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REVIEWS OF Southland Mall IN Tennessee

Adriane Coleman

Citi trend great

TaylorFab FashionDiva

Great place to shop

countess robinson

Great finds for my favorite person"mom" !!

Veronica Ward-Mullen

I went to get nails done she was fast and they looked good. Two have come off and on left hand side I can see it's dirt in between them. This is why I stopped getting my nails done


Love this place

Debbie Herod

When I want to do my morning walk this is where I go. this is great place to go just to get out and walk, safe environment

Joseph Hussen

Sears is closing for good. Macy is gone. Neighborhood is questionable. Mall is ghost town.

Mario Private

Not really too much to post now. I just did a quick walk through to burn some time.

Willie Henry


Walter Schelsky

I went there for what I thought was a deli. The name was American Deli. I was disappointed. It was chicken wings, burgers and only two different sandwiches. I will not be returning any time soon.


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Thelma Snow

Still scary, haven't been there in years but I think more patrol needed. Enjoyed shopping but I was in a rush before something happens. I would like to go back. Nice shops, nice improvements.

Al Daprato

Has a store in the mall that has school clothes and a great variety.

Randy Snipes

This mall is nothing like I remembered it there are a few independent stores left inside

Clifton Coach, Jr.

Bad environment.

clarence white

Great atmosphere.

Mimi Lovea

They have everything

Chavez Hopson

Whitehaven Finest

Torey Hampton

Uniform headquarters LITERALLY

NubtheAce1 .

Not much here to choose from but can find great deals

Heather Sullivan

Nice quiet atmosphere

Eric Amos

Southland aint like it use to b

Priscilla Taylor

My favorite walking trail.

Tmm Kaee

Quiet, small, great atmosphere

Terrence Taylor

So sad this area of the city is in horrible condition all the stores in this mall are run by scammers so hold on to your wallets! Felt like I was about to get robbed at anytime and did not want to leave my car in the parking lot.

Jessica Patterson

It was much better back in the day. I do stop by sometimes when I'm in the area. I usually go in Mad Rag and Citi Trends.

Deitra B

I had to visit the Nail Shop and American Deli! Awesome Service

Countess Robinson

Still a fave,trinkets galore !!!

Kira Eadie

Mall needs a lot of work

tzell80 Mitchell

Nice selection of clothes

groovy jaii

Most favorite mall

Annette Sawyer

Love talking my walks in the morning

Veronica Moore

The shoes stores are still popping in this mall. Great shoe selctions all over. Not many stores as it used to be and definitely not as livid. Please bring Macy's back and a couple new stores as well.

Virgie Ware

Fun mall


So's sad

Angela Miles

Losing alot of major stores.. Eventually they will have nothing left inside..

Greg Parker

It's still nice and clean and safe. But they need more stores other than all these Arabs with these booth phone stands robbing us with their expensive cheap phone accessories.

Player Error Games

The clothes aren't really my type and most candies are bitter

Steve Williams

Ratchet World

Eugene Lovett

Visited United Way Free Tax Prep, got what I needed

Duncan Penderhughes

The younglings on that gas in the lower level parking lot

John Clark

I love the prices for the things there

Gerald Boram

I wish it Was Better

Greg Cobb

It is not a bad-looking place at all. She has to pick the right time of day to go in there.

Pablo Escobar

Need to be demolished and rebuild ASAP

Flex YB

I Have 2 Favorite Places In The Mall My Most Favorite Place Is GameStop And Hoverboard Store


National HIV testing

SteppinLady Underwood

Since Macy close a year ago. The only major anchor store left is the "aging" Sears. In between is a bunch of shoe stores mostly atheltic. Cell phones kiosks. Lane Bryant store, natural hair spa. Its a great place to walk for exercise. And if one only wants to purchase random articles of off brand clothing.

Antonio Jackson

Old mall still look good

LaMicShaya Kelly

I was visiting Memphis and wanted to do a little shopping this mall was a joke.... nothing but a waste of time not sure how the place is still open

John Christophet

I was not shopping. I was looking for someone there

Latasha Vardaman

It's sad that the residents of this area have to drive either to Mississippi or Germantown to shop. Because there aren't any stores inside of the mall shelby county needs to do something to rebuild this area

Success and Victory

I went to the mall just to grab some Hot Wings and do some window shopping. While I waited on my wings I saw a woman with a boy about 10 years old sitting at a table out front in the mall. This woman had a styrofoam cup that was broken off at the top in her hand. She took the cup stuck it down her pants and stood there. After about 45 seconds she removed the cup walked to the trash can and poured the contents in the trash can. I couldn't eat those chicken wings that day and that situation has been on my mind since that day. She had bags everywhere like she was homeless or she came from a shelter. I wanted to help but I didn't know where to began.


Been going here seens i was tiny so i have no problems with it

Carwash Eric

Always first for shopping shoe's!

