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REVIEWS OF Opry Mills IN Tennessee

Flor Torres

Been through several of these through my years in different cities and states. This one is by far one of the top 5 on my list! The store selection is of great variety. Quite a diverse crowd. It's busy but nothing too crazy. Recommend.

Debbie Simler-Goff

Was a fun experience! Lots of stores and restaurants to choose from. It was a busy holiday weekend so was crowded, but not so much so that it couldn’t be enjoyed. My favorites were the Marvel Comics Photo Booth and the way Museum. We didn’t go in the wax museum but looked in the gift shop and took some pics outside the wax museum.

Miranda Gomez

Huge mall! Has every store you can think of and more. The food court has a variety of places to eat as well as a couple of restaurants. The bathrooms are all clean and they have a family restroom and nursing room as well. We shop here every year that we visit Nashville. My daughter looks forward to riding the carousel!

Avery Allen

Super fun mall next to the Opryland resort! Tons of cool restaurants including my favorite, the Aquarium restaurant. Also a Dave and Buster's here and a bass pro shop. Highly recommend!

Skylier Wright

It's a great movie theater, but they seriously need to increase their security!! I'll never be able to see a movie with my girlfriend again without fearing for her safety. There was a man staring at her while she was in the stall of the women's bathroom!! He left and she ran to me. By the time I knew about it he was long gone.

Rochelle Wright

We like to goto the mall to walk. There was a great sale today. New stores and entertainment have opened and I can't wait to try them out.

Robert Merritt

Fun day out shopping. Many different types of retailers located in a nice environment

shelby kilburn

Haven't been there in a long time. What was I thinking?? I loved it..

Amanda Thompson

my son and I had a great time. So much to do you need more than one day to see it all.

Haley Bug

I like the mall itself. Each store always has some kind of huge deal going! The mall is clean, and well spaced. I wish they had more food court options, but I can't be too picky.

Kim Noseworthy

Lovely shopping experience on a Friday afternoon. No crowds and no wait time at Johnny Rockets! Great sales, too! My family loves this place whenever they come to visit!

Philip Annal

Every store is a bit cool. Great time killer

Milina Polackova

Cool for residents and tourists alike. Kids love the place. Shopping is pleasant. Restaurants are unique and gift shops in the restaurants are THE BEST.

Abigail Geno

Okay so, the parking lot has approximately 0 helpful signs. We were going to the Grand Ole Opry and we were taken (given bad directions) all over the kingdom come. We were sent into the hotel nearby and were taken on a wild goose chase just trying to get out. We were late for our timed tickets ( the lady at the ticket booth for the Opry was the kindest most helpful woman we met that day) ( i think her name was linda or lacy) so Opry Mills needs to step its game up. The Grand Ole Opry is doing great.

Terry Morelock

Good stores, but way over crowded. Not enough room to park and they take up half the spaces for valet parking. Had to circle the place for 35 min and finally left and came back later!

Christina Wyatt

I'm pretty new to the area from Ohio n I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this mall. So many great stores & even better staff. My favorite store is Earthbound Trading Co. Such awesome stuff, great sales & amazing employees

Officer Ferguson

First time in Nashville and this was the perfect shopping center for my wife and I to go to. Tons of shops with greats deals, and the food court has amazing places to eat. We were able to get in at around 1900 and stayed until closing (2100). Parking wasn't terrible and the foot traffic was minimal. Definitely a good time.

Jamilah Nugent

It's been awhile since I've been in a mall that had every single store open. Good to see this place is doing well. So many options to shop from

Doris Barnett

There's a little of something for everyone here, but it's also a tourist destination, so the crowds are sometimes overwhelming. With several different tours, bands, games and travelers, it is necessary to watch carefully wben driving. There are several good places to dine, plus a few quick places to just grab a bite. You can visit boot shops, dress stkres and jewelry places but watch your bags! That last should be obvious but it can be easy to lose attention when there are so many things to grab it, including of course musicians.

Rush Waggoner

Lots of fun! Good variety of stores and fun things to do. My friend Nate loved Hot Topic and Zumiez and the Lego Store. My friend josh said he was bored but he had the hot sauce at the pepper store. I liked Disney Store

Rachael Flores

Everything was great, except the bathrooms were not tended to often enough and for some strange reason the changing tables are absurdly low to the ground. I'm 5'3" and I could chat my daughter's diaper on my knees!

Scott Macleod

Fun huge mall to shop at. Good deals and lots of shops.

isaac Something

This place is nuts. While most malls are struggling this behemoth is thriving. Hard to think of stores that aren't here. Tons of food options from burger king to rainforest cafe. If you visit, make sure you give yourself time to explore

Dee Dee

The MALL as a whole (during the week) is great, it’s very crowded on the weekends, which is to be expected. The KIOSK workers specifically PREDIRE, target white people and blatantly look past black and brown people. One worker, yelled behind me to an older white man. Like come on, he does not want that cream, which he didn’t. Very disappointing to experience. Guess they cover who to approach during training.

