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Where is The Mall at Green Hills?

REVIEWS OF The Mall at Green Hills IN Tennessee

Hannah Puckett

Been a favorite mall for many years. Love that it is changing and adding new places to explore

Keith Jackson

Not a bad mall. There are tons of high end stores, a cool coffee shop, and plenty to eat. The mall is in a great location, a short drive from Freebirds, and other eateries. The parking lot gets super full on the weekends, so be prepared. Would go again.


Nice mall if you’re coming for one thing. The “rich people’s mall” would do a lot better with stores that catered to the high school across from it, or it’ll end up just like Bellevue Mall and Rivergate. If you want a worthwhile mall to go to in a richer area *ironically* drive out to Cool Springs. Best mall in the vicinity.

G Sn

Very clean mall with more upscale shops. Pretty decent size too. The only reason we went initially was for a particular store that ended up being closed while we were there but we were able to enjoy some other shops and a restaurant in the mall we found while wandering around.

Loretta Calvert

My favorite place to wander but go during the week for better parking

Paul Bellefeuille

A great gem of a mall in downtown Nashville. Don't miss it!

Chris Murdock

They need more food options. Great mall otherwise.

Guspatrino Jones

Best mall in Nashville! Very pricey but well worth it!

Meg Borowski

Great mall with great shops, but it could use some sprucing up. The bathrooms are poor-kept for a high-end mall.

Zgierz Morales

Small but nice; also pricey!

Travis Baker

Really nice mall with a huge selection of stores!

Grey Ledet

There was not as many storesbas i thought but they have stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucc, and Michael Kors

Tyson Woodard

Great place would give it 5 stars but they have to do better with their food court....its sorry as hell....desperately needs more options yaaaa digggggg

Angela Ross

Green Hills has turned into an absolutely amazing shopping mall

Erica Burroe

Went to RH restaurant had the lobster roll. Heaven on a plate

Jeffrey Farmer

Very nice mall to visit. Found everything I was looking for.....

Barbara Pardue

I went to a kiosk to get new batteries for 2 watches. Instant service, good job. I have used them several times.


High class, high dollar. No discount stores here, honey!

Anthony Sardell

Bring your money but nice place

Paul King

Macy's was pretty good this time...

Sheri Hess

Great stores, even when the parking is full it never feels crowded in the mall.


The stores are great. I went to North Face store, which I easily found via the mall map available all over the place. Parking was awful. Hard to find and not enough space.


I like the stores here, and location is convenient.....but managing to make your way out of this mall and into the parking garage or outside? Nightmare. Make sure to have plenty of extra time to walk and frantically search if you don't park in one of the department stores that have attached parking.


Great if you are incredibly wealthy. Only enjoyed the outlay of the mall.

Frank Lamb

Upscale mall in Nashville Parking and traffic can be tough.

Laura Welliver

It's a beautiful mall and clean we only went into the Apple store however I am sure you can find anything you need there they have a Nordstrom's and a Dillard's

Kristi Houk

Free parking garage accesses various entrances. Very upscale appearance, but still with multiple food courts, kiosks, etc. Very little traffic today. Made for lovely shopping... but cant be good for business. However, multiple stores coming soon. Can't imagine that there are many of the most wanted- especially cosmetic, jewelry, shoes, bags stores that are not already here! Offers high end shops right next to affordable. Makes for great mix of people (and people watching)! A plus is super comfy sectional like couch/ benches throughout the mall- with charging stations built in!

Greg White

Excellent mom! Few really nice stores plus it's great for just walking

Otha V. Shaw

Great shopping. So much to see.


Amazing food and great staff, the place looked amazing and it was very peaceful.

shay vaknin

Nice mall, not many food options.

Jason Bigbie

Love coming in to Nashville, drop my wife off to have her hair done and my daughter and I have a blast shopping through the mall here.

Stephany Oanes

Nice mall if you have money to spend!

Milan Panth

You can find almost everything here. Good place to be..

Matt Turner

Appears to still be transitioning into...something. It’s fragmented and spread out as far as malls go. It’s more a handful of large stores than a mall.

Stephen Thompson

High end mall. Nordstrom's etc this is a very popular mall for senior citizens to walk in. Nordstrom's has the Nordstrom cafe. You can also find other high-end fashions.

Jen Arndt

Its not that great mall.. i like Lenox square better than here...