DeMarco C

It wasn't very crowded so i liked that about it

Temikia Page

City Gear selling Fake Jordans dont buy nothing from there School uniform is fair with prices for kids sizes only. Makeshift phone cart booths in da middle of store fronts ran by 2 many Illegal Aliens dat barely speak English. American Deli stay crowded selling gud greasy food. Barber Shop still thriving. Game Stop is keeping up with sales Pro Image is managed by middle age delinquents. Sears is Out of bizznes. Macys been long gone. Never ever attend this mall during Christmas Holidays...crime rate ski rockets..a spree of robberies on the elderly . Young people get carjacked. A security guard once got shot here inside the SOUTHLAND MALL. This is not a safe place at all. Good luck

Phoenix Christ


Brenda Thomas

Shopping for grandbaby

Chris Barnes

This is the #1 spot to get the best in Urban or Hip Hop Clothing. Best mall I been to in years.

Taste Of A Berry

This mall need better security on the inside and especially the outside. Security Guards with guns. I see this mall closing down within the next two years. Too many robberies on the parking lot

Tina Martin

Small stop mall in the whitehaven area, they have urban clothing, school uniforms few small food stops. They also house a WIC office and a SHELBY COUNTY health department

Chico Loco

It's okay.. Need better stores

Valley Girl

We shopped at this mall, a while back when we were in Memphis for vacation. I really enjoyed shopping in various stores here. People were so friendly and welcoming in Memphis. I really enjoyed myself!!!! A great place to shop!

braybraylove 12

Not many traditional stores. Clean and quiet. Good place to do mall walking.

Diana Thomas

Nice place to shop ..

Danielle Saunders

It has went down over the years someone needs to buy it and remodel it and add more stores rather then running all the business out of Memphis it's sad that they rather let another city gain off of us when we can have so much money in our own city

Sandra Alexander

City Trend was the Bomb!!!!

Kymberly Mitchell


DeAngelus Moss

Please let me know what store are you doing

antoinette radden

Great mall nice stores


It's not very crowded even when I went on a Friday. It was extremely hot in the Halls of the mall thinking there is little to no ventilation. There are a decent amount of stores to choose from ESPECIALLY shoes. Overall it's a nice place to go in and out of but lacks a wow factor

James Sanders

mostly closed now, They finally closed the Sears Auto shop here

James Stanley

This mall is definitely not like it used to be throw the whole thing away

Netta A

The old spot is hanging in there!

Ernest Donelson

We toured the mall for this first time in years! Lots of different stores and quiet ambience! Many selections of clothing and shoes. Very nice and clean!

Khrissaundra Knox

Not a good mall

LaDonna Jefferson

I love to shop in the Mall because of the large variety of stores I have to choose from.

Kamilah Moore

The price was just right!!

Maria Cherry

I love the clothes and the prices aren't too bad either,I will be back

Laurie Madsen

Look, the Mall is partly closed. It is in an old part of the city. Howevet, I visit the Sears store at this mall. I love it because service at the pickup area is quick. No waiting. The people are cordial and helpful. If you order from Sears and prefer to do your own pickup at the store I recommend this location.

Ralph Bradford

I wasn't at the Southland Mall I was at the Southbrook Mall but I didn't go in someone else went in but as far as the outside I have no complaints

Shirley Rudd

Good place to shop

Dennis Craddock

The few shops that's still there are good

Elizabeth Christmas

Nice variety of food n shops

Kevin Levy

I only went to the Barbershop ... it was the beginning of the week end but it was orderly and fairly quiet. Security was visible inside and outside.

Nicole Taylor

Uniform Store is my go to for uniforms and tax free

Karen Rickard

So sad to see mostly closed stores.

Stelea239 .


Alvin Gentry

Very slow

Kenyana Black

Do not get your haircut in this location they will lie about the price, over charging me for a child's haircut cost $20. when I can get my haircut for less as an adult. when I called to ask how much it cost for this design I was told a couple dollars and no more than 12 but somehow he equals $20. do not shop there do not get your haircut there and the guy who did it his name is Tim dark-skinned kind of plus size and he sits to the left of the cashier area the second seats on the left do not trust him

Yumekia Harris

Very quiet and pleasant my surroundings feel very safe

K Jenae

They get 1 star

India Smith

They need more stores inside but it a great place to shop

Earline Brown

A little something for everyone! Great one stop shopping...local gem! Very greatful to have this mall located so close to home!

Takoda Wilson

A cool place but they are going out be of business

Antonio Kimble

More than i expected

Brandon Tidwell

Its ok

Yolaunda Burnett

My fiancee is new to town and loved this mall.

Sea-Salt Art

Very lackluster mall with an extremely sketchy atmosphere. Best to avoid it in what I'm sure are its final years.

MacKodak Williams

It’s a mall stores closing and leaving while other stores are there...

Anna Jones

Great for shopping and very safe for exercising in side.

Derick Bland

One of my favorite malls since a child. Plenty shoe stores, a place for video games, an arcade and barber. You name it they got it! Also restaurants.

Rose Parker

Clean neat and free parking. Comfortable amount of stores.

Norwood Burgess


Vince Henderson

Didn't like when tax prep the didn't haven't the time waste

One Elaine

Sad!! No more major department stores, sum food shops, nail salon at the front entrance, Uniform Store, Footlocker, Citi Trend, Mad Rags, a Jewerly Store, cellphone accessories booths, perfume booth, snack booth, shades booth and sum other cheap snot/thotwear that won't last the first wash looking azz stores...

