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Where is Turkey Creek?

REVIEWS OF Turkey Creek IN Tennessee

Elaine Holmes

I visited Ethan Allen Furniture Store. The designer was so helpful.

Lori Renee

Why is there no direct-to-seat popcorn butter pipeline? I want to just keep pumping butter into my bucket of buttery popped morsels continuously throughout the movie without getting up. But seriously, it's super clean usually and comfy seats. But, they've been out of ice the last 2 times of gone. Weird.

Ashley Free

I do not save it, I throw it $

Billy Jordan

Great shopping mall. Nice stores and great employees. Will recommend to anyone. Go see for yourself and you will have a great shopping experience.

Cyndi Long

Went to the movies and had a great time

Olivia Veach

Great food great service!

Jesse Shinn

One of the best parking lots you'll find in a theater and they've still got some decent arcade machines too.

Deborah McGill

First stop of course was Wal-Mart. I thought they would be crowded but not today. Of course Tennessee football cuts out a lot of shoppers. Buggies were plenty in the garden department. Store was clean. And the clerks were cheerful. That's a plus for me.

Liv G

Some of the best shopping around the Knoxville area. Be warned though, gets super busy during holidays.

Steve Jackson

The food was very good the service was very good did not have a long wait time all in all a very good experience with recommended to other people.

Elvis Bubba

It's good when you buy something and you get one free

Shawn A

Lots of great shops and restaurants here. Good alternative to the mall in Knoxville


A huge strip mall with tons of restaurants and tons of stores! Traffic? Oh yes. More places than you have time to visit? Definitely. Not the easiest outlet store/strip to walk place to place, having a car is pretty necessary.

Darlene Trew

All kinds of great stores for easy shopping!

Janet Skeels, REALTOR

I shop at Turkey Creek Mall all the time. Wonderful place

Charles Cates

Many shops and restaurants available. Great movie theater with Pinnacle, as well. Traffic is always a headache, not only within Turkey Creek proper, but entering or exiting it also. Used to have a fantastic Irish Pub and Genghis Grill, but rent became too expensive, evidently.

Courtney Jones

Everything I need within very short driving distance. Only complaint is how bad the traffic is.

Jeff Colvin

A nice, clean, safe place to shop and eat. If your on a budget stick to Wal-Mart

Bryant Brabson

What can one not like about Turkey Creek? Whether you're a mass consumer of cheap goods made in China or an adventurous international diner, Turkey Creek has something for everyone!

Steven Malott

It's OK. Nice place. After the Cinnebare it's hard to compete.

Lois Threlkeld

Excellent service. Found lots I liked

Jordan H

I visited to go to Flemings. Another great visit of course!

Jenean Gray

One of the best places to TN. They have every store at Turkey Creek that you could ever ask for. From going to the movie's to eating out at your favorite restaurant, & then doing some shopping, Turkey Creek has something for everyone. 5 star shopping center.

R Miller

This late into December is the worst time traffic-wise anywhere, so bear that in mind. Turkey Creek has just enough traffic lights to make getting through easier on patrons. Selection of stores is exceptional and flow patterns are great!

Michael Giblock

It has a lot of great shops and restaurants. However, parking is laid out in a ridiculous way and traffic is always terrible early afternoon and in the evening.

Mark Vickers

Variety of businesses easily accessible good hours

Clint Walker

Cool community!! Very cozy, friendly and green with lots of trees and beautiful landscaping. We loved this area!



Sandie ledford

We only had time to stop in one shop of course the girls (Katie and Kirsten) picked pink. Can’t wait to go back

Gene Lewis

Turkey Creek, what a place to go to shop, eat, drink, it is almost like a town of it's own, a little of everything In such a little part of Knoxville and not over run with traffic not loaded with traffic lights and speed humps and easy to get around and as needed Starbucks on the corner !! Steak Houses, seafood, Italian, you want it.....Turkey Creek will please you!!

jack wynn

Absolutely adore the makeup of this winding venue. A variety of restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, and movies await you in West Knoxville. Something for everybody!

