can be heavy when there are sales and around the winter holidays.

Ana Carmen

Wow. Lots of great shops. Great prices. Lots of parking. Will definitely be back.

Slappy McPhee

So now they are fleecing their patrons by charging $7 to park! Lack of easy to access directories. I get if there is paid valet with a small section that is fine, but entire blocks of parking are now carved out forcing you to pay. There isn't close to enough parking as it is as the place really should have a multilevel parking garage. I just had to pay $7 to go into Under Armour for ten minutes to buy shoes.

El Sue

Great outlet. I'll be back.

Stephanie Braswell-Kirby

Decided to go for the first time on Black stuck in parking purgatory. Other than that horrible rookie mistake, I had a pleasant experience. Loved Kate Spade, which was the main reason for going. There was a long line to get in but it actually made my tween daughter that much more excited to finally be able to cross the threshold of the well guarded entrance. Will definitely go back any other day but Black Friday.

Yvette Henson

Some of my favorite stores...always clean. Easy parking.

Rebecca Hood

Not for a weekend visit. Most of time spent looking for parking. I'll give it a week day try next time. Never got out of car....

brent staten

First time visiting this outlet mall. On a Saturday it was the typical busy traffic but not too bad. I only visited one store and was blown away by the pricing and variety of options

Cameron Tylek

Aside from the shops, there is a very fun children's play area that will keep smaller kids entertained for quite a while. It's a shaded area next to the sketchers store that has a medium sized playground in the shape of a train with two slides, one on either end. There is an electronic interactive wall that the kids can play two simple games on. It's also located right next to the restrooms There is 'street' parking on the road next to each shop, as well as a large parking lot inside the 'square'. I recommend parking inside the square, and not on the road simply because it's a very busy street, and backing out of your parking spot is often difficult and even dangerous.

Amanda Rivera

Very convenient...n alot of discounts

Jesus Ortiz

the place is more or less, but $ 7 for parking? what nonsense, there are better options

brett miller

Lots of selections. Lots of parking if shopping early. Good variety of stores, all walkable, walkways covered in the majority of the areas. Well laid out as a location. Rarely have I left the area without something I truly enjoyed purchasing. Happy it's just down the road!

Zoe Harris

I used to love Allen Outlets wayyyy more than I do now. It’s pretty much always too overcrowded and honestly I never find anything I like in the stores. Most of the stores don’t have that great of deals so you may as well go to the actual store and find a coupon or something.

Michele Cole

I used to LOVE this place and find great bargains at reasonable prices. My last trip to Ralph Lauren the women working the dressing room REFUSED to help me. Currently, I am bald do to CHEMO in order to save my life. I cried so hard but the manager was very kind to me and made certain that I made it safely to my car. Having to pay for parking will most likely keep me away forever. I will miss this place.

Lelia Lauderdale

Was too busy with overworkes staff + hot, but great selections @ bargain prices.

Eric Williamson

This review is about the Allen Premium Outlet Outdoor Mall. The concept is magnificent. It's a great way to save money on Top Brands and get your steps in as well. I will say, if you are looking for deep discounts, they will be a little hard to find. Most stores prices are discounted, however nothing to write home about or that will blow your socks off. On my last visit, I stopped in Banana Republic and they were running 50% off 50% on there clearance items. I got two shirts for 50.00. Great quality shirts, and I was satisfied with the purchase:)

Lohman Chu

lots of brands with affordable price and good quality. with more parking lots added, getting more easier to visit in peak hours.

Vanston Hamilton

Went on Sunday and 1/4 of the parking lot was empty because of valet and the rest of the parking lot was full. Everyone was angry and driving aggressively like Mad Max... f-ing valet parking at an outlet mall! That's the stupidest thing ever, and they wonder why retail is dying... My wife and I bailed, we'd rather spend a little extra on amazon than give any money to valet.

Arun Vishwanathan

Love the new and updated Allen Premium outlets. Its just amazing how many cool stores they have in this location. If you do plan on going there, do not bother going during the weekend - the Outlet mall is pretty packed. If you hang out there during a Monday or a Tuesday evening, you pretty much have the place to yourself. I've been shopping here for close to 20 years, and have never had any issues so far. The place is safe, and the prices are much cheaper than going any place else. I rarely return stuff, but never had any issues on the one or two returns I've done over the years. Highly recommended shopping experience !!!

a hippo

A little packed on the weekends but that's expected, everything you could need and relatively well maintained.

