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REVIEWS OF West Town Mall IN Tennessee

Isabel Cano

Very clean mall. Food court was remodeled nicely

Tina Overton

Good an safe family fun,as for shopping for clothes or any together family fun with a movie an after some great icecream

Lena Furmummy

I only go here when I wanting to waste time. It's very big, but it's extremely nice & clean. You can relax in comfy massage chairs & eat some ice cream. Lol

Kimberly Colley

Good shopping, great indoor pokemon go playing!

Mary Sharon

Tp big. But nice to be inside on hot summer day.

Melanie Benson

New mall manager sucks. It’s 1000 degrees everywhere in the mall. Used to like coming to the mall before she started. 0/10 wait till the rebuild east towns if you want a better mall experience.

Jesus Godson

I go here when I want to feel cool. It doesn't work, because I'm an obese woman in an unflattering graphic tee, but I still get to imagine what it must feel like to be cool, even if for just a moment

Adewale Adeyiga

If you need quality shoes with reasonable prices, visit shoe show in store or online. No regrets

Claudia Fisch

The mall is nice and comfortable with a good variety of stores from high-end two average. I’m really happy they have an Apple store and their department stores have a great selection. It’s also a good place to go if you’re just bored at home and want something to do. The movie theater is grand.

Jackie O'Lear

Love this location, lots of great stores and nice food court.


Nice selection of stores and the whole mall is really nice.

Alex Long

Never a dull moment here! Plenty to eat, loads of different stores for every type of person, and it's the BEST place to go if you play Pokemon Go!

Harold Pate

This is a good place to shop and walk indoors. I love the food court. The mall looks very modern after the latest remodel.

Quinisha Greenlee

This mall is okay but it would be awesome if it had a Macy's

Sylvia Nichols

Great shopping, it is an outdoor mall. They have most shops. Good choices for dinning.

David Crawford

Loved the food and yes the cheesecake was really that good. Will go back.

Evelyn Bailey

I liked the recent remodel. Very bright and clean. New stores. One thing I didn't like was still not enough seating thur out the mall.I don't care for the low couch like chairs. They could of left some bench seating. I don't like sitting on those new pieces of furniture they have now.Too low, too soft. I like to wipe down benches before sitting. Can't sanitize new furniture. They need to put some high back benches for people who prefer not to feel like they are going to be sitting on the floor.. On that furniture several people can't sit together. Please add some benches for customers who like to take a break and people watch. Otherwise, I love the new look.

Glenda Bridges-Neal

Love this mall. Great selections of great food at food court. When I've gone I've enjoyed everything. Shops, aisle shopping, movies...great place and very comfortable. Covers a day long of lunch, shopping, dinners, movie. So much. Great restaurants also. Love it. Free parking.

Shaina Nikki Matthews

we love Aeropostale with Greg Matthews

Janet Skeels, REALTOR

And going to the small for 26 years and I love all the variety of stores and food court.

Alex C

Great place to go shop and hang out. Food court is clean and decent selection of food. Bunch of poke stops so come here for events if your into pokemon go

Wayne Freeman

Everything you need can be found here. Unless you want a airbrush tshirt for that visit East Towne Mall

Lauren Griffioen

The remodeled kids are no longer corrals kids in a safe manner, and offers more of an experience akin to an iPad or other tablet rather than one of physical exercise. Watching 15 kids trying to play on a tiny baby tunnel and slide feature should be an indicator that more equipment is needed. It is so unsafe too. I let my kids go run on the wavy benches by Belk now, where I can see them at least. They have some good stores here but lost Bohemian Baby, so I am less motivated to go here with my kids when there is not a safe kids option.

Mike Montgomery

It's ok as far as malls go. It was given a makeover on the interior floor here recently. I've been in better malls. There is a decent food court if your hungry.

Sasha Klock

This is a fabulously huge mall. There are a ton of stores, including several places with candy and chocolate. I could spend hours just walking around. The variety of shops is pretty great too. They even have a Cheesecake Factory in the mall. The people watching is also pretty decent. They only lose a star due to the unsupervised children, or I guess it is more like teenage riff-raff.

