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Where is Alamo Quarry Market?

REVIEWS OF Alamo Quarry Market IN Texas

Art Pike

I love it all the shops are lovely plus it's very nice and satisfying

John Peil

Movies, shopping, and great dinner all in one place!

Angela graf

Not crowded, super buttery popcorn it was a great get out of the house movie and even better popcorn, don't forget the napkins it could ruin a good shirt but super good!

Carrie Matchem

The atmosphere was fun people were out having coffee outside, laughing, fellowshipping, having fun with each other. I was with four of my girlfriends and had an amazing time. The area is just nighttime friendly I will be coming back to this area really soon love being here.

Roland James

Good but busy place to find a parking space.

Kat Parrish

Ate breakfast at Snooze. It was delicious!


Last Sunday after leaving hopital finding out that my cough was allergies I went to see John Wick and got icy drink the movie was so good I could not leave for a refill. When I got out of movie my caugh happen I really needed a drink refill but they were closed. I went to bathroom and was caughing the medicine had woren off. I really need a drink. A young lady from movies came in to check if I was ok and got me my refill. Thank You

Alex Alvarado

So peaceful around sunset:) love the Michaels

Cool Kid

I love this place! The energy of the area is very elevated and it feels good to be in the market! Been going here since I was little , my favorite is the movie theatre it's so cool with the tower things that light up at night. Check it out it's worth the experience! Also the malls are cool to just look around or shop too. And the restaurants are delicious theres a pf changs and also fast food like freddys depending on what you're feeling at the moment. Awesome place!

Elaine LaBorde

I go here to the Whole Foods store. I liked it better before Amazon got in the picture, but it's still great. I go shop there about 1 a week or so for those things I can't get at the HEB. They have great selection and fair prices and I LOVE the Deli.

Glen Klee

Nice place to hang out, eat and shop

Rachel Schreiber

Lots of fun stores. Plan your trip first, out else you'll be driving back and forth across the street

Bathtub Time machine

its not the best although its definitley not the worst. there are plenty of local shops/cafes and most of them are great. i strongly recomend whole earth co. who mainly focus on outdoorsy kind of stuff but they also have a section of the store dedicated to odd gadgets which are always fun to look at.

Trey Meyer

So many options when it comes to shopping or watching movies or eating for that matter I enjoyed my time and visit here

Tom Jones

Love the environment! Good mix of stores and eateries.

Nimiye Anthony

Great ambiance, so many good shops, nice restaurants. You can spend a whole day here!

The Baby

We went to J Alexander for their slow-roasted prime rib, which I think is the best prime rib in town. Their other menu options are also outstanding, and if you haven't done so, you should try their NYO (not your ordinary) Mac & Cheese - totally yummy!!

Raymond Jackson

This place has everything you need from great restaurants to shopping.

Mohameed Alrawi

Nice place good shopping Center

mark hilton

I go to the Whole Foods Market. They have a great variety of fruits and veggies. Lots of parking and not to far from where i live.

Kortnee T

Great variety of stores.

Victor Mancha

Pretty sure we only drove past here... 5/5



Me Anyway

We love the rotating specials. The regular food is very good but the fin is the specials. The lattes are excellent, but the coffee is okay.

Rosena Garcia

Great shopping and eateries. This place also has a movie theater.

Rosalinda Hernandez

A lot of great shops, restaurants, and the Quarry movie theatre. Very accessible and parking available, there’s also a farmers market on Sunday.

Brandon Dunn

Fun place to walk around even if you are just window shopping

Shay blackman

I keep forgetting to come here but when I do it's always a pleasant experience.

Jason Miller

A guppy paradise. Some great restaurants, stores, bars and more. Problem is it is priced high and no real shopping for the average joe. My wife does love Max's Wine Dive and Trader Joe's. A great place to shop...

Michelle Boop

What a beautiful shopping area! Great stores to chose from and wonderful restaurants as well. You could spend an entire day here.

Robert Owens

Great mid to high end shops

EBA Ford

This is my "go to" place for everything I need that is in a wonderful area. I always enjoy myself here.

Rudolpho Kring

Great finds at Michael's and old navy. Whole foods is good too

Jacqui Woessner

Very eclectic bunch of shops and stores! Fun atmosphere!

Crystal Valdez

This is a great place to get all your shopping done and get that exercise from walking around

Jana Temple

Nice collection of upscale stores and boutiques

Ruth Cantu

I love the select cooked hot and cold foods .

Hugh Lawrence

Food, shops and history make this a great place to spend the day.

Maria Roberson

Ate at P.F. Chang's - scrumptious food!

Beau Campbell

A unique mall. It has it all! From movie theaters, to a excellent grocery store,Men's Store, Tobacco Shoppe, Outdoors Outfitters Shop. Yeah a cool place to shop. Do not leave valuables in site in your car.