SGT She-Wolf

Great mall, but plan on parking in the parking garage if you come on the weekend.

Angela Yates

Beautiful. Doesn't look like it did back in the 80's. Could be on Rodeo Drive. Lol!

Phoebe Hauser

Successful fighting against the death of the mall. Good selection of stores, both luxury and no.

Hao Dang

This mall is new and still in construction for some stores. I love the design of the mall in which you can see the sky through the ceiling. All the stores are nice and high end. Might be pricy for college students but definitely have good clothes and experience here. I personally don't like the layout of the store since it's confusing and the top floor is a different layout of the bottom floor so it was hard to follow the directory. They have department stores like Macy's, Dillard's, Nordstrom, or tech companies like Apple (busy and has summer program for kids), Microsoft. One big bummer is no food court like other malls. The only have Auntie Ann inside. Cheesecake factory and Panera Bread are outside of the mall and require a little bit of walking.

Gerri Butts

Parking can be a challenge in the outside lot. However, the Mall and Dillards lots provide additional, convenient parking. Lots of high end stores and convenient eating establishments are available. Specially stores are also located at the mall along with a theater and it's on parking.

Nikki Montgomery

Always a pleasure. An upscale high dollar mall. A quick in and out mall due to it being under a lot of construction.

Barbara Craig

First time and Green Hill Mall very nice

Halo Tutor

The only downside I can tell are people who don't know how to correctly use their parking garage. Even with people helping direct traffic, other cars still tried cutting to get to a closer spot first. Mind you this was Black Friday. Other times I have no trouble.

Loïc p

Great mall, upper-scale brand, lot of restaurant, great movie theater

Robert Bryant

Here you go This is the place to go if you want to be disrespected and treated like a second rate'll be treated this way not by the staff of the mall but by the other patrons who obviously think they're better than everybody.. check out my pictures usually you can tell a lot about a person by the way they parked their vehicle. No common courtesy or decency when someone takes up for spots in a compact SUV in one of the busiest areas of Nashville. I would not recommend a trip to Green hills Mall unless it's absolutely necessary.

Michael Conniff

Very nice place. Helpful staff.

Meaghan Corrigan

A lot of stores to choose from!! Good parking! A lot of construction!

Michael Hayes

Great went to Carabbas in Green Hills for dinner had a great meal

Fannie Anderson

Awesome mall ! It's a really big mall and took a while for us to find our way around. It was very busy and crowded so I'm guessing it's the place to go. Good restaurants, a movie theater, tons of shopping. There's a really big and nice Dillards. Parking garages are available and it was free

Omar Wynter

Ok but expansive


A nice mall saw a drunk guy there pretty funny

Rocket Man

Everything you need and more. Great deals and quality service. Gap and Coach just to name a couple of stores and to show that they have something for everyone...


Very nice and clean. Just opened another wing of the mall so once all stores are added and open. Will be much better.

Michael Nichols

The oldest and best mall in Nashville. It has undergone many renovations since it's inception yet it retains a special sense of style and elegance not found in the newer shopping malls. The selection at the anchor stores Dillard's , Macy's and Nordstrom's are better than their sister stores in the surrounding area. Restaurants are also better at this location. Another nice feature is the shops in the area surrounded the mall along Abbott Martin Road and Hillsboro Pike including the nearby Hill Center are all an easy walk from one another.

Catalina Troya

It was nice, they were repairing or remodeling the entry level ; I didn't see too much people, this fact called my attention

Jimmy Speakes

Upscale mall in an affluent subdivision in Nashville this mall is definitely worth a visit. Maintained ro the tee with a highly professional and courteous staff a venture to this mall is sure to not disappoint. Where else can a "gourmet" shaving shop for men be found? Not mention the many other interesting non anchor shops and kiosks

Nathan G

Standard mall but it doesn’t connect to the flagship store (Dillard’s) for the mall. Mall designer should have considered that prior to building this store in such an odd location relative to the mall. Only way to get to the mall is to either drive or walk outside in the heat and follow these bread crumb green dots that lead you to the mall. The only issue is that they disappear. Update. Upon going on a treasure hunt I was able to find the promised greet dots but they forgot to repaint them in a section of the road that had been redone. If you like treasure hunts in the heat, you will like going to this mall. One more update. The final walkway into the mall is creepy. When you enter it is dimly lit and gloomy. But don’t worry. When you get through you will be in the mall and ready to shop....but then after all that you realize why online shopping is so popular.