Johnny Henderson

Awesome still open 4 life

Austin Noland

Awesome Mall... great food court!

Ella Helton

It's been just a minute since we were down West since we live so far east, but I will say when I entered this time I walk through a maze of shoes and shirts pants and jackets jewelry crafts and things to think about for Christmas. I myself went to Dillard's and purchased a Michael Kors purse $289 originally and I got it for $75 there was a discount and then there was another discount on top of that. So I think that it's smashing! At West Town Mall place to be if you want a deal

Michael Turner

Intresting, inviting and orderly mall. Well maintained. Decent selection of stores.

roninknox1 .

Such a great atmosphere. Very modern and pleasant surroundings. Large variety of stores and lots of shoppers. This mall has avoided the mall apocalypse by focusing on customer service and great shopping environment. Food court is Awesome!

Annie Newman

It’s too hot outside and the mall feels no different! I’m going to just shop online! Because it’s just not enjoyable like before!

Mary Wazny

Been here multiple times in last couple years. Great place, upscale, vast variety of stores and many good sales always going on. Two or more coffee shops. Met here with groups, very accommodating.

Chris Luttrell

The food is good quality but not inexpensive. There are certain items that my wife loves that keep us going back, like the chicken somosa. And of course their desserts are sinful.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

It’s nice and fancy but the jcpennys escalator been broken for months

Jordan Luck

It is a big mall has different places to eat at and a small playground in the center. There are little car buggies you can rent near the cinnabon that are cute. Double or single depending on what you need.


Lots of amazing menu options and delicious cheesecake. Marcus is the best server!!!

leatha mcnutt

Lots of stores . Great place to mingle and get some walking in

Denise White

Wonderful environment and great variety of stores. Enjoy the food court.

John Fair

Great mall with all the best stores!

Johnny Collins

This is truly a great place to shop. It's always clean and the stores are easy to locate.

Jonathan Moore

Has some nice stores, the free wifi doesn't work.

David Clark

I pulled up and before we even entered we were met by a real live rat. When we went to staff about the rat they said," there's nothing we can do about that now." The mall office was closed. We entered the food court and the newly renovated building had rain coming in through the light fixtures. The Chipotle in the food court gave my wife stale chips that cost $2.50. I hope you can find a better mall to go to

Gail Saffles

Very convenient stores for every need.

elisabeth aguon

I am glad for the remodel of this mall, definitely needs some more shops, which I know they are trying to do. I am used to larger malls, so seeing a smaller mall grow larger and expand is always exciting. 4 stars for now until final changes in the mall are made.

Eddie McNamee

Always enjoy walking around the mall. Good place for food.

Christina Martin

Not too difficult to get lost in this mall, but also very difficult to not stay in there all day; plenty of different stores and shops to check out! Great service too! Plus, they have a cinnabare!!

Full Tilt Outdoors

Amazing car show. Cars & Coffee was lit.

Jean Watrous

Use to really enjoy shopping here but more and more shops r closing. Love the theater there and the food court isn't bad.

George Bogart

Like to walk here and store's are good.

Amanda Hancock

Always go everytime we are in Knoxville and always spend to much money! Most stores had a huge sale going on when I visited this time so got a lot of good deal! Usually clean and employees are helpful!

Pauline Williams

They have so many stores, today I visited Dillard's and purchased a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. We ate lunch at Charley's Philly Steaks. The best cheestakes ever. All the restaurants were offering samples of their food. So many different types of food to choose from. Love shopping and eating there.

Elizabeth Reynolds

Great mall. Huge selection with alot of different stores.

Trevor Cates

It's a mall.... It's layed out well and it's always clean.

Angelina Hayles

Love the way people were smiling.Chic Fillet is good and waffle fries

Azhlyn Berkley

Amazing mall, with some high end stores like coach. Great variety for everyone, including food shops.

Lane Jacobs

Very nice mall. It was cool to see so many awesome stores in one spot. Most of the nicer malls where I am from have closed down. It was a great experiance. Every shop I stopped in was super helpful and caring. Wouldn't mind spending some more time and cash here!!!