ScreenCat *

Great big mall! It is hard to find parking on the weekends and most stores have bargains to fetch for.

Justin Newton

Huge outlet mall with plenty to offer. Finding a close parking spot is difficult however what large mall doesn't have this problem.

Tricia Gust

This mall was amazing. They had so many different stores to choose from. We love coming here here when we visit family.

Pam Rupnow

So many great stores here at reasonable prices ...lots of good food at the restraunts and they have a food court

alex maldonado

This is one the largest single story indoor malls I have ever visited. The malls has a huge selection of typical mall stores as well as several unique features. There is a movie theater, Aquarium restaurant. a wax museum and plenty of dining options both within the food court and in other places at the mall. The mall itself is well maintained. There plenty of clean bathrooms and plenty of parking.

Rocket Man

Extremely huge. Crowded but not too overwhelming. Large selection of stores [High end, middle class, and stores for those just getting by... something for everyone...] Live music and talent search in specific locations. Food court. Cookie stands. Lots and lots of deals. Movie theater. Designated areas for children to play around. Very popular to visit, so traffic is wrapped around the "exits" no exaggeration! Be prepared to wait 15-20mins before parking.

Lisa King

Crazy amount of stores. Loved it. Use the app to find the places you want to shop. Hugh.

Tammy Martin

This place is HUGE! could make a full day of it for sure. Everyone was really friendly and you won't leave empty handed. A lot of unusual and fun things you don't see at other malls

Rick Savoie

Manager/Guest relations gentleman Nathan was a gracious host and helped and solved a request made by myself. Saw Downton Abbey in theater #6. Great sound, screen and comfortable stadium style seats! (One or more of the theater's offer a full immersive experience with moving hydraulic seats, rain, wind and other special effects) They sell alcohol/wine/beer which can be taken into the theater's. 16 oz. beer will run you $9.00 per can.

Chelsea Bryant

It was hella packed but that was to be expected especially during PRIDE! I will say that it was extremely heart warming to see so many rainbows throughout the mall. I loved seeing all the support from Opry Mills. Heart warming.

Jennifer Baumeister

Good selection but you pay more here for items then when there discounted at there main stores. So it’s less then full price but more then good bargain shopping. The restaurants are awesome to look at and walk through but the food is subpar

Stacy Waugh

This is a great mall with a very good theater and restaurants. I would give 5 stars if the parking was not so terrible on most weekends.

Tara Milan

First time visiting, and it is huge! Other than being hounded by a gentleman promoting facial products. I actually enjoyed visiting it...

Peggy Antunes

Good place to eat. One of the few malls I have been that actually have stores. Lots to do around the area.

Mechelle Eaton

Great mall lots of shops. Awesome food court. Very clean.

Michael Graham

Nice mall with good food and stores. It is a good place to kill a rainy day. There are a few stores we like to shop. Sometimes it is best to touch and feel before you buy. I love Boot Barn!!!


Very large shopping complex with a fairly large food court. The moonshine store was very interesting

nicolas gerrald

I really like this mall. It has a lot of stuff for just about every age and gender. Only 2 genders by the way. If you’re staying at the Opey Hotel, this is a great place to visit. Too many stores and things to do to list. Worth the trip.

Eric Roberts

Gigantic mall with a little something for everyone. Nice way to pass the time before going to the Opry Theater.

shannon clemens

You can find almost everything in this large mall. Some great deals if you search for them. I choose to not go here on the weekend due to overcrowding.

faith usa

The Hi-dow was great. We made a purchase from it and would definitely recommend it to everyone. It helps ease pain from back, shoulders, headaches, and more. Definitely go check it out. It’s near Nike

Shaina Canlas

This is a sizeable mall, rentable strollers are convenient. Security exceeded my expectations. (My car battery died and after calling the mall security line they offered to come out and give my car a jump. When that didn't work they said they'd monitor the car for the day since getting it towed was questionable late on a Sunday)

Loren Nelson

We had a wonderful time at opry Mills today enjoying the labor day. The discounts and sales they had at this place was amazing. Everybody was super friendly and very easy to shop. They have many food choices and just a well-rounded experience. It is definitely worth the trip coming out here.

Wendy M.

Nice mall but I didn’t like all the kiosk people chasing me down.

Penmom 3

Love this mall. The Michael Kors store and the associate that assisted me was phenomenal. Prices were great as well. The directions around the mall leave something to be desired. We walked forever the first visit. Overall very nice mall experience.

J.R. Davis

Great mall with most shops you would look for in a mall. Also includes Aquarium restaurant, wax museum, and a movie theater that add to overall experience. Sometimes you can catch a local performer outside the Aquarium restaurant on stage.

Nonhlanhla Maseko

Just needs to add a grocery store to make it a one stop shop.otherwise a great chill spot


Not a bad mall at all. I just wish there were more stores in there. It’s the only decent mall in Nashville so that kinda sucks too. I wish there were a lot more malls so that this one wouldn’t always be so crowded.