Joseph Guillen Sr

Not bad, you really ain't saving money, very hot if you don't mind the heat and people are kinda rude

Randy Colborn

The Allen Premium Outlets have a great variety of shops. Over the past few years, there has been a big change in the property with significant investments in the look and feel. Now the outlet mall has a much more upscale feel to it with higher end stores that aren't even in traditional malls.

Adria Andrews-Fields

Very impressed with their restroom. I hate public restrooms but I've got a 5 yr old so I'm always in public restrooms... anyways, the restroom was super clean!! I was so pleased!!

Byron Blanchard

Great place. Good amount of stores and always have sales. Good restaurants and a fun place for kids.


Extremely large number of affordable stores in this outdoor mall. Would strongly advise avoiding on Saturdays and Sundays, or at least going as early as possible.

Luis Chavarin

Nice outlet mall, but don't go on the weekend

James Holland

It has been about 3 yrs since I last visited the Allen outlets. Went back during Xmas shopping and the remodel is great. They have so many more stores which is really nice. New building in the middle took away a lot of parking, so Xmas shopping traffic was serious but still really nice. Love the addition of new stores. **Except Finish line***

Grace Fulton

Love the changes that they done in the past year or so. Plenty of parking, more and better selection of stores, seating, shade, Starbucks, etc. Family friendly.

Aruk Margabandu

Great options for retail outlets, but poor parking design. Expect crowd on weekends and holdays. Lot of traffic and parking jams during holiday season.

Jim Love

Wife loves this place. Can't walk in without buying. Owners are terrific

Josie its beautiful. I love your hair Edwards

I love shopping at Allen Premium their is always a good deal. I love Ralph Lauren and shop for birthday gift at Adidas, CK, Baby gap and the big H.

Ca P

Coach store has good deals. Rebook has fantastic deals! Nike has decent deals. Most stores have discount racks. Parking is wonderful!!


Very nice atmosphere. Great deals

Matthew Hoover

Great place to shop but they have to fix the traffic in this area. It gets crazy busy and you can get stuck depending on where you park.

Olusegun Erogbogbo

Regular here. Lots of great stores and options. I would advise that ahead of your trip, try to go through your emails for others and coupons for additional savings to the sale items. If you don't find any, do not be shy to ask at the till.. i have saved up to $100 on purchases simply by asking for this. Lots of good stores like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Adidas and many more!

Haven Pandey

Good variety of stores. I wish there was a better solution of traffic management.


Good selection of stores and always good deals. This place gets crazy and can easily take an hour to walk around the entire circle. There is a play area and some food trucks on the out skirts however no dedicated food court. Seems like there once was a food court but construction began at that location and not sure what came out of it. If your hungry. Liberty burger is on the outside of the circle of Allen outlet mall and can be a short walk. Elsewhere is some restaurants not a far drive away. I try to plan to get thee eon a Sunday right at 11 when they open. Always find parking right outside a store. Otherwise the traffic can get pretty jammed and parking limited.

Jason Steffer

Huge shopping center with lots to do.

Matt Terk

Great variety in stores, plenty of places to grab lunch. Can be difficult to find parking on the weekends. Definitely not a true "outlet" store mall, expect some discounts but no misprints or mistakes. Definitely a fun place to take the wife and kids for some browsing and shopping.

Pablo Mejia


Stephen Zhao

I wish I can give a negative star. Allen Premium Outlet should not let a store like Armani which has a no return policy. No signs and they only let you know it AFTER you purchase something. My shopping experience with this store really destroyed the good reputation with Allen Outlet. The store alleged they don't have an obligation to tell the NO RETURN POLICY when you shop around in their store. SO be aware this store when you shop at Allen Premium Outlet.

Gary Stewart

I love coming here, quick in and out shopping, a lot faster than bigger malls and prices are great. Staff in Nike Outlet was absent, and had hard time finding someone to check backstock for different sizes, but once I got a staff member they were spot on with helpfulness.

Jose Jimenez

Nice place truly not an outlet price are still way to high for items that are 2 or more years old

Doug Parent

Parking lot a disaster, cost $7.00 if you want a decent parking space. Poor traffic control devices/flow.

Louis Butler

Charging for parking is a greedy way of making up for the tax free option that was mandated by the state. Shame on these outlets for doing that.

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