Randy Keeler

Great sales with men's extra sizes.

Janice Duggan

I thought everything was really nice even the bathroom

kelly detterman

A lot of empty slots bit good choices still. Highly recommend you check out Chocolate Monkey.

hadeer saeed

Many stores and a good playing area for kids

Carlos Jimenez

Fast When you need it most after work when everyone is trying to make it home,games,and school activities

Bryan Cade

Ok shopping experience but they need more Tenants in the building

Erin Backus

Great mall! Recent updates make it even nicer! We stop here on the way to West Virginia every year with a large group. The food court is great for big crowds because there are tons of choices.

Jessica Kranz

King's Gyros was overpriced and mediocre at best. When asked what shwarma was (pictured on the menu) , the two employees didn't know & they said they don't make it like the menu picture. Ummm...why not? Gyro meat stringy & not a large portion for the price. Thumbs down for sure.

David Robinson

Incredible mall with many places to eat and watch movies.

Patton Cockrum

It is a great place with many great stores! The food court is great too and you will find whatever you are looking for!

Kris Dillow

Went to Cinnabar. Pretty good food. Looks like they have updated and modernized the whole mall

mica rose

Good variety of stores. Lost some really good ones, like Brookstone and Christopher Banks

Tray B

Great mall with huge selection of stoees. Usually always crowded, but not too bad. Parking is packed, so not easy for a quick drop by shopping spree. Wish there were better options at the food court.

Julie Laidlaw

Nice mall - lots of great stores - Apple, Williams-Sonoma, Dillard's, etc. They are actually one of the few malls that is actually still quite busy most of the time. It's clean and kept up.


The remodeling has done well with more seating and a pleasant atmosphere. Currently a bar dominates the center of the food court and there is still an empty section where the sears was. Popculture stores have popped up all over.

Joseph Huffman

It varies on which place you go, but it ranges from low prices to high prices. This includes the food court which contains all types of food such as sandwiches, burgers, oriental, Latino, and more. Lots of sweet treat shops. The arcade is less appealing than the previous one due to using a card based system instead of tokens. And less payouts on rewards and less games as well. Expect to spend a lot at the arcade and movie theatre now. Shops galore, food, and more. Overall fun if you do what you enjoy, not if being dragged around by others

Whitney Bledsoe

It is a spacious shopping experience with Belks, Bath and Body, Claire's, Torrid, Children's Place, and more. It has a food court with Chick fil A and Taco Bell and several other restaurants. There is a free standing Starbucks in the mall. Also there is a Cheesecake Factory in the mall!! Love it there!

Andrew Northcutt

Classic mall atmosphere. It's a place to go to hang out, or people watch (if you're into that sort of thing). I spend the majority of my time there strolling around, smelling candles, in the game stores, or in the food court. Overall a pretty cool place.

Cathy Sue

They have everything you need. Very nice mall. And the movie theater is gr8.

Leave the Light on

Clean-looking mall but smells terrible of overly-doused cologne. It’s so bad I could taste it after being there for a few minutes. Maybe that particular store, not sure which one it was, could put it in a case or perhaps just get rid of it?


nothing special. needs more stores such as nordstrom.

William Hotz

Theatre Seats are quite comfortable. Food & Drink Service delivered to your Seat/food tray.! Likeable Waiters. (They deserve a tip.) Most Enjoyable experience. Excellent Movie too.

Kayla Schuster

Very standard mall. Very nice food court with a bar. The movie theater is absolutely amazing. I love the selection of stores. I do wish there was another set of bathrooms though but that's about all I have to criticize. There is a garage to park when it rains, it connects to the movie theater. Nice kid play area in front of penny's. They also do santa and Easter bunny photos during seasonal times. They have sitting areas with TVs, chairs with massagers, and lots of resting places.

Daddytech Reviews

Simply put! it's a mall but it's way too small! not much there and what is there is so high priced no one with money sense will buy much there.