Mobile Sensei

One of the best shopping centers in East TN - you can find almost anything or any brand you're looking for. Several restaurant choices are scattered around & parking is usually plentiful despite the high volume of traffic. A trip to Turkey Creek can save you a lot if running all around town to find store.

terry fink

Turkey Creek is an excellent area of west Knoxville for shopping. They have many many shops from big box to small locally owned stores, a Harley Davidson dealership and many car lots. This area has everything you could want.this is a safe and friendly area to shop in. They also have many soccer fields for the kids. Housing prices are fair but you get one of the nicer area of Knoxville Tennessee so it's worth the money. Twenty minutes away from the University of Tennessee.

Ric McCollum

Nice getting away from home spend time with my kids and wife to be

D Wilson

I like Turkey Creek! It has about anything you could want, food, clothes, sporting goods, electronics, and books.

woodsnwaterjcd .

Awesome theater, wide, plush electric recliners. Very clean. Use kiosk to purchase tickets and select seats.

Je kriza

I love to watch movies with my family there

Justin Litwin

At midnight rather busy still yet. Wal-Mart as always an eventful visit plenty of shopping plenty of Wal-Mart folks glad to have gotten in and out before the pajama shoppers arrived

Elizabeth Howell

Nice stores but over an hour away

Heather Maples

Great place to go shopping. They have tons of stores and stuff is on sale.

Randy Alcorn

So many stores to shop at and always clean throughout the area

Gina D

Turkey Creek always aims to please and it has never disappointed me. Food, entertainment, shopping, did I mention the food! They have everything from fast food, to gourmet steak houses! It’s the place to go for all your needs, be it school supplies, a date night, or anything in between.

Izaya Suzumiya

Awesome, I like it, I see a good customers service.

Sheila Wilson

The food of course was excellent as you can see. Staff was very nice and the prices were great.

Aaron White

Lots of things good here may have to search a while but they will have what you are looking for

Jean Watrous

Have always like turkey creek nice clean area with lots of shops

Michael Cowart

Great movie theater. Truck parking round back near the trail head

Alan Spence

Spacious comfortable top notch movie theater

Dominica Miller

Great theatre!!! Very nice. Food is a bit pricey, but it usually is at the movies.

Libby Hendricks

Great movie place to my grand kids.They loved it

Eric Willett

Excellent area for shopping for anything if you can't find it in Turkey Creek. I promise you don't need it.

Lisa O'Connor

Love this place!!!! The selection of movies and concessions is fantastic. The seats are very comfortable with drink holders which are nice. They have plenty of people working in the box office so you can get your tickets quickly. Concessions always have plenty of people as well. The one thing that we don't like is that you have to look at a seating chart and pick your seats. I am disabled and every time people take those seats because they won't have people sitting all around them and stretch out - w/out a disability - takes away from people like me that need it. So when this happens my husband needs to get up and down steps. The bathrooms are always spotless which is nice. Other than the seating I highly recommend this place!


Love this movie theater. I'm always choosing it over any others in Knox

Jeramy Van Horn

Lots of great shops and restaurants in a great area!

Brandon Brown

Great mall area with lots of store options, good restaurants. Traffic is a bit nuts but that's TN drivers doing it their own way.

Smith creasman

What's not to love of Turkey Creek!? You can find most anything your looking for.

Lorena F-J

Great summer deals for families with kids

Charles Bowker

TC is not like a mall with everything under one roof. It's a mile long shopping area and you can find almost anything there. There is one main road through it and there are only two ways in or out, the speed limit is 40mph (why in shopping area--should be 30mph) and people drive crazy. You really need to know which side of the street your destination is on and get over early so you don't get cut off or have something else happen. If you can stand the traffic and crowds you can do virtually all of your shopping in this one area.

JoAnn Love

We stop at Texas Roadhouse for their lunch special. Lots of great shops!

Jason Brown

Love Turkey Creek. Everything a person could want in one area. From shopping to food and entertainment. Very clean environment and nice people. We always eat o Charley's. Great food with great prices ( plus kids eat free ). Then a little shopping plus a movie to finish it off.

Matthew Mynatt

2nd favorite theatre I've been too. You cant beat seeing a movie Downtown on Gay St though and I've not tried cinnabar yet either. Only IMAX around us I believe.