Clara Brooks

Great found what i wanted. Price good

Brian Kissee

Prefer a more spacious well thought out mall.

melanie lacroix

Great place not real busy.

Allison Adams

Restoration Hardware~ LOVE the atmosphere and food...oh AND THE CLOUD :)

Anna Sudberry

Lovely, clean, and all the shops you could want! Mostly designer shops - expect to spend! I always have fun here.

Fin S

The employees at every store were darling, I'm so happy to have gone

Bryan West

Did some great shopping at Dillards clearance

Lonita Humphrey

YAAAAAAWWWWNN!! (New to Nashville and observing retail options): Yes, they have designer stores but.. Even the high end retail looks matronly. The mall is nearly vacant of shoppers which seems like a huge waste of space. I would recommend this mall to anyone who needs to return items from shopping online. Apparently, mall walkers like the space according to some previous reviews.

Hayden Wicker

Has an amazing selection of both high end and affordable stores. I personally was amazed at the wide open walkways and beautiful decor. The only thing that seemed off to me was the lack of air conditioning in the main mall concourse area.

Kevin Cronin

CVS is unorganized. I get out of the hospital, go there to pickup prescription doc called in, they hand me one of 2. I ask about the other... They look it up and then inform me out of stock. Then run me all over Nashville to get it filled for 2 hours. Gez... I don't live there, was visiting an ended up in the hospital for 5 days.

Patrick Echols

Seems like mostly for women? Not alotof options ! No more Christy cookies? No Mas that mall

Mallikarjunreddy Chinnu

I will definitely share the review because of the mall ambience it was amazing in my opinion this mall is better than opry mills in terms of ambience

Kristine Hulet

Crazy traffic congestion on a Sunday around the mall. There is construction at Dillards adding to access issues but once inside getting around and finding desired stores was not difficult. Surprised that for a mall this size the map showed only one public restroom. We "lost" our car in the parking garage...that is quite the maze for newbies.

John Leslie

Quiet mall with great stores. Go here if the crowds overwhelm you at Opry. Plus you can actually find good parking here.

Elizabeth Sibus-Fischer

Very pretty. We went to the Cheesecake Factory where our friend works!


Stunning! The way a mall should be! Luxurious, easy navigation. Great store variety. Highly recommend!

Scott Ferguson

Parking is mainly on garage and limited open space outside parking. Mall is nice and well kept.

Winter W

I always enjoy walking around in this mall. A lot of stores and environment is nice and clean. Plenty of restaurants in the mall or nearby.

MrSmashNMash .

If you're going to Dillards, be aware that it isn't connected to the main mall building. Other than that it was a good place to shop. Parking can also be a challenge in busier times.

James Leak

No# one mall in Tennessee, if you can't find it here you don't need it.

Anjanette Hart

Loved the atmosphere and the store options was great.

Glenda Martin

Huge mall. Lots of variety. Very high-end stores and regular stores also. Bright, beautiful place to walk in the cool. Will come back next time I'm in Nashville.

Vanessa Navejas

Really neat place to shop, so many stores to visit, very nice mall.

Alisa B

Never really taken the time to shop here...mainly visit the movie theater. It's nice and pretty. Maybe one day I'll go to the shops.

Chris Roberts

Must be nice. I don't know couldn't even find a parking spot. So I left

Les Auerbach

Nice upscale mall. Has a bunch of restaurants nearby to choose from.

Catina Barnes

It was nice they have remodeled a little bit and it looks better

Derek Schartung

Scary place filled with brick and mortar stores catering to affluent people. I heard there's a crystal skull under the apple store

Zhongjie Wang

Seems very new and nice. But not too large. There's no food court here.

Amanda Sutton

Very upscale environment in most of stores and restaurants

Stacey R

Best place to shop!

David Leitner

Great place. Modern and clean.

Lamin Colley

Nice place to go shopping. The only problem is parking is always a struggle. If you're hungry don't go there... unless you want to wait for an hour to eat at Cheesecake Factory.

Mark M

Love it here! One of my favorite places to shop and bring the kids.

Alberto Castellanos

Its a great place ro relax and walk around. Dont get me started on the variety of stores. Looking forward to the gucci store.