Kevin David

First off, I hate malls. However, if you have to go to a mall, then this is the most tolerable. Great places to take a nap and avoid all the "busy bees" buzzing around. If forced to do something, there are some decent stores/activities, that won't make one contemplate suicide.

Maegan Evans

Fairly large mall with fairly standard high price retailers. Single level, but decent architecture if you look up at the high ceilings. Food court has a good selection of choices. Very clean overall.

Cameron MacDonald

We stopped by the moonshine store there and it was awesome! They have a test tasting for the liquors and great deals too. The mall was kept clean and had alot of stores to go into.

Carissa Hardy

Amazing mall. Very hug but one level. Easy to find your way around and they have a lot of great stores even a moonshine store


Since the first time I came here, this place has been an absolute must go every time I am on a trip to Nashville. This place is so expansive and has all the stores you could possibly ever plan to see. I haven't even gotten to try the food court yet! Even though that may be so, just walking through this place is a experience I wouldn't trade back.

Deborah Buma

Glad to see that this place is again busy! Lots of great shopping and dining venues. Something for everyone!

Sarah Daniels

The mall is huge and kind of set up like a big circle, with quite a few stores having their own outside entrance/exit. There is ample parking all around the mall, with handicap parking in the front of each "section." There is also a shuttle that runs during specific hours of the day.

Davis Custom -Lyndsey Davis

Great for shopping and eating. We love the Nike Store and all of the food options. We are also pleased that a T-Mobile location has been added here!

Ed Hunter

Great mall, lots of fun stores. Wear comfy shoes, because this place is huge! Stay away from the pushy vendors in the middle of the halls! (Don't feed those animals!) I would have given the place 5 stars if it weren't for them.

Dana Fiveash

The mall of all malls! If you can't find it there, you won't find it anywhere! We went to Madame Trussards Wax Museum, it was really cool. Tip: Buy your tickets on Groupon, it's more than half off.


I definitely need to go back again! I want to see ALL of it. Me and my husband probably only got a chance to see a quarter of the place. I loved the fact that there were stores I've never seen before instead of the same old thing you see everywhere. Parking is crazy though! It was not crazy inside though don't worry.

Schuronda Scott

I went into Regal Cinema to watch the movie Angel Has Fallen with Gerard Butler! It was amazing, but I need recliner seats please! Thank you.

Sherry Boggs

Awesome shopping. Too warm. Saw a LOT of people sweating. Not enough seating in the center of the walkway thru the mall.


Very vibrant mall. No vacancies.. That is really something in this day. Lots of great stores. Fun restaurants too.

Thomas Glotfelty

Always a nice mall with lots of stores. Very clean. Great place.

Sherie Loverkamp

Opry Mills is a very nice mall, but their prices are high. I have never thought the pricing was competitive. I feel like you pay twice as much here as other places. I do enjoy walking around in there though.

W.A. R

Nice to walk around. The wax museum is inside. Cool Jimmie Hendrix room. There's also a IMAX movie theater. An array of stores for regulars and tourists alike.

andrea z

My biggest complaint is that there’s really no cut through, you pretty much have to walk the whole mall to get back to your car. Also, these aren’t really outlet prices. It has a nice selection of stores though and a play area for kids.

Frank Pulliza

Great store selection.....however - the agressivenes of the booth vendors is too much. You cannot walk around Opry Mills without someone calling you, following you, yelling for you. And always with a smart-a** follow up comment, even when you decline politely. Management, a policy is needed. If you have one, it isn't being enforced. If someone wants to buy from a booth, they'll stop and buy. The rest is unnecessary. I hadn't been to Opry Mills in months, and I remember why. I'm sure it will be even longer now before I return.

Mark M

Huge shopping mall with loads of stores. When we visited the place was empty. They have some great cowboy boot stores in here

I. Fish Cheap

Hadn't visited this mall in ages...wanted some shoes & wanted to try them on first! Ended up buying some at Off Broadway. I do occasionally go see a movie here with my sister. A lot of stores, a lot of selections. Also some good memories of this place...

Genessis Milos

Honestly one of the best malls I've ever been too. I wish they had a mall like this back home. You name it they have it! Food court was HUGE, different varieties which was awesome. Very well maintained. I always visit this mall when I come to Nashville. Recommend tourists to visit before they leave.


we love to have girls day out here. everything you can hope to find for a fun day shopping. the only thing I don't like is the pushy kiosk sales people with those sample lotion packets. they are rude, but not malls fault. just don't make eye contact and keep moving past them!

Larry Franklin

Went to walk and got a great workout. Stopped in a bunch of stores too. Large selection of places to visit.

La C

Great deals. Unfortunately, my time was limited, but I found some great deals in the time there. I only hit one side / section. ☹ It's like discounted shopping with an upscale flair (Hi Lo mindset).

Samantha Walters

Love this mall!! They have EVERYTHING!! Very clean as well. A little pricey at most stores, I'll admit. But a lot of the latest styles and great variety.... Will definitely be going back!! ;)

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