Greg Hearon

Great Drs.Great hospital.

Julie Laidlaw

We are always stopping here for the Tesla Superchargers. There is a huge Target that is always a blast to go shop in. The Starbuck's is also great. They do a good job of making the coffee as ordered. Never made it to the Chick-Fil-A but it must be good as there are always about 20 cars in both drive thru lanes no matter the time of day.

M Fridman

Biggest shopping area around, has virtually everything you can imagine, from department stores to restaurants and a very nice movie theater. A huge variety of shopping, some specialty stores and even cellular providers and lodging. The biggest problem is the amount of traffic and insufficient alternate routes / roads. Expect to spend a good amount of time in traffic on your way in or out, as well as while traveling between stores. If in a hurry, or at peak hours, it can be frustrating. On the other hand, if you plan your route properly, you can get a good walk in on your visit. Again, you will find practically anything you want and more, just plan ahead and be prepared for serious traffic during peak hours and certain holidays.

Faith Keesler

Pleasant assortment of stores to shop in & enough places to choose where to dine.

flying pillow

This movie theater is making big, big changes, and I love the new movie rooms.

Travis Surber

I'm always happy after going to turkey creek food shopping you name it they have it all..

Mike H.

All the options you have shopping and dining.

Heather Cates

Though this area is usually packed with people and traffic it is a great place to get to many stores within a short distance.

Andrea Fruggiero

My fav store of all time World Market is this shopping center. Love it!

Jennifer Wright

The 4dx theater is amazing, we went to see aladdin and experienced that theater for the first time, it was so much fun and well worth the 25 per ticket in my opinion

Curtis Duane Dishman

Always enjoy shopping at Turkey Creek about everything you need is found right there!

Stormy Dunn

Aways clean! The choice of our family! Fast and easy to get into a movie. And everything we want to see is aways there with a variety of times.

Debbi Holland

I haven't been but it seems really Great.

Tabatha McKinney

Turkey Creek has whatever you need. Conventional grocery stores, health food stores, retail everything stores, Christian book & gift, shoes, boots, chain clothing stores, a movie theater, hotels, you name it. Most are comparably priced. And Costco is just around the corner. There is always traffic here, so add extra time to your trip for it.

Stacy Gibb

Turkey Creek is a well done out door shopping center with just about any shop you can think of and great dining options too!

Mae Manis

Do you want or even need a thing? Any thing? Come to Turkey Creek and get that thing! Get the thing you didn't even know you needed! In all seriousness, it's a good collection of shops for cool things and places to eat some really good food.

Lindsay George

It is the armpit of hell. The traffic is absolutely insane, and the stores are all closed off. So if you screw up on a turn is a big pain to get turned back around. Not to mention the fact that they literally tore up a wetland ecosystem to build stink trap. I literally have to be in desperate need of something with no other option to go beyond the first stop light on either side of Turkey Creek.

Zachary Thornton

I love how clean this theater is. The movies are always a treat and this facility makes you feel like your money was well spent. Using the regal app to purchase tickets and using points for free upgrades and drinks is the way to go.

Ray Wood

Went to Conners steak and seafood for dinner. Very good, and there are lots of other options as well in Turkey Creek. Traffic was pretty heavy so I'm docking one star for the Turkey Creek development as a whole. It doesn't have a lot at access points.

Sandra Turner

Clean. Not crowded. Good volume. Pretty good popcorn. Good wheelchair accessibility. Wish they had a cafe.


Love watchdog store. They hooked me up with a bug/camera detector so I can scan everywhere I stay. Piece of mind. Go get one.

Lynnette White

Loved it... But, it was EXPENSIVE!! $42 for medium popcorn, medium icee, 2 bottled sweet teas,1 candy strings, and a draft beer!!! CRAZY!!

Brandi Rudder

This theater never disappoints. Always a great selection of movies and great staff!

Valerie Tokeshi

Pricey movie house!! Movie theatre part is good. It is all the add ons you have to watch out for.

DellTaco Freeshavakado

I love the place. It has delicious popcorn.

Marvin Settle

Great mall.. love the open space and lots of handy parking. Love Total wine. Greatest prices anywhere.