Spade's Productions

I love it! Great places to shop...

matthew guerrero

An amazing selection of everything that interest you. Shopping, food, cafe, gym, ect. Everything is within walking distance and you could honestly spend a whole day here. Family friendly with plenty for the kids to do and even a movie theater. Developed in an old quarry the establishment pays homage to the past with huge smoke stacks and reused equipment from that time.

Michael Riley

Went to the movies... It was a great experience. Loved the outside.. The escalator was cool going up to the top was very different.. But overall money well spent

Wendy Michelle

Such a wonderful collection of eateries and shops. Lots of parking and most things arw within walking distance

Lisa and Leah Brown

Lots of great stores and restaurants. Parking and traffic can be bad however.

Louis Sing

Nice and quiet to go shopping and eat

Ashley Partida

Love going here they have everything in one place at at chili's it was delicious

Patrick Prudhomme

Old cement factory converted to shops. Great shopping for sure. Stop and take a rest and lunch at Freddy's.

David Avila

Awesome staff beautiful course.

Lee Ries

There is way too much going on here for a single review. I don't even remember what we were doung here at this particular occasion that Google wants me to review. I am sure we had a nice time, though.

Arlene Dennison

Great Variety of fine shops. Awesome theater!

Will Brown

Very nice shopping center. Anyone in the area should certainly check it out .

Kenneth Williams

The food was excellent. Best pancakes I've had in a long. We have a new favorite spot.

Franchesca Duarte

I love whole foods. Lots of options for healthier eating

Clara Rodriguez

Its great so many stores and restaurants to enjoy. Love shoe place Rangoni Italian shoes everyone should visit

Laughing Mclemore

Lots of stores to visit and tons of parking. A pretty neat place. However it is crowded pretty much all the time. So if you go during a high period which is weekends and after work, expect there to be lines and plenty of traffic to deal with.

Paul Gonzalez

Love to just pull up to the store I need to do my shopping and don't have to walk a long distance very convenient lots of stores to choose from...HIGHLY recommended

TinaEck .

Super awesome little strip mall with lots of excellent food options. Try the Greek place! Totally worth it and huge portions!

Lesley McCarty

Wish they had a greater selection of merchants but it is a decent place to complete multiple errands. Old navy and whole foods are great here. Office max is amazing. Plus there are a few great restraunts to grab lunch or dinner

Julz Vallejo

Nice spot for first or 2nd dates. Little bit of everything here. Shops, restaurants, theaters, grocery shops. Also nice to just walk about

Juan Romero

very nice place to visit there's a variety of stores shopping centers and restaurants upscale

Judith Medina

Great place to shop and walk around to catch pokemon

Sharon Irwin

So much fun going to the Quarry and seeing new things. Love Pottery Barn, Whole Earth, and Whole Foods. Live two hours away, but it's a quick one day trip to have a quaint shopping experience.

J.C Medina

This is one of the coolest theaters I have been too.

G A Hossain

I love the Alamo Quarry. I've been going there to the theatre, the book stores, restaurants, Whole Foods, clothing stores, etc. since my son was just 4 years old. He's 26 years old now. We still go there together. It's one of our favorite ways to enjoy spendimg time with one another.

Dave W

Good shopping experience. Amy's Ice cream, Freddy's and a wonderful movie theater. There is something for everyone here.

Sal Roldan

Here I came to the Quarry Cinema came to see La Llorona this place is always clean.

Adrian Scipio

It's so chill out here. They have everything you need when it comes to shopping. The have a nice concentration of good places to eat too! Oh, catch a movie or two, cause as soon as you step out the building these store and shop are just right there. Enjoy. I always do when I come here.

Peter Morlet

Beautiful Movie theater converted from a cement plant

Paul Newton

My daughters and I love to come to the movies here. Even for the late showing the parking lot is safe

Victor Aaron Ch

Always a great ambiance and great fresh products.. Highly recommended

Rachel Ureta-Garcia

This place allot of stores and choices of restaurant are great.

Charles Savage

One of my favorite places to go walk around at.

Jackie Wilkerson

It was our first time at this location, the service was great food was nice and hot, the waitress was so on point with the refills and placing our order. I would recommend this location any time .

Shelia Scott

Traffic is bad on the weekends, but there are so many great stores and places to eat.

Frances M

I always enjoy going to the Alamo Quarry Market group of stores, restaurants, and the movie theater there. There is a good variety of shopping choices and eateries and it is nice that it is intertwined with the relics from some of San Antonio's past. One of my favorite restaurants is there, Canyon Cafe. Try the chili rubbed steak! James Avery is always a wonderful place to visit to see what is new. I found some excellent end-of-year deals at Bath & Body Works! You can also grab a quick bite at many different places there including Freddy's, Papouli's, PF Changs, or Chili's. Don't forget to have dessert at Amy's Ice Cream! Also, don't forget about Charming Charlies where you can find some cute accessories at a very reasonable price. I like that there is ample parking and it is easy to get in and out from several different directions. I also like that it is centrally located in town. It's only about 20 minutes from anywhere in San Antonio!