Ivette De La Cruz

The best can find everything I need

rhonda day

West town was so crowded for a Friday night. It was hopping. My heart was sad to see Sears gone.I grew up with Sears. I loved it. But west town had grown where jc penny's is . I love the brow threading place. They are so good. The food court was so full it was unbelievable. I enjoyed myself

Callie Petty

It has so many store that are good

Robert Price

Love the place. Mark is the best. What man can resist drinking beer while his significant other shops. I mean they're gonna do it anyway.

Autumn Daniels

Its popular and crowded so be aware buuut they have really good stores

Denise Frazier

Love West Town Mall. There's always alot of people but not overly crowded. Depending on the store...its a little expensive. Overall its a really nice shopping experience.

Elaine Patrick

Love the kids play area which has been recently renovated. They have a nice movie theater with several good stores. We also love the variety of the food court or if you want something else I strongly recommend the cheesecake factory. My girls love the mall. They also have very organized setups when it's time to see a special guest like the Easter Bunny or Santa. I only give 4 stars because of the lack of bathrooms which can be difficult to find when you have younger children.

Aisha Hayles

I went too the movies at the mall and loved it.

Maddie Carter

There's never a dull moment here. It's always fun to kill time or meet up with friends. The renovated theater is honestly the coolest place in Knoxville

Laura Carrington

Clean, modern, room to walk, lots of good stores, with easy parking compared to other malls.

Lorraine Hope

Love this place. It has a lot of varied stores, and I like the choices, like Hot Topic. Some malls I've been to had Louis Vuitton in them, but this mall has stores with not-as-expensive products. It is a mall still though so the stuff is still pretty expensive. The food court often has free samples available, but I don't like eating there because of how loud it always is.

Violet Evans

This mail has been a flagship for many great stores we all love and use for practically everything! Always a nice place to go when you have a weekend with the kids and are looking for something the kids along with you and that "special one" want to go do something everyone will enjoy. You have movies, videogames, food court, higher end restaurants, dept stores, toy stores, shoes, books, jewelry, cosmetics.... It's the mall!

Laura Childress

I still love going to the mall. Prefer having all the stores under one roof. Great for walking, shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

Katie Bloomfield

I came to Cheesecake Factory here. it is always good.

Vanessa Wilson

Nice big place to shop. Two Belk stores, one men's other women. Never new that. Got a bit confused for a moment. Anyway, was a bit shocked to see a bar, big screen TVs and all, sitting right in the middle of the food court. Not to excited about returning anytime soon. Wow, is there no place for clean leisure family time anymore, free from the draw of alcohol and cigarette's right in our kids face. Smh!

Maya Cabrera

New management keeps the mall too damn hot. I can’t be in there nearly as long as I want to anymore. There’s no way I’m trying clothes on in stores with how hot it’s been lately.

Darla Henley

Absolutely Beautiful and Awesome mall with great friendly service.

Video game central

I loved the food court and the stores but watch your back an keep your belongings close to you. I bought a Freddie Mercury Poster at fye and when we went to the bathroom as I was walking somebody stole it out of my bag.

Andrea Lane

This really is the first only mall in Knoxville now, worth the drive from where we live. They have a little bit of everything

Michael Dickerson

Had lunch with the wife at Hwy 55. It was great. Will be going back to try the Chicken Philly.

Jennifer Ward

Went to movie , comfortable experience would have given it 5 stars but restroom floor was sticky

Only RAD

Really big and fun to walk around. Good place for young children.

Jesus Jesus

Good place to shop, hard to find parking spot.

Michael Sunthimer

Nice clean place. Pretty much everything you need is here.

lisa orta

Always a great clean place. The stores are nice and they usually have friendly employees. There is just about every type of store so you can find just about anything you would like. There is different types of food in the food court that range in pricing, quantity, and style. If you want Asian; they have it, Italian; have that too, American fast food? You bet. Sweet tooth? Got you covered. It is an overall lovely place to go, by yourself, with friends, with family, whomever you want. Get your steps in, catch a sale, eat a cookie, watch a movie. The choice is always yours at West Town.

Shannon McCullock

A survivor of the mall era. Great stores and eateries.

Lin Orr

Nice mall. Has all that you need and then some. I definitely get my excercise for the day each time I take my family.