Keith Jordan

Medium to high end brands here. Quiet. Plenty of space to walk around without getting bumped around like other malls. Also has a parking garage with valet available.

Andie Van Arsdale

Kind of a upscale expensive and snobby mall.

Maria M. Yera Lopez

Great Mall! Many discount Princes!

Stephanie Jean

Make sure you empty your piggy bank before you go shopping. But love the stores

Colin White

I spent a lot of time replacing clothing I hadn't brought in time with me to TN from Montreal. NORDSTROM had a fantastic personal shopping service with Matthew and he was a truly great employee of theirs

Christian Crabtree

I love this mall. They have everything and I can’t wait to explore the rest of it. I went here to buy my favorite perfume from Sephora and I stopped in the Starbucks to buy my favorite coffee. I WILL be returning very soon. Everyone is so nice and this mall is huge and clean!

Colleen Rollins

I love this Mall! Everybody is so nice! It also has the absolutely BEST STARBUCKS! The people there are awesome. Austin is a happy soul that always treat you like family and greets you with a smile. He keeps a tight ship clean and neat always stocked with everything fresh to start the day off right! Unique stores you don't find everywhere else. The people at the Apple store are super friendly and helpful very knowledgeable. Wish that they had a better food court. But there's always the cheesecake factory.

Adam Coons

Love, love and love this mall! Every shop I want all under 1 roof. One day we bought a brand new lovesac sactional, my wife got a new purse and wallet from Louis Vuitton and we grabbed some new shades from the sunglasses hut. Was an expensive day but very pleasurable as all the workers treated us great!

Cliff Wittig

Great Mall. Waiting anxiously for the new area to Dillard's to be completed just in time for Summer! More stores, more to see.

William Alderson

This is a very good Mall. Somewhere between a 4 and a 5 star.

Dejuan Alexander

Nice and packed for tax free weekend

J.R. Davis

Great cornerstone stores are located here along with many many of the top name retailers. With so many shopping options, you are sure to find what you are looking for in a very clean, hospitable environment.

N Torstenson

Pretty good shopping, a lot to be done though. Most of the big stores are still 'coming soon'. Can't make a final verdict yet.

Justin Matthews

Nice place. Traffic is bad around the area and a lot of construction in mall

King Locstaville

Absolutely horrible no diversity in the targeted consumer. Everything in the whole mall is strictly for white people.

Antonico Thomas

Great stores and perfect location near great restaurants

Rob Young

Lots of shops trending more upscale. I've been to a lot of shops here and this is one of the only malls left that is well maintained and offers a good shopping experience. Lots of food options as well, overall I would recommend it.

Jose Sosa

I never been in much better place then at the Green Hills Mall

Ruckedup G

Very relaxed atmosphere to shop high end stores!

dele asala

A shoppers delight. A must visit.

Rob Kingrey

Very high end immaculate mall with trendy stores and clean, sleek presentation. Very busy mall so be smart about parking and head directly to garage parking behind the mall unless you want to circle and circle for the right spot. Very high traffic so allow for time and take an opportunity to walk through the community settings in the new urban communities surrounding the mall.

Steve Caughron

Very nice and professional!

Nancy Whitson

Visited Heads Up Salon , great experience with Stephani & staff

Betty Ensor

It seems every single time I shop here my lower back goes out. I'm always wearing practical comfort shoes too. Anyway, this is the best place to go if you want a huge variety of places to shop. Parking is pretty bad though (not to mention the Traffic on Hillsboro Road).

The Story Unfolds

Love the stores here. Very clean throughout the mall!

Buddy Bell

Went to Apple store and sit hours to get my iPad unlocked

Megan Fletcher

Love this mall...make sure to go to the top floor of the Renovation Hardware. The view is spectacular!

Phillip Riggins

Hands down the best Mall in Nashville. A bit on the pricey side but it is really a good mall

lennoxpb .

Nice mall, different selection of stores is nice!

Janice Murphy

I haven’t shopped here in a while but when I do it’s comparable to any other mall.

Quentin Martin

The movie theater is nice. The Regal always has comfortable seats. The tickets are at a decent price too.

Steve and Sheri Hamlin

The Mall was basically closed but we went there mainly for the Cheesecake Factory and it was amazing.

Steve Sheeks

This is the best mall in the area in my mind. The mall is clean and very high classed compared to most malls I have been to in the area. I recommend it to people looking for a friendly atmosphere.