Arriana Young

I love Turkey Creek. There is so much to do here shopping, eating, etc. Turkey Creek is a nice side of Knoxville and it has lots of stores and resturants. It is very busy and popular pretty much everyday. If you are visiting Knoxville or driving through you should 100% stop in turkey creek or the downtown area for a bite to eat.

Natalie Patterson Mohr

Everything you need is there. Best times to go are weekday mornings before lunch. Afternoons before 3:00 are a little busier but not as much as later in day and evening. Fridays I avoid the area unless it's in the morning. Lots of traffic and much busier. Weekend days are good.

Donald Tavenner

15 of us went to Buffalo wild wings on Friday night for my birthday. The service was good and the food was fantastic.

Jordan Shirley

All you could need in one convenient location! The only drawback being, it's ALWAYS busy. Some times more than others, but be prepared! Other than that, great restaurants, great shopping and an all around well kept place!

Judi Mack

This is a huge outdoor type mall. May need more lanes or stop lights for cross traffic. People drive so fast.

Samantha Roberts

There's so much to do and so many interesting places to go.

Kim Isham

It's ok. Very spread out. Will not frequent.

Jacob Hicks

Selection complimented by its wide array of variety of choices. Very clean & tidy

Tony Burden

It's not a bad mall just another one

Glen Stevens

Movie theater was great and clean.

Suzanne Poly

Love Turkey Creek! I can get there from Loudon faster than someone coming from Cedar Bluff.

Mary Lethco

Went to see End game with my man. It was a great movie but some machine kept being loud & you could even hear it over the movie.

Bo Ponder

Busy traffic but great place.

Dawn Croegaert

Great shopping options for all budgets.

The Pate's

Great location, beautiful part of town. Many shops and restaurants easily accessible!

Alicia Corbat

Good selection of stores. Went while visiting a friend.

Michelle Atchley

Total wine n spirits!! NEVER HAVE I SEEN A LIQUER STORE SO HUGE!! We go here twice a week. Prices are AWESOME, fast n friendly service and if u cant find what u want here, u most likely wont find it within this city. Its like a Walmart supercenter of only alcohol. They even have shopping carts! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

David Ball

Plenty of shopping if you like lol.

Penne Howard

Oncology Radiology appointment for Prostate Cancer. Great team

Aaron Evans

Lots of great restaurants and specialty stores in a nice part of town.

Sam Harvey


Crystal McCampbell

LOVE the shopping here. So many stores there.

Laurie Steflik

Great shops with a large variety. Love it there.

Paula Mitchell

Turkey Creek has excellent shopping opportunities and is I love the green space and that the utility lines are under ground.

Glenn D

Excelent friendly service, staff was smiling and happy. Food was brought out hot and fresh.

Jack Wolfinger

Turkey Creek is just a great place to shop with all the different stores. Access of course is good. The people working at the different shops are friendly and helpful. I usually go to the Verizon store here when I need a phone or another iPad.

Anastasia Hayes

Turkey Creek has anything you could be looking for. From restaurants to stores and even a hospital.

Rev.David L. Blackburn Sr.

I was taken from Lakeway hospital for knee surgery they put me on a life-support and when I got over to Turkey Creek and West Knoxville the nurse is a man he's in ICU nurse who , Marine and he had beat me so bad and he choked me with the hose and nobody has done anything to help me with this and the man is still working in ICU in another hospital now I believe Turkey Creek is closed if not he is still there and be careful because he is a very dangerous person. The day that he was getting ready to go on vacation he came into my room at 2 in the morning and was bragging about what he had done to me I have reported it to the police department they did nothing I reported it to the hospital they did nothing I went to the lawyer and he did nothing he said it was a he said you said case but he wanted $20,000 up front well I don't have $20,000 and he said well it would be that you would lose the case anyway that's the reason I'm asking for that amount of money so there was no confidence there and that lawyer and I just pray to God that this man will be taken out before you hurt anybody else and I pray that somebody will read this and let others know about this person he is an ex-marine he works on the 7 to 7 shift at night and he just waits and prays on people but I just pray that God will intervene and take care of this problem before he does hurt somebody else God bless this is Reverend David

Tyler Snell

Always clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Diane Frye

I ate at Bonefish Grill food was great, I got the cod fish and chips.