Helaana Caplett

This shopping center is amazing. It has everything your looking for conveniently located. Restaurants, coffee, and all my favorite stores. I wish this center was closer to Austin as we were just passing through.

Monkey Michael118

It was a great place knowing it was a factory but they don't have what i needed

art alderete

A fun place to shop, eat or enjoy a movie. Whole foods is one of my favorites.

Thomas O'Brien

Movie was good, theater was clean and comfortable. Hot dog and sundae at Freddy's very good, service courteous.

Roland n Mary Chacon

Love this place it's like a mall but the shops are all accessible from the side walk

Leticia Garza

Very nice place to see


So many stores and shops I could go to for clothes and there's plenty of entertainment available at the movie theater. The movies are clean and the staff are super friendly. Many popular stores for young adults and teens here. Definitely a clean place all around.

Spero Constantine

I love the Trader Joes

Don R. Varney

What a great place to hang out

Gorn Lord

Its awesome to walk around I just love checking out bed bath and beyond and the theater there is always so clean

Kaitelyn Rowley

The prices weren't bad, but the smell in the theater was awful - like a moldy basement and cats (auditorium 14). We honestly left before our movie started because of the smell and the uncomfortable seats. The refreshments staff weren't friendly either and were apathetic. Not worth the trip or money.

Cristian Reyes

Great place to shop. Grab a bite or a movie

Patricia Drennen

Quarry market is an awesome place to shop and eat.If. they don't have it, u probably need it.Great selection for everyone

Michael Hernandez

Pretty cool place. I like to occasionally visit and spend a few hours here. So much to do.

Peggy Tinti

Nice, clean, but pricey in most of the shpps. PFChangs was excellent!!

Amanda Neko

Haven't gone to any of the shops but i do love walking around there it's a safe place to walk if you are looking for a good safe area.

Derrick Hedgepeth

Great place to rent a car


After our Sunday bike ride, stopped by the Farmers Market at Quarry Market and purchased some fresh peaches and figs. Walked by the Pingo de Mel vendor (Brazilian bakery) and had a sample of their cold cake, which has a coconut topping it was mouthwatering so took some home. The cold cake was more of a cupcake size and it’s protected by foil and then its beautifully wrapped in a floral cloth.

Howardcurtis Valence

Lots of shopping love Kay's jewelry and whole foods

Bonita Babu

Great market with many good stores. Well maintained parking lots.

Crystal Firestone

Love this mall/shopping center. And I'm clearly not the only one, this place gets busy quickly, parking is always a little challenging. Not a huge fan of the area across the street, with an apartment building above some restaurants/shops. This causes problems for people trying to park and use the shops and I'm sure for the residents.

Alexandra Ortiz

I come here for the Whole Foods, one of the nicer shopping centers in town.

Michelledesiree Lopez

Really nice mall different stores to shop. parking was a little hectic

Carl Ringer

It's a wonderful place to play Piano!

Latoya Williams-Shuler

Good place to shop but it is always a lot of people so take your patience because people drive crazy.

Meg Schramm

Went to the movies. Don't know what the rest of the mall is like.

Juan Reyes Jr.

Shopping mecca for all. I love the clean and secure parking lots under constant patrol.

Joel Perez

The seats are small and if you sit some next to prepare for the battle of the armrest.

Mark Quesada Sr

I normally go to the movies there, but there are alot of shops and places to eat

Cliff Wittig

Great location right off That Alamo site with huge selection of stores and food vistas.

Russell Mitchel

we enjoyed the movie an had easy access to our seats an over all I give it a 10

Gary Eells

There are so many great stores and restaurants in the Alamo Quarry Market!

Julie Sandoval

From restaurants to shopping to cell phone stores & movie theater.

debi elese beck

This place has so many shops that everyone will find something they need. Despite the rain we still don't 4 hours here between shopping window shopping and eating. We got some great deals at Nordstrom rack, played with about everything at whole Earth provisions, grabbed a smoothie at Jamba juice and finished off our time grocery shopping at trader Joe's. No need to go anywhere else!!

Red Skeith

Beautiful area, lots of nice upper scale shops, clean well maintained and safe

Raven 666 999

Went to the farmers market which is there every weekend. Fresh produce and great prices.

Michael uthe

Great place to do your shopping, watch a movie or eat some really good food.

Russell Tally

Great place to spend family time together! Lots to look at for all ages. Watch a movie, eat a meal or do some shopping! Great camping gear store!

Jody De La Rosa

Needed this for my wife. People are very helpful.