Sylvia Stallion

Very nice. Clean mall. All kinds of stored

robione knobe

The four stars are for the Walking Co. Pretty good selection. Very helpful staff. Didn't go through the rest of the mall.

James Lineback

Made a special trip just to go to the lush store. It was amazing. They were even great with my son who is 4.

Courtney Vargas

Great store selection.

Sharon Castro

Went to Lush and wasn’t even spoken too. You gotta have and look like money to fit in at this mall.

Marlana Quick

One of my favorite malls. I love all the stores and restaurant options. The cinema is near by for other entertainment.

William Ericson

Great place... Very clean and tidy. Everything looks very modern. Mall staff are polite and friendly. By far the best mall I've been to. A+

Tyler Walton

Extremely nice mall.

John Gaither

Clean, looked well maintained. Parking was no problem. Enjoyed.

tennessee james

Upscale stores, Tiffany's, Macy's, Versace's, etc. Not for bargain hunters.

Blake Baldassari

This mall lost its charm years ago but for high-end Everything, this is the place

Keith Brown

Nice, but not for a family on a budget like ours!

James Wik

Got a lot of stores, much for kids. Clean and fresh.

Debbie Burks

My favorite place to walk in the morning. They open the doors at 8 a.m. on weekdays so the seniors can come in and walk. It does have construction going on right now that might be trouble some to find parking but I have not had a problem. Green Hill has all the top high end stores and a wonderful Restoration Hardware with a beautiful Cafe on top. Got to check it out!!

Sara Bee

This is a medium/high end mall that houses shoppers, and employees, with attitudes to match. I do not come here unless I dress for it, because you will be judged and employees will follow you in stores. The parking is horrendous, too. I love the stores (seriously, great collection of shops), but the atmosphere and traffic make me not want to come here.

Michael Trocki

Beautiful, clean mall with a splendid selection of retail stores and dining selections. Garage parking is very nice but the streets around it are in horrible condition which makes for a rough ride and narrow lanes which makes for ridiculous traffic.

Billy Kimbro

My favorite mall in middle TN. Valet parking is great.

aryan Dawoodi

Great new additions to the mall. Cool place to hangout

webbs18 .

I love natural fruit sodas. and especially the restoration hardware lemon and orange Italian sodas.

Christina Hodges

First time I went was the other day. Definitely a variety of stores. Will visit again

Amy Little

If you can't find it here, you're not going to! Huge mall with more stores than I can name.

Brent MacDonald

A slightly more upscale feeling mall than most. Two levels and a variety of shops and restaurants plus a movie theater. Primary parking is limited - good luck finding a spot at busy times such as Sunday early afternoon. There is a parking garage for overflow but a bit of a walk.

Leif Hyrne

Honestly it was hotter inside than out. Very uncomfortable. Couldn't wait to finish my shopping and leave.

Sneh P

Nice mall, wish they had clearer signs saying where to turn into the parking lot for what department store you want.

John Foreman

An amazingly vibrant inside Mall. Higher in stores. Parking garage next door makes entrance in rain much easier. Getting to Green Hills Mall on the surface streets can be a bit tricky during busy times. A vast array of good restaurants and other shopping nearby

Vania Hite

I like the selection of stores, although two of my favorites have closed.


The Mall at Green Hills has always been my first stop for shopping! Whether it’s for holidays or birthdays, or just casual shopping for a special piece, I always find what I need here.. With their large selection of stores, you can find anything from high-end designer brands to sneakers and bargain home goods.. The Mall is almost always having something updated or renovated so it stays modern and the amenities are always fully functional.. Because it’s located in a nicer part of town, they keep the establishment very clean and orderly.. It’s always a pleasant experience visiting this mall and chances are you’re going to find just what you’re looking for!!

Audrey Cater

Shop there all the time great

Dana Guy

The ultimate in high end mall shopping in TN. All the brands and stores you crave. Great restaurants here, unique stores, a movie theater, a great nail salon. The traffic here is is a living nightmare and so is the parking. If you have the patience for that part, you are in for are treat. If you're a shopper, plan for a minimum of a couple hours if not 4

Kim Wamble

This is a really nice mall with lots of high end shops. It was very clean and open and located in a great area. The only drawback is that there is no food court but there is The Cheesecake factory attached and lots of good restaurants within walking distance.

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