Greg Fox

The renovations are great. West Town is a nice mall. I think they need more security though. They're were some kids driving around the parking garage with an air horn blowing it at people. I know many malls have succumbed to allowing these non-shoppers to deter people from coming to the mall.

Mrs. Frankenstein

Hadn't been here in awhile but I saw a lot of new stores on my walk thru. Just not the mall type.


Good stores but closed at 6 which seemed a little early to me


It's a mall! There's not much else to say! There's a wide range of stores. I only go to a select few and they're good. It's a good hang out place for sure. I usually suggest it when going out with friends. It's easy to just sit around for an hour or two and just chat with friends. Alone visits are good too.

John Dadlow

Nice small good selection the only thing I wish they would do is turn down that awful music that they play and turn the AC down a bit because even during the winter time it is cold in that mall

Merilyn Goeltz

The West Town Mall has been beautified!!!!! The Food Court now has a huge bar surrounded by large screen T.V.’s. Great place to go with a date. Movie, meal, a drink and exercise as you walk the mall. Coffee anyone? Starbucks. I don’t care for Starbucks, but there is a coffee place in the Food Court. The Food Court bathrooms were very, very clean when I was there. There is a special room new mothers can enter to nurse their babies. There is a bathroom called, Family Bathroom. This bathroom would be for changing a diaper, a Mom with a little boy or a Dad with a little girl!! The people at the Kiosks never once waved me in or approached me like someone at a Fair might do to get one to spend money. This was once a huge problem at this Mall. Actually it is the very reason I stopped shopping there. I now have my neighborhood Mall back! I intend to take advantage of this Mall and the wonderful discounts going on now!

Tyler Hill

Because of how awesome the lady was who helped me with my transaction today, I’m not going to give away what store this happened in. I will say it was 1 of the 3 corner big box stores-JC Penney’s, Belk or Dillards..... I understand everyone wants to leave and get home on Sunday evenings but the fact majority of the businesses shut their doors right at 6pm is so disrespectful and very unprofessional. I was told the companies shirt I was trying on ran small so I might want to try it on, so I did at 5:58. I come out and pay for my 3 shirts and chatted with the lady for a few and headed to the front mall entrance/exit of the store. It’s now 6:04. If you been here before, all the big stores are accessible from there own parking lot and within the mall itself. The mall entrance/exit was already pulled shut and was directed to exit out the back parking lot exit. I asked if that was the only way out because I was literally parked on the other side of the mall and was told sorry, but that back exit was the only way. At 6:05 I look at my phone, standing outside on the walkway just trying to figure out why I have to walk around the whole entire mall. It was wet and super humid because a storm just finished and the sun came out. It took 18 minutes to get to my car! 18! Now, for the record, I don’t mind a walk or exercise. I’m 29 and I’m active so the walk wasn’t bad but it gave me plenty of time to think about how many people this has happened too and how bad it might have been for them. I mean, what if I was Elderly or Handicapped? What with I had my son with me or if I was stuck in the bathroom changing my baby’s diaper? This whole thing about shutting the doors right at 6 and not letting people finish up is the reason for this review. Stuff happens and sometimes you need just a couple minutes to exit so you can get to your car! Common sense says have an employee stand at the exit door so they can let people out and wait until 6:10 or 6:15 before actually locking it. I’m not sure if this is on the Mall or the store but since all the stores are under and a part of Simon, I’m leaving this here. It’s a stupid, stupid review to have to leave but I hope you all change this policy.....

Ted Butler

Just ate at Sarku. Delicious as always!

Taygen Hooks

I go to the mall often, I can say.. everything here is so expensive though! I know it's the store that prices the stuff, but it's so expensive. But I enjoy it, mostly to just look around, sometimes I buy stuff. Definitely not a short visit!

carolιne мapleѕ

Auntti Anne's cinnamon and sugar pretzel with a fresh lemonade are the perfect treats after shopping for bargains. Online shopping is awesome but I miss malls occasionally.

Antonia Matravers

I went to meet up with some friends at the mall but since apparently it’s an oven we now choose else where! I feel sorry for the workers, idk how they haven’t cooked!