N. Marshall

It's ok but it's going down. At the rate it's going it will whine up like Raleigh Spring Mall n The Mid America Mall, tore down. The black Americans complain about not having anywhere to go or shop but they keep destroying the places they have.


Was there for a long walk with buddy☺️

Demetrius Porter

Awesome mega brand low price shopping.

Nick Covington

Its Cool!

Frank Harris

Just visiting. It's not what it was back in the day.

Angela Oliver

Great Cititrends store, otherwise dead inside.

Vicious Pit

I like this Mall a lot because after all these years it's still a safe place to shop. The stores have changed but I can still find what I need when I go. The Mall is always clean inside and out and I feel a sense of pride when I'm there.

John Deer

Need more storage look like they about to close down

Janiel Causey

They need upgrades but cool to shop

Lamonica Freeman

Need more food court options.

Tasha Shannon

It is not always packed it does not have that many people there and it has great restaurants you can even buy chokers there isn't that great I love going to the South and Mall Southland Mall because it's very fun and I hope that y'all like it thank you I love to share my things to y'all guys it is all the things I can share with y'all and then y'all will also like it this is very fun y'all should go check out Southland Mall so it will be very fun thank you oh almost forgot and it also has a barber shop if you have kids and you want to go and get your kids haircuts I hope that you have a wonderful day that by and I hope that y'all get a lot of points

Monica Short

We need more quality stores in the mall

Angeline Robins

Basically closed

Dave Phagan

Wow, such empty

Dee Creative King

This mall is my 1st stop for shoes and snap backs but that's about all for me. Maybe for a quick bite to eat from American Deli but other than that its nothing really there for me.

Jo P.

Unless you are looking to get robbed of your valuables, stay away! Security is too lazy, and the senseless crimes being committed in Memphis is enough to not visit!

Tori Nolan

High quality tennis shoes and cheap clothes.

Richard Holcomb

May have drove past the location

Benefitta Boss

Not much to see here. It's visit specific

Lafaye Dirks

Kind of ghetto stores unorganized

susiemae ford

Visited Southland Mall with my 3 year old nephew to take Christmas pictures with Santa Claus.The Christmas decorations are beautiful. Wonderful outing for family.

Teresa Walker

Depends on what your looking for

Elaine Webb

Went to the barber shop there at a busy time of day and had a pleasant experience

jb huddleston

Great place to go shopping just be careful it's Memphis Tennessee bad area.

Michael Wheeler

How you doing I'm Michael Myers 1031 and I smashed money bag she owes check her name is Karen see she she raps and she's a model at the gold club holler at me later this crazy can I ride with you

Dem Brownlee's

Be careful here!

Larry Cartlidge

I realize that business is not as it use to be at Sears, but having to stand in a long line waiting to check out has never been easy to do for me. More check out stations, please.

G. Herman Boyd

Centrally located!!!

Jeremy walls

Good people

Marvin Pleasant

Once was a great mall back in the day very little left


Sad to see the mall dying. The anchor stores are gone and nothing left but cheap clothes, gaudy arab jewelry, and sneakers...

Karl Rivers

Need lots of impovement

Antonio James

I only go in the mall to get this homemade chicken salad that sweet lady sells in her shaved ice store im not clear of the name but its the best chicken salad in the city u ever in the mall check them out


I will always love this mall but true reality they have NOTHING in there for the shoppers! They take the stores away to make the property value go down to buy and rebuild for a different idea


Alot of stores

Doll Anderson

Need more stores

zantrice hudson

Nice Stores To Shop In

ray Thompson

It will never be what it was but that's memphis

Kindra Black

Horrible. Not even worth the time. Most of the good stores have left the mall.

Ms Hunt Johnson-Keys

Some stores there still pretty descent

james Slim

Quiet for a change

Antonio Lane

I was at Sears. It has three stars instead of zero because the managers made it right the customer service is great but the ordering process was pitiful as well as the communication between the ordering process and the people there so this is not for the location it is simply for the service provided overall because they only did what they could do with what they had.

Mariep0 j88iuiokpp pwfdzCopeland

A hot mess

Lakisha Hunter

I love shopping at the Sears store inside this mall. Since Sears will be closing soon I probably won't be going as often.

Edna Peel

This place needs to be shut down. It's nasty walking through the main doors. The glass looks like they haven't been cleaned in ages. The floors are cracked and it smells awful. All the stores sell the same thing, NOTHING, except the uniform store. Lastly, where is the barber board because that barber shop is absolutely filthy. As a barber, if they were offering free booth rent, I wouldn't work there. I can see why all the major or well-known stores owners/managers DO BETTER OR CLOSE IT DOWN!

Randy Rogers

Shut it down



Michelle Johnson

Love the mall

GreenBay Packers


Angela Lesure

This mall is taking a nosedive fast. All of the good shops are gone.

Sherri Bowen-Green

ALWAYS clean, I felt safe. I can ALWAYS find great deals and updated urban clothing

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