Dee Dee

Great, easy on and off I-40. Was able to get what I needed and back on the road in 30 minutes. Well stocked stores and very clean. Employees friendly and efficient.

Mark Chaney

Turkey is a large area with multiple restaurants, shopping of all types, and many other business establishments. Easy access throughout

Tracy Llewellyn

So many shops, and restaurants. .. Love the Olive Garden. You can drive to every store and restaurant, so minimizes walking like you have to do at a mall! No more toting packages from on end to the other.

earl smith

Traffic sucks but I love all of the shops out here

Rachel McClurg

One of my favorite places to shop and eat!!

Valerie Miller

Had a good day of sightseeing and buying Christmas presents and eating.

Len Burnell

Decent theater; good food!

Trent Winston

Awesome theater but a bit pricey

Shelia Kitts

A lot of different businesses and very easy to get in and out.

Joy Cosby

I had to return some things for my father and the ladies at the register were very nice and very attentive. The greeter at the door did her job well also. I had a pleasant experience! Keep up the good work and employees!

patty orfield-tate

Great place to shop with good variety of stores

Ankit Kumar

Watched the Avengers: infinity war. Good place.

Timothy Reed

Went to Sno Cream in Turkey Creek and ice cream is so good. The service is excellent. The owner comes out and talks to the customers. If you get a chance go by any try it. You want regret it.


Lot of variety of business Top name stores restaurants Large area many choices

Steve Pearce

Confusing place. Not really a small, long stip mall. Ok if you know what you need, not a place to shop.

Michael Hembree

To much traffic shops are all priced way to high but that's because it's,West Knoxville where all the money is at

Jennifer Carter

Convienance, wide ranges in stores, and wonderful places to eat.

The Blake Family From Tennessee!

Turkey Creek is an awesome place to spend the day shopping! Plenty of good restaurants, too! They also have the best movie theater in East Tennessee!

NaNa G

Great place if you need something really quick...

Veronica Linville Byrd

Love the layout of this shopping center. I like being able to pull up close to the stores I want to visit. And the variety of shopping and food can't be beat.

Billie McElroy

If you want it, need it, like it or just want to see it up close and personal, it's there...somewhere!

Festus Haggin

I just did love it. It looked nice

Tammy Tiffin

Everyone was really nice and friendly


This place sorta sucks but if you live close than it's a nice place for quick shopping or food. I just wouldn't travel far for this.

Corey Johnston

I enjoyed my visit.

Jametta Alston

Nice to have stores in one common area. One parking spot, 4 stores. Sweet!

Ray Givens

The best place to shop and eat in east Tn.

Kelly Ann Shipe

I love Turkey Creek! Everything is handy. You can shop for everything you are looking for, eat lunch, shop some more and take in a movie! Everything is there from banking to medical needs. We are so fortunate to have a place like Turkey Creek!

Virginia Gaylor

Having a great time at the UT and Libscomb baseball game. Beautiful day.

Phillip Sanders

Love Belks mens clothing store.

Pamela Cochran

Girls at Feet Fleet were so helpful and very nice and friendly. They made sure I got the right shoes.

Carolyn Powers

Turkey creek is great with a wide variety of shopping and eating venues.

Debbie Williams

I love going here and shopping or just to kill time

Charles Sparks

Great place to see a movie of any kind!

Shane Pratt

Pack your patience. Everyone is special and entitled. Were just living in their world

marva kalicharan

Girls , I live almost 90 miles away , so when I am coming to this area that's loaded with resturant and shopping areas. I leave my husband home , for this is a girl or girls day out.

Diane Laney

Good movies at Regal Cinema!! Great dinner at O'Charleys...


Love it, but very pretty much everything from furniture, clothes, high end stores to Walmart and target. Great places to eat

Julia Coker

Who doesn't love this one stop shopping experience. Better bring your bank tho. Lol

Britney Setter

I always enjoy shopping in turkey creek. So many options for both shopping and food

Eric Humphrey

The only theater we will go to. Reagal is the best.

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