Ike Costner

Still is a great place to shop or eat / see a movie...glad to see it hasn’t suffered the same fate as East Towne Mall

Steve Drevik

Fine, but the kiosk people in the hallway get more and more aggressive every time I visit, it just turns me away from wanting to go to this place and shop online instead. I’m currently walking around the entire outside of the mall, the long way around back to my car, just so I can avoid this one super aggressive kiosk guy.

Brittany Evans

Absolutely loved this mall! Just stopped in back in December for a little while to walk around and check out the Christmas decorations but I’ll definitely be back! I need to check out the Cinebarre for sure, and the food court has some great options!

Donna and Tony Kirby

My daughter loves getting her nails done for her 8th grade graduation everyone at the salon was so attentive to both hers and our needs thank you so much

Gina Duck

My daughter and I decided to have an evening of shopping at West Town. Every store we visited gave friendly excellent customer service. There were great sales. We were always greeted and really had a great . Experience. We ended the night with Cheesecake. Thank you

James Adams

Comfy chairs. Edible food. Used parking garage this time around to keep from walking in dark alleys outside.


We had the most wonderful waitress. Knew the answers to all our questions. On top of her game for sure. Food was great as usual.

Seth Harris

Big, busy mall. Has a lot of shops. Still pleasant shopping experience with the crowd.

Brent Nicholson

Very good gyros as well as hefty portions. I'll definitely be back.

Daniel Malec

awesome place.a lil bit pricy but what isnt out west

Nick Valadez

I went to Godiva and bought some chocolate for my girlfriend she loved it

Suzanne Beesley

Wow they have remodeled. It's pretty and bright. Shop grab a bite to eat and watch a movie. Omg I love the movies here, they have a waiter and serve booze.


Great pizza. Great buttered popcorn. They have these nice wide seats. With tables like in school for the food.

Amanda Bornhoeft

I'm so glad they finally started getting rid of those rude and obnoxious kiosk booth employees that like to chase you down when you walk by them, especially the one that had the hair styling products. They were the main reason I limited my visits and dreaded coming to the mall.

Matthew Carter

Good variety, food courts great too

Ali Alwasity

nice place for shopping and they have play yard for children

Christian Trnka

Nice place, the area around it looks great for walks and company. The food selection was great as well as quality

Jennifer Jeno

Had not been there probably in 35yrs Its so Hugh now. I lived on Knoxville in 1968 it was coming home. Never got to stay as long as I wished nor did I see.all the mall. Did see a man cause the train to wreck little children could have been hurt probably IN a hurry or on cell phone people seem to live in . CRAZY NOT AWARE OF SURROUNDINGS FOR SURE. Had a wonderful evening of course had to spend a little money.. LOL

Devon Williford

Amazing people here. Super helpful. Lots of maps so it's not hard to find an exit!

Deni Akbar

Good place to hang out with friends and family

Wayne Sexton II

Great place for a movie or to just stroll through the mall.

Susan R

Very nice mall!! Clean and good variety of stores!

Caryn Carney Toney

Prefer inside mall rather than driving to different stores. It's 'weather proof. '

Regina Savage

Still love going to JC Penny

Rick Luttrell

Renovations were needed and have improved the mall. Added seating is appreciated. A cup of coffee and watch people go by. Also wife can shop as long as she wants.

Daren Steadman

A great mall as far as malls is always busy. A far cry better than its sister mall in Knoxville...Knoxville Center Mall. If you like mall shopping and the mall atmosphere this one is for you.


It's so nice in there. The atmosphere is great and it stays nice and cool with all this summer heat going on.

Taylor Albertson

It's a mall. It is recently updated with new tile and lights . There's lots of stores. A food court. A Cheesecake Factory is attached. Parking garage and a movie theatre as well.

Steven Mays

Love west town mall went shopping there recently and was blown away by the new stuff that I had bought from many stores and had a lot of fun and it was very fun for us

Kaleb Webb

The mall lately seems to be pushing people out, it’s too hot to shop in there! I had gone to two stores before I just couldn’t shop anymore. Turn the a/c it’s summer!!

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