Art Curtis

Like whole foods...sprint center with great service ..lots of parking ..pleasant shopping location

donald brummett

Very nice place to shop

Pedro Meza

Alamo Quarry Market (Markets) is an open multiple store huge market place with free parking where you can shop all day, there are plenty restaurants that serve a good selection to meet anyone appetite. Come shop, eat, walk it off or just go to the movies here too.

Wendy Baca-Wickham

I love everything about the Quarry - favorite place to shop!

Djream Carnes

Love Whole Foods market! I enjoy the Quarry..lots of fun places to shop.

Cathy Smith

This market has everything you can imagine. If you are vegan or any thing else this is your place.

JMac mjjjm7

Very nice and lots of stores to choose from! Modern and Big! Definitely will come back again.

Patricia Matherly

Shopped at Trader Joe's. Very nice, clean and employees were very helpful.

Jose Orozco

A very well kept site!

patricia gonzalez

i enjoyed Paesano's & used to shop & read, plenty @ Borders Book Store when This Mall had ' grand opening ', movie theatre , too. i need not forget, Movie Theatre, close enough, as well. MY OWN SCHEDULE.

The Singing Ox

The quarry market is great. There are numerous places to eat that are of good quality and variety. The shopping is great and there is plenty of parking. You have the additional feature of Whole Foods for groceries and even a movie theatre. This is a solid shopping center that is clean, attractive and diverse.

Cindy Melzow

I live shopping @ bed, bath and beyond, at the quarry, I save a lot of money with their coupons

Edmundo Rodriguez

Everything was organized and the Organic products had Super Prices. All the Employees were very helpful & Kind. Everyone should visit this Store while in San Antonio its Super Store.

Elver Lilly

I LOVE THE STORES BUT THEY WERE FAR APART. But I loved them. I was glad to see. Hallmark.So many stores do not have them.

Stephanie Herrera

So many shopping stores to pick from ! Great for family outings and in Christmas they set up quite nicely! Check out the small historic trains and it’s free! There are many restaurants around the area and ice cream shops too!

salam talfan

Very nice place for all family good time in shopping and dinning and entertaining

K Dod

Good parking nice shopping stores and clean

Bobby Tugmon

Have good time lots. Of stores

June Alonzo

This is a good place to shop for different items and don't forget about the eating establishments.

Karen Berryhill

Great location, ready to see from the freeway.

Ellery Fisher

Everyone loves here, it has a good selection of shops, the concept of building in an old quarry is neat. It's all built around a parking lot though. It's not setup for walking around. This makes it more like a set of strip malls than a nice pedestrian shopping district.

David X

Great shopping and restaurant options. High quality and value venues. Only concern is be careful driving here. More than a few are very agressive drivers.

Allison Townsel

I love this shopping plaza <3

William Decker

A quaint little mall.

Robin Rodney

Nice little outdoor shopping center. Just wish there were more stores to choose from.

Mr. & Mrs. Giancarlo Perez

Back2School shopping. All quick places in one spot!

Kathryn L

Went to J Alexander's Restuarant for a birthday dinner and was a little disappointed. I had to get the attention of a server after waiting for almost 10min after being seated. After that the service and food was great.

Emerald Rhea

Nice shopping center, with a good variety of stores and places to eat.

ermalinda guzman

I love the Alamo Quarry Market movies@ shops every thing in general great place to eat @ shopping

Shannon Toy Moore

Cinema with my sister celebrating our birthday. Pet Cemetery remake was great.

renee cipolla

Always beautiful. Day or Evening, with a late night Starbuck's.

Esco 210

I like going but they need to get a shuttle or something bc the shops are to far apart to walk to all the stores, especially if it's hot outside!!

Scorpialy F

I love this has a variety of things 2 do

Ms. AA

I enjoy my visits to Alamo Quarry! I usually there for one shoppe each time. Parking is great!

Chase Klatt

Really nice place. Love the atmosphere

Simona Ip-Wong

A lot store clean and safe place to sho

Krystal Talamantez

Shop.Eat. Drink. Movies! All in win , sounds like a girl day to me

Alexander Cortez

I love this place they every store you will ever need.

Brenda Mark

I do love to hang here with friends....oh and find the geocaches here too lol

esai stribling

Nice place lots of stores and food choices for foodies

Samantha Hermandez

Great way to spend a few hours shopping, then grab a bite to eat. Walk and enjoy the shops

Krystin W

If you have never been the the Quarry, you definitely need to visit. It is a wonderful shopping complex with a rich history. If you have the choice to come in a compact car I highly recommend it as it makes finding a parking spot a bit easier. They have just about anything that you might need in a nice little area. From food, to shopping, to entertainment.

G elmore

We often go to the Regal Cinema in the Quarry but do very little other shopping there, although we do like Freddy's

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